March 16, 1991: Frances Nero, Galliano, 2 Tuff, Jay Williams, Marva Hicks


Record Mirror’s printed directions for finding The Main Event weekender near Pwllheli turned out to be much used, and all who made the journey in daylight raved about the mountainous scenery! The Butlins Starcoast World camp was such a nice place that people actually had respect for their surroundings, chucking less litter and beer than usual. In fact, the age group attending was older than at the last few Prestatyn events, with the perhaps odd result that the semi ‘chillout’ soul-jazz room was the largest venue on the camp. The venues were so far apart, and the night weather so cold and/or wet, that people were polarised in their taste and mainly stayed in the room of their choice, Nobody caught all the star PAs and DJs as they too appeared only in the one room that matched their music style. Jocks like Paul Oakenfold and Graeme Park whipped up a frenzy in the Red Zone warehouse, with vertiginous flashing lights and other gantry-mounted exciting effects. Tim Westwood and the rappers funked up the more basic Fun House, while Chris Hill had formation dancing and Kev Edwards for some reason kept letting off pyrotechnic thunderflashes in the massive ‘disco’ decorated Soul Mine (which cannibalised the little-attended Jazz Club when its sound equipment was needed). Eve Gallagher’s ‘Love Come Down‘ stood out as a much repeated floor pleaser. Three thousand and five hundred attended the relatively short-notice weekend. There’s room for twice that number, but 5,000 is the limit for the next one on November 1/2/3 . . . Gilles Peterson has been invited back to DJ on Jazz FM — it seems he had the station’s largest audience . . . Omar has been signed by Talkin Loud, who will first of all repromote his original Kongo Dance releases . . . Friends Of Matthew’s ‘Out There‘ is out fully in a fortnight on the Pulse 8 label . . . Epic launches Belgium’s A.R.S. Productions logo here with the UK release of the Quadrophonia import in three weeks . . . Rachel Turner is running a UK office and building a DJ mailing list to promote Italy’s Flying Records, at 45A Greenmeads, Woking, Surrey GU22 9QJ (Tel: 0483 766519, Fax: 0483 755949) . . . Sue Macauley and Angie Edwards have set up as independent club pluggers Press To Play, at 138B West Hill, Putney, London SW15 2UE (Tel: 081-780 9070, Fax: 081-780 9766), working some future releases from labels like Reachin’, Truelove, and Rumour . . . Paul James, having had a success promoting his first Shakedown soul-hip hop-house night at Wellington’s Rumours, near Telford, is back there every second Tuesday (starting March 12) and is looking for suitable PAs on 0691 658673 . . . Ben Howard and guest DJs spin classic house-garage-soul nostalgia on free admission at Reunion ’91 Wednesdays at Colchester’s The Venue, starting this week (13) . . . The Twelfth Hour noon-to-midnight alldayer this Sunday (17) at Plymouth’s Academy stars Nightmares On Wax, A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd, Shades Of Rhythm, LFO, Asmo and more with DJs like Kevin Scott, Martyn ‘The Hat’, North & South: £12 ticket details from Kicking Back Leisure on 0202 546093 . . . US soul legends Lenny Williams, Sam Dees, Terry Callier, David Sea and Harvey Scales all appear live at the Caister ‘Back To Our Roots’ Soul Weekend on April 5/6/7 in Great Yarmouth’s Vauxhall Holiday Park, with DJs Gary Dennis, Bob Cosby, Ian Clark, Chris ‘Charlie’ Brown, Tony Fernandez, Dave Anthony, Max Rees, Dave Morrison, Paul Clark, Steve Jackson, Andy Davies, Kevin Beadle, Jamie Trundle and Richard of Richard’s Parties (£55 booking details from TAC on 0702 347237, discounts if you take your own caravan!) . . . Camden Lock’s Dingwalls closed last weekend for redevelopment and could well be bulldozed flat by the time you read this . . . Definition Of Sound’s seven-inch and Extended Live Version of ‘Wear Your Love Like Heaven‘ are based on the Hombres’ original US version of ‘Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)‘ from 1967, covered here in 1970 (and recently re-recorded) by Jonathan King as just ‘Let It All Hang Out‘ . . . Stereo MC’s use the title ‘Lost In Music’ but Sinitta has just remade the whole Sister Sledge oldie of the same name . . . The Mixmasters are following their ‘Night Fever Megamix’ with a Wham! medley called ‘The Bad Boys Megamix’ . . . Herb Alpert’s next UK single will not be the import ‘North On South St’ . . . Love, the logo of Dave Dorrell’s label, now graces a promotional slipmat that’s so rigid and sticky from the ink on the topside that it may be more of a hindrance than help! . . . AS IT GROOVES!

