August 18, 1984: Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown, Cheryl Lynn, Alicia Myers, Rick James, Stephanie Mills


TONY PRINCE rang me hot on his return from New York’s New Music Seminar (having flown the “excellent” Virgin Airline in preparation for the Disco Mix Club’s own NY jaunt next March) bubbling with info about this Tommy Boy/Rockpool organised annual $150 forum which seems to have replaced the old Bilboard Disco Forums — for instance, best event was a demonstration of scratch mixing moderated by Whiz Kid with Duke Bootee’s Mix Master Cheese, Wanda D, Davy DMX, Jam Master J, Run-D.M.C., Farley (Funkin’) Keith, Chicago Hot Mix 5 and possibly Kool DJ Herc all cuttin’ with giant videos of their hands at the decks . . . American DJs evidently make friends with their audiences and end build up a mailing list so that when they move clubs they can inform their punters, which should be useful as there’s friction between jocks and some club owners’ newly restrictive music policies — best club to Tony’s mind was the Area on Hudson Street, which amazingly completely changes its entire decor theme every four weeks (a logical development to keep curiosity boiling?) . . . Pete Tong, likewise back from the seminar, says Paradise Garage is “still the joint” while New York’s hottest sounds are Aleem ‘Release Yourself (Dub)‘ (NIA), Stephanie Mills ‘The Medicine Song (Dub)‘ (Casablanca), GL & Band ‘Equador‘ (Taxi Music), Scritti Politti ‘Wood Beez (Inst)‘, the emphasis there being on instrumentals rather than vocals . . . Ian Levine, just back from Florida, found a Ft. Lauderdale record shop celled Spec’s Music which imports 15 copies of Record Mirror every week so local DJs can stay ahead with our Hi-NRG and Disco charts! Tony Blackburn has started a guest club DJ “floor-filler” spot on his BBC Radio London 94.9FM weekday morning soul show at about 11.20am, the rota being Steve Walsh Mon/Colin Hudd Tues/Chris Hill Wed/Graham Gold Thur/Ian Reading Fri . . . I thought yet another pirate was on London’s soulful Saturday evening airwaves until realising I’d picked up Ralph Tee guesting with Dave Gregory on Essex Radio 95.3FM! . . . Dread Broadcasting Corp 39.9FM Wednesday afternoons (up to 4pm) has a fabulous fresh sounding black rock ‘n’ roll/fast blues oldies show hosted by The Duke, evidently sitting in for Smiley . . . Pirate Watcher ‘Crow’s Nest 7’ (like it!) reports the horrendous fact that London has no fewer than four simultaneous Greek stations on FM — British Greek Community Radio 104.5, Radio Maria 104.3, LGR London 104, Greek Cypriot Broadcasting To London 92.8 — while those Arabs are still blaring out down among the low numbers . . . Edwin King, who as the (now graduated) Warwick University winner of Radio One’s student programme competition presented a ‘History Of Rap’ in April, is currently Radio Caroline’s newest recruit sitting in for a while nightly 10pm-2am, playing much more black music than usual on the station and featuring every Saturday an individual artist medley (Donna Summer this week) . . . I don’t know why radio DJs can’t listen to Manu Dibango’s own pronunciation of ‘Abele’ which should be “ahbaylay” . . . Phonogram have retained Kool & The Gang for the UK, and just first refusal rights to other De-Lite label material . . . Disco Mix Club’s August mixes by brainy Alan Coulthard are excellent Hi-NRG and Prince, an oddly draggy Phil Fearon (just three tunes which need speeding up to sound brighter), and a Double Dee & Steinski-inspired though less accomplished exploration of ‘Good Times’ co-mixed with Simon Harris . . . Adrian Dunbar (Southampton Raffles/Bolts) has compiled from our charts (using inverse points) a Jan-June 1984 master chart, Top 5 Disco being (1) Rufus ‘Ain’t Nobody’, (2) Kenny G ‘Hi, How Ya Doin’, (3) Change ‘Change Of Heart’, (4) Madonna ‘Holiday’, (5) Jocelyn Brown ‘Somebody Else’s Guy’, and Hi-NRG (1) Evelyn Thomas ‘High Energy’, (2) Lisa ‘Rocket To Your Heart’, (3) Kofi & The Lovetones ‘Countdown’, (4) Pamala Stanley ‘Coming Out Of Hiding’, (5) Earlene Bentley ‘Living My Own Life’ (a pity Carrere couldn’t capitalise on Lisa while she was so hot on import) . . . Evelyn Thomas is currently touring Thursday (16) Leeds Rockshots 2, Fri Newcastle-upon-Tyne Rockshots, Sat Montrose Toffs, Sun Edinburgh Fire Island, Mon Glasgow Panama Jax, Wed (22) Liverpool Coconut Grove . . . Bill Grainger at Edinburgh’s Fire Island appears to have got his club immortalised in song by Secession, who play there Sat (18) . . . I must point out my review of Hazell Dean’s current hit was based on the elsewhere also much criticised 12in mix, not on the subsequent smoother 7in version! . . . Andy Greg (Loughton Tempo Rico wine bar) reckons a modernised remix of Dan Hartman ‘Relight My Fire‘ could be hot Hi-NRG now . . . Ian Levine, whose 12 minute Vikki Benson remix is due, tries the first ever “gay northern soul night” at London’s Heaven Bank