October 25, 1980: Billy Frazier & Friends, Cameo, Prince, Rollercoaster, Geraldine Hunt


INSTANT FUNK ‘Everybody’ has been remixed by Larry Levan for upcoming 12in . . . Willie ‘Beaver’ Hale’s 12in is evidently edited at the end . . . Narada’s single will be ‘I Want You’ here, Lenny White’s will be ‘Kid Stuff’, and Change are forced into recoupling ‘Glow Of Love’ with ‘It’s A Girl’s Affair’ . . . Linx have a new acetate – hang on, of a new song! – called ‘Rise And Shine’, featuring Mick Clark & Bananas on handclaps and party noises . . . Mike Mandel ‘Utopia Parkway’ (US Vanguard VSD 79437) and Spyro Gyra ‘Carnaval’ (US MCA 5149), new import LPs, are both “fuzac” sets although the latter’s title track is cheerful enough . . . Grover Washington Jr ‘Sausalito’ is 54/108 – 109 – 111 – 110bpm, omitted last week in the general rush to meet my new deadline – and somehow the UK Newies were all in the wrong order again (Ovaltineys and Young & Co were lead reviews) . . . DJM’s Dave McAleer on asking Japanese JVC for Kanu Sukalagwun was told that they’d send him the tapes – true! . . . Kanu, if you hadn’t guessed, plays Yamaha organ . . . Dartford Flicks is featuring live jazz bands on Jeff Young’s members-only Sunday jazz sessions from next week (Nov 2), and invites sufficiently capable bands who’d like a gig to contact Tony Collins or Colin Hudd at the club on Sunday evenings (Dartford 22423) . . . Froggy, generally considered the hottest jock at Caister, started a monthly “megamix” segue spot on Robbie Vincent’s Radio London soul show last Saturday morning (don’t forget whose nickname is Megamix, Frog!) – but was Sean French taking notes? . . . Thames Valley DJ Assn meet at noon on Sunday (26) at Ashford (Middlesex) District Arms in Woodthorpe Road for fireworks from LeMaitre, non-members welcome . . . Ray Taylor of locally celebrated Shades Of Ray Roadshows now manages the revamped Discopower 1980 showroom in Newport (Gwent), at 3 Livingstone Place, Maindee . . . Barry James, after writing off his roadshow on the M1, is now resident at Bristol Scamps . . . Pat Martin’s Midlands mafia will be pushing BBRA ‘Rockaboogiebabyboppa’ (TMO 12in) with PA’s by Tex and the other ex-JALN boys in the band . . . Ralph Tee’s Groove Weekly now runs to eight glossy pages of actual print and costs for the first time 15p – or ten issues for £2.50 from 136 The Drive, Rickmansworth, Herts . . . Martin Collins, whose Thursday jazz nights at London’s Venue are a well kept secret, has a great new modest badge slogan: “Lead a wild life with Martin Collins”! . . . Janet Street-Porter’s TV team have a paranoid sense of their self-importance . . . Sue Judson, Dartford Flicks’ resident “dancing fool”, has been getting about a bit lately . . . Fatman rightly points out the similarities between Larry Graham ‘One In A Million You’ and parts of ‘Behind Closed Doors’ and ‘Mr Bojangles’ . . . Philadelphia International next month in the States start a new gospel label, Salvation . . . TISWAS’s Lenny Henry has been trying his hand at mixing at Poulton-Le-Fylde Illawalla Country Club . . . Nick Davies (Watford New Penny) sez Kurtis Blow mixes great out of the Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne break – the UK version of Kurtis, doubtless, because as Bernie Lyons (Dublin) reminds Phonogram, “If we want US singles speeded up we’ll do it ourselves” . . . Dave Higgins (Shepton Mallet YC) was told by a record shop in Weymouth that they don’t stock 12in singles as they find no demand for them there – this could be true . . . Wine Bar charts are not exactly flooding in, but at least there’s been a noticeable drop in the fringe “fuzac” titles from the regular charts . . . White Lable seems to be becoming a musical style of its own too – nondescript mediocrity – and it seems suspiciously as if several record shop charts feature some odd titles purely to shift stock that isn’t otherwise selling . . . Dave Else (Guildford Bridge) wonders if the so-called Mod bands realize that they are no better than Showaddywaddy, re-hashing old specialist hits for an audience who dress up in old fashions . . . ‘The Blues Brothers’ movie, don’t forget, is a must for genuine ’60s soul fans and would-be Mods . . . Tom Wilson (Edinburgh Oscars) wonders if there’s something wrong with him, as he hates Donna Summer, Kelly Marie, Lipps Inc, Sheena Easton & Roxy Music – and yet he’s a Scot! . . . Tony Perkins (London Funktion) was referred to by an Arab chick at the Playboy Club as a “disc joker” . . . Ilford Room At The Top closes after next weekend (Nov 1) for three weeks to redecorate . . . Nick Rogers (Manchester Universal) would like a ‘Back Numbers’ feature for the BPMs of old classics – anyone else of a like mind . . . Marshall King (Sunderland Mayfair Suite) and other new chart contributors, please note, we need ’em in by Wednesday every week, thank you! . . . Melody Maker must be really in touch – according to their current radio ads they think that disco is dead . . . KEEP IT GOOD!