This week’s new club promos and remixes reviewed by Streets Ahead and James Hamilton

MONIE LOVE Vs ADEVA ‘Ring My Bell’ (Touchdown Mix/Upper Cut Mix/L-Plate Mix)
S’EXPRESS ‘Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em’ (Stax Mix/Qwerty Club Mix) / ‘I Like It
WOP BOP TORLEDO ‘Kissaway (Soulamuffin Mix)
ROZALLA ‘Faith (In The Power Of Love)’ (Chic Mix/Doom Mix)
REDHEAD KINGPIN AND THE FBI ‘Get It Together’ / ‘Harlem Brown
CONGRESS ‘Better Grooves’ / ‘40 Miles
RUN DMC ‘Faces’ / ‘Back To Hell (Remix)
INCOGNITO ‘Inside Life’ (Dealt Up Mix/Bluey Mix/Smooth Mix)
KATHERINE E ‘I’m Alright
TRICKY DISCO ‘House Fly’ / ‘Fly Spray

FRANCES NERO ‘Footsteps Following Me’ (105bpm) (Debut DEBTX 3109, via Pinnacle)
This Ian Levine & Rick Gianatos produced Sister Sledge ‘Thinking Of You’-inspired beefily pushing slinky roller is reissued next week, newly flipped by Steve McCutcheon & Darren Pearce’s plonking piano-introed more pedestrian Sole Mix (108bpm) and guitar chinked less different, so better, Lace Up Mix (105¼bpm). Frances, from Detroit, previously had one single on Motown’s associated Soul label.

GALLIANO ‘Nothing Has Changed (All Aboard Mix)’ (78bpm) (Talkin Loud TLKX 6, via Phonogram)
Produced by veteran jazz jock Chris Bangs, this superb sinuous stately slow roller features a gorgeous languidly meandering husky sly rap spiced by some amusing old nautical talk, weaving slinkily through delicate guitar, Roy Ayers’ vibes and chorusing girls, seagulls introing its jazzy Instrumental (78½bpm), coupled with the sombrely subdued but faster talking more juddery jogging ‘Little Ghetto Boy (Remix)’ (93bpm). A separate limited-edition promo only ‘Nothing Has Changed (Remix)’ (TLKDJ 10) is stripped down by Massive’s Johnny Dollar to the sparser sound of the drum and the bass in a Maiden Voyage Mix and Dub (78bpm), with — evidently taken from the follow-up — a girl moaned fast talking nervy Live Jazz Mix of ‘Power And Glory’ (116½bpm).

2 TUFF ‘Jazz Thang’ (Intrigue Records IGE 14T, via Panther Music)
The east London rap-swingers make their own friskily fingersnappin’ adaptation of the CFM Band’s ‘Jazz It Up’, with a sweetly scatting girl’s “it’s just a jazz thing, shooby dooby doo wah” repeatedly cooing through some quietly muttered suave male rap and bursts of light harmony vocalese, in The Rap and The Song (108¾/217½bpm), The Instrumental (217¾/109bpm) and more deliberately chugging The Version (109bpm) treatments. Great stuff.

JAY WILLIAMS ‘One Step At A Time’ (US Big Beat BB-0023)
Having worked up a ‘Sweat’, huskily soulful Jay now takes five steps forward with this jangly Marshall Jefferson keyboarded infectious bubbly bounder, those steps being its Club and Radio (122¼bpm), Instrumental, Tricky Dub and Acappella Mixes (122bpm), sounding like a smash.

