March 27, 1982: Quincy Jones, Was (Not Was), The Cage ft Nona Hendryx, Patrice Rushen, Fat Larry’s Band, Frankie Beverly interview


NOT ONLY all of Maze but four from Earth Wind & Fire spent last Saturday at Mayfair’s Gullivers, helping create the best vibe Graham Gold and myself have enjoyed for ages — In fact, Maze’s Frankie Beverly said he didn’t like discos and would only stay for half an hour, but was still in the club half an hour after we’d closed . . . Ray Shell & The Street Angels, live at Gully’s all the rest of last week, have improved enormously and are now well worth seeing . . . Showstoppers’ ninth Caister weekender this Fri/Sat/Sunday includes Chris Hill & Robbie Vincent’s “alternative” appalling talent contest, so prospective contestants should go prepared — and don’t forget an FM radio, towels, matches, bog paper and all the usual necessities (sadly I have to stay home so my new flat can be measured for carpets!) . . . Caister being early this Spring, to accommodate Showstoppers’ St Tropez trip in May (21-30), another rival weekender over the May Day holiday (Friday 30 April-Monday 3 May) could be an attraction too — run by Concorde Entertainments, it stars Shakatak, Morrissey Mullen, Steve Walsh, Mike Allen and many more, at Camber Sands Pontins camp near Rye . . . The Old Grey Whistle Test on Saturday 3rd April relays live a Rick James concert as it happens in Germany — so clubs with videos, be prepared (Rick himself will be in town the following week) . . . Marvin Gaye as long speculated has indeed signed with CBS . . . Brandi Wells will tour here in May, an excellent 114bpm Nick Martinelli remix of ‘What Goes Around Comes Around‘ with new muted trumpet being due in three weeks but on promo sooner . . . Alton Edwards, lost by Morgan Khan’s Streetwave label to Epic, has been handing out a few unfinished acetates of his upcoming ‘Strange Woman’, a sneaky not immediately exciting but subtly growing 108bpm slinker with strong catchy tune and more of that great bass synth . . . Sharon Brown has been snapped up by Mick Clark for Virgin release in a fortnight, when Fat Larry’s Band will be on 3-track 12in too, while Linda Taylor ‘You And Me Just Started’ is due on Groove Production next week with a percussive “New York disco” remix flip (incidentally, there’ll be one of those New York radio remixes of Sharon Brown for a select few) . . . Chas Jankel’s US disco chart-topping ‘Glad To Know You’ is due here now, but will it be the Disconet version? . . . Edgbaston Faces French has a plant filled garden decor in its redesigned Club Jardine, which presumably they named to be French for Garden, so why the superfluous “e”? . . . Discoscene ’82, the fifth successive annual Midlands exhibition for both club and mobile equipment, will be on Sunday 9th May at Solihull’s St John’s Hotel, noon to 7pm, details from Merlin Management’s Terry Lees on 021-707 1925 (including evenings) . . . Rush Release move imminently to 65 Bedford Hill, London SW12 . . . Medway Rain Forest Missionaries finally got their tribal fanzine ‘Woah Cry and Young Soul’dier’ out for Christmas in February, and it really is an impressive one with quite a few good in-joke belly laughs (there’s an even newer Caister edition promised too) . . . Frenchie (Blackpool) says that Universal Robot Band are in fact most of Logg, whose Dutch Rams Horn 12in remix of ‘Dancing Into The Stars‘ is massive in Bristol, according to Martin Starr (I’ve yet to encounter it) . . . Gary Oldis, packing ’em in Fri/Sat/Sundays at Aycliffe Bee Jays Country Club, revives Al Hudson ‘Spread Love‘ . . . Roger Dynamite did a live link up with Radio Luxembourg from Yarmouth Tiffany’s last Thursday . . . Liverpool McMillans Gary Allan (7 Gatley Drive, Maghull, Near Liverpool, L31 3DH / phone 051-526 5407) needs to buy a full set of the last three months’ Music Week . . . Peter Lewis obviously reads Billboard! . . . Watford Baileys Chris Britton (16 Portland House, Arnison Avenue, High Wycombe, Bucks) has 12in rarities and albums for sale (send SAE) . . . Brian ‘Bazzer’ Mason got that Watford New Penny gig, and will be swinging Saturdays around to a more soulful mix . . . King Enri (ta for the quid!) wants George Power and any jazz-funk-soul bands who’d like a gig at Catford’s Saxon Tavern to ring him office hours on 01-761 1109 . . . Alan Costa says Brighton Kings II now has live jazz bands every Thursday for members and their guests . . . Nick Ratcliffe finds fast instrumentals are what the funk fans like at Egham Olivers (Sat), Hasiemere Good Knight Country Club (Fri/Sun), Camberley Ragamuffins (Tues), and more futuristic Reading Rebecca’s (Thurs) — busy lad! . . . Kasso ‘Kasso‘ is Tricky Dicky’s big numero uno at all five of his London gay venues — Euston Tavern/Spats (Fri/Sat), Stratford Pigeons (Sat), Camberwell Union Tavern (Tues/Thurs), Tottenham Eltons (Wed) . . . Flash Gordon (Bristol Misty’s) can’t identify a reggae version of ‘Some Guys Have All The Luck’ listed as from the ‘Crucial Reggae’ LP on an Island promo LP from autumn ’80 — any ideas? . . . Craig Dawson (Edinburgh Road Runner mobiles), full of info about Holland, says Dutch radio Hilversum 3 and even TV feature a lot of disco and funk, TV devoting nearly a quarter of its airtime to music shows . . . Nina Simone is a Capital Climber this week — and Morrissey Mullen must be non-needletime now, to judge from the amount it’s been played on Capital recently! . . . Tommy ‘Hi-Heel Sneakers’ Tucker died in January from inhaling carbon tetrachloride fumes while re-varnishing his floors . . . Ernie Maresca’s 1962 ‘Shout Shout’, which for years I’ve been saying could be a rock ‘n’ roll revivalist group hit now, has finally been done (and performed on ‘OTT’) by Rocky Sharpe & The Replays . . . Eagle ain’t what it was . . . Xavier ‘Rock Me Sock Me’ needs a less bassy remix (incidentally, ‘Love Is On The One’ is way out ahead of ‘Sucker’, popularity-wise) . . . Hot Quisine is 122bpm . . . Irakere ‘Chekere Son‘ is my massive number one — chopped into at the baritone sax, it’s dynamite in all sorts of ways but try it out of Bros Johnson ‘Stomp’ bass break, then follow by chopping to ‘Fungi Mama’ . . . One Way ‘Give Me One More Chance’ / Hall & Oates / Gangsters ‘Strung Out On The Boogie’ vari-synch well, as do Patrice Rushen / Atlantic Starr / Maxine Singleton . . . I’ve now heard of at least eight people who’ve been threatened with violence by a certain wig wearer! . . . to quote Bobby Marchan’s 1965 ‘Get Down With It’: “If you can’t let your hair down — TAKE IT OFF!”

