March 23, 1991: Alison Limerick, Rebel M.C., Tara Kemp, Orchestra JB, Club House


JEFF YOUNG, having only recently given up DJing to concentrate on his day job, this week makes a surprise move to MCA Records as head of A&R, the hot rumour being that a nationally known DJ has been offered a directorship to replace him at A&M! . . . Jazz FM and Kiss 100 FM having just made changes to their DJ rosters, Capital FM also has revamped its weekday line-up following the sudden departure of John Sachs, apparently to pursue his new career as an author . . . Final Cut W/True Faith’s ‘Take Me Away’ (as it was originally credited) actually surfaced here on US Move The Crowd Records shortly before Christmas 1988, I now see from my records, while around August 1989 it was then credited just to Bridget Grace on US Atlantic — how many people knew that? — it being the mixes from both these that were combined on the recently mentioned US Paragon Records pressing credited to Bridgett Grace, a few copies of which are on offer to ‘trainspotters’ for £6 each (postage included) from Network, Stratford House, Stratford Place, Camp Hill, Birmingham B12 0HT. . . Monie Love vs Adeva’s ‘Ring My Bell‘, although a brisk and breezy instant dancefloor hit, unfortunately sounds a bit muddy and monotonous on radio, so might not become a real pop smash when out next week . . . Mantronix’s breezily lightweight ‘Don’t Go Messin’ With My Heart‘, like their import ‘Step To Me (Do Me)‘, is again nasally whined by new girl Jade Trini but with a burst of rap from Bryce Luvah, in Album Version plus more chunkily percussive US 12″ Mix and Dub treatments (113bpm) . . . Friends Of Matthew’s ‘Out There‘ now is on Pulse 8 (12 LOSE 8, via Total/BMG) . . . Femi Fem of the Young Disciples’ remix of Wop Bop Torledo’s ‘Kissaway (Soulamuffin Mix)‘ has a very pleasantly keyboarded instrumental Pt. II and 7″ Edit . . . Chad Jackson, hit maker and former world mixing champ, is just back from a DJing tour of sweltering Australia and between co-producing the next Yazz album is looking for fun clubs to play in here: offers to Justin Tunstall or Danny De Matos on 081-545 0111 at Contact Management . . . The Jelly Club, with indie grooves spinning DJ Dave and others dishing out free vodka jellies, opens this Thursday (21) at the Soho Theatre Club behind Charing Cross Road’s Astoria in London . . . Galliano are live at Brixton’s The Fridge this Saturday (23) . . . Sunday (24) should see Yogi Horton with Bradford’s DJ Sammon and more at a 1pm all day Scottish rave in Troon’s Pebbles Hotel . . . Frances Nero’s ‘Footsteps Following Me’ was definitely the soul anthem at Pwllheli, its “trust me, trust me” lyric having already wormed its way inside many soul fans’ brains . . . MC Jammy Hammy’s telephoned contribution turns out to be on a forthcoming Altern 8 rather than Nexus 21 single . . . AS IT GROOVES!

This week’s new club promos and remixes reviewed by Graeme Park and James Hamilton

ALISON LIMERICK ‘Where Love Lives (Come On In)’ (122bpm) (Arista 614 208)
A genuinely massive floorfiller for the last five months although it never hit the pop market, this pelvis-twitching sinewy girl’s piano jangled then sparsely pulsing attractive canterer rightly gets relaunched this week with a bracketed addition to its title in, their very last together, Frankie Knuckles and David Morales’ vocal Classic Mix, Frankie’s more gently tinkling (with a beat skipping shift of emphasis as it gets going) lush strings backed instrumental Cut To The Bone, and David’s drier more electro instrumental Red Zone Mix, which actually correspond with the original promo pressing’s Knuckles & Morales, Knuckles, and Red Zone Mixes. Further brand new remixes by the duo are due to follow.

