June 9, 1984: Patrice Rushen, Fatback, Bobby Womack, Eleanor Grant, Strafe


A NEW law coming into force on July 1st gives the Department of Trade & Industry power to confiscate not only pirate radio transmitters but also studio equipment without a court order, but there’s a strongly hinted possibility that already well established stations supplying a strictly ethnic need will have less hassle — and may well end up being legalised in the long run . . . London’s pirates, adding so mach choice to the airwaves, seem to have reawakened interest in radio generally, to judge from the new demand for car stereo systems featuring lots of pre-set buttons . . . Oscar J Jennings reports that LWR 92.5FM has a bigger transmitter now fitted, going 24hrs 7 days again — a pity they’re merely duplicating the overground commercial stations . . . Tony Turner’s daily Mon-Fri 3-6pm soul show on Radio Dublin is Ireland’s first end only of its type, in which he tries to expose things that listeners haven’t heard before (good lad) . . . Morgan Khan’s latest venture is a very selective Street Dance record plugging service, only working two records at any one time (and they gotta be good) . . . CBS’s current disco promotion tactics merely echo their long standing cynical disregard for DJs needs (remember how they often released big name acts only on 7in when they were likely to sell anyway?): now they know that jocks will have to buy the hits, which as I said all along does make sense, they use independent pluggers to send out just the rubbish that needs to be worked — in a way, these pluggers (with DJ-ing backgrounds) are being disloyal to fellow jocks in taking on these records, as if we can’t have everything from CBS why should we do them a favour in helping the stuff that isn’t good enough to sell without us? . . . South Eastern Disco Assn SEDA have a 10th anniversary jamboree weekend at West Mailing’s Greenways on the A20, with a record fair in the afternoon and giant Superdisco evening on Saturday (9), disco equipment exhibition noon-6pm Sunday (10), followed by a private dinner (sorry I can’t make it but I’m gigging near Newbury!) . . . JA Publications, 8 Beverly Road, Canterbury, Kent, publish a very informative loose-leaf guide to DJ work in Norway, all the do’s and don’ts/gigs and contacts, price £2.99 . . . Alan James Jewell out in Hong Kong at the Hollywood Boulevard has remixed a local version of ‘Let It Whip’ sung presumably in Cantonese (quite a culture shock!), and megamixed an original artists Hi-NRG medley LP titled ‘On The Boulevard‘ (Chrysalis 6.1120) containing current Hazell Dean, Laura Pallas etc . . . Bernie Lyons, playing Hi-NRG Thurs/soul Fri at Dublin’s Flamingo, has written a “BPM-finder” program for his Commodore 64 computer and will supply info from 35 Shanboley Road, Beaumont, Dublin 9, Ireland . . . Tony Cochrane has started an international video contact and exchange club so members can swap video material — £18 membership details from Video PALs, PO Box 124, Dundee DD1 9UQ, Scotland (phone 0382-644003) . . . Dartford Flicks reintroduce their famous Club Dancer competition on Fridays through July (however, Chris Hill’s there this week’) . . . Arrow’s soca classic ‘Hot Hot Hot’ has been re-released (AIR ARROX 1), but stupidly the 7in for radio is the same old edit which leaves out the “O-lay O-lay” chant line that’s most likely to sell it . . . Detroit Spinners ‘Love Is In Season’, Womack & Womack ‘Baby I’m Scared Of You’, Gilberto Gil ‘Toda Menina Baiana‘, Shannon ‘Sweet Somebody’, Jeffrey Osborne ‘Plane Love (US Remix)’, are all due here soon from usual sources, while Island are releasing Run-DMC ‘Rock Box‘, Konk ‘Your Life‘, Fresh Band ‘Come Back Lover‘ and hopefully Tony Baxter ‘Screamin‘, the Bobby “O”-produced James Brown pastiche which built a buzz on the Continent over the last two years . . . Roni Griffith ‘Breakin’ Up’ is also due in a “non-gay orientated remix” — huh? . . . Wang Chung ‘Dance Hall Days‘/’Don’t Let Go‘ topped US Dance/Disco, Deniece Williams US Black Singles . . . Cameo evidently have another rap remix of ‘She’s Strange’ . . . Phyllis Hyman guests on the new Whispers album’s ‘Suddenly‘, due soon . . . Patrice Rushen’s main background vocalist is Roy Galloway, who backed Jeffrey Osborne’s shows here . . . Shannon-type chix and heavy electro seem to be influencing much new US disco material on 12in (many now at 45rpm), but I feel we’ve already been through all that and are moving on . . . Grand Groove Bunch’s old 102½-104-105bpm ‘!Catch The Groove!