PHOENIX HORNS ESQUIRE, Earth Wind & Fire’s brass section, took time out between their London shows last week to lay down the blasts and honks on the awesome tracks Richard Jones has been producing for a Streetwave release by Patrick Boothe, white labels being optimistically expected this week of Patrick’s brassily loping 112½bpm ‘(I Just Wanna) Dance All Night With You‘ (which should mix nicely with George Benson’s ‘Give Me The Night’ and ‘Never Give Up On A Good Thing’ as it’s very similar), his slower ‘Never Knew Love Like This Before‘ being held back for follow-up release.


QUINCY JONES: ‘The Dude’ (A&M AMSX 8207).
Finally the Grammy-winning superb slinky Bob James-ish Rod Temperton co-penned James Ingram/vocoder/chix-sung subtle Stevie Wonder-synthesized 96bpm groove appears on 12in with Ingram’s US hit dead slow ‘Just Once’ and 45bpm ‘One Hundred Ways’ as 2-track flip.

WAS (NOT WAS): ‘Tell Me That I’m Dreaming’ (Ze 12WIP 6776).
Jauntily tongue in cheek infectious driving 118bpm 12in funk smacker with gals/guys interplaying chant lines interrupted by some comic cut-ups of Ronald Reagan saying “Can we who man the ship of state deny it is somewhat out of control”, the flip’s instrumental version chop seguing into a 124bpm smacking dub of ‘Out Come The Freaks’.

