June 24, 1989: Cry Sisco!, Precious, Heavy D & The Boyz, ‘Do The Right Thing’ soundtrack, Neneh Cherry


MCA RECORDS dance supremo Adrian Sykes returned from the States aghast at the cock-up that had occurred in his absence over the promo of Precious (see lead review), and promises that when released fully on July 3 it will indeed be called ‘Definition Of A Track’ with best versions on the A-side! … Champion’s label copy on the UK pressing of the A Guy Called Gerald based Voodoo Doll ‘Women Beat Their Men’ revealingly states “Licensed from Breaking Bones Records in co-operation with Rham Records” … Smith & Mighty merely mixed (as finished label copy reveals) the self-produced Dorothy ‘Reflections’ … Big Daddy Kane ‘Rap Summary (Lean On Me)’ is now in a stuttery (0-)103bpm Remix on import (US Cold Chillin’ 0-21235), scratching the ‘Lean On Me’ soundtrack’s gospel version and generally jiggling everything up over a tugging bass … UK released remixes I have neither time nor room to review this week include Mystique, Kariya (by M|A|R|R|S), Frankie Knuckles presents Satoshi Tomiie, Joyce Sims, D-Mob, Cookie Crew, Simon Harris, FFWD (Fast Forward), Tone Loc, Baby Ford … Raven Maize didn’t hit The Club Chart quite as high as anticipated last week because supplies back then were still hard to come by, while more recently hard to find has been the moronically repetitive Li’l Louis ‘French Kiss‘ (US Diamond), accurately described by Pete Tong as “to house what ‘The 900 Number’ was to hip hop” … DJ (rather than sales) returns were significant for the following releases roadblocked outside The Club Chart’s top 100 last week: Corporation Of One (House Mix UK), Overlord X, Imagination, Bizarre Inc (Atmosphere Mix), Kelly Charles (Remix), R. Tyme, Circuit (Remix), Edwin Starr, Karyn White, Levert, Paula Abdul, Tyree (Double Trouble Mix). Cybertron, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, June Montana (Remix), Three Times Dope, The Lincoln Boys, Poppa Ron Love, Chubb Rock, The Mafia … RCA have signed Mica Paris’s big sister, Alisha — not to be confused with an American girl of the same name on the same label some time ago! — who’s more in a street soul bag … Elvis Presley’s lookalike may not be too apparent if all you get to see is the main musical section of the Real Roxanne video (which is being re-cut to accommodate the Norman Cook remix in a separate version), as he is featured in the best part, a dialogue only intro … Big Fun ‘I Feel The Earth Move’ has reputedly had to be withdrawn, a disaster for pop jocks who didn’t get the promo! … Jason Donovan ‘Sealed With A Kiss’ (orchestrally preambled on 0-95⅚-95½-0bpm 12 inch) is flipped by the Philly Soul style attractively cantering semi-instrumental 0-124⅕-124⅖bpm ‘Just Call Me Up‘, worth checking … Friday (23) finds an under 18s Meltdown rave at Greenford Hall in Ruislip Road, Greenford, with Paul Goldsmith, Mark and Jason, while Deep (plus Sweet, Northern & Modern — Soul, that is) is supplied at Camden Town’s Dingwalls by Ivor Jones, Graeme Ellis, Ian Clark, Simon Dunmore and Gary Dennis … Aberdeen DJ Derek Howie, who has worked for Impulse in the past and knows the groundwork (like, for instance, the radio stations and all the chart return shops between Dundee and Aberdeen!), is offering his record promotional services for oil rich North East Scotland to interested companies on 0224-645522 … Pete Tong refers to me as “the Welsh Tourist Board”, although this week I’ve been up in farthest North West Scotland yet again, for the fourth time, just to watch it stay relatively light all night — BUT NOT FOR LONG!


CRY SISCO! ‘Afro Dizzi Act’ (Escape Records AWOLT 1, via PRT)
Sounding as if recorded in an arab souk, this actually Paris recorded confusing noises washed jittery 93⅚bpm bass bombing jogger samples bits of Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn dialogue from ‘The African Queen’, amongst many other effects, and is suddenly much hyped on a French pressing from last year that is apparently exploding in Balearic venues here (it’s for the Kon Kan market, if you get my drift), flipped by a 93⅔bpm edit and the altogether jollier breezily bounding 121bpm ‘Ki Ton Ko’ afro-pop-house chanter.