STEVE DENNIS managed in general to keep a firm hold of his 1980 DJ Convention al Birmingham’s Faces last Sunday and prevented it from being another Stevenage Bo Shambles, and while maybe it did not achieve a lot as a forum, it was (as they all are) an ideal occasion for meeting other jocks and having fun with one’s chums. The fact that it over-ran by two hours and the otherwise well appointed venue amazingly lacked lights for the stage didn’t matter much. At times it seemed to be mainly for the benefit of Mr Canter, the London contingent as usual being the most vociferous. BRMB’s Bob Hopton interestingly had the least audible microphone technique of all those addressing the crowd with pertinent talks, the question and answer sessions that followed (or interrupted) each talk being steered quite strictly where possible by Steve away from the cliches – although of course mailing lists and the like did crop up. BBRA, UK Players. Bunny Mack and Shakatak did PA’s, Paul Anthony’s 7 – year – old son Duncan did a disco dancing display. Don Ghostey flogged records. Somehow Birmingham seemed uncannily like Watford, only bigger! Oh yes – Steve Dennis, who’d vowed to eat a copy of ‘Masterblaster!’ if it failed to top the chart, has actually eaten one, ground up fine and mixed into a mousse … where it tasted like eating sand, sez Steve!


BILLY FRAZIER & FRIENDS: ‘Billy Who?’ (US Biljuma 001).
Absolute killer heavily throbbing bass chugger (watch your meters!) sorta retreads the old Hamilton Bohannon ‘Disco Stomp’ idea on 112 (intro) – 114 – 112 (bass/outro) bpm 12in with different instruments coming to the fore and percussion chinking as it grooves along through panting chix and a querying chap’s “who is that guy?”, getting stronger all the time. Several UK labels want it already and it should be huge.

CAMEO: ‘Throw It Down’ (LP ‘Feel Me’ US Chocolate City CCLP 2016).
Deceptively strong buzzing and tumbling busy 117bpm choppy funk churner cuts through really well with great mixing potential and has been an immediate floor-filler for me every time. ‘Your Love Takes Me Out’ being a staccato jittery 119bpm smacker, ‘Keep It Hot‘ (the US 7in) a bumpy monotonous 104bpm lurcher, ‘Roller Skates‘ a jittery low-impact 104bpm funker, smoochers being the 34bpm ‘Feel Me’ and 31bpm ‘Better Days’.

PRINCE: ‘Head’ (LP ‘Dirty Mind’ US Warner Bros BSK 3478).
Quite repellently packaged shirtlifter pop set (see it and puke!), brilliantly produced in its way, but with only this one admittedly dynamite track for regular disco use, a sparsely bumping buoyant 118 – 119 – 120bpm funk smacker with subdued dirty lyrics making it unlikely for airplay – but then all are suspect, others with faster gay appeal being the 127 – 124 – 129 – 125 – 127bpm ‘Uptown‘, 129bpm ‘Partyup‘ and 132bpm title track

JAMES BROWN: ‘Rapp Payback’ (US TK TKD-452).
Great nicely typical repetitive bass-boomed jiggly 116bpm 12in groove with JB back on form and rapping (or rather grunting) just as usual on these rhythm workouts. The acapella intro is 6 beats long. Has he left Polydor for good?

