July 21, 1990: The Pasadenas, Maureen Walsh, Original Clique, Jam On The Mutha, Wildski


IN CASE you’re wondering why nobody in the UK dance music business has been answering their telephone lately, just about everyone is in New York at the New Music Seminar! (I however have taken the more sensible option, and been to Devon!) . . . A&M’s pressing of the ‘Oh Susanna’ version of ‘Tom’s Diner’ is revealingly credited to D.N.A. featuring Suzanne Vega — yes, it seems that its remixers were the same team responsible for the Rondo Venezziano adapting supposedly Italian ‘La Serenissima’, which thus obviously also came from no further afield than Bristol! . . . Stepz meanwhile has really been out in Italy supplying a guest rap for the next Black Box single — do you bet it comes two-thirds of the way through? . . . ‘Easy Life’ is being lifted from the Cabaret Voltaire EP as their next single . . . Glen Goldsmith’s current A-side will soon be relegated to the flip of a brand new duet by him with MC Hammer . . . Gary Mayo, Paul Lyons and Maxi Million are split between two rooms with apparently slammin’ sound systems at Cardiff’s Tom-Tom Club and urgently need guest PAs on 0222-342234 . . . Cheltenham’s The Prom Club now has Upfront ’90 Tuesday nights (10pm-2am) with Paul Anthony playing nothing but hot newies . . . Doyado is every other Saturday (including this week’s, July 21) at Woodys in Westbourne Green’s Woodfield Road, off the Harrow Road, with DJs Femi, Shake & Fingerpop, Lacelles, Eddie Piller and Mannaseh spinning funk, rap, jazz and reggae . . . Digger Elias’s swingbeat, purple and hip hop Bounced night has indeed bounced successfully from Wednesdays at Mayfair’s Legends to Fridays at Soho’s W1 Club, and now also as of this week to Saturdays in Moscow at 62 Frith Street (where board games seem to be played too) . . . Coventry’s Dog & Trumpet having closed as a leading dance venue, Robin ‘Lof’ Moorcroft has retired from its DJ team leaving Toby Davis and Paul T now playing their upfront eclectic toons at Browns . . . Paul French at last has a telephone in his new home on which to receive offers of another upfront gig to follow his six years at Gillingham’s The Avenue, the number being 0634-50894 . . . Herb Alpert’s ‘Rise’, not ‘Rotation’, is the beat I meant in last week’s Lalah Hathaway review (I got my R’s mixed up!) . . . KICKIN’!

Reviewed by Graeme Park and James Hamilton

DEEE-LITE ‘Groove Is In The Heart’/’What Is Love?
BOCCA JUNIORS ‘Raise (63 Steps To Heaven) (Redskin Rock/Philly House Mixes)’
SUBSONIC TWO ‘We Go Subsonic
BODY ‘Touch Me Up
CISCO FERREIRA ‘Why Don’t You Answer?’/‘The Feel’/‘Cisco’s Groove
DEE HOLLOWAY ‘I Won’t Surrender
TOO KOOL CHRIS ‘Gotta Make Some Noise (Bad Boy Mix)

THE PASADENAS ‘Reeling’ (96bpm) (CBS PASA T5)
Apparently combining the three mixes that were split between two promos, the commercial pressing of this pleasantly plaintive jogging soul swayer therefore presumably has David Morales’ lushly harmonised (with an exciting guttural outburst) Daytime Dance Mix, Joe Dworniak’s sparsely rumbling and tapping DW Mix, and the previously separate juddering jittery Bruce Forest Mix.

JOY SALINAS ‘Stay Tonight

MAUREEN WALSH ‘Thinking Of You (Rough & Ragged Mix)’ (96-96¼bpm) (Urban URBXR 55)
The Sister Sledge revival given a sax introed mushily pleasant more reggae-ish Steve Travell remix, still with rapping Kev Won’s raggamuffin outburst, which is also in the flip’s jolting tougher JB grunt and repetitive smurf punctuated different Ren Swan mixed Rough & Ragged Dub (96¼bpm) but not the A-side echoing attractive Dubwise Without Rap (96-96¼bpm).