‘ (inst flip of T. Ski Valley ‘!Catch The Beat!’) evidently now also newly remixed, was oddly my top request and hottest hit at Mayfair Gullivers last weekend (it’s absolutely superb out of Mary Jane Girls ‘All Night Long’ as previously mentioned) — could it be another Fatback? . . . Ruffin & Moore’s “Lo-NRG” remix is not now coming out (in fact mine’s the only copy — offers of £50 or more!) . . . Denise LaSalle ‘Come To Bed’ should be 96½bpm . . . Womack & Womack not only did Des O’Connor’s TV show but guested at Soho Bananas first anniversary last Saturday, when I walked into Mayfair’s Rockafellas late nite eaterie to find Intrigue in incongruous mid-PA at 4.15am! . . . I then breakfasted with Lovely Previn (daughter of that TV salesman), who fiddles on Andde Leek’s mournful Steve Harley-esque slow 41-82-0bpm treatment of Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen‘ (Fascination/A&M FAS 602), possibly useful for pop jocks . . . Steve Harvey has sitting in the can ‘Is Nothing Gonna Change Your Mind?’, a fabulous sophisticated long jazzy skipper so unlike his singles that for weeks after he gave me it amongst other things on a cassette I had presumed it was an old Stevie Wonder track he’d left at the start of one side — possibly the most impressive British soul production ever, so when will it ever reach vinyl? . . . Sayeeda, wow! . . . Fatback’s brand new album, their first for Cotillion, due here next week to judge from preview cassette is much stronger as a set than their last few, with at least four hot dancers and a wailing slowie — they’re also appearing until this Saturday at Watford Baileys, where next week it’s Jimmy James (who’s currently working out with Mad Lizzie on TVam!) . . . Phil England goes OTT at Basingstoke Diamonds Thursday (7) . . . Pete Tong & Jeff Young shake Sheffield Park’s Sheffield Arms on the A275 this Friday (8), when Mayfair Gullivers gives away a colour TV in a lucky ticket draw for those who arrive before midnight (thus spending more for longer at the bar!) . . . Rick Robinson has a “F-underwear” night at Lee Danielles Saturday (9) . . . Sunday (10) finds dodgy duplication with Sheffield Romeo & Juliets alldayer (2-11pm) starring Colin Curtis, Jonathan, Simon Walsh, Steel City Gary Senior etc, Colin & Jonathan also joining Mike Shaft, Chad, Hewan & Richard Searling at Manchester Legends alldayer (2-11pm), while down at Camberley’s Cambridge Hotel the 7th anniversary of Frenchies celebrated by Messieurs Chris Brown & Johnnie Walker in “French” fancy dress . . . Record Mirror’s own radio & TV star Gary Crowley returns to South Harrow Bogarts with all his famous mates looking in every Tuesday again . . . Funk Masters Roger Jay & Graham Gee soul Forest Gate’s Railway Tavern nightly except Sunday . . . JFM’s afternoon drive time star Graham Gold (“have I got a good cause for you”) is chuffed to be packing Tuesdays at Tottenham Rudolph’s (behind the White Hart), and back on the Showstoppers team . . . Gary Oldis managed to move to the “very upmarket” Slix on the A19 at Dalton Piercy near Hartlepool . . . Nick Ratcliffe had a ball while the American fleet was in port at Pompey, all the black sailors heading for Portsmouth’s Ritzy where he does Thur/Fri, overlapping funky Fri/Sat with Gary Ashman who confirms the joint’s been jumping . . . Margie Joseph ‘Midnight Lover‘ has the ‘Holiday’ rhythm and already gets ’em singing along — Greg Edwards did a great mix into it out of Tyzik “live” on Capital’s Best Disco show . . . Al Matthews played the African baddie in last Sunday’s ‘The Professionals’ . . . Rusty Egan’s sister Tina Egan is making a record called ‘High Level’ for Red Bus, “really jazz-funky” sez Rust (which knowing him could mean anything) . . . Alan Dunbar (Southampton Raffles) reports that an Italian mixer record ‘The Return Of Mr Disco’ has yet another excellent Michael Jackson/Jacksons medley . . . Began Cekic confesses he originated the brilliant classic ‘Bits & Pieces III’ medley that ‘Stars On 45’ slavishly copied, so now the boot’s on his other foot regarding his copy with Main Line of Alan Coulthard’s official Michael Jackson megamix, which as previously noted in this country has been restructured to comply with the Disco Mix Club’s wishes . . . Steve Dennis at a recent Birmingham Powerhouse alldayer sneakily spun Yvonne Gage ‘Haunted House’ while showing the ‘Thriller’ video (from the dance part onwards), to great response — Yvonne may be hard to find now it’s run into hopefully temporary plagiarism problems . . . Andy Greg (Loughton Tempo Rico) on close examination of the LP sleeve sees that “Billie Jean is Greg Pillingaines”, and that the lyrics printed for ‘Lady In My Life’ have an extra verse and chorus — so will there yet be an extended 12in? . . . Steve Guarnori of the excellent New Blackbeat fanzine (£3.75 for six issues from 101 Sevenacres, Orton, Peterborough, Cambs PE2 0XJ) has dreadful news for ‘Hill Street Blues’ fans — on Anglia TV, ahead of the rest, Lt. Howard Hunter has committed suicide because LaRue and Washington discovered he’d once accepted payola . . . “Time, as is its want, moves relentlessly onward” — hey hey hey HEY, LET’S BE CAREFUL OUT THERE, HUH?

