October 9, 1982: The Breakfast Band, Streetnoise, Willie Hutch, George Clinton, Bootsy’s Rubber Band


LAST WEEK’S ridiculous rush of strong imports, many of which must surely get lost, also included a set by the Commodores; Lionel Ritchie with one killer dancer amongst the slowies, jazz from Spyro Gyra, and the disappointing Diana Ross set (‘Muscles’ not being a dancer at all) . . . B.T. (Brenda Taylor) will be on Excaliber imminently, Virgin have picked up Ruddy Thomas & Susan Cadogan ‘Make Me Feel Good’ — was it Sharon Paige & Harold Melvin who did it first? . . . McFadden & Whitehead have signed to Capitol . . . Junior and the Warriors will be live at Caister next week, the four-dayer promising to be musically better than ever with lotsa videos and zany late nite film shows, big records tipped to be Greg Henderson, Gwen McCrae, and a moody Jap import from some months ago by Otis Clay . . . Caister-goers, don’t forget your FM radios, matches, bog paper, towels, soap, dry clothes . . . Camden Palace is bringing over Kurtis Blow and Afrika Bambaataa for a rapperama in November . . . Edgbaston Faces French’s DJ Convention will be on Sunday 7th November, this year’s theme being ‘The DJ — an entertainer or the pillock at the front with two record players?’, and the D. Jeneration Game being club DJs v mobile DJs . . . Watford Baileys Chris Britton (0494-772977) is selling a complete boxed record collection of some 1000 7in, 500 12in and 150 LPs containing all the classic dance records from the ’50s up to January 1982 and, get this, the ludicrously small offer of £400 will get ’em all . . . Holborn’s City Sounds record shop answered a request from a serviceman in the Falklands for new release info by actually taping a sample cassette of jazz-soul newies, and then were swamped with orders from half the force there! . . . City Sounds incidentally are pressurising CBS to release Billy Griffin ‘Hold Me Tighter In The Rain’, saying they’ll order 1000 copies straight off if it comes out here . . . Bournemouth Soul Centre has renamed and relocated itself as Destiny Records at Unit 108 in Old Town Market, Dear Hay Lane, Poole, selling general stuff now as well as soul imports and deletions . . . Marylebone Cinecitta jock Mark Clark launches his own Mark 1 Records shop in Wokingham this month, staying open late one night a week . . . Adrian Martin (Denbigh Bamboo/Towyn Hollie Nights) plans driving most Mondays to Manchester or London to buy imports and will give other local jocks a lift (Rhyl 0745 4672) — now there’s enterprise! . . . Ian Turner (Llandudno Speakeasy) and Al Taylor (Bodelwyddan Poppeys) combine resources to get PA’s at their respective clubs but both say the UK Players didn’t exactly create a good impression whereas the Hudsons were a joy . . . August Bank Holiday’s virtually unpublicised charity gig by IDQ, Chris Brown & Mike Sefton jazzing Ascot’s Belvedere, with £1 admission, raised £1000 (ie: 1000 punters turned up!) which was later presented to Eric Morecambe for the British Heart Foundation . . . Luther Vandross and, separately, Melba Moore were both in London last weekend . . . so now it’s ‘Linx featuring David Grant’ . . . Stacy Lattisaw’s ‘Attack Of The Name Game’ is following her ‘Don’t Throw It All Away’ up the US Black singles chart, both — and especially the kids appeal former — being better bets than the one that’s out here . . . Evelyn now tops both US Black and Dance charts. Alfie Silas is now breaking into both too (well deserved), while Steve Miller Band ‘Abracadabra’ and Yaz(oo) ‘Situation (Remix)’ are climbing the Black list (as Melba Moore’s manager says, they sound fresh and exciting to black ears) . . . 29 out of last week’s US Dance/Disco Top 80 were straight pop or “new wave dance”, rather than black or gay disco in the accepted sense, and 19 of those 29 were British . . . Tomorrow’s Edition, already cold here, are huge in US discos with ‘In The Grooves‘ . . . Ilford Room At The Top’s John Osborne, who denies looking like Nick Heywood (he says it’s the other way round!), needs a good new warm-up jock on the busiest Fri/Saturday nights — call him on 01-478 5588 after 9pm Tues-Sat . . . Room At The Top’s up-front imports night is now Wednesday, Tuesday being a free drink night (admission £4-£6 depending on membership and gender), Thursday is John’s silly party night, plus he packs Gants Hill Villa on Mondays — busy lad! . . . Steve Dennis, busy himself doing the overnight shows on BRMB in Birmingham, now makes a big feature of his ‘Midweek Madness’ Wednesday pop party night at Edgbaston Faces French, limiting himself there at the weekends to special spots on Thurs/Fri/Saturdays in both the electro Club Visage and funky Club Jardine with fun and games in both . . . Tom Wilson (Edinburgh Oscars) has had over a hundred black American sailors visiting his club every night, to his delight, pushing Zapp to the top of his chart . . . Neil Fincham (Edinburgh Mad Hatters Speakeasy), disorientated during his BADEM visit to London, staggered out of Xenon dazzled by the lighting display and then took seven hours to find his car! Bill Robertson, in seventh heaven at Bathgate’s Quincys, where the owner actually wants lots of jazz-funk, crams in 500 every Thurs/Fri/Saturday (free admission) but still isn’t on mailing lists . . . Malcolm Days, head DJ at Birmingham’s University of Aston where the student disco has £10,000 of equipment and plays to 100 a week, similarly wonders about mail-outs — pluggers call him at The Union on 021-359 6531 . . . Steven Fay, regularly sending charts from Darwen in Lancashire and presumably mobile, is playing some really classy soul these days . . . Lindsay Wesker, camera toting scribbler much in evidence at everyone else’s soul gigs, gets behind the decks himself later in the month at Mayfair’s Penthouse Club! . . . Sandy Martin (Swindon Brunel Rooms) now writes a chatty pop page in the Wiltshire distributed ‘Town & Country Magazine’, delivered monthly to Chuck & Di’s Tetbury pad amongst 30,000 others . . . Jinx Joynson, busily mobile around Merseyside, has a sound-and-look-alike called Dave Graham who plays 8 hours of “nightclub” a week on two different wavelengths (266/241 MW) . . . Greg ‘115bpm’ Wilson has pulled out of his Liverpool Rotters gig on Saturdays, the once funk orientated city now evidently no longer being able to support an up-front night . . . Les Spaine, your city needs you! . . . Rusty Egan is still undecided about a label for Cori Josias . . . BBC TV’s showing of Diana Ross in ‘Lady Sings The Blues’ evidently emptied all the gay clubs that night! . . . West End in the States have released a 30 minute ‘Master Mix Medley‘ on cassette only, packaged on a 12in sleeve . . . Adrian Dunbar (Bournemouth Adam’s — and looking for further Fri/Saturday work in the area) mixes George Benson ‘Turn Your Love Around’ with, FLB ‘Zoom’, Jim Kershaw (Sheffield), mixes Boys Town Gang ‘Disco Kicks (Remix)’ with the old Bob McGilpin ‘Superstar‘ (Ember 12in) . . . DJ Bowler does funky megamixes most nights at Southgate Pink Elephant (ex-Royalty) Dumbo’s Bar . . . Mark Summers (Hackney Flappers) joins the queue trying to find the now no longer available digital readout Technics SL 1200 Mk.1 decks . . . I myself wouldn’t mind a Revox B77 Mk.II tape deck, having really mastered the art of tape editing on the next Soul On Sound preview mix — however it’s got some tasty synch mixes too, like Peech Boys out of the very similar ‘E.T. Boogie’, Carol Williams out of Rockers Revenge (the latter being somewhat reorganised!) — tape edits though taking less time to set up . . . Streetwave’s Morgan Khan & Jolanda Lucassen gave me a lift out to Dunstable for Martin Collins’s Chiltern Radio soul show last Sunday, after which we ate of course at Watford’s Ponderosa (“unbelievable!” said Morgan), where a fire in the grill released a ton of extinguishing powder thus closing the kitchen, and then a customer passed out — but all was handled with exemplary tact, and those who’d already fed carried on with the usual free refills of drinks and salad — you’ve got to try the place . . . Gary Allan (Liverpool McMillans) reckons Jermaine’s ‘Tickle’ track is very like Peter Brown’s ‘Crank It Up’ . . . Kev Hill (Canvey Kings ) suggests that the “dance like Fred Astair” song enquired about by Steve Humphreys (Headcorn) is the ABC album’s ‘Valentine’s Day’ . . . Wham’s choreographer/dancer Dee is just as nice as Shirley . . . Streetwave’s 6-track Streetnoise 12in/LP has nothing to do with Melba Moore, despite last week’s illusion . . . I find you can’t even give away Junior’s newie . . . Graham Murray (Ormesby TeesValley Roadshow) says DJs DO IT BY REQUEST!

