June 27, 1987: Feedback, Spoonie Gee, First Choice, Jellybean, Phuture


Rare groove fans must be feeling very sheepish – the supposedly bootleg import called ‘Roadblock’ turns out to have been purpose built for that market by none other than Stock Aitken Waterman, not only as producers but as the thus far unnamed artists too! … King Enri, now back in South London (Deptford Champs Fridays/Sidcup Danielles Saturdays), has been jocking in Florida where record stores are much slower than ours to stock US newies, American record companies apparently now exporting disco material to England for initial reaction before letting Florida’s shops have their product, by then of course over-stickered as ‘UK Club Hit’! … Birmingham mixer Scooby Swift’s UK remix of Denise Motto ‘IMNXTC’ is evidently Chicago’s hottest import … Jack ‘N’ Chill ‘The Jack That House Built’ is now in a frenetically edited and stun-gunned 126bpm Demolition Mix (10 Records TENR 174), and Liaz ‘Mission Impossible’ is in a slightly beefier 121bpm The Impossible 12″ Mix (Kool Kat KOOL TR4) … Freddie Bastone has been allowed by Motown to create a totally restructured and overdubbed real remix of the Temptations’ ‘Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone’ … Pete Waterman will be remixing Disco Aid ‘Give Give Give’ for this year’s November 21 charity night … Cooltempo will be marketing the more exciting jack track-ish US Grooveline-released Def Mix of its ‘original’ 2 Puerto Ricans A Blackman And A Dominican in a week or two, and has snapped up Kid ‘N Play for rush release … LL Cool J ‘I’m Bad’ evidently is due to be flipped by a remix of ‘Rock The Bells’ … BADJ, the newly formed Bristol Association of Disc Jockeys, holds its first meeting at Kingswood’s Chase Suite on Monday (June 29) at 8pm, further info on 0454-317070 … Tony Griffin points out that these days there is no funk scene at all in Bristol, where he’s resident jock at The Parkside (which Tristan Bolitho left because of the commercial music policy), but there is a funk scene in Cheltenham, where Tony lives! … Jerry Hipkiss is slipping in as much soul as possible while temporarily sitting in on Severn Sound’s nightly 2-6am slot … Deptford Champs (formerly Cheeks) also has Capital Radio’s Chris Forbes and King Enri on Thursdays for a new ‘hardcore’ Night Train session … Saturday (June 27) Chris Hill and Steve Wren join Gordon G at Walthamstow’s Racers, while Pete Tong, Nicky Holloway, Eddie Gordon, Maggot and more move ‘n’ groove The Slammer at Northfleet’s Red Lion … Paul Clark souls and rare grooves Sunday evenings at Hove’s Palmeira, plus this Saturday (June 27) joins Tony Fernandez at Cambridge’s De-Freville Arms, and on Monday (June 29) helps open Horley’s brand new Davinchis in Consort Way’s Victoria House with a ‘Brickhouse Special’ … Tuesday (June 30), and every fourth Tuesday, Steve Walsh joins Les Adams at Norbury’s Sussex Tavern for a ‘Two Tons Of Funk’ night! … James Lewis is joined at Bridgend Astons next Tuesday (June 30) by David Grant, and the following week (July 7) by Dancin’ Danny D for a Cooltempo promotion night … London’s Simon Goffe has really crossed the track to trek up to Newcastle-upon-Tyne for a soul night at Zoots every Wednesday … Bruce ‘The Juice’ Edward is the soul jock at the Rooftops pub club in Sheffield’s brand new Charlie Parkers complex, on Charles Street … Barry Island’s Butlins camp has in fact reopened under the new ownership of Majestic Holidays which plans a new million pound up-market club complex … Shaun Sullivan (0922-27307) is after good PAs for his new Friday soul-funk-house night with Adrian John at Walsall’s Three Crowns in Sutton Road … Colonel Abrams’ long-awaited next album appears to be scheduled in the US for August release … ‘Bellvue Patient‘, title track of the otherwise lacklustre rap LP by Funk Master Wizard Wiz (US Tuff City), uses Bill Withers ‘Use Me’ bass line … Castle Communications’ new label Blatant has issued a double LP ‘Genius Of Rap‘ (BLAT LP 1), chronicling the Sugarhill story through such obvious oldies as ‘Rapper’s Delight’, ‘White Lines’, ‘Drop The Bomb’ and eight more … Ian Levine has re-recorded ‘Needle In A Haystack’ with the original four Velvelettes … Morgan Khan, whose Rumors hip hop newsletter will merely be one photo-copied sheet without any advertising, has finally given up looking for Britain’s Michael Jackson — he’s now after another Prince or Madonna! … LAH DEE DAH DEE!

RALPH TEE is behind the Arista Masters reissue series which has just resurrected ‘How Could You Break My Heart‘ by Bobby Womack, seen here with him, while soon to follow are Jeff Perry ‘Love Don’t Come No Stronger‘, General Johnson ‘Don’t Walk Away‘, Tom Browne ‘Funkin’ For Jamaica’, Debbie Taylor ‘Just Don’t Pay‘ and a Don Blackman four-tracker. Ralph’s also supplying soul gossip for Martin Collins’ Chiltern Radio show on Wednesdays at 8pm, and has started a Sunday soul residency at Belmonts near Sutton in Surrey.


FEEDBACK ‘Simply Magic’ (Production House PNT 007)
A bit too digitally stuttered at the start, this Lillo Thomas/Kashif-ish wriggly pushing 0-112bpm roller has a pent-up lead bursting out of the hushed though gently insistent lurching choruses (dub flip), a fine follow-up to ‘So Fine’.

SPOONIE GEE ‘The Godfather’ (US Tuff City TUF 128019)
As the title suggests, this Marley Mari-mixed 103⅔bpm rap uses a rolling jiggly rhythm by the godfather of soul, the hardest workIn’ man in showbusiness, Mr Please Please himself, James Brown (inst/dub flip), so of course it’s just made for London’s clubs today!

