January 26, 1991: 2 In A Room, Deskee, The Source/Candi Staton, Lindy Layton, 808 State


RADIO STATIONS have pruned their playlists and oldies to ensure that no records that might cause distress during the Gulf War are played: oldies you won’t be hearing include Adamski’s ‘Killer’ (even though the song’s title isn’t mentioned in the record), and Edwin Starr’s ‘War’ and Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Two Tribes (Go To War)’. Meanwhile, The KLF’s ‘3am Eternal’ has been requested by radio stations as an edit without its gunfire intro, and A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Can I Kick It?’ is being avoided in its Boilerhouse Mix because of the normally innocuous “This is the sound of an invasion, a musical invasion of America” intro (as for Iron Maiden’s ‘Bring Your Daughter…To The Slaughter’, forget it!) . . .  Bomb The Bass might not be the best name to have just now, as a consequence . . .  LA Mix’s upcoming album (out early February) has a dynamite adaptation of the Whispers’ ‘It’s A Love Thing’, the D. Marcus C. rapped ‘Love Thang‘, which A&M in the States have freaked over and which will be a sure fire crossover hit when out here — the trouble is, we look like getting instead the pleasant enough Leslie George and Juliet Roberts duetted lovey dovey radio ballad ‘We Shouldn’t Hold Hands In The Dark‘ as the immediate follow-up to ‘Mysteries Of Love’, a much greater gamble for the chart and hardly the guaranteed dancefloor smash that the rap would be . . . Sheyla Aslan moved this week from Tam Tam Records to replace the now radio plugging Bob Masters as dance promotions manager at A&M, but DJs need not reapply as she has taken her mailing list with her . . .  Belfast’s largest stockist of imports, white labels and dance material in general, The Gramophone Shop now re-opens after closing to the public every Tuesday evening between 6-8.30pm as a membership card controlled preview club for DJs and vinyl junkies, with the birdman Mark ‘Mk1’ Smyth and Dave spinning all the latest newies nice and loud — record companies interested in supplying upfront promos can contact them on 0232 321172 for details . . . Mark Archer’s previously mentioned percussionist father plays live bongos on Nexus 21’s just completed new ‘Nexus‘ and ‘No Statues‘, while ‘Why’, another techno bleeper completed by them in Stafford last week, is a collaboration with Jay Denham from Fade To Black — incidentally, despite all the tongue in cheek hype about ‘Techno City UK’, Mark’s C&M Connection partner Chris Peat advises that nothing much actually happens in Stafford (no, surely?), so don’t all flock there expecting too much! . . .  Gracie Fields’ real surname was Stansfield, but apparently she was no relation of Rochdale’s other more recently famous lassie from Lancashire, Lisa . . .  Love Inc. is the collective name for several of the separate signings to Dave Dorrell’s own Love Records, their ‘Love Is The Message‘ (EVOLX 1, via Polydor, out this week) featuring rapper MC Noise and vocalists Sylvia Mason James and Roman, an Italo-type frenetic jitterer created by Phil (United Funk Industries) Mills & Bruce Smith and remixed by — their first ever outside commission — Black Box’s Daniele ‘DJ Lelewel’ Davoli, Mirko Limoni & Valerio Semptici (hence the Italo sound!), in wheezy dry synth chords scrubbed Love Love Love and possibly preferable less cluttered fluttery synth driven Philadelphia Mixes (121½bpm), plus a piano backed thumping short Baby Love Mix (121¾bpm) . . . Kenny Thomas’s ‘Outstanding’ was produced by Adrenalin M.O.D. member Richie Fermié and DJ Glen Gunner, and remixed by DJ/Cooltempo dance music supremo Simon Dunmore, details missing from the white label promos previously seen . . . Frank “K” featuring Wiston Office’s ‘Everybody Let’s Somebody Love’ turns out here to be A-sided by its Chic ‘I Want Your Love’ strings swirled To Michael Mix, with the Club and Frank “K” Mixes as flip (all fractionally closer to 120bpm than before), but minus the import’s Bonus Conga break beat . . . Dee Dee Brave’s ‘My My Lover’ (US Movin’ Records MR010) was produced by the elsewhere Teulé assisting Kerri ‘Kaoz 6.23’ Chandler, a cooing and wailing stridently pitched girl’s title repeating but otherwise largely lyricless brisk garage strider in his episodically surging Kaoz Again Mix and more tightly bounding Original Mix (120¼bpm), or much better on the B-side (120bpm) in Glen ‘Paradise’ Pickney’s pipes tootled then sturdily whomping Just Like Paradise (with less of the title and more Madonna-ish muttering) and David Camacho’s vigorous 1986 style house instrumental Camacho Pumping Mix . . . Shep Pettibone has remixed ‘Rescue Me‘ as Madonna’s next single . . . VoiDOid this Wednesday (Jan 23) at the Octagon in Bangor, North Wales, start going weekly with their previously less regular Chaos rave (a name they’ve been using since before it became so clichéd — but, they say, it doesn’t matter much in Bangor, where flares are just catching on from the last time they were in!) . . . ‘Country Boy’ Lloyd and the band Visualize make their live debut also this Wednesday at London’s City University students’ union rave . . . Kid Smurf kicks off a Hive night next Monday (Jan 28) at London’s Borderline, due then to be the last Monday of each month, with himself and his sister Niki Da Silva (no relation to Jon!) spinning garage, soul and rap . . . Dave Wheeler and Charlie plus weekly guest jocks run a free admission house/soul Liquid Lunch every Saturday afternoon 1-5pm in Richmond’s Caines pub, on Lower Richmond Road (A316) . . . Jason Black has taken over from Craig Williams as resident jock at Flicks Nightclub in Brechin, near Montrose, Tayside . . . BBC2-tv on Mondays during its 6.30pm ‘Def II’ slot is now showing the US sitcom in which Monie Love is apparently due to become a cast member, ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’, sort of ‘The Cosby Show’ (or, more particularly, its spinoff ‘A Different World’) meets ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ (and isn’t that a good one, too?) starring DJ Jazzy Jeff’s partner Will ‘The Fresh Prince’ Smith as a Philadelphia rapper staying with his very upwardly mobile and respectable aunt and uncle’s family where the rich folks live in Los Angeles. Benny Medina, vice president of dance music at US Warner Bros Records, co-conceived and co-produces the series, while ‘Fame’ TV star Debbie Allen directed at least the first episode . . . AS IT GROOVES!

