March 29, 1986: Technics International DJ Mixing Championships, Ca$hflow, Modern-Nique featuring Larry Woo, Princess, Fingers Inc


LAST WEEK I tried to draw attention to the Rolling Stones sleeve‘s offensively racist caricature of black people by deliberately using certain inflammatory words in their shameful historical context (prompted by the sleeve’s period art style), for which I apologise if they, in turn, gave unintentional offence — as a champion of black culture, I used them to express my own sense of disgust, which should have been made more clear … Rayners Lane Record & Disco Centre’s press embargo being broken elsewhere, I can reveal that owner Andy Phippen’s “hot product” (due now on Island in April) is a dynamic remake at the ‘Set It Off’ tempo of Lonnie Liston Smith’s ‘Expansions’, performed by South Harrow Bogarts DJ/one man band Chris Paul – possibly another Paul Hardcastle? … Streetwave, having missed the remake, are instead following most recently Bluebird, and originally RCA, re-re-re-reissuing the Lonnie Liston Smith original in their DJ Limited Edition series … Alexander O’Neal’s UK follow-up will be reissued ‘A Broken Heart Can Mend’, with ‘What’s Missing’ (presumably the US remix) at last as an A-side not until after that … Colonel Abrams’ ‘Speculation (Remix)‘ will be flipped by his soulful ‘Table For Two‘, which surely could have been a change of pace hit in its own right … EMI’s originally stated intention was for the Tavares reissue to be a one-off no matter how successful, hence its having all three of the hottest Ben Liebrand remixes, but now two more will make a follow-up, ‘It Only Takes A Minute’/’More Than A Woman’ … LL Cool J’s B-side so-called Original Version of ‘Rock The Bells’ confusingly really was the original, subsequently re-recorded faster with scratching for the issued LP version, that now being remixed with yet more scratching (most noticeably a ‘Good Times’ cut) as his current A-side — all clear?… Viola Wills has a Diva Remix due, but a Three Degrees remix will not now be out, after all! … Five Star actually have something fresh, not from their album, due next week, the 106⅔bpm ‘Can’t Wait Another Minute‘ which was produced in Los Angeles by Richard James Burgess … William Bell will finally be out here on Absolute, through Pinnacle … Samantha Fox’s sexily groaning 105bpm 12 inch is far better than the seven inch and an alternative “blue” version is promised soon, too! … Pete Waterman is having to do yet another remix of Princess ‘After The Love Has Gone’ for its US B-side — incidentally, a Stock-Aitken-Waterman touring roadshow of the acts they produce seems likely in the summer … StreetSounds/Streetwave hope to hold a massive UK Fresh 86 hip hop jam at Wembley Arena on July 19 … Radio London’s Soul Awards night this Thursday (27) at Hammersmith Palais is likely to be sold out, so beware of ticket touts … Scotland’s cable TV subscribers via the same service also get Radio Six, on which the Craig Davis presented ‘Eurobeat Show’ is repeated three times during Saturdays … Janet Jackson topped US Black 45s in Billboard, more from airplay than sales even though she also topped 12 inch Sales (and Colonel Abrams Club Play) … Seventh Avenue PA for Adrian Parkin’s weekly gay nights at Huddersfield 42nd Street Good Friday and Whalley Munroes (in The Sandpiper) Easter Sunday … Soho’s Le Beat Route remembers Marvin Gaye on video next Wednesday (2) … Graham Gold should maybe move to South Norwood as he funks Crackers Fridays and Limelight Saturdays there (and isn’t in Peckham now at all) … Val Young’s Valentine’s Day husband is actually Dennis ‘Shorty’ Andrews, of Process And The Doo Rags (whoops, Motown gave me the wrong nickname!) … Easter Bunnies can and will be funky — GET LOOSE!

