September 14, 1985: “Where’s the supposed London bias?”, Chaka Khan, Paul Scott, Five Star, Mirage


ISLAND RECORDS took my advice and have started stickering certain releases with a “GUARANTEE: No further mixes of this record will be available”, which hopefully will soon give them a marketing advantage and be adopted by other companies . . . Mark Berry has done an even newer and harder remix of Rene & Angela, due here instead of their earlier US remix, and Larry Levan has remixed Nile Rodgers ‘State Your Mind’ for eventual 12in . . . Randy Muller tells me John Morales has created a ‘Vintage Brass Medley‘ from eleven oldies by Brass Construction — whose LP ‘Conquest’ (Capitol BRASS 1) is now out here — and that further versions of ‘Movin’ could be possible as the original was in fact 15 minutes long, with lots of bits we’ve never heard! . . . Streetwave’s next DJ Limited Edition 12in pairs McFadden & Whitehead ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now’ with Billy Paul ‘Bring The Family Back’ — craftily ensuring sales of two copies to any mixing jocks too young to own the originals! — while third in the series will be by just the Blackbyrds, ‘Walking In Rhythm‘/’Rock Creek Park‘ (a chart cert?) . . . Mink ‘You Were The One (Too Late)‘ (US River Edge Records) now evidently won’t be out here, thus making it almost beyond doubt THE One That Got Away in 1985 . . . ‘The Artists Volume 3‘ (Street Sounds ARTIS 3) has all the monster hits that fit by Womack & Womack, O’Jays, Kleeer and The SOS Band — possibly, if believable, even stronger than previous collections . . . Miquel Brown ‘Close To Perfection’ has been flipped for a limited edition by a ‘So Many Men’ medley of her Hi-NRG oldies . . . Chris Cameron’s 119½bpm pop song ‘Written In Your Heart‘ (Steinar STE 1285) sounds like something Buddy Holly might have done were he alive today, backed vocally by such as Jane & Carl of Loose Ends, Princess, Phil Fearon, Junior Giscombe, Richard Jon Smith, P.P. Arnold . . . Richard Jon Smith’s ‘Hold On’ is about to be re-flipped for its main pressing run by my old marathon megamix of his past material, previously only available on a cassette sold with an earlier single (and not to be confused with its current Megamix flip), so do indeed hold on! . . . Simon Grant has joined Bryan O’Connor to update the “alternative” disco/dance mailing list at Silhouette Promotions, 20 Mitcham Park, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 4EG . . . Paul Barron (Sheffield Silks and Romeo & Juliets) takes over Radio Hallam’s Saturday 6-8pm ‘Ebony + Ivory’ soul show from next week (21), for which he wants to hear from local soul/funk/reggae jocks about their gigs, from local rappers for a competition, and from reggae labels on whose lists he may not be, at Radio Hallam, PO Box 194, Hartshead, Sheffield S1 1GP . . . Douglas Hurd appeared before quite sympathetic towards radio affairs and so could make a useful Home Secretary . . . Peter C. Helyer, still at Bristol Mayfair Wed/Cardiff Ritzy Fri, very urgently needs other residencies within an hour and a half’s drive of 19 Bedwas Close, St Mellons, Cardiff CF3 0HP, or else he’ll have to get a day job to pay the mortgage . . . John Dineley (Camberley Krugers) is after any of the old Technics SL D202 decks in working order, on 01-989 8736 . . . Friday’s ‘6.20 Soul Train’ has Animal Nightlife, 7th Heaven, Hugh Masekela, Aretha Franklin, Hall & Oates with Eddie Kendricks & David Ruffin at Harlem’s Apollo . . . Steve Jerome is about to enter “D” Train territory with his imminent 118bpm ‘Suspicion’ — which makes me think his old ‘If You Walk Out That Door’ would adapt rather well to that treatment too . . . Disco Mix Club’s September mixes were almost uniformly excellent, Les Adams doing Cameo and current funk, Alan Coulthard doing The SOS Band and Transatlantic British hits, only Sanny X’s remix of Madonna ‘Into The Groove’, potentially so timely, turning out a mess (someone take away his infernal digital delay!) — he also sequenced a current Continental pop selection . . . Royalle Delite’s Good Groove Mix actually features Derek Boland & Simon Harris on turntables and Froggy on edits and engineering . . . Soul On Sound presents as usual lots of PAs with Derek Boland & Steve Wren jocking at London’s Hippodrome tonight (Wednesday 11) — unfortunately dental appointments are keeping me from my regular boogie ‘n bump with Barbie . . . Dave Gregory & Disco John Leech host Essex Radio’s first ever Soul Night, to celebrate the station’s first birthday, on Friday the 13th at Southend’s Zero 6, with star PAs — while over the river that night Colin Hudd has an “appalling bad taste” night at Dartford Flicks . . . Saturday (14) finds rhythm pals Pete Tong & Jeff Young together for the first time away from Caister at Brands Hatch Kentagon, plus Dan Corrin, Jonathon More & Rob Day starting the weekly urban funk Speako with rapping, toasting, and visual projections at Deptford’s Albany Empire 11pm onwards (free membership for first nighters), while Kevin Sebastian and other outrageous entertainers present crazy cabaret at Mayfair South Molton Street’s Widow Applebaums from 9pm . . . The Three Degrees play Edinburgh Fire Island Sat (14), Miquel Brown hits Luton Bolts at Ronelles Sun (15) . . . Nicky Holloway tempts Jeff Young, Martin Collins, Bob Jones, Gilles Peterson and more for a ‘Do At The Zoo’ in London’s Regents Park on Sunday (15) 6pm . . . Dave Malone, still at the Queens Arms Thursdays, has just started funking Fridays now at Sudbury’s brand new Gainsborough