November 24, 1990: Earth People, Cartouche, Bobby McFerrin, Rum & Black, Eon


KAMIKAZE ONE 85 featuring The Beatles’ The Beatles Juice E.P.’, the record containing the funky drummer remix of ‘Yesterday’ that was reviewed two weeks ago, arrived on my doormat having been sent from I know not whom nor where, but it does exist and is being sold (probably under the counter!) by a select few specialist dance music record shops which you will have to locate for yourselves — please stop calling me about it, as I know no more than I’ve said! . . . fbi, the label on which Ben Liebrand’s remix of Dimples D ‘Sucker DJ’ appears here, is in fact the Disco Mix Club’s new commercial logo — the remix started out on July’s edition of the DMC subscription service, off which it was bootlegged in Italy before DMC had even obtained the rights to release it commercially, which they now of course have done, licensing it in the process to Media Records in Italy where it’s now both large and legal! . . . Snap’s next single is their album’s nursery rhyme adapting ‘Mary Had A Little Boy’, promoed in its Club Edit (121¼-120¾bpm), while Ten City’s will be the lurchingly loping ‘Superficial People’, promoed as a single-sider in Simon Law’s Superficiality Remix (104¾bpm) ahead of full release in a fortnight . . . Soul II Soul’s ‘Missing You’ on seven inch — completists note — is in a sexually healing The Healer Mix (93bpm), matched on the flip by its The Healer Instrumental, this latter being the only Healer version on 12 inch . . . P-X-U’s ‘The Scheme’, reviewed off white label last week, was indeed co-produced by Dave Lee and Mark Ryder, but with its Sheffield based performers, Mark McCormack and William Goring, who have a self-produced ‘Steel City’ EP due soon too . . . Alison Limerick’s jangling piano started then sparsely percussive pulsing attractive Knuckles & Morales Mix (122-121¾bpm) of ‘Where Love Lives’ is reputedly the last that Frankie & Dave will be doing together, flipped by their individual instrumental lush strings backed Knuckles and dry electro Red Zone Mixes (121¾bpm) . . . Monie Love’s A-side Touch Down Mix of ‘Down To Earth’ turns out to be the work of Cooltempo dance supremo Simon Dunmore, the flip’s mixes being by Pete Lorimer and John Wadell respectively . . . N.W.A.’s album, following their notorious ‘100 Miles And Runnin” EP, will be called ‘Efil Rof Zaggin’ (spell it backwards, with attitude!) . . . Rhyme ‘n’ Reason’s rapper Lex scratches up a storm on Orbital’s next single, ‘Satan‘ . . . Shades Of Rhythm, whose ‘Frequency Frequency’ album was hard to find on their own limited SOR Recordings private pressing back in July, have now signed to ZTT and both the LP and new remixes of its tracks ‘The Exorcist’ and ‘Homicide’ will be out properly come January . . . Soul II Soul recording engineers Howie Bernstein and Dobie Campbell have signed to 4th + B’way as recording act Nomad Soul . . . Blip label owner Eric Gooden and his Manchester colleague Melanie Williams, following respective production and vocal experience in Detroit, have formed their own group Temper Temper on Ten Records, for launch in the new year . . . Phil Wells of local shop The Record Basement (40 Station Hill) starts a weekly Nitrous rave at Reading’s Irish Club in Chatham Street this Thursday (22) . . . Run-D.M.C. headline a Kiss 100 fm soul night out this Friday (23) at Brixton’s Academy supported by Innocence, Donna Gardier, Double Trouble’s Collective Effort, MC Duke, N-Joi plus DJs Coldcut, Paul ‘Trouble Those Decks’ Anderson, MC Pugwash and more . . . UK mixing champ DJ Reckless guests at Welling’s The Station this Sunday (25) with resident Doug Hughes, who has a Wednesday guest night there too . . . Jeff Thomas celebrates an 8th Anniversary Party at Swansea’s Martha’s Vineyard next Monday (26) with a return visit by Jeff Young plus PAs by Kariya and more . . . The Sindecut guest the same night at Unique 3 DJs Cutz & Edzy’s Monday 10pm-2am Phase 3 night in Bradford’s Wall Street, with deep house, hard hip hop and selected grooves . . . Dave Charnley is joined at Blackpool’s Hackett’s on Central Drive by Bedrock DJs Sasha and Marcus on Tuesdays, the same plus John J. on packed rave Fridays, and by Paul Oakenfold alternating every other week with Sasha on Saturdays . . . Virgin in a fortnight releases a ‘Dance Energy‘ double album compilation, from various labels, featuring hits by 32 of the acts appearing on BBC2-tv’s series of the same name . . . Chris Brown wonders when the Pasadenas will do a Philly flavoured cover of Kylie Minogue’s ‘Step Back In Time’?! . . . DAMN’ FINE!


