June 2, 1984: Change, Kashif, Funk Deluxe, One Way, Kleeer


MAIN LINE ‘One And Only (Jackson Medley)‘ is being restructured for UK release to get away from the original Alan Coulthard megamix-copying sequence (was it something I said?) . . . Chaka Khan has recorded an evidently hip hop ‘My Love Is Alive‘ produced by John Robie, but release plans are unclear . . . Patrice Rushen’s LP is due here now, her UK 12in having an additional instrumental version . . . Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force’s next 12in teams them with Washington DC’s Trouble Funk-A-Go-Go . . . Stephanie Mills is back on Broadway in The Wiz, again in the role of Dorothy which brought her to fame . . . Motown may be amazed at the influential DJs who never knew ‘Fall In Love‘ was flip to Bobby King’s 12in, thanks to the A-side being both sides on promo pressings — please stop this irritating ploy! . . . WEA ought to consider re-releasing Lorraine Ellison ‘Stay With Me Baby‘ — it should be old enough now, surely? . . . Melle Mel ‘White Lines’ has now sold over 100,000 copies here yet when last seen (pre-picture disc) had still only peaked at 48 after 16 weeks — another ‘Relax’ without airplay — most sales are now coming from the North-West (although it’s top request at Worcester Tramps for Severn Sound’s Roger Tovell) . . . Alan ‘Gibbo’ Gibson, now at Toronto’s CN Tower for four months before heading into the Orient again on the Bacchus circuit, reports still huge in Birmingham are Tin Tin ‘Kiss Me’, Roni Griffith ‘Breakin’ Up’ and Animal Magnet ‘Welcome To The Monkey House‘ (whether in English or Spanish), three of his biggest records there two years ago! . . . Steve Stuart (Boston Elizabethan Club Lizzy’s) is after Vision ‘Lucifer’s Friend‘ on Boston 50993, good price paid — it’s hot again for Paul Major at Hinckley Bubbles . . . Anne Plaxton at Passion (01-735 8171) wants to hear from clubs interested in booking Hi-NRG acts for gigs/PAs . . . Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes appear to have blown their credibility (and chart placings) by PA-ing . . . Lee Taylor (London Hippodrome Mondays) still needs a high standard mixer for Oriental gigs (no matter what colour hair he’s got!) on 01-385 4345 . . . Piccadilly Radio soul star Mike Shaft reputedly mixes live on air using four decks — £25 will buy one hour of radio tuition with him at the North West DJ Assn’s DJ School, now operational with a wide range of courses to cover everything anyone ought to know, full details Mon-Sat afternoons from Paul Baxendale (Bolton 0204-53817) . . . Rotherham electro-pop jock John Malkin reports chum Martin McSweeney is setting up a possible rival to the Disco Mix Club called System X Music Tapes . . . Sanny Xenokottas now mixes with his digital delay Fri/Sat at Bournemouth Boscombe The Academy . . . Hereward’s Steve Allen souls Leicester Coasters Thursday (31) . . . Marsha Raven plays Haringey Bolts 3rd anniversary Friday (1), when Froggy funks Dartford Flicks, Phil England messes up Midhurst Grange Centre, and ’60s soul Function At The Junction moves to new venue Clapham Junction’s Wessex Suite . . . Sunday (3) Fatback play London’s Venue, Birmingham’s Hummingbird alldayer (2-11pm) has Kenny G live plus Steve Dennis, Frenchie T, Shaun Williams etc, Leeds Tiffany’s alldayer (3-12pm) has Colin Curtis, Jonathan, Simon Walsh, Eddie Gee, Cleveland Anderson, Tim Westwood (London coaches on 01-385 5796) . . . Monday (4) Southend Rain’s recent bucking bronco contest was so popular that Cosmic starts saddling up monthly heats to find the South-East champion, Linda Lewis plays the opening first-Monday-of-the-month boys town night at Nottingham Astoria (ex-Sherwood Rooms, fairly Hi-NRG Wed/Fri/Sat anyway) . . . Mayfair Gullivers highly popular Miss Gullivers final is Tuesday (5), Froggy funks Basildon RaQuels Wed (6) . . . Jim K declares Cambridge Bumpers fun pub (only 50p) is solidly upfront soul Saturdays . . . Dave Thomas spins 50p soul-funk-jazz Sundays at Shrewsbury’s Oak Hotel (A5 at Shelton — I keep passing it going to North Wales!) . . . Horizon’s Gilles Peterson has free ‘vibrant’ Latin jazz Mondays at Epsom Frenchies, jazz-soul Tuesdays at Croydon Solos . . . Derek Lawrence souls Wednesdays now at Bermondsey Dockhead’s Swan & Sugarloaf Lyndon T joins Tim Westwood jazz-funking Soho Gossips Fridays . . . Rick Robinson is most upfront before midnight Fri/Sat at Lee’s Dutch House Danielle’s (A20 Sidcup Road) . . . Adrian Dunbar’s Fri/Sat/Sun now are full-tilt soul-disco nights at Southampton Raffles (Back O’ The Walls), where he’s after suitable funky PAs Friday nights on Bournemouth 296253 . . . Steel City Gary Senior now funks Fridays at Sheffield Mona Lisa’s Hothouse and Tuesdays at Chesterfield Fascination (no electro at the latter, but free if with whistle or shorts) . . . Tricky Dicky at Soho’s Record Cellar shop reckons his customer DJs started the buzz on Hush after he’d unearthed it at a record fair in February and subsequently ordered copies to sell (it was released originally last November, when Disco Mix Club made it a powerplay — so much for their power!) . . . Al Charles (Southport Ainsdale Beach Lido Complex) insists Wally Of The Year has to be the guy who asked for the ‘Frankie Howerd’ single — it seems for the past six months he’d seriously thought that was who sang ‘Relax’! . . . Newcleus’s US LP will include a Marvel comic book starring the group’s Smurfs as intergalactic heroes . . . General Caine’s now also done a ‘Where’s The Beef‘ (US Capitol) . . . Kym Yancey ‘Determination‘ has the ‘Love Wars’ beat . . . Teddy Pendergrass’s long awaited Asylum debut is a ballad duet with Whitney Houston (daughter of Cissy) . . . Hot Vinyl scourers last week may have been confused by the jumbled running order . . . LET’S BE PARTICULARLY CAREFUL OUT THERE!