Nightclub (converted from a cinema), and also next Tuesday (17) starts a jazz night at Castle Hedingham Memories . . . Mr Jazz soul-jazzes the new Tuesday ‘9.30 Soultrane’ at Stockton Harveys Wine Bar . . . Willie McKenzie has set up the Centre City Soul Club every Thursday at Stirling Diamonds (50p beer/spirits) . . . Kenny Hume souls the refurbished in Wimbledon Nelsons Thursday ladies night . . . Pete Haigh souls Sundays 7-10.30pm at Blackburn Darwen Street’s Zanzibar . . . Fatman Graham Canter is now at East London Victoria Park’s plush Follies cocktail pub-disco (casual over-23s, free apart from £1 after 10pm Fri/Sat), with a video Motown special on Tuesday week (24) . . . Graham Gold at Mayfair Gullivers does a killer mix from Kurtis Blow ‘America’ to Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde ‘The Challenge’ . . . ‘Baby Talk‘ off Alisha’s new US Vanguard LP is just like ‘Into The Groove’ . . . Eddie Murphy is finally following up his ‘Boogie In Your Butt‘ vocal classic with the long rumoured Rick James-produced ‘Party All The Time‘ . . . Den Lewis (Edgware), back from a radio listening tour of the States, reports that New York’s WBLS electro jock Mr Magic despite its “not for broadcast” lyrics nevertheless spins Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew ‘La-Di-Da-Di‘ . . . Whitney Houston’s far superior ‘Saving All My Love For You’ topped US Black 45s and her album Black LPs, while Colonel Abrams and Tears For Fears ‘Shout’ swapped charts to top now respectively Club Play and 12in Sales in Billboard . . . John Abbey’s Atlanta based Ichiban label has signed the remnants of Slave, plus veterans Rufus Thomas & Clarence Carter . . . Ashley Hooper currently revives Francine McGee ‘Delirium‘ at Bournemouth Shunters . . . Aaron Lewison-White (Chichester Brooksies) finds the two years old Slimline ‘You Can Dance You Can Do It‘ (Pinnacle) has suddenly taken his area by storm . . . Paul French (Gillingham The Avenue) is another local newspaper disco columnist, in the Medway Extra and as of now The North Kent Courier . . . Breakers under the Disco 85 include Roberta Gilliam, Phil Fearon ‘If You’re Gonna Fall In Love’/’All I Give To You’ (LP), Bernard Wright, Conquest, Jennifer Holliday 12in, Warren Mills, Shirley Lites, Paul Laurence, Vikki Love . . . Mike Shaft and other poorly serviced Manchester mafiosi maybe ought to shop instead in either Levenshulme or Stockport at Russ Gray’s import stocking Record Cellar, which had Princess white labels a fortnight ahead of anyone else in the area, and generally carries more good soul LPs in depth (incidentally, Maze obviously sold in shops like this, but it was in the all important — unfortunately — Gallup chart return stores around Manchester that it was slow to cross over) . . . I repeat, this time for Tony Prince’s benefit, where have I ever dismissed DJs outside the London area as pop jocks? I admit to a bias towards “black” music because, as virtually everything is a dance record these days and photogenic white acts find general media attention far easier to come by, it narrows the field to a more manageable (and, I personally feel more worthwhile) form, but surely anyone who regularly reads this column will realise it also publicises DJ activities right across the country whether they be soul, pop, wally, Hi-NRG or whatever? Last week’s column for example included items from or about DJs in Kidderminster, Manchester, Dartford, London, Nottingham, Newcastle, Canterbury, Stourport, Barnet, Portsmouth, Guildford, Ashford, Plymouth, Huddersfield, Austria, Lanzarote, Edinburgh, Harlow, Thamesmead, Midlands and more, of which five were plugs for specifically soul gigs with three of those being North of Watford — so where’s the supposed London bias? I myself am a pop jock when doing mobile gigs (in fact I’m a better pop jock than soul jock, to be honest), and if ever I refer to pop jocks, or soul jocks, or gay jocks, or MoR jocks, or rock jocks, or jazz jocks, it’s in recognition of a particular breed — and if ever I fancy, for instance, that pop jocks up North may go for a certain record it means just that, not that all jocks up North play only pop . . . RECORD MIRROR’s main Disco chart reflects reported DJ plays in the whole country’s specialist soul clubs (Alan Jones hopefully will soon again get around to compiling the other more general Nightclub chart, and we have plans for an Alternative chart too), although admittedly for practical reasons the most upfront new entries tend to reflect a mixture of plays and sales in just the London area over that previous weekend, but as this — whether others like it or not — contains the highest concentration of black music clubs I feel it’s justified as a guide for those jocks elsewhere who use our chart as a shopping list (it should be pointed out that while, as an example, Harieqiun Four’s maybe broke first in Manchester it only really took off once it had belatedly reached London’s shops) . . . DJs who don’t themselves send in charts and info have no right to criticise the result that their own contribution could so easily have had an effect upon — given time and space I try to use everything sent in (rambling complex letters sometimes take too long to precis down under pressure, so keep things succinct), the address being: James Hamilton, RM, Spotlight Publications, Greater London House, Hampstead Road, London NW1 7QZ (that’s a “Q” before the Z), to arrive no later than first post on the Wednesday of the week before publication . . . IT’S NOT NECESSARILY GOTTA BE MADONNA!