EARTH PEOPLE ‘Dance’ (Champion CHAMP R12-258)
Still included on the flip in its original Club Mix (124bpm), this ‘Pal Joey’ Longo created wickedly catchy Chic ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’ quoting sax tootled summer floorfiller is now out here again as a Party Remix (122bpm) which, from the recently reviewed ‘DJ Breaks Classics Vol. 3’ US Underworld Records EP, is actually Reynald ‘Crazy Frenchman’ Deschamps’ excellent ‘Earth People Dance Party Mix’ (kicked off by a typically declaimed introduction to Pal Joey by James Brown’s valet Danny Ray), plus Reynald’s alternative here edited Party Remix Instrumental (122bpm), while the flip also features for added, already great, value the older jiggly snapping ‘Reach Up To Mars‘ (121bpm), the rhythm of which is used in the above remixes.

CARTOUCHE ‘Feel The Groove’ (123bpm) (The Brothers Organisation 12 BORG 21, via BMG)
Rushed out here hard on the heels of its fast selling Dutch import pressing, this Serge Ramaekers created tribute to a club called Cartouche is a simple Myrelle Tholen (daughter of R&B band leader Johnny Otis) chanted and piano pounded frantic Italo house type whomper punctuated by all sorts of familiar exhortations, with an Instrumental in which Jean Paul Visser’s vocoder snarled refrain shows up more, plus a new sparser thrumming B-side dub (123½bpm) that wasn’t on the import.

BOBBY McFERRIN ‘I’m Crazy About Your Body’ (97½bpm)
Apparently created by the team who also combined ‘The Power Of Human Nature’ back in the summer, this totally blank (apart from an etched “It wasn’t us your honour”!) label-less bootleg brilliantly sets Bobby’s original of his Cadbury’s commercial tune to funkily burbling beats woven from several sources, flipped by a terrific jazzy piano instrumental over the same rhythm track (97¾bpm), plus that rhythm in unadorned dubwise form.

RUM & BLACK ‘F*** The Legal Stations’ (123¾bpm) (Shut Up And Dance Records SUAD 8)
Repeatedly punctuated by a “Turn off that motherf***in’ radio” comment borrowed from Ice Cube’s ‘AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted’ album, which seems likely to get it banned like N.W.A. at many stores, this acid guitar looping angrily churning and scrubbing instrumental rumbler is already flying out of specialist dance music stockists, flipped by the bleeped and boomed frantically throbbing ‘I’m Not In Love‘ (127¼bpm) with an occasionally repeated female title line.

EON ‘Spice’ (Vinyl Solution STORM 22, via SRD)
DJ ‘Ian B.’ Loveday’s latest raver is a ‘Dune’ inspired frantically exciting, stuttering, twittering and bleeping leaper that drives headlong through its Original Mix With Notes (127½bpm), flipped at 33⅓rpm by alternative The Baron’s Dub and jerky stark J. Saul Kane Version mixes (127¾bpm), all stun-gunned by gated bleeps like Tyrone Brunson’s ‘The Smurf’.

LESS STRESS ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ (89bpm) (Boy’s Own Productions BOIX 4, via ffrr)
Selling fast now it’s out, this Katherine Wood wailed naggingly familiar “hey now, hey now” swayer plods mesmerically along over rumbling and tapping dubwise beats, flipped by the same though retitled breakbeat with instead a ragga rap by 15 years old Younger Youth as ‘Freedom‘, and overdubbed Woodstock festival stage announcements as ‘A New Dawn (With A Little Help From Our Friends)‘.

BIZARRE INC ‘(Non Static) Bizarre Theme’ (124bpm) (Vinyl Solution STORM 20, via SRD)
Created by Stafford’s Nexus 21 associated Andrew Meechoum, Dean Meredith & Carl Turner (whose earlier ‘It’s Time To Get Funky’ was on Blue Chip Recordings), this bass synth thrummed and atmospheric tones washed galloping techno bleeper is much more excitingly coupled with the squiggly low frequency oscillations driven and ‘Jingo’-ish chants prodded vigorously bashing ‘X-Static‘ (124¾bpm), worth checking.