Situated in Mayfair surrounded by dodgy diplomats residencies, the Soul On Sound studio, where RM’s James Hamilton assembles his preview mix medleys, sometimes picks up coded radio signals on its microphone inputs when interviews are being conducted there — and this unfortunate phenomenon happened in the middle of a chat with Melba Moore last week!


THE BREAKFAST BAND: ‘Such A Feeling’ (Breakfast Music 12BM 102, via PRT).
The steel drums accented sexy jazzers start out jaggedly jittery on this self-produced 0-109-108-107bpm 12in with for the first time ex-Marley/Chosen Few vocalist Carl Lewis weaving scat lines into the rhythm before his simple group answered repetitive sinuously soulful singing gradually smooths away the exciting earlier edge. Ever gigging, the guys really know what they’re doing and have a distinctive sound of their own, which vocals can only help win a wider audience.

VARIOUS: ‘Streetnoise’ LP (Epic/Streetwave STR 32234).
Classified as an LP but marketed more like a 12in at just £2.99, this 6-tracker contains full versions of the currently hot Weeks & Co. ‘Go With The Flow‘, a flowing jittery 118bpm judderer emphatically sung with catchy chants and fierce final half, plus its calmer jazzier 118bpm instrumental version, and Hi Voltage ‘Let’s Get Horny‘, an interesting 124½bpm instrumental with several distinct sections quoting from various oldies as it builds on up, plus the LIVE Band ‘A Chance For Hope‘, a very Maze influenced good 0-111-109-110bpm jiggly jogger, The Salsoul Orchestra featuring Loleatta Holloway ‘Seconds‘, an acappella started disastrously strung out 109-112bpm Shep Pettibone remix of what was a soulful song but is in this form merely disjointed and dull, while considered by many the dark horse of the set but actually its biggest potential crossover hit (and certainly the one that I’ll now be using) is Carol Jiani ‘You’re Gonna Lose My Love‘, a simple terrific loopingly loping 123-122-121bpm ultra-soulful swinger with a lovely lilt and jazzy sax.

Sorry, we done run right out of space!


WILLIE HUTCH: ‘In And Out’ (US Motown 66668-D).
Through a sensational busily snapping and tapping jittery 111-112bpm 12in rhythm texture and an intensifying blanket of synths Willie wails a great dead catchy “in and out — around” lyric line which has all the classic simplicity of another “Digging the scene with a gangster lean” sung in Bobby Womack-ish tones. What a monster!

GEORGE CLINTON: ‘Loopzilla’ (US Capitol 8538).
Starting with an indent for once mighty black New York radio station WWRL and carrying on with other call signs as they repetitively chant variations on “don’t touch that radio, don’t touch that knob, like ‘Planet Rock’ we just don’t stop we’re gonna drive you nuts!”, the Parliafunkadelicment thing drives on and on in a brain numbing and feet moving booming 114bpm 12in funk smack groove, incorporating bits from ‘Dancing in The Street/I Can’t Help Myself/One Nation Under A Groove/More Bounce To The Ounce/Baby Love’ and many more. Absolute dynamite!

BOOTSY’S RUBBER BAND: ‘Body Slam!’ (US Warner Bros 0-29919).
Obviously designed to work with George Clinton though more varied and less dense in sound, this also dynamite 115bpm 12in P’funk jittery smacker has great jazzy piano nagging through Bootsy Collins bass. You can’t get one without the other! Continue reading “October 9, 1982: The Breakfast Band, Streetnoise, Willie Hutch, George Clinton, Bootsy’s Rubber Band”

October 2, 1982: Kool & The Gang, Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Ruddy Thomas & Susan Cadogan, Rockers Revenge, Gwen Guthrie


MUSICAL YOUTH, as my review would have revealed, have a great promotional video available to clubs for a quid from MCA, the young Brummies coming across like a juvenile Jacksons . . . Grace Jones’s new ‘Nipple To The Bottle’ US single will be the B-side here to ‘Apple Stretching’, due imminently . . . Island’s Lloyd Burrell is hoping to build an exclusive DJ mailing list — only people who can realistically break new product, no time wasters, “big names” welcome — so write to convince him at Island Records, 22 St Peters Square, London W6 . . . Liberal leader David Steele’s rapping ‘I Feel Liberal — Alright!‘ really is out on record — but what label, who’s doing disc promotion, and will there be an Arthur Baker “fierce” remix ?! . . . Peech Boys rather belatedly will be out here in a fortnight on IDS, via RCA . . . Morgan Khan has replaced the NY Skyy track with the Salsoul Orchestra/Loleatta Holloway ‘Seconds’ remix on Melba Moore’s UK 12in, as well as the instrumental version, has on 2-track flip for some reason the rather short and dated 113½bpm ‘Let’s Go Back To Lovin’ from last year . . . Luther Vandross’s new US Epic 7in, an oddly disjointed old fashioned nice medley of ‘Bad Boy/Having A Party‘ (Sam Cooke’s song), may not be so danceable by today’s standards but sounds very much as if it was recorded at the ‘Jump To It’ session . . . Martin Collins has me as his guest playing some choice soul oldies this Sunday (3) during the second hour of his 3-6pm ‘Soul Seekin’ show on Chiltern Radio (792m MW), which can be picked up certainly in North London . . . Dick Sheppard, expatriate Brit now playing “new wave dance” records as the prime time “morning drive” jock on Los Angeles’s number one rated radio station KROQ, has had the sad task of returning to Torquay for the funeral of his dad, Reg — my oldest reader, according to Dick, he used to send out these disco pages complete with his own comments to LA every week . . . Dick also reports that LA has finally gone “new wave dance” crazy, the Whisky on Sunset Strip for instance scrapping its famed live music sessions to become a records-only new wave disco, while its new wave dance policy is what put KROQ at number one — let’s hope the Yanks don’t go into over-kill like they did with “disco” . . . London’s Capital Radio has made getting up (or going to bed if you’re like me!) a pleasure all through the week again, Graham Dene returning to the weekday breakfast show and Peter Young taking over at weekends — see, the good guys do sometimes win! . . . The Limit ‘She’s So Divine’ won Capital’s People’s Choice vote last week . . . Sunday night’s ‘Roseland’ movie on TV featured Cheryl Lynn’s ‘Super Cool’ during a hustle sequence — penned by Elton John/Bernie Taupin, it was produced by none other than Greg Edwards (OUR Greg Edwards?)! . . . Ian Levine (Charing Cross Heaven), currently raving about the Weather Girls ‘It’s Raining Men’ (US Columbia 12in) — they’re the Two Tons Of Fun by another name — and Melissa Manchester ‘You Should Hear How She Talks About You‘ (US Arista 12in), has done a two-part history of gay disco music in this and the next issue of ‘Him’ magazine . . . Cori Josias, recently seen on TV, turns out to be one of Rusty Egan’s proteges, her ‘Taking It Straight‘ presumably being destined for release soon . . . Evelyn King rapidly replaced Rockers Revenge at the top of the US Dance/Disco chart . . . Thames Valley Disc Jockeys Association will be celebrating its fifth anniversary next January with “the biggest promotion night ever attempted by a DJ Assn” . . . Theo Loyla’s lady Joy Barling once again painted Level 42’s LP sleeve . . . Erskine G, gigging at Southall’s White Hart with an electrophonic phunk bias, is seeking further work (01-571 4528 evenings) and invites club managers to give him a club full of receptive young people and he’ll prove he’s good — trouble is, if it’s already full, why would it need him?! . . . Steve Goddard, the Curly Wurly chewing ‘Soul Messiah’, could do with more gigs no matter how modest around the London area on 01-500 2749 . . . Watford’s New Penny is now looking for DJs who play a wide range of music and can work big screen video equipment — call Mr Harris on Watford 22003 Thurs-Sunday evenings . . . Phil Richards now does Luton Sands . . . Eddy Grant’s original ‘Walking On Sunshine’ / ‘Sunshine Jam’ (Ice 12in) is still at the usual £1.99 from Adrian’s in Wickford High Street . . . Nigel Halkes (Portishead) reports from a Greek holiday that Athens is flooded with cheap bootlegs (incidentally Nigel, your unidentified track is Pino D’Angio ‘Ma Quale Idea‘), and has sent me a tape from New York’s WBLS of Grover Washington Jr endorsing Kentucky Fried Chicken! . . . the Isley Brothers look shagged out and wrecked on their current LP sleeve, but then none of us are getting any younger . . . Chris Hill reckons the Beverly Glen Music label should now add Tyrone Davis or someone of similarly soulful stature to their artist roster, which so far comprises Bobby Womack and Johnnie Taylor . . . who the hell is Tiny K? . . . Greg Wilson, Wigan-based mixing star, says the funk scene up North is healthier than for ages with packed alldayers and booming import sales in Manchester/Liverpool specialist shops, even futuristic gigs featuring a fair amount of funk in return for the electrophonic phunk that’s been adding colour to soul playlists . . . Micky Holloway (Bermondsey Bensons) is pleased that the Phase One Roadshow adapted their mixer’s cueing controls (which gave me such difficulty in Margate) at his suggestion so that now he can do running mixes with no problems . . . Mark Summers (Hackney Marshes Flappers), who’ll pay for copies of our old disco charts up to 1978, raves that Shalamar ‘There It Is’ synchs sensationally at the break with “D” Train ‘Trying To Get Over’ instrumental remix . . . Neil Fincham (Edinburgh Mad Hatters Speakeasy) makes the valid point that women especially like dancing to the obvious hits and oldies so that if you kick off with these you can get the evening going early, and then when asked for something in that category once you’ve swung into “up front” gear you can also make the excuse that you played it earlier . . . LET’S DANCE!


