July 28, 1990: Elaine Hudson/Sydney Youngblood, Loose Ends, G.T.O., Ben Liebrand/Nasty Chat, S*Express


MECCA DJs will be compiling their own dance floor chart for use by Pete Waterman on his TV and radio shows, which promises to be an accurate reflection of their particular customers’ taste but — if the individual DJ’s charts featured by him on ‘The Hit Man And Her’ are any guide — is likely to be behind rather than ahead of even the pop chart . . . Partners In Kryme ‘Turtle Power (Single Edit)‘ (SBK 12 TURTLE 1), a gruffly rolling rap (105¼bpm) with an already ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ hyped up pre-teen market, wasn’t promoed to clubs but may cross over to them following its instant pop success . . . Prince contributes the song ‘If I Luv U Tonight‘ to Mica Paris’s next album, co-produced by Curtis Mantronik and featuring guest appearances by Rakim, Bobby Womack, Chaka Khan, and Nile Rodgers too . . . Nicky Holloway provided the groovy sounds for Madonna’s private disco party in London last week, where the champagne flowed without limit . . . Barry, South Wales, based Alan Coulthard has just completed a Janet Jackson megamix out of the tracks from her ‘Rhythm Nation 1814’ album, for creatively marketed release shortly . . . Graham Gold, giving up the compilation of the continuously segued DiscEyes video tapes to take up his key role at London’s KISS-fm, is however being retained by Diamond Time to sequence in smooth running order a new monthly Club Clips service of the 20 best current club music videos (subscription details on 071-433 3355) . . . Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson featuring Shawn Christopher’s excellent already previewed ‘Another Sleepless Night’ turns out to be due on Arista (613 506) . . . Model 500 ‘Ocean To Ocean (Juan’s Magic Mix)’ is promoed on a single sided pressing which perhaps jokingly labels the totally blank flip as containing two tracks called ‘Sublime Ambient’ and ‘Silence’! . . . Trinidadian David Rudder’s Margareth Menezes supported ‘Dark Secret’ (from the motion picture ‘Wild Orchid’) not surprisingly was promoed to DJs in the joyfully fluid X-Rated RnB Mix reviewed last week, really the remix, instead of its ponderously lurching and chanting original version (also 119½bpm), which however is differently flipped by two much better Charlies Roots supported soca tracks, ‘One More Officer’ (110½bpm) and ‘Basement Party’ (99bpm) . . . Ice Cube’s album ‘AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted’, recently reviewed in full on import, is now out here (4th + B’way BRLP 551) — while Public Enemy’s older ‘Fear Of A Black Planet’ album has been repressed in the US as a special promo-only and ultra collectable “Limited Edition Rapp Control DJ 3-Album Set”, giving extra oomph to its many tracks as they are now spread more spaciously across three “Terminator X DJ Performance Discs” . . . Mystic Knights, whose ‘The Wrath Of Khan’ is finally out commercially, are Sheffield based Greg ‘Starburst’ Robinson and Lee ‘Mr Sheen’ Ho-Shing . . . James ‘DJ’ Sammon, jocking at Bradford’s Capricorn Club Fri/Saturdays, has his own ‘Transformer Dream’ single due on Greedy Beat Records . . . Danny Rampling, Fabio, Groove Rider, Nicky Holloway, Terry Farley and Nancy Noise with The Beloved live on stage are all at The Black & White Summer Ball this Saturday (28) at Brixton’s Academy (£12.50 ticket hotline on 081-392 2922), where black or white must be worn . . . Jeff Thomas, back funkin’ Swansea’s Martha’s Vineyard on Mondays, is joined once again by Jeff Young next week (July 30) — when Lisa Loud, Nicky Holloway (yet another name check!) and Leary Lynn start a Loud ‘N’ Leary night at Soho’s Milk Bar (next to the Astoria) . . . Lee James Ramsden, dance music editor of local paper The Visitor, spins mainly soul and funk on Mondays at Morecambe’s Mermaid fun pub . . . DJ Madhatter and guest jock Justin Robertson break the musical rules on no dress restriction Blush Wednesdays at Standish’s Mirage near Wigan . . . DJ Jumpin’ Jim (no sillier a name than Guru Josh!) does techno/acid/house/rap Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sundays at Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s Cats Disco Bar (pub hours) . . . Jason Bushby is not only jocking now at Stockton’s Bianco’s but also running JAZ Promotions, and looking (on 0542-473208) for dance acts to work in the Cleveland area . . . 3 Stripe Productions/ffrr is the latest logo to appear on a promotional slipmat . . . KICKIN’!