BBG ‘Some Kind Of Heaven
NAYOBE ‘I Love The Way You Love Me
THE DOC ‘Portrait Of A Masterpiece (CJ’s Ed-did-it Mix)
BANG THE PARTY ‘Release It ‘90’
RYDIMS ‘Rydim #1 (Mello Mix/Deep And Nice Mix)’/‘Rydim #2’/‘18 & Under
JULIAN JONAH ‘It’s A Jungle Out There
MODEL 500 ‘Ocean To Ocean (Juan’s Magic Mix)
KAOS ‘Gonna Get Over U (Komix Smooth Club Mix)
SCRAM ‘I Believe
THE IT ‘On Top Of The World’ LP Sampler: ‘Brazilian Love Dance’/‘Rain Forest Serenade’/‘When Will We Learn’/‘Never Let You Down’/‘State Of The World
FIERCE RULING DIVA ‘Whipped Kream (Aural Excitement Mix)
STEPPFORD WIVES ‘2,000 Light Years From Home
MOODSWINGS ‘Spiritual High

ORIGINAL CLIQUE ‘Ten To Midnight E.P.’ (Chill TUV 1, via 0582 493380)
Not from Sheffield, not from Leeds, but from Luton — and it out bleeps the lot of ’em! — this electro instrumental four tracker has the bubbly bounding ‘Come To Papa’ (123½bpm) which apart from some muttered title line repetition consists of nothing but bleeps, the effects and samples washed sturdily cantering ‘Mayhem‘ (120bpm), the hustling and blipping electronically percussive ‘U = Underground‘ (121 bpm), plus the percolating ‘Xamax‘ (119¾bpm) which briefly loses the beat near the start in a confusion of cross rhythms, but it’s not bad considering they were apparently recorded in something akin to a coal hole!

JAM ON THE MUTHA ‘Hotel California’ (91¾bpm) (W.A.U! Mr. Modo Recordings MWS 027T)
Taking a while to surface since my original warning and in fact still not out fully until August 6, this revived Eagles’ FM rock oldie gets a ponderously jiggling Promised Land type rhythm backing on a 33⅓rpm 12 inch in its vocal Ibiza 90 Mix, but which perhaps more interestingly in its similar though vocal-less Instru-Mental Mix when played at 45rpm (as I did at first by mistake!) comes out in a perfectly credible and undistorted percussively scrubbing Italo house style (123½bpm) that to my mind is a lot brighter, there being an unrelated short basic thumping instrumental ‘Jam’ (110¾bpm) too.

WILDSKI ‘Wonderful World (12″ FX Mix)’ (87¾bpm) (Arista 613 479)
Prodded by Temptations-type ‘psyche-soul’ fuzz guitar tones, this girls cooed and cockney raggamuffin rapped jiggly lurching reggae swayer (more rhythmic than its BPM suggests) is an ironically titled message song about starvation and other ecological problems, rather than the Sam Cooke oldie, flipped by two further alternative mixes.

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST ‘Bonita Applebum (Why Version)’ (92bpm) (Jive JIVE T 256)
Like listening to just one side of a lascivious chat-up, more slinkily conversational in its included drily tapping Album Version (91¾bpm), this gently muttering roller has however here been synched to the ever popular rhythm of Carly Simon’s ‘Why’ by those clever remixers Dave Dorrell & CJ Mackintosh, now with Miss Applebaum (as she was originally spelt) putting in a shivering and whimpering appearance just before the fade!

M.C. SHOWBIZZ and The Lap 1 Crew ‘Gotta Turn The Music Up’ (120½bpm) (1st Bass RUFF 8, via Big One)
Exploding on promo ahead of full release next week, this Longsy D mixed brightly bleeping, jangling, scratching and wriggling frisky hip house leaper is prodded at times by Players Association ‘Turn The Music Up’ quotes, in Critical-Core Mix, Soft-Core Mix, Hard-Core Dub, and fractionally slower Hard-Core Mix (120bpm) versions, the first named A-side pair being the most exciting.

DA POSSE ‘To Win Your Love’ (RePublic Records LICT 038)
Hottest so far on this EP-like 33⅓rpm 12 inch is their album’s gently bleeping unrushed wriggly cantering attractive electro instrumental ‘In The Life (Keys Mix)’ (120½bpm), coupled by the set titling ‘To Win Your Love’ in a new rapped and scratched beefily shuffling Super-Dope Mix (116¼bpm) and the album’s soulfully moaned and mumbled gentler N.Y. Mix (120¼bpm), a new “yu-oh yu-oh yu-oh” chanted tinkly jittering Yo Yo Yo Mix of the slightly retitled ‘Don’t Fight It’ (119¾bpm), plus a now completely slow Mellow Mix of ‘Feel The Melody’ (30/59¾bpm).

