November 10, 1984: The Temptations, Switch, Sister Sledge, Flea, Madonna


CAISTER’S BIGGIES, inevitable oldies apart, seem “officially” to have been decided as Temptations, Thelma Houston, Chic, Teena Marie, Roy Ayers, Evelyn Thomas ‘Heartless (Remix)‘, Dazz Band, Breekout Krew, Charme and Pennye Ford are due here now, Philip Bailey is already here (CBS TA4857), while the Controllers ‘Crushed‘ 12in in a week of so will include ‘Undercover Lover‘ AND ‘Givin’ Up On Love‘! . . . MCA now have the Solar label, with a Whispers 12in due . . . John Morales’ partner in the M&M remix team, Sergio Munzibai is US Motown’s new head of East Coast A&R — so maybe the label will get more streetwise again? . . . Tony Hodges (following Paul Buick — I hear ya!) kicked off his debut SOLAR 101.5FM Monday 1.30am dawn shift with a brilliant marathon ‘The Scratcher Mix’, one of the best “mixers” ever — so who did it? (he also used lots more mixers including Double Dee & Steinski) . . . Chris Hill  (Sheffield Park Hilly’s) observes that black clubgoers due to the increase in soul radio have become like pop punters, dancing to the words they know rather than to a new rhythm they don’t, making it harder to break anything that hasn’t already been plugged to death on radio — OK, so maybe disco DJs no longer call the shots, but I’m sure as an Ensign record company man he must appreciate the radio-created pre-release demand for Mercy Mercy (now of course that finished pressings are finally out the initial demand has gone!) . . . Gallup’s Top 75 is currently showing the immediate impact of sales to disco DJs the week of release, with no further punter or radio pick-up causing certain titles to slump the following week . . . Wham!, Style Council, Culture Club and so many more have built a career here by often copying the Motown-style black rhythm that back in the ’60s truly was “The Sound of Young America”, yet ironically today in America all the black stars are having to adopt a white rock rhythm in order to emulate Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ in “crossing over” to pop radio — as James Mtume recently so sagely said, who needs to cross over when ‘Juicy Fruit‘ sold more copies on top of the Black chart than it would have done as number one Pop? . . . Mtume’s next album ‘Theater Of The Mind’ will be a concept set linked by narrative, while ‘C.O.D. (I’ll Deliver)‘ is their new US 12in . . . “You’re watching me watching you touch me all night long” could be a winning lyric right now — if it hasn’t already been done? . . . Rick Robinson funks South London Old Kent Road’s free admission The Oasis Thursdays, with Claudia PA-ing tonight (8), and is after more artiste/DJ/dance troupe PA’s/guest spots on 01-771 1761 . . . Phil England gets silly Thursdays at Burnham Beeches Henry’s (girls free B4 11) . . . Chris Hill joins Colin Hudd at Dartford Flicks Friday (9), when Take 3 PA at Dalston Oasis (and Soho Hombre Sat) . . . Richard Searling is promoting a Sunday (11) 2pm all-dayer at Manchester Legend with Colin Curtis, Simon Smith, Jonathon, Hewan Clarke, and the return of Greg Wilson (wot, record production doesn’t pay the bills?) . . . Sunday (11) The Cool Notes PA for Steve Jason at Peterborough Canters . . . Inner City Street Crew break up Manchester New Millionaire’s Monday (12) Disco Mix Club night, while Black Britain join Kevin Birchall Wednesday (14) at Manchester Tropicana . . . Paul Barron (Sheffield), who doesn’t contribute his own chart so is in no position to complain, should note our main Disco chart (strictly without personal bias) as rapidly and realistically as possible reflects what’s happening in SOUL clubs — if that’s not to his punters’ taste, they’re sure to appreciate our Nightclub hits though . . . Disco Gary (London Tramp) is after a copy of Greg Perry ‘It Takes Heart‘ on Medway 0634-683841 . . . Denmark’s DJ News editor Kev James is looking for UK clubs and jocks to test certain European promos: contact him at English And American DJ Club, Mollevej 14, DK 7323 Give, Denmark (phone 010-45-5-73 50 66) . . . “Hi Kev, my name’s Rob Harknett!” . . . Simon Walsh has left Bradford for steamy Bangkok’s Bubbles in the Dusit Thani Hotel until the new year, nightly spinning nothing but Hi-NRG hits from 2-3 months ago . . . Alan James Jewell is briefly back in London (and New York) from the sumptuous clubs of Hong Kong . . . I sped through the sun to Cornwall last week, scorching back through the night from (as it happens my birthplace) Redruth just in time to catch the BBC2 Thursday 9pm return of Jonathan King’s inestimable ‘Entertainment USA’ . . . BBC2 last Tuesday screened 1978’s marvellous ‘American Hot Wax’, an encapsulation of Rock ‘n Roll and the career of its first DJ Alan Freed, who championed (to the eventual detriment of his career) the sort of exciting black music that young white Americans had found on those funny little black stations in the early ’50s — and the film was a feast of vintage black (and white doo wop) vocal styles, often all too brief, but at least the TV version didn’t cut out Screamin’ Jay Hawkins as had the cinema version (which I saw three times when new!) . . . BBC2 ‘Arena’s’ exhaustive profile of the Everly Brothers had many tantalising glimpses of vintage clips by Bo Diddley, Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Beatles and many more, all actually more exciting than anything we saw by Don & Phil themselves (exactly 21 years ago when they, Bo Diddley, Rolling Stones, Mickie Most & Julie Grant played Victoria, it was I from the balcony who shouted during a pause after they’d sung ‘Lucille’, “We want Little Richard!” — and a week later he too was added to the tour!) . . . ‘Arena’ this Friday 9.25pm has a film portrait of Billie Holiday — pretty well essential? . . . ‘Shout!’-singing Otis Day & The Knights in the ‘Animal House’ toga party scene (which inspired a Caister tradition) was actually DeWayne Jessie — who also acted in ‘Car Wash’ and ‘Bingo Long’ — the kid brother of ’50s black rocker and sometime Coasters member (Obediah) Young Jessie . . . ‘Conan The Destroyer’, rollicking comic strip hokum, gets quite funny halfway thanks to the startling presence of Grace Jones, who’s joined in the cast by another black star of a different sort, veteran basketballer ‘Wilt The Stilt’ Chamberlain (playing a character called Bombaata), who 20 years ago owned Harlem’s long established Smalls Paradise — where I used to hang out with Burgess Meredith, James Baldwin, King Curtis watching many informal performances by the likes of Martha & The Vandellas, Major Lance, Chuck Jackson (rather like Harlem’s Gullivers!) . . . Robert Prosky plays the new Sgt Stan Jablonski in ‘Hill Street Blues’, but his “Let’s do it to them before they do it to us” won’t be gracing the close of this column! . . . HEAVE HO, HEAVE HO!