CHANGE: ‘Change Of Heart’ (WEA YZ7 T)
My fave of the year so far, Jimmy Jam Harris & Terry Lewis’s perfect crystallisation of their SOS Band sound into this pent-up nagging 107½bpm jittering judderer is definitely hot tempo and remorselessly exciting — for further proof, just chock how amazingly well its parent LP has already done in the UK Albums chart! Now on 12in (flipped by the old 116bpm ‘Lover’s Holiday’ and influential Luther-sung 127bpm ‘Searching’), it’ll easily equal ‘Just Be Good To Me’ without having to wait ten months as the buzz is already incredible.

KASHIF: ‘Baby Don’t Break Your Baby’s Heart’ (Arista ARIST 12568)
Long awaited, his jiggly jolting 115bpm swayer is full of soulful tension created by pent-up panting, muttering and beseeching weaving along through the rhythm in a sort of cross between Michael Jackson and Al Green (inst/edit flip). With exposure it could be a slow burner, as the general public will need time, Rufus-style.

FUNK DELUXE: ‘This Time’ (Streetwave MKHAN 14)
Randy Muller-prod/penned great loosely rambling chick-nagged and eventually chap muttered (0-)114bpm chugging smacker extremely like Brass Construction ‘Walkin’ The Line’ (inst flip), rather late out here though still potent.

ONE WAY: ‘Mr Groove’ (MCA MCAT-890)
Vocoder yowled jiggly cool 112-111½-112bpm minimalist funk groove quite blatantly in Zapp ‘Dance Floor’ style (naturally they mix), flipped by their attractively swaying 45½/91bpm ‘Lady You Are‘ US hit for radio play.

KLEEER: ‘Next Time It’s For Real’ (Atlantic A 9699T)
‘Superstition’-style tense slow sombre 94bpm roller, chosen as A-side for radio, leaving the previously promoed Kool-type (and surely more commercial?) charging 122bpm ‘Break‘ chanter as flip with their old datedly choogling 125-124-126bpm ‘Keep Your Body Workin’ 1979 hit.

