January 28, 1984: Mel Brooks, Tyrone Brunson, Kenny G, Tony Joe White, King Short Shirt


Gary Crowley on Capital last Sunday spun GLOBE & Whiz Kid ‘Play That Beat Mr DJ’ in a brilliant new ‘Master Mix’ version incorporating cuts from electro, rock ‘n roll and even Humphrey Bogart’s plea for Sam to “play it” (Gal never did start his much publicised Gravesend gig, the venue had a bust before he got there) . . . Motown are rushing ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ this week, the “British”-accented raps being by Rockwell himself (who’s rumoured to have a “famous relative”) while the Michael Jackson pitch of his fellow singer shouldn’t be so surprising as evidently whisper whisper whisper – yeah, the very same, moonlighting on his old label! Wot a little thriller! . . . Michael’s ‘Thriller’ video does indeed go on a tiny bit longer than shown on The Tube, ending with more dancing, three body poppers and a gruesome face . . . Korova picked up Cargo ‘Tender Touch’ the slick 7in edit of which is getting much radio play now while New York’s WBLS is plugging it heavily ahead of US release, and Total Contrast has now been re-pressed . . . Shannon has been re-promoted, a promo-only remix going to jocks, ‘Joanna’/’You Can Do It’/’Tonight’ being Kool & The Gang’s 3-track 12in next week . . . Bryan Loren is coming here on Virgin (serviced by E.T. from Hot Licks), Lefturno will be on MCA, and CBS are relatively rushing Damaris (the record that Luther should have made with Dionne?) . . . Afrika Bambaataa is a long time coming on import, or are 21 Records holding it back so as not to spoil UK release? . . . J. Blackfoot ‘Taxi’ has rightly exploded, helped by general availability of a 7in . . . Lionel Richie ‘Running With The Night’ was recently twin-packed on the QT with a cassette of his ‘All Night Long (All Night)’ instrumental – sneaky! . . . I can’t help thinking that vinyl starvation over Xmas has resulted in some rather indiscriminate buying now there’s new stuff about . . . ‘Trommeltanz’ translates as ‘Drum Dance’ and derives from a drum solo encore of Berliner George Kranz, whose original version was recorded in November ’82 – the current remix now tops the US Dance/Disco chart (and Patti LaBelle’s slow ‘If You Only Knew’ is top US Black single) . . . Willi Morrison & Ian Guenther appear to have finished the final production of Hazell Dean ‘Evergreen’, to give credit where it’s due . . . Laura Pallas, who must be glad the snow is finally here, got conveniently married the other day . . . Alton Edwards is back under the wing of Morgan Khan signed direct to Streetwave now – as are Hi-Tension too . . . I wasn’t too impressed by Special-T ‘It’s Your Love’ (US Next Plateau), not knowing it’s penned/produced and even sung by Jive’s own Suzie Halls – oops, it’s marvellous, dear! . . . I’m amazed Art Of Noise ‘Beat Box’ didn’t break here sooner – Mastermind were on it from the start but it needed a visit from Whiz Kid to bring home its US success (try it with Pumpkin!) . . . Break Machine’s whistling hip hop instrumental side really is compulsive frisky dynamite (forget the vocal), a terrific electro mixer especially with Charles Earland, I.R.T. and Two Sisters ‘High Noon (Remix)’ (try the latter out of it!) . . . Adrian Dunbar reports that hip hop/electro, the tuneful ones like Xena & Shannon, is now getting big with the younger “trendier” boys at Southampton’s