MARVA HICKS ‘Got You Where I Want’ (100bpm) (Wing Records/Polydor WINGX 11)
One of the most played newies at Pwllheli, this funky drummer chugged sinewy swaying soul jiggler sounds inevitably in the Soul II Soul style but is delicately emoted with enough character to hold its own, in an En Vogue-ish a cappella introed 501 Mix flipped by intro-less 7″ Version and chunky Instrumental treatments too, out next week.

GWENDOLYN LASSIC ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ (107½bpm) (US Lassic Records L 30)
A classic from Lassic (not their slogan yet, but how long before it will be?), this excellent early ’80s type straightforward sultrily soulful husky jogger (Instrumental flip) has caused an instant stir. It’s a brand new song, incidentally, by co-producer Lewis West.

KEITH NUNNALLY ‘Seasons Of Love’ (125bpm) (US Giant/WB 0-40008)
Created by Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, this soulfully moaned good breezily wriggling canterer is in his Radio Edit, Extended and Instrumental Mixes, flipped by his and Maurice Joshua’s perhaps stronger House Remix, House Instrumental and House Edit, plus an orgasmic girl giggled and groaned different repetitive striding Maurice’s Deep Dub (119¾bpm).

L.A. MIX ‘We Shouldn’t Hold Hands In The Dark’ (A&M/PM AMY 755)
Very soulfully duetted by its writers Juliet Roberts and Leslie George, a bit like Stansfield (“ooh ooh“!) meeting Vandross/O’Neal in lovey dovey style, this pleasant swayer still has silly lyrics — holding hands in the dark is about as innocuous as you can get, so what on earth is wrong? — but is now toughened up in a jiggly jogging new The Candlelight Mix 12” (96¾bpm) with some soaring Mike Stevens sax, and an interesting sparser reggae ryddim jolted The Secret Lovers Mix (95bpm), coupled also by the repetitive Sharon Blackwell squawked, Andy Whitmore keyboarded jittery throbbing fast ‘Free My Mind’ (124¼bpm), rush released this week.

BIZARRE INC ‘Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix)’ (129¾bpm) (Vinyl Solution STORM 25, via Southern)
One of last week’s fastest sellers, this farting low frequency, oscillations-punctuated, piano-pounded, episodically spurting, frantic racing and rampaging raver from Manchester sounds exciting enough to be huge, flipped by its more starkly synth thrummed ‘Playing With Dub‘ (129½bpm) and some rhythmless ‘Strings’.

SCRITTI POLITTI & SHABBA RANKS ‘She’s A Woman’ (Virgin VST 1333)
Selling fast now it’s out, this strange revival of The Beatles’ oldie by the unlikely pairing of Green Gartside and Jamaican ragga supa-star Shabba Ranks is unrecognisable as a song for most of the 12-inch A-side’s rumbling, bleeping, surging and eventually toasting The Apollo 440 Remix (102¾bpm), coupled with a juddery reggae dubwise-ish but more vocal The William Orbit Remix (102¾bpm), bleeping dubwise instrumental then vocal Tautology Business Mix (103bpm), and fully sung jittery skittering Little Way Different 7″ (102½bpm).

BROTHERS IN RHYTHM ‘Such A Good Feeling (Inspirational Delight Mix)’ (124bpm) (4th & B’way 12 BRW 210)
The Creative Thieves return with a fast selling though fairly mundane Black Box-type Italo-style galloper prodded by the usual jangly pounding piano and lusty female vocal, flipped by the older now remixed slow then more excitingly whinneyed ‘Peace And Harmony (Everlasting Love Mix)‘ (127bpm) and jerkily cantering ‘Brothers In Rhythm (Raise Your Hands)‘ (120bpm).

JAZZ DOCUMENTS ‘Secret Code’ (114¾bpm) (US Nugroove NG 070)
Rheji Burrell returns now in the increasingly popular jazz-funk revival style, this lurching string chords stabbed, hi-hat hissed, bumpily tapping keyboards canterer kicking off a code breaking four tracker that also has the similarly styled but jerkier ‘Private Code‘ (114¾bpm), flipped by the synthesised horn honked and organ chorded joltingly clacking ‘Confidential Code‘ (116¾bpm) and similarly styled but again slightly differently assembled — in this case also slower — ‘Authorized Code‘ (115¾bpm).