FIRST CHOICE ‘Let No Man Put Asunder’ (Serious Records OUS 3)
This Roshelle Fleming-led Philadelphia girl group’s disjointedly rambling 0-118⅔-118-118½-119½-121½-121-120⅔-119¾bpm disco oldie was a major influence on Chicago’s house music (compare the bass line with ‘Jack Your Body’!), although the rhythm is far from house as we now envisage it — and neither is the flip’s much remixed more instrumental beefier 119⅓-117½-118⅔-121¼-120⅔bpm House Mix ’87, which, beware, turns out not to be Rutger ‘RuTTI’ Kroese’s imported Special Dutch House Mix after all.

JELLYBEAN featuring Elisa Fiorillo ‘Who Found Who’ (US Chrysalis 4V9 43089)
Jellybean of course produced and assembled this Paul Gurvitz-penned bright — would you believe? — Madonna-ish breezy 118bpm canterer (two differently emphasised dubs as well), while soul jocks are flipping for the bass burbled and snare drummed building 0-114¼-114½-0bpm ‘The Real Thing, Part II (Instrumental)‘, which actually has some Pandy/Abrams-ish vocal and ends up quite house-like.

WAS (NOT WAS) ‘Spy In The House Of Love’ (Fontana WAS 212)
Gruffly wailed easily loping instantly familiar seeming catchy soul canterer, given a house tinge by its lyrics and vocal timbre even in its 0-118bpm Single Mix, but especially in Jeff Young’s cheeky Maceo & The Macks-introed ‘jack’-ified main 0-118-0bpm Jeffrey B Young & Dangerous Mix, and ‘chipmunk’-ed 0-118bpm In House Mix. Nice, incidentally, to see Phonogram resurrect the old Fontana label for this.

MEL & KIM ‘FLM’ (Supreme Records UPET 113)
Stock Aitken Waterman-created zingily hustling guitar-chinked racer in an instrumentally started 122bpm Mega Club Version or brighter more instantaneous 121¾bpm Alternative Version, which latter deserves to be the A- rather than AA-side.

THE SYSTEM ‘Don’t Disturb This Groove (Extended Remix)’ (Atlantic A9241T)
A real sleeper since it appeared in January, this deceptively downtempo chunkily rolling 80½bpm attractive naggingly impassioned slowie (in three mixes plus the amorphous gentle 115bpm ‘Save Me‘) has been drummed into Londoners’ skulls by repeated radio play —which also obviously helped it to be huge in the US.

ERNESTA DUNBAR ‘Checking Out’ (US World Records WR-004)
Time honoured Philly sounds permeate this wailingly souled busily churning and jiggling 119¾bpm backbeat chugger, bright and frisky in three mixes reminiscent somehow of Candi Staton — plus there’s the really excellent gorgeous soulfully swaying 100¾-0bpm ‘You’, even better and well worth finding.

THE NIGHT WRITERS ‘Let The Music (Use You)’ (US Danica Records DAN-1610)
Rather good Frankie Knuckles-produced cowbell and hi-hat sizzled smoothly flowing fast 124½bpm pulsating house racer with a slippery bass line and some soulful Darryl Pandy-ish vocal punctuation (in three mixes).

CHICAGO TRAX ‘Megamix’ (German BCM/Trax Records TX 33-5003-45)
Much better than ‘Mic Mac’ Meyers’ last house megamixes, these excellent ones created from Trax material include a useful House Master Boyz-remixing (0-)120bpm ‘House Nation Beat Box’, a (0-)119⅔-119½-119¾-119⅔-119¾-120bpm ‘Floor Smoker Mix‘, and 0-118⅔-118½-118⅔bpm ‘Chicago Hot Mix‘ plus its 0-118¼-118⅔bpm Radio Edit.

VARIOUS ‘Rob Olson’s Chicago Jackbeat Vol Two‘ LP (Rhythm King LEFT LP2)
The latest budget priced collection has the James Brown-cutting 120bpm DUANE & CO ‘Hard Core (On The One) (JB Traxx II)’, soulfully taunting 123¾bpm MG² ‘My House Is Bigger Than Your House‘, jerkily spurting 121⅔-0bpm MATT WARREN ‘Bang The Box (Jack Beat Remix)‘, hi-hat hissed simple 121½bpm KEVIN IRVING ‘Ride The Rhythm (Remix)‘, synth-washed yelping 0-119¼-0bpm RAGTYME: FEATURING BYRON STINGILY ‘Can’t Stay Away‘, muttering 126¾bpm DENISE MOTTO ‘Tell Jack (Jack The House)‘.

WAYNE FERNANDEZ ‘Let Me Call You Angel (Heaven’s Own Mix)’ (Epic WAYNE T1)
Epic obviously sees this quavery voiced soulster as another Terence Trent D’Arby/Paul Johnson, to judge from the push behind his debut Rod Temperton/Barry Blue-penned jittery swaying 101⅓bpm lilting jogger, with a familiarly catchy chorus which not even Barry’s over-busy production can obscure.

LUTHER VANDROSS ‘I Really Didn’t Mean It (12″ Mix)’ (Epic LUTH T3)
His current album’s other UK floor-filler has been remixed in Jam & Lewis-ish style (by Bruce & Marcus Miller) to become a quivering and tapping lightly lurching 114bpm trotter that’s spoilt by some gimmicky digital edits (in three mixes), not as good as it could have been.

D.J. SLICE ‘Slice It Up’ (US Jam City Records/Erika Records Inc ERJ-1001)
Hidden as flip to the drily chatting 98bpm KOOL ROCK JAY ‘Check It Out‘ (instrumental too), this exciting jittery fierce 117½-117¾-118-0bpm rap ‘n’ scratch cuts in ‘One Nation Under A Groove’, ‘The Smurf’ and many more, at a tempo that could be useful for house mixers too!

THE ISLEY BROTHERS ‘Smooth Sailin’ Tonight (Extended Version)’ (US Warner Bros 0-20675)
Lovely relaxed tranquil gently rolling 76⅔-76⅓bpm slow swayer in typical vocal style, despite there only being two brothers left, Ronald and Rudolph, helped now by writer/co-producer Angela Winbush of René & Angela (dub flip).

FREDDIE McGREGOR ‘Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely’ (Germain Records DGT 24, via Jet Star)
Soulfully sung lovely rolling 85½bpm lovers’ rock revival of the Main Ingredient oldie (dub/version too).