DJ CHEESE (above), as briefly mentioned last week, won the Technics International DJ Mixing Championships at the Disco Mix Club’s 3rd International DJ Convention two Sundays ago. The event in general was the biggest yet, so big in fact that next year’s seems likely to spread across two days of forum discussions in a proper convention centre, complete with an equipment exhibition, all for much the same money. Jonathan King proved the most stimulating speaker of a long, hot, tiring day at The Hippodrome this year (something like 2,800 people turned up), but by far the greatest attraction was the mixing. When you realise the judges included star remixers John Morales, Ben Liebrand, Pete Waterman, Les Adams, Alan Coulthard, Sanny X, plus Paul Hardcastle, Greg James (American mixing jock/sound installer now running Hammersmith’s Spin Offs disco store), Sheila Ferguson of the Three Degrees, and myself, you’ll see that the result should have been beyond dispute.

Certainly the crowd went wild whenever anything hip hop was played, as the third placed Orlando Voorn from Holland did himself discover in his own hard set (his hot mix combined One Way “let’s talk about”/lan Dury “sex and drugs and rock and roll”), yet in his acceptance speech he complained “Is this a scratching competition or a mixing competition?” — sentiments repeated by others. The third place was in fact a tight decision as other worthy contenders included Denmark’s fast moving Mick Hansen, Sweden’s hip hopping Roger Tuuri, and Belgium’s dynamic Kris Kastaar, so Orlando should count himself lucky.

Second, almost inevitably, was Manchester’s Chad Jackson, largely repeating his UK Championship-winning set with the added gimmick of scratching blindfolded, as well as behind his back, with his nose, elbow and foot.

He was however beaten at his own game by New York’s Cheese, who also scratched behind his back (much faster than Chad), with a boot, and handcuffed! More importantly, though, what he did with the few records he used was brilliant, creating his own beats to the judges’ jaw-dropping astonishment, and repeatedly backspinning to the exact same “get fresh crew” point in one record without using headphones. No, he didn’t synchronise long running beat on beat, bar on bar mixes, but that’s been done already and now it’s 1986 and mixers have other skills to master. Anyway, Cheese (who flew straight back to Canada for two gigs before returning) and Chad are currently touring the UK in a friendly “battle of the scratchers” which should be worth catching — more than could be said of the Convention’s other supposedly star turn, by Jermaine Jackson, whose lacklustre lip-synched performance was only enlivened when young Warren Mills jumped on stage to whip up more reaction.

  • DISCO MIX CLUB are selling for £5 (£6 abroad) a C60 cassette of the six best International mixers’ live championship performances (PO Box 89, Slough, Berks SL1 8NA).


GOOD FRIDAY (28) Nicky Holloway, Jay Strongman, Martin Collins, Chris Brown, Gilles Peterson & Jonathan Moore jazz-soul a warehouse party at 1-7 Boundary Row off London’s Blackfriars Bridge Road; Jeff Young & Eon Irving at Kensington Gardens celebrate the return to TV of ‘Soul Train’ (actually now called ‘Solid Soul’, 6.30-7pm Fridays from April 11); Chris Hill joins Colin Hudd & John Rush for Dartford Flicks’ annual charity allniter.

BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY (31) Steve Walsh, CJ Carlos & Thu Westwood head Hammersmith Palais’s all-star 3pm soul party; Colin Curtis, Kev Edwards, Jonathon, Richard Searling & Kenni James head Leicester Studio’s alldayer; Mike Allen, Martin John, King Enri, Mad Max, Perry Danials, Dave Coates & Geoff Watts funk Deptford Champs’ (ex-Cheeks) alldayer; Martin Collins, Bob Masters, Paul Clark, Joe Field, Graham Gold, Chris Bangs and more (including Tavares?) soul Luton California’s 6pm-midnight bash; The Dude, Kev Ashman, Paul French and more funk West Malling Greenway’s 6pm Kent Soul Festival.


CA$HFLOW ‘Mine All Mine’ (LP ‘Cashflow’ US Atlanta Artists 826 028-1 M-1)
Londoners, say “YO!” Fatback’s ‘I Found Lovin’’ has been remade note for note at 105⅙bpm, but with new words! It’ll be the Larry (Cameo) Blackmon-produced guys’ UK A-side, flipped by their now eclipsed ‘Party Freak‘ import hit, while the LP’s brightly snapping 115bpm ‘Can’t Let Love Pass Us By‘ gets a wriggle on too.