PSYANCE ‘Motion’ (125½bpm) (US Plus-8 Records PLUS8006)
On another label that now scratches messages into the vinyl before and between the tracks (although appearing to be genuinely from the US, the logo’s past product has been likewise accurately targeted at the UK market), this Ron Allen & Hayden Brown created percussively clacking and skipping bright bubbly bleeper has ambient lulls and some muttered repetition of its title, flipped (at 33⅓rpm, unlike the 45rpm A-side) by the similarly styled burbling ‘EQ‘ (125¾bpm) and really bleeps filled — like a jauntily thumping catalogue of every type! — ‘Andromeda’s Dance‘ (125½bpm).

BELTRAM ‘Volume 2’ (Belgian R &S Records RS 9104)
Hot for several weeks now but for much of that time in short supply and hard to find, New Yorker Joey Beltram’s follow-up to his first Belgian techno EP has the reedy synth chords backed thunderously pounding, surging, rattling and galloping ‘My Sound’ (126½bpm), snarling synth droned fluttery churning ‘The Sub-Bass Experience‘ (125½bpm), bleepingly twittered throbbing ‘The Reflex‘ (125½bpm) and similar but more blandly thrummed wriggly bounding ‘The Melody‘ (125½bpm).

THE PRODIGY ‘What Evil Lurks’ (133bpm) (XL Recordings XLT-17, via Warner Music/Greyhound)
Created by Braintree’s 19-year-old Liam Howlett (no relation of Froggy), yet another techno raver from Essex, this frantic rumbling and scrubbing twittery bleeper kicks off an electro four tracker on which everything sounds rather too fast (especially the vocal samples) even when played at the correct 33⅓rpm, with also the obscenities speeding up similarly frantic ‘We Gonna Rock‘ (134½bpm), long calmly starting then nervily skittering ‘Android‘ (131¼bpm), and repetitively chanted shuffling acidic ‘Everybody In The Place‘ (131¼bpm), all fairly specialist.

SHORT & CURLY featuring Weedy ‘Ragga Bass’ (Short & Curly Productions SAC002, via 0753-35321)
Slough’s Toney White & Mark O’Sullivan, having produced the previously reviewed ‘Closer To Heaven’ by Leonie (an 18 year-old from Bristol, who sang with Fresh 4 on ‘Release Yourself’), now release their own white label, a deceptively fast but unhurried, Eddy Grant, Grace Jones and other familiar bass lines woven, see-sawing ragga rap by 20-year-old Weedy in a vocal Ragga Mix (130bpm) on the AA-side, coupled with its more sparsely shuffling percussive dubwise Bass Mix (129½bpm) as A-side.