DENISE LaSALLE & LATIMORE: ‘Right Place, Right Time’ (Malaco MAL 1222)
This coupling was my suggestion as all three 12in tracks are such toe-curling soul gems they deserve to be shared with the world — and even Radio 2 could get behind the stunning 56bpm A-side duet (an instant smooch smash) while for added value there’s Latimore’s aching rap-started 80bpm updated ‘Let’s Straighten It Out‘ and Denise’s sultrily realistic 93½bpm ‘Come To Bed‘, made for soulful housewives to identify with! The three best tracks from three albums, guaranteed good listening.

McFADDEN & WHITEHEAD ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ (Ain’t No Way)’ (Buddah BDSL 504)
Slightly rewritten 113-114(break)-113¼bpm retread of you-know-what, now powered by jittery electronics with obtrusive chix but still instantly nostalgic (inst flip).

SKOOL BOYZ: ‘Slip Away’ (US Columbia 38-04481)
Great c.109bpm hot tempo rumbler starting with a catchy boy/girl ‘phone call’ “Are you tied up tonight?” “No, but I’d like to be!” (inst flip, annoyingly only on 7in so far).

CAMEO: ‘Hangin’ Downtown’ (Club JABX 4)
Dead slow 36/72bpm slinker soulfully echoing the ‘Strange’ sound though totally overshadowed by last year’s delightful sleazily skittering staccato falsetto 93bpm ‘You’re A Winner‘ on the flip (with their current US follow-up ponderous heavy metal P’funk 88bpm ‘Talkin’ Out The Side Of Your Neck‘)

DENNIS EDWARDS: ‘(You’re My) Aphrodisiac’ (Gordy TMGT 1340)
Teddy Pendergrass-style husky 66½bpm romancer strictly for 1.30am smooch sessions, flipped (but not on white label) by strutting The Deele-type 119½bpm ‘Shake Hands (Come Out Dancin’)‘.

SURFACE: When Your X Wants You Back’ (Dutch Rams Horn RHR 3352)
Pleasant enough chick sung ‘n flute tootled tranquil tripping 123bpm ticker not unlike their last one if rather faster (inst/acapella flip).

PUMPKIN AND THE PROFILE ALL-STARS: ‘Here Comes That Beat!’ (US Profile PRO-7047)
Pumpkin’s ‘King Of The Beat’ was deservedly one of the longer lived pure hip-hop imports here: this rappin’, scratchin’ and glass smashing 106bpm continuation features Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde, Fresh 3 MC’s and more but being a general rapperama partaay sadly lacks the original’s catchy “uh uh OKeh” chant (inst flip).

THE RAPOLOGISTS: The Hip Hop Beat’ (Billy Boy Records WHIZ 1, via 01-723 9090)
Produced and mixed by Mastermind with scratching by Whiz Kid, no less, this serious attempt to make US quality home grown hip hop bows in Blue Bird’s new label with a basic 112bpm track (featuring Julie Roberts) differently treated as the Newcleus-like smurfs burbled/Flakey ‘C’ & Early Daze-rapped ‘Kids’ Rap’, more together Master MC-rapped ‘Party Rap’, and really scratched instrumental ‘Street Mix‘.

SOUNDTRACK: ‘Beat Street’ LP (US Atlantic 80154-1)
First of evidently three (staggered) volumes from the Harry Belafonte-produced hip hop flick, most tracks due on individual 12in too, this features GRANDMASTER MELLE MEL & THE FURIOUS FIVE’s scratching ominous(0-)104bpm ‘Beat Street Breakdown’, ARTHUR BAKER’S own (his first artist credit) angrily racing instrumental 119½bpm ‘Breaker’s Revenge‘ plus his productions of CINDY MIZELLE’s good Madonna-ish disco 119bpm ‘This Could Be The Night‘ and AFRIKA BAMBAATAA & THE SOUL SONIC FORCE + SHANGO’s typical fast unison 115bpm ‘Frantic Situation‘, the Deodato-led/produced JUICY’s friskily bounding 122bpm ‘Beat Street Strut‘, THE SYSTEM’s jittery offbeat electro 98½bpm ‘Baptize The Beat‘, the Belafonte-produced SHARON GREEN, LISA COUNTS & DEBBIE D’s pedestrian 108bpm ‘US Girls‘ and two mushy slowies. ‘Saturday Night Fever’ it ain’t.

LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY: ‘Crash Goes Love’ (US Streetwise SWRL 2230)
Hearing the overly busy 117bpm Blaster Mix with all the usual ‘IOU’ noises behind Loleatta’s distraught wailing I prepared to put down producer Arthur Baker for not expanding his tediously typical electro vocabulary, but then the simpler Master Mix and adventurous ‘Crash Goes Dub‘ instrumental made me buy this 28 minute 12in (there’s a classy slow soulful ‘Sweet Thing‘ too). However Arthur, it could be fresher!

KONK: ‘Your Life’ (US Sleeping Bag Records SLX 009)
Interesting jittery 118bpm Now York new wave punk funk in Liquid Liquid tradition with particularly useful rattling percussion, in four versions. How long before Melle Mel sets a rap to this?

SHANGO: ‘Thank You’ (LP ‘Shango Funk Theology’ CellulOid/Carrere CAL 207)
The Funkadelic of hip hop, Shango includes Afrika Bambaataa, Material’s Bill Laswell and Peech Boy Bernard Fowler amongst others, and once you realise that this is a respectful 103bpm homage to Sly Stone’s ‘Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)’ it’s suddenly clear who influenced their choppy chants on the previously 12 inched hot tempo 101bpm ‘Shango Message‘ and hip hop 101½bpm ‘Zulu Groove‘, and evidently ‘Beat Street’-featured afro-ish 111bpm ‘Let’s Party Down‘.

PRAXIS: ‘Praxis’ EP (CellulOid/Carrere CART 331)
Material’s Bill Laswell apes Art Of Noise with a 12in EP of extremely stark hip hop frameworks, the bare bones for specialist cutting, comprised of the 106bpm ‘NBS-X’, 106½bpm ‘Electro/Shock‘, 107bpm ‘NBS-A‘, 107bpm ‘1984’, 119bpm ‘Cut-Time’ (and 0bpm ‘Last Wish’).

THE VHB: ‘Beethoven’s Fifth (Street) Symphony’ (Streetwave MKHAN 16)
‘A Fifth Of Beethoven’ goes hip hop (sort of), with scratching and 0-115bpm judder but not much conviction, produced by Vintertainment’s Vincent Davis (edit flip). Who’s it aimed at?

WORKING WEEK: ‘Venceremos — We Will Win’ (Paladin/Virgin VS 684-12)
Frantically flying Latin jazz with Everything But The Girl’s distinctive Tracey Thorn dominating the vocal first part, 0-151-147-146-143-146-139-140-0bpm (if not double that!), all very praiseworthy but the sort of thing that helped empty clubs towards the end of the jazz funk boom — so, while fine at the Electric Ballroom maybe, to be treated with care elsewhere. The flip’s 131-130bpm ‘7in bossa version‘ is however very pleasant.

MARCUS MILLER: ‘My Best Friend’s Girlfriend’ (US Warner Bros 0-20217)
Jellybean-mixed perhaps overly frisky 119½bpm canterer with snappy bass and a skittering texture (inst flip), possibly OK with Luther V.

JAMES INGRAM: ‘Try Your Love Again’ (Qwest W9287T)
Jauntily loping 117bpm shuffler with soaring sax and buoyant vocal, partnered by the more sombre 93½bpm ‘It’s Your Night‘ as flip to the dead slow radio ballad ‘She Loves Me (The Best That I Can Be)‘.

MADONNA: ‘Borderline (US Remix)’ (Sire W9260T)
Jellybean-remixed squeaky limp (0-)119bpm pop loper, not a disco biggie (dub/tougher 119bpm ‘Physical Attraction‘ flip).

DAISY CHAIN: ‘No Time To Stop Believing In Love’ (Ze 12IS 168)
Pop-aimed peace preaching 110bpm singalong rapper by an idealistic international collective.

DAZZ BAND: ‘To The Roof’ (LP ‘Joystick’ Motown STML 12201)
Useful electro jittered 113bpm hip hop smacker, unoriginal though more relevant than the fast whipping 0-128bpm ‘Swoop (I’m Yours)‘ and 128bpm title track.


DIVINE: ‘You Think You’re A Man’ (Proto ENAT 118)
Gruffly rasped rattling 126bpm singalong Eurodisco galloper produced by the Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes team and out here ahead of the world, but only on single-sided white label for the next month. At least this one’s genuinely exciting.

LISA: ‘Rocket To Your Heart’ (Carrere CART 328)
Frantically racing 134bpm galloper in its hotter remix and less dense original version, on red vinyl.