THE TEMPTATIONS: ‘Treat Her Like A Lady’ (Motown TMGT 1365)
The biggest boost they’ve had in a decade, this terrific soaring and roaring vocal interplay filled buoyantly bumping 113bm jittery chugger is now a UK-only 12in remix and bound for the top in double quick time (older traditionally mellow 105½bpm ‘Isn’t The Night Fantastic‘ flip).

SWITCH: ‘Keeping Secrets’ (Total Experience XET 502)
Someone at RCA has finally pulled their finger out, this long overdue gorgeous gently plopping 104bpm “today’s groove” lush harmony jogger having been a huge underground hit on import LP for months, very much the sound of now in black London at least (unlike the punchily whipping 126bpm ‘Switch It Baby‘ flip).

SISTER SLEDGE: ‘We Are Family (1984 Remix)’ (Atlantic B9692T)
Bernard Edwards-remixed catchily trotting 116-117-118bpm revival of 1979’s classic anthem, without any Duran Duran additions but cleaner and tighter than before, flipped on 12in by a gently swinging 122-121-123½bpm ‘My Guy-Canadian Sunset‘ medley and the typical Narada Michael Walden produced 121bpm ‘All American Girls’.

FLEA: ‘Hard Rock (It’s The Beat Of The Street)’ (US Atlantic 0-86924)
Ex-New York disco DJ, record shop assistant and dance club promoter, self-taught musician Flea lays down a bassily chugging 107bpm fresh jitter for rappin’ ‘Sugarfree’ Eric Howard and the partying chix (edit/inst flip) — and it really is “fresh”, unlike the usual hip hop noise, so it may take a while for the excitement to sink in. Another ‘White Lines’?