Reviewed by Matt Black and Jonathan More of Coldcut, and James Hamilton

THINK TANK ‘A Knife And Fork
PLEZ ‘Can’t Stop (Acid Rain Forest DMR Zone Mix)’/‘Miss Thing’
BDP ‘Love’s Gonna Get ‘Cha
XPANSIONS ‘Elevation
BOGUS ORDER ‘Zen Brakes (EP)’: ‘Granny Zen’/‘Zen In Africa’/‘Zen Bones’/‘One More Summer Of Zen’
BOOTSY’S RUBBER BAND ‘Disciples Of Funk’/‘Jungle Bass
SHADES OF RHYTHM ‘Frequency (LP)’: ‘The Exorcist’/‘Carry The Swing’/‘Sweet Sensation’/‘Jackin’ Jamboree’/‘One Black One White One Brown’
THE JAZ ‘The Originators’/‘Doped Up
VELVET TOUCH ‘Sunday Morning (Sat Nite Bass Mix/Bells Mix)’

ELAINE HUDSON featuring Sydney Youngblood ‘No More The Fool (12″ Mix)’ (93bpm) (RCA PT 43440)
Not in fact due commercially until August 13, this Love Unlimited Orchestra ‘Love’s Theme’-like strings introed then Soul II Soul-ishly jiggled superb soaringly wailed jogging swayer is also in different teasingly introed Timmy Thomas-ishly underpinned Ambient Mix and fractionally slower funky drummered abrupt 7″ Mix (92¾bpm) versions, while on promo it has been twin-packed with — for eventual separate release — the ELAINE HUDSON with B.S.O.G. credited vigorously churning Betty Boo-type rapped/sung and samples studded ‘Bow Wow Wow‘ (119¾bpm) plus the similarly breezy hip house ‘Wam Bam‘ (116¾bpm), and B.S.O.G. alone’s Vivaldi meets Beats International-type funky drummer and rococo strings combining ‘Cooler Moments Of Vivaldi‘ (101bpm).

LOOSE ENDS ‘Don’t Be A Fool (Extended Version)’ (98½bpm) (10 Records TENX 312)
Produced by the group’s Carl McIntosh, this eagerly awaited (due fully on August 13) return to vinyl sidesteps neatly from their old SOS Band influence to the now inevitably appropriate Soul II Soul style of drily rumbling wriggly groove for a Jane cooed repetitive chunky jiggler, which may not be the strongest actual song ever but should fill funkier dance floors, flipped by its more jazzily flavoured Instrumental (98¾bpm) plus the little smurfs punctuated snappily chugging sparse instrumental ‘Let’s Wax A Fatty‘ (120½bpm), whatever that means!

G.T.O. ‘Pure’ (125bpm) (Cooltempo COOLX 218)
Finally out here after already hitting hard on the same Dutch label that gave us D-Shake, and obviously now a crossover smash of similar stature, this possibly more Bizz Nizz like bounding instrumental galloper has whistles and other enthusiastic rave effects increasing the simple excitement of its Pure Energy main treatment, or a gentler Arabic flavoured Journey Mix and short slow ambient Beautiful Mix (47/94bpm). Continue reading “July 28, 1990: Elaine Hudson/Sydney Youngblood, Loose Ends, G.T.O., Ben Liebrand/Nasty Chat, S*Express”

July 21, 1990: The Pasadenas, Maureen Walsh, Original Clique, Jam On The Mutha, Wildski