THE CAGE featuring NONA HENDRYX: ‘Do What Ya Wanna Do’ (Metropolis 12WIP 6769, via Island).
Rusty Egan’s synthetically smacking energy charged 127bpm T-Connection remake is wailed by the ex-LaBelle lady or to my mind even better in the “Hum A Luongo Dance Mix’ instrumental dub version, on 3-track 12in with the almost jazz-funky choppily jittering brass and guitar instrumental 128-123-127-129bpm ‘The Slammer‘.  Continue reading “March 27, 1982: Quincy Jones, Was (Not Was), The Cage ft Nona Hendryx, Patrice Rushen, Fat Larry’s Band, Frankie Beverly interview”

March 20, 1982: Nina Simone, Michael Wycoff, War, Gangsters, Charles Earland


GARRY BLACKBURN at Island warns us of a renewed push on black product by the label, led by the upcoming Gwen Guthrie ‘It Should’ve Been You‘, a nice jauntily bubbling simple little 118-119-120bpm smacker still only on acetate, and the more imminent ‘Genius Of Rap‘ LP featuring Twennynine, T-Ski Valley, Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde. Jazzy 5, Grandmaster Flash, Bon Rock, twin-packed with an already promoed extra 12in of “rap-along” instrumentals of ‘Genius Of Love’ and ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’ . . . Capitol are re-promoting Maze ‘Joy And Pain’ (edited live version) on 12in (12CL 211), now also in a limited clear vinyl edition, plus the original excellent ‘Joy And Pain’ LP (EST 12087) . . . Rusty Egan’s 127bpm vocal and dub reworking of T-Connection’s ‘Do What You Wanna Do’ by his own group The Cage featuring Nona Hendryx will be on 3-track Metropolis 12in but has been promoed already minus the extra cut . . . KR picked up the Rah Band ‘Perfumed Garden’ / ‘Funk Me Down To Rio’ (but not ‘Winter Love’) for 12in next week, while Breakfast Band ‘Tokyo Shuffle’ / ‘Broadside Rhumba’ (Breakfast Music 12BM 101) is due on 12in now . . . Breakfast Band, Cayenne and the Inversions are together tonight (Thursday 18) at the Camden Jazz Festival in Chalk Farm’s Roundhouse . . . Jimmie Lunceford’s 1930s big band originated ‘It Ain’t What You Chew It’s The Way How You Chews It’ (OK, Theo?) . . . Norman Scott is so busy with his gay Bolts venues that he and Bangs have split after six years — Bolts operating at Harringay Lazers every Thurs/Fri/Saturday, at Brighton Sherry’s on Sundays, and Westend Bolts starts at Leicester Square’s Maximus in April . . . Steven Fay (Darwen) reports that Tracy Weber of ‘Sure Shot’ fame was killed during a Harlem bank raid recently . . . Sheffield DJ Jim Kershaw — “with a chilling resemblance to the mass killer” (to quote The Star) — has been approached to play Peter Sutcliffe in a proposed US TV film about the Yorkshire Ripper . . . Oxford DJ Pete Alex, working in Skien, Norway, at a club which changed names to ‘Alexandra’ in his honour (hope he lives up to it!), is now marketing a ‘Bad Words Tape’ to teach Norwegians all the English phrases not taught in school! . . . Finland, hardly a large market for any type of music let alone disco, nevertheless boasts a DJ-distributed advertising financed bi-monthly professional magazine called ‘Diskosusi’ (Discowolf) with a circulation of 10,000 – trouble is, it’s written in Finnish, but details and further fax can be had from Taito Gromov (DJ name Tate Groove Move!), Lansikatu 18 as 121, 80110 Joensuu 11, Finland . . . Danish DJ Kenneth Baker asks, what means Katanga Katanga? . . . Ian Shaw (Richmond Mr Moustache) wonders if anyone has listed ‘Katanga! Katanga!’ as a Japanese import yet! . . . Chris Dinnis (Exeter Boxes) already has it on white label — no, seriously Kenneth, it’s a catchphrase originated by comedian Lenny Henry on the Saturday night ‘OTT’ television show, which usually features girls with huge naked knockers (that bird last week — cor!) . . . what means knockers? . . . West Surrey & Hampshire DJ Assn are looking for contributors to their promising little regular magazine as well as for more members, contact Chris Cole (Cranleigh 2641) . . . Gary Allan (Liverpool McMillan’s) is trying to identify an unlabelled old promo 12in from around two years ago but currently hot for him, catalogue number PSLP 307, the chick sung hookline going “I don’t wanna let you go” — any ideas? . . . Rob Harknett (1 Parkfields, Roydon, Harlow, Essex CM19 5JA) offers to make jingles for anyone wanting a voice other than their own (he doesn’t sing), so send script, cassette and SAE . . . Brian Godson is chuffed to be funking York’s Alpine Bar in The Windmill, Blossom Street, with good music every Fri/Saturday . . . Nigel Halkes & Andy Smith do schoolkid mobiles (surely pop’s target age?) and wonder if kind hearted pluggers could send product to Nigel at 270 Down Road, Portishead, Bristol BS20 8HZ . . . Nick Roberts, who until 18 months ago DJ-ed as Nick Rogers, would love to keep his hand in helping out at the odd gig using your records (Richmond 01-948 4000) . . . Alan Donald (Rothesay) during a Motown oldies session heard someone wonder what the intro to the Isleys ‘This Old Heart Of Mine’ was, which caused him to reach for the Grecian 2000 (but why should they know, Al, could you identify a Tommy Dorsey intro?) . . . TVS’s ‘Radio’ series produced the quote of the week “If you want a life of unruffled tedium, what the hell are you doing running a radio station?” . . . Tony St Michael (Flnsbury Park) sent a quid to celebrate Michael Bird’s birthday (whoops!) . . . Nigel Porter (Leicester) reckons Eno’s version of ‘The Lion Steeps Tonight’ could be a futurist pop hit . . . Buzzz haven’t, despite all . . . Mayfair Gullivers Graham Gold is getting a dog called Segue, to rhyme with Hart To Hart’s Freeway! . . . Tom Wilson (Edinburgh Oscars) reckons Rick James’s video would be perfect for ‘OTT’, while Martin Platts (Burnley) would love to get his lips around the black girl on ‘OTT’ . . . whadaya mean, you work Saturday nights — get a video! . . . The Saturday snooker replaced ‘OTT’, so I and some chums got well and truly lost exploring the Barbican Centre instead, with security guards (strangers there themselves) plotting our progress on their walkie-talkies! . . . KINDA LINGERS.