MADONNA: ‘Like A Virgin’ (Sire W9210T)
Nile Rodgers-produced ‘Billie Jean’-ish purposeful 119bpm chugger coyly squeaked in Lauper-ish style, powerful pop, flipped by a slowed-down ‘Searching’-ish 118½bpm ‘Stay‘. All the attendant photos should fuel a few fantasies!

THE INTRUDERS: ‘Who Do You Love’ (US El Cee Records CE 708-2)
Leon Bryant-prod/penned ringing clear acappella-introed then rather War-like gently jiggly 118bpm trotter, superbly sung in gospelly style almost like a male Staples, pure class especially for deep soul freaks (semi-inst flip). Incidentally, Leon’s own excellent LP is now out here … and I’ll finally work off that album backlog next week!

THEOPHILUS P. WILDEBEESTE: ‘Big Love’ (Chrysalis CHS 12-2819)
Lenny Henry’s return to singing (let’s not embarrass him with early efforts!) is a Steve Harvey-produced wicked 73½bpm parody of Teddy Pendergrass, on 12in along with the DELBERT WILKINS-sung funky 107½bpm ‘Crucial Times’ and its starker Floor Crusher dub. But where’s ‘Katanga’?

BRENDA LEE EAGER: ‘Watch My Body Talk’ (Epic TA 4850)
Mildly catchy stripped down 124bpm retread of the Jacksons ‘Shake Your Body/Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ rhythm, much played by radio but slow to sell on import (dub/bonus beats flip).

MIDNIGHT STAR: ‘Operator’ (US Solar 0-66931)
Vocoder underpinned steadily lurching 119bpm choppy chant, familiar routine electrofied funk flipped (edit too) by the far preferable really meaty deliberately chugging chick-sung 107bpm ‘Playmates‘, bang in “today’s groove” (with a trace of ‘Bad Mama Jama’?)

GLEN ADAMS AFFAIR featuring T.SKI VALLEY: ‘Saturday Night (Caribbean Style)’ (Belgian Nunk NUNK 1008)
Naggingly mindless purposeful little 108bpm stroller with repetitively chanting chix around bursts of T.Ski rap and an electronically stuttered “g-g-g-g-groove rock” break (less of Ski on the Skank Mix flip).

MIDWAY: ‘Set It Out’ (Personal 12PER 108)
I remain amazed this electro skittered socking 120½bpm “D” Train-style smacker (in four beefily driving mixes plus acappella), obviously based on ‘You’re The One For Me’ with a bit of ‘IOU’ too, never repeated its US disco success here — however it yet may, following inclusion (with George Kranz ‘Din Daa Daa’ in the ‘Breakdance Part 2’ movie ‘Electric Boogaloo’.

NUANCE Featuring VIKKI LOVE: ‘Loveride’ (US 4th & B’way BWAY 409)
Powerfully thudding if somewhat plodding 107bpm follow-up to their US hit ‘Take A Chance’, breathy Vikki wailing strongly through the Shannon-ish blockbusting beat before a bragging guy’s rap (Dubride flip) — a bit of a grower.

RAY PARKER JR: ‘Jamie’ (US Arista AS1-9293)
Forget his recent rock approach, this (not Eddie Holland’s oldie) is a gloriously strutting 111bpm soul swinger croakingly and soaringly sung, really infectious, only on 7in so far (seasonably sentimental 83-0bpm ‘Christmas Time Is Here’ flip).

B.R.U.T.: ‘Give Me The Night’ (French Jump & Shout JS 1219)
Vocally rather phonetic but instrumentally perky Dutch-made 117½bpm George Benson remake on white vinyl, with a really infectious licketty-spit tinkling 124bpm instrumental ‘Chinafreak‘ flip.

TAKE 3: ‘This Good Good Feeling’ (Elite DAZZ 34)
Subdued chix cooed ‘n moaned sparse 114 2/3bpm swayer pleasantly bumped along by lean bass synth without rising to any great heights (two dubs on flip).

JAKI GRAHAM: ‘Once More With The Feeling’ (EMI 12JAKI 3)
Derek Bramble-produced crowd exhortation-introed fast (but not uncomfortably so) 134bpm infectiously smacking chunky lurcher, flipped by its edit and the more soulful buoyantly swaying 112½bpm ‘Hold On‘ — which impressed many when an earlier B-side.

ERAMUS HALL: ‘I Can’t Keep My Head’ (US Capitol V-8616)
George Clinton crony with a wild and woolly acappella chant introed fast 133-0bpm P’funk whipper, interestingly varied good fun harking back to old R&B influences (Sly Stone surely has to be involved?), the good dub flip having a Kid Creole-ish “Mexican” section.

