February 26, 1983: Forrest, Prince Charles & The City Beat Band, Sunfire, Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame


GOOD NEWS for admirers of the now deceased Record Business trade paper’s disco coverage, its disco sales chart transfers uninterrupted to Music Week as of this week . . . Polydor picked up Man Parrish ‘Hip Hop’ for UK release in a fortnight (pity not sooner as surprisingly it’s slipping now) . . . PRT’s ‘It’s In The Mix‘ compilation LP due early March will include the great US-only remix of Imagination ‘Changes’, along with other obvious recent stuff from their various labels like Indeep, Brenda Taylor, William De Vaughn . . . Sandy Martin (Swindon Brunel Rooms) had the word from Imagination’s Errol Kennedy that still ‘Heart And Soul’ is unscheduled for singles release — don’t they want to get out of their rut, or what? . . . Phonogram have revived the major Eddy Grant oldies on 3-track 12in (Mercury MERX 135), with the 123bpm ‘Do You Feel My Love?’, 137bpm ‘Living On The Frontline’, 137-138-0bpm ‘Frontline Symphony’ . . . Dick Morrissey’s new solo ‘After Dark’ LP (Coda CODA 2), a freewheeling jazz sax set recommended for listening (though I wish he hadn’t mucked up the theme from ‘Lou Grant’, which I’d dearly love someone to record straight), has in its cassette form been combined onto a single tape with his former sideman pianist John Critchinson’s ‘Summer Afternoon’, two sets for the price of one (Coda being the “acoustic jazz” outlet for Beggars Banquet) . . . Percy Sledge, ’60s ‘Percy!’ set on US Monument, as has his contemporary William Bell with a ‘Bad Time To Break Up‘ 7in on US Kat Family, both well soulful (as is the newer Lanier & Co’s set on US Larc), while also well worth checking by ’60s nostalgists is organist Jimmy McGriff’s swinging ‘The Groove’ LP on US Jam . . . Spandau Ballet manager Steve Dagger was recently telling me how New York City’s leading “urban contemporary” radio station, the black orientated WBLS, now concentrates on playing UK recorded electro-dance music (Human League/Yaz(oo)/ABC) and even has Chris Hill, against his better judgement, contributing features about this type of material — so it’s no wonder that all the black US acts are having to scramble aboard the electro bandwagon in order to survive . . . I have the theory that what’s caused ‘the split amongst funk fans’ here into electro and soul camps, black and white (although not of course as clearly defined as that), is a need to appear different: if the white fans were to get into electrophonic phunk there would not be enough musical difference to give them a tribal identity set apart from the herd who do follow Human League/Yazoo/ABC, hence they’ve turned back to traditional soul, whereas the black fans are different anyway as all can see, couldn’t give a damn, and are happy to get heavily into electrophonics — any comments? . . . Class Action’s featured vocalist Christine Wiltshire also sang the original version of ‘Weekend‘ by Patrick Adams Phreek . . . Level 42 fly out the Stateside way next week to record their next album produced by Earth, Wind & Fire’s Verdine White & Larry Dunn — is this necessarily a good move, we ask ourselves? . . . Elite and Challenge Records Andy Sojka is compiling a brand new mailing list of DJs playing any type of music: send him full details at 262 Holloway Road, London N7 (01-609 0168) . . . Greg Parrott has taken over as resident DJ/promotions manager at Oxford’s Boodles, trying to make Thursdays as upfront as possible and hoping to start a members only jazz-funk club on future Wednesdays, for which he’d like DJs with the right records to contact him on Oxford 730529 . . . Studiotek 2000 is a fully equipped DJ studio, also offering music mixdown facilities as well as a basic training course