THE CLUB CHART – March 16, 1991

01 05 ALRIGHT (ORIGINAL MIX) Urban Soul Cooltempo, 12in promo
02 06 TAKE ME AWAY (PINNED UP MIX) True Faith featuring Bridgette Grace with Final Cut, Network 12in
03 14 HUMAN NATURE (ON THE MIX) Gary Clail On-U Sound System, Perfecto 12in promo
04 02 APPARENTLY NOTHIN’ Young Disciples, Talkin Loud 12in
05 22 RING MY BELL (TOUCHDOWN MIX) Monie Love vs Adeva, Cooltempo 12in promo
06 01 (I WANNA GIVE YOU) DEVOTION Nomad featuring MC Mikee Freedom, Rumour 12in
08 39 THE WICKEDEST SOUND (DON GORGON MIX) Rebel MC (featuring Tenor Fly), Desire 12in promo
09 04 LOVE IS THE MESSAGE (LOVE LOVE LOVE MIX) Love Inc. featuring MC Noise, Love 12in
10 13 REMEMBER THE DAY (FINAL MIX) Innocence, Cooltempo 12in promo
11 25 THROUGH Victoria Wilson-James, Epic 12in
12 03 YOU GOT THE LOVE (MIXES) The Source Featuring Candi Staton, Truelove 12in
13 07 THINK ABOUT… D.J.H. featuring Stefy, RCA 12in
14 32 HERE WE GO (REMIXES) C&C Music Factory, Columbia 12in white label
15 — I’M ALRIGHT (EXTENDED MIX) Katherine E, Dead Dead Good 12in promo
16 16 SAME SONG (MIXES) Digital Underground, Big Life 12in
17 19 LOST IN MUSIC (ULTIMATUM REMIX) Stereo MC’s, 4&B’way 12in
18 18 MOVE YOUR BODY (ELEVATION) (1991 REMIX) Xpansions, Optimism 12in
19 12 MY LOVE (ATMOSPHERA MIX) Collapse, Citybeat 12in
20 20 BACK BY DOPE DEMAND (FUNKY BASS MIX) King Bee, First Bass 12in white label
21 10 TILL WE MEET AGAIN Inner City, Ten 12in
22 36 GOT YOU WHERE I WANT (501 MIX) Marva Hicks, Wing 12in promo
23 26 GIVE ME (MIXES) Greed, D-Zone 12in
24 27 ADRENALIN/THE KRAKEN N-Joi, deConstruction 12in
25 09 IT’S TOO LATE Quartz introducing Dina Carroll, Mercury 12in
26 28 MAINLINE (CHEP’S MIX) Tribal House, Cooltempo 12in
27 38 NASTY RHYTHM (PKA REMIX) Creative Thieves, Stress 12in white label
28 30 MOVE (DANCE ALL NIGHT) (SLAMMIN’ 12-inch) Slam Slam, MCA 12in promo
29 — SUCH A GOOD FEELING (INSPIRATIONAL DELIGHT MIX) Brothers In Rhythm, 4th & B’way 12in
30 40 POSSESSED/PIN UP GIRL Awesome 3, A&M PM 12in promo
31 11 TAKE A REST (REMIXED BY C.J. MACKINTOSH) Gang Starr, Cooltempo 12in
32 33 EVERYBODY (ALL OVER THE WORLD) FPI Project, Rumour 12in
33 75 TELL ME THAT YOU’LL WAIT (MIXES) Culture Beat featuring Lana E & J Supreme, Epic 12in
34 45 FAMILY OF PEOPLE (MIXES) Quest For Excellence, Republic 12in promo
35 31 WEAR YOUR LOVE LIKE HEAVEN (ULTIMATUM MIX) Definition Of Sound, Circa 12in
36 17 HOLD YOU TIGHT Tara Kemp, US Big Beat 12in
37 15 HOLD ME (VOCAL CLUB MIX) Velvet, Tam Tam 12in
38 — GOO GOO BARABAJAGAL (THE RONIN BOOM TENG) The Love-In, From A Whisper To A Scream 12in promo
39 24 LOVE THE LIFE (GUARANA DJ VERSION) James Taylor Quartet, Urban 12in
40 83 PLAYING WITH KNIVES Bizarre Inc., Vinyl Solution 12in
41 29 LOVE OR NOTHING Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe, ffrr 12in
42 78 NO WOMAN NO CRY (THE ROCKY MIX) Londonbeat, AnXious 12in
43 48 THE WORLD IS A GHETTO (MIXES) Will Downing, 4&B’way 12in doublepack
44 44 DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL (MAIN MIX) Nikki D, Def Jam 12in promo
46 62 MAKE IT RAIN/NO MORE TEARS The KLF, KLF Comminications 12in promo
47 23 DON’T GO MESSIN’ WITH MY HEART (ALBUM VERSION) Mantronix, Capitol 12in