CHAKA KHAN: ‘(Krush Groove) Can’t Stop The Street’ (US Warner Bros 0-20367)
Oh dear — the overwhelming success of ‘I Feel For You’ seems to be channelling Chaka into a Shannon-type mould as America’s purveyor of perky hip hop. From the Russell Simmons biopic ‘Krush Groove’, this Dan Hartman co-penned herky jerky 110½bpm tricksy jitterer has Nile Rodgers rapping like Melle Mel and producer Russ Titelman filling the first half with juddering edits to create surface excitement (instrumental flip).

PAUL SCOTT: ‘Off The Wall’ (US Ace Beat AB9362)
Confusingly hidden as the third track on someone else’s (Scott-produced) 12in, this sneakily burbling, chattering and pausing 117½bpm electro instrumental (starting with some James Brown squawks) has finally exploded now it’s more widely available five weeks after Steve Walsh first unearthed it on radio — the A-side is actually EVERESS: ‘Don’t You Take Your Love‘, a gradually building (0-)125½bpm chix-sung bounder with a harder 125¼-0bpm Dub, which did itself attract a few jocks initially. Not necessarily, but possibly another ‘Twilight’!

FIVE STAR: ‘Love Take Over’ (Tent PT 40354)
Although in their album’s context not an obvious standout, this The Limit-prod/penned, Paul Hardcastle-mixed, slippery little 119bpm breathy jiggler sounds sweetly appealing enough on its own now to sell like hot cakes, flipped as usual by a new instrumental, the Level 42-ish 112½bpm ‘Keep In Touch‘, and yet another variation on an oldie, the 114bpm ‘Let Me Be The One (Instrumental)’.

MIRAGE: ‘Into The Groove (Medley)’ (Debut DEBT 12 9)
Sounding commendably similar if (with one exception) faster, this topical Madonna medley merely segues together ‘Lucky Star’ (0-122½)/’Like A Virgin’ (126½)/Material Girl’ (129½)/ ‘Into The Groove’ (125bpm) — only getting clever with some vocal combinations at the end. Not surprisingly, soundalike master Nigel Wright produced.

BERNARD WRIGHT: ‘Who Do You Love’ (US Manhattan V-56007)
The Jamaica Boys’ singing keyboardist gently soothes a particularly lean and clean haunting 100¼bpm minimally backed bubbling attractive swayer, with billiard ball beats mixed by Martinelli & Todd, which may sound empty at first but’ll end up by grabbing you soulfully (dub/edit flip).

PAUL LAURENCE (with Lillo Thomas & Freddie Jackson): ‘She’s Not A Sleaze’ (US Capitol V-15206)
The writer/producer debuts with a couple of his erstwhile partners adding conversational and vocal support, it being no surprise in the circumstances what this sparse gently wriggling 113bpm swayer sounds like (quite a grower in fact), flipped by its edit and the similarly typical 110bpm ‘There Ain’t Nothin’ (Like Your Lovin’)‘.

BILLY PAUL: ‘Sexual Therapy’ (Total Experience PT 49934)
Dominating his import LP, Billy’s blatantly close copy of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’ continues the slinky groove at 92bpm on 12in, flipped by a smoochy 60¼bpm revival of the evergreen ‘I Only Have Eyes For You‘ that’s not unlike 1979’s Heaven and Earth version. Great romantic value!

MICHAEL LOVESMITH: ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Like It’ (Motown ZT 40370)
Morales & Munzibai’s remix sadly subdues the superb rippling piano figure but otherwise toughens up the beat of this classy smoothly jittering 0-116¼bpm lurching backbeater (dub flip). I’m not sure I don’t still prefer the LP version.

KURTIS BLOW: ‘America’ (US Mercury 884 079-1)
Obviously inspired by ’19’, Kurtis cuts up various Presidential and Martin Luther King newsreel quotes with patriotic lyrics, 120½bpm chattering beats, and eventually his own ironic rap attacking America’s involvement in foreign wars — a pity Paul got there before him, but it’s well done. As well as inst and dub, the flip has an historic 98bpm hip hop ‘AJ Meets Davy DMX‘, a solid throwdown in itself.

EL DeBARGE with DeBARGE ‘You Wear It Well’ (Gordy ZT 40346)
Reputedly an M&M remix, although it doesn’t say so, this friskily skipping 124bpm slick speeder has an almost samba feel especially in the vocal, and should prove pretty infectious on radio (similarly exotic frantic older 143bpm ‘Baby Won’t Cha Come Quick‘ flip).

STARPOINT: ‘Emotions’ (LP ‘Restless’ Elektra EKT 11)
From a DJs-mailed album and evidently due now on 12in, this George Benson-copying nice enough 114bpm swinging tripper has scat ‘n guitar but somehow doesn’t really bite like the real thing would. Other cuts getting attention are the Renee Diggs wailed lurching 116bpm ‘Object Of My Desire‘ US 12in, and semi-spoken soulful worrying wriggly 115bpm ‘What You Been Missin‘, like Prince produced by Jimmy Jam.

PRECIOUS WILSON: ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’ (Jive JIVET 105)
The Three Degrees, P.P. Arnold and now the shapely Eruption singer have all had their careers revived by latching onto the current formularised downtempo soul sound, this nice enough slowly wriggling 99bpm tugger being yet another Jam & Lewis clone with a repetitive title line chiming through it (inst and quieter alternative version flip).