JUNIE: ‘Love Has Taken Me Over (Be My Baby)’ (LP ‘Bread Alone’ US Columbia NJC 36585).
Ex-Ohio Player’s buzzing and thudding but ultimately lightweight rolling 113bpm P’funk chugger has flowing pretty melody, backup chix and self-harmonised “ooby dooby doo doo” catchiness after an early synth sound that vari-mixes perfectly out of ‘Knee Deep’, the more ‘Wide Receiver’-ish tougher frenetic 122 – 121bpm ‘Funky Parts‘ smacker having permanent yowling synth while the fading-in 101bpm ‘Seaman First Class (Jock Rock)‘ is a slowly shifting long swaying jogger.

BLOWFLY: ‘The Incredible Fulk’ (US TK Disco 450).
Hilariously crude X-rated variation of the ‘Hulk’ story, with guess what growing to giant proportions every time he’s called a bastard, told as a thudding slow 92 (intro) – 96 – 94 – 96 – 94 – 96 – 97 – 99bpm 12in rapper which (if you dare!) vari-mlxes out of Willie ‘Beaver’ Hale. It really is disgustingly funny.

DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER: ‘Lonely Disco Dancer’ (LP ‘Dee Dee Bridgewater’ US Elektra 6E-306).
Subdued sophisticated set, this slowly starting 48/97bpm jogger unfurling in spurts, ‘One In A Million (Guy)‘ being a lightly swaying 57/114bpm tripper while all are pleasant listening.

CHI-LITES: ‘Heavenly Body’ (US 20th Century-Fox TC2472).
Gorgeous 38/77bpm 7in bass-jogged sweet soul swayer with lovely lyrics and their old feel.

CLYDE ALEXANDER & SANCTION: ‘Got To Get Your Love’ (US Heavenly Star 905).
Strange sorta Dr Buzzard-cum-samba style 121 – 122 – 123 – 122bpm 12in swinging clapper with a hint of ‘6 Million Steps’ especially once the casually chatting vocal chant is over, and on the instrumental flip.

VARIOUS: ‘Solar Galaxy Of Stars Live’ LP (US Solar CYL2-3780).
Perfectly recorded “live” double album with a side each by the Whispers, Shalamar, Lakeside and Dynasty, the latter’s 118 – 120bpm ‘I’ve Just Begun To Love You’ being vastly superior to the studio original.

SUGAR DADDY: ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ (US One Way OW001).
Queen’s basic bass beat (based on the Chic-inspired rapper rhythm anyway) now gets a cliched rap added on 107 – 108bpm 12in, the instrumental flip being good to confuse people.

SPOONIE GEE MEETS THE SEQUENCE: ‘Monster Jam’ (US Sugarhill SH 550).
Heavily smacking typical 107bpm 12in rapper with violently rattling percussion breaks.


ROLLERCOASTER: ‘I Wish’ (LP ‘Wonderin” Pye/Ronnie Scott’s N136).
UK jazz-funk instrumental versions of Stevie Wonder oldies, co-produced by Soft Machine’s Mike Ratledge with saxists Ray Warleigh & Dick Morrissey among the respected line-up, this terrific 0 – 104bpm treatment being best as, both 0 – 105bpm, ‘Superstition‘ and ‘Living For The City‘ are more stolid while ‘Reggae Woman’ and ‘Higher Ground’ suffer from a surfeit of synthesizer.

GERALDINE HUNT: ‘Can’t Fake The Feeling’ (Champagne FIZY 5001).
Great beefily thudding import smash speeded up by 2bpm to 117 – 118 – 116 – 117 (break) – 118 – 116bpm for UK 12ín, thus negating all the old mixes that were possible.

KOOL & THE GANG: ‘Celebration’ (De-Lite KOOL 1012).
Dynamite thudding and guitar scratching chugger piles up the power with “ya-hoo” yells and chunky chants on 119 (intro) – 122 – 121 – 122 (outro) bpm 12in which, already an instant monster just off import LP, must obviously be a smash.