Holiday Sunday (25), reviving all the original roots of Hi-NRG . . . Mary Love, whose mid-’60s records became northern soul classics, is back with ‘Save Me‘ (US Mirage), described as “Gloria Gaynor-ish” — if it’s a Hi-NRG hit it’ll make up for Linda Lewis reviving her old ‘You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet‘! . . . Esther Phillips died aged 47 of a liver ailment last week: she started scoring R&B hits as a kid 35 years ago (hence “Little Esther”), produced by Johnny Otis who was also involved with Willie Mae ‘Big Mama’ Thornton, the 1953 originator of Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller’s ‘Hound Dog’, who has also died aged 57 of a heart attack — both were founding mothers of our music . . . America’s top four Pop hits last week were all black (in fact the same but in different order as the top four Black hits) — however, all have a rock bias, being Ray Parker Jr, Prince, Jacksons, Tina Turner — while Ollie & Jerry topped US Dance/Disco with Sheila E at 2 . . . Michael Jackson has produced sister Rebbie Jackson’s ‘Centipede‘ . . . Jellybean is collaborating on a song for Quincy Jones’s next solo LP, co-prod/arr/penning with Q . . . Bobby Womack will tour here late Sept/early Oct possibly with Sly Stone, and The Crusaders are due then too, Joe, Wilton & Ndugu being augmented by David T Walker’s guitar, Byron Millers bass, Mary Williams White’s vocals . . . Disco 3 of ‘Human Beat Box‘ fame are now officially calling themselves after the A-side title of their US single, the Fat Boys . . . Whiz Kid’s “secret weapon” is Visage’s old ‘Pleasure Boys‘, played and cut . . . Mastermind want it known they weren’t responsible for the edits on their Loose Ends ‘Mastermind Turntable Mix‘ — maybe it’s time they practised cutting with a razor blade, too? . . . Steve Jason & Darren Collins hope to get ’em breakin’ on the diving board at Peterborough open air swimming pool’s charity beach party this Saturday (18) . . . Gary Oldis, soon starting Sunday soul at Dalton Piercy Slix, was amazed by a recent breakdance contestant, a white guy in black make-up with a biscuit on his head, calling himself Lionel Rich Tea! . . . Nicky A, the guvners Fred & Joyce and more at beer-brewing Romford’s Tudor Lodge wine bar really sent me a “drink”, a 3 litre box of Liebfraumilch — ta very much! (Nicky’s soulful there Wed/Sat, and this Friday is his fortnightly spot at Romford Jaffas too) . . . Matt Johnson (St Albans Adelaide), playing Byron Lee’s equally good ‘Hot-Hot-Hot’ instead of Arrow, is another jock annoyed by audiences not wanting new material . . . US Elektra have started a ‘Dance Classics’ 12in series coupling old disco hits, first releases being Lamont Dozier ‘Going Back To My Roots’/David Williams ‘Come On Down Boogie People’ and Tamiko Jones ‘Can’t Live Without Your Love’/Atmosfear ‘Dancing In Outer Space’ . . . Atlantic here are evidently reviving Beginning Of The End ‘Funky Nassau‘ on 12in . . . Danny Smith (Gt Yarmouth One Five One Club) is after Gazebo ‘I Like Chopin‘ (Baby 12in) on 0493-857303 . . . Vicious Pink’s new split-channel mix is selling well to DJs: the only other such exaggerated channel separation I can think of was Malcolm McLaren ‘Buffalo Girls’ . . . Miami Sound Machine turn out to be well established salsa stars — pity about their current LP, and its sleeve photo, though . . . The Cool Notes are keen to PA and play — contact manager Mr McIntosh on 01-733 1817 . . . Total Control Records boss Steve Walsh corrects, “Not Barclays, Frankie Goes To The Nat West”! . . . Tony Roma’s A Place For Ribs in London’s St Martin’s Lane is my current fave gorging eaterie, totally American — and when the piano bar singer isn’t there they relay Skyline 90.15FM! . . . Kent’s new ILR Invicta Sound, starting October from studios in Canterbury on 497m/603kHz MW and Maidstone on 242/1242, intends programming more “jazz-funk” throughout the day than other commercial stations and head of music Andy Grahamme is anxious for record companies to supply him with suitable product c/o Invicta at 15 Station Road East, Canterbury, Kent . . . Roydon’s tiny village youth club raised £1649 for the Ben Hardwick Appeal through a 12 hour darts marathon, market and Rob Harknett-run disco, TV’s Bonnie Langford & Charlie Smithers chucking the first arrers . . . BBC-TV kept the nation’s insomniacs waiting all night long for Lionel Richie, only to stop transmitting the Olympics finale at 6.05am before he came on — to add insult to injury CEEFAX then read “the star of the show, however, was Lionel Richie who concluded the ceremony with a special version of his ‘All Night Long’ — and in Monday evening’s recap there was only the briefest clip of him, with one tantalizing shot of the “hundred” breakdancers — boo! . . . Nick Cravat in 1952’s marvellous ‘The Crimson Pirate’ (on telly last Sunday) has to have been the model for Hill Street Blues’ Belker . . . YO HO HO!