KOOL & THE GANG: ‘Ooh, La, La, La (Let’s Go Dancin’)’ (De-Lite DEX 9).
Switching around the brackets in its title here, this subdued in tempo though jolly in atmosphere reggae-inspired 96½bpm 12in jitterer is already getting rave reaction from fun loving black dancers and will obviously be yet another pop smash — and again it’s worth mentioning how good it is with Freddie McGregor’s ‘Reggae On It‘ (Intense 12in), a reggae version of their ‘Get Down On It’ at a similar speed.

KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS: ‘Annie, ‘I’m Not Your Daddy’ (Ze 12WIP 6801).
Another ultra jiggly goodtime sleazy (and now remixed) 110bpm 12in mixture of Latin-ish exotic textures trucks and sashays along with fruity trombone poking through the polyrhythms.

RUDDY THOMAS & SUSAN CADOGAN: ‘Make Me Feel Good’ (Hawkeye HD 44, via 01-961 0866).
Sizzling hot superbly beautiful gently reggaefied 85-86bpm 12in lovers rock duet by the two stars of the familiar Gamble & Huff-penned “touch me” slowie — who did it, was it Teddy & Stephanie? — screaming out for regular radio play and pop hit status. Continue reading “October 2, 1982: Kool & The Gang, Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Ruddy Thomas & Susan Cadogan, Rockers Revenge, Gwen Guthrie”

September 25, 1982: “Simon Cowell has 7,000 kazoos”, Raw Silk, Sharon Redd, Level 42, Nick Straker Band, Gang’s Back


SUDDENLY DISCO seems to be “in” again, to judge from the chart — and isn’t Evelyn King doing well? . . . David and Sketch are rumoured to have un-Linxed, and Pete Stringfellow it’s speculated has bought London’s Talk Of The Town venue (who else could afford the rates?) . . . ‘The Passage‘ is the Evasions return soon on Groove Production — it’s a send up of ‘The Message’ . . . Chris Hill is looking for a young guy, preferably a jock, to do disco promotion “in the old style” at Ensign (01-727 0527) . . . Teena Marie and Motown, her managers, and everyone down to the washroom attendant seem to be at legal loggerheads in the States currently . . . Solar next month in the USA launches a new label, Constellation, for white pop acts — but they’ll be produced by Solar’s usual black team . . . Rams Horn’s rumoured demise in Holland was evidently greatly exaggerated . . . Marvin Gaye’s now completed debut set for CBS has totally electronic backing, ‘Sexual Healing’ the first single reportedly being a real knee trembler (due next month) . . . Diana Ross’s next single from an upcoming LP is ‘Muscles‘, prod/penned by Michael Jackson! . . . The Quick are not now on commercial 12in after all, so wave bye bye to that . . . The Limit’s UK B-side, ‘Pop‘, turns out to be a really nice slinky 90bpm jogger with bright Heatwave-ish harmonies and jazzy instrumentation . . . Steven Fay (Darwen) and 15 years old Nigel Halkes (Portishead) both indicate Hi Voltage ‘Let’s Get Horny‘ has the same tune (mixing well) as the 1978-issued Quartz ‘Beyond The Clouds‘ (TK) — rummage, rummage! . . . CBS’s tactics with Sharon Redd’s UK 12in have upset record dealers now lumbered with the unsaleable initial batch . . . Level 42’s live B-side tracks, it will come as no surprise to regular readers of this paper, were recorded last May in Guildford (yup!) and Tunbridge Wells . . . Galaxy’s Phil Fearon stuns everyone at PAs by doing a standing forward flip, feet to feet, appropriately enough during his ‘Head Over Heels’! . . . Steve Naylor has organised a return visit here for hot New York mixing jock Dan Pucciarelli, of Brooklyn’s Dynasty disco, who’ll be at Blackpool Touchdown this Thurs/Fri/Saturday (23/24/25), at Leeds Warehouse next Fri/Saturday (1/2), with Mike Shaft and Colin Curtis at Manchester’s Hell on consecutive Tuesdays (28/4), and on Mike Shaft’s Sunday afternoon Piccadilly Radio show . . . Tony Monson now does a weekly bit on Phil Allen’s late Saturday night/Sunday morning Capital Radio disco soul show, which of course features the Monson-compiled bang up-to-date London sales chart at 1.45 am . . . Robbie Vincent, whose Saturday lunchtime Radio London soul show guest this week is Bob James, reckons it’s a good job he does buy his own records as he’s not on many mailing lists himself — and if even he isn’t, what chance is there for youth club jocks?! . . . Robbie actually thinks Rockers Revenge is a “great record” but prefers to play something in the time available which maybe could do with the exposure: he also recommends Chez Moi in Tunbridge Wells, where DJ Miguel works hard and there’s a good vibe . . . Johnnie Walker, the ex-pirate/Radio One jock and not the Frenchies jazz-funker, has returned to England’s airwaves at Radio West in Bristol . . . Rockers Revenge, only just into the US Black singles chart, is finally top of the Dance/Disco chart there (Evelyn at 2) . . . Yazoo dropped the “oo” to become Yaz in the States as there’s another group of the same name . . . I Level, huge on New York’s urban contemporary radio, has been remixed by John Luongo for US Epic release . . . Richard Jon Smith is climbing fast US Dance/Disco . . . Eddy Grant’s ‘California Style‘ and ‘Time Warp‘ have been sought after for so long in New York that they’re now selling bundles there on bootleg . . . Simon Cowell has 7,000 kazoos (count ’em) to give away to mobile jocks to help promote Joce & The Kazoo Band’s ‘Kazoo Kazoo‘ — send your disco details to him at Baby Records, 46 South Molton Street, London W1Y 1HE . . . Nick Ratcliffe (0344-882535 daytime), now working exclusively in clubs, has a 300 watt mobile disco complete with light show all housed in a large box trailer for which he’ll accept around £1,300 . . . JFM sounds like a profit making concern — but not for its DJs? . . . Flashback twiddled along to 92MHz . . . Peterborough’s Slickers now re-opens on Sunday 10th October, with a big 3rd birthday alldayer . . . Brixton’s Fridge delayed going gay but now welcomes guys on Fridays, with Keith Barker-Main at the decks . . . Watford’s New Penny has big screen video (and 40p a pint until 10pm Thurs/Fri/Sat!) . . . Alan Costa (Brighton Kings Club/Kings II) tips a couple of German Hansa singles, Barrabas ‘On The Road Again‘ and Frank Zander’s send up of ‘Da Da Da’, sung in German but about changing a “da da da” drooling baby’s nappy . . . Sylvester’s showing in the funkier Disco chart owes most to Scottish, coastal holiday resort, and East London pub jocks (in case you were wondering?) . . . Colin Irving (Llandudno Risboro Hotel) has Yvonne Elliman ‘Love Pains‘ at number one . . . Kool’s ‘Let’s Go Dancin’ is monstrous for me at Mayfair Gullivers thanks to the ethnic audience . . . Frenchie (Blackpool), reporting big punter interest in slowies, revives Jean Carn’s 1978 ‘Don’t Let It Go To Your Head‘ . . . Neil Saxon (Fridays) and Dave Collins (Saturdays) have six months in which to get the old Eclipse disco in Coulsdon back on the map or else it’ll be turned into a restaurant — it’s above the Rising Sun in Chipstead Valley Road, they both play hot toons . . . Paul Burnette on his latest visit to Gt Yarmouth Tiffanys not only forgot all his records but even left his Radio One coat and case on the car park roof — however neither item even made the reserve of 10p at auction so DJ Roger Dynamite returned them via Simon Bates! . . . Mark Millar (Woodcote Hall Woody’s near Newport on Fridays, amongst other Telford area gigs) offers his own services as entertainment after the big showdown between Mike Page and Trevor Hughes — trouble is, Trevor seems kinda quiet of late, not a squeak out of him since Mike got holstered up . . . Gary Oldis (Aycliffe Bee Jays) mutters that ‘Lofty’ Lofthouse should clean up his act (and, yes, Gary — he plays Shakatak!) . . . Andy Baker (St Asaph Flicks) grumbles that I didn’t visit him from Denbigh, but with nearly no sleep all week and a breakdown on the way I was certainly in no shape to go out! . . . Steve Humphreys (Headcorn After Dark mobile) is trying to identify a Eurodisco/Kat Mandu ‘I Wanna Dance’ — sounding song with the line “dance like Fred Astaire” — any ideas? . . . Deborah McGriff & Rita Saunders, the Jamaica Girls now, earlier were on Legacy’s ‘Word Up’ . . . ‘Poltergeist’ is set deep in ‘E.T.’ territory . . . Jay W McGee, spelt correctly for weeks, inexplicably had an “h” added at a most inopportune time last week! . . . Bob Jones, “jazz rock jock”? . . . Tom Browne ‘Funkin’ For Jamaica’ synchs sensationally out of Howard Johnson ‘So Fine’, and with lots of vari-speed Imagination ‘Heart ‘N’ Soul’ is great out of Shakatak ‘Invitations’ . . . Froggy (who it was that forgot to take the Rick James T-shirts to Hastings) uses two copies of Sharon Redd’s ‘Beat The Street’ remix, whilst playing the vocal repeatedly synching the very end of the instrumental so that during her closing chorus you hear the words “beat it — beat it” flying from left to right across the speakers . . . er, JUMP JUMP JUMP TO IT . . . HEY . . . BEAT IT BEAT IT!