THE KANE GANG: ‘Respect Yourself’ (London SKX 16)
Pete Wingfield co-produced acappella-introed rockily chugging 112bpm affectionate revival of the Staple Singers’ classic, pop-aimed and already seemingly played by Radio One more than the Staples’ own newie — someone’s priorities are wrong.

LIGHT + SHADE: ‘L’Amour’ (Light + Shade MS-LS 100, via 01-505 4392)
Another ‘Je T’Aime’ for horny grope sessions, this gentle sax backed 61-63½bpm smoocher has a breathy chick babbling at first in French to an English muttering fellah as they build to a fadeout climax (inst flip, 7in only). Phew, c’est chaud, ca!

MILLIE JACKSON: ‘Sister In The System’ (US Spring SPR-7-3040)
Running on the platform of sex, Millie declares her candidacy for President because “you need a Jackson in the White House — you’ve got them everywhere else”! An hilarious then serious ultra-jittery 80½(161)bpm 7in rap that’ll raise a chuckle or two while being powerful stuff for the sociologically minded.

THE NIGHT PEOPLE Featuring Sammy Relford: ‘Night Person’ (US ALBA ALA-2000)
Jauntily lurching fast whipping 130bpm bounder with street chatter start (not on the more spacious Special Dance Mix flip).

RICH CASON & THE GALACTIC ORCHESTRA: ‘Space Connection 2012’ (US Rappers Rapp Disco Co RR-12”-2003)
Hard hitting instrumental 126bpm electro of the ‘Planet Rock’-derived school, on 6-track 12in with an alternative mix and the similar but differently emphasized 124bpm ‘X-Planetary Zone‘, 124bpm ‘Android Boogie‘, stark 107bpm ‘Solar Scratch‘, tempoless ‘Lunar Voyage‘.

NYC PEECH BOYS: ‘Come On, Come On (Don’t Say Maybe)’ (US Garage Records ITG 202)
Aping their original electro approach, this Larry Levan co-prod/penned fluttering 113bpm chugger is totally vocodered and largely lyricless (dub/acappella flip).

GROOVE CONTROL: ‘Do It Anyway You Wanna’ (Belgian Nunk NUNK 1009)
Peoples Choice oldie given a monotonous 110½bpm semi-update — the bass line remains good (Cool Mix, and Forrest-type fast instrumental 128bpm ‘Africa’ flip).

FONZI THORNTON: ‘Rock My Heart, Rock My World’ (US RCA Victor PW-13948)
Rumbling and tapping would-be tense 110bpm judderer like a less nagging ‘Plane Love’, with no less than III dub versions and the cantering 118bpm ‘Playmate‘ as flip.

B.T. EXPRESS: ‘Your Love (Is All I Need)’ (US Earthtone ET-1205)
Bongo tapping bassily jolting 122bpm lurcher with saxy stabs and meandering masculine soul vocal, but not much modern dancefloor urgency despite some nice solos (shorter flip).

D.C. EXPRESS: ‘Close To Me’ (US Sound Of New York 4Z9 95129)
Bass thudded angrily buzzing 118bpm jolter with good wailing female and sax solo (inst flip), but less than vital.

FLOY JOY: ‘Into The Hot’ (Virgin VS 716-12)
Percussively tapping purposeful 110½-0bpm lurcher produced in America by hip (but commercially still unproven) Don Was before back in Britain reggae’s Carroll Thompson replaced its original vocalist — promos had an inst too, while commercially it’s flip to the quite nice soulful slow 85bpm ‘Until You Come Back To Me‘.

JANET JACKSON: ‘Don’t Stand Another Chance’ (LP ‘Dream Street’ A&M ANA 4962)
Michael’s cutest sister generally disappoints on her second LP, overloaded with current US “black pop” production cliches, even though this infectiously lurching Rick James/Prince-ish 123bpm smacker has been huge Black/Disco and bubbling under Pop for months Stateside — it’s produced by brother Marlon (as is the frantic Jacksons-ish 128bpm ‘All My Love To You‘), while The Time guitarist Jesse Johnson’s 116½bpm ‘Fast Girls‘ and (especially) long 114-0bpm ‘Pretty Boy‘ paraphrase Vanity, and Giorgio Moroder & Pete Bellotte, despite their dreary 52/103 2/3bpm ‘Two To The Power Of Love‘ Cliff Richard duet, contribute the pleasantly see-sawing 123bpm ‘If It Takes All Night‘. I’ll let you guess at the rock-disco content!