STEVIE WONDER: ‘Did I Hear You Say You Love Me’ (LP ‘Hotter Than July’ (Motown STMA 8035).
The set being thankfully more ‘Key’ than ‘Plants’ – like, this bounding jiggly 121bpm urgent jumper works well with the Jacksons and segues straight on into the very different quieter but intense steadily thumping 117 – 0bpm ‘All I Do’ the jauntily shuffling 116bpm ‘Happy Birthday‘ (actually about Martin Luther King) looks like being radio’s fave track, the frenetically leaping 122 – 123bpm ‘Do Like You‘ has ‘Lovely’ kids chatter intro/outro, while ‘I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It‘ is a spurting 113bpm bassy skipper with an almost Band-like sound, chopping abruptly into the fast Latin-ish harmonica-spiked 123bpm ‘As If You Read My Mind‘, ‘Cash In Your Face’ rolls lugubriously along at 96bpm and ‘Lately’ is a dead slow piano ballad that many will love best.

HIROSHI FUKUMURA: ‘Hunt Up Wind’ (Champagne FIZY 5002).
Totally spent on import LP now, the Sadao Watanabe-accompanied Japanese jazz trombonist’s nagging punchily pushing 113 – 118 – 116 – 118 – 117 – 119bpm instrumental gem is finally on UK 12in with the skipping 121 – 123bpm ‘Captain Caribe‘ as flip.

AZYMUTH: ‘Dear Limmertz’ (Milestone MRC 102).
Sensibly now minus slow intro, this great hauntingly catchy atmospheric loping 104 – 105 – 0bpm jazz instrumental swayer with lovely vocoder and ‘Good The Bad & The Ugly’ flute early on, leaping up the chart on LP, is rushed out on 12in with the ‘Jazz Carnival’-copying over-frantic 148 – 153bpm ‘Papasong‘ as flip.

ZAPP: ‘More Bounce To The Ounce’ (Warner Bros K 17712T).
Bootsy Collins -organised P’funk jam session nominally led by Roger Troutman resulted in this terrific lazily bumping 106bpm heavy funk smacker with great synth and vocoder effects, finally on full-length 12in and a good mix between Fred Wesley and Brass Construction ‘How Do You Do’.

SHAKATAK: ‘Feels Like The Right Time’ (Polydor POSPX 188).
Attractively melodic catchy instrumental 112bpm 12in trilling piano swayer with vocoder chorus and pretty guitar, which surely radio will go for this time, the grittier 116bpm ‘Covina‘ flip being jazz-funkier.