GUY ‘The Future’ (US MCA Records MCA-10115)
Soulfully mumbling, chanting and wailing Teddy Riley (who produced), Aaron Hall and Damion Hall’s latest — often quite Stevie Wonder-ish — new jack swing album was last week’s biggest seller at some shops, with the lead swappingly rapped JB-ish ‘Gotta Be A Leader’ (110bpm), smoothly grooving Wonder-ful ‘Teddy’s Jam 2‘ (109bpm), lovely huskily and mushily crooned rolling ‘The Future‘ (107bpm), P’funkily snapping ‘D-O-G Me Out‘ (111bpm), strainingly moaned jiggly rolling ‘Let’s Stay Together‘ (106bpm), currently 12-inched tightly chugging ‘Wanna Get With U‘ (110bpm), jauntily jiggling ‘Her‘ (114½bpm), Aqil Davidson rapped wordy ‘Total Control‘ (101bpm), mildly jittering ‘Do Me Right‘ (106bpm), romantically weaving ‘Let’s Chill‘ (74½bpm), smoochily drifting ‘Tease Me Tonite’ (37½/75bpm), “in memoriam” introed sombre ‘Long Gone’ (75bpm).

RUN-D.M.C. ‘What’s It All About’ (109bpm) (Profile PROFT 315, via Pinnacle)
With a hook line that seems inspired by the old ‘(What’s It All About) Alfie’ Michael Caine movie theme song, this eagerly awaited return to hardcore rapping form is an enthusiastic catchily rolling jiggler, not for radio play in its full 12 inch form, flipped though by a naughty words reversing Radio Version of the police sirens punctuated and at times reggae accented heavily lurching raucous ‘The Ave.‘ (95¼bpm), perhaps of more long lasting interest, flipped by their respective Instrumentals.

SWEET EXORCIST ‘Clonk’ (125¾bpm) (W.A.R.P. Records WAP 9, via Rough Trade)
In a deliberate move by Sheffield’s Exorcism club DJ Parrot and Cabaret Voltaire member Richard Kirk to get away from the “bleep culture” that their earlier ‘Testone’ helped to found, this is a low frequency bass clonker (as opposed to bleeper!) which taps and pants for quite a while to begin with before beefing up into a more coherently bounding, plopping and twiddling groove in both its Free Bass and also jerkily structured though slightly fuller from the start Home Bass mixes.

GENASIDE II ‘The Alchemist (Quadrapartheid Mix)’ (118¾bpm) (Jumpin’ & Pumpin’ 12TOT 9, via Pinnacle)
Shy Da Eye, Uzi Da Fluzi, Peace Tracy, Jaz, Papa Beat and The Don’s new jazzy slow sax started then fiercely thrashing frantic angry droning instrumental churner (with a surprise brief ‘Tramp’ rhythm break, and smurfs outro) has if anything sold better initially for the flip’s smurfs (and ‘Hot, Hot, Hot’ quoting “old old, old old”) prodded throbbingly shuffling In-between Minds Remix (123¾bpm) of their recent ‘Death Of The Kamikazee’. Two mixes of each side are suggested on the sleeve but only one of each is on vinyl.

CATCH ‘Free (C’Mon) (Rap 4 Freedom)’ (123¾bpm) (ffrr FXR 147)
The popular raver is now hotter than ever, remixed by Arthur Baker with Two To The Second Power rapping through its Roger Daltrey-ish “I’m free” squawks and infectiously locomoting speedy new rhythm, flipped by “free free free, to be, you and me” repeating Freedom Chant and chugging instrumental Dub 4 Freedom versions.

BLACK BOX ‘Fantasy (Big Band Remix)’ (98bpm) (de/Construction Records PT 43900)
Unrecognisably different, Daniele ‘DJ Lelewel’ Davoli’s chunkily clomping radical remix is prodded by organ chords and braying brass as it thumpingly chugs along eventually to marry with Martha Wash’s familiar wailing vocal, a brilliant alternative, flipped by its guy rapped ‘Get Down’ adaptation in similarly driven Party Remix and flute tootled Afro Mix versions (98¾bpm).