Other hot albums I’ve no time to BPM are ALEEM Featuring Leroy Burgess ‘Casually Formal’ (Atlantic 781 622-1), ANITA BAKER ‘Rapture’ (US Elektra 60444-1), GUINN ‘Guinn’ (US Motown 6168ML), the latter two excellent soul listening more than dancing maybe, at first.

MODERN-NIQUE featuring Larry Woo ‘Love’s Gonna Get You’ (US Next Plateau NP50040)
Combining the styles of all our currently favourite soul singers – O’Neal, Vandross, Abrams, etc — this soaring spirited 117½bpm skipper should be huge (four mixes).

PRINCESS ‘I’ll Keep On Loving You’ (Supreme SUPET 105)
Stock-Aitken-Waterman strike paydirt again with a melodically spurting 118⅔bpm nagger whose hook may not hit you at first but will after two more plays (inst flip).

FINGERS INC. ‘Mystery Of Love’ (US D.J. International Records DJ 892)
A new ‘Set It Off’ for mixers, the 116½-116-115½bpm Instrumental burbles and pshta-pshtas through swimmy synth (Pete Tong synchs it with Sister Sledge ‘Lost In Music’), the boxier Original, Club and Dub Mixes all being 119¼bpm.

MAN FRIDAY ‘Love Honey, Love Heartache’ (US Vinyl Mania VMR 002)
Larry Levan-mixed and huge in New York (it’s a disco record shop’s label), this hauntingly adventurous 117⅔bpm minimalist loper is as exciting as Russ Brown or Liquid Liquid and should be heard (inst flip).

AURRA ‘You And Me Tonight’ (10 Records TEN 71-12)
Out fully on April 7, this lightly jiggling 108⅕bpm buoyant shuffler has some telling lines of chat (more direct 109⅔bpm edit, and chunkier 104bpm ‘Keep On Dancing‘ flip).

THE CONTROLLERS ‘Stay’ (US MCA Records MCA-23611)
Using Loose Ends’ ‘String’ rhythm, this lovely 97½bpm soul swayer (in five mixes!) is very good except many potential buyers are waiting for the imminent album instead.

SUN CITY ‘Let Me See Your I.D.’ (US Manhattan V-56015)
Sizzling hip hop, this truly all-star hard, def ‘n’ fresh jerky 115¼bpm rap intriguingly has some langorous monologue by Gil Scott-Heron and Miles Davis’ muted horn (three mixes).

CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR ‘Make Me The One’ (US Releaseme RMR 12123)
Maybe needing radio help to hit the floor, this lovely gently chugging 0- 102bpm soulful jogger has great vocals and some catchy pauses in the beat (inst flip).

STEVEN DANTÉ ‘Give It Up For Love’ (Cooltempo COOLX 118)
Britain’s own rechristened Danté returns with a Steve Harvey-produced nervily wriggling 113½bpm Colonel Abrams/Total Contrast copying canterer already much mixed by DJs (inst flip).

PRIVATE POSSESSION (featuring Hunter Hayes) ‘Are You Wid It’ (US Mega Bolt MB-5556)
Guess what, Colonel Abrams meets Serious Intention at 116bpm (in four mixes), with nice gospelly R&B vocal support from Les Lee.

ANTHONY AND THE CAMP ‘What I Like’ (US Warner Bros/Jellybean 0-20449)
Anthony Malloy is Serious Intention’s voice, and sounds it on a Jellybean-produced 117⅔bpm shuffling lurcher that’s more of a song than ‘Serious’ (in four versions).

Q-PID FEATURING NIKKI Q ‘My Latin Lover’ (US Sunnyview SUN 434)
Female sung simple routine but insistently effective 114¾bpm bassily bounding disco lurcher (useful dub/beats).