for mobile DJs, situated at 85 Alexandra Road in Farnborough (0252-519931) — studio time’s only £5 an hour for the next few weeks as an introductory offer . . . Donald ‘Shuggy’ Hughes (031-556 1836 days/031-228 3252 nights) is after promotions and artiste PAs for Edinburgh’s Coasters/Outer Limits . . . Soul On Sound’s Epping Forest Country Club alldayer on Sunday 6th March has admission by advance tickets at SOS-stocking record shops (SOS’s current issue came out a week late, incidentally this hiccup in my fortnightly preview mix schedule meaning that private engagements have prevented me thus far from recording the next issue’s mix, which I should have been doing even as I write at this moment) . . . Dr Soul’s Passion Pit downstairs at Mayfair’s Gullivers every Friday isn’t exactly the intended wall-to-wall “erection section” yet, but the barman’s been having trouble standing upright, anyway! . . . Frenchie & Colin Curtis didn’t start jazz-souling Blackpool Barons on the Friday they’d announced, but do start for sure this week (25) — and is it the declaration by Frenchie’s erstwhile partner, the now mixing-mad Pete Haigh (doing it Sundays at Caton’s Scarthwaite Hotel near Lancaster), that “Jazz-funk is dead — long live dance music!” which has hurried on the duo’s unexpected split? . . . Chris Hill & Colin Hudd’s “special” this Friday (25) is St Trinian’s fancy dress, while the following night (26) Tom Felton has a fancy dress Hollywood Ball at Leysdown Stage 3 . . . Chris Hill then starts his weekly “Sundays in the country” (27) at the Music Room in Sheffield Green’s Sheffield Arms, off the A275 in Sussex . . . Alan ‘Gibbo’ Gibson’s successor at Edgbaston’s Faces French, Jon Alsop has elbowed his predecessor’s gay-orientated music to concentrate more on futurist slanted electro and electrophonic phunk . . . Les Knott, at Harlow Bennys on Saturdays and packing Sundays at Old Harlow Josephs playing laid back jazz-soul, has his own weekly music column in the Harlow Gazette, which includes the area’s disco chart . . . Bill Robertson determinedly jazz-funks Fri/Sats at Bathgate Quincys, where a new light and sound system should just about be fitted by now, to prove that there’s soul in Central Scotland yet (ahh, but is there a Gallup chart return shop in Bathgate?) . . . Dave Rawlings has left Reading Rebecca’s for Saturdays at Basingstoke Martines and Tuesdays at Hook Gorse Cottage Country Club’s Gaslight Club . . . Phil Jay now funks Thursdays as well as Sundays at West Byfleet’s Carafino wine bar, plus Fridays at Guildford Staceys and Mondays at Godalming Carls wine bar . . . Gary Oldis, still based at Aycliffe Bee Jays, also funks Mondays at Darlington Bee Jays . . . Flash Gordon has returned to Bristol at the Princess Court Club and also does Thursdays at Reeves in the Brunel Suite, the latter as his own promotion . . . Martin Starr, back in Bristol too, funks Thurs/Fri/Sat with Nigel Hanson at Lourdes in Fairfax Street, Saturdays being most upfront . . . Loughborough Students Union Jazz-Funk Society stalwart Eddie Gee is doing fortnightly Thursdays at that town’s Adam & Eve club, tonight (24) should be the current one . . . Andy Hunter & Eon Irving funk Soho Ronnie Scott’s Maze on Thursdays . . . Liverpool’s ever willing Mike Davidson, another to criticize that city’s less than upfront radio soul shows, funks Cagneys Thurs-thru-Sun, the Mandarin Club Mon, the Dove Tues/Wed (doubling Tues at the Venue) — busy lad! . . . Ian Reading, still joined by Froggy on Fridays, advises you come early on Saturdays to Southend Zero 6 as it’s packed by 10.15pm . . . John ‘Nick’ Osborne, whose Ilford Room At The Top chart not surprisingly includes Marlena Shaw ‘More Room At The Top‘, is after a Wednesday night gig preferably outside the Ilford area (01-595 