IN CASE you’re wondering why nobody in the UK dance music business has been answering their telephone lately, just about everyone is in New York at the New Music Seminar! (I however have taken the more sensible option, and been to Devon!) . . . A&M’s pressing of the ‘Oh Susanna’ version of ‘Tom’s Diner’ is revealingly credited to D.N.A. featuring Suzanne Vega — yes, it seems that its remixers were the same team responsible for the Rondo Venezziano adapting supposedly Italian ‘La Serenissima’, which thus obviously also came from no further afield than Bristol! . . . Stepz meanwhile has really been out in Italy supplying a guest rap for the next Black Box single — do you bet it comes two-thirds of the way through? . . . ‘Easy Life’ is being lifted from the Cabaret Voltaire EP as their next single . . . Glen Goldsmith’s current A-side will soon be relegated to the flip of a brand new duet by him with MC Hammer . . . Gary Mayo, Paul Lyons and Maxi Million are split between two rooms with apparently slammin’ sound systems at Cardiff’s Tom-Tom Club and urgently need guest PAs on 0222-342234 . . . Cheltenham’s The Prom Club now has Upfront ’90 Tuesday nights (10pm-2am) with Paul Anthony playing nothing but hot newies . . . Doyado is every other Saturday (including this week’s, July 21) at Woodys in Westbourne Green’s Woodfield Road, off the Harrow Road, with DJs Femi, Shake & Fingerpop, Lacelles, Eddie Piller and Mannaseh spinning funk, rap, jazz and reggae . . . Digger Elias’s swingbeat, purple and hip hop Bounced night has indeed bounced successfully from Wednesdays at Mayfair’s Legends to Fridays at Soho’s W1 Club, and now also as of this week to Saturdays in Moscow at 62 Frith Street (where board games seem to be played too) . . . Coventry’s Dog & Trumpet having closed as a leading dance venue, Robin ‘Lof’ Moorcroft has retired from its DJ team leaving Toby Davis and Paul T now playing their upfront eclectic toons at Browns . . . Paul French at last has a telephone in his new home on which to receive offers of another upfront gig to follow his six years at Gillingham’s The Avenue, the number being 0634-50894 . . . Herb Alpert’s ‘Rise’, not ‘Rotation’, is the beat I meant in last week’s Lalah Hathaway review (I got my R’s mixed up!) . . . KICKIN’!

Reviewed by Graeme Park and James Hamilton

DEEE-LITE ‘Groove Is In The Heart’/’What Is Love?
BOCCA JUNIORS ‘Raise (63 Steps To Heaven) (Redskin Rock/Philly House Mixes)’
SUBSONIC TWO ‘We Go Subsonic
BODY ‘Touch Me Up
CISCO FERREIRA ‘Why Don’t You Answer?’/‘The Feel’/‘Cisco’s Groove
DEE HOLLOWAY ‘I Won’t Surrender
TOO KOOL CHRIS ‘Gotta Make Some Noise (Bad Boy Mix)

THE PASADENAS ‘Reeling’ (96bpm) (CBS PASA T5)
Apparently combining the three mixes that were split between two promos, the commercial pressing of this pleasantly plaintive jogging soul swayer therefore presumably has David Morales’ lushly harmonised (with an exciting guttural outburst) Daytime Dance Mix, Joe Dworniak’s sparsely rumbling and tapping DW Mix, and the previously separate juddering jittery Bruce Forest Mix.

JOY SALINAS ‘Stay Tonight

MAUREEN WALSH ‘Thinking Of You (Rough & Ragged Mix)’ (96-96¼bpm) (Urban URBXR 55)
The Sister Sledge revival given a sax introed mushily pleasant more reggae-ish Steve Travell remix, still with rapping Kev Won’s raggamuffin outburst, which is also in the flip’s jolting tougher JB grunt and repetitive smurf punctuated different Ren Swan mixed Rough & Ragged Dub (96¼bpm) but not the A-side echoing attractive Dubwise Without Rap (96-96¼bpm).

BBG ‘Some Kind Of Heaven
NAYOBE ‘I Love The Way You Love Me
THE DOC ‘Portrait Of A Masterpiece (CJ’s Ed-did-it Mix)
BANG THE PARTY ‘Release It ‘90’
RYDIMS ‘Rydim #1 (Mello Mix/Deep And Nice Mix)’/‘Rydim #2’/‘18 & Under
JULIAN JONAH ‘It’s A Jungle Out There
MODEL 500 ‘Ocean To Ocean (Juan’s Magic Mix)
KAOS ‘Gonna Get Over U (Komix Smooth Club Mix)
SCRAM ‘I Believe
THE IT ‘On Top Of The World’ LP Sampler: ‘Brazilian Love Dance’/‘Rain Forest Serenade’/‘When Will We Learn’/‘Never Let You Down’/‘State Of The World
FIERCE RULING DIVA ‘Whipped Kream (Aural Excitement Mix)
STEPPFORD WIVES ‘2,000 Light Years From Home
MOODSWINGS ‘Spiritual High