PATTI AUSTIN ‘The Heat Of Heat’ (Qwest W8798TX)
M&M’s Club Heat remix of her Jam & Lewis-prod/penned ‘Saturday Love’-ish (though less catchy) (0-)-112⅔bpm tripping swayer is flipped by a more sultry instrumental Latin Heat version, and her older 116bpm ‘Hot! In The Flames Of Love‘, all classy if subdued.

MAZARATI ‘100 MPH’ LP ‘Mazarati’ US Paisley Park 1-25368)
After a boring half-tempo preamble, Prince’s new boys crank into a bouncily strutting 106⅓-0bpm rambling groove written by and obviously featuring the purple one himself, like a less forceful ‘Love Bizarre’. I’ve just spent £10 only to see this is due here (K9253681)!


BEATS PER MINUTE for last week’s top 75 entries on seven inch (f/c/r for fade/cold/resonant ends):

Cliff Richard/Young Ones 0-124½-0c quickly palling MoR novelty, Samantha Fox 105⅓f surprisingly good pop disco, Art Of Noise/Duane Eddy 119½f piledriving disco remake, Sam Cooke 128-129-0r vintage MoR, Tippa Irie 134/67f cheery reggae crossover swinger, Lonnie Hill 96½-97-97⅓f hot MoR soul swayer, Falco 93f stuttering German disco nagger, Suzanne Vega 28/56-55-0r folky “singer/songwriter”, Mint Juleps 20½/41-41⅓f soulful Neil Young revival, Big Audio Dynamite 130¼f melodic post-punk pop skipper, Janet Jackson 114⅓c taut disco chugger, Brilliant (0-)107¾f ‘Change Of Heart’ clone, Cameo 47½-95f black pop slowie.