AFRIKA BAMBAATAA & The Godfather Of Soul JAMES BROWN: ‘Unity’ (US Tommy Boy TB 847)
Two funk generations clash, and either Bam was overawed or Mr B can’t do anything else but this remains in essence a James Brown record of the old school, brass, bass and guitar mashing beefily with the 111bpm electronic drumbeat. On 12in in six sub-titled variations, with scraps of chatter between tracks, Pt. 4 is the longest groove with both stars evenly matched, Pt. 5 is funkily instrumental, Pt. 3 is Afrika’s stark hip hop attack, Pts. 1 & 2 are funky hip hop with Brown’s rap ahead on 1, Bam’s on 2, and Pt. 6 is acappella. Not quite the third coming, but the Zulu Nation will get down on the good foot!

CHERYL LYNN: ‘Encore’ (Streetwave MKHAN 23)
Hot in hip soul circles ever since initial release on LP last Christmas, this topped the US Black chart back in the spring and has been a permanent fixture in our own Disco chart for the entire year so far — in short, it’s another slow burner like ‘Ain’t Nobody’, yet CBS passed and let someone else put it out here! Why’s it so hot? Well, one of the tracks that defined the “hot tempo”, its only a Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis penned/co-produced 108½bpm wriggle ‘n tap mind-nagger with Cheryl squirming, worming, wailing and yodelling all over the tense rhythm in ultra soulful style, with applause intro and outro — nothing special, Y’know! The 12in mix here is flipped by her original 108bpm LP version and, a useful bonus, older trotting 114-113bpm ‘Got To Be Real’. Vital vinyl.