DISCO TOP 85 – September 14, 1985

01 02 SINGLE LIFE, Cameo, Club 12in
02 06 I’LL BE GOOD, Rene & Angela, Club 12in
03 01 TRAPPED/DUB, Colonel Abrams, MCA 12in
04 04 SAY I’M YOUR NO. 1, Princess, Supreme Records 12in
05 05 TAKES A LITTLE TIME, Total Contrast, London 12in
06 03 TWILIGHT/TOO MANY GAMES/BACK IN STRIDE (REMIX), Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Capitol 12in
07 09 WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT IT?, Mercy Mercy, Ensign 12in
08 07 INTO THE GROOVE, Madonna, Sire 12in
09 10 YOU’RE THE ONE FOR ME (PAUL HARDCASTLE REMIX), “D” Train, Prelude 12in
10 08 ONE LOVE (REMIX), Atlantic Starr, A&M 12in
11 16 TAKES A LITTLE TIME (US REMIX), Total Contrast, London 12in
12 19 I WONDER IF I TAKE YOU HOME, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force, CBS 12in
13 12 STAND UP/SO FINE, Howard Johnson, A&M 12in
14 23 (I’LL BE A) FREAK FOR YOU, Royalle Delite, Streetwave
15 13 SET IT OFF, Harleqiun Four’s, US Jus Born Prod 12in
16 15 (JOY) I KNOW IT, Odyssey, Mirror Records 12in
17 14 TEQUILA (KNOCKOUT MIX)/INSTRUMENTAL, No Way Jose, 4th & B’way 12in
18 33 SEXUAL THERAPY/I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU, Billy Paul, Total Experience 12in
19 18 HIGH FASHION/SUSANNAH’S PAJAMAS/MUTINY, The Family, Warner Bros/Paisley Park LP
20 27 HEAVEN KNOWS (REMIX), Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
21 17 BARELY BREAKING EVEN (’85 CLUB MIX), Universal Robot Band, Streetwave 12in
22 11 ON A CROWDED STREET, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack 12in
23 22 CLOSE TO PERFECTION (REMIX), Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
24 46 LET ME HOLD YOU, Sonique, Cooltempo 12in
25 21 ROMEO WHERE’S JULIET?/WINNERS AND LOSERS, Collage, US Constellation LP/12in
26 25 STRONGER TOGETHER, Shannon, Club 12in
28 34 HOLIDAY, Madonna, Sire 12in
29 52 MAIN ATTRACTION (REMIX)/MINUTES AWAY, Brooklyn Bronx & Queens, Cooltempo 12in
30 54 A LOVE BIZARRE, Sheila E, Warner Bros/Paisley Park LP
31 — LOVE TAKE OVER, Five Star, Tent 12in
32 24 SAY I’M YOUR NO. 1 (ALTERNATIVE VERSION), Princess, Supreme Records 12in
33 47 NEVER CRY AGAIN (REMIX), Kleeer, US Atlantic 12in
34 36 ON THE ONE, Lukk featuring Felicia Collins, Important Records 12in
35 30 LET ME BE THE ONE/ALL FALL DOWN (M&M DUB MIX), Five Star, Tent 12in
36 28 BASS AND TROUBLE/MAKE ‘EM MOVE, Sly & Robbie, Island LP
37 56 THE HEAVEN I NEED, The Three Degrees, Supreme Records 12in
38 42 MAMA SAID, Oliver Cheatham, Move Records 12in
39 45 GIVE AND TAKE, Brass Construction, US Capitol 12in
40 77 SO IN LOVE, Nicci, Debut 12in
41 32 ROUND AND AROUND, Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