UK DISCO TOP 100 – March 29, 1986

01 01 (NOTHING SERIOUS) JUST BUGGIN’, Whistle, Champion 12in
02 04 DARE TO DREAM (LONDON REMIX), Viola Wills, Streetwave 12in
03 05 WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY (REMIX), Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
05 12 YOU TO ME ARE EVERYTHING (THE DECADE REMIX 76-86), The Real Thing, PRT 12in
07 — THE FINEST, The SOS Band, Tabu 12in
08 09 DO YOU LOVE ME (REMIX), Durell Coleman, Fourth & Broadway 12in
09 18 ROCK ME TONIGHT, Freddie Jackson, Capitol 12in
11 15 GOTTA FIND A WAY, Russ Brown, 10 Records 12in
12 40 SERIOUS, Serious Intention, London/Pow Wow Records Inc 12in
14 14 GALVESTON BAY (EXTENDED RE-EDIT), Lonnie Hill, 10 Records 12in
15 06 IF YOU WERE HERE TONIGHT/WHAT’S MISSING, Alexander O’Neal, Tabu 12in
17 03 LADIES, Mantronix, 10 Records 12in
18 11 DON’T WASTE MY TIME, Paul Hardcastle, Chrysalis 12in
19 30 TRUTH OR DARE (REMIX), Shirley Murdock, Elektra 12in
20 31 LOVE’S GONNA GET YOU, Jocelyn Brown, Warner Bros 12in
21 20 STRUNG OUT (DANCE MIX), Paul Laurence, Capitol 12in
22 — MINE ALL MINE, Cashflow, US Atlanta Artists LP
23 37 HIGH HORSE (REMIX), Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, RCA 12in
24 16 WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN, Prince Charles and the City Beat Band, PRT 12in
25 29 HEY! DON’T WASTE MY TIME, The Walkers, Club 12in
26 45 DO FRIES GO WITH THAT SHAKE, George Clinton, US Capitol 12in
27 17 RHYTHM OF YOUR LOVE, Isabel Roberts, Hot Vinyl 12in
28 13 MY MAGIC MAN, Rochelle, Warner Bros 12in
29 23 I CAN’T LET YOU GO (REMIX)/(NEW YORK REMIX), 52nd Street, 10 Records 12in
30 24 HOW WILL I KNOW (JELLYBEAN REMIX), Whitney Houston, Arista 12in
32 32 YOU CAN DO IT (IT’S SO EASY), Dino Terrell, Lovebeat International 12in
33 51 CHAIN REACTION (DANCE MIX), Diana Ross, Capitol 12in
34 — CAUGHT UP IN THE RAPTURE (0-91⅓)/BEEN SO LONG (78)/MYSTERY (0-84⅓), Anita Baker, US Elektra LP
35 26 PARTY FREAK (LATIN RASCAL EDIT), Cashflow, US Mercury 12in
36 64 WHAT’S MISSING (REMIX), Alexander O’Neal, US Tabu 12in
37 — PRISONER OF LOVE (UK RE-EDIT), Millie Scott, 4th + B’Way 12in
38 41 KISS, Prince And The Revolution, Warner Bros/Paisley Park 12in
39 60 STAY (97½bpm), The Controllers, US MCA 12in
40 34 (YOU ARE MY) ALL AND ALL (0-109⅓bpm), Joyce Sims, London 12in
41 46 IF YOU WANT LOVE, Tululah Moon, Total Control 12in
42 28 A GOODBYE/I’VE GOT YOUR IMAGE/IT’S SERIOUS/ON THE ONE, Cameo, Club 12in twin-pack
43 22 LIVING IN AMERICA, James Brown, Scotti Brothers 12in
46 — WONDERFUL WORLD (128-129-0)/A CHANGE IS GONNA COME (0-58-57-0)/CUPID (122-120bpm), Sam Cooke, RCA 12in
47 36 PRISONER OF LOVE, Mildred Scott, US 4th + B’way 12in
48 47 DUB THE TENSION/RELEASE THE TENSION, J-A Groove, US Studio Records 12in
50 56 GIVE IT UP FOR LOVE, Steven Danté, Cooltempo 12in
51 50 YOU CAN’T BLAME LOVE, Thomas & Taylor, US Thom/Tay 12in
52 27 I’M NOT GONNA LET YOU (TIMMY REGISFORD US REMIX), Colonel Abrams, MCA Records 12in
53 38 YOU NEED MORE CALYPSO (CLUB VERSION) (114⅔)/SURPRIZE (126bpm), Ralph MacDonald, London 12in
54 44 OVERJOYED, Stevie Wonder, Motown 12in
55 — TENDER LOVE (0-35bpm), Force MD’s, Tommy Boy/Island 10in promo
56 — LOVE’S GONNA GET YOU, Modern-nique featuring Larry Woo, US Next Plateau 12in
57 79 ARE YOU WID IT (116bpm), Private Possession, US Mega Bolt 12in
58 76 CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE, James Cobbin & Prime Cut, US Tuckwood 12in
59 39 IF I RULED THE WORLD, Kurtis Blow, Club 12in
60 68 FIRESTARTER, Tease, US Epic 12in
61 73 HELLO DARLING, Tippa Irie, UK Bubblers 12in
62 — I’LL KEEP ON LOVING YOU (FIRST MIX), Princess, Supreme Records 12in
63 80 MAKE ME THE ONE (102bpm), Crown Heights Affair, US Releaseme 12in
64 78 SLOWLY, September, 10 Records 12in
65 42 ALL I WANT IS MY BABY, Roberta Gillam, WEA 12in
66 58 LOVE MONEY (REMIX 86)/FORT KNOX, Funk Masters, Tai Wan 12in
67 75 MY LATTIN LOVER (114¾bpm), Q-Pid featuring Nikki Q, US Sunnyview 12in
68 86 BROOKLYN’S IN THE HOUSE, Cut Master D.C., US Zakia Records 12in
69 — OPEN YOUR DOOR (90½bpm), Guinn, US Motown LP
70 52 $UCCE$$ IS THE WORD, 12:41, US Fresh Records 12in
71 43 THIS IS THE HOUSE (GHETTO CONDO MINIMUM MIX), Three Degrees, Supreme Records 12in
72 66 LOVE’S ON FIRE, Aleem featuring Leroy Burgess, US Atlantic 12in
73 — STROLLIN’ ON (EXTENDED REMIX) (0-93-93⅓-0bpm), Maxi Priest, 10 Records 12in
74 re (GET UP I FEEL LIKE BEING A) SEX MACHINE, James Brown, Boiling Point 12in
75 71 CAN YOU FEEL IT?, Original Concept, US Def Jam 12in
76 88 COMPUTER LOVE (REMIXES), Zapp, US Warner Bros 12in
77 54 ZOOMIN’ TO THE FREEWAY (LES ADAMS MEGAMIX), Aretha Franklin, Arista 12in
78 — STYLE (PETER GUNN THEME), Grandmaster Flash, US Elektra 12in
79 35 WILL YOU SATISFY?, Cherrelle, Tabu 12in
80 49 UPFRONT, Matt Bianco, WEA 12in
82 — WHAT I LIKE (117⅔bpm), Anthony And The Camp, US Warner Bros/Jellybean 12in
83 97 SAMBA (121½-121⅔-0)/BAY WOLF BLUES (122⅔)/MAKING LOVE (0-102⅔/51⅓-102¾-0bpm), Rob Mullins, US RMC Records LP
84 63 BASSLINE/NEEDLE TO THE GROOVE, Mantronix, 10 Records LP
85 — THE ONE I NEED (0-91⅙)/TEASER (116)/BE FREE (0-122¼bpm), Shirley Murdock, Elektra LP
87 92 LOVE WILL FOLLOW (49½/99bpm), George Howard, US TBA LP
88 77 I LOVE ONLY YOU, Ruth Dawes, US Profile 12in
89 85 FOOL’S PARADISE, Meli’sa Morgan, US Capitol LP
90 53 DON’T WASTE MY TIME (ESSENTIAL WELL-HARD CRUCIAL MIX), Paul Hardcastle, Chrysalis 12in
91 — OH YEAH!, Direct Drive featuring Stan Sultzman, DDR Records 12in
92 89 I CAN’T WAIT (DUTCH MIX), Nu Shooz, US Atlantic 12in
93 — YOU AND ME TONIGHT (108⅓bpm), Aurra, 10 Records 12in promo
94 90 GAMES, 94 East, US Hot Pink LP
95 — TOUCH ME (I WANT YOUR BODY) (105bpm), Samantha Fox, Jive 12in
96 57 TURN YOUR LOVE (RIGHT AROUND), Projection, Elite 12in
97 re CAN’T GET CLOSE TO YOU/CLOSE TO WHO?, Nicci, Debut 12in
98 — I’M IN LOVE, Ruby Turner, Jive 12in
99 81 ROCK THE BELLS (REMIX), L.L. Cool J, Def Jam 12in
100 82 DON’T STOP THAT GO GO BEAT, Effectron, MDM Records 12in