ALICIA MYERS: ‘You Get The Best From Me (Say, Say, Say) (MCA MCAT 914)
Rush released here, yet evidently recorded four years ago by the girl from One Way’s stable, this dangerously infectious (0-)111bpm loose limbed loping swinger is all set to be a crossover smash (nice smoothly wailed 109bpm ‘I Want To Thank You‘ flip). Watch this go!

RICK JAMES: ’17’ (Gordy TMGT 1348)
Rick’s best in ages, this typical jolt, wriggle ‘n thud 120½bpm backbeat lurcher with great salacious lyrics about an overly forward young lady (inst flip) is already creating such wide interest it has to be a biggie.

STEPHANIE MILLS: ‘The Medicine Song’ (US Casablanca 880 180-1)
Even before seeing that this current New York monster is prod/penned by Hawk Wolinski I’d got it pegged as an obvious ‘Plane Love’ copy — the same slippery style of intense 112½bpm hot tempo rhythm rumbles and wriggles before Stephanie wails through the then chugging drive (dub flip). Fabulous stuff, likely to linger for a very long time.

THE COOL NOTES: ‘You’re Never Too Young’ (Abstract Dance 12AD 001)
Widely available at last and in brightly remixed form to boot, this cool chick crooned and gurgled mesmeric swaying relaxed 99¾bpm summer tempo jogger sounds like this year’s Funk Masters and is selling incredibly fast now frustrated fans can finally buy it — you’ve been warned!

ROSE ROYCE: ‘Magic Touch’ (Streetwave MKHAN 21)
Now in a brand new remix, this slinkily weaving Chaka-ish 103½bpm jittery purposeful swayer isn’t unlike ‘Ain’t Nobody’ and has been simmering for ages in London’s black clubs (rather like the Chi-Lite’s ‘Runnin’ Around’ and others of a similar soulful down-tempo). Streetwave’s Morgan Khan sadly can’t spot good original material for his label, but when it comes to marketing proven winners he’s a whiz!

KLEEER: ‘Intimate Connection’ (Atlantic A 9637T)
Another slow sizzler in London’s low dives, this Deodato-produced dynamite gently burbling sinuously sung 103bpm steadily pulsing slinker is pure hip grinding sleaze, flipped by the more emphatically rolling 105bpm ‘Go For It‘ and older jazzily harmonised & saxed attractively trotting 114-113bpm ‘Open Your Mind‘. Satisfying subtle soul.

RALPH MacDONALD: ‘Universal Rhythm’ (London LONX 55)
Bright and breezy carnival rhythms meet a surprisingly dated “Disco” arrangement for this frisky 125-126bpm frolic in which an unidentified lady (at time of writing Ralph hadn’t revealed her name!) flies high in Minnie Riperton style through the percussionist star’s finger poundin’ busy episodic backing while Grover Washington Jr blows some squealing sax solos (no surprise as Ralph co-produces Grover’s own stuff of course). With a Peedar Edit, the flip also has the more purposeful piano and steel drums 109-110bpm instrumental ‘Theme From The Outcasts‘. Commercial copies are due next week.

ANTENA: ‘Be-Pop’ (Mercury PH 812)
Out here through Island last year but now totally remade, this breezily bounding and rattling lightweight summery 120bpm samba-style hustler by french duo Isobel Powaga and Sylvan Fasy owes most to the 1976 sound of Dr Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band and is fiendishly catchy (echoey dub on flip).