ON MAY 26 I said that Record Shack had sold a controlling share to IDS. In fact, IDS do not own any shares in Record Shack. I am sorry for any misunderstanding this has caused.


PATRICE RUSHEN: ‘Feels So Real (Won’t Let Go) (Elektra E9742T)
Sneakily nagging and ultimately very powerful, this delicately sung but tough 104bpm repetitive swaying ticker despite DJ reaction here still has the cooler and sharper slightly less vocal Dub Version on the flip, now with a new instrumental too — try it in a long synch between Jocelyn Brown and Sun ‘Legs’! Keeping to the same sparse electronic keyboards and bass sound, her whole very listenable LP ‘Now’ (960360-1) really only has one other dance killer, the burblingly loping 116bpm ‘Get Off (You Fascinate Me)‘ with a good long break, plus the 109bpm ‘Gotta Find It‘, 95½bpm ‘Perfect Love‘, 106/53bpm ‘To Each His Own‘, 42¼/84½bpm ‘High In Me’, 39½/79bpm ‘My Love’s Not Going Anywhere’, 41½/83bpm ‘Heartache Heartbreak’, frantic 136½bpm ‘Gone With The Night’ and 151bpm ‘Superstar‘ (the latter with such good lyrics the tempo is immaterial). She sure sings pretty.

FATBACK: ‘I Found Lovin’ (Master Mix 12CHE 8401, via PRT)
The UK remixed (0-)105bpm A-side is a disappointment with a clumsily edited instrumental centre just as the tension and swing are building, but the 105bpm flip has (labelled in wrong order) a really useful instrumental dub and the original far superior — and essential — LP version of this terrific ever-building tension-filled hot tempo soul burner, smouldering away in London since last year until the pirates made it blaze!

BOBBY WOMACK: ‘Tell Me Why’ (Motown TMGT 1339)
Finally on extended 12in, big brother Bobby’s great chunkily rolling 111bpm gritty soul bubbler should follow Cecil & Linda chartwards, flipped by the Patti LaBelle/George Benson/Wilton Felder-backed searingly soulful 0-67/33½-71-69bpm ‘Through The Eyes Of A Child‘ — quite a double-sider, not to missed!

ELEANOR GRANT: ‘Lovin’ Your Good Thing Away’ (US Catawba 4Z9 05009)
George Kerr-produced, M&M-mixed, this powerfully simple purposefully striding 110bpm ‘Billie Jean’-ish pumper has a superb traditional soul vocal — the time honoured title idea being a nagging criticism that her man’s cheatin’ leaves him too shagged out for her! — dynamite with ‘Automatic’, ‘Encore’, Change etc (dub flip). Hey Jody, who’s makin’ love with your old lady while you’re out makin’ love?

STRAFE: ‘Set It Off’ (US Jus Born Records JB 001)
Weirdly tugging rumbling slow c.112bpm weaver with a ‘White Lines’-ish feel as guys wander about over the stereophonic meandering backing, all very odd (inst flip).

GINO SOCCIO: ‘Out Of My Life’ (Dutch Atlantic 786 953-0)
So soon, another even faster and more rock orientated 128bpm bounder (inst flip).

SKOOL BOYS: ‘Slip Away’ (US Columbia 44-05014)
Now in 12in, this terrific boy/girl phonecall started (“Are you tied up tonight?” “No, but I’d like to be!”) jittery 108½bpm hot tempo pusher works beautifully between ‘Automatic’ and (especially) ‘Encore’ and has a Real To Reel type appeal (inst flip). My kinda music!