Reviewed by DJ Streets Ahead and James Hamilton

TECHNOMANIA FEATURING EMMA HAYWOODE ‘(You’re Puttin’) A Rush On Me (Embrace The Bass Mix)’
CAUSE ‘N’ EFFECT ‘Hype’ / ‘That’s What It Is’
KING SUN ‘Be Black
RICHARD ROGERS ‘Spread A Little Love’ / ‘R R Beats
CUTTY RANKS ‘The Stopper (Main Attraction Remix)
CHAPTER & THE VERSE ‘Black Whip’ / ‘Travelling Man’ (Part 1/Part 2)
BOMB THE BASS ‘Love So True’ / ‘Understand This’ / ‘You See Me In 3-D

2 IN A ROOM ‘Wiggle It’ (SBK 12SBK 19)
A big US pop crossover since it was first on import back in August, selling fast now it’s finally out here, this George Morel produced jauntily bounding hip house galloper has a particularly catchy chantalong rap (originally credited to a guy called Dose Material although Rafael Vargas and Rog Nice are the names who currently front it), leaping here through just its original pressing’s short Club Edit (122¾bpm), instrumental Dub Mix (122½bpm), and a newer long episodic Def Wiggle Mix (123bpm) with a bleeping acid finale. Radio likes it, so it could be huge.

DESKEE ‘Kid Get Hyped’ (123bpm) (Big One VVBIG 27, via Rough Trade)
Excitingly produced by WestBam, this frantically leaping jaunty Euro hip house rap has the catchy (if inane!) refrain, “jump, stomp, kid get hyped, it’s just that type”, in hollow bass whomped chugging Vocal, Raydio, bubblier percolating Raw and Dub Mixes, instantly huge on promo and sure to explode now that it’s out, this week.

THE SOURCE featuring CANDI STATON ‘You Got The Love’ (Truelove TLOVE 1 DJ, via React)
Due by now with Olimax’s as yet unheard new Morning Time Mix on the commercial pressing, this previously bootlegged and much ballyhooed ‘Love/Rock’ combination of Candi’s 1986 vocal over Jamie Principle’s ‘Your Love’ has been initially promoed on a D.J. L.T.D. white label, coupling (on the B side if you examine the etched matrix number) the original plinky plunking Eren’s Bootleg Mix (114¾-115½bpm) with a new “12 o’clock precisely” speaking clock introed more ponderously thumping Jolly James Remix (112bpm).