01 01 LOVE’S GONE MAD (EUROBEAT MIX), Seventh Avenue, Record Shack 12in
02 03 YOU’RE A BEAT, Eastbound Expressway, Passion 12in
03 04 DANGER FOR LOVE, Deborah, German ZYX 12in
04 02 ANOTHER NIGHT (DANCE MIX), Aretha Franklin, Arista 12in
05 07 CHAIN REACTION (DANCE REMIX), Diana Ross, Capitol 12in
06 06 PRISONER OF LOVE, Mildred Scott, US 4th + B’way 12in
07 — ANOTHER DAY COMES, ANOTHER DAY GOES, Kiki Dee, Columbia 12in
08 — GIVE ME UP, Michael Fortunati, Belgian Ariola 12in
09 — THIS GIRL’S BACK IN TOWN, Paul Jabara, US Warner Bros LP
10 09 FLY TO ME, Aleph, Italian Disco Magic 12in
11 — RADIATION, Barbara & Simone, Italian Good Times 12in
12 11 ALL PLAYED OUT, L.I.F.E., US Dance-Sing 12in
13 — HEAVEN IN YOUR EYES, Mike Weyman, German D.R. 12in
14 14 MIDNIGHT LOVER, People Like Us, Passion 12in
15 — TWIST MY ARM, Pointer Sisters, US RCA 12in
16 re ROMANTIC VIDEO, New Romance, German Polydor 12in
17 10 PISTOL IN MY POCKET, Lana Pellay, Sublime 12in
18 08 THIS IS MY LIFE, Eartha Kitt, Record Shack 12in
19 16 I ENGINEER, Animotion, US Casablanca 12in
20 12 PEOPLE SAY IT’S IN THE AIR, The Herreys, Canadian Chateau 12in
21 re MIDNIGHT RADIO, Taffy, German Ariola 12in/US Emergency remix
22 18 DIAL MY NUMBER, The Back Bag, German Transparent 12in
23 15 LIFELINE DANCING, Pattie Brooks, US Easy Street 12in
24 24 SECLUSION, Shaun Benson, US TSR 12in
25 27 TONIGHT, Ken Laszlo, Italian MEM 12in
26 22 COME ON, Alan Barry, Italian Time 12in
27 05 STRANGER, Linda Imperial, US Pink Glove 12in
28 25 BOLERO, Fancy, Swedish Mega 12in
29 19 THEME FROM ‘DYNASTY’, Kat Mandu, Canadian Matra 12in
30 26 BROTHER LOUIE, Modern Talking, German Hansa 12in