THE SCIENTIST ‘The Bee’ (125½bpm) (Kickin/GTi Records GTI 014T, via SRD)
The 17 year old keyboards prodigy’s brand new cheerfully plinking and skipping electro instrumental is overdubbed by possibly the ultimate bleep, an infuriatingly buzzzzzing bee effect (without any Pink Floyd-like swatting effect to end it!), flipped by a funkier Base Mix (125¾bpm) plus the baby gurgled lightly bleeping ‘My First Memory‘ (127¾bpm), and is already hitting on white label while out this week is his frantically flurrying, piping and chiming, ‘The Exorcist II (The Remix)‘ (131¾bpm) (Kickin/GTi Records KICK 1TR) flipped by further new alternative Exorcised (131¾bpm) and Possessed (131½bpm) Mixes too.

CARON WHEELER ‘UK Blak’ (103¼bpm) (RCA PT 43720)
Her sweetly cooed sinuous Soul II Soul-ish jiggler was promoed as a fractionally faster four-tracker but has come out commercially flipped by a starker juddering Dub plus the flute tootled breathily undulating ‘Burn Inside‘ (80bpm), or now also as the jauntily squidging reggae prodded ‘UK Blak (Steely & Clevie Ragga Rub)‘ (102¼bpm) (RCA PT 43722) flipped by a lyrics emphasising Twilight Mix (103¼bpm) plus the percussive afro ‘Kama Yo (Club Rub)‘ (114-113½bpm).

HIBRID ‘Hypnotizin’ (117¾bpm) (Megablast Recordings MEGA-S-01, via 061-953 4003)
Promoed on 33⅓rpm white label some months ago and now getting a tickle (although still hard to find), this Manchester set-up’s Danny Bennett produced good tinkling electro burbler weaves together beats and quotes from Tyrone Brunson’s ‘The Smurf and Raw Silk’s ‘Do It To The Music’ (its “everybody’s hypnotizin'” title line), amongst others, and along with the funkily loping breakbeat ‘Style’ (113½bpm) is really B-side to the Jimi Hendrix-ishly punctuated unrelated jiggly churning frenetic hip house rap ‘Twisted Tambourine‘ (117¾bpm).

KIM APPLEBY ‘Don’t Worry’ (Parlophone 12R 6272)
Her pop hit seems awfully Hi-NRG in the frothily galloping version most commonly experienced on radio and TV, and is indeed Hi-NRG in the 12 inch A-side’s long instrumental preambled The Stressed Out Mix (123bpm), but on the flip is in an alternative tighter and sultrier Crypt Mix (122¾bpm) plus, totally different, a reggae-ish street soul/slow funk jogged The Phil Chill Mix (104¼bpm). It’s a good little song, in whatever treatment.

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST ‘Can I Kick It?’ (US Jive 1400-1-JD)
Crediting Lou Reed’s ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ as the source of its bassline sample, this lethargically rolling muttered repetitive rap has teasingly introed Spirit Mix, Edit (96¾bpm), LP Version (96½bpm), short jazzy Spirits (95¾bpm), and Denmark remixed totally different Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band ‘Fried Okra’ backed Phase 5 Mix (101bpm) treatments, plus the Afrika Baby Bam guesting slinky jazz organ backed brand new wordily drawled ‘If The Papes Come‘ (sic) and its Remix (95¾bpm).

ELECTRIBE 101 ‘Inside Out (Anti-Pop Mix)’ (111¾bpm) (Mercury MERX 335)
Originally promoed in this cool then anguished Billie Ray Martin cooed and wailed funkily jiggling version, flipped by the more typical smoothly ticking ‘Electribal Memories‘ (115¾bpm), this remake of Odyssey’s 1982 classic has also been released commercially at the same time in a separate totally different calmly trotting Molison/Cotsworth/Maunick remixed MCM Mix (111bpm) (Mercury MERXR 335), flipped now by a Pop Mix (112bpm) that combines both approaches, and a ‘Mummy I’m Sick, I’m Underwater‘ (110¾bpm) instrumental adaptation of the Anti-Pop Mix’s backing.

BELL BIV DeVOE ‘B.B.D. (I Thought It Was Me)?’ (106¼bpm) (US MCA Records MCA12 53899)
Produced and co-penned by Public Enemy’s Hank Shocklee, Eric ‘Vietnam’ Sadler & Keith Shocklee, this US R&B chart-topping tenderly whispered and crooned, schlurping and jiggling new jack swinger is in confusion introed Extended, Radio, Instrumental and vocal-less Suite Versions.