RAW SILK: ‘Do It To The Music’ (KR KRT 14).
Well, here’s a turn up — I didn’t expect it on KR! A huge seller on import, this chix cooed and wailed slinky 112-114-115-116bpm “do it do it do it do it” swayer (good fun with you know who!) has massive crossover appeal and builds through nice sax to a semi-“fierce” rhythmic finale, this element then being emphasized on 3-track 12in flip in an acappella started 0-114-115-116bpm ‘Dub Mix‘, and a now UK-only ‘Special Version’ which starts with ‘Poltergeist’-type noises.

SHARON REDD: ‘Never Give You Up’ (Prelude PRLA 13-2755).
Sensational value, as previously noted, this solidly smacking 112½bpm Evelyn King-ish A-side now being flipped on 3-track 12in by both the instrumental and vocal remixes of the electronically jittering smoother 118bpm ‘Beat The Street’!

LEVEL 42: ‘Weave Your Spell’ (Polydor POSPX 500).
Just like Shakatak these guys have sewn up a sound of their own, this particular glibly harmonised “thunderthumbs” bass pushed flowing 119-117-122(break)-118bpm 12in bounder erupting with jaggedly percussive bass halfway (it’s a remix of their LP version — full review next week), flipped by live versions of jittery 115bpm ‘Love Games’ and tranquil dreamy ‘Dune Tune’. Now if they can just stitch up Shakatak type sales . . . Continue reading “September 25, 1982: “Simon Cowell has 7,000 kazoos”, Raw Silk, Sharon Redd, Level 42, Nick Straker Band, Gang’s Back”

September 18, 1982: Jay W. McGee, The Limit, Melba Moore, Gary’s Gang, Kool & The Gang