JIMMY RUFFIN & JACKSON MOORE: ‘I’m Gonna Love You Forever’ (ERC ERCL 109)
Ruffin-remixed new Lo-NRG version of the melodic 129bpm bounder brings their voices forward (inst flip).

WEATHER GIRLS: ‘Success’ (CBS TA4401)
UK-remixed long trottingly introed 129bpm tuneful loper growled, cooed and wailed, but not particularly exuberant.

501’s : ‘We Are Invincible’ (ERC ERCL 113)
Laura Pallas-ish bounding chick chanted 130bpm canterer (inst flip).

TECHNIQUE: ‘Heaven To Me’ (ERC ERCL 114)
Gloria Gaynor-ish lushly throbbing 0-130½bpm canterer (tougher inst flip).

NICCI GABLE: ‘Strange Desire’ (Passion POSH 1227)
Chick warbled bounding galloper in 131½bpm ‘Hi-NRG’ and 131¼bpm ‘Pop’ mixes.

Squawking pop chick backed by 0-126½bpm electronic drums (inst flip).

DIGITAL EMOTION: ‘Get Up Action’ (Carrere CART 319)
Lipps Inc-ish bounding 123bpm Eurodisco smacker, quite jolly pop although past its Hi-NRG peak (“funkier” flip).

PARACHUTE CLUB: ‘Rise Up’ (Magnet MAGT 262)
Jellybean-remixed inspirational 124bpm canterer by Canadian youngsters like an out-take from ‘Hair’, originally out last year and more pop/MoR than Hi-NRG now.

MASTER GENIUS: ‘Let’s Break’ (Carrere CART 322)
Frantic 132bpm electro gimmickry with scratching and hip hop effects grafted around a fragmented disco medley, pop fun (possibly better ‘Hot Dog Edit’ flip).

PERSONAL COLUMN : ‘Strictly Dancewise’ (Stiff BUY IT 202)
Adventurous frantically fast 175bpm sorta rock disco/Hi-NRG/white boys funk with hip hop effects and scratching cut in by Chad Jackson.