CHERRELLE: ‘Like I Will’ (LP ‘Fragile’ US Tabu BFZ 39144)
Lucky Cheryl Norton has current hot tempo creators Jimmy Jam Harris & Terry Lewis again hitting their great Change/SOS Band groove on this (0-)104-0bpm wriggle ‘n kick pusher, while the fabulously socking 120bpm ‘I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On‘ strutter is a more fully fleshed mix than the criminally ignored dangerous dubwise 12in version (which is still essential for its incredible instrumental jazz-funk flip!), the appropriately glass-breaking 122½bpm ‘Fragile . . . Handle With Care‘ also socking along with squalling sax, their other contributions being the cooler hot tempo 103bpm ‘When You Look In My Eyes‘ and slow drag 84-0bpm ‘Who’s It Gonna Be’, leaving the sensuous slow 68bpm ‘Stay With me, 85bpm ‘I Need You Now’ and 59bpm ‘I Will Wait For You’ to another production team.

DENIECE WILLIAMS: ‘Let’s Hear It For The Boy’ (CBS TA 4319)
CBS’s disco mailing list jocks, myself included, have finally had to buy this George Duke-produced/Jellybean-remixed frothy 122½bpm pop smash (inst flip), which mixes well between Loose Ends dub and ‘Love Wars’, with a good percussion break on 12in.

CAPTAIN ROCK: ‘Capt Rock To The Future Shock’ (US NIA NI-1240)
Fantastic Aleems-prod/penned powerful smurf-introed 122bpm hip hop rap smacker, nothing new but infectious and very well done with a jiggly “DC-a-go-go” rhythm influence making it gratifying big on the floor at once, even now (inst/edit flip).

MARIO: ‘Sexy Freek’ (US Rappers Rapp Disco Co. RR-12”-2002)
Visualize a scratch version of Prince and you’ve got the vocal ‘Street Version’ in one, but the instrumental ‘Street Scratch Version’ of Mario Thompson’s 125-126-125bpm cut-up lurcher is really effective and possibly another Hashim with synth and bass wheezling and burping through the scratchy beat.

SANDRA REID: ‘Feels So Good’ (Sir George SG 014T, via Jet Star/Pinnacle)
Previously mentioned, this slinky 89bpm slight reggaefication of Midnight Star’s ‘Juicy Fruit’ — copying slowie is proving really useful on the floor and deserves much more radio attention (separate dub same side).

SMOKEY ROBINSON: ‘Close Encounters Of The First Kind’ (LP ‘Esser’ US Tamla 6098TL)
Immediately pounced on by DJs here as the standout of a dependably good listening set, this sinuously swaying 100bpm jogger has classic Smokey lyrics and singing, but in fact the first UK-released single is the odd disjointed 115bpm ‘And I Don’t Love You‘ (Motown TMGT 1344), while the ‘Billie Jean’-ish pounding 115bpm ‘Train Of Thought‘ and lovely (0-)113bpm ‘Little Girl Little Girl‘ would both make better uptempo dancers. If you wonder at ‘Essar’ as a title, Emgee was Marvin Gaye . . .

I LEVEL: ‘In The River’ (Virgin VS681-12)
A muddy river, to judge from the M&M-mixed sound of the lurchingly sung percussively throbbing War-like 104bpm chugger, which isn’t without interesting atmosphere but may groove too monotonously on one level as a song (acappella/dub inst/113-0bpm ‘Strangers‘ flip).

THE LATEST: ‘Starting Over’ (US Ransom RNM 1201)
Sekou Bunch-produced guy and gal wailed steady 113bpm tripper with twiddling synth and a satisfying drive (inst flip) in somewhat dated style, though no less welcome for that — in fact, the label does say 1983.

BEATMASTER: ‘Lipservice’ (US Tommy Boy TB 842)
‘No Sell Out’ beatster Keith LeBlanc, Shannon instrumentalist Robbie Kilgore and cut ’em up editor Chris Lord create a crashing stark 107bpm hip hop drum judderer full of smurfs, kazoos, chanting chaps (inst flip), powerful if nowadays specialist stuff. Pucker up!

SAMMY DAVIS, JR : ‘Hello Detroit’ (US Motown 4519MG)
Berry Gordy decreed it was time Detroit had a “New York, New York, what a wonderful town” all of its own, and with Willie Hutch concocted this bravura (0-)130-131-132bpm big band anthem which Sammy does his way, to end in Bobby McFerrin-style scat (inst flip). Better than you might think, it kept people dancing as my finale last Saturday and should be good MoR at least.