CENTRAL LINE recently looked in at Swindon’s Brunel Rooms during a Friday soul session, where Linton told DJ Sandy Martin to “expect some live gigs next month” while Lipson struggled to find the ‘Breaking Point’ on a bottle of champagne. Sandy’s sporting some Adam-style sideburns these days, it seems.


NINA SIMONE: ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’ (Charly CYX 201).
This late ’50s piano prodded 117-119-118-0bpm subtle classy swinger has been one of the true all-time greats right through from such ’60s West Indian haunts as the Roaring Twenties and ‘Q’, to 70s jazz-funk clubs like the Goldmine, and now it crosses the board at soul revival, beatnik, and indeed every type of gig. Always in demand but only ever surfacing from time to time on LP, here it is on a 4-track 10in EP that is very likely to be a huge chart smash.

MICHAEL WYCOFF: ‘Still Got The Magic (Sweet Delight)’ (RCA RCAT 209).
Terrific powerful buoyantly booming ultra funky 107-109bpm 12in jiggly rhythm filled thudder souled in Al Green-ish style with answering chix, ‘Get Down On it’ chopping or ‘Ladies Night’ synching superbly out of it.

WAR: ‘You Got The Power’ (RCA RCAT 201).
Dynamite jauntily chugging 118bpm 12in smacker with interplaying urgent staccato lurching lyrics and lots of straightforward disco power, flipped by the more typically War-like 133bpm ‘Cinco De Mayo‘ (the ‘5th of May’ if you don’t speaka de lingo).  Continue reading “March 20, 1982: Nina Simone, Michael Wycoff, War, Gangsters, Charles Earland”