SHARON REDD’S ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ has rapidly been re-pressed on UK 12in with both the instrumental and vocal remix versions of ‘Beat The Street’ as 2-track flip — this’ll kill her album, but boy what a bargain! . . . The Quick’s ‘Touch’ will now indeed be on full length commercial 12in . . . Morgan Khan’s Streetwave label next week puts out a 6-track £2.99 33 1/3rpm LP-type 12in called ‘Streetnoise‘ containing Hi Voltage ‘Let’s Get Horny‘, Weeks & Co ‘Go With The Flow’ (vocal and instrumental), The LIVE Band ‘A Chance For Hope’, Carol Jiani ‘You’re Gonna Lose My Love’, NY Skyy ‘Let’s Celebrate (Remix)’ . . . Weeks & Co is currently on US Prelude 12in as well as Canadian Black Sun, this switch to a hip label doubtless causing its sales surge . . . Capital Radio’s Greg Edwards must take credit for reviving Hi Voltage’s fortunes . . . Elite has licensed from Inner City for 4-track £2.50 12in the jazzy Lee Ritenour ‘Sugarloaf Express‘, Kazumi Watanabe ‘Gentle Afternoon‘, Don Latarski ‘Jennifer Anne’s Samba‘ / ‘Beginning Song‘ (Elite 4 PLAY 101) . . . ‘D’ Train ‘Walk On By’ is now remixed with a longer instrumental start on 3-track US 12in (Prelude PRL D638) with the herky-jerky c.124bpm ”D’ Train (Dub)’ and ‘Tryin’ To Get Over’ . . . Imagination’s single is ‘In The Heat Of The Night‘, which could be a bad mistake — especially as radio loves ‘Heart ‘N’ Soul’ . . . Fat Larry’s Band ‘Zoom’ is now on LP-length 12in (WMOT VS 546-12) with 2-track flip of the Rick James-inflected 115-116-115-116-117-119bpm ‘Traffic Stoppers‘ and ‘Jamming’-quoting 117-118bpm ‘House Party‘ . . . Alton Edwards next week issues ‘Shining Light‘, a 126bpm bright squeaky pure pop skipper which soul fans will hate, recorded because according to his manager Margaret Hamilton (no relation, though I wouldn’t mind!) CBS confess they can’t market disco material . . . BADEM’s exhibition featured an impressively created disco environment in which to demonstrate a well co-ordinated but slightly too long lighting effects display, while out on the stands the stacks of boring old lightboxes looked decidedly outmoded by the far more sophisticated (if more expensive) developments that have taken place in disco hardware — although the most welcome sight was the Cambridge Pianola Company’s cassette operated automatic piano, an oasis of old world simplicity . . . Roger Squire’s had a suite of their own in which to show their many wares, and over the road in a pub there was a rival ‘Discoextra’ exhibition featuring Cliff Wilding’s Lampseed lighting products amongst others . . . Rob Harknett (Roydon) expressed before the event his hope that this year more DJs would stop and chat to each other instead of brushing by in a world of their own, and I certainly talked to quite a few, including at length Chris Cole of the West Surrey & Hants DJ Assn . . . Paul Anthony, who arrived by motorbike from Wolverhampton Eve’s, wonders what awful secret prevents Radio One’s Steve Wright from appearing at his or any other Wolverhampton club . . . Ilford Room At The Top’s John Osborne is, I now realize, a dead ringer for Haircut 100’s Nick Heyward — down girls! . . . Room At The Top celebrated its 12th birthday this Wednesday (15), incidentally . . . Larry Foster packs Gants Hill Villa every Friday and does Stratford Reflections on Wednesdays, amongst other gigs, but has stopped doing Romford Lamps on Tuesdays and Thursdays and thus would like other work those nights (on 01-519 7280) . . . Travis, one of the dancers, has a Sunday afternoon 3-6pm dance and exercise session at Gants Hill’s The Villa (Ilford), take £3 and your ‘Fame’ togs . . . Steve Goddard, who now does Romford Lamps on Fridays, seems like an amiable loony to judge from what he says about his Saturdays and Mondays in the guise of The Soul Messiah at Barking’s Chains, where “anybody genuine enough to convince me of a more ‘in the groove’ venue gets a free Curly-Wurly bar and a photo of my Aunt Hilda of East Grinstead — Curly-Wurleys away, with a hip-hop, chow chomp, you don’t stop chomping till it’s all gone!” . . . “Harry” or “Big H” as he’s variously known, only jocking a year despite advancing age, has the mouth and confidence of another Chris Hill (although not the music) and could be fun to catch at Bagshot Pantiles, Ascot Belvedere Arms, Southampton Barbarellas amongst other regular gigs . . . South Harrow’s Bogarts is bulging with happy funksters every Thursday thanks to Chris Paul, who jams along on sax over the records — he’s also at Southampton Barbarellas on Fri/Saturdays, where they can’t otherwise hear or buy import soul . . . Direct Drive were evidently unaware of the PA they were reported as ignoring, but by actually naming a group even if they were as in this case innocent I hope the message was rammed home that lack of appearance can be damaging to both the act and the club — however beware the old con where a promoter bills an act as appearing for a PA without first having actually booked the act, and then expecting the act to turn up so as not to disappoint the fans . . . John Grant, until recently one of the North-West’s most revered jocks, has moved his harbour mastering location from Newhaven to the far hipper Brighton, where the Vinyl Demand record shop had the good fortune to buy up his entire jazz-funk collection — they may even have some of it left, if Paul Clark hasn’t bought it all! . . . David ‘Rowdy’ Yeats is at liberty (with a small “l”), not Liberty the record company — ie: he needs a gig! . . . Soho’s Le Beat Route in an effort to cut costs have perhaps unwisely stopped using any DJs who actually charge proper money, hence, and it’s a wrench, my Tuesday ’60s soul night is no more — and I’d love another somewhere else! . . . Fatman Graham Canter hosted an early evening party last week for music biz liggers at London Piccadilly’s Xenon, which turned out to be nowhere near as big or flashy as I’d expected . . . Showstopper Promotions take over Luton’s Caesar’s Palace premises for another of their Pink Elephant Fun House venues, to open in December as a companion to the similarly revamped Southgate Royalty . . . Sandy Martin (Swindon Brunel Rooms) was playing his Soul On Sound cassette’s preview mix so loudly in the car that he didn’t know he’d lost a hubcap until someone flagged him down a mile later! . . . Soul On Sound’s next preview mix, which took me 26 hours to create, flows as well as the last one with 28 record snippets blended into 22 mins 55 secs, but lacks a similar overall strength of material and has to hiccup slightly to accommodate Kenny G and Carl Carlton — however listen out for the Pressure Drop/Sharon Redd instrumental / “Q” and the Alfie Silas/Suzy “Q”/Nighthawk instrumental/Donald Byrd sequences, and then tell me which record is which ‘cos I’m still not sure myself! . . . Beats Per Minute fine tunings for some of last week’s Imports are Jamaica Girls 119-121-120-120½bpm, New Jersey Connection 116½-115-113-115-113-115-113bpm, West Street Mob 113-114-115-116-117-115-116bpm, Began Began 0-124-122-124-122-124-0bpm . . . American black music has always shifted in style and sound through the years — under the general euphemistic labels of “race music”, “sepia sounds”, “rhythm & blues”, “soul”, and now “black” or “urban contemporary” — and if what black American funk musicians are now getting into in a big way is electronics then I don’t see how we are in a position to pontificate and argue about the relevance to “soul” of this move: it’s on a par with gospel purists in the ’50s being upset about their favourite singers switching to the devilish blues — which brought about “soul” in the first place! . . . Robbie Vincent leads the field of those DJs now too hip to play Rockers Revenge — I hear he says it’s a “youth club record” . . . Rotherham Tiffanys’ Paul Barron hopefully has better luck with the horses than he has with the Gee Gee’s! . . . Tom Wilson (Edinburgh Oscars) can’t wait to see plugger Erskine Thompson’s new film, ‘E.T.’! . . . Mayfair’s Rockafella’s late nite eaterie (next to Samantha’s) currently has Maggie Thatcher’s Swiss holiday chef Jack Garlic cookin’ in the kitchen while waiting to start at a new restaurant being opened by Maggie’s hubby’s company . . . Yazoo on its US-pressed Sire 7in singles is now appearing as Yaz, a mistake (or intentional move?) which has been carried over into the Billboard charts — who took the “oo” out of Yazoo?! . . . I alone seem to have been right in my spelling of Jay W McGhee, where everyone else had him as JW . . . Orin Cozier’s “Ladies’ Man” influence seems to be spreading at Streetwave to Morgan Khan and now Patrick Boothe! . . . Adrian Martin (Denbigh Bamboo/Towyn Jollie Nights) is the North Wales DJ who started the local demand for Pete Brown’s ‘Can’t Be Love‘ 12in — he’s had offers of £25 and £30 for his copy . . . Van Martin revives Johnny Guitar Watson ‘I Need It‘ at Ernie ‘Whitehouse’ Priestman’s new Touchdown Tavern in Blackpool’s Talbot Road . . . Paul Major (East Anglia) revives Philadelphia International All-Stars ‘Let’s Clean Up The Ghetto‘ out of ‘The Message’ . . . Richard ‘Lofty’ Lofthouse (Chester-Le-Street Whispers) re-recommends Callers Records in Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s Northumberland Street for good import prices to bona-fide DJs . . . Adrian Dunbar (Bournemouth Adams) is mixing Lime ‘Agent 406‘ with Sylvester/Cowley (incidentally UK 7in pressings of Sylvester are slower than the import 12in and I’ve not heard the UK 12in), Derek Pierce (Bath Moles) mixes Soul Sonic Force and Giorgio ‘The Chase‘, Ian Levine (London Heaven) mixes Carl Carlton and Carol Jiani ‘You’re Gonna Lose My Love‘ . . . JUMP JUMP JUMP TO IT . . . HEY . . . DO IT DO IT!


JAY W. McGEE: ‘When We Party’ (Ensign ENYT 231).
If at first this doesn’t hook you, hang on in there, as the surprisingly subtle GQ-ish jauntily pushing 120-121bpm 12in kicker builds through ultra catchy “uptown downtown” chants (now in fact tagged on in brackets after the title on UK labels) to truck through a buoyantly instrumental last half, the deep soul slow ‘I’ve Been Checking Out (Too)’ flip being a goodie (too).