THE TIME: ‘Ice Cream Castles’ (Warner Bros W 9247T)
Music box introed minimalist (0-)117-0bpm strutter co-produced by Prince, flipped on 3-track 12in by the Prince-penned older and funkier 112bpm ‘Get It Up‘, plus the Morris Day showcasing comical chat started and interrupted 125bpm ‘Tricky‘.

ALIKI: ‘Dancing Through The Night’ (Ecstasy XTCT 8)
Sassy 105bpm swayer spoilt by a “Palais” squawker, a pity as the rhythm’s good (backing track flip).

CANDY GIRLS: ‘No One’s Gonna Love You’ (21st Century Fox FOX-001)
Reggae production values (but not the beat) given to a simply appealing 102bpm cover of The SOS Band song (dub flip).

JOHN HOLT: ‘Too Much Love’ (Trojan TROT 9077)
Strings and harmonica backed pleasant old 87bpm pop-reggae shuffler, on 12in with three more similarly early ’70s tracks including his ‘Help Me Make It’ hit.

RONI GRIFFITH: ‘Dancing Machine’ (US Vanguard SPV 77)
Mark Berry-produced ponderously thudding 116bpm revamp of the Jacksons oldie sneakily incorporating the ‘Relax/High Energy’ riff, a bit heavy and held back by its jerky structure (dub flip). Hi-NRG jox dropped it fast.

JODY: ‘Where The Boys Are’ (Mercury JODY 112)
Ugly stark (0-)125bpm electro pop, all noise no song, but a more melodic 126bpm 7in edit and similar 128bpm ‘My House (4-Free)‘ flip.

THE ALARM: ‘The Chant Has Just Begun’ (IRS IRSY 114)
Raucous rock aimed yet “dancebeat” driven (if jerky) 126bpm chant from the same source quotation as Level 42.

STEVE MILLER BAND: ‘Shangri-La’ (Mercury SM1)
Snappily striding little 124-125bpm chugger, classy pop-dance, usefully flipped on 12in by ‘Abracadabra’.

TYRANTS IN THERAPY: ‘Three People (Nude Below The Waist)’ (US JDC JDC0038)
Intriguingly airy Knights Of The Turntables-scratched ‘n cut 110bpm hippity hop, possibly with pop appeal due to the female voice (unfunky “white” flip).

BARONE: ‘Shake It Up (‘Til Ya Drop)’ (US Silver Blue 4Z9 05114)
Clever if a bit undynamic “cutter” nicely using vintage doo wop vocal group-type records amidst the monotonous 116bpm beat (dub mix flip).

PAULA ANDERSON: ‘Four Year Battle’ (US Starlite B357)
Bright electro jittered 114bpm squawking chick, the backing being quite fresh (inst flip).

CATCH: ‘Indecisive’ (US Columbia 44-05123)
Lightly chanted 120bpm mild funky burbler in the old Prince style (inst flip).


Hi-NRG BREAKERS include:
Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey: ‘Together In Electric Dreams’ (Virgin)
Maria Vidal: ‘Body Rock’ (US EMI America)
Diana Ross: ‘Swept Away’ (US RCA)
Silhouette: ‘Manhunt’ (US Fantasy)
Eurythmics: ‘Sexcrime’ (Virgin)
The Tapps: ‘Runaway’ (Dutch Injection)
English Evenings: ‘Tear You Down’ (Safari)

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD: ‘Welcome to The Pleasure Dome’ LP (ZTT 1Q1)
Immediately familiar to millions though not specifically a dance set, all the good numbers (good buddy) are side one’s fragmented “Pink Floyd Relax” 0-113-0-113-0bpm title track, the true to Brucie 160-0bpm ‘Born To Run‘, less true to Dionne 154-0bpm ‘San Jose‘, interesting 132bpm ‘The Only Star In Heaven‘, attractive AOR 121bpm ‘Black Night White Light‘, spikily speeding 145 bpm ‘Wish‘ (past hits and slowies apart).

THE CLIMAX ORCHESTRA: ‘Interaction’ (Challenge TAL 10)
Chris Lucas co-produced fresh ‘n breezy bounding 135bpm instrumental galloper, kinda “spaghetti western” melodically (alternative Nite Rate Mix and electronic LSD Mix flip).