TONGUE IN CHEEK ‘Don’t Stop The Love’ (Criminal Records BUST 4, via Jet Star)
Girl-led Loose Ends-type pleasant 92bpm rolling slow purposeful jitterer with cooing choruses and some scratchy sax (dub/edit flip).

PHUTURE ‘Acid Tracks’ (US Trax Records TX 142)
Marshall Jefferson-produced odd long drily thumping then throbbing 119¼-119-118¾-118½-118¼-118bpm windswept instrumental overlaid with naggingly wheezling and chirping squiggly synth, interestingly unusual, flipped by the separate pulsing 119⅔-118¼bpm ‘Phuture Jacks‘ and anti-cocaine 117½-117bpm ‘Your Only Friend‘.

BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS ‘Poetry’ (LP ‘Criminal Minded’ US B Boy Records BB4787)
A strong rap ‘n’ scratch set by DJ Scott La Rock and Blastmaster KRS One, with this hot James Brown-cutting 95bpm jiggler, the reggae-accented 82⅓bpm ‘9mm Goes Bang‘ and 90-0bpm ‘The P Is Free (Remake)‘, starkly jolting 95½bpm ‘South Bronx‘ and similarly territorial 90bpm ‘The Bridge Is Over‘, purposeful rock guitared 89bpm ‘Dope Beat‘, jaunty sexually bragging 0-96bpm ‘Scott La Rock Had Them All (Super Hoe)‘, scratching (0-)96bpm ‘A Word From Our Sponsor‘, 99bpm ‘Elementary‘, 0-90½bpm title track.

SCHOOLLY-D ‘B-Boy Rhyme & Riddle’ (LP ‘Saturday Night! The Album’ Flame Records MELT LP-2)
Good if stark jerky rap ‘n’ scratch set, this interesting 96½bpm jolter having a distinctive organ break, while the percussively patterning 93bpm ‘Dedication To All B-Boys‘ has also had more reaction than the aggressively juddering 93⅙bpm ‘We Get Ill‘, monotonous instrumental (0-)105⅓bpm ‘It’s Crack‘, cutting 92⅚bpm ‘Get “n” Paid‘, older 99½bpm ‘Saturday Night’ single and its ‘Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf’-cutting 103⅔bpm ‘Do It Do It’ flip.