THE LIMIT: ‘She’s So Divine’ (Arlola AROD 285).
Given such a low profile UK release by Ariola that I haven’t even had a copy or seen it advertised, this Dutch originated successor to Blue Feather is a superb resonantly loping easily soulful 116bpm 12in romp through the song previously done by Jan Akkerman but now remade by its original writers. Huge on import already, it evidently has a flip here called ‘Pop‘.

MELBA MOORE: ‘Love’s Comin’ At Ya’ (EMI America 12EA 146).
Prod/penned by Paul Lawrence Jones III to sound just like his ‘I Can’t Stand It’ on Evelyn King’s LP, this carefully controlled 114bpm 12in judder and thud-filled cool slinky smacker is also extremely like Howard Johnson — but then they’re all from the same production team. Continue reading “September 18, 1982: Jay W. McGee, The Limit, Melba Moore, Gary’s Gang, Kool & The Gang”

September 11, 1982: Sharon Redd, Dennis Brown, Freddie James, Pressure Drop, New Jersey Connection


AND WHAT sort of shape do we find you in this morning? (You can see what shape we are now!) . . . BADEM’s disco equipment exhibition public days are Sunday/Monday (12/13) at London’s Bloomsbury Centre Hotel, no details of timing but afternoons obviously. I’ll maybe see you there sometime late-ish Sunday . . . Joe Tex died of a heart attack aged 49 last month — best remembered by the present generation for his ‘Ain’t Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman)’ smash in 1977. His real heyday as a soul star was the latter ’60s, when his incredible microphone catching acrobatic stage movements were amongst the most exciting of all . . . Hot Quisine ‘Keep That Same Old Feeling‘ has had a complete Rockers Revenge-style remix (if not remake?) full of fiercely flanged flutter echo claps, but unfortunately they didn’t change the rushed tempo . . . Michael Wycoff’s ‘Diamond Real‘ has shown up on US RCA 12in with instrumental flip, c.109 bpm . . . Push ‘My Heart‘, recently circulated on white label promo, will be remixed on Excaliber in a month . . . David ‘Rowdy’ Yeats, after just four months of working in largely undefined ways on Solar product here, suddenly finds WEA reckon they can promote Shalamar without him — thus he’s at Liberty on 01-874 4003 . . . London’s Barracuda in Baker Street has suddenly become an Arab club, on Saturdays anyway, turning away scores of dejected funksters when they turned up as usual . . . Capital’s Graham Dene must take most credit for constantly plugging Fat Larry’s ‘Zoom’ on his weekend breakfast shows over several months . . . Lloyd Charmers, or rather his wife, gave birth to twins Debbie & Donna at Paddington’s St Mary’s Hospital — if it’s good enough for Chuck & Di, what? . . . Josh Wedgewood-Benn, son of the ex-Lord Stansgate, drums with Buddhist reggae group Ozo . . . Chris Hill returns for just one night on Wednesday 22nd September to the Lacy Lady, or at least to its original site at Ilford’s Kings . . . Greg Wilson’s half-hour mixing spot comes up on its three-weekly rota this coming Monday (13) on Mike Shaft’s TCOB soul show, 8-11pm Piccadilly Radio . . . I hope my Soul On Sound mix out of Rockers Revenge into Norwood B ‘You’re On The One‘ (Philly World 12in) draws more deserved attention to the latter . . . Nick Davies (Aylesbury 87970), keen to buy/swap Ashton Gardner & Dyke’s old ‘Resurrection Shuffle’, had Wham bring acetates of their new Kid Creole-ish ‘Young Guns’ into his Watford New Penny gig . . . West Surrey & Hants DJ Assn members meet this Monday (13) at 8pm in Guildford’s Stoke Hotel, all DJs welcome — oh, and Chris Cole, WHAT T-shirt? . . . ‘E.T. (The Extra-Terrestrial)’ is a nice little movie full of good vibes, not a blockbuster, but just nice . . . Harvey Fuqua, now known as a record producer, turned up on TV screens last week in his original guise as one of the doo-wop singing Moonglows in the movie ‘Rock Rock Rock’ — young Harvey was the tallest of the backing vocal trio standing at the end . . . Afrika Bambaataa somehow loses a “k” and an “a” on UK labels of Soul Sonic Force . . . Polydor seem to have someone called Adam Vincent servicing DJ mailouts . . . Richard ‘Lofty’ Lofthouse packs Chester-Le-Street’s Whispers every Sunday, claiming it as the only regular black music gig in the whole North-East (it’s currently running a disco dancing competition too), and wonders why more pluggers don’t visit . . . Reading Rebecca’s now has free admission before 10pm every Thurs/Fri/Saturday but a tighter dress code — no jeans, trainers, T-shirts etc . . . Rayners Lane Record & Disco Centre’s bronzed Andy Mann reports that in Greek discos, the decor of which would shame most UK clubs, the jocks spend all night mixing brilliantly — plus there’s no admission charge, you just pay for your drinks (not that licensing laws would allow that here) . . . Leslie Hill (Chippenham), also back from Greece’s Thassos Island, says the likes of Human League, Soft Cell, Haircut 100 and Bob Marley are big with the locals, but luckily the Just In Time disco was supplied with all the moderately current UK disco biggies . . . I blew a core plug on the M1 going up to Denbigh for the bank holiday weekend, and four tows and ten hours later eventually arrived there thanks to the AA’s Relay service — which, had it been a gig would not have got me there in time, but at least does get your vehicle wherever you want it for free (or at least a small subscription) . . . Jim ‘Ripper’ Kershaw (Sheffield Fanny’s Scene Two) revives to great floor activity the old Spencer Davis Group ‘Keep On Running’, currently the basis of a loo-paper commercial . . . Tricky Dicky’s younger gay crowd are well into Yazoo, Soft Cell and now Billy Idol . . . Yazoo ‘Don’t Go’ was inadvertently missed out of last week’s Gay Top 20, while Stateside their ‘Situation’ remix is still top Dance/Disco hit and Aretha Franklin the new top Black single . . . Boris Midney is reported to have done one of his “disco suite” jobs on the ‘Dreamgirls’ score . . . Greg Edwards was really cookin’ on his Capital soul show’s continuous last half hour on Saturday . . . Andy Baker (St Asaph Flicks) mixes Rockers Revenge ‘Acappella Sunshine’ over the intro of Sly Cabell ‘Special Club Mix’, Tom Wilson (Edinburgh Oscars) mixes Sylvester/Patrick Cowley with Kat Mandu ‘The Breaks’ (yeah, well it is Scotland!), Neil Fincham (Edinburgh Mad Hatters Speakeasy) mixes Chic ‘Le Freak’ out of the Tom Tom Club rhythm break . . . JUMP JUMP JUMP TO IT!


SHARON REDD: ‘Never Give You Up’ (Prelude PRLA 132755).
Just as good, though currently not quite as hot, as ‘Beat The Street’, this more Evelyn King-ish chunky 112½bpm 12in disco roller is the UK singles choice and chiefly remarkable for its amazing rhythm track, flipped by the stolid 101bpm ‘Send Your Love‘.

DENNIS BROWN: ‘Halfway Up, Halfway Down’ (A&M AMSX 8250).
More traditionally reggae than ‘Love Has Found Its Way’, although just as catchy, this lazily looping Marley-esque 75-76-77bpm 12in swayer is flipped by the superbly subtle floating 77bpm ‘Weep & Moan‘.