Warehouse . . . The Standard’s Ad Lib column reports that choreographers are moving in on break dancing with a view to staging it at Las Vegas – a sure sign of the death knell, sadly . . . Northern mixer Greg Wilson is rumoured to be concentrating more on studio work now, having just done CBS’s ‘Dance Mix Dance Hits 3’ . . . Steve Dennis is chuffed that his increased BRMB radio role will add yet another dance show to the station, playing disco/funk 7-9pm every Friday from Feb 10 . . . South-East London’s 7 days a week 6am-midnight Skyline Radio 103.6FM/212MW has been going strong for five weeks now and adds Froggy every Sunday 12-3pm . . . Carl Kingston (0482-42169) jocks aboard Radio Caroline four weeks on/four weeks off, and is after club gigs especially within its reception area . . . SEDA (South Eastern Disco Assn), the first association founded, celebrate their 10th anniversary at 8pm this Sunday (29) in their original meeting place, Tunbridge Wells’ Kelsey Arms in St Johns Road (details Theo Loyla 022-786 604) . . . Thames Valley DJ Assn meet for their AGM at noon the same day in Iver’s Tower Arms, Ritchings Park . . . John Mayoh with new Friday Hi-NRG partner Leo Stanley celebrated the rapid £75,000 refit at Bolton’s Cinderella’s/Rockafella’s last week with a Wobbly Bottom Cabaret Show – he promises photos! . . . Brian Mason (whose mum really is Barbara Mason – not that one!) is running a weekly talent contest every Tuesday at The Adelaide, Adelaide Street, St Albans, Herts (write him there) and needs all acts from novelties, dance troupes to bands, but not DJs, for weekly prizes and an eventual Continental holiday . . . Colin Hudd’s surprise top hit at Dartford Flicks is Laid Back ‘White Horse’ (Creole – flip of ‘Sunshine Reggae’), which despite Boney M-type blokes does have an 123bpm ’76-ish feel – Colin’s guest is Chris Hill this Friday (27), when Robbie Vincent souls Tottenham Eltons, Steve Walsh funks Fleet Country Club (to promote a residency starting there next Thursday (Feb 2) when Second Image will PA) . . . Pete Haigh and Richard Searling revive the Mecca’s Highland Room era at Blackpool’s Baskervilles this Friday (27), while diagonally across country Roger Dynamite has another expanded ‘60s night at Gt Yarmouth Tiffanys . . . Sunday (29) sees Steve Walsh, Brother Louie, and Morrissey Mullen live at Dunstable Tiffanys, while Leeds Tiffanys’ 3pm alldayer has a predictable DJ crew including sometime chart returners Steve Allen, Simon Walsh, Baz Maleady & Eddie Gee . . . Bob Jones jazzily jocks Upstairs At Eric’s in Bournemouth’s busy Glenfern Road this Monday (30) . . . Tom Holland revives the Lacy Lady era again at the White Swan in East London’s Commercial Road on Wednesday (1), when Steve ‘Dover’ Day funks Folkestone’s Soundhouse on the Canterbury Road weekly, and Peter Lee is usually with Stuart Hamilton at Liverpool’s New Coconut Grove . . . Mirage unexpectedly dropped right out of our chart despite strong sales – what happened, are jocks doing their own chopped medley of George Benson oldies, as suggested? . . . Rick James’s help from Smokey Robinson may be tremendous, but more to the point it’s “tremulous”! . . . I often don’t receive record packets sent in the mail but the current Russian roulette delivery situation means that any product unreviewed may not have reached me (though there’s probably a funky postman somewhere) . . . DIN DAA DAA!