9549 days/01-478 5588 nights) . . . Atevis ‘CJ’ Craven, resident Fri/Sat at Edinburgh Annabels Rivera Suite, is after possibly another two or three nights playing anything, but soul/funk preferred (031-664 6795 early evenings) . . . Graham ‘Funky Scot’ Hunter and his Firefly Roadshow’s electronics technician partner V. Gregory (Basingstoke 770776 evenings) are looking for an agency handling both local and national gigs . . . Cosmic (Rayleigh Croc’s) recommends the band New Shoes, who play Sea Level/Spyro Gyra/Band AKA-type material, while Lance Nuttall (manager of Sayers Common Cinderellas) “strongly recommends” Animal Nightlife as a first rate live band . . . John Clancy (Gillingham), thrilled by the recent TVDJA night in Hounslow, writes: “It may sound daft, but as mobile jocks living outside London never get to meet the ‘big boys’, we only get to read about them” — and what with the likes of Steve Walsh, Graham Canter, Frank Smith (and myself!), there certainly were a few ‘big boys’ about that night! . . . Tressbonn Trashmore (Hythe Hotel Imperial every Saturday) was chuffed to hear Michael Aspel’s recently featured expert on names in some confusion over his own! . . . Al Dupres (Cardiff) has revived Earth, Wind & Fire ‘Fantasy’ because following its inclusion in the recently screened ‘Private Lessons’ flick it’s being regarded as a newie again . . . Mickey Lee, formerly of New Brighton Penny Farthing, Liverpool Odd Spot and most recently Whitehaven Village Inn, splits these shores next week for sunny Crete and the Bora Bora discotheque with his new protege Laura B, “one of the best female mixers in the business” (if Kenwood made a female mixer, could I have one for Christmas?!) . . . Fat Larry’s Band are this week at Watford Baileys . . . Madonna PA-ed at Charing Cross Heaven and were “wonderful”, to quote Ian Levine . . . West Surrey & Hants DJ Association have officially withdrawn from the DJ Federation, but can’t actually locate the DJF to tell them (WSHDJA membership details on 0483 68397), while one-time DJF big cheese Theo Loyla has surfaced as president of the Cleveland Area DJ Association (an honorary post of course — DJs in the North-East should still contact Graham Murray at 30 Pilkington Street, North Ormesby, Middlesbrough) . . . Theo Loyla, whose old Bridge Country Club residency was always packed (I never meant to suggest otherwise), has an interesting gimmick at his Charing Country Club gigs, his pre-’74 soul Mondays feature food in the restaurant at pre-’74 prices — and this policy now covers Fridays there as well, when he plays modern . . . I received a piece of wedding cake from someone in Romford — could that be from Mr & Mrs Howlett? . . . Larry & Mandy Foster (Ilford) recently had a baby Jade Holly Foster, Alan & Jill Taylor (Rhyl) had a second little son (bit tricky that one actually — though Jill’s fit now) . . . Steve Allen’s Discoasis record shop in Peterborough now supplies its disco sales chart to Hereward Radio . . . Rayners Lane Record & Disco Centre’s Andy Mann reports he was inundated with phone calls following my mention of the shop’s stock of Stone ‘Time’! . . . Nick Aravis (Romford Tudor Lodge/Hornchurch Daniels) recommends Chadwell Heath’s Jifs Records (the retitled old Tape Stop, opposite Whalebone Lane Library) for imports and cutouts . . . Kev Hill (Brentwood) finds the old Willis Beaver Hale ‘Let The Good Times Roll‘ from ’74 slots nicely between the likes of Goodie and the Gap Band (Phonogram’s Jeff Young incidently reports some DJs are finding the Gap Band too slow — are they crazy?) . . . Wuf Ticket ‘Ya Mama‘ as suspected works a treat out of ‘Outstanding’ (why more jocks haven’t picked up on it is a mystery), and Wish ‘Mr DJ (Instrumental)’ is indeed a killer out of Mahogany . . . YES INDEEDY!