FREDDIE JAMES: ‘Don’t Turn Your Back On Love’ (Arista ARIST 12489).
Dangerously late out here, the excellent Tony Green-prod/Tee Scott-mixed simple strong straight ahead 113bpm 12in disco roller builds through nagging vocals in very mixable familiar fashion, with a slightly fiercer instrumental flip. Continue reading “September 11, 1982: Sharon Redd, Dennis Brown, Freddie James, Pressure Drop, New Jersey Connection”

September 4, 1982: Shalamar, Zapp, Passion, Sharon Redd, Brenda Taylor


BADEM’S 1982 disco equipment exhibition is at London’s Bloomsbury Centre Hotel next weekend, Sunday/Monday 12/13th September being public days and Tuesday/Wednesday for trade visitors, the largely Pernod-sponsored show including a ‘Superdisco’ exhibit combining various brands of hardware with music, dancing girls, and doubtless the odd drink or two! . . . Howard Johnson’s ‘So Fine’ romped home on Capital Radio as last week’s listeners-voted People’s Choice — but then they have had a while in which to get used to it . . . Evelyn King’s album, meant to be out here ahead of US release, has been delayed (wouldn’t you know?) but is sure to thrill you with its um-yum photos of the lovely lady! . . . Junior’s follow up, due soon, couples the Tee Scott-remixed ‘Let Me Know’ / ‘I Can’t Help It’ . . . London are releasing a cassette version of Rockers Revenge, but to qualify as a single it’s only 10 minutes each side . . . Motown’s hot shot plugger Robert Blenman lost his driver’s licence so can’t get around much any more, yet remains the label’s hippest contact . . . Direct Drive and other bands should realize that if they commit themselves to doing a PA at a club, they should then appear even if subsequently offered a more lucrative engagement elsewhere — PAs may only be promotional appearances but if handled right they are meant to benefit those doing them, are likely to have cost the venues in advertising and effort, and are hopefully an attraction for potential fans who turn out on purpose to see them, so that non-appearance can do nothing but harm to reputations . . . Dartford Flicks’ excruciatingly tight restaurant seats, fixed too close to the tables, were a design fault (no?) and are being repositioned . . . Flicks resident Colin Hudd and Brighton’s Paul Clark replace relatively “new boy” Nicky Peck and, surprisingly, the long serving Tom Holland on Showstoppers Xth Caister bill . . . Woking’s Tristins wine bar in Chertsey Road, under new ownership, is jazz-funked Fri/Saturdays by Paul Hazelle, who also funks Camberley’s Cambridge Hotel in its Splinters guise (rather than Frenchies) on Thursdays . . . Mark Clark has sold his big Bracknell-based Back Chat roadshow to turn resident at Marylebone’s Italian/French-orientated Cinecitta in Welbeck Street, where he needs more Eurodisco material . . . Bazzer mutters that a twiddle to 92.2 FM around North-West London every Sunday 2-11pm (and especially 4-6pm, when he’s on!) could be an aural flashback . . . Martin Starr seems thoroughly ensconced in London now, jazz-funking Neasden’s Level One Thurs/Sundays (pop-funk Mondays) and just returning to Bristol at the weekends to join Superfly at Spencers on Saturdays until he gets a good weekend gig up the Smoke . . . Michael Bird (01-272 0310) offers his services as a relief DJ — is that oral or manual? . . . Chris Cole now writes and types most of the West Surrey & Hampshire DJA’s ‘Disco’ magazine, despite evident dyslexia . . . Mark Summers (Hackney Marshes Flappers) recommends East Ham’s Imaginations record shop for low import prices and DJ discounts . . . Andy Baker (0745-591 135), resident at St Asaph’s refurbished Flicks (formerly The Stables) in North Wales, pleads for a 12in copy of Peter Brown ‘Can’t Be Love‘ — I’ll have been staying just down the road over the Bank Holiday but can’t oblige . . . Neil Wiltshire, pre-match DJ at Billericay Town FC, reckons a recent Alan Coulthard mix on 208 slavishly copied (from ‘Lovers Holiday’ onwards) a bootleg mixer 12in called ‘Another One Madly‘ — how’s about it, kid? . . . I pretty well taught myself tape editing for the current Soul On Sound preview mix medley (easy enough after watching Capital’s Roger Scott in action), not that any of the mixes themselves are tape edits . . . Mike Allen, in a different musical context, last week played a ravishing segue sequence of John Williams ‘Cavatina’, Dire Straits ‘Private Investigations’, Marvin Gaye ‘Trouble Man’ . . . Trevor Hughes (Telford Redeye Roadshow) says he’s taking his pet hedgehog for a walk to see his flat mate on the M11 . . . Trevor then challenges Mike Page (Shifnal Nell Gwynn) to shoot it out on stage each using his own gear (sometime in November when Trevor’s not booked), the loser dancefloor activity-wise then forfeiting his share of the takings and paying for the hall — this is the stuff we want, pick up the glove Mike! . . . Karl (Barnsley Rebecca’s) miaous that Nick Bradman (Sheffield Maximillions) ought to lay off Tight Fit for periods of more than ten minutes and get some people into the club if he wants to get record company mailouts — more of the stuff we want, that could be another challenge there! . . . Steven Fay (Darwen) revives Bell & James ‘Living It Up‘ (A&M 12in), which I seem to remember broke first and always was hottest in the North-West . . . Alen Gaskell funks St Helens West Park every Sunday, and every other Thursday (next week 9th) does Widnes Tigers Rugby Club which he’s thinking of renaming Tardis (back in time), as the punters still think Diana Ross’s ‘I’m Coming Out’ is the hottest dancer . . . Flash Gordon (Bristol Misty’s) reckons our Nightclub chart should be relabelled Hype & Wally, while Paul Barron (Rotherham Tiffanys) grumbles that not enough alternative dance tracks show up in it now — I know, I know, but we can only work with the charts we get and if you don’t send ’em how can we change things? . . . Alan Jones, who does the groundwork in compiling the disco charts, actually has a new scheme which should soon improve the Nightclub situation . . . Paul Barron incidentally, rather than his club’s manager, recently won a £500 holiday incentive prize for doing the best promotion for Club Continental Holidays — not often that the DJ gets the recognition . . . Tricky Dicky (London Dicks Inn discos) has noticed the Gay Top 20 is already stagnating — the trouble with any chart is that they tend to be self-perpetuating over a period of time, even though as in this case we’re getting quite a good turnover of regular contributions . . . Progressive Discos is another publication’s euphemism for their gay chart — Retrogressive Disco would be more accurate to my mind, considering the rhythms and even the songs are all so old . . . ooh! . . . Adrian Dunbar (Bournemouth Adams) is surprised Yvonne Elliman, especially, and Lime have not been issued here as in common with so much “gay material” they’re basically just Wally fodder . . . Donna Summer’s album hasn’t exactly set the disco world on fire . . . I never cease to be amazed how in the middle of my very obviously ’60s Soul Tuesdays at Soho’s Le Beat Route people still ask for ‘Come On Eileen’ or modern disco . . . Dave Rawlings (Reading Rebeccas) suffers from the current complaint, asking “Is it just me or do all DJs have trouble finding enough time in a night to play all the records they want to?” . . . DO IT DO IT . . . HEY . . . DO IT DO IT!

SECOND IMAGE have a new Pete Wingfield-produced 12in due in a fortnight, ‘What’s Happening‘, a bushy tail wagging little pent-up 101bpm jiggler full of scarcely suppressed vocal eagerness (and not a little hint of Pete’s own bright harmonies).

What’s more, we have six autographed copies of the exclusive white label promo, PLUS six special red and white Second Image caps, to award to the six winners (one of each).

In this simple competition! Answer the following: 1) Name the first Polydor single by Second Image. 2) What link is there between Second Image and David Grant of Linx? 3) Which past producer do Second Image have in common with Central Line?

Send your answers with your name and address to Second Image Competition, Record Mirror, PO Box 16, Harlow, Essex — the first six correct entries opened get the goodies!


SHALAMAR: ‘There It Is’ (Solar K 13194T).
Strong and obviously smash bound jiggly slow thudding 103bpm 12in half-stepper (remixed) with an immediately recognisable typical slinkily sinuous tune.

ZAPP: ‘Dance Floor’ (Warner Bros K 17990T).
Kings of subtly shifting repetitive electrophonic phunk. Roger’s Family Troutman hit a steady 110½bpm 12in vocodered groove that just don’t quit, flipped by their similar original first 105bpm ‘More Bounce To The Ounce‘ hit from two years ago (when it went well with ‘Oops Up Side Your Head’).