DONNA SUMMER: ‘Love To Love You Baby’ (Casablanca CANX 1014)
Virtually an LP this 33 1/3rpm 12in totals 25 minutes with the full album version of her debut nine years old 96bpm orgasmic groaner flipped by a new 8 minute “Come Dancing” (!) Jeff Young edit: meanwhile, her brand new ‘Supernatural Love‘ (Warner Bros U 9254T) is a disjointedly introed 120bpm pop chugger.

SANDY MARTON: ‘People From IBIZA’ (Carrere CART 347)
Phonetic-type limply sung synth backed 118bpm Europop chugger getting hot on the Continent (inst/edit flip).

SUZANNE GIGLI: ‘Boys Do It’ (Lamborghini 12LSU 3)
Brightly snappy 150bpm fast pop bounder (inst on flip).

Ed’s Note: Next week’s column identified a number of typing errors in this weeks ‘Hot Vinyl’ section, in relation to artists names, BPM’s etc. For ease of reading and to avoid confusion, the correct information is shown above.

DISCO TOP 85 – November 10, 1984

01 02 LET IT ALL BLOW, Dazz Band, Motown 12in
02 01 I FEEL FOR YOU/REMIX, Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
03 19 HALF A MINUTE (REMIX), Matt Bianco, WEA 12in
04 11 TREAT HER LIKE A LADY, The Temptations, US Gordy LP/Motown 12in remix
06 08 I CHOOSE YOU, Paris, Bluebird 12in
07 03 GOTTA GET YOU HOME TONIGHT, Eugene Wilde, Fourth & Broadway 12in
08 04 SLIPPERY PEOPLE, Staple Singers, US Private I 12in
10 34 YOU USED TO HOLD ME SO TIGHT, Thelma Houston, US MCA 12in
11 24 I FORGOT, The Cool Notes, Abstract Dance 12in
12 05 OFF AND ON LOVE, Champaign, CBS 12in
13 09 GEORGY PORGY, Charme, US RCA Victor 12in
14 06 TUCH ME, Fonda Rae, Streetwave 12in
15 68 KEEPING SECRETS, Switch, Total Experience 12in
16 39 MATT’S MOOD, The Breekout Krew, US Next Plateau 12in
17 21 IN THE DARK/LOVE IS IN THE FEEL, Roy Ayers, US Columbia 12in
18 22 INTERNATIONAL (REMIX), Brass Construction, Capitol 12in
19 16 CARIBBEAN QUEEN, Billy Ocean, Jive 12in
20 61 YOU MAKE ME HAPPY, Hi-Tension, Streetwave 12in
21 36 EAT YOUR HEART OUT/DUB, Paul Hardcastle, Cooltempo 12in
22 27 YOU TURN ME ON (REMIX), Rick James, Gordy 12in
23 37 LOVERGIRL, Teena Marie, US Epic 12in
24 13 THE MEDICINE SONG/DUB VERSION, Stephanie Mills, Club 12in
27 14 NAUGHTY TIMES, Cutty, Cooltempo 12in
28 25 SEXOMATIC, Bar-Kays, US Mercury 12in
30 15 CANDLELIGHT AFTERNOON, Phyllis St. James, Motown 12in
31 18 LOVE LIGHT IN FLIGHT, Stevie Wonder, Motown LP
32 32 CHANGE YOUR WICKED WAYS, Pennye Ford, US Total Experience 12in
33 30 AFTER THE DANCE IS THROUGH, Krystol, US Epic 12in
35 29 LOST IN MUSIC (REMIX), Sister Sledge, Atlantic 12in
36 26 RUNAWAY LOVE, Linda Clifford, CRC 12in/US Curtom promo remix
37 — CHIC CHEER (1984 REMIX), Chic, Atlantic 12in promo
38 62 SOLID/STREET CORNER, Ashford & Simpson, Capitol 12in
39 35 NO ONE’S GONNA LOVE YOU (REMIX), The SOS Band, US Tabu 12in
40 33 MAGIC TOUCH (REMIX), Rose Royce, Streetwave 12in
41 50 IT MUST BE HEAVEN, Mercy Mercy, Ensign 12in
42 40 I’M WARNING YOU, Gayle Adams, Fourth & Broadway 12in
43 23 RAIN FOREST, Paul Hardcastle, Bluebird 12in