OLLIE & JERRY: ‘Breakin’ . . . There’s No Stopping Us (Club Mix)’ (Polydor POSPX 690)
Singing their own title track to the L.A. rather than Bronx-based quickie Hollywood hip hop flick here called ‘Breakdance’, which beat ‘Beat Street’ to box office mega-bucks (ten more similar films are evidently due this summer!), Ollie E Brown & Jerry Knight get a better setting in this Jellybean-remixed 115bpm 12in version of their angular jittering electro-ish jerker (inst flip) than in its 116½bpm original on the soundtrack LP ‘Breakdance’ (POLD 5147) — this however includes current US black hit the BAR-KAYS’ whipping 130½bpm ‘Freakshow On The Dance Floor‘, HOT STREAK’s 122bpm ‘Body Work’ and RUFUS & CHAKA KHAN’s 104bpm ‘Ain’t Nobody’ (no less!), Ollie & Jerry’s more hip hop instrumental 116bpm ‘Showdown’ being joined by other lesser original material, CHRIS ‘THE GLOVE’ TAYLOR & DAVID STORRS’ stark fast 129½bpm scratch rap ‘Reckless‘, 3-V’s skittering electro 123bpm ‘Heart Of The Beat‘, CAROL LYNN TOWNES’ sub-Shannon 119½bpm ‘99½‘, FIRE FOX’s pedestrian chix-sung 0-104bpm ‘Street People‘. RE-FLEX’s frantic rock-disco 153½bpm ‘Cut It‘. At least star Lucinda Dickey looks a bit luscious on the sleeve!

ROBIN GIBB: ‘Boys (Do Fall In Love)’ (Polydor POSPX 686)
Backed by Shannon/Beatmaster keyboardist Robbie Kilgore, the bleating Bee Gee goes hip hop pop rock on a (0-)125bpm basher best in its dub version, though he still insists on singing (rather like Cliff Richard in places).

KoKo-PoP: ‘Make You Feel Better’ (LP ‘KoKo-PoP’ US Motown 6096ML)
Typical new Motown group prone to rock-disco, but this interesting 110½bpm blend of English accented new music chant, soulful vocal, Vincent Price laughter, chugging hot tempo and — would you believe? — bagpipes intro works rather well (out of Change) and could be good on 12in, while the attractively arranged trotting 123bpm ‘I’m In Love With You‘ and jolting slow 85¼bpm ‘Make Up Your Mind’ sound as if they actually use real strings.

BILLY OCEAN: ‘European Queen’ (Jive JIVE C 55)
All three vocal versions of his ‘Billie Jean’-ish 114bpm throbber are now on blue vinyl 33 1/3rpm 12in, the UK-aimed A-side flipped by the otherwise identical ‘African Queen’ and ‘Caribbean Queen’, all nearly eight minutes long.

MARCUS MILLER: ‘I Could Give You More’ (LP ‘Marcus Miller’ Warner Bros 925074-1)
Bassist and now one-man-band Marcus is in danger of over-programming the rhythm machines — however. while several nice mellow soulful slowies come off best, this Luther-style wriggling 115bpm shuffler should work well with Kashif, the 105½bpm ‘Unforgettable‘ and instrumental 0-104½bpm ‘Juice‘ being over-stark judderers, and the faster un-remixed 121½bpm ‘My Best Friend’s Girlfriend‘ is frantically brisk.

RIKKI PATRICK: ‘I Never Thought It Would Come To This’ (CBS TA 4414)
Bolton wanderer doing this Michael Grant/David Jackson impersonation which settles down into an inoffensively plopping 114bpm swayer after an offputting percussion start.

SIMPLICIOUS: ‘Let Her Feel It’ (US Philly World 0-96945)
America’s soulful chaps-sung 124bpm answer to all our “high energy” formulae (inst flip), so it could do best in boys town.

R.A.F.: ‘Self Control’ (Carrere CART 324)
Fuzz guitar punctuated phonetic chick sung purposeful 108bpm Eurodisco chugger with typical catchy “whoa oh oh” background chant, now made even rockier (and huge in US discos) in a cleaner 106bpm cover by LAURA BRANIGAN (Atlantic A9676T), both good pop.


D-Day introed rattling 0-130bpm galloper using a synthesized Ronald Reagan to good effect, with a more frantically concise treatment and 0-110bpm rework of Edwin Starr’s ‘War‘ as flip, obviously bound for glory.

PAMALA STANLEY: ‘Coming Out Of Hiding’ (Casablanca CANX 1020)
Chunkily cantering 130bpm Laura Branigan-type pounder, big for a while, now flipped by its instrumental and last year’s 132bpm ‘I Don’t Want To Talk About It‘.

PLEASURE AND THE BEAST: ‘God’s Empty Chair’ (Carrere CART 326)
Rock guitar clashing 134bpm galloper sung by Robert and LA of late lamented Shock.

BREAKFAST CLUB: ‘Rico Mambo’ (Ze 12IS 178)
Frantic 163bpm rock disco by New Yorkers, not to be confused with our own Breakfast Band.