TECHNOTRONIC featuring Ya Kid K ‘Rockin’ Over The Beat (LP Version)’ (120¼bpm) (Swanyard Records Ltd SYRT 14, via Total/BMG)
Technotronic, not being an act of whom one expects any great subtlety, sure enough are back with a basically bashing bouncy bounder once again given a rudimentary rhythm emphasising rap by precocious Miss Kamosi, flipped by Spencer Henderson & ‘Bluey’ Maunick’s jerkily throbbing Swanyard Remix of the Eric B rapped old ‘This Beat Is Technotronic’ (123½bpm).

DAVID RUDDER & MARGARETH MENEZES ‘Dark Secret (X-Rated RnB Mix)’ (119½bpm) (London LONXR 260)
A cool breeze of summery exoticism from down South America way, this joyfully duetted soulful shuffling samba has classy jazz-funk instrumentation with squealing sax — and some fairly steamy moans of pleasure from Margareth! — David teaming with Charlies Roots for the flip’s mournful 100.2bpm ‘Working On The Join’ (100¼bpm) and acappella ‘There Is A Land’ (106¾bpm), making an altogether interesting package for music lovers rather than just disco fans.

TONGUE ‘n’ CHEEK ‘Nobody’ (Syncopate 12SY 37) Nicely wailed by Maureen, this catchy song is hard to encapsulate in a few words as it’s been creatively promoed in six totally different treatments, initially in a coupling of Bootsie & Snudge’s funky drummered jiggly smacking Blue Mix (113bpm) and Liverpudlian AJ Fly’s juddery stark Street Mix (110½bpm), with a special limited edition triple pack sleeve that will hold three 12 inch records (all advance pressings for DJs only), this first one included (12SY 371) with numbers 2 (12SY 372) and 3 (12SY 373) to follow, these being Robin & Delroy’s briefly “soul” started then bumpily throbbing real reggae Ragga Mix (111-98½bpm) featuring raggamuffin toasters Mel O’Dee & Captain Einstein, flipped by a ‘Do It Any Way You Wanna’ bass pushed percussive Summer Breeze Mix (110½bpm) (Peoples Choice coincidentally is the same BPM), and Howie Bernstein’s wriggly drum thumped attractively swaying Nomad Soul Mix (110¾bpm) flipped by Total Contrast’s cheekily ‘Hold On’ style rolling In Vogue Mix (106¾bpm). Further confusing things, these will be spread across just two commercial 12-inchers, with four tracks on each (a Manyana Mix of ‘Tomorrow’ will be common to both), in order to comply with some new Gallup chart rules!

QRZ? FEATURING STEPZ ‘Fast Fish And Loose Fish (The Rapper’s Tale)’ (116bpm) (10 Records TENX 314)
The rapper they call Stepz turns up yet again, fronting presumably a spinoff from Quartz for this Larry Stabbins produced refreshingly different fruitily brassy churning shuffler that unusually is dominated by a braying trombone, flipped by its calmer though similarly blowing instrumental The Bone Mix (115¾bpm) plus a slow chunkily rolling jazz brass instrumental ‘Larry’s Groove’ (85½bpm).

GARY’S GANG ‘Keep On Dancin’ 1990’ (121½bpm) (BCM Records BCM 470 X)
An enduring disco classic in its day, which was 12 years ago (February 1979 by the time it hit here), now stripped down and totally remade by John Frizzel with Brian Stroh & The Hollywood Impact, this virtually brand new thudding and schlurping simple bassy bounder even adds an augmenting vocal by Roland Clark in Hollywood’s 5:00 AM Club Mix and shorter bubblier 1990 Mix, the latter a tighter actual song, flipped for comparison with Eric Matthew & Gary Turnier’s Original 1978 Version (125¼-126bpm), which of course has the rattling timbales, tinkling bells, squidgily swooshing synth, “ooooh-wahh” harmonies, and other hooks that people of a certain age actually remember!