March 13, 1982: no reviews, extended Odds ‘N’ Bods


MEDWAY MEGASTAR Nicky Peck has abruptly decamped from his Gillingham King Charles Hotel venue, where the management evidently started upping prices without warning (greed kills the goose again), to re-open his Sunday Soul Club this weekend (14) at the Tudor House on the A20 a couple of miles East of Maidstone . . . Greg Wilson’s alldayer with Froggy, Colin Curtis and more at Wigan Pier next Sunday (21) is members-only, but membership forms are available with SAE from the Pier, Pottery Road, Wallgate, Wigan, Lancashire, or from the DJs appearing, or from City Sounds record shop in London (return rail fare is £10.50 Euston–Wigan) . . . PRT soon release Search ‘Like The Way‘ on Philly World . . . P-Funk All Stars ‘Hydraulic Pump’ finally surfaced here on Virgin in a colourful sleeve but 2bpm faster at 108bpm and with just two tracks instead of the US copy’s three . . . Streetwave’s new 18 track ‘demo/master’ studio is only a converted broom cupboard at Morgan Khan’s Detroit — sorry, West Acton HQ, so don’t expect to fit in more than two people at a time! . . . Steve Walsh’s Svenson advert in Birmingham (where he did radio commercials for hair weaving) read as, “Working in front of audiences means my looks matter to me. So imagine how I felt when I started to go bald” . . . South Eastern Disco Assn’s SEDA ’82 Spring Fair stretches over two days at the Great Danes Hotel near Maidstone this year, Saturday 3rd April seeing an afternoon Record Fair (stand space from Theo Loyla on 01-548 2911) followed by Froggy guesting at a Superdisco, Sunday 4th April then featuring the equipment exhibition, and SEDA’s annual dinner/cabaret . . . Graham Bond (Middlesbrough 0642 325112) is after record pluggers to talk at Cleveland Area DJF meetings, the next one being Sunday week (21) at Middlesbrough’s Post House 7-10pm . . . New York’s “urban contemporary” (ie. disco/soul) radio stations — WKTU, WRKS, WBLS (who carve up the largest share of the city’s listeners between them) — all now feature their own exclusive remixes of current disco hits specially created for each station by rival teams of DJs and unavailable commercially, the main mixing moments to catch being WBLS ‘Mid Morning Mix’ (2½ hours daily), WRKS ‘Master Mix Dance Party’ (noon-1pm daily) which uses original versions leaving remixes for general play, while WKTU slots in mixes in continuous 20 minute chunks several times a day . . . oh for an urban contemporary station in London! . . . Capital now sounds like a commercial radio station — any commercial radio station — rather than Capital . . . UK music of the new variety is breaking in the States via disco play as radio won’t touch it — current US club hits include Chas Jankel, Soft Cell, Human League, Clash, Pete Shelley, Aneka, Modern Romance, Fingerprintz, Flock Of Seagulls, Genesis, Slow Children, DAF, Yello, Haircut One Hundred, Depeche Mode — in fact the vast majority of the non-“disco” material charted by DJs . . . Olivia Newton-John, Soft Cell and Kraftwerk also hit the US Soul LP chart! . . . Erskine T has had the E from WEA . . . Orin, what’s happening? . . . London DJ and sometime disco plugger Dave Towry-Coker, known to wary club managers as Dave TC, was recently killed in an altercation with security staff at the Venue . . . Watford’s New Penny needs another DJ, call Mr Harris on Watford 22003 after 8pm . . . Sandy Martin’s “Randy Sandy” smooch session on Valentine’s Saturday at Swindon Brunel Rooms resulted in Kevin Logan going on stage in front of 1,200 people to ask Donna Gordon to marry him — she blushed bright scarlet and said “Oh yes!” . . . Valentine Sunday saw Shakatak break Watford Bailey’s door record, with 2,500 admitted and 800 turned away . . . Tony ‘Visionary Entrepreneur’ Jenkins actually sent a Telex to cancel our tea date at the Ritz — gad, the guy’s got style! . . . Phonogram’s Four Tops reception at the inconveniently sited Xclusiv would have been better had they not run out of food before I’d found a parking place! . . . PEEL’s latest jingle-spiked promo (for Lady Contour razors) included a gas lighter and lifetime’s supply of excellent fibre-tip pens — how many of those got handed out? . . . John Malkin (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Friday at Rotherham’s refitted Charade, Wed/Sat at Maltby Manor Hotel) says South Yorkshire is pretty much futurist orientated but surprisingly there’s a trend back towards disco/funk, black as well as the white