UK DISCO TOP 100 – June 27, 1987

02 02 DO IT PROPERLY (NO WAY BACK) Adonis (featuring 2 Puerto Ricans A Blackman And A Dominican)/NO WAY BACK Adonis, London 12in
03 03 CROSS THE TRACK (EXTENDED)/SOUL POWER 74 Maceo & The Macks, Urban 12in
04 04 FAKE Alexander O’Neal, Tabu 12in
05 05 ROCK STEADY The Whispers, MCA Records 12in
06 21 I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES (EXTENDED MIX) Jackson Sisters, Urban 12in
07 07 LET YOURSELF GO (CLUB/PARADISE MIXES) Sybil, Champion 12in
08 06 I KNOW YOU GOT SOUL Eric B and Rakim, Cooltempo 12in
09 40 I’M IN LOVE (REMIX) Lillo Thomas, Capitol 12in
10 23 I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY (WHO LOVES ME) (REMIX) Whitney Houston, Arista 12in
11 36 DANCING IN THE NIGHT Lanier & Co, Syncopate 12in
12 12 SERIOUS/BAD LOVE Donna Allen, Portrait 12in
13 16 FUNKY NASSAU Black Britain, 10 Records 12in
14 10 LOOKING FOR A NEW LOVE Jody Watley, MCA Records 12in
15 28 THE JACK THAT HOUSE BUILT/DUB Jack ‘N’ Chill, 10 Records 12in
16 27 I’M BAD/GET DOWN LL Cool J, Def Jam 12in
17 39 LAST NIGHT Kid ‘N Play, US Select 12in/Cooltempo promo
20 11 HOUSE NATION The House Master Boyz and The Rude Boy Of House, Magnetic Dance 12in
22 17 OUTLAW (THE BANDIT MIX) Strafe, Breakout 12in
23 56 DO IT PROPERLY (FIERCE CLUB MIX) 2 Puerto Ricans A Blackman And A Dominican, Cooltempo 12in
24 22 CAN U DANCE/CAN U JACK Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason with ‘Fast’ Eddie Smith, Champion 12in
25 44 SCREAM (PRIMAL SCREAM) Mantronix, 10 Records 12in
26 13 DOUBLE-X-POSURE/POUR IT ON Mason, Elektra 12in
27 45 ALWAYS (LP VERSION)/I’M IN LOVE Atlantic Starr, Warner Brothers 12in
28 15 DIAMONDS (DANCE MIX) Herb Alpert, Breakout 12in
29 49 CARINO T-Coy, deConstruction Records 12in
30 54 JAZZ IT UP Kool Chip featuring Toni Smith, Fourth & Broadway 12in
31 19 A TOUCH OF JAZZ (COLLAPSED IN THE STREET/EXTENDED RE-TOUCH) Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, Champion 12in
32 35 MAKOSSA ’87 (BIG BLOW) Manu Dibango, Urban 12in
33 20 ROCK THIS HOUSE/DUB MIX Hotline, Rhythm King 12in
34 25 CHICAGO SONG (REMIX) David Sanborn, Warner Brothers 12in
35 09 I’M IN LOVE (LONGER LOVE MIX) Lillo Thomas, Capitol 12in
37 38 STRAIGHT FROM THE JUNGLE/JUST GIVE THE DJ A BREAK, Dynamix II, US Bass Station Records 12in
38 18 I AIN’T INTO THAT The Rappin’ Reverend (C Dexter Wise III), Cooltempo 12in
39 37 NEW GENERATION The Classical Two, Jive 12in
40 62 HAVE A NICE DAY Roxanne Shanté, US Cold Chillin’ 12in
41 53 I’LL RETURN 52nd Street, 10 Records 12in
42 89 FUNKY NASSAU (REMIX) Black Britain, 10 Records 12in
43 80 DON’T DISTURB THIS GROOVE (REMIX) The System, US Atlantic 12in
44 32 LET NO MAN PUT ASUNDER (SPECIAL DUTCH HOUSE MIX) First Choice, Dutch Rams Horn 12in
45 — WOMAN OF PRINCIPLE Trouble Funk, Fourth & Broadway 12in
46 — LET NO MAN PUT ASUNDER (ORIGINAL MIX/HOUSE MIX) First Choice, Serious Records 12in
47 — SHOW ME THE WAY Regina Belle, CBS 12in
48 30 THIS IS THE NIGHT (PROGRESSIVE MIX) Sweet Heat, Champion 12in
49 — ROK DA HOUSE The Beatmasters featuring The Cookie Crew, Rhythm King 12in
50 75  DIAMONDS (COOL SUMMER MIX) Herb Alpert, Breakout 12in
51 47 ROCK-A-LOTT (REMIX) Aretha Franklin, Arista 12in
52 46 LET’S BEGIN/STEPHEN’S OVERTURE Turntable Terror Trax Vol 2, Bluebird 12in
53 26 EVERYTHING BAMBOO (“BAM BOO”) Lenny D & Tommy Musto, Magnetic Dance 12in
54 — THE GODFATHER Spoonie Gee, US Tuff City 12in
56 58 DON’T LOOK ANY FURTHER (ORIGINAL REMIX/NEW REMIX/INSTRUMENTAL) Dennis Edwards featuring Siedah Garrett, Gordy 12in
57 — THE JACK THAT HOUSE BUILT (DEMOLITION MIX) Jack ‘N’ Chill, 10 Records 12in
58 — IF YOU WERE MINE (DANCE MIX) Cheryl Lynn, US Manhattan 12in
59 48 BOOPS (CJ SCRATCH REMIX) Sly & Robbie, Fourth & Broadway 12in
60 52 ROCK THE BEAT Derek B, Music Of Life 12in
61 65 SUCKER FOR CANDY (THE HOT CANDY KISS MIX) Rozlyn Sorrell, US Atlantic 12in
62 31 MIRACLE WORKER (EXTENDED MIX) First Circle, EMI America 12in
63 79 TAKE SOME TIME OUT (CLUB/DUB) Arnold Jarvis, US Fourth Floor Records 12in
64 93 MAKE IT FUNKY (CLUB MIX) Ice-T, US Sire 12in
65 74 PICKS ME UP (YOUR LOVE) Point 3 FM, Hardcore 12in
66 57 SKRATCH FEVER/JUNGLE FEVER (MEGAMIX) Kinkina, Champion 12in
69 60 FASCINATED (CLUB MIX) Company B, Bluebird Records 12in
71 66 FUNKY NASSAU (EXTENDED VERSION) The Beginning Of The End, Atlantic 12in
73 92 IF YOU ONLY KNEW Robert Brookins, MCA Records 12in
75 83 AM I THE SAME GIRL/LOVE MAKES A WOMAN Barbara Acklin, Debut 12in
76 81 IF I WAS YOUR GIRLFRIEND Prince, Paisley Park 12in
77 61 NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN/BRASS MONKEY Beastie Boys, Def Jam 12in
78 97 DO IT PROPERLY (DAVID MORALES DEF MIX) 2 Puerto Ricans A Blackman And A Dominican, US Grooveline 12in
79 82 SHY GIRL (DUB/VOCAL) Lachandra, Syncopate 12in
80 — COOLIN OUT Private Joy, Champion 12in
81 — GOOD FRIENDS Faze One, Westside Records 12in
84 — I REALLY DIDN’T MEAN IT (12” MIX) Luther Vandross, Epic 12in
85 51 ROCK THE HOUSE (MEDLEY) (PTS I & II) Mr K Mix by Special K, US TD Records Inc 12in
86 34 SOUTHERN FREEEZ ’87 Freeez, Total Control Records 12in
87 69 HOUSE NATION BEAT BOX/CHICAGO HOT MIX/FLOOR SMOKER MIX Chicago Trax Megamix by ‘Mic Mac’ Meyers, German BCM/Trax Records 12in
88 — SONGBIRD (EXTENDED VERSION) Kenny G, Arista 12in
89 84 ROADBLOCK Stock Aitken Waterman, US Lynx Records 12in
92 59 SWEETHEART (MIAMI MIX) Lee Prentiss, Funkin’ Marvellous Records 12in
93 95 HOW COULD YOU BREAK MY HEART Bobby Womack, Arista 12in
94 — (IF YOU) LOVE ME JUST A LITTLE La La, Arista 12in
95 — TAKE MY LOVE/GOTTA FIND A WAY (1987 EDIT) Russ Brown, US Jump Street 12in
96 — SLICE IT UP DJ Slice, US Jam City Records/Erika Records Inc 12in
98 re YOU USED TO HOLD ME Ralphi Rosario featuring Xavier Gold, US Hot Mix 5 12in
99 85 WHAT YOU WON’T DO FOR LOVE/DOWN FOR THE THIRD TIME Bobby Caldwell, Magnetic Dance 12in
100= 100= — CABBAGE PATCH The World Class Wreckin Cru, US Kru-Cut Records/Macola Record Co 12in
100= — HAPPY (CLUB VERSION) Camelot II, US Jam-Kru 12in
100= — JACK IT ALL NIGHT LONG Bad Boy Bill, US DJ International Records 12in