LINDY LAYTON ‘Echo My Heart (Extended Mix)’ (99bpm) (Arista 613 845)
Selling fast in London at least, this Martin Phillips produced strong Soul II Soul-ish bumpily shuffling and jiggling breathy swayer was for some reason promoed just in the flip’s less intense Grand Canyon Mix (98¾bpm), coupled also by the accordion accented even sultrier solidly rolling ‘This Isn’t Fair’ (91¼bpm), all impressively more mature than her earlier efforts.

808 STATE ‘In Yer Face’ (ZTT ZANG 14T, via WEA)
Hitting on promo well ahead of its February 11 release, this Yazoo-ishly chorded juddery bright rumbling bleeper sounds something like an electronic jungle, in noisy though slow synth (and some narration about America which may need editing in the current situation) started In Yer Face Mix (116¼bpm) and calmer started then rattling Facially Yours Remix (115¾bpm) versions, flipped by the odd jerkily clanking and lurching electro reggae ‘Leo Leo‘ (123¾bpm) frantically ragga rapped by Raagman (apparently one of MC Tunes’ dancers), with its Poonchanting Instrumental too.

HARDCORE ‘Hey R. U. Ready’ (129½bpm) (XL Recordings XLT-16, via WEA)
On a 33⅓rpm four-tracker classified as an album in the Gallup charts, Brighton DJ Dave Clarke’s latest raving creations are this samples prodded chanting ultra frantic jerky leaper, the guitar feedback introed excitingly tense Belgian style bounding, rattling and droning ‘United Nation‘ (127bpm), and the odd slow thumping reggae style ‘Jah Beach‘ (83bpm) in two mixes.

ALEXANDER O’NEAL ‘All True Man’ (Tabu 465882 1)
Created by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis except where individual tracks are noted to the contrary, the throatily gruff well girdled soulster’s eagerly awaited new album tightly segues through the routine ‘Fake’-ish ‘Time Is Running Out’ (111¼bpm), “rhythm” and then “I gotta get up on the rhythm” repeating shuffly chugging ‘The Yoke (G.U.O.T.R.)‘ (108bpm), Lance Alexander & Tony ‘prof. t.’ Tolbert created pleasant jiggling ‘Every Time I Get Up‘ (108½bpm), stark staccato jolting ‘Somebody (Changed Your Mind)‘ (112bpm), Foster McElroy created gently shuffling ‘Midnight Run‘ (104bpm), Jellybean Johnson produced guitar yowled rasping ‘Used‘ (114½bpm), current UK hit ‘All True Man‘ (104¾bpm), meandering ‘Sentimental‘ (61/30½bpm), attractively swirling and smacking — perhaps the set’s future classic — ‘What Is This Thing Called Love?‘ (114bpm), drifting ‘The Morning After’ (35/70bpm), Alexander & Tolbert created huskily smoochy ‘Hang On’ (74½bpm), doodling ‘Shame On Me’ (36¾bpm), none being exactly revolutionary but that won’t disappoint all true fans.

JOHNNY PANIC! ‘Johnny Panic & The Bible Of Dreams’ (fontana PANIC 112)
By in fact a pseudonymous Tears For Fears, this gently jiggling Soul II Soul-ishly undulating new remix by Fluke of a former B-side adaptation of ‘Sowing The Seeds Of Love’, with Biti Strauchn (is that an anagram?) supplying its female rap vocal, is out this week as promoed in a lushly washed attractive Mix One (93½bpm) flipped by a more starkly backed but still bouncy Mix Two (93¾bpm) — although the sleeve labels them as respectively 118bpm and 116bpm, shurely shome mishtake?!

SOHO ‘Hippychick (Remix)’ (S&M 12-RR-SAV 106, via Sony Music Operations)
Reissued also inevitably as a remix, last summer’s Bo Diddley-ish Johnny Marr guitar twanged and plaintive girls nagged catchy jogger (subsequently a big US hit) is now in a bouncily lurching Steve Proctor Mix (99½bpm) flipped by Ben & Andy’s interesting stark funky drum and bass bumped instrumental Boilerhouse Mix (99¼bpm).