DISCO TOP 85 – June 2, 1984

02 01 I’LL BE AROUND, Terri Wells, London 12in
03 03 AUTOMATIC (REMIX), Pointer Sisters, Planet 12in
04 10 DOIN’ IT IN A HAUNTED HOUSE, Yvonne Gage, US CIM 12in
05 04 SOMEBODY ELSE’S GUY, Jocelyn Brown, Fourth & Broadway 12in
06 05 EMERGENCY (DIAL 999) (REMIX)/DUB MIX, Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
07 09 LOVE WARS (REMIX), Womack & Womack, Elektra 12in
10 11 AIN’T NOBODY, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
11 16 RIGHT OR WRONG/I’LL BE AROUND, Detroit Spinners, Atlantic 12in
12 — SOMEBODY ELSE’S GUY (REMIX)/DUB/A’CAPELLA, Jocelyn Brown, Fourth & Broadway 12in
14 20 LOVEQUAKE/FALL IN LOVE, Bobby King, Motown 12in
15 25 JUST BE GOOD TO ME, The SOS Band, Tabu 12in
16 07 LOVE IS IN SEASON/TWO OF A KIND, Detroit Spinners, Atlantic LP
17 28 FEELS SO REAL (WON’T LET GO) (DUB), Patrice Rushen, US Elektra 12in
18 15 DON’T GIVE ME UP, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, London 12in
19 17 COME BACK LOVER, Fresh Band, US Are ‘N Be 12in
20 24 COME TO ME (ONE WAY OR ANOTHER), Jermaine Jackson, Arista 12in
21 22 YOU’RE THE ONE FOR ME/DAYBREAK/A.M. (MEDLEY), Paul Hardcastle, Total Control Records 12in
22 14 LOVE ME LIKE THIS, Real To Reel, Arista 12in
23 29 BREAK DANCE PARTY/DUB MIX, Break Machine, Record Shack 12in
24 18 DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME (REMIX), Yarbrough & Peoples, Total Experience 12in
26 41 EXTRAORDINARY GIRL, The O’Jays, US Philadelphia International 12in
27 40 JAMMIN’ IN MANHATTAN, Tyzik, US Polydor LP/12in
28 13 SHE’S STRANGE/CLUB MIX (REMIX), Cameo, Club 12in
29 34 THINKING OF YOU, Sister Sledge, Atlantic 12in
30 44 SUMMER FLING, The O’Jays, US Philadelphia International LP
31 61 I’M SOMEBODY ELSE’S GUY, Frederick ‘MC Count’ Linton, US Vinyl Dreams 12in
32 30 TELL ME WHY, Bobby Womack, Motown LP
34 35 HEAVEN SENT YOU, Stanley Clarke/Howard Hewett, StreetSounds LP
35 32 I FOUND LOVIN’, Fatback, US Spring LP
37 47 IT’S ALL YOURS, Starpoint, Elektra 12in
38 38 MATT’S MOOD, Matt Bianco, WEA 12in
39 19 HI, HOW YA DOIN’? (GRAVITY MIX), Kenny G, Arista 12in
40 23 DON’T LOOK ANY FURTHER, Dennis Edwards, Gordy 12in
41 53 ONE LOVE — PEOPLE GET READY, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Island 12in
42 37 PLANE LOVE (REMIX)/DUB, Jeffrey Osborne, US A&M 12in
43 21 THIS TIME, Funk Deluxe, Streetwave 12in
44 26 KEEP IT COMIN’/YOU CAN’T HAVE MY LOVE, The Jones Girls, US Philadelphia International LP
46 62 LET ME DANCE WITH YOU (INSTRUMENTAL), El Chicano, US Columbia 12in
47 42 JAM ON IT, Newcleus, Sunnyview 12in
48 33 MR. GROOVE/LADY YOU ARE, One Way, MCA 12in
49 60 IT’S YOU THAT’S HAPPENING, Exquisite Taste, US Starlite 12in
50 63 GOT THE HOTS, Cuba Gooding, US Streetwise 12in
51 69 ENCORE, Cheryl Lynn, US Columbia 12in
52 49 BREAK/NEXT TIME IT’S FOR REAL, Kleeer, Atlantic LP 12in
53 54 BREAKIN’ IN SPACE/INSTRUMENTAL, Key-Matic, US Radar 12in
54 48 LOVER OF MY DREAMS, Yvonne Gage, Belgian BMC 12in
55 55 DON’T I EVER CROSS YOUR MIND SOMETIME, Barbara Mason, US West End 12in
57 — BABY DON’T BREAK YOUR BABY’S HEART, Kashif, Arista 12in
58 52 LAND OF HUNGER, The Earons, US Island 12in
59 50 EUROPEAN QUEEN (NO MORE LOVE ON THE RUN), Billy Ocean, Jive 12in
60 45 STAY HERE WITH ME, Evan Rogers, RCA 12in
62 — IN THE HEART, Kool & The Gang, De-Lite 12in
63 74 STATE OF LOVE (REMIX), Imagination, R&B 12in
64 67 MARVIN, Edwin Starr, Streetwave 12in
65 51 WHEN YOU’RE HOT YOU’RE HOT (REMIX), Ingram, Other End 12in
66 56 COME BE WITH ME, The Ronnie McNeir Experience, Capitol 12in
69 39 STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOIN’, The Chi-Lites, US Private I 12in
70 70 JUST A TOUCH OF LOVE/WAIT FOR ME, Slave, Atlantic 12in
71 43 GOTTA GIVE A LITTLE LOVE, Timmy Thomas, US Gold Mountain 12in
72 78 MEGA-MIX, Herbie Hancock/Grandmixer D.ST, US Columbia 12in
73 — DONT KEEP ME WAITING (DUB), Tia Monae, Carrere 12in
74 — NEVER HAD A GIRL, Brass Construction, US Capitol 12in
75 73 TECHNO-FREQS, Junie Morrison, Ze 12in
77 — WHEN YOUR X WANTS YOU BACK, Surface, Dutch Rams Horn/US Salsoul 12in
78 77 DON’T GO LOSE IT BABY, Hugh Masekela, Jive Afrika 12in
79 81 THRILLER — OWNER OF A LONELY HEART (MEDLEY), Local Boy, Belgian Jump & Shout 12in
80 — DON’T MAKE ME WAIT, Carl Anderson, US Epic LP
81 81 LEGS (BRING THE WOLF OUT OF ME), Sun, US AIR City Records LP
83 88 I’VE GOT TO FIND A WAY, Zena Dejonay, Calibre 12in
84 65 TURN IT AROUND (INSTRUMENTAL), Gino Soccio, US Atlantic 12in
85=— THE HIP HOP BEAT, The Rapologists, Billy Boy Records 12in
85=— CRAZY, Colorblind, US Capitol mini-12in
85=— STEP BY STEP, Skwares, US Cotillion LP