MEL BROOKS: ‘To Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap)’ (Island Visual Arts 12IS 158)
Again with musical help from our own Pete Wingfield, the zany film maker raps some more in typically bad taste about one of his favourite topics, the Nazi Paar-tay! If his gruff vocals can cut through on the floor, this ‘The Crown’-style 105bpm 12in (inst flip) could just be an early springtime hit for Hitler. Say “Heil!”

TYRONE BRUNSON: ‘Fresh’ (US Believe In a Dream 4Z9 04951)
Well over a year after his electro trail blazing ‘The Smurf’, Tyrone’s finally returned with a vengeance – obviously fuelled by Herbie Hancock’s success – the A-side of this jittery driving 113bpm 12in instrumental having nicely varied texture including string section effects and tuneful moments, the immediate smash though being the starker ‘scratch mix’ flip (“serious scratchin’” by Elai Tubo) which smacks up a less varied hip hop storm (Charles Earland’s an ace mix!). Rock it!

KENNY G: ‘Hi, How Ya Doin’?’ (LP ‘G Force’ US Arista AL8-8192)
Although produced by Wayne Brathwaite the stamp of executive producer Kashif is all over the synthesized rhythm arrangement of the white saxist’s second solo set (soulful vocals by Barry ‘Sunjohn’ Johnson), this acappella-introed 113bpm jiggly shuffler (good with ‘Serious’) already hitting on US single while just about every cut could click here – most are instrumental with jazzy sax and strong beat, and include the 0-117½bpm ‘I’ve Been Missin’ You’, 107bpm ‘Tribeca’, 107bpm ‘G Force’, 115bpm ‘Do Me Right’, 116bpm ‘I Wanna Be Yours’, 106bpm ‘Help Yourself To My Love’. Cool tootin’.

TONY JOE WHITE: ‘Our Day Will Come’ (LP ‘Dangerous’ US Columbia FC 38817)
Also on slightly cheaper Dutch import, this mush-mouthed set is loaded with relaxed goodies and should explode on radio if ever released here. Swamp rocker Tony Joe always had a soulful sensibility even on his ‘Soul Francisco’ debut single and now comes close to Latimore territory, this part-rapped gorgeous 101bpm revival of Ruby & The Romantics’ oldie mixing perfectly with Lionel’s ‘Love Will Find A Way’. The whole LP is very impressive – check too the 47-96bpm ‘Lady In My Life’, while the 119bpm ‘Swamp Rap’, 118bpm ‘Naughty Lady’ and 116-115bpm title track are mellower versions of his old style.

KING SHORT SHIRT: ‘Push’ (LP ‘Leroy’ Sunburn SB-LP-06, via Orbitone 01-965 8292)
If you wonder at my search for another soca leaper to equal ‘Hot-Hot-Hot’ it’s because that, whether by Arrow or Byron Lee, has been the biggest record since last summer at Mayfair’s Gullivers for Graham Gold and myself – and frankly, we’re getting tired of it! Judging from last weekend, this infectious 128bpm chant-along jumper looks the most likely contender so far, best mixed out of Byron Lee (the rest of the mainly c130bpm LP – from ’82 though still available – is good fun too). Push it, push it, for me!

CYNDI LAUPER: ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ (Portrait TA 3943)
Pop aimed (but so too is the not dissimilar Madonna) and hitting already on – as it turns out – same-length 7in, this exuberantly raucous 120¼bpm 12in smacker keeps reminding me of early ‘60s novelty country-pop singer Sue Thompson (‘Norman’, ‘Paper Tiger’ etc). Lots of boys will have fun too, to this.

LUTHER VANDROSS: ‘I Wanted Your Love’ (LP ‘Busy Body’ Epic EPC 25608)
I’m glad to find others agreeing that busy body Luther by doing so much himself has stretched his talent too thin, his songs here being less good than his voice deserves. This rattling zappy 120(start)-121bpm bounder effectively reworks ‘The Glow Of Love’ (which gave him fame as the voice of Change), the only other dancer apart from his 12in being the less tuneful harder hitting 124½-124-122½(break start)-123½-123-124½bpm ‘For The Sweetness Of Your Love’.

WEST END: ‘Hot For Rocking’ (Sound Out SNDS 2X)
Steve Jerome-penned (and anonymously sung) lightweight pop-py ‘Dancin’ Tight’-type swaying little 108bpm 12in tripper which had eager buyers of the instrumental-flipped advance copies mistakenly speculating that it might be Phil Fearon in disguise (commercial copies will have a remake of Jerome’s ‘If You Walk Out That Door’ as flip).