OMAR CHANDLER ‘Do You Really Want It?’ (111¼bpm) (US MCA Records MCA 12-53905)
Jauntily jolting at first, this excellent jumpy new jack swing jiggler is throatily moaned and soulfully wailed by impassioned Omar (no relation of our own), with contrastingly violent bursts of rap from Prince Markie Dee making its Long Version the most exciting version, flipped by rap-less comparatively tamer Album and Instrumental Versions.

ENERGIZE ‘Report To The Dancefloor’ (Network NWKT 16, via Pinnacle)
Going back to the roots of electrophonic phunk as a tribute to the original electro era, this Dave (Masters Of The Universe) Lee created jittery shuffling bleeper wouldn’t have sounded out of place around 1982 or early ’83 (despite a few frequencies more low than they could go back then!), in rumblingly droning dense Full Alert (122¾bpm) and sparser juddery snicking Electro (122½bpm) Mixes, their vocoder punctuations being replaced by ragga comments in the flip’s otherwise Full Alert Mix resembling although perhaps even more excitingly chugging ‘Like Dis (Full Dread Mix)‘ (122¾bpm).

QUEST FOR EXCELLENCE ‘Family Of People’ (Republic Records LICT 034, via Rough Trade)
Produced by Da Posse, this laid back Chicago rap has had the tugging undertow of Talk Talk’s ‘Life’s What You Make It’ bassline added by remixer Dave Lee to his consequently quite commercial lazily rolling Extended Family and instrumental No Talk Mixes (94¾bpm), with the unremixed slinkily jogging Jazzy Mix (94¼bpm) and instrumental Flute Dub (94¾bpm) as flip.

D.J. DELITE ‘Vol. 1’ (US Jazzy Records JY-102)
Dedicated to the memory of Chep Nunez, this Norberto ‘Norty’ Cotto created strongly rhythmic samples warping seven tracker has the bumpy percussion pushed rippling nervy ‘I Said I Like It’ (120½bpm), enthusiastic beefily bounding repetitive ‘Giving It All I Got‘ (122bpm), James Brown based funkily chugging ‘Got To Be Funky‘ (113bpm), ambient flute tootled jauntily surging ‘One Of My Moods‘ (119bpm), afro chanting spasmodically 2-Tone ska like ‘Music For The People‘ (122bpm), jerkily cantering ‘Everybody Rock’ (123bpm), and monotonously throbbing ‘Pipe Dreams‘ (121bpm), an instant seller.

D.J. » H. Featuring STEFY ‘Think About…’ (119¾bpm) (Italian Wicked & Wild Records WW001)
Powerfully pounded by piano and bassy beats with bursts of wailing girl and stabbing organ, DJ Herbie’s Italo house stomper whips up an undeniably exciting jerky groove but lacks the cohesion of a proper song in its 12″ and Radio Mixes, with a totally different wukka wukked then reedy organ jittered percussively rattling sparser instrumental Crazy version too.

D.J. BRUTAL BILL ‘Get On The Move’ (125¼bpm) (US CiTy LiMiTs Records CL 3009)
This time without Anthony Acid, Billy Marquez’s hot new droningly driving techno wriggler (not a bleeper) is in different jittery burbling tense Original Club, ambient style then throbbing Heavenly Dub, pshta pshta-ed ‘French Kiss’-ish New York House Mix, and guitar jiggled ‘Bring It Back’ Breakdown Bonus treatments.

SHADES OF RHYTHM ‘Homicide’ (129bpm) (ZTT ZANG 13T)
Originally on an album put out last summer by the Peterborough based techno trio themselves in such a limited pressing that someone else then bootlegged it (however, it’s due for imminent full release now in revamped form), this frantically flurrying staccato squeaky bleeper takes some time before the funky drum breakbeat patters in, with a vocal comments repeating new less nervy ‘Homicide Remix‘ (124¾bpm) and squidgier twittery throbbing ‘Homicidal‘ (121¾bpm) adaptation too, while the sombrely droning jiggly ‘Exorcist‘ (117½bpm) is the AA-side, listed everywhere as ‘Homicide’/’Exorcist’.