UK Disco Top 90 – October 25, 1980

01 01 Linx – You’re Lying / Remix – Chrysalis 12″
02 02 Coffee – Casanova – De-Lite 12″
03 06 Black Slate – Amigo – Ensign 12″
04 03 Stevie Wonder – Masterblaster (Jammin’) – Motown 12″
05 04 Teena Marie – I Need Your Lovin’ / Behind The Groove (Remix) – Motown 12″
06 08 George Benson – Love X Love / On Broadway / Off Broadway – Warner Bros 12″
07 05 Deodato – Night Cruiser / Love Magic – Warner Bros 12″
08 07 Change – Searching – WEA 12″
09 10 Light Of The World – London Town / Pete’s Crusade – Ensign 12”
10 18 Ottawan – D.I.S.C.O. – Carrere 12”
11 09 Rick James – Big Time – Motown 12”
12 19 Gap Band – Party Lights / Baby Baba Boogie – Warner Bros 12”
13 11 Shalamar – I Owe You One – Solar 12”
14 12 Geraldine Hunt – Can’t Fake The Feeling – Champagne 12”
15 21 Diana Ross – My Old Piano – Motown 12”
16 16 Fatback – Backstrokin’ – Spring 12”
17 13 William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You’ve Got – EMI
18 14 Queen – Another One Bites The Dust – EMI/US Electra 12” Promo
19 46 Kool & The Gang – Celebration / Love Festival / Take It To The Top / Morning Star / Jones Vs Jones / Night People – US De-Lite LP
20 20 Young & Company – I Like (What You’re Doing To Me) – Excaliber 12”
21 25 Rah Band – Falcon – DJM 12”
22 42 Tom Browne – Thighs High – Arista GRP 12”
23 15 George Benson – Give Me The Night – Warner Bros 12”
24 17 Gap Band – Oops Up Side Your Head – Mercury 12”
25 38 Willie ‘Beaver’ Hale – Groove On – US Cat LP/12”
26 22 Mirage – Summer Grooves – Flamingo 12”
27 86 Jacksons – Lovely One – Epic LP
28 43 Wilton Felder – Inherit The Wind – MCA 12”
29 48 Narada Michael Walden – The Real Thang / I Want You / Get Up! / Lucky Fella / Take It To The Bossman – Atlantic LP
30 39 Frankie Smith – Double Dutch / Double Dutch Bus – US WMOT 12”
31 24 Locksmith – Unlock The Funk / Far Beyond, BlackJack – Arista 12”
32 27 Jimmy Senyah – Weakness For Your Sweetness – Rokel 12”
33 31 Ernie Watts – Just Holdin’ On – US Elektra LP
34 47 Gayle Adams – Your Love Is A Life Saver / Stretch’In Out (Remix) – US Prelude 12”
35 36 Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne – Is It In – US Sunshine 12”
36 41 Kurtis Blow – The Breaks – Mercury 12”
37 34 Hiroshi Fukumura – Hunt Up Wind – Champagne 12”
38 33 McFadden & Whitehead – I Heard It In A Love Song – TSOP 12”
39 54 Larry Graham – One In A Million You – Warner Bros 12”
40 23 Tom Browne – Funkin’ For Jamaica (NY) – Arista GRP 12”
41 32 Kelly Marie – Feels Like I’m In Love – Calibre Plus 12”
42 30 Ned Doheney – To Prove My Love – Japanese CBS Sony LP
43 44 Earth, Wind & Fire – Let Me Talk – CBS 12”
44 28 The Dells – All About The Paper / I Touched A Dream – 20th Century-Fox 12”
45 29 Randy Crawford – One Day I’ll Fly Away – Warner Bros 12”
46 NE Glen Adams Affair – Just A Groove – US Sam 12”
47 26 Love Don’t Make It Right / Bourgie Bourgie – Ashford & Simpson – Warner Bros 12”
48 49 Bob Marley – Three Little Birds – Island
49 90 Azymuth – Dear Limmertz – US Milestone LP
50 35 Rose Royce – Pop Your Fingers – Whitfield 12”
51 60 Slave – Feel My Love / Dreamin’ / Watching You / Never Get Away / Stone Jam – US Cotillion LP
52 58 Incognito – Parisienne Girl / Summer’s Ended – Ensign 12”
53 66 Daybreak – Everybody Get Off – US Prelude 12”
54 86 Jacksons – Can You Feel It / Heartbreak Hotel / Walk Right Now / Your Ways / Give It Up / Everybody – Epic LP
55 89 Wilton Felder – Insight / Until The Morning Comes / L.A. Light – MCA LP
56 80 Roy Ayers – (Sometimes) Believe In Yourself – Polydor 12”
57 78 LaToya Jackson – If You Feel The Funk / Are You Ready – US Polydor LP
58 77 Jazz Sluts – Fuchi (Free Spirit) – Epic 12”
59 53 Sadao Watanabe – No Problem / Nice Shot (Live) / Up Country – US Columbia LP
60 63 Fred Wesley – House Party – RSO 12”
61 73 David Matthews – Cosmic City – Japanese Electric Bird LP
62 81 Hubert Laws – Family – US Columbia LP
63 84 Freeez – Stay – Pink Rhythm 12”
64 NE Michael Henderson – Wide Receiver – Buddah 12”
65 62 Pointer Sisters – He’s So Shy / Save This Night For Love / We Got The Power – Planet LP
66 75 Ritz – I Wanna Get With You – US Posse 12”
67 52 Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce – US Warner Bros 12”
68 87 Barbara Thompson – Sunset – MCA 12”
69 NE Twennynine/Lenny White – Fancy Dancer / Kid Stuff / It’s Music It’s Magic / Just Right For Me / Slip Away – US Elektra LP
70 NE Seawind – What Cha Doin’ / Pra Vose – US A&M LP
71 50 Eumir Deodato – Uncle Funk / Groovitation – Warner Bros LP
72 56 Coffee – I Wanna Be With You / Slip & Dip / Mom & Dad 1980 – US De-Lite LP
73 70 Mtume – Give It On Up / So You Wanna Be A Star / You Can’t Wait For Love / Spirit Of The Dance – US Epic LP
74 55 Village People – Can’t Stop The Music / Magic Night – Mercury 12”
75 45 Michael Urbaniak – Joy – US Motown LP
76 NE Leo’s Sunshipp – Give Me The Sunshine – Grapevine 12”
77 65 Linda Clifford – Red Light – RSO 12”
78 71 Teena Marie – Chains / You Make Love Like Springtime / First Class Love / Young Love – US Gordy LP
79 57 80’s Ladies – Ladies Of The Eighties – US Uno Melodic 12”
80 68 RJ’s Latest Arrival – Ultimate Masterpiece – US VR 12”
81 64 Brass Construction – How Do You Do / We Are Brass – US UA LP
82 NE Carrie Lucas – Keep Smilin’ / It’s Not What You Got (It’s How You Use It – Solar 12”
83 NE Irene Cara – Fame / Hot Lunch Jam – RSO 12”
84 88 Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out / Tenderness – Motown LP
85 59 Chocolate Milk – I’m Your Radio – RCA 12”
86 69 Maynard Ferguson – It’s My Time / Star – US Columbia LP
87 82 Grace Jones – The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game – Island 12”
88 NE Kanu Sukalagwun – Stand Up Please / In The Sheath / Shaft – Japanese Flying Dick LP
89 67 Ramsey Lewis – Colors In Space / Caribbean Blue / Hell On Wheels / Whisper Zone – CBS LP
90 85 Teddy Pendergrass – Take Me In Your Arms Tonight / Love T.K.O. / Can’t We Try / Is It Still Good To Ya – Phil Int LP