DEEE-LITE ‘ESP (Oujee Extended Mix)
A MAN CALLED ADAM ‘I Want To Know’ (The One Mix/Dogs Of Peace Mix)
AGAPÉ SOUNDS featuring RICHIE WEEKS ‘Your Love Never Fails
BLACK ART ‘Manifest
LUCKY STRIKE featuring CHAMPAGNE ‘Body To Body
LIVING COLOUR ‘Love Rears Its Ugly Head’ (Soulpower Mix/Hip Hop Mix) / ‘Elvis Is Dead’ (Elvis Is In The House Mix/Zans Is Dead Mix)
MIKKHIEL ‘You Can Make It Better (Craig Loftis Gut Bucket Mix)’
RARE ARTS ‘Boriqua Posse
WALLY BADAROU ‘Chief Inspector’ (Nomad Soul remixes)
MARINA VAN ROOY ‘Solid Love’ / ‘Never Let You Go
TONY MORAN ‘Same Sun, Same Sky

REBEL M.C. (featuring Tenna Fly) ‘The Wickedest Sound’ (64-128bpm) (Desire WANTX 40, via Pinnacle)
Different and well wicked, this starts with a toasting intro in strange stately slow reggae before erupting into a frantic ragga rapped hip house shuffler with the same whistling bleeps piping through both parts, in a Don Gorgon Mix flipped at 33⅓rpm by a rap-less similar jaunty Soundclash Mix and Instrumental, out this week.

TARA KEMP ‘Hold You Tight’ (Giant/WB W0020T)
Finally out here in three brand new remixes by David Shaw & Winston Jones after being huge for ages on import in its seven original mixes, this squeakily plaintive attractive San Franciscan blonde’s unhurried repetitive jiggly jogging lurcher now has an acappella introed percussion clacking All Night Extended Version (100bpm), drier funky drum tapped lightly swingbeat Tight Mix (102¼bpm), and similar more chunkily percussive Hold It Now Hit It Mix (102bpm), all still monotonously mesmeric with much simple sweet appeal.

ORCHESTRA JB ‘Come Alive’ (100bpm) (Rumour Records RUMAT 30, via Pinnacle)
James Brown returns — no, no, not that one, the UK’s Jimmy Brown (well, it is his real name too)! — with a seagulls and wailing Lydia Steinman introed, then soundtrack-type guy intoned and sexy Miss Bliss breathed chunkily jiggling attractive jogger washed at times by some nice harmonica, in a Love In London Mix and intro-less Radio Edit, coupled also with a piano started import remix of last year’s harmonica-ed and “I need ya” girl nagged powerful jiggly rolling ‘Free Spirit (The F.P.I. Project Remix)‘ (99¾bpm), a real grower.

CLUB HOUSE ‘Deep In My Heart’ (122¼bpm) (Italian Japan/Media Records Production MR 574)
Alternating male pop verses and “deep in my heart, kee-ay-oh” choruses with some stuttery female “givin’ ‘im all I’ve got” repetition, this jittery catchy Italo chugger is driven by reedy organ, plonking piano and pattering percussion in its Extended Mix, flipped very differently by a starkly wah wah-ed and phased instrumental Funky House Version and sparser pattering drums throbbed vocal Afro Mix, due here eventually on ffrr.

CHARLIE SAY’S… ‘Bass ‘N’ Buzz’ (Moving Shadow TOP 004, via SRD)
Created by Rob Playford, this low frequency oscillation fluttered, episodically rumbling, tinkling and thumping sonic house raver revolves around bursts of droningly synthed bassline, as its title suggests, in 37 Hz Dub, 56 Hz Cat (123bpm), and brighter more percussive Headf**k Remix (122½bpm) versions.

THE LOVE-IN ‘Goo Goo Barabajagal’ (From A Whisper To A SCREAM WTST 6, via Virgin)
Not the only act currently reviving Donovan with the Jeff Beck Group’s catchy title line chanting 1969 hit, this winsome Shelley Daniels cooed sombre languidly rolling version in its jiggly reggae tinged (with some ragga rap accents) The Ronin Boom Teng (90bpm) and wah wah rock guitar introed chunkier The Love-In Mix (89¾bpm), out next week, is rivalled by

P.U.M.P. (PURPLE UNDER MELTED PINK) ‘Barabajagal (Love Is Hot) (Steve Proctor Remixes)’ (100½bpm) (ultimate. TOPP 002T),
a faster but much duller monotonous resonantly droning and tapping jittery rolling treatment that’s eventually enlivened by a fairly deadpan small voiced mumbling female vocal, and flipped by a more starkly jolting instrumental Proctor Indulgent Mix (100¼bpm).

PAT & MICK ‘Gimme Some (Extended Version)’ (124½-124¼bpm) (PWL Records PWLT 75)
Easter’s coming, so once again Capital FM’s prime time jocks Pat Sharp & Mick Brown benefit their station’s Help A London Child charity by fronting a Stock Aitken Waterman produced remade disco oldie, this year’s being an inevitably bright ‘n’ breezy singalong — featuring vocals by Mae McKenna, Miriam Stockley & Mike Stock — revival of Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne’s catchy 1976 TK classic (only ever a pop hit here as previously covered by Brendon, exactly 14 years ago), good pop fun.