OLIVER SAIN: ‘Fused Jazz’ (US AVI AVI-6143)
“This’ll get all those boring old farts still stuck in ’78 jumping” is what I said in the shop, and it’s true! The veteran saxist has packaged this set (accurately subtitled “a collection”) to look new when most if not all of it is old – and none the worse for that. Hitting a Hamilton Bohannon rhythm are the classic 112(intro)-113-114bpm ‘Bus Stop’ (Hamilton Bo’s ‘Rock Your Body’ synchs superbly), the similar 113-114-115bpm ‘London Express’ and looser chanted 110-115bpm ‘Feel Like Dancin’’, while the lushly swaying chix-cooed vibes-tinkled (0)-106-107-108bpm ‘Nothing’s Real In L.A.’ stands out from the other good if now less pertinent tracks. The sound’s a bit boxy and scratchy but still cuts through.

VISUAL: ‘Somehow, Someway’ (US Prelude PRL D674)
Punchily burbling through butch vocals this gives buyers of the 3-track 12in a confusion of choice as all three versions are radically different, the tight urgent 120-119½-120bpm ‘vocal’ and looser though similarly socking c119⅓bpm ‘dub’ contrasting with the much squidgier 117¼-117½-117¼bpm ‘original’ . . . none being truly definitive as all have points in their favour. Very odd.

NV: ‘It’s Alright’ (Sire SIR 4060T)
WEA dredge up another oldie from last September, a Shep Pettibone remixed/Darryl Payne produced juddering 114½bpm 12in hip hopper lightened by soulful guy/two gals singing a familiar “when I first . . . laid eyes on you” lyric in the totally non-electro style subsequently taken further by Xena (longer instrumental dub flip).

PENN AVENUE BOYS featuring “RALPHAEL”: ‘Lover Tonight’ (US Atlantic 0-86969)
A bass synth thudded juddering 116bpm 12in beat box rhythm finally reaches Michael Jackson-pitched “Ralphael” (sic) who whinnies and whines as things shudder along but could really do with more of a tune (edit/inst flip).

JAMES INGRAM with Michael McDonald: ‘Yah Mo B There’ (Qwest W9384T)
Quincy-produced mellow AoR radio fodder dressed up with a ‘Thriller’ beat into a pleasant if none too incisive 116-116½bpm 12in swayer duetted by ex-Doobie McD (same 65bpm “calypso” flip as last time).

JIMMY HELMS: ‘Gonna Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse’ (Cube HBUG 98, via PRT)
Eleven years old Stylistics-styled squeakily piercing 69⅓bpm smoocher inspired by ‘The Godfather’, now for some reason remixed and stretched on 12in.

STACY LATTISAW: ‘Hey There Lonely Boy’ (Atlantic B 9819T).
Blandly pleasant US hit 57-0bpm squeaking of the Ruby & The Romantics/Eddie Holman slowie, on 3-track 12in with the dull jolting 107½bpm ‘The Ways Of Love’ and totally pop 175bpm ‘Million Dollar Babe’ official A-side (inspired by Phil Collins’ ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’).

DAVID GRANT: ‘Organize’ (Chrysalis GRANX 5)
Completely remixed rolling 116bpm 12in bass synth rumbler with bursts of simple pop-type vocal, different lurching 116bpm flip probably called ‘Kiss Away The Blues’. (In answer to your last question, Orin – “no”!)

TALKING HEADS: ‘Making Flippy Floppy’ (Sire W 9451T)
On 12in twin-packed with their current ‘This Must Be The Place’ single, this remixed worryingly-pitched urgent 123-122bpm staccato white boys rap builds good intensity through chinking ‘Get Her Crazy’-type guitar.

L.C.G.C.: ‘Fill My Cup’ (Island 12IS 148)
Now the London Community Gospel Choir attempt to follow Paradise, but by setting spiritual lyrics to a “sinful” if limp loosely meandering 105½-104-105-104-105bpm 12in dance beat they’ll upset devout Christians without attracting disco fans, as they just aren’t dynamic enough (inappropriate dub flip).

SECOND IMAGE: ‘Searching But Not Finding’ (MCA MCAT-863)
Staccato sung little 124bpm 12in jolter with brassy blasts and extended rhythm bits, nothing startling but more compatible than the A-side’s sub-Shalamar 147bpm ‘There She Goes’.