01 01 ELECTRICA SALSA/REMIX Off, Sonet 12in
02 04 ARMED ROBBERY Seventh Avenue, Nightmare 12in
03 05 FASCINATED Company B, Bluebird 12in
04 03 HEARTBEAT Vivien Vee, Italian X-Energy 12in
05 02 LOVE CHILD Jamie Dean, Uptown Records 12in
06 07 I NEED A MAN/ENERGY IS EUROBEAT Man To Man, Bolts 12in
07 06 CALL ME Spagna, CBS 12in
08 14 GET READY (EXTENDED REMIX) Carol Hitchcock, A&M 12in
09 29 VICTIM OF LOVE Erasure, Mute 12in
10 11 PAPER MONEY Helena, Arista 12in
11 30 I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY (WHO LOVES ME) (REMIX) Whitney Houston, Arista 12in
12 10 SIGNAL YOUR INTENTION Kim Weston, Nightmare 12in
13 15 PANINARO (REMIX) Pet Shop Boys, Italian Parlophone 12in
14 12 NOTHING’S GONNA STOP ME NOW Samantha Fox, Jive 12in
15 16 PUT MY LOVE ON THE LINE Darryl Pandy, Nightmare 12in
16 08 DON’T GET MAD, GET EVEN Mary Wilson, Nightmare 12in
17 17 THIRD FINGER LEFT HAND/LANDSLIDE Angie Gold, Passion 12in
18 22 PERFECT OPPORTUNITY Rob Keane, Nightmare 12in
19 13 RAINSTORM (REMIX) Eastbound Expressway, US Vinylmania 12in
20 — GIMME THE LIGHT Solid Strangers, German ZYX 12in
22 21 RECONCILIATE Le Page, US Prism 12in
23 09 IN LOVE WITH LOVE Debbie Harry, Chrysalis 12in
24 — BACKTRACK Shezwae Powell, Nightmare 12in
25 25 I’M A MAN Damian Davey, Passion 12in
26 — MY HANDS ARE TIED Susan Wells, Nightmare 12in
27 — TOY BOY Sinitta, Fanfare 12in
28 20 STEP BY STEP Off, German ZYX 12in
29 18 NIGHT CITY Secret Service, German Teldec 12in
30 23 THE BIG BANG Fantasy Ten, German ZYX 12in

June 20, 1987: LL Cool J, Dynamix II, 2 Puerto Ricans A Blackman And A Dominican, ‘Roadblock’, Ice-T


Department Of Trade And Industry ‘pirate busters’ have been barred from confiscating records and tapes when they raid illegal radio stations, although they can still take all the transmission equipment, the House of Lords having upheld a Court of Appeal ruling that records and tapes are merely “music carriers” and not actual broadcasting “apparatus” under the 1949 Wireless Telegraphy Act – good news for DJs who put their record collections at risk by taking them into the studio … Motown has slipped out a less tensely ticking and even longer introed fractionally faster 95½bpm New Remix of Dennis Edwards ‘Don’t Look Any Further’ (Gordy TGMT 1334 R), with a useful 95⅓bpm instrumental for the first time plus the 95bpm Original Remix from 1984 … Beggars Banquet is now reissuing the 1981 original of Freeez ‘Southern Freeez’, hard on the heels of Total Control Records’ remake … Club is issuing a new ’87 Extended Mix of 1980’s ‘rowing’ classic, the now 106-105½-104-104⅔-104⅓-104-103-104-103⅔-103⅓-103⅔-104⅓-107⅔-104bpm Gap Band ‘Oops Upside Your Head’ … Cooltempo has completely reserviced both Nitro Deluxe pressings, ‘This Brutal House’/UK Edit and ‘Let’s Get Brutal’, following a delayed sales surge that could finally make it a real crossover pop hit (after being the year’s biggest house hit in discos) … Damon D’Cruz, an original co-founder of Serious Records, is launching his own Jack Trax label with a house LP called ‘Jack Trax – The First Album’ containing Raze, Ramos, Ralphi Rosario, Ulysses, White Knight, Paul Scott, Professor Funk, MG², the start of a regular series at roughly six week intervals … Serious has picked up Duane & Co … Lachandra ‘Shy Girl’ is now in a cleaner lazily loping 100½bpm remix (Syncopate 12SYX 2) … Luther Vandross’s UK single to coincide with his concerts here will be ‘I Really Didn’t Mean It’ … T-Jam ‘Jacko’ and TC Curtis ‘Love Got Me On A Merry-Go-Round’, promoed, reviewed, and even briefly in our chart many weeks ago, have in fact only just come out on commercial release … Thomas & Taylor have signed with Southend-on-Sea agent Barry Collings’ new label Raise The Roof, and are of course currently touring here for him … Hammersmith’s revamped Le Palais still feels like the old Hammersmith Palais, a dance hall, despite new bars (out of coconut cream by 11.15pm on opening night!) and flashy lighting rigs – these latter telescoping down out of the ceiling like inverted wedding cakes, with wedge shaped trapdoors sliding across to fill the holes once they’ve retracted back, plus more telescoping vertical lighting towers enclosed in glass columns like something from ‘Metropolis’ … David Steel’s Brazilian bosom buddy Cleo Roccos rather bizarrely will be spinning Latin-American on Tuesdays at Le Palais, with John Sachs featuring solid soul on Wednesdays … Mayfair’s Gullivers is currently advertising in prime time on Capital Radio, with resident DJ Graham Gold doing the commercial, which is one way back into legal radio (he’s returned through frustration to a Saturday afternoon soul show on SOLAR-fm) … Capital could be going through changes soon, with exciting plans for soul fans on Sundays … Kool Chip ‘Jazz It Up’ is about a year old, and originally was turned down by all the New York labels! … Tristan Bolltho hosts BBC Radio Bristol’s previously detailed 1987 West Of England Rapping & Mixing Contest this Thursday (June 18) at Bristol’s Studio … Thursday also sees Derek B (who’s signed to Profile in the US) cutting up Across The Tracks at Camden Lock’s Dingwalls, while Chris Brown and Johnny Walker return to what was their legendary Frenchies venue in Camberley but which is now the massively revamped JW’s Nightclub, starting the weekly Dance Area with guests Nicky Holloway and Bob Jones … Friday (June 19) Paul Morrissey funks Tottenham Sams … New York’s Sleeping Bag and Fresh Records artistes Joyce Sims, Just Ice, T La Rock and Hanson & Davis are due at London’s Camden Palace on Monday (June 22), when Chris Paul funks Watford’s Paradise Lost (the following Monday too) … Neil Fincham celebrates Edinburgh Styx’s second anniversary  next Wednesday (June 24) with an 8pm-8am all night blacktie party including four buffets, three bands, two Page 3 girls, and a partridge in a pear tree … Laura Harland, the general manager’s personal assistant who was the distributed labels’ main contact at PRT until she recently resigned, would I’m sure appreciate offers of similarly responsible positions on 01-647 0446 … Pinnacle is now distributing several of the Stax label’s much-reissued seven inch oldies, including Jean Knight ‘Mr Big Stuff’ and the Staple Singers ‘Respect Yourself’ … Hotline of ‘Rock This House’ (its proper title now it’s on full release) are evidently big in Chicago, although from Huddersfield! … Atlantic picked up Projection in the US and is remixing ‘Lovestruck’ … Billboard’s US dance chart-toppers since last mentioned have been, atop 12 Inch Sales, Madonna ‘La Isla Bonita’, Dead Or Alive ‘Something In My House’, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam ‘Head To Toe’ (yet to be received by me), this latter also topping Club Play but ousted there by Janet Jackson ‘The Pleasure Principle’ … a particular promotion company is currently threatening DJs with removal from its mailing list if they don’t react favourably to a certain record and return it to our chart, a situation you can rest assured we are watching closely, along with chart abuse in general … Kenny G plays his last show of a European tour on July 22 at the London Palladium, no less … Damon Rochefort celebrated the end of his season at London’s Video Café, as fun and games organising ‘redcoat’ to Dave Pearce’s VJ (they’ll be back there later in the year), by drinking a whole bottle of champagne out of an ice bucket – I then made the mistake of giving him a lift home, and he misdirected me in several fruitless circles around the East End until by total chance we went past his street! … LAH DEE DAH DEE!