PRECIOUS ‘In Motion’ (MCA Records MCAT 1349)
Precisely ⅕bpm slower than the US pressing and with its priorities totally messed up, this UK pressing has made the import’s secondary B-side 119⅘bpm ‘In Motion (Vocal Mix)’ its lead title track, a hip house-ishly loping female rap that’s nowhere near as strong as the now UK flip relegated similar though much chunkier 119⅗-119⅘bpm A Definition Of A Track (the track in fact that, originally on last year’s influential ‘Back To Basics’ EP, gives the import its main ‘Definition Of A Track’ title), the UK single also including the instrumental 119⅘bpm Beats and Breakdown versions but omitting the harder vocal The Rap’s In Motion. Apart from the loss of its surely much more memorable main ‘Definition’ title, none of this really matters so long as you bear in mind that the best tracks are on the B-side.

HEAVY D. & THE BOYZ ‘Big Tyme’ (US Uptown Records MCA-42302)
Instantly massive on import, this strong rap album has the Zapp ‘More Bounce To The Ounce’ based ultra funky 108(intro)-105½bpm ‘More Bounce’, Marley Marl produced madly jaunty 0-102⅓bpm ‘Here We Go Again, Y’All‘, exciting JB sampling fast talking jumpy 109bpm ‘Flexin’‘, Brown & Byrd jittered funky 105½bpm ‘Big Tyme‘, ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ introed then ‘Mr Magic’ jazzy organ jogged 0-99⅙pm ‘You Ain’t Heard Nuttin Yet‘, patois accented attractive reggae 0-90⅚bpm ‘Mood For Love‘, Marley Marl produced wordily rolling 105⅚bpm ‘EZ Duz It, Do It EZ‘, Al B. Sure! backed swingbeat 0-105⅓bpm ‘Somebody For Me‘, dryly bragging 94bpm ‘Gyrlz, They Love Me‘, Martin Luther King preambled sombre (though jaunty oldies backed) 0-89⅙bpm ‘A Better Land‘, frantic “live” (0-)113½bpm ‘Let It Flow‘, and current Teddy Riley produced twiddly diddly jiggling (0-)114bpm ‘We Got Our Own Thang‘. Continue reading “June 24, 1989: Cry Sisco!, Precious, Heavy D & The Boyz, ‘Do The Right Thing’ soundtrack, Neneh Cherry”