MEZZOFORTE, THE jazz-funkers from Iceland, are now getting the sort of daytime radio play that should make their ‘Garden Party‘ dancefloor winner into a crossover hit. On their ‘Surprise Surprise’ LP (Steinar Ste LP02, via Pinnacle) they exhibit many influences — not so surprisingly, considering where they live — but the sheer quality of their musicianship allied to this familiarity is already making the set a big sell with the Shakatak market. More for listening rather than dancing, except in specialist jazz clubs, the album’s version of ‘Garden Party’ is preceded by the loosely starting then jaggedly explosive but brief 126-0bpm ‘Surprise‘ as a sort of introduction, seguing on out of a 33 second doodling lull into the hit track.


FORREST: ‘Rock The Boat’ (CBS A13-3163).
Already massive on import and now all set to go national in a huge way, this speeded up but in most respects very similar 114½bpm 12in remake of the Hues Corporation’s (106-107bpm) 1974 classic has a powerful pounding percussion break and all the pep that’s needed for pop crossover success. Initial CBS pressings sold out immediately last week, and in fact I’ve yet to get mine.

PRINCE CHARLES & THE CITY BEAT BAND: ‘Gang War’ LP (Greyhound Record Productions GRP LP 101).
The pretentious poser’s fave funk name of the moment, this Boston-based P-funker’s very George Clinton influenced debut set surfaced originally on import at a time when fast funk was out of favour here (although in the States then Michael Henderson ‘Wide Receiver‘ was a big black hit), after which its legendary status was built up by simple scarcity value as only a few were ever pressed by the subsequently defunct Solid Platinum label. Good but not THAT good, without all the anticipation this would be nowhere near so fashionable now, although certainly the whole of side two flows nicely through (most legendary of all) the 126-128bpm ‘In The Streets’, (now possibly stronger) 123bpm ‘Tight Jeans‘ and 124-123bpm ‘Gang War (or the Acid Funk syndrome)‘ being less substantial. Oh, there are some dirty(-ish) words too.

SUNFIRE: ‘Young, Free And Single’ (Warner Bros W 9897T).
Now not in fact coupled by ‘Step In The Light‘ (get ‘Street Sounds Edition 2’ for that!), this gently tugging soulful slow 90bpm yearner could possibly get daytime radio play following on from Billy Griffin’s breakthrough, and is on 3-track 12in with the heavy funk 102bpm ‘Feet‘ and less distinguished 119bpm ‘Shake Your Body‘. Continue reading “February 26, 1983: Forrest, Prince Charles & The City Beat Band, Sunfire, Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame”