APOLLO 440 ‘Lolita’ (Stealth Sonic Recordings RVB T 001, via Reverb Records/Spartan)
Labelled with the information that its BPM is 120 +2%VS @30ips — like it! — recorded direct to DAT in suite #515 of the Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, by the local Liverpudlian four piece who have already mixed Scritti Politti + Shabba Ranks’ current hit, this instantly fast selling low frequency oscillations rumbled, bleeps, tinkling chimes and girlish giggles punctuated, scrubbing sonic house raver actually checks in on vinyl at 122¾bpm, flipped by a drifting hallucinogenic ‘Lolita Ambient‘ (120½bpm) version that’s rhythmic only for less than its last half.

NIKKI D ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ (99½bpm) (Def Jam recordings 656734 6)
The girl who rapped on Alyson Williams’ ‘My Love Is So Raw’ now solos strongly over the familiar rumbling jiggly “da de der dup” DNA featuring Suzanne Vega break beat, with some additionally scratched buffalo gals and a “what daddy don’t know won’t hurt him” male chorus (her trouble is that she’s pregnant), in Main, Dub, A Cappella, and Alternate Mixes.

TEMPER TEMPER ‘Talk Much’ (105bpm) (Ten Records TENX 333)
Manchester’s soulfully gurgling Melanie Williams choppily rides the juddery beats and Snap-py bells of this jolting wriggly jumper in its Blind Mice Mix, flipped by Jon DaSilva’s calmer burbling chimes backed instrumental Disco Shi-Va Mix (with Eric Gooden’s mantra like mournful “I want you to cure me love” repetition) and similar bubbly tapping DaSilva Remix (Melanie this time saying “I want you to show me love“), while also out separately is a languid bassily strolling David Morales Mix (105bpm) (TENR 333), coupled by a piano and synth backed vocal Morales Dub Mix plus again the Disco Shi-Va Mix.

B.O.O.M. (Brothers On Organised Missions) ‘Boom’ (107¼bpm) (Music Of Life NOTE 49, via Pinnacle)
Co-produced by Professor Griff, this not surprisingly Public Enemy like remorselessly churning angry shouting rap is lightened by a catchy “B.O.O.M.’s gonna get the people, give the people what they want” chant and some little melodic touches, in Extended Organised Mix, Instrumental Version, Boom Beats, and beat skipping Insane Dub Crises Edit versions.

BEN CHAPMAN ‘Erotic Animals’ (105¾bpm) (de/Construction PT 44366)
This strange hauntingly mournful semi-falsetto moaned and whined jittery burbling moody groove is driven by a grumbling ‘Tubular Bells’-ish bass overlaid with brighter tinkles and a jazzy sax climax, coupled with a quieter twittery throbbing more introspective dubwise variation (106bpm). There doesn’t seem to be anything called ‘Give Me Love’ included.

LOVE CORPORATION ‘Give Me Some Love’ (Creation CRE 086, via Pinnacle)
Starting in its Andy Weatherall Mix (110½-110¾bpm) with the looped repetition of its female intoned title line that then carries on throughout, a few lulls apart, this strange monotonously rattling, clanging and droning shuffler is fleshed out by an added bassline and jauntily jangling piano in the flip’s more melodic Mix II (110¾bpm).