WILL POWERS: ‘Adventures In Success’ (Island 12IS 156)
It’s now obvious that Island squashed their far superior earlier version by BIG BROTHER (12IS 120), in which the self-improvement lyrics are recited (at 99bpm) by a subtly awful vocal embodiment of the Readers’ Digest, because they were preparing to push the one-trick Lynn Goldsmith – whose droning “alter ego” on this now remixed more jiggly 94½bpm 12in version just can’t compare. Try still to find Big Brother, especially now it’s 1984.

WHODINI: ‘Nasty Lady’ (Jive JIVE T 58)
Ugly angrily lurching 105bpm rap telling a good story spoilt by its unappealing treatment, on 3-track 12in with the dub and very empty 101bpm ‘Underground’. The duo’s album amazingly had zero chart response, proving it was Thomas Dolby who made their only hit.

DAVE ROACH: ‘Running With The River’ (Coda CODS 4T, via Beggars Banquet)
Throbbing drums-backed 124bpm 12in jazz sax instrumental ruined by unnecessary breaks for chorus and beat box rhythm, the ‘Move It’ flip being lumbered with an even starker 128bpm beat box and triter singing.


RE-FLEX: ‘The Politics Of Dancing’ (EMI 12FLEX 2)
Smashing Stateside and set to break big here, this glorious (0-)127bpm 12in pop galloper is ridiculously catchy.

LAMONT DOZIER: ‘The Motor City Scene’ (Demon D 1020T)
Despite his current LP’s ‘Bigger Than Life’ crying out for a remix, we get an increasing but disappointingly rambling and not very dynamic marathon 125-124-124½bpm 12in medley which takes ages “going back to his roots” before over-long interpretations of the ‘60s Motown hits he co-wrote with the brothers Holland. Ill-judged timing.

INXS: ‘Original Sin’ (Mercury INXS 312)
Nile Rodgers-produced very Bowie-ish 130bpm 12in throbber from Australia (handy for the video, no doubt!), with typical current Chic guitar and not bad as pop music goes.

MACHINATIONS: ‘Pressure Sway’ (A&M AMX-169)
More Australians with a fast 140bpm 12in pop skitterer tinged by old fashioned futurism (inst flip).

Bubbling under the Boys Town/Hi-NRG 30 are:

Amanda Lear ‘No Regrets’ (German Ariola 12in)
Xena ‘On The Upside’ (Streetwave 12in)
Mimi ‘The Man’s So Real’ (Challenge 12in promo)
Lama ‘Love On The Rocks’/’Nineteen Ninety Three’ (Italian Numero Uno 12in)
Richie ‘Trying It On’ (Challenge 12in)
Susan Stevens ‘This Is Love’ (Dutch Rams Horn 12in/US Disconet LP)
Jamaica Girls ‘Need Somebody New’ (Fourth & Broadway 12in)
Break Machine ‘Street Dance’/Inst (Record Shack 12in)


Graham Murray safely travelled (with thanks to the AA) over the New Year from Teeside to his current gigs in West Germany, where he observes “German girls are very ugly and wear very dull clothes”! Tee hee! More to the point, he finds the locals like Hi-NRG/Futurist music which they call German New Wave, the biggest of his disco hits below being a rip-off from Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells’ done disco style.

1 Tubular Affair – Samoa Park – Zyx 12in
2 Energy – Beautiful Ballet – Metronome 12in
3 Droid – Mito – Rush 12in
4 No Job – BAOBAB – Polydor 12in
5 Pulstar – Hypnosis – Metronome 12in
6 Love Is The Answer – Paradise – Priority 12in
7 Sunshine Reggae – Laid Back – Creole 12in
8 Ballet Dancer – The Twins – Hansa 12in
9 Burn It Up (Mr DJ) – Risque – Polydor 12in
10 Guilty – Lime – Polydor 12in


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (f/c/r for fade/cold/resonant ends):