February 19, 1983: Whispers, Wish, Jimmy Young, Chocolate Milk, Maxine Singleton


AMAZINGLY, ARIOLA in Britain passed on Forrest, letting CBS snap it up for rush release . . . PRT should consider editing all the phonetic countdown from Disco Connection ‘Rock Your Baby‘ and re-pushing it alongside the very similar ‘Rock The Boat’ . . . JFM and London’s other soul pirate stations are in their way delighted that they have one less legitimate rival on the air now that Greg Edwards has quit Capital (to be replaced by Al Matthews), though Robbie Vincent is less than happy about the way in which his Saturday lunchtime Radio London soul show is now thus shouldering alone the responsibility of previewing the weekend’s hot new tunes . . . I jocked at last Thursday’s British Record Industry Awards bash (never underestimate the hipness of record biz people — they finally got going to Eddy Grant, ‘Fame’ and all the wally wedding faves!), where Michael Jackson drew screams when accepting on behalf of Barbra Streisand, and Kim Wilde was charmingly tongue-tied (she later confessed to me a liking for Marvin Gaye while we were chatting) . . . Mayfair’s Gullivers downstairs every Friday is now Dr Soul’s Passion Pit — I’m playing wall to wall soul smoochers and mellow oldies, from Dinah Washington & Nat ‘King’ Cole to Major Harris & Barry White! . . . Morgan Khan’s renewed independent ambitions (details when the ink has dried!) have put back the zing in his thing and got his strut out the rut — yeah, ya gotta have panache to talk that trash! . . . Pete Stringfellow plans for his new venue at the old Talk Of The Town to feature a sort of electronic age update of the star-studded package tour stage show idea, plus spectacular lighting — to reveal more would only give other less visionary (and rich) club owners ideas . . . Nic Wakefield (Sidmouth Carina’s) now has a 20 minute spot playing import newies and a quick mix on Tom Arnold’s Devonair soul show, every Saturday 6-8pm 450/314m MW . . . Chris Dinnis (Exeter Boxes) reckons John Critchinson titled ‘La Pigalle’ after a Torquay club where he used to play . . . Paul Clark (Brighton Busbys) says apparently he was the first person at Holborn’s City Sounds record shop to buy Billy Griffin’s LP, on 6th June 1982 . . . Chris Hill & Colin Hudd kick off a series of special weekly events at Dartford Flicks this Friday with Fred Dove’s WEA video party . . . America’s snow storms stopped shipment of some expected imports last week, and delayed Luther Vandross’s flight to London by a day . . . Evelyn King, not only a ‘Coronation Street’ fan, seems healthily sexy! . . . DUB TIME!


WHISPERS: ‘Tonight’ (US Solar 0-67930).
Well worth the wait, a dynamite Jerry Knight-penned thrummingly resonant bass synth burbled see-sawing 114bpm 12in lurcher with very much a Kashif style of vocal melody (although identifiably still sung by the Whispers), an immediate monster floor filler!

WISH: ‘Mr. D.J.’ (US Blue 10013).
Not as gimmicky as Indeep but with similar hit prospects, the chix ‘n’ chaps sung sinuous 109-108-109bpm 12in thudder’s vocal side has that old ‘Ladies Night’ bass line behind a plea to play a song again (“I don’t remember what the name of it is”): however, good though that is, the absolute hard core killer is the 109bpm instrumental flip with great sax and a more exciting arrangement (likely to work well out of Mahogany).

JIMMY YOUNG: ‘Times Are Tight’ (US Delirium DM 922).
No, not Radio 2’s crooning DJ! The American Mr Young’s “hard times” vocal is perfectly acceptable but it’s the 120bpm 12in instrumental flip that’s the sizzler, a terrific solidly trucking jittery flowing groove along similar lines to some of the old classics of the “jazz-funk” era, designed to worm its way into your brain and make you work, baby, work! Continue reading “February 19, 1983: Whispers, Wish, Jimmy Young, Chocolate Milk, Maxine Singleton”