THE CLUB CHART – March 23, 1991

01 01 ALRIGHT (ORIGINAL MIX) Urban Soul, Cooltempo 12in
02 03 HUMAN NATURE (ON THE MIX) Gary Clail On-U Sound System, Perfecto 12in
03 05 RING MY BELL (TOUCHDOWN MIX) Monie Love vs Adeva, Cooltempo 12in
04 02 TAKE ME AWAY (PINNED UP MIX) True Faith featuring Bridgette Grace with Final Cut, Network 12in
06 04 APPARENTLY NOTHIN’ Young Disciples, Talkin Loud 12in
07 16 SAME SONG (MIXES) Digital Underground, Big Life 12in
08 06 (I WANNA GIVE YOU) DEVOTION (MIXES) Nomad featuring MC Mikee Freedom, Rumour 12in
09 14 HERE WE GO (REMIXES) C&C Music Factory, Columbia 12in
10 11 THROUGH Victoria Wilson-James, Epic 12in
11 08 THE WICKEDEST SOUND (DON GORGON MIX) Rebel MC (featuring Tenor Fly), Desire 12in promo
12 15 I’M ALRIGHT (EXTENDED MIX) Katherine E, Dead Dead Good 12in promo
13 12 YOU GOT THE LOVE (MIXES) The Source Featuring Candi Staton, Truelove 12in
14 13 THINK ABOUT… D.J.H. featuring Stefy, RCA 12in
15 18 MOVE YOUR BODY (MIXES) Xpansions, Optimism 12in
16 22 GOT YOU WHERE I WANT (501 MIX) Marva Hicks, Wing 12in promo
17 40 PLAYING WITH KNIVES Bizarre Inc., Vinyl Solution 12in
18 39 LOVE THE LIFE (GUARANA DJ VERSION) James Taylor Quartet, Urban 12in
19 10 REMEMBER THE DAY (FINAL MIX) Innocence, Cooltempo 12in promo
20 50 YOU USED TO SALSA Richie Rich’s Salsa House, ffrr 12in promo
21 29 SUCH A GOOD FEELING (INSPIRATIONAL DELIGHT MIX) Brothers In Rhythm, 4th & B’way 12in promo
22 09 LOVE IS THE MESSAGE (LOVE LOVE LOVE MIX) Love Inc. featuring MC Noise. Love 12in
23 17 LOST IN MUSIC (ULTIMATUM REMIX) Stereo MC’s, 4&B’way 12in
24 28 MOVE (DANCE ALL NIGHT) (MIXES) Slam Slam, MCA 12in
25 19 MY LOVE (ATMOSPHERA MIX) Collapse, Citybeat 12in
26 49 SWEET SENSATION (EXTENDED MIX) Shades Of Rhythm, ZTT 12in promo
27 76 FIND ‘EM FOOL ‘EM FORGET ‘EM S’Express, Rhythm King 12in promo
28 25 IT’S TOO LATE Quartz, Mercury 12in
29 41 LOVE OR NOTHING Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe, ffrr 12in
30 24 ADRENALIN/THE KRAKEN N-Joi, deConstruction 12in
31 23 GIVE ME (MIXES) Greed, D-Zone 12in
32 100 FOOTSTEPS FOLLOWING ME Frances Nero, Debut 12in promo
33 32 EVERYBODY (ALL OVER THE WORLD) FPI Project, Rumour 12in
34 — FAITH (IN THE POWER OF LOVE) Rozala, Plus-8 12in white label
35 44 DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL (MAIN MIX) Nikki D, Def Jam 12in promo
36 17 HOLD YOU TIGHT Tara Kemp, Giant 12in
37 48 I’M READY Caveman, Profile 12in
38 33 TELL ME THAT YOU’LL WAIT (MIXES) Culture Beat, Epic 12in
39 47 DON’T GO MESSIN’ WITH MY HEART (ALBUM VERSION) Mantronix, Capitol 12in
40 64 GIVE ME LOVE/EROTIC ANIMALS Ben Chapman, deConstruction 12in
41 43 THE WORLD IS A GHETTO (MIXES) Will Downing, 4&B’way 12in
42 — ONE WAY ONLY (R.U.D.E. VOCAL MIX) Synergy, Dedicated 12in promo
43 26 MAINLINE (CHEP’S MIX) Tribal House, Cooltempo 12in
44 51 TALK MUCH (BLIND MICE MIX) Temper Temper, Ten 12in
45 38 GOO GOO BARABAJAGAL (THE RONIN BOOM TENG) The Love-In, From A Whisper To A Scream 12in promo
47 72 WEEKEND (CLUB MIX) Dick Low, Spirit 12in
48 99 QUADROPHENIA (REMIX) Quadrophenia, Dutch Streetbeats 12in
49 — DEEP IN MY HEART (EXTENDED MIX) Clubhouse, ffrr 12in promo
50 37 HOLD ME (VOCAL CLUB MIX) Velvet, Tam Tam 12in
52 21 TILL WE MEET AGAIN Inner City, Ten 12in