Jon Jules, caught here doing his day job behind the counter at Rayners Lane’s Record & Disco Centre (where the best people buy their vinyl!), joins Nic Wakefield at Uxbridge Regals for the next few Fridays, playing lots of funk ‘n’ house.


L.L. COOL J ‘Bigger And Deffer’ LP (Def Jam 450515 1)
On a creative strong rap set he actually synchs Chuck Berry’s ‘Go Johnny Go’ into the 96⅙-0bpm ‘Go Cut Creator Go’, the Moonglows’ ‘Sincerely’ into the fabulous 81bpm ‘The Do Wop’, and – yawn – James Brown into the 84⅓bpm ‘Kanday’, def beats all being 87⅙bpm ‘The Breakthrough’, 98⅔bpm ‘The Bristol Hotel’, 92½bpm ‘.357 Break It On Down’, 0-103bpm ‘Ahh, Let’s Get Ill’, 103bpm ‘My Rhyme Ain’t Done’, 101⅙bpm ‘Get Down’, 0-89⅔bpm ‘I’m Bad’, 0-44/88bpm ‘I Need Love’.

DYNAMIX II featuring Too Tough Tee ‘Just Give The DJ A Break’ (US Bass Station Records BSR 005)
The sensation of the moment, this ‘Planet Rock’-ish vocodered excellent 0-118⅔-0bpm scratch mix of famous beats and dialogue lines (shorter rap vocal too) has an equally – and even more – brilliant 0-103⅔bpm ‘Straight From The Jungle’ flip that amusingly mixes up rap, beats, effects and Tarzan yells. Dynamite!

2 PUERTO RICANS A BLACKMAN AND A DOMINICAN ‘Do It Properly (The Original)’ (Grooveline GRL 5001)
Are you prepared for total confusion? Cooltempo’s ‘original’ has the same label copy but on this import version the flip’s Def Mix is now far better than anything on the UK pressing, being a flying semi-instrumental 124-0bpm jack track treatment complete with organ-type keyboards that complement the Adonis ‘bootleg’! Continue reading “June 20, 1987: LL Cool J, Dynamix II, 2 Puerto Ricans A Blackman And A Dominican, ‘Roadblock’, Ice-T”

June 13, 1987: Jackson Sisters, First Choice, The Beginning Of The End, Bobby Caldwell, Eric B. and Rakim