June 17, 1989: The Real Roxanne, Raven Maize, Public Enemy, Manic MC’s, Nicole


HOME OFFICE plans for the further expansion of local radio could result in another 300 to 500 low power stations being on air as early as 1991, broadcasting on temporarily assigned frequencies to areas 12 miles in diameter … Dave Dorrell & CJ Mackintosh of M|A|R|R|S have done a Big Ben introed more resonantly booming slinky 0-110bpm remix of the Hall & Oates ‘I Can’t Go For That’ based terrific infectiously chugging and scrubbing De La Soul ‘Say No Go (Say No Dope Mix)‘, promoed with a pictorially etched blank flip ahead of June 26 release … Smack Music Productions’ guys talked (and barked!) 119¾bpm bubbly bumping K-Y-ZE ‘Stomp (Move, Jump, Jack Your Body)‘ has nicely wry drily intoned comments and dance instructions, flipped by the huskily moaned 121⅕bpm wriggly striding Fred Fowler ‘Times Are Changin’‘ on a popular promo that plugs Cooltempo’s imminent ‘This Is Garage‘ compilation LP … Teddy Riley arranged gruffly mature 17 years old rapper David ‘Redhead’ Guppy’s jerkily rolling swingbeat/hip hop Redhead Kingpin & The FBI ‘Do The Right Thing‘ (10 Records), in 0-108-108⅓bpm 12″ and (0-)108⅓-108⅙-0bpm US Street Mixes, likely to chart ahead of July 3 release … Peabo Bryson’s ‘All My Love’ LP is indeed now out here (Capitol EST 2097) … ffrr’s compilation album ‘ffrr – Silver On Black‘ could well be losing its Rockers Revenge (featuring Donnie Calvin) ‘Walking On Sunshine 89‘ remix as allegedly it was unauthorised by the existing group, who have a new re-recorded modern update awaiting rival release … Pressure Point ‘Dreaming’ has had its commercial release put back to next Monday due to a cracked lacquer … Frankie Knuckles’ bumpily swaying 0-104⅔bpm remix of ‘Ain’t Nobody’ from Chaka Khan’s album has been promoed coupled with a totally different drumkit tapped and moody piano jangled resonant instrumental 0-104½bpm Hallucinogenic Version and Soul II Soul-ish strings backed sparsely surging 0- 104bpm Bassapella … US imports I had neither time nor room to review In full include the prettily tinkled instrumental (in its best 121⅕-0bpm Krazee Mix); Da Posse featuring Martell ‘Searchin’ Hard‘ (Dance Mania); Fast Eddie scratched exciting (in its 0-123⅖-0bpm Jumpin Cut) if typical hip house Julian’ “Jumpin” Perez featuring Kool Rock Steady ‘Ain’t We Funky Now‘ (DJ International Records); Delegation ‘Oh Honey’ based slinkily conversational rap Three Times Dope ‘Funky Dividends‘ (Arista); Robert Brookins produced and Blaze remixed swingbeat Jackie Jackson ‘Cruzin‘ (Polydor); jerkily jiggling swingbeat Paul Laurence ‘I Ain’t Wit It‘ (Capitol); disappointingly patchy album of house, rap and Hi-NRG Corporation Of One ‘Black Like Me’ (Smokin’ LP) … Karyn White ‘Superwoman (Long Version)‘ on commercial 12 inch is flipped by the juddery jittery rolling 0-105⅔-105½-106bpm New York Groove Edit of her old ‘The Way You Love Me’ … Fast Globe have cashed in on ‘Helyom Halib’ by reissuing Cappella ‘Push The Beat/Bauhaus (The Better Beat Mix)‘ (12 FGL 1), their blatantly ‘Pump Up The Volume’ based episodic samples woven chugging 0-117⅓-0bpm debut UK hit from around 18 months ago … Precious ‘Definition Of A Track’ will be on MCA Records here in about a fortnight … Renegade Soundwave ‘The Phantom (It’s In There)‘ is being spun by some jocks at 33⅓rpm, turning it into a 90bpm heavy reggae-ish dub! … Tam Tam are updating their club mailing list for DJs outside London specifically — write to Sheyla Asian at Savage Records/Tam Tam Records, 31A Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DU … Jive have just made their club plugger Steve Wren redundant, among other staff … Manchester’s Hacienda jocks Mike Pickering and Graeme Park are behind the de/Construction Records promoed Dynasty Of Two ‘Stop This Thing‘, a mournful girl keened 0-117-116⅘bpm electronically lurching “greenhouse” canterer (ie: it’s about the ecology!) — Mike meanwhile is touring the States as continuity DJ and compere of the New Order/De La Soul/PiL stadium package … Carlon hosts the salsoul/garage Metro party at Ealing’s Haven Stables this Tuesday (13), with a follow-up if you missed that one at the same venue on July 11 … Cutmaster Swift, DJ Pogo and MC Mello guest with Colin Watts, Mick Foster and Stumpy this Thursday (15) at Luton’s The Coliseum … Disco Mix Club are retaining the BlueBird name of their recently acquired record shops not only for continuity of goodwill, but also perhaps because unfortunately there already is a nine shop DMC Retail chain in the North West! … I’m outta here – BUT NOT FOR LONG!

OMAR, currently impressing all who hear his Al Jarreau-ishly multi-tracked ‘I Don’t Mind The Waiting‘, is a 20-year-old much schooled and fully trained multi-instrumentalist/vocalist from Canterbury and turns out to be the big brother of UK mixing championships runner-up, the Scratch Professor!


THE REAL ROXANNE `Roxanne’s On A Roll (Norman Cook Remix)’ (Urban URBA 42)
Eric B & Rakim’s “The R” assumes greater stuttery prominence in this name spelling totally different, no longer ‘Think (About It)’ driven, jiggly lurching 0-116⅓-0bpm clever remix by the DJ-ing ex-Housemartin (with his excellent even punchier 0-116⅓bpm Bonus Beats and an Edit too), not due fully until June 26. Above is a clip from the song’s ‘Viva Las Vegas’ styled video!