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Instant Funk: ‘Everybody’ / ‘The Funk Is On’ / ‘Is It Cool’ (US Salsoul LP)
Bunny Brown: ‘Strawberry Letter 23′ (Groove Prod 12in)
Rollercoaster: ‘I Wish’ (Pye LP)
Banda Black Rio: ‘Miss Cheryl’ / ‘Melissa’ (Brazilian RCA LP)
GQ: ‘Disco Nights’ (Arista 12in promo)
Whispers: ‘Out The Box’ (Solar 12ín)
Idris ‘Muhammad: ‘For Your Love’ (Fantasy 12ín)
Billy Frazier: ‘Billy Who?’ (US Biljuma 12in)
LAX: ‘All My Love’ (US Prelude 12in)
Junie: ‘Love Has Taken Me Over’ / ‘Funky Parts’ (US Columbia LP)
Rodney Franklin: ‘In The Center’ (US Columbia/12in promo)
Cameo: ‘Throw It Down’ / ‘Keep It Hot’ (US Chocolate City LP)
Prince: ‘Head’ (US Warner Bros LP)
Melody Stewart: ‘Get Down Get Down’ (US Roy B 12in)
Kano: ‘I’m Ready’ (US Emergency 12in)
Jones Girls: ‘Dance Turned Into A Romance’ / ‘I Just Love The Man’ (US Phil lnt LP)
Lenny Williams: ‘Suspicions’ / ‘Messing With My Mind’ (US MCA LP)
Light Of The World: ‘Time’ / ‘I Shot The Sheriff’ (Ensign LP promo)
Stephanie Mills: ‘Never Knew Love Like This Before’ (20th Century-Fox 12in)
James Brown: ‘Rapp Playback’ (US TK 12in)
Johnny Harris: ‘Odyssey Pt. II’ (US Sunshine Sound 12in)
Patti Austin: ‘I Can’t Stop’ / ‘People In Love’ (CTI 12in)
Alfonzo Surrett: ‘Make It Feel Good’ (MCA 12in)
High Inergy: ‘Make Me Yours’ (Motown)
Mouzon’s Electric Band: ‘I Still Love You Baby’ (US Vanguard 12in)

DORC (Dance Orientated Rock Chart)

1(1)Police, 2(3) Odyssey, 3(8) Rolling Stones, 4(2) Sheena Easton ‘MG’, 5(9) Split Enz, 6(6) Donna Summer, 7(-) Police LP, 8(7) Madness, 9(4) Sheena Easton ‘9 to 5’, 10(10) Robert Palmer, 11(12) David Bowie ‘Fashion’, 12(5) Piranhas, 13(11) Billy Joel, 14(-) Orch Manoeuvres, 15(-) Barbra Streisand, 16(13) Hazel O’Connor, 17(-) Bad Manners, 18(-) Queen LP, 19(18) Gillen, 20(-) Quo.