ROZALLA ‘Born To Love Ya! (Afro-Tech Mix)’ (119½bpm) (Pulse 8 Records 12 LOSE X 3, via Total/BMG)
Remixed by the Band Of Gypsies, now minus its latin piano but with increased afro flavour, this Zambian girl’s 3 Man Island created lively booming bounder still dances naked in the rain to the spacey saxophone and belatedly is doing even better than before, flipped by more spaciously cantering vocal Dub and Instrumental Mixes (119¾bpm).

4 HERO ‘The Scorcher’ (126½bpm) (Reinforced Records RIVET 1204, via Pacific)
The combat dancin’ heroes have a brand new track as A-side, this funky drum breakbeat shuffled jiggly bleeper with repeatedly triggered “yeah yeah”-type comments throughout and stage show effects at both ends, followed by a slow starting then similarly tempoed but brisker drum tapped wrigglier and bleepier alternative more instrumental mix, coupling their previously previewed revamp of ‘Mr. Kirk’s Nightmare’, the bassily throbbing snare drum rattled much faster ‘Kirk’s Back‘ (130bpm) with only a few bits of the “I’m sorry Mr. Kirk, he died of an overdose” dialogue, followed again by a wrigglier and bleepier alternative mix that’s amusingly introed and outroed with “Rather than stealing other people’s sounds, why not steal your own?”.

GANG STARR ‘Step In The Arena’ (Cooltempo CTLP 21)
Pipped to the post by import copies despite being already pressed here for UK release, DJ Premier and The Guru’s sometimes quite short tracks crammed hot rap album has the jiggly rolling ‘Step In The Arena’ (96bpm), wordily looping ‘Form Of Intellect‘ (91¾bpm), sombre weaving ‘Execution Of A Chump (No More Mr. Nice Guy Pt. 2)‘ (82½bpm), continuous ‘noise’ scratching gently jaunty ‘Who’s Gonna Take The Weight?‘ (105¾bpm), drily drifting ‘Beyond Comprehension‘ (75¾bpm), strings punctuated jerky ‘Check The Technique‘ (95bpm), slinkily conversational ‘Love Sick‘ (87bpm), jiggly go go-ish ‘Here Today, Gone Tomorrow‘ (94bpm), ‘Wicky Wacky’-ishly bassed bouncily lurching infectious ‘Take A Rest‘ (102½bpm), brassily looping ‘What You Want This Time?‘ (97bpm), short rolling ‘Street Ministry‘ (92bpm), import hit chillingly worded ‘Just To Get A Rep‘ (102bpm), sombre short ‘Say Your Prayers‘ (83bpm), wordily churning ‘As I Read My S-A‘ (107¼bpm), lethargic ‘Precisely The Right Rhymes‘ (78½bpm), and jazzily looping ‘The Meaning Of The Name‘ (110bpm), while to be 12-inched here on February 11 and already promoed is the CJ Mackintosh remixed ‘Take A Rest’ (101¾bpm) (Cooltempo COOLXW 230), in beatier but more busily muddled jiggly chugging Work Rest And Play and different better trombone tootled go go-type jumpily percussive Take Five Mixes (A and AA sides respectively on promo), due to be coupled on commercial pressings by the previously reviewed current import 12-inch’s (and above mentioned) ‘Just To Get A Rep’ and ‘Who’s Gonna Take The Weight?’ as well.

ORBITAL ‘Satan’ (109¾bpm) (ffrr FX 149)
Electro but not particularly exciting, this oddly downtempo jerky tumbling instrumental burbler is flipped by the UFO eyewitness overdubbed sparsely throbbing ‘LC 1‘ (122½bpm) and — the track it seems to be selling for — the choirboy wailed calmly building then coolly loping atmospheric ‘Belfast‘ (119½-60bpm), which decelerates gradually towards a slow end in ‘French Kiss’ style (without speeding up again), while now also separately released is a Rhyme & Reason rapped juddery droning ‘Satan (The Rhyme & Reason Vocal Mix)‘ (109½bpm) (ffrr FXR 149) coupled this time by ‘Evil’ Eddie Richards’ ‘LC 1’ adapting even sparser bleepy plopping ‘LC2 (Outer Limits Mix)‘ (122bpm) plus, presumably to help younger ravers catch up, the Hartnoll brothers’ old jittery twittering ‘Chime’ (120½bpm).