OVERMAN ‘The Result’ (124bpm) (BMP Records BMPT 001, via Rough Trade)
Big in Birmingham, this bass synth grumbled tapping and jangling bleeper builds breezy power, flipped by the tabla blooped percussively cantering simple ‘I’m Late‘ (120bpm) and fiercely scampering ‘Time To Burn‘ (128bpm), all totally instrumental.

L.L. COOL J ‘Around The Way Girl’ (US Def Jam recordings 44 73610)
Inspired in part by the bassline and quotes from the Mary Jane Girls’ ‘All Night Long’, this nicely worded undulating rap jogger is in its gentle LP Version (101bpm), plus four far tougher remixes by The Untouchables (DJ Eddie F, Nevelle & Dave Hall), the Untouchables Remix, New Bass, Instrumental and Jazzy Mixes (105½bpm).

CUT 2 KILL ‘Listen To The Basstone’ (122¼bpm) (Tam Tam Records TTT 032, via Pacific)
Scratching, squiggling and bubbling, this brightly trotting hip house rap canterer is flipped by its Instrumental plus the more chattery jiggling ‘Talkin’ Facts‘ (111¼bpm), which brings the noise amidst its busy scratching.

WHERE ‘Love Odyssey’ (122¾-122½bpm) (MACS 6)
Uninformatively labelled, this Icehouse created throbbingly lurching electro strider bleeps a bit with some stuttery effects halfway too, many of the noises from which it’s built sounding familiar, the same mix appearing to be on both sides.

PICTURE PERFECT ‘Loose Flutes’ (US Big Productions BP-1002)
Created by ‘Big Paul’ Punzone, Gene Sicard & Bruce B. Fisher, this friskily scurrying instrumental leaper is in refreshingly dated disco style with Donna Summer-ish sexy moaning by Cheryl and Vicky and some trilling flutes in its Flute House Mix (122¾bpm), or lots of moaning before its breezily hustling electro droned Loose Moana Libra Dub (122½bpm).

ASYLUM ‘Instrumental Ward’ (118¼bpm) (US Nugroove NG 065)
Another week, another Rheji Burrell creation, this being an oddly titled lurching instrumental in plinky guitar picked and vamping keyboard chorded Guitarz, vocal harmonies washed more sombre Voicez, disjointedly thrummed and tinkled Vibez, and synthetic brass prodded Hornz versions.

TECH NINE ‘Slam Jam’ (US Strictly Rhythm SR 1218)
Todd Terry’s latest creation, this “whoa, Black Betty, bamma lam” quotes punctuated lurching shuffler is in Garage and The Dope Mixes (120½bpm), The Rubba Mix (119¾bpm), and — probably strongest — a rapping Vocal Dub (120bpm) with a T-Connection break, vocals (the rap?) being credited to Sadiq.

NICOLETTE ‘School Of The World’ (127½bpm) (Shut Up And Dance Records SUAD 9)
Sweetly moaned and warbled by a multi-tracked girl who’s often so off-key that she clashes with herself, this odd wriggly little leaper — far from being painful (although some might think it so) — is strangely mesmeric as a result, and flipped by the more solidly wriggling and surging, at times ‘Din Daa Daa’-ishly backed, less vocal ‘Single Minded People‘ (129¾bpm).

DIGITAL DISTORTION ‘Shoombadooba’ (117½bpm) (US Atmosphere Records AT-5)
Nothing to do with Danny Rampling, this ‘Din Daa Daa’-ish stuttery scatted (but the guys never exactly go “shoombadooba”) bassily buzzing jittery lurcher has some fiercely freaky effects but isn’t really a bleeper as we would know it, and kicks off a Jimmy T. Alfano & Mike Lafferty created electro-ish four-tracker, also featuring the good if old fashioned acid house ‘Take Your Soul‘ (123¾bpm), “what time is it?” repeating sparsely hip house-ish ‘Da Base‘ (119¾bpm), and gently chiming resonant ‘Mellow Bug‘ (107¾bpm).

THE CLUB CHART – November 24, 1990

COMPILED BY ALAN JONES FROM A SAMPLE OF OVER 400 DJ RETURNS AND SHOP SALES. THIS WEEK’S SHOPS: W.A.R.P. (Sheffield), Record & Disco Centre (Pinner), Trax (London), Replay (Bristol), Manchester Underground (Manchester) and 23rd Precinct (Glasgow).