February 12, 1983: Imagination, Johnny Chingas, C-Brand, Inner Life, Kashif


DAVID JOSEPH, thanks to moody white labels, has overnight become London’s biggest disco seller — and was even used as musical accompaniment for Jackie Genova’s aerobic dancing session on TV-AM’s Saturday ‘Good Morning Britain’! . . . David PA’s at Mayfair’s Gullivers this Saturday (12), where your own James Hamilton starts reviving class soul oldies in the downstairs room every Friday . . . Streetwave’s version of the Band AKA II will just be the vocal version as already available, flipped by the instrumental but seguing at the end into ‘Grace’ — what a wasted opportunity . . . Sunfire ‘Young Free & Single’ / ‘Step In The Light’ will be on UK 12in soon . . . Chris Hill has talked Atlantic into editing together both parts of Beginning Of The End ‘Funky Nassau’ for 12in . . . Jerry Knight ‘She’s Got To Be (A Dancer)‘ / ‘Fire‘ is now on US 12in (A&M SP-12056), but ‘I’m Down For That‘ has come through here as his LP’s monster . . . Cloud has been snapped up by Silvertown from its original Rygel label . . . RCA seems to have the revived Laurie label here, so can Jazzy Dee be far from UK release? . . . Chi-Lites (including Eugene Record) are now on Larc, which looks like joining HighRise, HCRC and Beverly Glen Music among the new breed of consistent US soul labels . . . Morgan Khan, with an independent air, has let Orin Cozier leave Streetwave to form his own video firm — incidentally, ‘Street Sounds — Edition 2‘ is “as advertised on TV” (several spots during ‘The Tube’) . . . Edgbaston Faces Alan ‘Gibbo’ Gibson has joined the Bacchus DJ team to take over at Oslo’s Leopard from Alan James Jewell, who in turn writes from his own new Bangkok Oriental Hotel’s Dianna’s residency that the temperature’s 95 degrees and he’s got everyone in the club dancing on the speakers, bar and even amp rack! . . . Davy D is rumoured to be scratching for real after his UK visit! . . . Robbie Vincent’s Saturday lunchtime Radio London soul show could well become even more influential in the imminent future . . . The Gap Band, like bespangled ANZAC refugees from Gallipoli, had sound problems at Hammersmith but were especially good on slower material — and couldn’t tempt Michael Jackson from his heavily disguised position amidst the audience! . . . Mayfair’s Gullivers, full anyway, then got bursting when the entire apres gig Total Experience crowd crammed into the club, making some people so excited that even Lenny Henry was being asked for autographs! . . . John ‘Nick’ Osborne’s Tuesday jazz-funk sessions at Ilford’s Room At The Top next week (15) start a season of appearances by Jeff Young alternating with Steve Walsh . . . Greg Edwards & Froggy celebrate Valentine’s night on Monday (14) at Epping Forest Country Club near Abridge . . . Chris Paul & George Alexander have Valentine’s a day late on Tuesday (15) at South Harrow Bogarts, then on Wednesday (16) start fusion funking Southall Barbarella’s weekly . . . Steve Jackson lets in ladies for free before 11pm at Soho Whisky A Go Go’s Friday funk club . . . Simon Scott (Mile End Benjy’s) infos that Sharon Redd’s debut oldie, Front Page ‘Love Insurance‘, is about on a bootleg . . . Adrian (Bournemouth Adams) vari-mixes Motion ‘Don’t Stop’ and Sylvester ‘Don’t Stop’ so nobody notices the difference . . . Rayners Lane’s Record & Disco Centre is suddenly selling Stone’s old ‘Time‘ by the box load — wonder why? . . . Hot Chocolate have gone into motor racing, sponsoring a Van Deiman ’83 Formula Ford driven by “most promising” Tony Chambers . . . Elaine Paige? — I thought ‘Live From Her Majesty’s’ was meant to be a starring showcase exclusively for black ladies! . . . Mahogany is 109-108½-108-108½-108bpm, Ellis Hall Jr 0-32/64½bpm, The Biz Instrumental 113-112½bpm, Walter Jackson 106½/53-107bpm, Cloud 121-119-121 119-121-119-lull-119-124-123bpm, and Lionel Richie is ‘Hill Street Blues’-ish! . . . Liverpool’s Gary Allan says, “Gis a promo, go on, I can play that, give us one!” . . . DUB TIME!


IMAGINATION: ‘Changes’ (US MCA-13962).
Dynamic 112bpm 12in remix with an excellent new extended intro full of fresh teasing impact, plus a previously unavailable instrumental flip in similarly new format.

JOHNNY CHINGAS: ‘Phone Home’ (CBS A13-3121).
Immediately monstrous on import though still sometimes tricky to slot in, this superior ‘E.T.’ tune starts atmospherically with night time sounds of the forest before jazzy synth and Timmy Thomas-type rhythm box weave a subtle 117½bpm 12in intensity through “phone home” groans, soft vocal bursts and some acid guitar (instrumental flip). Once on radio it’ll be a smash!