RAVEN MAIZE ‘Forever Together’ (US Quark QK017)
Initially hard to find but highly charted by those few who had it, and now selling so fast it’ll shoot into The Club Chart, this breezy New Jersey house bounder has bursts of repetitive simple vocal and catchily archetypal Latin keyboards in the A-side’s 123⅕bpm Forever United Mix and 0-122⅘bpm Give Me Some Dub Mix, flipped by the different bassily striding percussive straight house 123⅖bpm Freedom Mix and 0-122⅗-0bpm Dubbin’ Together Mix.

PUBLIC ENEMY ‘Fight The Power (Extended Version)’ (Motown ZT42878)
Out now and destined to be immediately massive (particularly as only seven inch copies were promoed ahead of release!), this ‘Feel The Noise’-style powerful 0-105⅓bpm funky jiggler has sharply cogent lyrics (some bleeped, unlike on the parent ‘Do The Right Thing’ soundtrack album) and builds a terrific JB-type compulsive groove (0-105bpm Radio Edit and conversationally rapped Flavor Flav Meets Spike Lee). Continue reading “June 17, 1989: The Real Roxanne, Raven Maize, Public Enemy, Manic MC’s, Nicole”

June 10, 1989: The Jacksons, Dorothy, Kicking Back, Casanovas Revenge, Kevin Saunderson presents KAOS