01 01 DOWN TO EARTH (TOUCH DOWN MIX) Monie Love, Cooltempo 12in promo
02 20 MISSING YOU (THUMPIN’ BASS MIX) Soul II Soul (Vocals: Kym MazeIle), Ten 12in promo
03 04 UK BLAK Caron Wheeler, RCA 12in
04 18 FOUND LOVE (CAIPIRINA REMIX) Double Dee featuring Dany, Epic 12in
06 35 LOVE’S GOT ME (EXTENDED VERSION) Loose Ends, Ten 12in
08 17 WHERE LOVE LIVES (RED ZONE MIX) Alison Limerick, Arista 12in
09 07 FANTASY Black Box, de/Construction 12in
10 78 WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT Run DMC, Profile 12in promo
11 10 SINCE DAY ONE (REMIX) Teena Marie, Epic 12in promo
13 36 LOVE COME DOWN (NORMAN NORMAL MIX) Eve Gallagher, More Protein 12in
14 09 IN ZAIRE African Business, Urban 12in
15 02 AFTERMATH/I’M FOR REAL Nightmares On Wax, W.A.R.P. 12in
16 29 A PLACE CALLED BLISS (LAST THURSDAY MIX) Cyclone, Network 12in promo
18 92 A MATTER OF FACT (CLASSIC MIX) Innocence, Cooltempo 12in white label
19 06 ANTHEM N-Joi, de/Construction 12in
20 03 LET’S PUSH IT (BIG BEAT MIX) Innocence, Cooltempo 12in promo
21 23 THUNDER II Renegade Soundwave, Mute 12in promo
22 — FEEL THE GROOVE Cartouche, Brothers Organisation 12in
23 33 DANGEROUS ON THE DANCEFLOOR (CLUB REMIX) Musto & Bones, Citybeat 12in
24 19 CULTURE (DANCEHALL MIX) Rebel MC/COMIN’ ON STRONG Rebel MC (featuring Tenor Fly), Desire 12in promo
25 30 RHYTHM TAKES CONTROL (ORIGINAL STYLE MIX) Unique 3 (featuring Karin), Ten 12in
26 08 ELEVATION Xpansions, Optimism/Arista 12in
28 94 (I WANNA GIVE YOU) DEVOTION Nomad featuring MC Mikee Freedom, Rumour 12in
29 38 SUCKER DJ Dimples D, FBI 12in promo
30 53 RESPECT Daddy Freddy, Music Of Life 12in promo
31 — CELEBRATE (CLUB MIX) Double Trouble’s Collective Effort, Desire 12in promo
32 — GONNA MAKE YOU SWEAT (EVERYBODY DANCE NOW) (SLAMMIN’ VOCAL CLUB MIX) C&C Music Factory (featuring Freedom Williams), CBS 12in promo
34 13 I HATE HATE (SOUTHWARK ST. MIX) The Sound Of Shoom featuring Eusebe, Creation 12in
36 24 LITTLE BROTHER/RUNNING UP THAT HILL Blue Pearl, W.A.U!/Mr. Modo/Big Life 12in
37 re I’LL BE THERE (PUMPHOUSE REMIX) Donna Gardier, Pump House/Virgin 12in promo
38 72 BORN TO LOVE YA Rozala, Pulse-8 12in white label
39 81 SHARE (CLUB) Jomanda, Big Beat 12in promo
41 44 CLONK Sweet Exorcist, W.A.R.P. 12in promo
42 67 STAND STRONG (THE BLACKSMITH REMIXES) Junior, MCA 12in double-pack promo
43 100 WALKING ON SUNSHINE (REMIX) Loopzilla, Noise 12in white label
44 25 I’M THE ONE (EXTENDED VERSION) Steve Harvey, A&M PM 12in promo
45 66 MISS MY LOVE (URBAN MIX) Gwen Guthrie, Reprise 12in
47 — THE GONZO Lost, Perfecto 12in promo
48 39 MOVE TO THE BIGBAND (CLUB MIX) Ben Liebrand, Epic 12in
49 — LOVE IS THE MESSAGE (HELLER/FARLEY REMIX) Better Days, Virgin 12in promo
50 41 RHYTHM OF LIFE (MIXES) Oleta Adams, Fontana 12in
51 85 ALONE Part’E’Unknown, Big World 12in promo
52 52 CAN’T STOP (ONE WORLD 12″) After 7, Virgin America 12in