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Wham! 162f, Style Council 83½f, Howard Jones 144f, Bruce Springsteen 148½f, Sister Sledge 102½f, Sade 94½-0c, Rod Stewart (0-)107f, Herrey’s 131-130c, Elton John 107f, Nick Lowe 152-0c, Rush 139-0r, Bananarama 114f, The Art Company 91-92-0-92-0-91-0f, Imagination (0-)110f, Lloyd Cole 130r, Swans way 109(intro)-72f.


01 01 HIGH ENERGY, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in
02 02 ONE NIGHT ONLY, Scherrie Payne, US Megatone 12in
03 08 FRANTIC LOVE, Eastbound Expressway, Record Shack 12in
04 03 NOTHING’S WORSE THAN BEING ALONE, Velvette, Electricity 12in
05 14 THE NEXT IN LINE, Eric Roberts, Electricity 12in
06 11 WE ARE INVINCIBLE, 501’s, ERC 12in
07 04 EMERGENCY, Laura Pallas, Record Shack 12in
08 07 DOCTOR’S ORDERS — COUCH COUGH, Maegan, Savoir Faire 12in
09 18 HEARTS ON FIRE (REMIX), Hush, Spirit 12in
10 22 THEY ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT, Peter Brown, US Hot Tracks remix
11 05 I’M GONNA LOVE YOU FOREVER, Jimmy Ruffin & Jackson Moore, ERC 12in
12 26 AND DANCE, Billy Preston, ERC 12in
13 13 YOU TURNED MY BITTER INTO SWEET, Linda Lewis, Electricity 12in
14 23 SEVEN DAYS, Total Experience, ERC 12in
15 06 WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM, Ramming Speed, Proto 12in
16 24 I HEAR THUNDER, Seventh Avenue, Record Shack 12in promo
17 16 DESIRE (HI-ENERGY MIX), Paul Parker, Technique 12in
18 17 BEELINE (REMIX), Miquel Brown, US TSR 12in
19 25 KEEP DANCING, Touch Of Class, US Next Plateau 12in
20 10 ALIVE WITH LOVE, Tina Fabrique, Electricity 12in
21 12 I LOVE MEN, Cinema, Streetwave 12in
22 09 COMING OUT OF HIDING, Pamela Stanley, US TSR 12in
23 21 TIE ME DOWN, Romance, Passion 12in
24 20 THE UPSTROKE/NAUGHTY MIX, Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes, Proto 12in
25 27 NO MORE WORDS, Berlin, Mercury 12in
26 30 DETERMINATION/IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME, Jayne Edwards, US Profile 12in
27 15 ROCKET TO YOUR HEART (REMIX), Lisa, Carrere 12in
28 28 I’M LIVING MY OWN LIFE (REMIX), Earlene Bentley, US TVI 12in
29 31 LOVE FIRE, Jimmy James, ERC 12in
30 40 HEAVEN TO ME, Technique, ERC 12in


POP JOX are playing: 1 (1) Pointer Sisters, 2 (3) Terri Wells, 3 (2) Jocelyn Brown, 4 (5) Womack & Womack, 5 (4) Evelyn Thomas, 6 (7) Rufus, 7 (6) The SOS Band ‘JBGTM’, 8 (9) Hazell Dean, 9 (16) Jeffrey Osborne ‘SWMT’, 10 (13) Bob Marley, 11 (20) Deniece Williams, 12 (18) Loose Ends, 13 (12) Break Machine, 14 (17) OMD, 15 (8) Duran Duran, 16 (24) Cameo, 17 (23) Gap Band, 18 (11) Kool, 19 (31) Shannon, 20 (10) Trans-X, 21 (34) Melle Mel, 22 (29) Michael Jackson ‘PYT’, 23 (25) Phil Fearon, 24 (38) Paul Hardcastle, 25 (14) Blancmange, 26 (21) Miquel Brown ‘SMM(R)’, 27 (39) Kenny G, 28 (28) Lionel Richie, 29 (42) Weather Girls ‘IRM’, 30 (—) Detroit Spinners 12in A/B, 31 (15) Human League, 32 (—) Sister Sledge, 33 (—) Sandie Shaw, 34 (19) Phil Collins, 35 (43) Matt Bianco, 36 (—) Madonna ‘LS’, 37 (—) Everything But The Girl, 38 (26) Nik Kershaw, 39 (35) Alisha, 40 (37) Harold Melvin, 41 (—) Y&P, 42 (—) Wham!, 43 (44) Bobby King, 44 (—) Tin Tin, 45 (—) Imagination, 46 (49) Irene Cara, 47 (—) Dennis Edwards ‘DLAF’, 48 (27) Thompson Twins, 49 (—) Peter Brown, 50 (—) New Order ‘TLU’.