DISCO TOP 85 – June 9, 1984

01 01 CHANGE OF HEART, Change, WEA 12in
02 29 THINKING OF YOU, Sister Sledge, Atlantic 12in
03 04 DOIN’ IT IN A HAUNTED HOUSE, Yvonne Gage, US CIM 12in
04 03 AUTOMATIC (REMIX), Pointer Sisters, Planet 12in
05 05 SOMEBODY ELSE’S GUY, Jocelyn Brown, Fourth & Broadway 12in
06 02 I’LL BE AROUND, Terri Wells, London 12in
08 17 FEELS SO REAL (WON’T LET GO) (DUB), Patrice Rushen, US Elektra 12in
09 06 EMERGENCY (DIAL 999)(REMIX)/DUB MIX, Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
10 07 LOVE WARS (REMIX), Womack & Womack, Elektra 12in
11 10 AIN’T NOBODY, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
13 11 RIGHT OR WRONG/I’LL BE AROUND, Detroit Spinners, Atlantic 12in
14 12 SOMEBODY ELSE’S GUY (REMIXES), Jocelyn Brown, Fourth & Broadway 12in
16 27 JAMMIN’ IN MANHATTAN, Tyzik US Polydor LP/12in
18 16 LOVE IS IN SEASON/TWO OF A KIND/OUR TIME FOR LOVE, Detroit Spinners, Atlantic LP
19 20 COME TO ME (ONE WAY OR ANOTHER), Jermaine Jackson, Arista 12in
20 15 JUST BE GOOD TO ME, The SOS Band, Tabu 12in
21 31 I’M SOMEBODY ELSE’S GUY, Frederick ‘MC Count’ Linton, US Vinyl Dreams 12in
23 23 BREAK DANCE PARTY/DUB MIX, Break Machine, Record Shack 12in
24 — LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY (REMIX), Deniece Williams, CBS 12in
25 41 ONE LOVE — PEOPLE GET READY, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Island 12in
26 26 EXTRAORDINARY GIRL, The O’Jays, US Philadelphia International 12in
27 55 DON’T I EVER CROSS YOUR MIND SOMETIME, Barbara Mason, US West End 12in
28 32 TELL ME WHY, Bobby Womack, Motown LP
29 48 MR GROOVE/LADY YOU ARE, One Way, MCA 12in
31 18 DON’T GIVE ME UP, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, London 12in
32 30 SUMMER FLING/LOVE YOU DIRECT, The O’Jays, US Philadelphia Int LP
33 68 TELL ME I’M NOT DREAMIN’, Jermaine & Michael Jackson, Arista LP
34 58 LAND OF HUNGER/DUB VERSION, The Earons, Island 12in
35 45 STAY WITH ME TONIGHT (US CLUB MIX), Jeffrey Osborne, A&M 12in
36 52 BREAK/NEXT TIME IT’S FOR REAL, Kleeer, Atlantic 12in
37 24 DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME (REMIX), Yarbrough & Peoples, Total Experience 12in
38 19 COME BACK LOVER, Fresh Band, US Are ‘N Be 12in
39 28 SHE’S STRANGE/CLUB MIX (REMIX), Cameo, Club 12in
40 44 KEEP IT COMIN’/YOU CAN’T HAVE MY LOVE/WHY YOU WANNA DO THAT TO ME, The Jones Girls, US Philadelphia International LP