C-BRAND: ‘Wired For Games’ (US Spring SP D 408).
Atmosphere laden gradually building great subtle jittery pushing 116-114½bpm 12in groove with clanking guitar and resonant tones behind eventual muttering and crooning fellahs interspersed by Smurf-type gibbering: the Astronawts synch out perfectly — but this is not itself electrophonic at all, and as if to emphasise the human involvement it’s flipped not by an instrumental but by the soulfully doodling slow 89/44½bpm ‘Plenty Of Love’. (Do not confuse with C-Bank!). Continue reading “February 12, 1983: Imagination, Johnny Chingas, C-Brand, Inner Life, Kashif”

February 5, 1983: Mahogany, S.O.S. Band, David Joseph, Ellis Hall Jr., Maxine Singleton


RECORD MIRROR for the fifth time running since 1979 has had a massive majority lead at the top of a poll conducted by Theo Loyla with 320 DJs to establish their music paper reading habits — RM polled 79 per cent, the next best (DI) only getting 45 per cent . . . The Band AKA II ‘Joy‘ will be remixed combining both vocal and instrumental sides for Streetwave release here — hurrah! . . . Morgan Khan’s latest ‘StreetSounds’ LP compilation, due this weekend, includes the recent hits by Gwen McCrea, Whodini, First Light, Sunfire, Montana Sextet, Melle Mel & Duke Bootee, Rocket & Nairobi — pity you bought ’em all already, huh?! . . . Arista has given America’s West End label its own logo identity here . . . Leonard Chin (featuring Alan Weeks on the dominant guitar) has been repressed with a new ‘Dance Mix ’83’ version as flip . . . Steve Arrington’s forthcoming LP will be on Atlantic, the Whispers overdue set should materialize in March now (strongly ballad orientated evidently, though with three dancers) . . . Maurice White has been producing Jennifer Holliday’s first proper solo LP for Geffen release soon . . . Patti Austin & James Ingram’s single is now on 3-track 12in . . . Ashford & Simpson have an hour long video spectacular through EMI Music Videos . . . Prince ‘1999’ maybe doesn’t mean that much in black clubs, but he does have a dynamite video of it on the current AB See compilation (Month 13), along with Eddy Grant, Central Line, Chic and Yarbrough & Peoples — if your club wants to subscribe to this monthly changing service call 01-734 9072 . . . Soul On Sound 012 has possibly the most satisfying soulful preview mix yet (I’m really a bit proud of this one!), all actually done with tape edits this time, comprising Peabo Bryson ‘We Don’t Have To Talk’/Instant Funk ‘Smack Dab’/Ellis Hall Jr ‘Every Little Bit’/Gail Grier/Lanier & Co ‘After I Cry’/Goodie ‘You & I’/Leonard Chin/Kadenza/SOS Band/Smokey Robinson ‘Touch The Sky’/Band AKA II/Forrest/Disco Connection ‘Rock Your Baby’/The Biz/Pure Energy/Jerry Knight ‘I’m Down For That’/Glenn Jones/Flowchart/David Joseph/Jazzy Dee/Maxine Singleton/George Howard ‘The Preacher’/Chic/The Joneses/Con Funk Shun/Ellis Hall Jr ‘Back It Up’ (intro only) — it cooks! . . . Froggy’s mum actually came up to him at his own wedding and — this is the honest truth — said “Isn’t it time you got them all dancing?”! . . . Froggy & Sue must have had their wedding cake on sale or return, as they still hadn’t cut it by the party’s end . . . Kurtis Blow dropped into Mayfair’s Gullivers on Friday along with his scratcher, Davy D, the two of them then taking over the decks for an incredible demonstration of rapping and scratching that had the packed club jumping and also Graham Gold & James Hamilton wishing they hadn’t given up their day jobs! . . . Davy D tips, regarding more orthodox ways of mixing, “Wait for the break before you mix — everybody’s expecting to hear that break” . . . Graham Gold came up with a killer mix: Toney Lee dub/Prince Charles ‘Jungle Stomp’/Bohannon ‘Let’s Start II Dance Again’, while I discovered while fitting in a request that Shalamar ‘Night To Remember’ varied up by a whopping c.7 per cent runs perfectly (if squeakily — but who cares about Shalamar?!) over Michael Jackson ‘Billie Jean’ . . . West Yorkshire Assn of DJs meets the first Sunday every month (so this Sunday presumably) at Huddersfield’s Ridings Squash Club in Queen Street, ring Gary Williamson on Elland 76063 for full membership details (open to any bona fide DJ anywhere in the UK) . . . North West DJ Assn plans its first disco exhibition, aimed at mobile operators, on Sunday 12th June in Stockport’s Belgrade Hotel — contact Paul King at 12 Leicester Avenue, Salford M7 0HA for full display details . . . Robert Blenman is now a radio plugger at PRT . . . Mike Shaft’s ‘TCOB North Of Watford’ mag seems to be admitting defeat before it begins by getting Ralph Tee of Groove Weekly fame to contribute a column about London happenings . . . ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ has been adopted by PRT into personalised jingles for many individual radio DJs — I must confess at my suggestion . . . Tongy & Jonesy kick off Fridays this week (4) at the Music Room in the Sheffield Arms, Sheffield Park, on the A275 near Uckfield . . . Pete Haigh, Frenchie & Colin Curtis start souling Fridays at Blackpool Central Promenade’s Barons, too . . . The Biz PA with Steve Walsh on Saturday (5) at Leysdown’s Stage 3 . . . Phyllis Hyman, Dionne Warwick and now Gladys Knight & The Pips, ‘Live From Her Majesty’s’ — who’s on this week, Aretha Franklin? . . . Billy Fury was a pioneer admirer in the UK of uptown US soul, covering in the very early ’60s material by Gladys Knight, Jerry Butler and more . . . Don Costa also died recently — best known maybe for producing the same songs with both Paul Anka and then several generations later with Donny Osmond, his own DCP label in the mid-’60s was home for Little Anthony & The Imperials . . . I can only assume that old allegiances die hard, as what else explains Level 42’s current success in the black ‘soul’ disco chart with an out-and-out pop song which wouldn’t disgrace the likes of ABC? . . . DUB TIME!