RICHARD ‘DIMPLES’ FIELDS: ‘Jazzy Lady’ (LP ‘Mmm . . .’ RCA FG 85169)
I’m amazed this fabulous lightly swinging Barbara Acklin/Paulette Reaves-style 113bpm delight (good out of Windjammer) hasn’t become the hottest track — instead, soul jocks seem to prefer the far less immediate quietly tripping 117½bpm ‘Don’t Turn Your Back On My Love‘, which weaves along in a Slave-ish sort of way I suppose.

BRYAN LOREN: ‘Easier Sold Than Done’ (LP ‘Bryan Loren’ Virgin V2322)
Bearing in mind the Kashif-ish 18-year-old one man band’s UK 12in will have remixes of this gently lurching 118bpm pusher and the US-issued more purposefully thudding 109¾bpm ‘Do You Really Love Me‘, other hot cuts are the breathy romantic slow 82bpm ‘Stay With Me’ and chunkily jolting 0-116bpm ‘For Tonight‘, while the more reflective 105bpm ‘Falling In Love‘ and 102¼bpm ‘Take All Of Me‘ make satisfying listening. Ex-Cashmere, the lad has his act together.

STEVIE WONDER: ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You’ (Motown TMG 1349)
From a new Gene Wilder film ‘The Woman In Red’ and due on remixed 12in whenever Stevie delivers the tape (!), this gently shuffling 113bpm swayer is in his ‘Sunshine Of My Life’ MoR style (inst flip).

MIKE JEMISON: ‘You Make Me Feel The Way I Do’ (US Cotillion 0-96928)
A must for deep soul freaks, this totally uncompromised timeless 68-66½-68bpm meandering pent-up reading of Barrett Strong’s slowie will have them wallowing with delight, yet it’s hidden as flip to the 123-122bpm ‘Break On Down‘ which inappropriately sets breakdance lyrics to an untidy old fashioned mid-’70s style soul track.

PHIL FEARON & GALAXY: ‘Still Thinking Of You’ (LP ‘Phil Fearon And Galaxy’ Ensign ENCL 2)
Obviously very commercial with an M&M remix of every single one of Phil’s hits, the set’s only newies are this stunningly attractive 77bpm smoocher (almost, ‘I’m Not In Love’ in lush harmony texture), the pleasantly swaying 108bpm ‘Do You Want More?‘ with Galaxy’s girls to the fore, weaving dead slow 31/62-0bpm ‘Before You Throw Love Away’, and brightly jiggling 0-121bpm ‘Anything You Want‘ (actually the song that won him his original contract).