53 60 SHE’S A WOMAN Scritti Politti & Shabba Ranks, Virgin 12in
54 71 H.O.U.S.E. (THE REMODELLED REMIX) Doug Lazy, Atlantic 12in promo
55 — HYPERREAL (WILLIAM ORBIT MIX) The Shamen, One Little Indian 12in promo
56 66 LOOSE FIT/BOB’S YER UNCLE (REMIX FASHION) Happy Mondays, Factory 12in
57 20 BACK BY DOPE DEMAND (FUNKY BASS MIX) King Bee, First Bass 12in white label
58 94 HOUSE FLY Tricky Disco, WARP 12in promo
59 91 OUT THERE, Friends Of Matthew, Pulse-8 12in
60 — RAPPIN’ IS FUNDAMENTAL (BRIGHTON DAZE 12″ REMIX) Rapping Is Fundamental, A&M PM 12in promo
62 54 JEALOUSY (RED ZONE MIX) Adventures Of Stevie V, Mercury 12in
63 52 GIVE ME SOME LOVE (ANDY WEATHERALL MIX) Love Corporation, Creation 12in white label
64 30 POSSESSED/PIN UP GIRL Awesome 3, A&M PM 12in
65 27 NASTY RHYTHM (PKA REMIX) Creative Thieves, Stress 12in white label
66 61 SCANDAL/IS IT LOVE? The Basement Boys Present Ultra Naté, Eternal 12in
67 — I LEFT MY WALLET IN EL SEGUNDO (VAMPIRE MIX) A Tribe Called Quest, Jive 12in promo
68 31 TAKE A REST (REMIXED BY C.J. MACKINTOSH) Gang Starr, Cooltempo 12in
69 — GOD IS IN THE HOUSE (FREE TIBET MIX) Rumbledub, ffrr 12in
70 98 CHUNG KUO (REVISITED) Addams & Gee, 12in white label
71 55 COME ALIVE (MIXES) Orchestra JB, Rumour 12in promo
73 83 COME INTO MY HEART 1 World, ffrr 12in promo
74 74 ECHO CHAMBER Beats International, Go Beat 12in
75 53 STRIKE IT UP Black Box, Italian Groove Groove Melody 12in
76 re WIPE THE NEEDLE (MIXES) The Ragga Twins, Shut Up And Dance 12in promo
77 — TEMPERATURE RISING P.K.A., Stress 12in promo
78 93 GET INTO IT (PARK YOUR CAR IN MY BRA MIX) MC Kinky, More Protein 12in
79 35 WEAR YOUR LOVE LIKE HEAVEN (ULTIMATUM MIX) Definition Of Sound, Circa 12in
80 92 LOVE’S GOT A FEELING (WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH MIX) Neutron 9000, Profile 12in
81 65 LOVE’S HEARTBREAK Lisa M, Polydor 12in promo
82 84 GET INTO THE MUSIC (REMIX) DJs Rule, Canadian Hi-Bias 12in
83 67 INSIDE LIFE Incognito, Talkin Loud 12in
84 58 BLACK WHIP Chapter And The Verse, Virgin 12in
86 68 GOOD TIME S.I.N. featuring Claudja Barry, Pulse-8 12in white label
87 re THIS IS YOUR LIFE (MIXES) Banderas, London 12in
88 — PROBLEM SOLVED (WAY BEYOND DUB)/100% TOTAL SUCCESS Moodswings, 12in white label
89 — THANX 4 THE FUNK (MIXES) The Boys, Motown 12in white label
90 87 BARABAJAGAL (LOVE IS HOT) P.U.M.P., Ultimate 12in promo
92 63 BAD ATTITUDE Sha Sha, Jive 12in promo
93 DRIVE ME (HOUSE REMIX) Patti Day, Starway 12in
94 — STEP TO ME (DO ME) Mantronix, US Capitol 12in
95 85 IT NEVER RAINS (IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA) Tony! Toni! Toné!, Wing 12in
96 JOY & PAIN (IN THIS WILD, WILD WORLD) (CLEAR BLUE SKY MIX) Gigi Hamilton, Epic 12in promo
97 34 FAMILY OF PEOPLE (EXTENDED FAMILY MIX) Quest For Excellence, Republic 12in
98 46 MAKE IT RAIN/NO MORE TEARS The KLF, KLF Comminications 12in promo
99 — WHERE LOVE LIVES (COME ON IN) (MIXES) Alison Limerick, Arista 12in
100= — RESCUE ME (MIXES) Madonna, US/German Sire 12in
100= — FACES/BACK FROM HELL (REMIX) Run D.M.C., Profile 12in promo
100= — TRAVELS IN HYPER REALITY Band Of Gypsies, Pulse-8 12in white label
100= — ONE STEP AHEAD (B.I.D. MIX) Boneshakers, Reachin 12in promo

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