DAVID PEASTON, the gospel toned continual winner of the weekly amateur talent contest in the recently televised ‘Showtime At The Apollo’ series, has just had his Teddy Riley & Gene Griffin mixed inevitably swingbeat style debut single released in the US on Geffen Records, ‘Two Wrongs (Don’t Make It Right)‘, worth watching out for on import as it’s already been promoed on CD and is brilliant! … Tim Raidl (0582-412460) has set up the Luton-based Mix Connection DJ Mastermix Service to “get the bedroom mixers out of the bedroom and onto vinyl”, with the aim of building and promoting internationally a “Brit-Mix” team of remix DJs, who will be starting out modestly enough by remixing currently available product from vinyl to persuade record companies that their efforts are worthy of release too — signed up so far are Mark Fletcher, Social Elite, and DJ Paradise … Atmosfear ‘Dancing In Outer Space’ will be reissued in several brand new remixes in a couple of months or so, once LA Mix featuring Jazzi P ‘Get Loose’ has re-established its break beat in the chart! … ‘Body Talk’ has been remixed by Frankie Knuckles, ‘Just An Illusion’ by T-Coy and ‘So Good So Right’ by Backroom Music Productions, amongst other similar examples, for an album of remixed Imagination hits that’s scheduled for release in the US if not yet here too … Chaka Khan’s remix album lists the “Approx. BPM” for every track, but all are printed as between 2½-4bpm faster than they are in fact, which suggests to me that they were probably calculated from a cassette copy before the vinyl was pressed — a compromise that never works, and really isn’t worth the effort … Black Radical MK II ‘Monsoon‘, the Coldcut produced rap reviewed two months ago, is only now finally out commercially (on 2 The Bone Records TMS004R, via Pinnacle), minus the ‘Interview’ and ‘Brake’ versions … Soul II Soul’s seven inch of ‘Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)‘ is yet another different 0-100⅔bpm mix, clean, sparse and good, with a brief acappella intro … Candi McKenzie’s commercial pressing of the 0-107⅚-0bpm ‘Honesty (Big Beat Mix)’ turns out to be flipped by a piano jangled juddery 107⅚bpm Jazz Beat Mix plus the Chic-ishly jittered 114⅓bpm ‘The Last Word’ … State Of Mind’s sk’ouse ‘God Only Knows’ on its fully commercial pressing is in a still 123⅙bpm but more house-ishly bounding cleaner new mix … Baby Ford’s version of ‘Children Of The Revolution’ is only just out, after months on white label, the commercial version being the remix by Jeremy Healy of Haysi Fantaysi that was reviewed a few weeks back (so far, the flip’s ‘Hi Mister Logan’ has had more DJ reaction) … Roberta Flack ‘Uh-Uh Ooh-Ooh Look Out (Here It Comes)‘ is due here in a fortnight … Stylus Music associated Pyramid Promotions & Publicity at 31 Norfolk Place, London W2 1QH (01-258 0035) are starting a club DJ mailing list, contact Cristina D’Alessio … Down By Law ‘Living In The Ghetto’, a girl wailed 100½bpm drum and bass jiggled Soul II Soul-style jogger due on CityBeat later in the month is already getting strong DJ response, but may not hit The Club Chart yet without sales support too … US imports I had no time to review in full (irritatingly, as I know several are certain to hit The Club Chart, which this week I compiled alone while Alan Jones was away) include the squeakily semi-falsetto unhurriedly trotting remixed Joe Smooth featuring Mikkhiel ‘I’ll Be There‘ (DJ International Records); powerfully cranking self congratulatory wordy rap Breeze ‘LA Posse‘ (Atlantic); chuggingly syncopated wordy hoarse Chubb Rock with Howie Tee ‘Ya Bad Chubbs‘ (Select); Gail ‘Sky’ King remixed throbbing drily rapped hip house Too Nice ‘I Git Minze‘ (Arista); familiar sampled notes woven instrumental Jammix ‘Funhouse‘ (Fourth Floor Records); moaning and sighing (with surf and seagull effects in the Sam Caraballo Club BPM mix) largely instrumental house Bluejean ‘Paradise’ (Top Secret); Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band 1970 street funk classic backed catchy rap NWA ‘Express Yourself‘ (Ruthless Records); Ronald Burrell created percolating percussion tapping and lurching instrumental Equation ‘The Answer‘ (Nugroove) … Orange Lemon ‘Dreams Of Santa Anna‘/’The Texican‘ is another “sleeper” from last year which only ever hit The Club Chart for one week (in May 1988) yet which now is selling better than ever (on US Idlers although it did come out here on Champion) … The Club Chart last week was again tough to get into, roadblocked breakers just outside the 100 being Ralphi Rosario (EP), Arthur Baker (remix), Wanda Dee, Imagination, Maureen, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Kings Of Pressure (LP), Kelly Charles (remix); Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock ‘Joy And Pain’, Razette, Rockie Robbins, Bonnie Byrd (remix), Kool Moe Dee (LP), Circuit featuring Koffi (remix), Presure Zone … De La Soul are making a clean sweep of the US charts in Billboard, ‘Me Myself And l’ topping 12 Inch Singles Sales, Club Play, Rap Singles, and Black Singles Sales, while their album is number one Black Album (somehow Natalie Cole ‘Miss You Like Crazy’, which is only number four in Sales and two in Airplay, slipping from number one, tops the overall Hot Black Singles Chart, but then that’s Billboard for you!) … Sunday to Tuesday August 27/28/29 are the correct dates for BCM Records’ star-studded “Funkausstellung in Berlin”, mentioned last week, fuller details to follow … Darryl Wynn, co-creator of R. Tyme’s recordings, will be DJing on Inner City’s European tour in September … Lynch turns out actually to be Roger Troutman’s son, aged 18 … Eric B & Rakim is the uncredited rap act joining Jody Watley on ‘Friends‘ … 17 years old American Indian Toni Scott, whose ‘That’s How I’m Living’ hip house hit is still huge in clubs here, was also of course on last year’s Dutch import rap treatment of ‘Pick Up The Pieces’ … Bobby Brown’s single from the ‘Ghostbusters II’ movie would appear to be called ‘On Our Own‘ — incidentally, Bobby looks more like Nat ‘King’ Cole than any other big name singer ever has, should Hollywood finally decide to make a biopic … Doug Lazy ‘Let It Roll’ is out again on Atlantic now in the US at least … Ian Levine is switching his Hi-NRG acts to the Saturday label, leaving Nightmare more for soul product following the success of his Chuck Jackson release… Mike Carr has produced a comeback album by Irene Reid, the long neglected jazz singer whose version of ‘I Love Paris In The Springtime‘ on MGM Records back in 1964 inspired me to see her live at New York’s Birdland, sharing the bill with John Coltrane — in truth, the only reason why I ever got to see the latter late legend! … Lonnie Gordon’s solo single (she’s featured on Simon Harris’s newie) will be an Yvonne Turner remixed remake of First Choice’s ‘Let No Man Put Asunder‘ … Garage Trax are releasing a four album box set (selling for £14.99) of “the best of” the Salsoul label’s output, including rarities among its 19 tracks and a Tony Humphries megamix … Ricky Dillard is handling all the vocals on a Larry Heard produced album by the Nightwriters that’s being recorded specially for the UK … LA Mix featuring Jazzi P PA with Greg Edwards this Tuesday (6) at London Old Kent Road’s Dun Cow … 20 year old Bournemouth DJ Kevin Scott has actually had a big business backed brand new club named after him, Kevin’s House, opening this Friday (9) in Holdenhurst Road with a rap, house, jazz, reggae, soul, no dress restrictions policy — quite a feat! … Double Trouble + The Rebel MC perform a half hour set for Flip this Saturday (10) at Rainham’s Berwick Manor … Tim Westwood guests at Swansea’s Martha’s Vineyard next Monday (12) — if the weather’s good that might be a cue for my next visit there, too! … Seth Gibbard claims his Jungle City Thursday at the Mardi Gras is Liverpool’s “only serious hip hop night”, while likewise Jason Bushby boasts that his Friday night at Saltburn-By-The-Sea’s Philmore Discotheque is heaving with totally upfront people from all over the North-East — that’s nice, but is it news? … Sheerness’s The Crown is soulful every weekend with upfront DJ Jay on Fridays and Seventies/Eighties spanning Slick Mick on Saturdays … Eddie Gordon, and his Gravesend gig The Slammer, were repeatedly described by a local newspaper report as “disconcerning” (a word that doesn’t exist), in case anyone thought I’ve been having a go at him in recent weeks! … Jim Skilton, head of music at the University of Lancaster’s on-campus University Radio Bailrigg (and its specialist dance music show’s presenter), finds the intro of K-9 Posse ‘Ain’t Nothin’ To It’ “mixes like a bitch” with Cookie Crew ‘Females’ (and, yes Jim, I was that liner note writer) … Peabo Bryson & Dietra Hicks’ marvellous ‘Palm Of Your Hand‘ was on automatic repeat at full volume just about the whole time as I explored picturesque Anglesey last week (not so sunny by the time I’d waited for the bank holiday mob to leave, but with exhilarating distant views of Snowdonia!) … I’m outta here — BUT NOT FOR LONG!