John Lennon 118f, Big Country 127f, Eurythmics 63/126-126f, Matthew Wilder 109f, The Alarm 149c, Judas Priest 244-0c, ABC 52½-0r, Thomas Dolby 105f (brilliant, Kid Creole meets white boys’ hip hop! – can I have a 12in please?), Mirage 110-116f, The Colour Field 39-158r, Pat Benatar 180f, Spear Of Destiny 122-124-122-123-122½-124-0r, Talking Heads 114f, Donna Summer 124f, Barbara Mason 112f, Herbie Hancock 113f, Manhattan Transfer 110f, Gary Moore 0-127f, Comsat Angels 131f.

DISCO TOP 85 – JANUARY 28, 1984

Rated by the country’s top DJ’s as the most up-front disco chart in the UK, compiled on Monday, on the street on Wednesday

01 03 Share The Night – World Premiere – Epic 12”
02 01 Holiday – Madonna – Sire 12”
03 02 Another Man / Rap – Barbara Mason – Streetwave 12”
04 06 Magic – Circle City Band – US Circle City Records 12”
05 08 Serious – Billy Griffin – CBS 12”
06 04 Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) – Hashim – Streetwave 12”
07 05 The Sound Of Music – Dayton – Capitol 12”
08 17 Don’t Knock It (Until You Try It) / Private Party (Remixes) – Bobby Nunn – Motown 12”
09 13 Lovin’ You – Status IV – US Radar 12”
10 14 I Wanted Your Love / For The Sweetness Of Your Love – Luther Vandross – Epic LP
11 19 Let The Music Play / Dub – Shannon – Club 12”
12 31 Spice Of Life – Manhattan Transfer – Atlantic 12”
13 12 (I’m Just A) Sucker For A Pretty Face – West Phillips – Canadian Quality 12”
14 07 Thriller – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
15 48 Baby Doll (Remix) – Girls Can’t Help It – Virgin 12”
16 15 Straight Ahead – Kool & The Gang – De-Lite 12”
17 09 On The Upside – Xena – Streetwave 12”
18 18 Ain’t Nobody – Rufus & Chaka Khan – Warner Bros 12”
19 39 Joys Of Life – David Joseph – Island LP
20 38 Straight From The Heart (Remix) / Dub – Fat Larry’s Band – Virgin 12”
21 27 Where Is My Man – Eartha Kitt – Record Shack 12”
22 11 Cuttin’ Herbie – The B Boys – Streetwave 12”
23 — Street Dance (Instrumental) – Break Machine – Record Shack 12in
24 — Fresh (Scratch Mix) / Fresh – Tyrone Brunson – US BID 12in
25 22 Out Of Sight – Lefturno – US Ascot 12”
26 26 Running With The Night (Remix) – Lionel Richie – Motown 12”
27 35 Doggie Boogie Baby – Charles Earland – US Strut 12”
28 10 Crazy Cuts – Grandmixer D.ST. – Island 12”
29 16 You Ain’t Got No Money – Jaime Lynn – US Salsoul 12”
30 41 What About Love – Damaris – US Columbia 12”
31 33 This Love Is For Real / Truly Bad – Ron Banks – US CBS Associated Records LP
32 23 So Different – Kinky Foxx – Sound Of New York 12”
33 50 Love How You Feel – Sharon Redd – Prelude 12”
34 37 Wish You Were Here – First Light – London/Oval 12”
35 — Taxi – J. Blackfoot – US Sound Town LP/7”
36 40 No Sell Out – Malcolm X – US Tommy Boy 12”
37 25 Watch The Closing Doors / Dub – I.R.T. – US RCA 12”