44 — NEW LOVE/WORK IT (REMIX), Rose Royce, Streetwave 12in
45 81 FORGIVE ME GIRL/ITCHIN’ FOR A SCRATCH, Force MD’s, Tommy Boy/Island 12in
46 71 I KEEP CALLIN’/LET’S PRETEND, Al Jarreau, WEA 12in
47 45 ENCORE/GOT TO BE REAL, Cheryl Lynn, Streetwave 12in
50 — SUNSHINE, Total Contrast, Total Contrast Records 12in
51 73 CAN’T SLOW DOWN, Angela Bofill, US Arista 12in
52 28 YOUR TOUCH (CLUB VERSION), Bonnie Pointer, US Private I 12in
53 49 SEA SHELLS, George Lee’s Anansi, Ebusia 12in
54 51 OUT OF CONTROL, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, RCA 12in
55 66 IN THE THE NAME OF LOVE, Ralph MacDonald/Bill Withers, London 12in
56 63 I WISH YOU WOULD (MASTERMIX)/I’M SOMEBODY ELSE’S GUY (RAP), Jocelyn Brown/Frederick ‘MC Count’ Linton, Fourth & Broadway 12in
57 42 UNDERCOVER LOVER, The Controllers, US MCA LP
58 — BEAT FREAK/DUB, Bobby Broom, US Arista 12in
59 76 WE’VE GOT OUR CHANCE, Linda Clifford, US Red Label LP
60 46 WE NEED SOME MONEY, Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, Master Mix 12in
62 44 THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT/OOOHH, Slave, US Cotillion 12in
63 74 CONTAGIOUS, Whispers, US Solar 7in
64 48 TODA MENINA BAIANA, Gilberto Gil, WEA 12in
65 38 ENLIGHTENMENT, Lonnie Liston Smith, US Doctor Jazz LP
66 — WHO DO YOU LOVE?, The Intruders, US El Cee Records 12in
67 43 HOT POTATO, LaToya Jackson, US Private I 12in
68 — PLAYMATES/OPERATOR, Midnight Star, US Solar 12in
69 41 AIN’T NO TURNIN’ BACK/PHONEMATE, Phyllis St James, US Motown LP
70 57 MAS QUE NADA, Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66, A&M LP
71 56 LET HER FEEL IT, Simplicious, Fourth & Broadway 12in
72 72 I’M THE BEST, Tomorrow’s Edition, US Mel-O Records 12in
73 69 JAZZY LADY, Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields, RCA LP/US 12in
74 — MYSTERIOUS/IN THE NIGHT/DON JUAN, Twilight 22, US Vanguard LP
75 — CHILDREN OF THE GHETTO, Philip Bailey, CBS 12in
76 52 I’M GIVIN’ ALL MY LOVE, Terri Wells, US Philly World 12in/London LP
78 re MOSQUITO (A.K.A. HOBO SCRATCH), West Street Mob, Sugarhill 12in
79 — SATURDAY NIGHT, Glen Adams Affair featuring T. Ski Valley, Belgian Nunk 12in
80 — GIVE ME THE NIGHT/CHINAFREAK, B.R.U.T., French Jump & Shout 12in
81 re RUNNING, Gwen Pressley & Portable Patrol, US Aerial 12in
82 67 GOTTA MAKE UP YOUR MIND, Major Harris, Streetwave 12in
83 83 NOW THAT I HAVE YOU, McGee, US American Dream Records Ltd 12in
84 84 LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE, Intrigue, Music Power Records 12in
85 — PEOPLE HOLD ON, Earl Flint, US Panda 12in


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Duran Duran 115½f, Iron Maiden 160/0-252-270-0c, Gary Numan (0-)117f, Jim Diamond 19½-39-78-76-0r, Hazell Dean 129f, The Alarm 126-0c, Dazz Band 115-0r, Cliff Richard 116-0f, David Sylvian 106c, Level 42 107f, Eurythmics 0-119f, Farmers Boys 171-0r, Nick Heyward 123f, Dalis Car (0-)72c, Talking Heads 111-107-0f.