boys variety . . . CJ Carlos, as well as Streatham Cats Whiskers on Sundays with Svenson Walsh, now does Central London’s Samantha’s on Wed/Thurs, Hombres Fri/Sat/Tues . . . Alan Jewell is so highly rated in Oslo that, after a short break in London soon, he’ll be staying there all summer — but he does wish his much prized copy of Record Mirror could reach him before six other fellow DJs had read it first! . . . Larry Foster now squeezes in early sessions on Thurs/Fri/Sats at Romford’s Lamps wine bar . . . Steven Fay (Darwen) revives Wee Gee ‘Hold On To Your Dreams‘ (US Cotillion) in smooch spots, Kev Hill (Basildon Sweeney’s) revives Chairmen Of The Board ‘Finders Keepers‘ (Invictus) to growing demand . . . David Ruffin & Eddie Kendricks are back performing live with the Temptations, and Ben E King will be fronting a Drifters line-up for a UK visit soon . . . Groove’s Chris Palmer very flatteringly sported a specially made “Dr Soul is big with me” T-shirt at one of my ’60s soul nights — which are really going well, so visit Soho’s Le Beat Route in Greek Street one Tuesday soon . . . Edgbaston Faces’ Steve Dennis & Gibbo issued a joint communique: “The music of the street and disco is having less chart impression now than for a very long time and as pop radio becomes more and more MoR it really is time we saw the development of street awareness” . . . Flash Gordon (Bristol Misty’s) has computed that the complete Disco Top 90 would take 9 hours to play, plus another 3 hours for chart hits, oldies and slowies — so no wonder lots of good stuff gets left behind . . . Frenchie (Blackpool) after doing a break down of the disco chart, wonders whether DJs are cutting back on imports and LP tracks due to lack of money or is the audience demand waning? . . . Nick Radcliffe (Winkfield) buys all his records at the Slough Record Centre in Farnham Road, Slough, where Tony Hodges runs the import department . . . David Emery reports that Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s Stage Door is chock-a-block nightly with (as in many other venues currently) private parties swelling the numbers usefully — but don’t you find you have to play mainly oldies and mega-hits to that type crowd? . . . Saint Tropez ‘Femmes Fatales‘ (US Destiny LP) has as expected become my most enquired about (and now requested) sound, the entirely French-spoken with sound effects scenario concerning a lady and her male lover being murdered while on the job by the former’s jealous lesbian ex-lover — and thankfully a few of you are picking up on it now too . . . Tony ‘Jammy Sod’ Jenkins has an exclusive copy of Brass Construction’s new LP, rave tracks he says being ‘Do That Thang‘ and ‘Forever Love‘, quite as good as their very first set . . . Sunday night’s the night, but you’ll have to find out where the stylish dressers are going for yourself! . . . Is Steve Strange putting on weight because of all the dainty tea’s he’s having? . . . Electrik Funk is a monster and mixes with anything, although the sequence Goldie Alexander, Frankie Smith, Electrik Funk, NY Skyy ‘Call Me (Remix)’ works well . . . Maxine Singleton is good out of George Duke ‘Shine On’ or Jean Carn ‘Was That All It Was’, while Imagination ‘Illusion’ and Shakatak ‘Easier Said Than Done’ blend together backwards and forwards (with vari-tuning) so well I defy you to spot the joins! . . . when is a wig not a wig? — when Svenson calls it a weave! (it may not blow off in the wind but otherwise what’s the difference?) . . . Greg Gregory (London Busby’s) does a killer mix from Oneness Of Juju into ‘Kasso’ . . . Ian Levine (Charing Cross Heaven) reckons that the all-time gay disco classics never to cross over and hit must include Front Page (featuring Sharon Redd) ‘Love Insurance‘ (Panorama), Suzi Lane ‘Harmony‘ (Elektra), Jessica Williams ‘Queen Of Fools‘ (Polydor), Ferrara ‘Love Attack‘ (Midsong), Kat Mandu ‘The Break‘ (TK) . . . Mark Clark currently plays to over 400 roller skaters at both Bracknell and Maidenhead Sports Centres (with skating “tribes” like the Bay City Rollers, even!), where he finds slowish BPMs work best — Vaughan Mason ‘Bounce Rock Skate Roll‘ being a biggie — but can anyone recommend other suitable sounds? . . . Jon Williams (Birkenhead 051-645 3618) has a 16mm Bell & Howell cine projector for sale . . . Monday midday deadlines now make my time even shorter, so, although I’d rather be doing reviews, as there’s always an outcry if there’s no Odds ‘N’ Bods, I hope you’re happy . . . MOMBASSA! NYASA!