38 43 Inside Love (So Personal) – George Benson – Warner Bros 12”
39 32 I Wanna Be With You – Armenta – Savoir Faire 12”
40 — Hi, How Ya Doin’? – Kenny G – US Arista LP
41 75 Secret Love – Evan Rogers – US RCA Victor 12”
42 21 Just Can’t Get Enough – Lew Kirton – Epic 12”
43 24 Bigger Than Life / Love Wars – Lamont Dozier – Demon LP
44 29 Big Apple Noise – Trans-Lux – US Master Mix 12”
45 58 Out To Get You – Fascination – Banana 12”
46 82 Never Too Late / Instrumental – Julius Brown – US West End LP
47 52 You’re A Winner / Activate – Sharon Redd – Prelude 12”
48 66 King Of The Beat – Pumpkin – US Profile 12”
49 — Midnight Sun – Mezzoforte – Steinar 12”
50 53 Ebony Eyes – Rick James & Friend – Gordy 12”
51 60 Love Will Find A Way / Penny Lover / Can’t Slow Down – Lionel Richie – Motown LP
52 68 Electric Boogie (Remix) / (Long Version) / Dub 3 – Marcia Griffiths – Island 12”
53 — Lagos Jump – Third World – CBS 12”
54 46 A Night In New York – Elbow Bones & The Racketeers – EMI America 12”
55 63 Joys Of Life (Remix) – David Joseph – Island 12”
56 36 Bad Times – Captain Rapp – US Saturn/Becket 12”
57 74 Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz) – George Kranz – Fourth & Broadway 12”
58 — Not For Rocking – West End – Sound Out 12”
59 — Bus Stop / Nothing’s Real In L.A. – Oliver Sain – US AVI LP
60 — Relax (US Remix) – Frankie Goes To Hollywood – US Island 12”
61 79 I’ll Let You Slide – Luther Vandross – Epic 12”
62 47 Fresh Flesh / Instrumental – Tara – US Unlimited Gold 12”
63 57 In The Night – Richard Jon Smith – Jive 12”
64 49 Beat Wave – Warp 9 – US Prism 12”
65 — Yah Mo B There – James Ingram/Michael McDonald – Qwest 12”
66 42 White Lines – Grandmaster & Melle Mel – Sugarhill 12”
67 30 Let’s Stay Together – Tina Turner – Capitol 12”
68 59 All Of My Lovin’ – Jimmy Williams – US Salsoul 12”
69 — It’s Alright – NV – Sire 12”
70 62 I Am What I Am – Gloria Gaynor – Chrysalis 12”
71 69 Hot-Hot-Hot – Arrow – AIR 12”
72 — Somehow Someway – Visual – US Prelude 12”
73 — Aah Dance – Fine Quality featuring Cuz – Sugarhill 12”
74 64 (Just Because) You’ll Be Mine – Instant Funk – US Salsoul 12”
75 — Herbie Hancock Megamix / Future Shock – Herbie Hancock – CBS 12”
76 67 How Can I Love Again – O.C. Miller – Orbitone 12”
77 51 Action – Evelyn King – RCA 12”
78 — Gonna Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse (Remix) – Jimmy Helms – Cube 12”
79 54 Dance, Let’s Shake It Tonight – Sun – US Air City Records 12”
80 — High Noon (Remix) / Scratch This – Two Sisters – US Sugarscoop LP
81 — Beat Box – Art Of Noise – ZTT 12”
82 — Lollipop Luv – Bryan Loren – US Philly World 12”
83 — Crotona Park / Flute Juice / Latin Jazz Dance – Dave Valentin – US GRP LP
84 76 I Want Your Love / Dub – Major Harris – US Pop Art 12”
85 71 B-Boys Beware – Two Sisters – US Sugarscoop 12”