42 re EMOTIONS/OBJECT OF MY DESIRE/WHAT YOU BEEN MISSIN’, Starpoint, Elektra LP/12in promo
43 re GET LOOSE, Aleem (featuring Leroy Burgess), US NIA 12in
44 65 THIS IS FOR YOU, The System, Boiling Point LP
45 20 I WONDER IF I TAKE YOU HOME (FULL FORCE/SHEP PETTIBONE REMIXES), Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force, CBS 12in
46 38 BODY AND SOUL (REMIX), Mai Tai, Virgin/Hot Melt 12in
47 — ZIG ZAG/CONQUEST (REMIXES), Brass Construction, Capitol 12in
48 — PART-TIME LOVER, Stevie Wonder, Motown 7in
49 31 IF YOU WERE HERE TONIGHT, Alexander O’Neal, Tabu 12in
50 57 STATUS-QUO, Donald Banks, US Kapitol Sity Records 12in
51 68 THE DANCE ELECTRIC, Andre Cymone, US Columbia 12in
52 — OFF THE WALL/DON’T YOU TAKE YOUR LOVE, Paul Scott/Everess, US Ace Beat 12in
53 50 YOU MAKE ME HAPPY (SHOP GIRL REMIX), Hi Tension, Streetwave 12in
54 39 KNEES/OLDER GIRL, Howard Johnson, A&M LP
55 26 SUPERFINE (FROM BEHIND), Skool Boyz, US Columbia 12in/LP
56 83 HOT PURSUIT!, Skipworth & Turner, 4th + B’way 12in white label
57 73 FALL DOWN (SPIRIT OF LOVE), Tramaine, US A&M 12in
58 51 SO SMOOTH, Krystal Davis, US Urban Rock Records 12in
59 79 YOU BLEW IT, The World Famous Mad Lads, Champion 12in
60 44 GET UP OFFA THAT THING (GODFATHER II), Screamin’ Tony Baxter, 4th + B’way 12in
61 81 L.O.S. (LOVE ON SIGHT), Colors, 4th + B’way 12in
62 — (KRUSH GROOVE) CAN’T STOP THE STREET, Chaka Khan, US Warner Bros 12in
63 — AIN’T NOTHIN’ LIKE IT (M&M REMIX), Michael Lovesmith, Motown 12in
64 re WAS DOG A DOUGHNUT?, Jellybean, EMI America LP
65 — LET ME HOLD YOU CLOSER, Jamaica Boys, Cooltempo 12in
66 40 NIGHT MOVES/INSTRUMENTAL, Keni Stevens, Elite 12in
67 80 DANCING ON THE JAGGED EDGE, Sister Sledge, Atlantic 12in
68 55 GENTLE/MOVE ON/THAT BODY, Frederick, US Heat LP
69 82 ROCK IT, Merchant, Hot Vinyl 12in
70 70 I SPECIALIZE IN LOVE, Sharon Brown, Virgin 12in
72 — CHIEF INSPECTOR, Wally Badarou, Island LP
73 64 THROUGH THE FIRE/I’M EVERY WOMAN, Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
75 re MAKE YOUR MOVE ON ME BABY, Charlie Singleton, US Arista 12in
76 — YOU’RE MY FANTASY, Sylvia Bennett, US The New York Music Company 12in
77 60 THIS KIND OF LOVE, Phil Fearon & Galaxy, Ensign 12in
78 85 GET TO THIS GET TO THAT, Sly & Robbie Band, Island 12in
79 — MELLOW MOODS, Pressure Point, Viceroy Records 12in
80 re STAND UP (REMIX), Howard Johnson, US A&M 12in
81 85 BOYFRIEND, Shirley Brown, Fourth & Broadway 12in
82 72 HOT SPOT, Dazz Band, Motown 12in
83 — BODY ROCK (JELLYBEAN MIX), Maria Vidal, EMI America 12in
84 — LOVE IS IN SEASON (CANDLELIGHT MIX), Peter Royer, Club 12in
85=75 LOVE IS IN SEASON/INSTRUMENTAL DUB, Peter Royer, Club 12in
85=— A LITTLE PAIN, P.P. Arnold, 10 Records 12in