THE JACKSONS ‘2300 Jackson Street’ (US Epic OE 40911)
Still not due out here until June 19 (Epic EPC 463352) but selling fast on import, this album has two total killers and much else that’s OK, the standouts being the Teddy Riley/Gene Griffin/Guy created, Randy Jackson led, buoyantly chugging swingbeat (0-)114½bpm ‘She’, and whole family sung (including Michael, Janet and Rebbie, plus all the married Jacksons’ children) breathily meandering autobiographical lovely Riley & Griffin co-produced 82-0-82bpm title track. Otherwise, the brotherly group themselves produced the ‘Bad’ meets ‘Speed Demon’-type modern funk (0-)114⅘-0bpm ‘Harley‘, chunkily jolting 116¼bpm ‘Play It Up‘, jiggly lurching (0-)105⅔-0bpm ‘Midnight Rendezvous‘ and ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’-ishly tempoed 171⅓bpm ‘Alright With Me‘, Jermaine produced the Lee Oskar of War harmonica-ed jittery smacking (0-)120bpm ‘Maria‘, LA & Babyface of course produced the currently charted swingbeat 105-104⅚bpm ‘Nothin’ (That Compares 2 U)‘, while Michael Omartian handled the pleasantly swaying 0-86⅓bpm ‘Private Affair‘, ethereally drifting (0-)73¾-74⅛-0bpm ‘If You’d Only Believe‘, and — perhaps the most nondescript thing on the album — the opening juddery thumping (0-)116bpm ‘Art Of Madness‘.

DOROTHY ‘Reflections (Style 1)’ (Cooltempo COOLX 187)
Exploding on pre-release promo way ahead of full commercial availability on June 19, this typically drum and bass backed sparse Smith & Mighty produced slinky bumping and meandering 99⅔bpm adaptation of the Supremes’ 1967 hit still features a Diana Ross soundalike girl and even samples bursts of the original backing track (dubwise harder jerkier 99⅔bpm Style 2 and different swingbeat tempoed 98bpm R & R Instrumental too), surely smashbound!