DISCO TOP 85 – August 18, 1984

01 02 DR. BEAT, Miami Sound Machine, US Epic 12in
02 01 JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT, The SOS Band, US Tabu 12in
03 13 LADY SHINE (SHINE ON)/INSTRUMENTAL, T.H.S. The Horne Section, Fourth & Broadway 12in
04 04 TOSSING AND TURNING (REMIX), Windjammer, MCA 12in
05 03 TODAY’S YOUR LUCKY DAY, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, London 12in
06 08 YOU ARE MY MELODY, Change, WEA 12in
07 07 EVERYBODY’S LAUGHING, Phil Fearon & Galaxy, Ensign 12in
08 15 EVERYBODY’S LAUGHING (SANGRIA MIX), Phil Fearon & Galaxy, Ensign 12in
09 18 17, Rick James, Gordy 12in
10 10 GUILTY, Paul Hardcastle, Total Control Records 12in
11 05 AIN’T NO SUNSHINE, Sivuca, London 12in
12 — YOU’RE NEVER TOO YOUNG (REMIX), The Cool Notes, Abstract Dance 12in
13 71 YOU GET THE BEST FROM ME (SAY, SAY, SAY), Alicia Myers, MCA 12in
14 12 ETERNALLY GRATEFUL, Janet Kay, Local Records 12in
15 17 WITH YOU (REMIX), Ingram, Other End 12in
16 06 DOWN ON THE STREET/HOLDING ON, Shakatak, Polydor 12in
17 16 I FOUND LOVIN’/DUB, Fatback, Master-Mix 12in
18 11 WHEN DOVES CRY, Prince, Warner Bros 12in
19 21 HOT-HOT-HOT, Arrow, AIR 12in/Cooltempo remixes
21 23 SHINING STAR/ASTRAL MIX, Precinct, Passion 12in
22 29 DON’T TURN YOUR BACK ON MY LOVE/JAZZY LADY, Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields, RCA LP
23 44 WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT, Tina Turner, Capitol 12in
24 22 WHITE LINES, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Sugarhill 12in
25 19 ABELE DANCE, Manu Dibango, CellulOid 12in
27 25 SHE’S STRANGE (‘ROOM 123′ RAP VERSION), Cameo, US Atlanta Artists 12in
28 33 YOU’RE NEVER TOO YOUNG, The Cool Notes, Abstract Dance 12in promo
32 32 CHANGE OF HEART, Change, WEA 12in
33 39 JAMMIN’ IN MANHATTAN, Tyzik, Polydor 12in
34 28 SUMMER GROOVE, Tony Jackson, Cedar 12in
35 14 MASTERMIND TURNTABLE MIX/CHOOSE ME (RESCUE ME) (REMIX), Loose Ends, Virgin 12in twin-pack
37 — INTIMATE CONNECTION, Kleeer, Atlantic 12in
38 — GUILTY – THE RETRIAL, Paul Hardcastle, Total Control Records 12in
40 — THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA/TAKE ME TO ARUANDA, Astrud Gilberto, Verve 12in
41 65 SOMEBODY, Junior, London 12in
42 30 LOVE SONGS ARE BACK AGAIN, Band Of Gold, RCA 12in
43 43 PARTYLINE, Brass Construction, Capitol 12in
44 37 YOU KEEP ME COMING BACK (REMIX), Brothers Johnson, A&M 12in
45 52 ENCORE/GOT TO BE REAL, Cheryl Lynn, Streetwave 12in
46 45 BREAKIN’ … THERE’S NO STOPPING US, Ollie & Jerry, Polydor 12in
48 70 MR. SOLITAIRE/LAZY AFTERNOON, Animal Nightlife, Island 12in
50 76 BEAT STREET, Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five with Mr. Ness & Cowboy, Sugarhill 12in
51 58 TENDER LOVIN’, Funk Deluxe, Dutch Rams Horn 12in
52 24 PASS THE PAPER, Direct Drive, DDR 12in
53 40 YOU ME AND HE/SWEET FOR YOU AND ME, Mtume, US Epic 12in
55 — I WISH YOU WOULD, Jocelyn Brown, US Vinyl Dreams 12in
57 35 YOUR LIFE, Konk, Fourth & Broadway 12in
58 41 GET UP OFFA THAT THING (JAMES WHO?), Screamin’ Tony Baxter, Fourth & Broadway 12in
59 38 CATCH THE BEAT (SCRATCH THE BEAT), T.Ski Valley, Belgian BMC 12in
61 47 SLIP AWAY, Skool Boyz, US Columbia 12in
62 — HIGHLIFE TIME, George Darko, Oval 12in
63 55 KEEPING SECRETS, Switch, US Total Experience LP
64 — UNITY, Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown, US Tommy Boy 12in
65 72 OUR LOVE IS HOT, Alphonse Mouzon, US Private I 12in
66 79 CAPT ROCK TO THE FUTURE SHOCK, Captain Rock, US NIA 12in
67 — LIPSERVICE, Beatmaster, Tommy Boy 12in
68 42 DUB UNDERWORLD/CLUB UNDERWORLD, Cerrone, US Personal 12in
70 77 MAGIC TOUCH (REMIX), Rose Royce, Streetwave 12in
71 67 PLANE LOVE (REMIX)/DUB, Jeffrey Osborne, US A&M 12in
72 — TAJ MAHAL/GROOVE/I’M GOING TO RIO, Paulinho Da Costa, US Pablo Today LP
73 — BE-POP, Antena, Mercury 12in
74 74 RUNAWAY LOVE, Linda Clifford, Curtom 12in/US remix promo
75 — LET HER FEEL IT, Simplicious, US Philly World 12in
76 57 BREAKER’S REVENGE/DUB/JAZZY BREAKDOWN, Arthur Baker, US Atlantic 12in
77 51 MADALENA, Claudio Roditi, US Green Street LP
78 78 HUMAN BEAT BOX/FAT BOYS, Disco 3 (Fat Boys), US Sutra 12in
79 82 WE NEED SOME MONEY, Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, US TTED 12in
80 81 YOUR LOVE’S GOT A HOLD ON ME/TRUST ME, Lillo Thomas, US Capitol 12in
81 59 RUNNIN’ AROUND, The Chi-Lites, US Private I LP
82 — I NEED YOU (REMIX), Pointer Sisters, Planet 12in
83 69 THE GLAMOROUS LIFE, Sheila E., Warner Bros 12in
84 — SAY YOU LOVE ME (JAZZ MIX), Lonnie Liston Smith, Other End 12in
85 — CAVERN, Liquid Liquid, US 99 12in EP