6 thoughts on “March 29, 1986: Technics International DJ Mixing Championships, Ca$hflow, Modern-Nique featuring Larry Woo, Princess, Fingers Inc”

  1. The 1986 DMC international finals seem to be particularly well remembered – not only are there now YouTube clips of almost all of the highest placing sets, but the top three sets (Cheese, Chad Jackson and Orlando Voorn) were also broadcast a few days later in FM on Radio One (during the Sunday night Robbie Vincent show, if I recall correctly). I taped all three sets at the time, and I still have the Chad Jackson and Orland Voorn sets on a good quality cassette recording – but I soon taped over Cheese’s winning set, as it didn’t make musical sense without the visual element; indeed, I remember Robbie Vincent (if it was him) rather sheepishly saying as much on air, straight after the set was broadcast to a baffled nation! At the time, I was still far more interested in Orlando Voorn’s style of long-running smoothly synched mixing, but then I still didn’t quite grasp what turntablists like Cheese were up to, especially with their building of beats that went beyond regular scratching; the culture shock was akin to my bafflement on first hearing “Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel” four years earlier. So I think that Cheese’s win perhaps ushered in a much wider understanding and propagation of turntablism techniques in the UK.


  2. The Rolling Stones cover art controversy is an interesting historical footnote. The late Dave Godin who was one of the earliest supporters and a very vocal advocate of African American artists in the UK in the 60s and beyond was an old school “friend” of Jagger’s. Godin introduced Jagger to American blues & R&B which was a major influence on the early Stones who covered a number of R&B hits without giving due recognition to the original source. This did not go unnoticed by Godin who would use every opportunity to “have a go” at Jagger and his “untalented band” for the rest of his life. Godin loved to tell the story of the time when he & Mick were at the taping of Ready Steady Go in 1964. Mick was desperate to meet Marvin Gaye who appearing on that weeks show. Godin was central to launching Tamla Motown in the UK and knew many of the Motown acts personally. Mick begged Godin for an introduction to the Motown star. Dave Godin turned to Jagger and said “Fuck off and introduce yourself” before walking off.


  3. Is that do on Good Friday with Nicky Holloway , Chris Brown and Gilles Peterson the first time we’ve heard about a warehouse party which became pretty widespread in 1986/87 and which house music and ecstasy were added in 1988 became acid house parties. I went to a few of them in various (usually illegal) venues (a couple of warehouses around western suburban London and a disused paper mill in High Wycombe I can remember off the top of my head) but until 1988 they weren’t much to write home about – and could be pretty grim!

    I still think the music at this point with a few exceptions is pretty unremarkable – however I loved Modernique’s ‘Love’s Gonna Get You’ a real summery smooth sound that sounded like it should have been from the golden days of jazz funk in 1981-83. I’ve got a couple of hardcore records from 1991/92 which sample it so it was fondly remembered. I think Mr Woo who made it was ex of Maze.


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