ZAPP: ‘Do You Really Want An Answer?’ (LP ‘Zapp II’ Warner Bros 1-23583).
Ignored when the rest of the set was reviewed as not immediately a dancer, this fantastic 119-0bpm doo-wop soul vocal group swayer has seared its way into everyone’s mind thanks to repeated radio soul show play and should indeed be heard by all true soul fans. Continue reading “September 4, 1982: Shalamar, Zapp, Passion, Sharon Redd, Brenda Taylor”

August 28, 1982: “Some are born rappers, some are born mixers, some are born party ravers”


DARTFORD FLICKS now looks like a very pretty spacious ice cream parlour all in pale pink and blue, although the effect is more green thanks to the lighting — the suspended central lighting grid now includes a spinning multi-directional ‘Close Encounters’ UFO effect and dangling “jelly-fish” — but how the hell is anyone other than a midget meant to fit in the restaurant’s fixed chairs, which are almost as excruciating as the red Julienas wine!? . . . Sharon Redd’s UK single will now be ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ next week, while London has picked up Patrick Cowley/Sylvester for imminent release . . . Morgan Khan’s latest “bitch”, due on Streetwave in a fortnight, the Hudsons ‘Show Me You Care‘ turns out to be a tentatively sung blandly “pleasant” mid-tempo 111bpm shuffling side-to-side swayer with semi-scat harmonies and an easy sophistication — well made but nothing you haven’t heard before, and hardly the potential pop hit crossover material Morgan must be badly in need of right now (why doesn’t he grab some white girls and record them chanting over a jungle rhythm, like everyone else does to get a hit these days) . . . Grand Master Flash UK 12in pressings are still the same “pissing” version, though doubtless the delayed 7in version will be different for radio . . . Melba Moore ‘Love’s Comin’ At Ya‘ and the similarly Paul Lawrence Jones III-prod/penned Evelyn King ‘I Can’t Stand It‘ album track are to all extents and purposes (especially for mixers) the exact same record! . . . Eddy Grant’s original ‘Walking On Sunshine’ has been reissued in the States on Epic with a bit of ‘Sunshine Jam’ added to extend the intro . . . Larry ‘Peech Boy’ Levan has completely remixed Gwen Guthrie’s ‘It Should Have Been You’ on US promo . . . Froggy says he’s a working jock and doesn’t have five days in which to assemble an Alan Coulthard-type mix, and anyway Radio One policy evidently is against that sort of thing . . . I know what he means, having spent 20 hours assembling the next Soul On Sound preview mix, which even if I say so myself is — given the usual restrictions — as close to perfection as anyone could get it, and at £1.50, better than most boots that would cost £8 or more . . . I’m all too aware that although it’s only a neat way of combining short segments of new releases for review purposes, everyone’s expecting a fully fledged mixer medley: well, now you’ve really got one! . . . Soul on Sound cassettes seem much in demand with our lads in the South Atlantic, incidentally . . . Tony Jenkins takes over funking Epping Forest Country Club every Thurs/Fri/Saturday in October . . . Pete Tong can’t have been studying our Disco chart during June/July, when over a six week run the 12.6.82 reviewed Billy Griffin ‘Hold Me Tighter In The Rain’ (US Columbia LP) peaked at 65 — not a monster maybe, but surely hard for most other people to miss? . . . Zapp ‘Dance Floor‘ is now top US Black Single with Grand Master Flash climbing fast, while Yazoo ‘Situation (Remix)‘ tops the US Dance chart — which is currently very dull, our own being much hotter . . . Romanelli ‘Chain Reaction‘ (21 Records 12in) is top new add for Ian Levine at London’s gay Heaven . . . Tony Walton (Blackpool 0253-24562), 10 year veteran DJ, first of the ballroom and most recently the Continental circuits, can really mix to judge from a cassette made at his last Munich Club New York gig, where much of the material he used would make him suitable for gay venue work: however, he’s not specifying that, but would like the high quality UK residency his skill so obviously warrants . . . Greg Wilson has started mixing funk/soul/jazz on Thursdays at Huddersfield Stars Bar and Saturdays at Liverpool Rotters Scene 2, in addition to Tuesdays at Wigan Pier and Wednesdays at Manchester Legend, and by all accounts has built up quite a following (all heavily into handclaps, huh?!) . . . Neil Fincham and Colin Cordrey, still at Edinburgh Mad Hatters Speakeasy, now take turns with Roy Menzies so that one of the three funks Whitburn’s Mainstreet club every Thurs/Fri/Saturday — and they do mean “funk”! . . . Chris Britton says Watford Baileys is leaving behind its old image and will be THE leading venue for upfront quality music both UK and US (he then adds he’s just become press and publicity manager too!) . . . Peterborough’s Sunday Slickers soul club returns to the Cresset in Bretton on September 26 . . . Tomorrow’s Edition ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ is not of course the mistaken composer credited Lou Reed song but the old movie-theme (previously souled by Brook Benton/Marvin Gaye, jazzed by Jimmy Smith), now given a vintage vocal group treatment . . . Patrick Boothe has already had his “badger” hairstyle chopped off! . . . Wonder Dog ‘Ruff Mix’ was created by one H. Trumann — presumably that’s Harry . . . Buzzz . . . still haven’t . . . who’s the speed king in the Sound 2000 disco Transit who tried to cut me up north of Aylesbury on Saturday evening? . . . I could only afford 14 of the week’s unusually strong batch of 12in imports — with so much useful material about and so few chances for DJs to get it across, there is going to be an awful lot that’ll get lost, making the market for this type of music almost exclusively made up of the DJs themselves, I should think . . . many of today’s Wally hits were yesterday’s hip imports, but they’re still the same records so why give up on them when nothing about them has changed? . . . next you’ll be sneering at Rockers Revenge . . . DO IT DO IT . . . HEY . . . DO IT DO IT!


THE COLAHS are real live triplets — and how many of them have you heard of in the music biz? Classically trained from an early age, James now plays keyboards, Marke bass and Peter guitar, and as youngsters they wrote an experimental rock ballet before appearing in the Young Jazz Musician Of The Year competition, their career together being nipped in the bud by Peter’s incapacitating car crash in 1978.

Now regrouped, the Colahs have been gigging at such as Ronnie Scott’s Club and debut on 7in with ‘Hesitation’ (Epic EPC A2642), an Earth Wind & Fire influenced brassy lurching 119bpm blue-eyed chanter with many familiar ingredients, which is getting disco attention as a promo-only 12in.

Pain and passion

SHARON BROWN’S stunning grey-eyed features are worth seeing any time, even if her new Virgin 12in is causing disappointment in many quarters.

Titled ‘Love Don’t Hurt People’, the song makes out that it’s not love but “people who hurt people” — which is often true, but what about those people in love with the concept of being in love? Their partners can’t be blamed when the bubble bursts. Anyway, that’s enough heavy philosophising! You could find the record (reviewed last week) grows on you, and if it does to the extent that it sells well, we could then be graced by a visit from New York-based Sharon. Hmmm, it’s a hit!

GAZ ANDERSON currently jocks virtually every night at the swank Fred & Gingers in Mayfair’s Old Burlington Street, where he continuously mixes upfront music with no speech at all save for important announcements — which sounds familiar! Gaz reckons this could be the coming trend for clubs in major cities, although he snidely suggests it’ll take a while for most DJs to “mix” rather then just “patch” rhythms together, citing as a superb example of a real mixer Pelter Rommer at Xenon and casting libellous aspersions about patching in the direction of certain green skinned persona. Hey, as long as it keeps ’em dancing, let’s just do what we do do best! Some are born rappers, some are born mixers, some are born party ravers, some are multi-talented, and everyone should try developing their capabilities, but once these have been established don’t go forcing yourself into a hole you don’t fit, just because someone else is good at it.


LACK OF sleep and subsequently time means that I can only list the new releases this week — but as everyone says that what they really like are the Odds ‘N’ Bods, I doubt if anyone will worry! Next week’s deadline being early on account of the Bank Holiday, I am going to have a lot of extra work cut out this way too, but that’s not the reason. BPM’s listed as “c” have only been roughly calculated at this stage. The following are all on import: Continue reading “August 28, 1982: “Some are born rappers, some are born mixers, some are born party ravers””