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in are:
XTC 112f, Professionals 160r, Tourists 71 – 142 – 0r, Light Of The World 0 – 102 – 105f, Slade 180 – 0r, Japan 125f, Chords 0 – 172 – 0r, Ultravox 140 – 137f, Stephanie Mills 0 – 113f, Gen X 178f, Kelly Marie 115f, Skids 152c.

2 thoughts on “October 25, 1980: Billy Frazier & Friends, Cameo, Prince, Rollercoaster, Geraldine Hunt”

  1. James Hamilton’s weekly column in Record Mirror was our equivalent of the Internet back in the day for those of us marooned out in the sticks- far from the big city record stores and London radio stations where specialist dance/soul/jazz music was played and sold. Local record stores stuck tot the charts and it was difficult to find out what was going on out there in the wider world. In reality what we heard and had access to was heavily censored- all down to the few folks who selected the BBC playlist and the buyers who filed orders for the big chains like Woolies, Boots, Littlewoods etc. Saturday’s were spent trailing around every record shop in the local town trying to track down at least one of the tracks listed in Hammy’s column. We were often buying on his recommendation alone ( we didn’t have the luxury of the YT links in this excellent blog!) That’s how much we trusted him. Those radio DJs and retail buyers were the all powerful gatekeepers, the arbiters of good taste. What we saw on TV was even more restricted. YouTube Amazon and other sites has democratized music and unlocked a wealth of treasures that had almost been lost to time. Every day I’m STILL discovering great music produced in the 60s 70s and early 80s – hearing it for the first time. Millennials can’t begin to understand how isolated we were- all alone in our analogue world- no Facebook Groups to hook up with fellow members of our tribe. As I’ve said before, the past is another country, and in many ways I’m thankful that it is. Hammy’s review of the Prince single/album is horrific and as bad an example of homophobic abuse I’ve seen in print. It is so easy to forget just how prevalent this and racist comments were in everyday life- on TV in the press and at work and in the home. It was common place and it was the norm. Seeing it again in print is a reminder of how far the world has progressed in the past 40 years. It also serves to remind how our mind can play tricks on us as it seems to edit out the bad stuff and remember only the “good old days”. I’ll be sad when this column finally reaches its end… James Hamilton should have a bronze statue in Trafalgar Square- he was that important!


    1. @ David Wilson: Very well written, and much like my own story except it was even harder as I grew up in a small village in Norway, so the only way to hear the great music mentioned here was on Radio Lux where Tony Prince did the UK Top 30 Disco, and US Top 20 Disco Imports compiled by Groove Records. It was medium wave so the sound quality was bad, I was a kid, the show was on late night for a while when I started listening in ’80, so it was radio with headset at ultra low volume under the covers plus pen, and pad writing down titles in the dark not to wake my parents. The local record stores got some of the tunes from Tony’s shows but few and far between, and usually just one copy. I remember waiting for 2 hours once as I saw Imagination’s debut album in a stack just arrived at a local record shop, and I was made to wait that long for them to price tag the whole stack before they’d give it to me, but I waited, and still jumped for joy. I hate to sound like a grumpy old man but kids nowadays got it almost too easy, and the appreciation for music’s not the same now because of that. Anyway, from 1982 I was old enough to travel to the city, and hit up the import shops, and finally get a lot of the 12″ singles, etc that Hammy wrote about. Happy Days! =) Couldn’t get Record Mirror either until ’82 so before that I always grabbed the one copy the local stand got of Black Music & Jazz Review. Had to make sure to check for new issues every month so they didn’t sell it to anyone else though. Those were still the days, and that music is the greatest ever. I agree Hammy should get a bronze statue, and if not in Trafalgar Square then perhaps somewhere in the Soho area near Groove, and Le Beat Route? =) Agree that those were different times too and sometimes Hammy went outta line but maybe it was better to be able to speak ones mind instead of keeping quiet out of fear of being unpolitically correct like it is now. Thanks to this blog, and Discogs, I’m finally able to find the remaining music I’ve been after since the 80’s, and am looking fwd. to every future post here. Thanks so much for this blog. It’s the best, and so is the music from back then. Unbeatable. Peace. James Hamilton R.I.P.


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