RESCUE ‘Feel’ (Profile PROFT 303)
Created by Stepz (of Quartz, QRZ?, etc) and Felix, with Jackie adding “oh oh oh” gasps and gettin’ down in the video with Alex, this is neither the rap that one might expect nor even particularly hip hop, being a spurting and jiggling hip house-ish tempoed electro instrumental in breezily scurrying Karck Mix (122½bpm) and more sparsely fierce Mashed Mix (121 bpm) versions.

As previously warned, the zany rappers’ condoms discussing conversational album track is now also 12-inched separately from ‘Doowutchyalike’ in CJ Mackintosh’s chunkily thumping but lazily rolling Worth A Packet Mix (97¾bpm) and its pleasant jazz-funky sax instrumental Sax Packet Mix, plus the boomingly bumped emptier Original LP Mix (98bpm) and a more bumpily shuffling Analog Underground Mix that’s closer to it.

PRECIOUS ‘Let’s Get It Started’ (121bpm) (MCA Records/Big Beat MCAT 1416)
Jumping about just as spectacularly as MC Hammer in her live shows, Precious has armed herself with a spring heeled beat and then bounces her rap right off it in this massively whomping infectious thumper, with appropriately named Thump Mix and Pumpin’ Bumpin’ Mix versions, flipped by the ‘Pop Muzik’-ishly driven ‘Competitions’ (100¾bpm) in Bee Bopp Style and partly acappella Loose Buddie Style.

THE K.L.F. ‘What Time Is Love? (Live At Trancentral)’ (119bpm) (KLF Communications KLF 004X)
The original having been an influential much copied droning and driving fave at raves last summer, this new version was recorded live at a party in the KLF’s Trancentral HQ with guests MC Bello of the Outlaw Posse and Manda of the Beatmasters grabbing the mikes as it powers and twitters along through prompts of “kick out the jams….” (so it’s not advised for radio play!), flipped on white label promo by a similarly “mother” punctuated but otherwise different, “c’mon Floyd, do y’wanna ride” repeating girls rapped and Jimi Hendrix-type guitar yowled jittery chugging ‘Untitled Exclusive Promo Flipside’ alternative treatment of its unadorned rhythm track.

CLUBLAND featuring QUARTZ ‘Let’s Get Busy (Pump It Up): Snap! The Remix! (Robomixed), introducing King Bee’ (122bpm) (Swedish BTECH 12tek43)
Produced originally by East London’s Quartz but now strongly remixed by indeed Snap as a King Bee rap over the same though slightly beefed up lurching bassline, this is labelled as being at 45rpm but in fact is 33⅓rpm and craftily coupled with — as only etching in the actual vinyl reveals! — its previously unheard piano jangled more loosely leaping instrumental Original Freestyle Demo Mix and a synthed strings zapped jerkier “secret bonus” David Morales’ Def Dee Mix, plus (now also on the UK released original) the Liberace quote introed and punctuated jiggly trotting ‘The World Of Music‘ (120bpm).

FRESH 4 (CHILDREN OF THE GHETTO) featuring Sister Redz ‘Release Yourself (Phil Chill’s Remix)’ (110bpm) (10 Records TENR 301)
A big change from the fast rave aimed original, Phil’s plaintive girl sung tapping, rumbling and shuffling Chill’s Main Body Mix is coupled by his similar emptier Chill’s Dub Mix, plus producers Smith & Mighty’s still galloping Dr Crispin’s Edit (122¾-124½bpm) and again the guy rapped ‘Cuts, Scratches, Samples And All That Stuff’ (116bpm).