ADÉ ‘Free The Soul’ (Shut Up And Dance Records SUAD 10, via Pacific)
This unusual huskily anguished guy’s repetitively nagging percussive throbber sounds strangest in its organ chorded A-side mix (119¾bpm) but speeds up for the more conventionally galloping sparser less vocal AA-side’s Club Version (126½bpm), obviously the version one is meant to use, making an interesting mix with a variety of current house styles.

NEW LIFE ‘Keep Your Love’ (119¾bpm) (A&M/PM AMY 731)
Just as Adeva-like as ‘Got 2 Be Free’, South London’s wordily hollering Ann-Marie Smith and Justin Phil-Ebosie’s vigorous new galloper is certainly high on energy but possibly lacks a distinctive cutting edge in its jumpily jumbled Cherry Pie Mix, flipped however by much better more spaciously burbling Donut and likewise ‘Yé Ké Yé Ké’-ish afro rhythm flavoured instrumental Maraschino Mixes (guess who watches ‘Twin Peaks’!), out next week.

EPMD ‘Business As Usual’ (US Def Jam recordings C 47067)
Erick Sermon & Parrish Smith are making dollars fast with this typically tough new rap album, containing the wordily looping ‘I’m Mad’ (109bpm), sombrely rolling ‘Hardcore‘ (91¾bpm), L.L. Cool J guesting ‘Tramp’-backed ‘Rampage‘ (110¼bpm), gloomily tugging ‘Manslaughter‘ (89bpm), conversationally jogging ‘Jane 3‘ (92¼bpm), wordily hectoring ‘For My People‘ (93¼bpm), dick discussing ‘Mr. Bozack‘ (86¾bpm), currently 12-inched P’funky ‘Gold Digger‘ (105¼bpm), interestingly autobiographical ‘Give The People‘ (99bpm), jogging relentless ‘Rap Is Outta Control‘ (88¾bpm), murkily churning ‘Brothers On My Jock‘ (99¼bpm), slinkily rare grooving ‘Underground‘ (93¾bpm), robbery scenario setting ‘Hit Squad Heist‘ (102½bpm), scratching jaunty ‘Funky Piano‘ (99¾bpm), most more for listening than dancing, probably.

FXU ‘Steel City E.P.’ (Made On Earth MADE 005, via Rough Trade)
Not mailed to DJs so unlikely to hit the Club Chart although selling well, bleeping Sheffield duo Will Goring & Mark McCormick’s 33⅓rpm five tracker was produced at their own studio SCUM, apart from the Dave Lee & Mark Ryder mixed previously promoed low frequency oscillations interrupted ‘The Scheme’ (124¾bpm), now joined by the fiercely fluttering twittery ‘Trouble In The Philmore District‘ (121¼bpm), quieter nervily pattering ‘Premonition’ (127½bpm), speedily thrumming ‘Dominator‘ (123¼bpm), and staidly droning ‘Dark Side‘ (122bpm).

THE UNDERGROUND SOLUTION ‘Luv Dancin” (123bpm) (US Strictly Rhythm SR 1220)
Apparently sampling Loose Jointz’ ‘All Over Your Face’, this simple smoothly thrumming sparse bass chugger really works up a sweat, with repetitive “you’ve got, you’ve got, you’ve got me luv dancin'” lyrics and some episodic pauses in its long In Deep Mix or a shorter flute started and overdubbed Egotrip Mix, flipped by the bright but tricky spasmodically surging ‘Deep In My Mind‘ (120bpm), and pulsing and tootling ‘Afterthought‘ (122bpm).

DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES ‘I Can’t Go For That (Ben Liebrand Remix)