Now it can more or less be told, although it’s still pretty garbled: 2 Puerto Ricans are Robert Clivilis and David Morales, a Blackman is David Cole and a Dominican is Chep Nunez, who certainly assembled the current ‘Do It Properly’ and had a part to play in the originally available version too, although it was DJ Bruce Forest at New York’s Better Days who evidently first mixed up Adonis ‘No Way Back’ live in the club, using his keyboards and other jack tracks to create a mix (which either inspired or was inspired by an original demo cassette of ‘Do It Properly’ by the 2PRABAAD), Bruce’s mix then being recreated by some unnamed parties and bootlegged on Fierce Records under the name we know — and as the bootleg uses so many tracks already licensed by London, it can co-exist now to Adonis (featuring 2 Puerto Ricans A Blackman And A Dominican) alongside the totally original vocal recording which Cooltempo has rush released (see its review for more details) … I’m afraid gathering the threads of this story has taken so long that, although many BPMs are done, I haven’t time to complete the reviews this week of such currently hot albums as (on import) Regina Belle, The O’Jays, Nancy Wilson (the latter mainly for a great swinging version of Robert Brookins’ ‘If You Only Knew’), and (out here) Whitney Houston, LL Cool J, Schoolly-D, the Isley Brothers, and the latest ‘Rob Olson’s Chicago Jackbeat Vol Two‘ – check the chart as usual for Beats Per Minute of those that hit … ‘Hey Love’ by King Sun-D Moet (which turns out to be the name of two separate blokes, King Sun and D-Moet) has now been reacquired here by Flame Records for, in a one-off deal, full distribution by Priority/RCA to maximise its hit potential … MCA Records has reissued last autumn’s very soulfully sung mesmerically rolling 104pbm One Way ‘Don’t Think About It‘ (MCAT 1097), never as big as it should have been … Syncopate snapped up Lanier & Co ‘Dancing In The Night’ … Morgan Khan, undaunted by previous experiences, is preparing to launch a fortnightly hip hop newsletter called Rumors on subscription only to purchasers of the StreetSounds Hip Hop/Electro LP series, plus he’s mulling over renewed plans for a UK Fresh 87 show after all — while Morgan’s brother Henry Khan has formed his own Intouch label … Mike Rice’s previously mentioned local Bucks and Berks mixing competition at Downley’s Masters has had such a large number of cassettes entered since we published it that the date of the final has been put right back until September! … Les Adams and Pascal Gabriel have created an ‘election special’ 122bpm house record, The House Of Commons ‘Join The Party’, using samples of all the leading politicos plus various news readers and a vocal by Sharon Dee Clarke. Although played off tape on radio it was too late even for rush release, so will be updated and made more general with the inclusion of international figures like Ronald Reagan for commercial release … MCA’s compilation LP of oldies by the Whispers, Shalamar, Collage and Midnight Star, ‘The Solar System‘ (Solar MCG 3338) includes a bonus 12 inch with two Les Adams megamixes, as neat as ever … Lillo Thomas ‘I’m In Love’ is now in yet another snickety snapping 114¼bpm remix (Capitol 12CLX 450) with ‘Sexy Girl’ added to the flip, while other remixes include the 121¾bpm Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason ‘Can U Dance’ (Champion CHAMPX 1241), impact lessening 111½bpm Black Britain ‘Funky Nassau’ (10 Records TENR 171), and the now wickedly Mel & Kim-sampling far more useful 120bpm Rick and Lisa ‘When You Gonna (The Borough Anarchy Mix)‘ (RCA RICK MEL 1) — the Borough in South London being where Pete Waterman’s studio is … Rose Royce did a live ‘playback’ gig at Swansea’s Martha’s Vineyard last week during Jeff Thomas’s Monday soul night, and to say the place was packed would be an understatement — had there been rafters they’d have been swinging from them, and in fact I saw the queue before I saw the club! — the soul policy now being extended to Fridays as well and Jeff being joined both nights by The Bean … Thomas & Taylor are in Swansea this coming Monday (15), and a bit further east the following night at Bridgend’s Astons for James Lewis’s Tuesday night —this new club, with a wine bar below (in which Gerald Holley spins listening soul) is reminiscent of Walkers in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, being owned by some business-minded local soul fans … Gerald Holley is also taking soul through the valleys on Wednesdays at Merthyr Tydfil’s Charbonniers and Saturdays at Aberdare’s Deckers … Alan Christo is now DJ/promotions manager and looking for PAs at Cardiff’s Jacksons (on 0443-740557) … lain Bruce’s Saturday soul show on Cardiff’s Red Dragon Radio since he took it over last July has increased its audience by 450 per cent to be double the weekly evening figures, and has extended as a consequence to three hours, 6-9pm — some minority interest programme, huh? … Martin Collins on the other hand, due to some misreading of the recent audience figures at Chiltern Radio, was in danger of having his weekday evening soul show replaced by pop until public outcry prompted a re-examination of the figures, which actually showed he had a massive 90 per cent of the available audience at that time! … Dave Treharne’s more esoteric That’s Why They Call It The Blues R&B show on DevonAir picked up figures and for the summer now runs 7-9pm on Thursdays … Nottingham’s def dude Graeme Park in fact is involved with a new black music label that’s about to be launched called Submission Records, and is building a mailing list at 22 Birkin Avenue, Nottingham NG7 5AF — he’s also back (with coach party details on 0602-476888) at Streatham’s Project at Zigis this Friday (June 12), and has started weekly on Mondays in Derby at the new 20th Century Club … Aurra have become Deja, produced by Monte Moir … Saché, whose groin-grinding ‘Help Me To Get Over The Hurt‘ (US Atlantic) sold quite well without hitting any DJs’ charts, turns out to be an actual group, a trio of rather attractive girls in the Expose-cum-Stacy Lattisaw mould … The Cover Girls ‘Show Me‘ has generated some interest as it was used in his mix at the Albert Hall by US champ Joe Rodriguez … Kid ‘N’ Play and Heavy D and the Boyz’ newies both namecheck BMW, obviously the B Boys’ favourite wheels (me myself, I’ve just bought a Nissan Silvia 1.8 Turbo — real acceleration at last!) … LAH DEE DAH DEE!

SERIOUS RECORDS’ head Mahesh Bajaj is on the lookout for homegrown black female singers to record (on 01-487 3008). The label has picked up not only First Choice ‘Let No Man Put Asunder’ but also Pleasure Pump ‘Fantasize Me’, and an upcoming ‘Best Of House Volume 1‘ LP will include such recent hits as Master C&J ‘Face It’, the House Master Boyz and The Rude Boy Of House ‘House Nation’, T-Coy ‘Carino’.


JACKSON SISTERS ‘I Believe In Miracles’ (Urban URBX 4)
Other than that somebody chose to bootleg it along with Maceo & The Macks, quite why this ‘Shaft’-influenced vocally Latin-flavoured spirited brassy jiggler from 1973 should now be considered a ‘rare groove’ is a mystery as it’s no better than many other forgotten tracks of similar vintage — which suddenly conjures up the vision of sharp London operators scouring American record stores and warehouses for all the oldies that their Northern Soul predecessors ignored! Horrors! Anyway, it’s certainly good, and probably fresher sounding now than it was then, Simon Harris having brilliantly re-edited a brand new 107⅓-107⅔-107-108-107⅓-107-108bpm Extended Mix which emphasises the previously rushed rhythm elements to bring out their soulful qualities (and a hidden James Brown flavour), for fascination comparison with the included 108-108⅔-109-108⅔bpm original 7” Version (the equally dated pleasant 72bpm ‘Why Can’t We Be More Than Just Friends‘ and Jackson 5/Honey Cone-type 99-97½-98bpm ‘Boy, You’re Dynamite‘ complete this package).

FIRST CHOICE ‘Let No Man Put Asunder (Special Dutch Mix)’ (Dutch Rams Horn RHR 3609)
Due here coupled with the Salsoul original on June 22 and already white-labelled by Serious Records, this Philadelphia-recorded disco oldie was a big influence on Chicago’s house music (compare the bass line with ‘Jack Your Body’!) although even in this disjointedly rambling 0-122-117½-118½-118- 121½-122½-122-119-121-0bpm new remix by Rutger ‘Rutti’ Kroese it’s still not exactly ‘house’ as we here know it. Gay jocks flirted with the new mix some months back, but the soul boys only just seem to have caught up with it! In the photo above, lead singer Roshelle Fleming (centre) will be visiting the UK this coming week.