01 01 VANITY, Carol Jiani, Record Shack 12in
02 03 BLACK KISSES, Curtie & The Boom Box, RCA 12in
03 02 CLOSE TO PERFECTION (REMIX), Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
04 — REFLECTIONS, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in white label
05 16 BODY ROCK (MEGAMIX), Maria Vidal, Dutch Chart 12in bootleg
06 11 DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY (SYLVESTER MIX), Jeanie Tracy, US Megatone 12in
07 05 BIT BY BIT, Stephanie Mills, MCA Records 12in
08 15 THE MEN IN MY LIFE, Miriam Lee, Passion 12in white label
09 07 STREETFIGHTER, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, US Curb 12in
10 19 THEY SAY IT’S GONNA RAIN, Hazell Dean, Parlophone 12in promo
11 06 ENDLESS ROAD, Time Bandits, CBS 12in
13 26 IF LOOKS COULD KILL (REMIX), Pamala Stanley, US Mirage 12in
14 — EATEN ALIVE (REMIX), Diana Ross, US RCA 12in
15 08 HEAVEN MUST BE MISSING AN ANGEL (1985 BEN LIEBRAND REMIX), Tavares, Dutch Capitol 12in
16 04 CRYING MY HEART OUT, Madleen Kane, US TSR LP
17 14 WIND BENEATH MY WINGS, Menage, US Profile 12in
18 10 NO FRILLS LOVE, Jennifer Holliday, Geffen LP
19 12 VERTIGO, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack LP
20 24 WHISPER TO A SCREAM, Bobby O/Claudja Barry, US MemoVision 12in
21 re KNOCK ON WOOD, Amii Stewart, Sedition 12in
22 17 I BELIEVE IN DREAMS, Jackie Rawe, Fanfare 12in
23 09 HOMOSEXUALITY, Modern Rocketry, US Megatone LP
24 — STANDING, Nick Eastside & Loleatta Holloway, US Rocky 12in
25 — SO MANY MEN – MEDLEY, Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
26 18 THE EASY WAY OUT/ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, Miquel Brown, Record Shack LP
27 re SO MACHO/SHOWDOWN, Sinitta, Fanfare 12in
28 28 STARSTRUCK LOVER, Boiling Point, Canadian Power 12in
29 21 FUTURE BRAIN, Den Harrow, Italian Baby 12in
30=27 FINGERS, Lea, US Oh My! 12in
30=— LOVE OASIS, Patris, US Emergency 12in
30=— FANTASY, Lian Ross, German ZYX 12in