THE CLUB CHART – January 26, 1991


01 04 (I WANNA GIVE YOU) DEVOTION Nomad featuring MC Mikee Freedom, Rumour 12in promo
02 01 GONNA MAKE YOU SWEAT (SLAMMIN’ VOCAL CLUB MIX) C&C Music Factory featuring Freedom Williams, Columbia 12in
03 06 OUTSTANDING (THE MORE BEEF MIX) Kenny Thomas, Cooltempo 12in
04 02 I CAN’T TAKE THE POWER (RIVA MIX) Off-Shore, Columbia 12in
05 03 CAN I KICK IT? (EXTENDED BOILERHOUSE MIX) A Tribe Called Quest, Jive 12in
06 08 YOU GOT THE LOVE (JOLLY JAMES REMIX) The Source featuring Candi Staton, Truelove 12in white label
07 07 MY HEART, THE BEAT/DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY D-Shake, Cooltempo 12in
08 05 EVERYBODY LET’S SOMEBODY LOVE (CLUB MIX) Frank “K” featuring Wiston Office, Urban 12in
09 46 WIGGLE IT (THE CLUB MIX) 2 In A Room, SKB 12in
10 09 KID GET HYPED (VOCAL MIX) Deskee, Big One 12in promo
11 — TAKE A REST (REMIXED BY C.J. MACKINTOSH) Gang Starr, Cooltempo 12in promo
12 15 IN YER FACE (IN YER FACE MIX)/LEO LEO 808 State, ZTT 12in promo
13 41 FEEL IT (K.M.A.P.H. MIX) Adonte, Republic 12in promo
15 77 IT’S TOO LATE Quartz featuring Dina Carroll, Mercury 12in
16 35 LOVE SO TRUE Bomb The Bass, Rhythm King 12in
19 12 FEEL THE GROOVE (MIX 1) Cartouche, Brothers Organisation 12in
20 14 KEEP YOUR LOVE (CHERRY PIE MIX) New Life, A&M PM 12in promo
21 17 SCANDAL The Basement Boys present Ultra Naté, Eternal 12in promo
22 10 MUST BEE THE MUSIC King Bee, Torso Dance/Columbia 12in
23 63 DRINK ON ME (CLUB VERSION) Teulé, Profile 12in promo
24 20 FOUND LOVE (CAIPIRINA MIX) Double Dee (featuring Dany), Epic 12in
25 16 HOMICIDE/EXORCIST Shades Of Rhythm, ZTT 12in white label
26 13 RELEASE ME (STEVE ANDERSON REMIX) Fatman featuring Stella Mae, Cue/ffrr 12in promo
27 18 JOHNNY PANIC Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams, Fontana 12in promo
28 44 ONE DAY WE’LL ALL BE FREE Dr. Umbardi, Noise 12in
29 30 3 A.M. ETERNAL (LIVE AT THE S.S.L.) The KLF, KLF 12in
31 25 SUMMERS MAGIC (UNIT MIX) Mark Summers, 4+B’way 12in
32 27 SHARE (CLUB) Jomanda, Giant 12in
33 42 OUTER LIMITS (ANDROMEDA MIX) The Predator, Industrial 12in
34 23 WHERE LOVE LIVES (RED ZONE MIX) Alison Limerick, Arista 12in
35 — THINK ABOUT…CRAZY DJ H featuring Steffi, Italian Wicked & Wild 12in
37 — LOVE IS THE MESSAGE (LOVE LOVE LOVE MIX) Love Inc. featuring M.C. Noise, Love/Polydor 12in promo
38 40 THE GONZO Lost, Perfecto 12in
39 36 REPORT TO THE DANCEFLOOR (FULL ALERT MIX) Energize, Network 12in promo
40 — ALL TRUE MAN (CLASSIC CLUB MIX) Alexander O’Neal, Tabu 12in
41 24 TINGLE (HARD BOPPIN’ MIX) T.P.E. (That Petrol Emotion), Virgin 12in promo
42 — THINKIN’ ABOUT YOUR BODY (CHOCOLATE MIX) 2 Mad/Bobby McFerrin, Big Life 12in white label
43 54 I AM THE FUTURE The Mad Bas’tard, Strictly Underground 12in promo
44 — SPREAD A LITTLE LOVE (CLUB VERSION) Richard Rogers, BCM 12in promo
45 — WE SHALL OVERCOME (JUMPIN’ UP CLUB MIX) Emmanuel, Global Village 12in promo
46 37 FAMILY OF PEOPLE (EXTENDED FAMILY MIX) Quest For Excellence, Republic 12in
47 71 MR. SANDMAN (EXTENDED CLUB MIX) Three Times Dope, Citybeat 12in
48 22 DEREK WENT MAD (REMIX) Shut Up And Dance, Shut Up And Dance 12in