ORIGINAL CLIQUE ‘Ten To Midnight E.P.’ (Chill TUV 1, via 0582 493380)
Not from Sheffield, not from Leeds, but from Luton — and it out bleeps the lot of ’em! — this electro instrumental four tracker has the bubbly bounding ‘Come To Papa’ (123½bpm) which apart from some muttered title line repetition consists of nothing but bleeps, the effects and samples washed sturdily cantering ‘Mayhem‘ (120bpm), the hustling and blipping electronically percussive ‘U = Underground‘ (121 bpm), plus the percolating ‘Xamax‘ (119¾bpm) which briefly loses the beat near the start in a confusion of cross rhythms, but it’s not bad considering they were apparently recorded in something akin to a coal hole!

JAM ON THE MUTHA ‘Hotel California’ (91¾bpm) (W.A.U! Mr. Modo Recordings MWS 027T)
Taking a while to surface since my original warning and in fact still not out fully until August 6, this revived Eagles’ FM rock oldie gets a ponderously jiggling Promised Land type rhythm backing on a 33⅓rpm 12 inch in its vocal Ibiza 90 Mix, but which perhaps more interestingly in its similar though vocal-less Instru-Mental Mix when played at 45rpm (as I did at first by mistake!) comes out in a perfectly credible and undistorted percussively scrubbing Italo house style (123½bpm) that to my mind is a lot brighter, there being an unrelated short basic thumping instrumental ‘Jam’ (110¾bpm) too. Continue reading “July 21, 1990: The Pasadenas, Maureen Walsh, Original Clique, Jam On The Mutha, Wildski”

July 14, 1990: Lalah Hathaway, Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson featuring Shawn Christopher, Together, Tammy Payne, DNA


‘SILENT VOICE’ by Innocence, now that it’s due commercially (Cooltempo COOLX 212), is flipped not only by its chunkier short Senza Voce instrumental but also by a brand new atmospheric Doors ‘Riders On The Storm’ introed No-one Here Gets Out Alive remix of the earlier ‘Natural Thing’ (103bpm), without any Pink Floyd this time . . . Cooltempo are following up their success with Bizz Nizz and D-Shake by releasing the similar G.T.O. here . . . Squire Sound & Light has moved in Manchester from Salford to a purpose built unit (claimed to be now the largest disco equipment store in Europe) on Mercury Way, off Barton Dock Road in Trafford Park . . . Sunset Radio sales executive Peter (The Pilot) Lewyckyj is looking for increased record and video advertising on 061-953 5353 to help the Manchester black music station stay flourishing . . . Manchester’s new Eastern Bloc Records associated dance label, FRO is building a DJ mailing list at PO Box 265, Manchester M1 . . . Tom Henry is creating a brand new data base for the DJ mailing list at Club Preview UK, 6/9 Salisbury Promenade, Green Lanes, London N8 0RX (081-809 1460) . . . KISS-fm, gearing up for its September 1 launch date, has another of its rare groove collectors aimed Record Fairs this Sunday (July 15), 9am-4pm, in Highgate at Archway Road’s Jacksons Lane Community Centre . . . August Bank Holiday’s traditional Bournemouth weekender after eight years is moving right along the coast to Brighton, at the Metropole Hotel August 25-27, with Norman Jay, Bob Masters, Simon Dunmore, Nicky Holloway, Chris Brown, Jay Strongman, Bob Jones, Gilles Peterson, Gary Dennis, Paul Clark, Leo Ryan, Karl Brown, Dave Lyn, Def Dorris spinning soul, rap, garage, rare groove and some jazz but no house (the message being, “This is not a rave”) — only 850 strictly limited £25 tickets are available on 081-546 2754 and full accommodation details on 0273-607891 . . . Kent Soul Festival’s DJs, however, do have a Summer Rave at the Lido in Margate that Bank Holiday Monday, 4pm-midnight August 27 — free membership and £8 tickets on 0233-633652 . . . Wayout at Pentney Abbey near King’s Lynn on Friday, August 3, will feature Mark Purdy, Steve Jason, Chris James, Freaky D and Richard of Richard’s Parties playing big beats in a marquee plus Jamie Trundle, Steve Jackson and Ian Mortimer spinning laid back and alternative sounds in the actual abbey — advance tickets on 0945-63166 . . . Edinburgh’s Dream on Fridays at The Mission has severed all links with Glasgow’s Slam and gone its own very separate way, DJ Bootsy digging out classic pre-house dance tracks in a retrospective return to the US black tradition (which seems a roundabout way of saying soul oldies!) . . . Kym Daniels fires up Swanley’s Hickory’s on Fridays and Saturdays, the former strictly for house freaks . . . Thursdays’ Sub Club at Notting Hill’s Subterrania has come to an abrupt early end . . . Joy Barling Loyla (Theo’s missus), previously known as an artist but now an award winning long distance equestrian, is, with her horse Hero, representing Great Britain in a 100 mile endurance race in Stockholm on August 1, to meet some of the cost of which she is selling the original artwork of her most famous illustration, the well remembered cover for Level 42’s first album (it became their logo in the early Eighties) — realistic offers needed, urgently, on 0227 86 604 (office hours) . . . Janet Jackson’s current video might just revive the 50 years old fashion for zoot suits . . . I have been collecting records in a seriously big way since the early Sixties, which includes every UK single promoed between 1969-1984, all UK and most US chart hits from 1955 to 1988, as well as all the soul/disco releases from 1962 to date, plus imports, and yet still I estimate my collection (LP, 12, seven inch) at very roughly around only 360,000, so how 24 year old Chad Jackson could feasibly have amassed 750,000 already is a mystery — unless, of course, he inherited some! . . . KICKIN’!