THE CLUB CHART – July 21, 1990

01 03 FIRST TIME EVER (MELLOW GROOVE) Joanna Law, Citybeat 12in
02 07 FREE Tammy Payne, WEA 12in
03 12 LFO (THE LEEDS WAREHOUSE MIX) LFO, W.A.R.P./Outer Rhythm 12in
04 06 MONIE IN THE MIDDLE (COX & STEELE MIX) Monie Love, Cooltempo 12in
05 10 FACTS OF LIFE (DANCIN’ DANNY D’S MIX) Danny Madden, Eternal 12in
06 05 SILENT VOICE Innocence, Cooltempo 12in
07 11 PURE (PURE ENERGY) G.T.O., Dutch Go Bang! 12in
08 09 I’M STILL WAITING (PHIL CHILL 1990 REMIX—THE FULL MONTY) Diana Ross, Motown 12in
09 23 WASH YOUR FACE IN MY SINK (RADIO MIX) Dream Warriors, 4+B’ 12in
10 13 OUTSTANDING Kenny Thomas, Cooltempo 12in
11 01 OOOPS UP Snap, Arista 12in
12 14 LIES (EXTENDED FUNKY REMIX) En Vogue, Atlantic 12in
13 33 DOIN OUR OWN DANG (DO IT TO THE JB’S MIX) Jungle Brothers, Eternal 12in
14 04 LOVE DON’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE (CLUB MIX) Double Trouble, Desire 12in
15 38 TOM’S DINER (OH SUSANNA) DNA featuring Suzanne Vega, A&M 12in/S&B 12in
16 16 HEAVEN KNOWS Cool Down Zone, 10 Records 12in
17 31 PIANONEGRO (LONG MIX) Pianonegro, Epic 12in
18 22 I LOVE MUSIC (SLAMMING LARGE MIX) Darryl Pandy, Eternal 12in
19 02 THINKING OF YOU (ROCK STEADY MIX) Maureen Walsh, Urban 12in
20 24 TRICKY DISCO Tricky Disco, W.A.R.P./Outer Rhythm 12in
21 17 ALRIGHT (HIP HOP MIX) Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
22 — I WISH Ben Liebrand (featuring Nasty Chat), Epic 12in
23 21 CLOSE TO YOU (THE ROUNDHOUSE MIXES) Maxi Priest, 10 Records 12in
24 83 NOBODY (BLUE MIX)/(STREET MIX)/(NOMAD SOUL MIX)/(IN VOGUE MIX) Tongue ‘n’ Cheek, Syncopate 12in
25 — LA RAZA (LA RAZA MIX) Kid Frost, US Virgin 12in
26 08 THE MASTERPLAN Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe, ffrr 12in
27 19 RELEASE ME (GOSPEL) Fatrnan & Stella Mae, Cue 12in
28 28 SWING The Deff Boyz (featuring Tony Mac), Supreme 12in
29 26 BEEF (THE FUTURE MIX) Gary Clail, On-U Sound System featuring Bim Sherman, RCA/Perfecto 12in
30 — NO MORE THE FOOL Elaine Hudson/BOW WOW WOW/COOLER MOMENTS OF VIVALDI/ WAM BAM Elaine Hudson with B.S.O.G., RCA 12in twinpack promo
31 — TRUE LOVE (LOUIE LOUIE REMIX) The Chimes, CBS 12in promo
32 75 THE FUTURE (REMIX)/ELECTRIC CHAIR (REMIX) Prince, German Warner Bros 12in
34 — FEEL LIKE MAKING LOVE (RADIO MIX) Jillian Mendez, 4+ B’ 12in
35 32 DON’T GO AWAY (B.I.D. MIX) Boneshakers, Reachin’ 12in
36 39 WHY CAN’T WE LIVE TOGETHER (WAR & PEACE MIX) Timmy Thomas, Syncopate/T.K. Records 12in
37 42 LOVELY THING Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra featuring Jazzy Joyce, Mango 12in
38 84 REELING (DAYTIME DANCE MIX) The Pasadenas, CBS 12in
39 15 HEAR THE DRUMMER (GET WICKED) Chad Jackson, Big Wave 12in
40 46 ROCKIN’ OVER THE BEAT (LP VERSION) Technotronic featuring Ya Kid K, Swanyard 12in
41 18 LOVING YOU Massivo featuring Tracy, Debut 12in
42 40 PSYKO FUNK (HIP HOP YOU DON’T STOP MIX) Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E., 4+B’ 12in
43 54 GET DUMB! (FREE YOUR BODY) The Crew featuring Freedom Williams, US Vendetta 12in
44 99 OCEAN TO OCEAN (JUAN’S MAGIC MIX) Model 500, KoolKat 12in
46 29 EVERYTHING (LONG MIX) Kicking Back with Taxman, 10 Records 12in