THE BEGINNING OF THE END ‘Funky Nassau’ (Atlantic K10021T)
Promoed by WEA’s Fred Dove several years ago although only now out in logical competition with Black Britain’s remake, this 119-120⅔-121½-122-123bpm extended version of the classic brassy Bahamian soul kicker from 1971 has Wes Montgomery-ish guitar in the last half, and the original seven incher’s Parts 1 and 2 as flip. Always a party pleaser! Continue reading “June 13, 1987: Jackson Sisters, First Choice, The Beginning Of The End, Bobby Caldwell, Eric B. and Rakim”

June 6, 1987: Peggi Blu, Adonis, Jimmy Williams, Camelot II, Turntable Terror Trax


2 PUERTO RICANS A BLACKMAN AND A DOMINICAN ‘Do It Properly!’ always was a bootleg, but apparently the version that has so far been available here (now as the Adonis flip) is itself a bootleg, even down to the ‘group’ name, of a different evidently superior original — if this seems garbled, watch this space for clarification … Run-DMC and the Beastie Boys, with Davy D and Chris ‘CJ’ Mackintosh on the wheels of steel too, blew the Limelight apart performing lengthy live guest sets at the Music Of Life label’s first birthday party, the hip hop gig of the year so far … George Michael’s cousin, who used to work at Streetwave and had his own Hardback label there, Andros Georgiou is being philosophical about Morgan Khan’s use of the similar name Hardcore for one of his new labels, Andros’ company now getting into specialist club and radio promotion too (on 01-493 3064) … Marie Birch is yet again updating her DJ mailing list at Sound Promotions on 01-960 6999 … Motown has reissued 1984’s enduring Dennis Edwards featuring Siedah Garrett ‘Don’t Look Any Further‘ (Gordy TMGT 1334), the jogging 95bpm soul duet that — along with ‘I Found Lovin’’, ‘Encore’, ‘Rising To The Top’ and about two others! — remains one of Steve Walsh’s chief floor-fillers, and black London’s much loved anthems … Bluebird is reissuing the stunningly soulful hesitant delicately pent-up 43-84-82⅓-83bpm Paris ‘I Choose You‘ (Bluebird BRT 38), from several years back … George Michael is sure to be a pop disco pleaser with his Prince-inspired, controversially worded, jogging ‘I Want Your Sex’ — the Rhythm 1 Lust mix being 97⅚-0bpm on the rather quietly pressed seven inch which is all that I have so far … Luther Vandross’s involvement with Diana Ross’s current single was evidently much exaggerated by the press handout that accompanied its white label promo — he had nothing to do with it! … Saturday (June 6) sees Steve Aspey’s first Sweat Box night, which he hopes will become monthly at Knights in Cowley’s Temple Club, Oxford … Chris Paul and Dave Rawlings have carried their successful Chris & Dave partnership from Ealing’s Broadway Boulevard to Wednesdays at Kensington’s The Park — Dave alone also doing Fridays now at Croydon’s Easy Street … Jameel, after five years funking southern England, is now spreading the word in Belfast with a Soul Shakedown on Wednesdays at the Abercorn — Top Of The House … Paul Morrissey plus guests jazz, soul and rare groove funk Thursdays at Bristol’s plush Colosseum … Roger ‘Twiggy’ Day guests next Thursday (June 11) at Theo Loyla’s weekly general oldies night in Upstreet’s Ship Inn, near Canterbury (election night notwithstanding) … Disco Aid day (or night, if you like) will be November 21 this year … Steve Walsh’s management, Martyn Levett & Company (01-607 8311) now offer a complete back-up service for his guest appearances, with a merchandise range and customisable posters available to clubs and promoters at favourable rates — seems businesslike … Steve Watt is leaving Bluebird Records this month and would appreciate offers of promotion/PR or A&R work on 07375-52110 (who wouldn’t?) … John Sachs’ weekday afternoon listening figures have gone back up on Capital Radio … LAH DE DAH DEE!

PEGGI BLU at last has her stunning album released here, ‘Blu Blowin’’ (Capitol ESTV 2033). The sanctified sounding multi-winner of US TV’s ‘Star Search’ sears through the Nick Martinelli-produced sophisticated jiggly offbeat 91⅙bpm ‘Tender Moments‘, Isleys-penned attractive 83¾bpm ‘Once Had Your Love‘, Bert Robinson-duetted gospel-ish 58⅓bpm ‘All The Way With You‘, smoothly jittering 107bpm ‘Two Can Play At That Game’, Janet Jackson-ish lurching 119⅔bpm ‘Mesmorize Me’, datedly cantering 113¼bpm ‘Love’s Just A Mystery’ and 61-122bpm ‘Over And Over’. Not fantastically floor-filling maybe, but well worth hearing.


ADONIS ‘No Way Back’ (London LONX 136)
Although this simple cleanly bounding 125¾bpm jack track (instrumental too) from a year ago is nominally 12 inch A-side in its original version, the AA-side (and seven inch plugside) is far hotter and more exciting, being the current hugely popular 0-124bpm import bootleg treatment — now officially credited as ADONIS (featuring 2 PUERTO RICANS A BLACKMAN AND A DOMINICAN) ‘Do It Properly (No Way Back)’ – which uses the backing rhythm as the basis for terrific rippling and romping keyboards with bits of ‘Jack Your Body’ and other house hit samples mixed in, to frenzy whipping effect!

JIMMY WILLIAMS ‘Do You Really Want To Wait’ (Hardcore HAKT 3, via PRT)
David ‘Pic’ Conley (of Surface)-produced excellent striding and surging catchy 116½bpm canterer (in three mixes) by the expressively soulful lead voice of Double Exposure’s Seventies classic ‘Ten Per Cent’, here soloing although these days he fronts the Trammps.

CAMELOT II ‘Happy (Club Version)’ (US Jam-Kru JK-1719)
Created apparently by George Clinton, this sparse dense 101bpm revamp seems at first to be slower (yet is 3bpm faster) than Surface’s original, weaving through a soulfully wailing girl and gently rapping MC’s (in three versions). Continue reading “June 6, 1987: Peggi Blu, Adonis, Jimmy Williams, Camelot II, Turntable Terror Trax”