LALAH HATHAWAY ‘Heaven Knows (12″ Edit)’ (96¼bpm) (US Virgin 0-96467)
Causing an instant stir, this superb Derek Bramble created traditionally soulful girl self-harmonised jiggly rolling steady swayer has a Soul II Soul-ish flavour with swirling and stabbing strings (Instrumental too), although in general style it could be from any time in the last 15 years — a shame it ends so abruptly, and seemingly so soon (after just over five minutes) — coupled by the Craig T. Cooper created nervier burbling but basically Herb Alpert ‘Rotation’ tempoed ‘U-Godit Gowin On‘ (102bpm).

MIKE ‘HITMAN’ WILSON featuring Shawn Christopher ‘Another Sleepless Night’ (121¾bpm) (HITMAN 1)
Only promoed on some uncredited BMG label but far too hot to hold, this soulfully wailing Shawn — a girl — multi-tracked terrific chunkily trotting attractive breezy canterer has a nagging piano and other slick ingredients that’ll hook you on first hearing, with an alternative slow starting then more bassily bashing so-called Jackswing Mix (121½bpm) as flip. Can you bear to wait?

TOGETHER ‘Hardcore Uproar’ (121½bpm) (ffrr FX 143)
Originally white labelled in Manchester as a limited edition of only 300 but chart-topping already for many of the jocks who obviously managed to get one, especially in the North (including Scotland), this dramatic synth chords then party effects started Bizz Nizz meets Adamski-type bleeping and jangling instrumental raver is punctuated by ‘human sampler’ Suddy’s vocal utterances in its Original Version, Radio Edit and Dub Mix, due fully in a fortnight. Continue reading “July 14, 1990: Lalah Hathaway, Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson featuring Shawn Christopher, Together, Tammy Payne, DNA”

July 7, 1990: Tricky Disco, Coldjam featuring Grace, Courtney Pine featuring Carroll Thompson, Think Tank, Jungle Brothers