THOSE JONES GIRLS — Brenda, Shirley and Valerie — have an enviable record of import chart success with their last two albums, yet have been notoriously badly served here by CBS, who for instance have only now just got around to releasing the latest set, ‘Get As Much Love As You Can’ (Philadelphia International PIR 85347). Best for home listening (as of course are all the really big sellers), it contains ‘Nights Over Egypt’.


No UK Reviews this week.


No Import Reviews this week.  Continue reading “March 13, 1982: no reviews, extended Odds ‘N’ Bods”

March 6, 1982: Oneness Of Juju, Chocolate Milk, Janet Kay, Brass Construction, Electrik Funk


SPANDAU BALLET release a boxed set of four 12in singles next week, from which two have been promoed already, best sides being a brassy “dub” introed beefy 120bpm remix of ‘Chant No.1’ and the new ‘Coffee Club‘ a jumbled noisy 124bpm ‘Tighten Up’ rattler with Beggar & Co brass — but they don’t sound so fresh now newcomers are outstripping them . . . Shakatak ‘Night Birds‘ a slick 118bpm tinkler, and Gonzales ‘Closer To You‘, a brassy 119bpm jiggler with off-putting vocals (and completely off-centre flip!) have also been promoed on white label, while EMI America / Capitol / Liberty artists are featured on a 10in twin-pack sampler . . . Sheree Brown ‘It’s A Pleasure’ (Capitol 12CL 232) and — of interest to mobiles — Derek & The Dominos ‘Layla’ (RSO RSOX 87) are now on 12in . . . West Yorkshire Assn of DJs meet this Sunday (7) at Manningham Ward Labour Club in Bradford (time details from Gary Williamson on Elland 0422-76063). West Sussex & Hampshire DJ Assn meet on Monday (8) at the Stoke Motel — wherever that is (these chaps are so communicative!) . . . Barry McCloud Enterprises (The Old House, PO Box 40, Shepperton Studio Centre, Shepperton, Middlesex TW17 0QD — they’re after more mailing lists DJs) has picked up the Posse label for the UK, with 12in issues by Mynk, Glory & Ritz, and a Joe Simon LP due . . . Quincy Jones scored five Grammy awards out of eight nominations, Al Jarreau and Mike Post got two apiece . . . Richard Jon Smith is indeed an old mate of Alton Edwards from South Africa, but Alton tells me he’d no idea he was in Britain and certainly hadn’t heard of Richard’s single until I told him about it! . . . Streetwave’s plea on this page for an office junior resulted in 16-year-old Michael Cronin getting the gig . . . RCA’s Rowdy Yeats is considering doing Steve ‘Svenson’ Walsh under the Trade Descriptions Act for claiming to be “Working as a DJ” — although of course the notorious advert’s grammar reads as if “you” are working as a DJ! . . . STAY LOOSE!

GEORGE DUKE these days wields a mean Dream Machine, as he calls his guitar-slung portable synth, although the 35-year-old Californian began playing straight jazz piano before working towards his current electronic style through the likes of Al Jarreau, Jean-Luc Ponty, Frank Zappa, Cannonball Adderly and Billy Cobham, his most recent pairing with Stanley Clarke in the Clarke / Duke Project having met with far greater success in the States than here.


ONENESS OF JUJU: ‘Every Way But Loose’ (Buddah BDSL 497).
Dynamite bounding bass, percussion, brass and chanting prodded 115-116-115-114-115(break)-116-117bpm 12in chugging riff with the flow of Brass Construction ‘Movin’ and flavour of Roy Ayers ‘Running Away’, great for mixing (try ‘E-Man Boogie ’82‘ out of it!) and huge on import for ages.

CHOCOLATE MILK: ‘Let’s Go All The Way’ (RCA RCAT 200).
Acappella harmony introed jittery 0-118bpm 12in routine mechanical funk thudder, flipped by last year’s much better booming jiggly bumping 113bpm ‘Blue Jeans‘ which really raised sweat, yet went largely ignored on import.

JANET KAY: ‘You Bring The Sun Out’ (Black Roots BR 033, soon-via Phonogram).
Lovely gentle 0-37-75bpm 12in lightly lovers rock treatment of Randy Crawford’s smoocher. Hot for Graham Gold (Harrow)!  Continue reading “March 6, 1982: Oneness Of Juju, Chocolate Milk, Janet Kay, Brass Construction, Electrik Funk”