MAHOGANY: ‘Ride On The Rhythm’ (West End ARIST 12517, via Arista).
Excellent truly solid slinkily socking 109-108½-108-109-108bpm 12in thudder grooves mightily with wailing Bernice Watkins weaving through great searing sax and simple little licks, all permeated by the very essence of bluesy funk. One of the monster sounds of the moment, not to be missed.

THE S.O.S. BAND: ‘Groovin’ (That’s What We’re Doin’)’ (Tabu TBU A13-3120).
Absolutely dynamite beefed-up, remixed and lengthened 107 2/3bpm 12in version of their LP’s chart-busting jazzy instrumental with catchy vocal chorus chant, pounding unabashedly along Rodney Franklin’s original ‘Groove’, the UK pressing being flipped by their old urgent chix chanted tinkling 119bpm ‘Take Your Time (Do It Right)‘ from 1980.

DAVID JOSEPH: ‘You Can’t Hide Your Love’ (Island 12IS 101).
Not due officially in the shops for over a week but already busted wide open by judiciously circulated very limited advance white label pressings, the former lead singer with Hi Tension rides effortlessly complete with some pretty staccato scatting amongst his vocal variety over a shuffling jittery 117bpm 12in complex time signature (great out of the Trammps), the acappella-introed instrumental flip being 118bpm. Ideal for the hard core crowd though otherwise not that widely commercial, I fear. Continue reading “February 5, 1983: Mahogany, S.O.S. Band, David Joseph, Ellis Hall Jr., Maxine Singleton”