KICKING BACK ‘Keep On Trying’ (Submission SUBX 014, via Pacific Records)
Yazz-ish though more street cred girl wailed infectiously bubbling bass and galloping beats driven excellent homegrown flier, let down slightly by an overly repetitive “you’ve got to keep on trying” song structure, but bounding brightly through its (0-)121bpm Hold On, (0-)121⅖bpm Feeling Good, and 120⅔bpm Extended Club Mixes (similar slower 118⅗bpm ‘Turn Your Back’ too). The promo’s label tells one nothing about the people involved, which is a pity — doubtless Graeme Park participates somehow? Continue reading “June 10, 1989: The Jacksons, Dorothy, Kicking Back, Casanovas Revenge, Kevin Saunderson presents KAOS”

June 3, 1989: Twin Hype, Joyce Sims, Kechia Jenkins, Sweet Tee, Monie Love


PROFILE RECORDS was launched in the UK with a formal cocktail party for the business at the faintly incongruous and very proper Naval and Military Club (Piccadilly’s famous “In and Out”) — less incongruous when one discovers that the label’s Paul Oakenfold was previously employed as a French chef there, ten years ago … Profile’s UK pressings turned out to have the exact same Beats Per Minute as the import versions, but that couldn’t be taken for granted last week … Greg Edwards has revived his old ‘Soul Spectrum’ show, not now on Capital Radio but on Kent ILR station Invicta’s split frequency AM service … Graham Gold, despite joining the increasingly pessimistic KISS-fm bid for London’s FM incremental licence, looks like getting a Friday night general music show on Chiltern Radio in the meantime … BBC-2 will now be screening merely a 30 minute heavily edited version of the Royal Albert Hall Technics World DJ Mixing Championships final — with barely a glimpse of any DJs, no awards presentations, and mainly the live star performers — on Sunday, July 30 (which proves it doesn’t do to trust what TV people say) … Caroline Pead has moved from A&R to take over Linda Rogers’ old role as club plugger at Phonogram — who appear to have dropped both Derek B and Krush from their roster, but have licensed the Rapsonic label from The Dance Yard Recording Corporation (first release to be Top Billin’s ‘Set It Off’, based indeed on the Harlequin Four’s, amongst others) … BCM Records owner Brian Carter is planning a massive dance music three-dayer in Berlin for September (Sun/Mon/Tuesday 17/18/19, I think), to shake up Germany’s dance market with the likes of De La Soul and many more top stars — fuller details later, but already lots of Londoners are getting excited at the prospect! Bud Nijjar and Future Shock Promotions (01-533 3840) are running a club trip to Madrid with Jazzy M, Norman Jay, Nick Halkes and other guest DJs on June 15-18, for £196 all in … Voltalight*Soundspin International Ltd need two pro DJs for both South London’s Bon Bonne and a club in Corfu, the Greek gig with all expenses paid (call Philip Dinnis on 0836 372630) … Marie Birch, recovering from a blood disorder, is just about back in action updating her DJ mailing list at Sound Promotions, 106 Wembley Park Drive, Wembley, Middlesex (01-861 0578), the same address as for the Everton Webb shared PA’s Unlimited … New Music Seminar registrants and Marriott Marquis hotel guests alone will be allowed into the revolving bar this year, following my recommendation that this is where New York visitors can meet everyone without having actually to pay for the Seminar — bad news, sorry! … Chaka Khan may not now be at the November Prestatyn weekender, it’s Guy and Teddy Riley who are being mentioned instead! … MC Jammy Hammy provides the pivotal “male sample” for the now promoed LA Mix featuring Jazzi P ‘Get Loose’ (Breakout USAT 659, not due fully until the end of June), and Atmosfear ‘Dancing In Outer Space’ break beat based (with permission) frantically wordy Jazzi Pauline rapped hip house flier in 126⅘bpm Not For Long Mix, Mike Stevens saxed 0-127-0bpm Atmospheric Sax Dub, and Chad Jackson scratched alternative less frenetic 0-127bpm Rock To The Hardcore Mix versions — Atmosfear appears to always to have been an anthem for rollerskaters, so it was a lucky coincidence that the video is set in a roller disco! … Princess, having extricated herself from a fruitless Polydor contract, returns at the end of June on her brother’s new Touchtown label warbling much as before although with less strong a song the repetitive judderingly throbbing and jangling breezy 120bpm ‘Lover Don’t Go!‘ … Jaki Graham returns after almost as long a hiatus on June 12 with the Paula Abdul-ish very American style jittery chugging ‘From Now On‘, but the initially promoed jerkily thudding 97⅙bpm Here & Now Mix by Shep Pettibone is not the commercial version … London Boys’ follow-up on June 12 is the more stolidly tempoed though similarly textured very European 0-119⅖bpm ‘London Nights‘ … Blacksmith ‘Get Back To Love’ isn’t actually out fully now until June 26, and has an even better swingbeat mix to follow (the one to wait for) … Miles Jaye’s album ‘Irresistible’ is out here now (Fourth & Broadway BRLP 531) … Norman Cook ‘Blame It On The Bassline’ features rapper MC Wildski, on the Go Beat label rather than Go! Discs … Soul II Soul’s newie turns out (on seven inch at least) to have the full title ‘Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)’ … de/Construction Records are releasing Casanovas Revenge ‘Let’s Work‘ here … NWA’s excellent if controversial ‘Straight Outta Compton’ rap album will finally be out here on BCM Records, with ‘Express Yourself‘ as a single … City Beat Records are releasing here the brilliant Koxo Club Band ‘Paradhouse Remix‘ … S’Express’s next single will be the decidedly weird ‘Mantra For A State Of Mind‘, not necessarily a floor filler! … UK promos which might start hitting before full release next week include the Barry Upton produced, Peter Slaghuis mixed, cornily dated volume pumping pop-house Krazy House ‘Krazy House‘ (Supreme), and Australian girl’s reworded Commodores funk oldie reviving Kate Ceberano ‘Young Boys Are My Weakness‘ (London) … Lonnie Gordon, guest vocalist on Simon Harris’s newie, is recording in her own right for Supreme Records … Music Of Life recorded and are issuing as a live album the ‘Hustlers’ Convention‘ rap party they held at the Cafe de Paris following the DJ Convention in March, featuring jams by Daddy Freddy, DJ Mark The 45 King, MC Duke, Latifah, Demon Boyz, Merlin, and Asher D … BMG’s “disconcerting” Eddie Gordon claims that Motown’s upcoming soundtrack album from Spike Lee’s new ‘Do The Right Thing’ movie is the best black soundtrack since ‘Shaft’ — well, the latter was a fully composed orchestral score whereas the new one is merely a compilation album, but, having driven around sun drenched East Kent listening to it for several days, I can confirm it is an excellent compilation with strong newies by Public Enemy (their next single!), Teddy Riley featuring Guy, and EU, plus Perri, Take 6, Ruben Blades, Al Jarreau and more … Theo Loyla’s cottage near Herne Bay, with a distant view of the Reculver towers across buttercups, daisies and grazing ponies, is for sale — contact Seekers. the no commission esate agents, on 0227-367225 … Colchester mixing DJ Conan plus Ben Howard, Mark Smith and DJ ‘H’ have an upfront Groove this Friday (2) at Sudbury’s Tudor Youth Centre — the thought of an upfront Tudor youth is quite a mental image! … I’m outta here — BUT NOT FOR LONG!