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  1. My Odds ‘n’ Bods: Although most of Bill Laswell’s “projects” tended to sound better in theory than practice, I fell hard for Praxis “1984” – possibly because I wanted every electro tune to sound like “Beat Box”! … The Bambaataa/Trouble Funk collaboration didn’t actually surface until the 1986 Soul Sonic Force album (assuming it was the same recording – which is likely, as many of the album tracks were oldies by then) … James gets it very wrong indeed about “Borderline”, which still fills my floor to this day … but he redeems himself by listing the Beat Street tracks in their correct descending order of goodness! … Vision “Lucifer’s Friend” (1982) did indeed get revived in 1984, at least in the Midlands where I returned to over the summer … “Change Of Heart” did indeed perfect the “hot tempo” formula … “first-Monday-of-the-month boys town night at Nottingham Astoria” was a massive success – the vast venue attracted coach parties from as far away as Birmingham – and it stayed successful for the rest of the decade … it’s a quantum leap in quality for Stock Aitken Waterman’s second release (written by Modern Romance’s Geoff Deane, of all people), and for a while their early Hi-NRG productions really nailed it … but my absolute favourite (and most danced to) Hi-NRG tune of 1984 was the original version of Lisa “Rocket To Your Heart”, not the remix which UK jocks switched to. As cheesy as it may sound today, it felt almost overpoweringly exciting at the time.


  2. “Whitney Houston, daughter of Cissy” would soon flip to become “Cissy Houston, mother of Whitney”. “White Lines” was such a massive track that bounced around the bottom end of the chart for months without any Radio 1 airplay. So much great music of black origin was criminally ignored by UK radio.


  3. Bam’s Go-Go Pop is indeed the Trouble Funk colab talked about, but it stayed unreleased until the Planet Rock album in ’86 because of the success of the Beat Street movie/o.s.t. and the James Brown colab: “Unity”, also released in ’84.


  4. Yes ‘White Lines’ was a bit of a phenomenon it’d been heard on the funk pirates around town as far back as the late summer of 1983 and by now was a bit old hat around London – back then I’d have thought everyone had it by now well after 6 months after it appeared as an import and indeed it had already sold 100,000 copies by this point. As has been said (and it not surprising knowing what they’ve always been like) Radio One didn’t play it at this stage but it mentions here that it had just got big in the North West I wonder if some local station around Manchester had just put it on their playlist around this time and if so this is interesting as it explains how it sold a steady trickle of copies for so long. I always wondered why that was.

    Coincidentally talking hiphop is that the first time we’ve encountered Tim Westwood – bottom of the bill here at an alldayer.


    1. Tim Westwood’s first two mentions were April 23 1983 (surname only) and April 30 1983 (full name), both in connection with a May Bank Holiday alldayer at the Lyceum. This is the first time he’s been mentioned since then – interesting that it’s in a jazz-funk rather than hip hop context.


    2. ‘White Lines’ was instantly picked up on and played to death at Manchester’s Haçienda when it was first released in 1983 (I remember going there then and hearing it several times in one night) so I don’t think the North West was quite as late to the track as that might imply … it is possible that Piccadilly Radio, Radio City or whoever might have picked up on it?


  5. btw..there’s an unreleased version of Arthur Baker’s Breaker’s Revenge off the Beat Street soundtrack with vocals by Bam & Soul Sonic dumped in favor of Frantic Situation. Almost leaked online at some point but didn’t happen. A Beat Street Vol. 3 album was supposed to drop but didn’t. Some are still trying to get it released now, but because of various issues it hasn’t happened yet. System’s Baptize…dropped on 12″ a few years ago though.


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