47 20 LAST NIGHT A DJ SAVED ME LIFE (GROOVE MIX) Coldjam featuring Grace Big Wave 12in
48 73 I GOT TA (LP VERSION) Master Ace, US Cold Chillin’ 12in
50 48 GOTTA TURN THE MUSIC UP (CRITICAL-CORE MIX) M.C. Showbizz and The Lap 1 Crew, 1st Bass 12in
51 92 IF U KEEP IT UP Liz Torres, Jive 12in
52 25 I’M STILL WAITING Courtney Pine featuring Carroll Thompson, Mango 12in
53 — BONITA APPLEBAUM (WHY VERSION) A Tribe Called Quest, Jive 12in
54 63 NAKED IN THE RAIN (EXTENDED MIX) Blue Pearl, Big Life/W.A.U.! Mr Modo 12in
55 65 NYCE & SLO (THE LOVEBUG) Lil Louis & The World, ffrr 12in
56 35 OAKLAND STROKE (BRIGHTON BASS MIX) Tony! Toni! Toné!, Wing 12in
57 — STRAIGHT TO MY HEART (VOCAL VERSION) Project 449, Alphabet City 12in
58 37 LAMBORGHINI Shut Up And Dance, Shut Up And Dance 12in
59 — MAKE YOU SWEAT (NORMAN COOK REMIX) Keith Sweat, Vintertainment 12in promo
60 re LIFT THE NATION (UNDERGROUND NATION MIX) How II House, Outer Rhythm 12in
61 58 HOTEL CALIFORNIA (IBIZA 90 MIX) Jam On The Mutha, W.A.U.! Mr Modo 12in
62 41 TO WIN YOUR LOVE (SUPER-DOPE MIX) Da Posse, RePublic 12in
64 64 U CAN’T TOUCH! THIS (CLUB VERSION) MC Hammer, Capitol 12in
65 — RAGGA TRIP The Ragga Twins, Shut Up And Dance 12in
66 59 HOOMBA HOOMBA Voice Of Africa, Tam Tam 12in
67 27 TREAT ME GOOD (EXTENDED VERSION) Yazz, Big Life 12in
68 — MEGACHIC (CHIC MEDLEY) Chic, Atlantic 12in
69 — REFLECTIONS Jam Society, Jaba 12in
70 — THE REALM (LOVE IN A D MINOR MIX) featuring C’hantal, US Powertraxx 12in
71 62 TAKE ME (CLIFTON MIX) Everything But The Girl, blanco y negro 12in
72 80 ONLY FOR THE HEADSTRONG Psychotropic, Raw Bass 12in
73 re POISON (METAL MIX) Bell Biv DeVoe, MCA 12in
74 re THE WARNING (INNER MIX) Logic, US Strictly Rhythm 12in
75 71 HOT MUSIC (JAZZ MIX) New York — S.O.H.O., Outer Rhythm 12in
76 re I’M FREE The Soup Dragons featuring Junior Reid, Raw TV/Big Life 12in
77 — POWER 900 The Mafia, N.Y.P.D. 12in
78 74 HARDCORE UPROAR Together, ffrr 12in
80 93 PARADISE Karem Smith, Mango 12in
81 — COOL WITH NATURE (MIXES) Carlton, ffrr 12in
82 100 WHAT TIME IS LOVE? (LIVE AT TRANCENTRAL) The K.L.F., KLF Communications 12in
83 52 WONDERFUL WORLD (12″ FX MIX) Wildski, Arista 12in promo
84 — WORLD PEACE (FREESTYLE) Sugar Bullet, Virgin 12in promo
87 43 COME INTO MY HOUSE Queen Latifah, Gee Street 12in promo
88 — LET’S GET BACK TO LOVE (KO-MIX) Komix introducing Keia Thomas, Citybeat 12in
89 — THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO! (STRAIGHT RUN) F.A.B. featuring M.C. Parker, The Brothers Organisation 12in
90 — ANOTHER SLEEPLESS NIGHT Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson featuring Shawn Christopher, Arista 12in
92 — LA PASSIONARA (TAPAS RAPPERS MIX) The Blow Monkeys featuring Quan-T & Berzerk, RCA 12in promo
93 — TEMPLE OF LOVE (JOE COOL REMIX)/(TUFF STUFF) Harriet, East West 12in
94 — STYLE WARRIORS REVENGE (RAP VERSION) Hijack, Music Of Life 12in
95 — SIMPLE RHYTHM (12” VOCAL) Soul Rebellion, US Cardiac 12in
97 36 FLOATATION (SUBSONIC GRID MIX) The Grid, East West 12in
98 68 IT IS JAZZ (ITALIAN MIX) Tingo Tango, Champion 12in
100 re ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK, Sting A&M 12in

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