TWIN HYPE ‘Do It To The Crowd’ (US Profile PRO-7255)
Instantly massive, this ‘Monkees Theme’ introed then (following some unbroadcastable comments!) ‘Stone Fox Chase’ and many other scurrying and scratching Todd Terry-type samples 0-114⅘bpm rap jiggler (with intro-less Instrumental and Bonus Beats flip) is already scheduled for June 19 release here, and was in fact reviewed off a UK pressing (Profile PROFT 255, via Pinnacle). Hot to trot!

JOYCE SIMS ‘Looking For A Love (Club Mix)’ (ffrr FX 109)
A haunting “grower” as anticipated, this self-penned/arranged/co-produced naggingly attractive flute tootled lightly Latin-style 109⅔-109¾bpm pattering and jiggling swayer (109¾bpm Instrumental and 109⅔bpm Radio Version flip) has been worth the wait, very pleasant – and a probable smash?

KECHIA JENKINS ‘Still Waiting’ (Profile PROFT 250, via Pinnacle)
Originally seen by many as the logical “garage” successor to Chanelle and Adeva, although in the event never quite that big while on import, this now UK issued (and label launching) excellent powerfully wailed timelessly trotting bass snapped and drums smacked strider — with some sneaky quotes from ‘Ring My Bell’! — could still end up that hot, here in just its 115⅕-115bpm Fly Guy Mix, 116⅗-116⅔-0bpm, Damn, That Girl Can Sing Dub, and jerkily bounding 116⅔-0bpm Kechia’s House versions. Continue reading “June 3, 1989: Twin Hype, Joyce Sims, Kechia Jenkins, Sweet Tee, Monie Love”