41 43 THIS TIME, Funk Deluxe, Streetwave 12in
42 35 I FOUND LOVIN’, Fatback, US Spring LP
43 54 LOVER OF MY DREAMS, Yvonne Gage, Belgian BMC 12in
44 21 YOU’RE THE ONE FOR ME (MEDLEY), Paul Hardcastle, Total Control 12in
45 14 LOVEQUAKE, Bobby King, Motown 12in
46 37 IT’S ALL YOURS, Starpoint, Electra 12in
47 38 MATT’S MOOD, Matt Bianco, WEA 12in
48 46 LET ME DANCE WITH YOU (INSTRUMENTAL), El Chicano, US Columbia 12in
49 22 LOVE ME LIKE THIS, Real To Reel, Arista 12in
52 51 ENCORE, Cheryl Lynn, US Columbia 12in
53 65 WHEN YOU’RE HOT YOU’RE HOT (REMIX), Ingram, Other End 12in
54 34 HEAVEN SENT YOU, Stanley Clarke/Howard Hewett, StreetSounds LP/US Epic 12in
55 57 BABY DON’T BREAK YOUR BABY’S HEART, Kashif, Arista 12in
57 42 PLANE LOVE (REMIX)/DUB, Jeffrey Osborne, US A&M 12in
60 — LOVIN’ YOUR GOOD THING AWAY, Eleanor Grant, US Catawba 12in
61 63 STATE OF LOVE (REMIX), Imagination, R&B 12in
62 53 BREAKIN’ IN SPACE/INSTRUMENTAL, Key-Matic, US Radar 12in
63 — GET OFF (YOU FASCINATE ME), Patrice Rushen, German Elektra LP
64 78 DON’T GO LOSE IT BABY, Hugh Masekela, Jive Afrika 12in
65 47 JAM ON IT, Newcleus, Sunnyview 12in
66 — (YOU’RE MY) APHRODISIAC, Dennis Edwards, Gordy 12in
67 77 WHEN YOUR X WANTS YOU BACK, Surface, Dutch Rams Horn/US Salsoul 12in
68 61 TENDER LOVIN’, Funk Deluxe, US Salsoul LP
69 49 IT’S YOU THAT’S HAPPENING, Exquisite Taste, US Statute 12in
71 — VENCEREMOS — WE WILL WIN, Working Week, Paladin 12in
72 — RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME, Denise LaSalle & Latimore, Waco 12in
73 60 STAY HERE WITH ME, Evan Rogers, RCA 12in
74 79 THRILLER — OWNER OF A LONELY HEART (MEDLEY), Local Boy, Belgian Jump & Shout 12in
75 — SLIP AWAY, Skool Boyz, US Columbia 12in
76 — BABY I’M SCARED OF YOU/T.K.O., Womack & Womack, Elektra LP
77 — IT’S GONNA BE SPECIAL (REMIX), Patti Austin, US Qwest 12in
78 — DETERMINATION, Kym Yancey, Pinnacle 12in
79 82 YOU’RE A WINNER/HANGIN’ DOWNTOWN, Cameo, Club 12in
80 64 MARVIN, Edwin Starr, Streetwave 12in
81 74 NEVER HAD A GIRL, Brass Construction, US Capitol 12in
82 85 CRAZY, Colorblind, US Capitol mini-LP
83 72 MEGA-MIX, Herbie Hancock/Grandmixer D.ST., US Columbia 12in
84 50 GOT THE HOTS, Cuba Gooding, US Streetwise 12in
85=— CRASH GOES LOVE (MASTER MIX), Loleatta Holloway, US Streetwise 12in
85=— MAGIC TOUCH/WORK IT, Rose Royce, US Montage LP