Miami Sound Machine: ‘Dr Beat’ (US Epic)
Phyllis Nelson: ‘Somewhere In The City’ (Carrere)
Eartha Kitt: ‘Sugar Daddy’ (Dutch High Fashion LP)
Fancy: ‘Slice Me Nice’ (German Metronome)
Eddy & The Soul Band: ‘Shaft’ (Dutch Philips)
Lazer Dance: ‘Goody’s Return’ (Dutch Hot Sound)
Bonnie Pointer: ‘Your Touch’ (US Private I)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Howard Jones 97f, Miami Sound Machine 117½f, Dio 151-155f, Pointer Sisters 105f, Break Machine 115½f, Elton John 60¼/120½-121/60½f, Change 110f, Gary Moore 0-49-98f, Michael Jackson 98-99f, Second Image (0-)114f, Paul Quinn & Edwyn Collins 88r, Talk Talk 123f.


01 01 CAUGHT IN THE ACT, Earlene Bentley, Record Shack 12in
02 02 MASQUERADE, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in
03 03 HIM, Simone, Electricity 12in
04 04 YOU THINK YOU’RE A MAN/REMIX, Divine, Proto 12in
05 06 INVITATION, Life Force, Polo 12in
06 05 BREAKOUT, Kelly Marie, Calibre Plus, 12in
07 08 FALSE ALARM, Marsha Raven, Passion 12in
08 07 I HEAR THUNDER, Seventh Avenue, Record Shack 12in
09 12 WHATEVER I DO (WHEREVER I GO), Hazell Dean, Proto 12in
10 15 EASY LOVE, Vikki Benson, Bronze 12in
11 10 GOTTA HAVE YOUR LOVE, Velvette, Electricity 12in
12 14 YOU CRY, Sense, French Sneak Preview 12in
13 20 TAKE IT UP/MY LOVE, Lime, Dutch Polydor LP
14 09 BREAK ME INTO LITTLE PIECES, Hot Gossip, Fanfare 12in
15 13 BREAK ME/Hi-NRG REMIX, Charade featuring Norma Lewis, Passion 12in
16 11 I LOVE MEN (DANCE REMIX), Eartha Kitt, Record Shack 12in
17 16 SELF CONTROL, Laura Branigan, Atlantic 12in
18 — JUMP (FOR MY LOVE) (REMIX), Pointer Sisters, Planet 12in/US Hot Tracks re-remix
19 22 LET HER FEEL IT, Simplicious, US Philly World 12in
20 19 KEEP IT UP, Betty Valentino, Design Communication 12in
21 25 TWO TRIBES/WAR (REMIX), Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ZTT 12in
22 27 INVISIBLE LOVE (REMIX), Lisa, US Moby Dick 12in
23 29 I NEED A MAN IN MY LIFE, Katie Kissoon, Jive 12in
24 17 FRANTIC LOVE, Eastbound Expressway, Record Shack 12in
25 30 PRIME CUTS (MEDLEY), Various, ERC 12in promo
26 30 SULTANA, Taracco, Italian Family 12in
27 26 GIVE ME BACK MY HEART, Norma Lewis, Passion LP/12in promo
28 23 SATISFACTION, Laura Branigan, Atlantic LP
29 24 OUT OF MY LIFE, Gino Soccio, Dutch Atlantic 12in
30 28 ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH, C. Shore, US Oh My! 12in