53 28 CAN’T DO NUTTIN’ FOR YA MAN (FULL RUB MIX) Public Enemy, Def Jam 12in
54 — LET’S GET ON THE MOVE Maude, Upfront 12in promo
55 97 SOLID GOLD (VERSION) Ashley & Jackson, DFM/Big Life 12in promo
56 96 THE BEE The Scientist, Kickin 12in promo
57 34 SEVEN STARS Quazar, Dutch Go Bang 12in
58 91 STAY/LOVE COMES TO MIND The Chimes, CBS 12in
59 57 INSIDE OUT (ANTI-POP MIX) Electribe 101, Mercury 12in promo
60 89 H.O.U.S.E. (BENADEF MIX) Doug Lazy, East West 12in promo
61 42 HYPNOTIZIN Hibrid, Megablast Recordings 12in
62 — MR KIRK’S NIGHTMARE 4 Hero, Reinforced 12in
63 — AFRICAN REIGN (12″ MIX) Deep C, M&G 12in promo
64 88 COLD SENSATION Liquid Empire, Tam Tam 12in white label
65 — NEW FOUND LOVE (VOCAL MIX) The Addis Posse introducing The Housemaids, Warriors Dance 12in white label
66 — GET YA SELF TOGETHER (JEALOUSY MIX) Kash Da Masta, Big One 12in promo
67 48 ONE WAY ONLY Synergy, Dedicated 12in promo
68 45 THE SCHEME F-X-U, Made On Earth 12in
69 27 IT’S ALRIGHT NOW (BACK TO BASICS) Beloved, East West 12in promo
70 64 GET YOURSELF TOGETHER Young Disciples, Talking Loud 12in
71 — I CAN’T TAKE THE POWER Offshore, German CBS 12in
72 — SAMPLE FREE (EP) Solo, 12in white label
73 — KEEP IT UP! Y.B.U. featuring Anneli Marian Drecker, SSR 12in promo
74 21 FREE (C’MON) (TO THE POINT MIX) Catch, ffrr 12in
75 — COME ON AND DANCE Hi Tek 3 featuring MC Shamrock, Brothers Organisation 12in
76 — F*** THE LEGAL STATIONS Rum & Black, Shut Up And Dance 12in promo
78 — STILL FEEL THE RAIN Stex, Some Bizzare 12in white label
79 — ICE ICE BABY (MIAMI DROP MIX) Vanilla Ice, SBK 12in
80 — ALL TOGETHER NOW (ORIGINAL MIX) The Farm, Produce 12in white label
81 — SLOW MOTION (FULL VERSION) Gerald Alston, Taj/Motown 12in promo
82 — INFINITE Virtual Energy, Energy 12in white label
83 — FIRECRACKER (OPTIMISTIC MIX) Firecracker, Optimism 12in
84 12 FREQUENCY/DEMONS Rhythmatic, 0742/Network 10in
85 — UNTRUE AFFECTION Blue Jean Regime, Brainiak 12in
87 86 BACK2BACK Pressure Drop, Big World 12in promo
88 69 FRY YOU LIKE FISH (JAZZ REMIX) Caveman, Profile 12in
89 75 GIVE IT UP Creation, de/Construction 12in
90 61 IT’S REAL (12″ VOCAL) James Ingram, Warner Bros 12in
91 50 CAN YOU FEEL ME Incognito, Talkin Loud 12in promo
92 22 LOVE WILL NEVER DO (WITHOUT YOU) Janet Jackson, A&M PM 12in
93 16 DIFFERENCE (STENG MIX) Djum Djum, Outer Rhythm 12in promo
94 73 KEEP IT UP L.U.P.O., Low Spirit/Yo-bro 12in promo
95 re KEEP GROOVIN (ORIGINAL MIX) T.D.C., Big One 12in
96 59 TRANSFUSION Blood Brothers, Big World 12in white label
97 42 NENA DE IBIZA (VOCAL) Crazy Eddie + Q.Q. Freestyle, Creation 12in
98 32 CAN’T GIVE YOU UP (FULL CLUB MIX) Life On Earth, RePublic 12in promo
99 — ARE YOU DREAMING Twenty 4 Seven, BCM 12in
100 90 SPLIFFHEAD/ILLEGAL GUNSHOT The Ragga Twins, Shut Up And Dance 12in

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