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

Pumpkin: ‘Here Comes That Beat!’ (US Profile)
Rapologists: ‘The Hip Hop Beat’ (Billy Boy)
Sun: ‘Legs’ (US AIR City LP)
Evelyn Thomas: ‘High Energy’ (Record Shack)
Grandmaster Melle Mel: ‘Beat Street Breakdown’ (US Sugarhill)
Kane Gang: ‘Small Town Creed’ (Kitchenware)
Sandra Reid: ‘Feels So Good’ (Sir George)
Dave Roach: ‘Back To Back’ (Coda)
Marcus Miller: ‘My Best Friend’s Girlfriend (Remix)’ (US Warner Bros)
Warp 9: ‘No Man Is An Island (Remix)’ (Fourth & Broadway)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

The Smiths 0-113½/56¾c, David Sylvian 94-0r, Ozzy Osbourne 84-86-89-88-0c, Madness 59½/119-62/124f, Bronski Beat 63½/127(intro)-134f (DJ copies lack the complex intro), Siouxsie 0-144-143f, Michael Jackson 0-58½-117f, Change 107½f, Nick Haywood 134f, Marc Almond 189, Limahl 117f, Twisted Sister 146-148f, Peter Gabriel 0-98-97f, Madonna (0-)119f.


01 01 HIGH ENERGY, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in
02 03 FRANTIC LOVE, Eastbound Expressway, Record Shack 12in
03 — YOU THINK YOU’RE A MAN, Divine, Proto 12in promo
04 — FALSE ALARM, Marsha Raven, Passion 12in/Dutch High Fashion remix
05 16 I HEAR THUNDER, Seventh Avenue, Record Shack 12in promo
06 08 DOCTOR’S ORDERS — COUCH COUGH, Maegan, Savoir Faire 12in
07 05 THE NEXT IN LINE, Eric Roberts, Electricity 12in
08 15 WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM, Ramming Speed, Proto 12in
09 13 YOU TURNED MY BITTER INTO SWEET, Linda Lewis, Electricity 12in
10 07 EMERGENCY, Laura Pallas, Record Shack 12in
11 18 BEELINE (REMIX), Miquel Brown, US TSR 12in
12 06 WE ARE INVINCIBLE, 501’s, ERC 12in
13 26 DETERMINATION/IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME, Jayne Edwards, US Profile 12in
14 — STRANGE DESIRE, Nicci Gable, Passion 12in
15 09 HEARTS ON FIRE (REMIX), Hush, Spirit 12in
16 04 NOTHING’S WORSE THAN BEING ALONE, Velvette, Electricity 12in
17 02 ONE NIGHT ONLY, Scherrie Payne, US Megatone 12in
18 11 I’M GONNA LOVE YOU FOREVER, Jimmy Ruffin & Jackson Moore, ERC 12in
19 20 ALIVE WITH LOVE, Tina Fabrique, Electricity 12in
20 — LA SERENISSIMA (REMIX), Rondo Veneziano, Starlite 12in
21 — I LOVE MEN, Eartha Kitt, French In The Mix 12in/Record Shack promo
22 24 THE UPSTROKE/NAUGHTY MIX, Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes, Proto 12in
23 — DOIN’ IT IN A HAUNTED HOUSE, Yvonne Gage, US CIM 12in
24 12 AND DANCE, Billy Preston, ERC 12in
25 10 THEY ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT, Peter Brown, US Hot Tracks remix
26 19 KEEP DANCING, Touch Of Class, US Next Plateau 12in
27 25 NO MORE WORDS, Berlin, Mercury 12in
28 — BREAK ME, Charade, Passion 12in
29 22 COMING OUT OF HIDING, Pamala Stanley, Casablanca 12in
30=—JUMP (REMIX), Pointer Sisters, Passion 12in
30=—GIVE ME BACK MY HEART, Norma Lewis, Passion 12in promo
30=—BREAKDANCE (REMIX), Irene Cara, Epic 12in


POP JOX are playing: 1 (1) Pointer Sisters, 2 (4) Womack & Womack, 3 (5) Evelyn Thomas, 4 (11) Deniece Williams, 5 (8) Hazell Dean, 6 (2) Terri Wells, 7 (13) Break Machine, 8 (3) Jocelyn Brown, 9 (15) Duran Duran, 10 (6) Rufus, 11 (9) Jeffrey Osborne, 12 (42) Wham!, 13 (10) Bob Marley, 14 (12) Loose Ends, 15 (14) OMD, 16 (7) The SOS Band, 17 (—) The System, 18 (31) Human League, 19 (45) Imagination, 20 (32) Sister Sledge, 21 (26) Miquel Brown ‘SMM(R)’, 22 (—) Change, 23 (21) Melle Mel, 24 (30) Detroit Spinners 12in A/B, 25 (41) Yarbrough & Peoples, 26 (—) Ultravox, 27 (—) Agents AA, 28 (25) Blancmange, 29 (—) Style Council, 30 (—) Earons, 31 (—) Queen, 32 (48) Thompson Twins, 33 (35) Matt Bianco, 34 (—) Laura Pallas, 35 (24) Paul Hardcastle, 36 (38) Nik Kershaw, 37 (39) Alisha, 38 (—) Paul Parker, 39 (37) Everything But The Girl, 40 (20) Trans-X, 41 (33) Sandie Shaw, 42 (34) Phil Collins, 43 (46) Irene Cara, 44 (—) Ramming Speed, 45 (—) Starpoint, 46 (16) Cameo, 47 (—) Real To Reel, 48 (50) New Order, 49 (—) Kenny Loggins, 50 (—) Yvonne Gage ‘HH’.

5 thoughts on “June 9, 1984: Patrice Rushen, Fatback, Bobby Womack, Eleanor Grant, Strafe”

  1. One of the most influential records of the 80s reviewed in Set it off by Strafe although the Harlequin 4s version was equally big/bigger here.

    Also Is the RAF record the first one by any of the producers who come about 1988 and under different names started having all those big Italo-House hits?Their biggest in this country under the RAF name was rave perennial ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This particular RAF is a solo artist, not a production team – his original version of “Self Control” battled it out with Laura Branigan near the top of the German pop charts (I remember it well), but Laura Branigan had the bigger hit – I’m fairly sure it was 1984’s best-selling single in Germany (and absolutely ubiquitous in June/July).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I see Raf as in a shortened Christian name -that explains it as I didn’t think I’d heard of the tune as being connected to Italo-House. All I know is the Laura Branigan version.


      2. I was in Germany then, too, and you are right – ‘Self Control’ was everywhere and the raunchy Laura Brannigan video which was censored by Top Of The Pops was shown in full on German TV, during the day!


  2. I Found Lovin’ 12″, FGTH Two Tribes, Capt. Rock To The Future Shock, Strafe, the excellent Cherrelle album, etc all in one week! Man, we were musically spoiled in the 80’s, so no wonder it takes a lot to impress nowadays, compared.

    Liked by 1 person

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