POP JOX are playing: 1 (6) Shakatak, 2 (3) Phil Fearon, 3 (4) Prince, 4 (5) Melle Mel ‘WL’, 5 (1) Pointer Sisters ‘J’, 6 (14) Windjammer, 7 (7) Divine, 8 (2) Frankie GTH ‘TT’/’W’, 9 (18) Hazell Dean, 10 (13) Tina Turner, 11 (8) Ollie & Jerry, 12 (—) Miami Sound Machine, 13 (24) Laura Branigan, 14 (17) Arrow, 15 (37) Harold Melvin, 16 (22) Patti Austin, 17 (44) Change ‘YAMM’, 18 (—) M+M, 19 (9) Sister Sledge ‘TOY’, 20 (25) Earlene Bentley, 21 (16) Brass Construction ‘P’, 22 (49) The SOS Band, 23 (42) Sister Sledge ‘LIM’, 24 (11) Frankie GTH ‘R’, 25 (15) Evelyn Thomas ‘HE’, 26 (10) Change ‘COH’, 27 (—) T.H.S. 28 (9) Band Of Gold, 29 (—) Rick James, 30 (38) Screamin’ Tony Baxter, 31 (59) Life Force, 32 (—) Simone, 33 (12) Shannon ‘SS’, 34 (—) Carol Lynn Townes, 35 (31) Neil, 36 (54) Sivuca, 37 (21) Wham!, 38 (58) Real Life, 39 (57) Evelyn Thomas ‘M’, 40 (33) Blancmange, 41 (32) Tyzik, 42 (—) George Michael, 43 (—) Shannon ‘GMTM(M)’, 44 (—) Velvette, 45 (26) Nik Kershaw, 46 (40) Detroit Spinners, 47 (47) Bluebells, 48 (60) Tony Jackson, 49 (50) Paul Hardcastle, 50 (—) Spandau Ballet, 51 (—) James Brown ‘Get Up Offa That Thing’/’Sex Machine’, 52 (28) Jacksons, 53 (—) Patto, 54 (re) Sundance, 55 (51) Trevor Walters. Well, at least it isn’t predictable!

3 thoughts on “August 18, 1984: Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown, Cheryl Lynn, Alicia Myers, Rick James, Stephanie Mills”

  1. Here Comes House Music, Part 3: interesting to see name checks in Odds ‘N Bods for Farley Keith and his crew, the Hot Mix 5. As Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk, the former scored the first house hit in the UK two years later, with “Love Can’t Turn Around”, while the latter also included such founding fathers as Mickey Oliver, Ralphi Rosario and Kenny Jammin’ Jason. The Hot Mix 5 were already broadcasting mixes on Chicago’s WBMX, and some of those mixes are on YouTube, in which you can hear the seeds of the Chicago sound.

    N.B. This wasn’t Linda Lewis’s first cover of Mary Love’s “You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet”; she had also covered it, fairly faithfully to the original, in the mid-1960s.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A couple of other names of people who would in a few more years become quite well known Simon Harris who had some big crossover hits – is that his first mention? and I’m not certain but is the Smiley on DBC half of what would be rave pioneers Shut Up and Dance – they surely have a claim to making some of the first hardcore records – before the end of the 1980’s!


    1. Simon Harris got his first mention on June 16, 1984, in connection with a DMC mix that he worked on with Les Adams. And it’s quite possible that it’s the same Smiley – his background was in reggae, and he was active from 1982.


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