2 thoughts on “September 14, 1985: “Where’s the supposed London bias?”, Chaka Khan, Paul Scott, Five Star, Mirage”

  1. I think James is quite right to tip Mink ‘You Were The One (Too Late)’ as One That Got Away – not just in 1985, but seemingly in perpetuity! No UK release, no subsequent appearances on crate-digger comps, not even very many YouTube views, but an excellent track that was perhaps too ahead of its time. Perhaps its day is still to come….?

    In general, we seem to be past the nadir of 1985, with a decent number of excellent tracks placing high in the disco chart, and a broader spread of BPMs now that the hot tempo stranglehold has been lifted. That said, there’s still very little hip hop coverage – the scene really does seem to have gone back underground, as predicted. I remember Echoes as being a better place to keep up with new hip hop releases at the time.


  2. I think JH’s column is just a reflection of how even on the underground dance scene (in Britain at least) not much hiphop was breaking though for a year or two – you’d get the occasional really big tune like Doug E Fresh. Lisa Lisa or that Whistle tune which was all over the pirates but a lot of the original fans had moved on – the breakdance crews who were in every town with electro had disappeared – and the Streetsounds electros (which covered all hiphop) weren’t so omnipresent.

    The cutting edge nights like Doo at the Zoo played the occasional hiphop tune but jazz/latin-jazz would still dominate plus mainstream funk. A cassette from the radio station at a weekender would show this – Nicky Holloway always played as bit of everything on his shows. By this time most DJ’s would – Chris Hill would probably still have been against hiphop but he was always too big to have a show on weekender radio IIRC anyway.

    I used to have a few Solar Radio tapes from around this time which I played until they broke and which were a pretty accurate reflection of what was big around London at this time and there would be Dougy Fresh, Paul Hardcastle, Kleeer, Savannah, Mai Tai, Five Star (there first hit), a bit of jap jazz, Wally Badarou, Atlantic Starr, Lisa Lisa, some of the London style britfunk, some latin jazz all mixed in. There didn’t really seem to be an overarching sound at this time.


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