01 01 ALL AMERICAN BOY, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack 12in
02 03 SECOND BEST/RUNNING WILD IN THE NIGHT/HEARTLESS, Evelyn Thomas, French In The Mix LP/Record Shack promo
03 02 BLACK LEATHER, Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
04 07 HANDS OFF!, Laura Pallas, Record Shack 12in
05 08 IN THE EVENING, Sheryl Lee Ralph, US New York Music Company 12in
06 04 I’M ON FIRE, Kelly Marie, Calibre Plus 12in
07 09 IF IT’S LOVE (THAT YOU’RE AFTER), Jackson Moore, ERC 12in white label
08 10 DON’T BEAT AROUND THE BUSH, Hot Gossip, Fanfare 12in
09 05 REACHING FOR THE BEST, Xenia Rowe, Crystal City 12in pre
10 06 LAST CALL, Jolo, US Megatone 12in
11 17 HELPLESS, Flirts, US Telefon 12in
12 21 WITHOUT YOUR LOVE, Paul Parker, Fantasia 12in white label
13 18 LONG AFTER TONIGHT (IS ALL OVER), True, Rock City 12in
15 16 SHARPSHOOTER, Laura Branigan, US EMI America LP (soundtrack)
16 11 THUNDER AND LIGHTNING, Heat-X-Change, Passion 12in
17 13 THE FIGHT (FOR THE SINGLE FAMILY), Norma Lewis, ERC 12in
18 12 CAN THE RHYTHM, Girltalk, Innervision 12in
19 30 HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT, Kim Fields, US Critique 12in
20 24 I FEEL LOVE (JOHNNY REMEMBER ME), Bronski Beat, London LP
21 26 HIGH SEX DRIVE, Dolmann, Passion 12in
22 20 BACK IN MY ARMS (ONCE AGAIN), Hazell Dean, Proto 12in
23 — THE POWER OF LOVE, Astaire, Passion 12in
24 23 I DON’T GIVE A DAMN, Nicci Gable, Passion 12in white label
25 25 REACH FOR THE STARS, Life Force, Polo 12in promo
26 27 I’LL CRY FOR YOU (1984 REMIX), Kumano, Canadian Power 12in
27 — I FEEL FOR YOU, Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
28 15 HEARTS ON FIRE, Sam Harris, US Motown LP
29 — TURN THE TABLES, Liquid Gold, Ecstasy 12in
30=28 LOVERGIRL, Teena Marie, US Epic 12in
30=22 I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE FREE, Tina B, Elektra LP/US 12in remix


POP JOX are playing: 1 (6) Chaka Khan 12in, 2 (2) Billy Ocean, 3 (1) Stephanie Mills, 4 (4) Ray Parker Jr, 5 (7) Wham!, 6 (4) Sister Sledge ‘LIM’, 7 (11) Moroder/Oakey, 8 (8) Eugene Wilde, 9 (9) Bronski Beat ‘W’, 10 (3) Culture Club, 11 (16) Staple Singers, 12 (10) Stevie Wonder 12in, 13 (—) Dazz Band, 14 (13) Style Council, 15 (12) Miami Sound Machine, 16 (—) Pointer Sisters, 17 (14) Animal Nightlife, 18 (26) Jocelyn Brown, 19 (21) The SOS Band ‘WG’, 20 (27) Phyllis St. James ‘CA’, 21 (30) Lionel Richie, 22 (22) Prince, 23 (15) Fonda Rae, 24 (—) Julian Lennon, 25 (18) Paul Hardcastle ‘RF’, 26 (—) John Waite, 27 (17) Spandau Ballet, 28 (—) Duran Duran, 29 (20) Simplicious, 30 (—) Brass Construction, 31 (23) Margie Joseph, 32 (19) David Bowie, 33 (24) Cars, 34 (38) Gayle Adams, 35 (—) Hazell Dean, 36 (—) Ashford & Simpson, 37 (—) Feargal Sharkey, 38 (37) Paul McCartney, 39 (25) Sade, 40 (—) Champaign/Paris.

One thought on “November 10, 1984: The Temptations, Switch, Sister Sledge, Flea, Madonna”

  1. ‘Wham!, Style Council, Culture Club and so many more have built a career here by often copying the Motown-style black rhythm that back in the ’60s truly was “The Sound of Young America”, yet ironically today in America all the black stars are having to adopt a white rock rhythm in order to emulate Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ in “crossing over” to pop radio …’ James on the money as ever with this, and yet flash forward four years and many more traditional US soul/funk acts previously successful in the UK were suddenly struggling here, as hip hop and house became the dominant dance music sub-genres. It’s pretty amazing how fast things changed in the 80s.


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