01 01 Evergreen / Jealous Love – Hazell Dean – Proto 12” promo
02 02 He’s A Saint He’s A Sinner / Manpower – Miquel Brown – Record Shack LP
03 03 You’re A Winner – Sharon Redd – Prelude 12”
04 05 Where Is My Man – Eartha Kitt – Record Shack 12”
05 06 It’s Too Late / Instrumental – Simone – KRP 12”
06 04 Relax (US Remix) / (Sex Mix) / 7” Edit – Frankie Goes To Hollywood – US Island/ZTT 12”
07 09 I Am What I Am – Gloria Gaynor – Chrysalis 12”
08 10 Sweet Temptation – Gem – US Street King 12”
09 30= I’m Living My Own Life – Earlene Bentley – Record Shack 12”
10 11 Love On The Rocks (Remix) – Lama – US Disconet LP
11 08 Rocket To Your Heart (Remix) / Zarah / Reach Out & I’ll Be There – Lisa / Nina Hagen / Dynamic 7 – US Hot Tracks LP
12 15 Reputation – Bobby “O” – Dutch BMC LP
13 27 Life Is The Reason – “Norma” – ERC 12”
14 20 Let The Music Play / Dub – Shannon – Club 12”
15 13 I’m The One / I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten / Save Yourself For Me – Charade / Simon Orchestra / Dee Dee Martin – Passion LP/12” twin-pack
16 12 Skiing In The Snow – Laura Pallas & The Reputations – Record Shack 12”
17 23 Everlasting Love – Vicki Sue Robinson – US Profile 12”
18 07 Didn’t Say A Word (Megamix) – Shirley Lewis – Electricity 12”
19 — Danger – Flirts – Canadian Unidisc 12”
20 17 Holiday – Madonna – Sire 12”
21 18 Where Are You Now – Cerrone – Record Shack 12”
22 14 Going Through The Motions – Danny Lugo & Destination – US C&M 12”
23 — I’ve Got The Music In Me – Yvonne K – Italian X Electric 12”
24 16 La Cage Aux Folles – Le Jeté – Dance/Pinnacle 12”
25 28 You Can Dance – Motion – Canadian DBA 12”
26 30= Get Ready / Freak Mix – X-Ray Connection – Dutch Break 12”
27 19 How About It – M.D.M.C. – Dutch High Fashion 12”
28 — Strangers In The Night – Baumann – US Portrait 12”
29 — Countdown Here I Come – Kofi & The Love Tones – Electricity 12” white label
30= — Ballet Dancer – Electric Theatre – German Mercury 12”
30= — Let’s Break – Master Genius – Dutch Break 12”
30= 26 On The Grid (Remix) – Lime – US Prism 12”
30= 25 Doctor Love (Mega Dub Remix) – First Choice – US Salsoul 12”

2 thoughts on “January 28, 1984: Mel Brooks, Tyrone Brunson, Kenny G, Tony Joe White, King Short Shirt”

  1. An ahead-of-its-time game-changer from Double Dee & Steinski here, right at the top of the page – James did well to spot it, based on a single radio play. I taped it off the radio myself a couple of months later, and was astonished by its genre-busting cleverness – I think the deal was sealed when I heard The Supremes “Stop! In The Name Of Love” synched over the beats of Peech Boys “Don’t Make Me Wait”. Coldcut must have been taking notes, and three-to-four years later, there would be a glut of similarly constructed tunes.

    I was living in West Berlin in 1984, and so was very familiar with the George Kranz tune, as well as the styles of music featured in this week’s guest DJ Top 10; Hypnosis “Pulstar” had been a huge club track in Autumn 1983, crossing over to the German pop charts. (I never liked it!)

    Astonishingly, the Mel Brooks Hitler Rap also became a big chart hit in Germany – I well recall a Berlin radio DJ pausing during his weekly chart rundown show, and delivering an extended diatribe about how appalled he was by its popularity. It was weird to hear it play at the huge Berlin Metropol Saturday/Sunday all-nighters (featuring a pre-fame Westbam on the decks, mostly playing Hi-NRG), where hundreds of Berliners danced to it with typically impassive expressions.

    Six of this week’s Hi-NRG Top Ten are British productions. In a few months’ time, UK producers would take over almost all of the Hi-NRG chart, as the genre enjoyed its brief commercial boom. But, just as with electro (as James shrewdly hints here), booms are always followed by busts….


    1. That’s very spooky – I was also living in West Berlin in 1984/1985 (also briefly in 1982 and then in 1986/1987).

      There were some really good record shops there – all of them sadly now gone – stocked by people who really knew their onions music-wise.


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