49 26 SOMEDAY (12in JACKSWING MIX) Mariah Carey, Columbia 12in
50 31 A MATTER OF FACT (CLASSIC MIX) Innocence, Cooltempo 12in
51 49 MORE THAN I KNOW/NOT FORGOTTEN (REMIX) Leftfield, Outer Rhythm 12in
52 64 JAZZ IT UP (JAZZ MIX) CFM Band, US Underworld 12in
53 55 SPACEFACE/ECTO-JAM-SUB Sub-Sub, 12in white label
54 79 LOVE, PEACE AND HARMONY (ORIGINAL MIX) Dream Frequency, Citybeat 12in
55 29 INTENSITY/FILO FUNK Mystic Knights, W.A.U./Mr. Modo 12in
56 56 MIDNIGHT EXPRESS/BOPULATE Xon, Network 12in promo
57 45 FEEEL THE POWER Tekno Too, D-Zone 12in white label
58 21 DOWN TO EARTH (TOUCH DOWN MIX) Monie Love, Cooltempo 12in
59 39 FREEDOM (PRISONER MIX) A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd, Tam Tam 12in
60 38 HELPING HAND (INCISIVE REMIX) Arthur Miles, ffrr 12in promo
61 72 WHAT’S IT GONNA BE (EXCELLENT ADVENTURE MIX) Jellybean, East West 12in promo
62 33 HYPNOTIC (FEATURING 2 SUPREME) Hypnotone, Creation 12in promo
63 — POSITIVE (MELLOW MIX) Working Week, Ten 12in promo
64 32 BORN TO LOVE YA Rozala, Pulse-8 12in white label
65 — AGAIN (URBAN MIX) Juliet Roberts, East West 12in promo
66 28 LOVE COME DOWN (NORMAN NORMAL MIX) Eve Gallagher, More Protein 12in
67 67 SERIOUS EP VOLUME 1 DJ’s Rule, Hi Bias 12in EP
68 — WIPE THE NEEDLE/JUGGLING The Ragga Twins, Shut Up And Dance 12in promo
69 52 CRAZY (MIXES) Seal, ZTT 12in
70 — YEAH YOU The Step, WARP 12in promo
71 98 (YOU’RE PUTTIN’) A RUSH ON ME Technomania featuring Emma Haywoode, Rumour 12in
73 — JOIN THE FUTURE Tuff Little Unit, WARP 12in promo
74 — SERVE TEA, THEN MURDER/MICE IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LION (PART 1) Hardnoise, Music Of Life 12in promo
75 — TALK TO ME (ORIGINAL MIX) Coloursound featuring Siobhan, deConstruction 12in
76 92 HEY R.U. Hardcore, XL Recordings 12in
77 53 SATAN Orbital, ffrr 12in
78 — HOLD YOU TIGHT Tara Kemp, US Big Beat 12in
79 — THE SLAM (REMIX) Westworld, Westworld 12in promo
80 73 FIRE WHEN READY G Double E, Jumpin’ & Pumpin’ 12in
81 78 COMPARED TO WHAT (THE UPRISE MIX) Fresh 4 featuring Lizz E, Ten 12in
82 — PLEASE LEAVE (STEVE JERVIER MIX) Carlton, Three Stripe 12in promo
83 — I SEE THE MADNESS (BONESBREAK MASTERMIX) Liquid Oxygen, Champion 12in promo
84 — MY WAY Mimmo Mix, Italin 12in
85 — LOVE ME FOREVER (MIXES) Trilogy, US Atco 12in
87 100 I WANNA BE THE ONE Pinky, First Bass 12in
88 70 STILL FEEL THE RAIN Stex, Some Bizarre 12in
89 48 THE MODEL Dance Robots, German WEA 12in promo
90 — IT’S THE NEW Second Avenew, US Alleviated 12in
91 — WRAP MY BODY TIGHT (12″ REMAKE VERSION) Johnny Gill, Rhythm King 12in promo
92 99 JUSTIFY MY LOVE (MIXES) Madonna, Sire 12in
94 — JEALOUSY (RED ZONE MIX) Adventures Of Stevie V, Mercury 12in promo
95 75 SPICE Eon, Vinyl Solution 12in
96 — BRIGHT ON TIME Black Box, Italian Disco Magic 12in
97 — DUNNO WHAT IT IS (ABOUT YOU) The Beatmasters featuring Elaine Vassell, Rhythm King 12in promo
98 — I SURRENDER (REMIX) Love & Laughter, SKB.1 12in promo
99 re MAGIC STYLE (AROUNDABOUT MIX) The Badman, Citybeat 12in
100 47 MARY HAD A LITTLE BOY Snap, Arista 12in

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