HARDCORE UPROAR‘ by Together, massive mainly up north for those few who so far have found it, has been snapped up for wider release by ffrr . . . CBS apparently will soon be known worldwide as Columbia, the name of its US label which previously always clashed with a once famous UK logo owned by EMI . . . Yazz ‘Treat Me Good’ (118¼bpm) on commercial pressings is flipped by the jerkily shuffling ‘I Want Your Love‘ (109½bpm) and its instrumental, while Monie Love’s commercial 12-inch adds the appropriately titled ‘Roots’ (95/47½bpm), a jerkily booming real heavy reggae rap . . . Queen Latifah’s already twice reviewed though still only promoed ‘Come Into My House’ is confusingly labelled, in six mixes on 33⅓rpm pre-release since April but to little initial reaction, having a UK remixed Side 1 with Richie Rich’s Mix A (119½bpm), Orbital’s Mix B and a Richie Rich Dub Mix C (119¼bpm), plus a US remixed Side 2 with Julian Peres’ Mix D, Fast Eddie’s Mix E, and producer DJ Mark The 45 King’s Mix F (all 119¾bpm) . . . LFO ‘LFO’ on its fully labelled pressing turns out to be in The Leeds Warehouse Mix . . . Danny Madden’s previously white labelled seven inch, now that it too is out commercially, proves to be in Dancin’ Danny D’s Radio Edit and Carl McIntosh’s 7 inch Mix . . . LPs previously reviewed in full on import and now out here include The Chimes’ ‘The Chimes’ (CBS 466481-1) and Eric B & Rakim ‘Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em’ (MCA Records MCG 6097) . . . Tim Raidl has just started his own UK underground house label, Chill Records, and is updating his strictly underground-only DJ mailing list at Soundz Wicked, 163 Marsh Road, Leagrave, Luton, Bedfordshire LU3 2QQ (0582 493380) . . . Chris Johns is similarly specific about the jocks he wants, just indie/alternative, for the mailing list at Secret Promotions, Unit 132, Canalot Production Studios, 222 Kensal Road, London W10 . . . DJ Big H’s fortnightly Friday Harry’s House night at Windsor’s The Old Trout in Barry Avenue, after two and a half successful years, this Friday (July 6) changes name to The Strongroom and features The Brand New Heavies live . . . Ben & Andy the Boilerhouse boys start Reasons To Be Cheerful at Brixton’s Fridge this Saturday (7), replacing the Boom night . . . Monday (9) finds the monthly Muthaland female rap night at Wardour Street’s Brain (opposite the Swiss Centre) in Soho, starring the Cookie Crew and She Rockers along with DJs Miss Bliss, Wendy K, Vie Marshall and more . . . Sybil, a college qualified broadcaster who worked in radio for three years, has a cousin Maxine Jones who is a member of En Vogue, while her mother Willi Lynch (née Brown) was in Sixties girl group the Debutantes and her aunt Shelly Brown has just been singing at the Montreux Jazz Festival — shades of the Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick relationships? . . . Lance Ellington is the son of Fifties band leader/vocalist Ray Ellington, famous for supplying funny voices and, more importantly, the featured musical interludes (along with those of harmonica player Max Geldray) to radio’s legendary ‘Goon Show’ . . . Sharon Redd’s sister Pennye Ford, featured on Snap’s ‘Ooops Up’, is also to be heard on a currently promoed and pop aimed Mirage-like Soul II Soul medley, Rave ‘Soul On Soul‘ (Jive) . . . DJ/Massivo bassist Jon Jules was merely dropping off some records at an Our Price shop when he was recognised and mobbed by a crowd of female fans, only just escaping with his clothes intact! . . . KICKIN’!


TRICKY DISCO ‘Tricky Disco’ (123¼bpm) (W.A.R.P./Outer Rhythm WAP 7, via Rhythm King)
Huge already on white label and in such great demand that it’ll really explode when released fully in a fortnight, this apparently Berlin originated ultra silly Newcleus-like smurfs punctuated, and indeed Tyrone Brunson ‘The Smurf’ era reviving, old fashioned bubbly electro bleeper (flipped on promo by a chanting monks washed Past Tricky’s Bedtime Mix) is so madly jaunty it might even cross over to the kids market and be massive… and then, if cleverly marketed as a cuddly cartoon character, say, Tricky could end up as another Jive Bunny. Wikki Wikki!

COLDJAM featuring GRACE ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ (Big Wave BWR T39)
Rush release here for the Rome recorded excellent less rigidly structured remake of lndeep’s 1982 disco classic, still as recently reviewed on import in its loosely shuffling The Groove Mix (110¼bpm), trotting House Mix (112bpm), and funky drummed ‘The Last Night‘ (112¼bpm) variation, but the BPMs now differ slightly for some reason.

COURTNEY PINE featuring Carroll Thompson ‘I’m Still Waiting’ (86½bpm) (Mango 12MNG 749)
Hard on the heels of the remixed Diana Ross original comes this timely Aswad co-produced chunkily jogging reggae-ish treatment sweetly wailed by Carroll around some weaving squeaky sax lines, flipped by the also reggae-ish Augustus ‘Gussie’ Clarke produced undulating attractive instrumental ‘Be Mine Tonight‘ (93bpm) and its jerkier dubwise Version. Continue reading “July 7, 1990: Tricky Disco, Coldjam featuring Grace, Courtney Pine featuring Carroll Thompson, Think Tank, Jungle Brothers”