48 34 I’M READY Caveman, Profile 12in
49 — SWEET SENSATION (EXTENDED MIX) Shades Of Rhythm, ZTT 12in promo
50 — YOU USED TO SALSA (MIXES) Richie Rich’s Salsa House Featuring Ralphi Rosario, ffrr 12in promo
51 61 TALK MUCH (BLIND MICE MIX) Temper Temper, Ten 12in promo
52 52 GIVE ME SOME LOVE (ANDY WEATHERALL MIX) Love Corporation, Creation 12in white label
53 49 STRIKE IT UP Black Box, Italian Groove Groove Melody
54 37 JEALOUSY (RED ZONE MIX) Adventures Of Stevie V, Mercury 12in
56 51 LOVE ME FOREVER OR LOVE ME NOT Trilogy, WEA 12in promo
57 21 OUTSTANDING (MORE BEEF MIX) Kenny Thomas, Cooltempo 12in
58 42 BLACK WHIP Chapter And The Verse, Virgin 12in promo
59 — TIME TWP, 12in promo
60 — SHE’S A WOMAN (MIXES) Scritti Politti & Shabba Ranks, Virgin 12in
61 60 SCANDAL/IS IT LOVE? The Basement Boys Present Ultra Naté, Eternal 12in
62 35 DUNNO WHAT IT IS (ABOUT YOU) The Beatmasters, Rhythm King 12in
63 — BAD ATTITUDE Sha Sha, Jive 12in promo
64 58 GIVE ME LOVE/EROTIC ANIMALS Ben Chapman, deConstruction 12in promo
65 50 LOVE’S HEARTBREAK Lisa M, Polydor 12in
66 68 LOOSE FIT/BOB’S YER UNCLE (REMIX FASHION) Happy Mondays, Factory 12in
67 — INSIDE LIFE Incognito, Talkin Loud 12in
68 — GOOD TIME S.I.N. featuring Claudja Barry, Pulse-8 12in white label
69 80 WHAT EVIL LURKS The Prodigy, XL Recordings 12in
70 57 INSANITY (HURLEY’S HOUSE MIX) Pointer Sisters, Motown 12in promo
71 — H.O.U.S.E. (THE REMODELLED REMIX) Doug Lazy, Atlantic 12in promo
72 72 WEEKEND (CLUB MIX) Dick, Low Spirit 12in
73 43 WIGGLE IT (THE CLUB MIX) 2 In A Room, SKB 12in
74 41 ECHO CHAMBER Beats International, Go Beat 12in
75 66 HOW DO YOU SAY … LOVE Deee-Lite, Elektra 12in
76 — FIND ‘EM FOOL ‘EM FORGET ‘EM (STAX MIX) S’Express, Rhythm King 12in promo
77 71 BOW DOWN MISTER (SITARI BIZARRI MIX) Jesus Loves You, More Protein 12in
78 — CHEAP TALK (EXTENDED VERSION) Loose Ends, Ten 12in promo
79 — HOW TO DANCE (EXTENDED RADIO VERSION) Bingoboys featuring Princessa, East West 12in promo
80 79 LOVE IS A STRANGER (MIXES) Eurythmics, RCA 12in
83 67 COME INTO MY HEART 1 World, ffrr 12in promo
84 — GET INTO THE MUSIC (REMIX) DJs Rule, Canadian Hi-Bias 12in
85 re IT NEVER RAINS (IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA) Tony! Toni! Toné!, Wing 12in
86 59 GO GO/LIES Oval Emotion, Canadian Hi Bias 12in
87 88 BARABAJAGAL (LOVE IS HOT) P.U.M.P. (Purple Under Melted Pink), Ultimate 12in promo
88 47 IN YER FACE (IN YER FACE MIX) 808 State, ZTT 12in
89 re YOU’RE MY WAY The Redmen, Italian Beat Club 12in
90 — DON’T YOU WANT SOME MORE (ORIGINAL MIX) Zone, Pro-One 12in promo
91 re OUT THERE Friends Of Matthew, MCN 12in
92 65 LOVE’S GOT A FEELING (WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH MIX) Neutron 9000, Profile 12in
93 64 GET INTO IT (PARK YOUR CAR IN MY BRA MIX) MC Kinky, More Protein 12in
94 — HOUSE FLY Tricky Disco, WARP 12in promo
95 — CHIEF INSPECTOR (INSPECTOR NOMAD) Wally Badarou, 4th & B’way 12in promo
98 100= CHUNG KUO (REVISITED) Addams & Gee, 12in white label
99 82 QUADROPHENIA (REMIX) Quadrophenia, Dutch Streetbeats 12in
100 — FOOTSTEPS FOLLOWING ME/(SOLE MIX)/(LACE UP MIX) Frances Nero, Debut 12in promo

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