March 27, 1982: Quincy Jones, Was (Not Was), The Cage ft Nona Hendryx, Patrice Rushen, Fat Larry’s Band, Frankie Beverly interview


NOT ONLY all of Maze but four from Earth Wind & Fire spent last Saturday at Mayfair’s Gullivers, helping create the best vibe Graham Gold and myself have enjoyed for ages — In fact, Maze’s Frankie Beverly said he didn’t like discos and would only stay for half an hour, but was still in the club half an hour after we’d closed . . . Ray Shell & The Street Angels, live at Gully’s all the rest of last week, have improved enormously and are now well worth seeing . . . Showstoppers’ ninth Caister weekender this Fri/Sat/Sunday includes Chris Hill & Robbie Vincent’s “alternative” appalling talent contest, so prospective contestants should go prepared — and don’t forget an FM radio, towels, matches, bog paper and all the usual necessities (sadly I have to stay home so my new flat can be measured for carpets!) . . . Caister being early this Spring, to accommodate Showstoppers’ St Tropez trip in May (21-30), another rival weekender over the May Day holiday (Friday 30 April-Monday 3 May) could be an attraction too — run by Concorde Entertainments, it stars Shakatak, Morrissey Mullen, Steve Walsh, Mike Allen and many more, at Camber Sands Pontins camp near Rye . . . The Old Grey Whistle Test on Saturday 3rd April relays live a Rick James concert as it happens in Germany — so clubs with videos, be prepared (Rick himself will be in town the following week) . . . Marvin Gaye as long speculated has indeed signed with CBS . . . Brandi Wells will tour here in May, an excellent 114bpm Nick Martinelli remix of ‘What Goes Around Comes Around‘ with new muted trumpet being due in three weeks but on promo sooner . . . Alton Edwards, lost by Morgan Khan’s Streetwave label to Epic, has been handing out a few unfinished acetates of his upcoming ‘Strange Woman’, a sneaky not immediately exciting but subtly growing 108bpm slinker with strong catchy tune and more of that great bass synth . . . Sharon Brown has been snapped up by Mick Clark for Virgin release in a fortnight, when Fat Larry’s Band will be on 3-track 12in too, while Linda Taylor ‘You And Me Just Started’ is due on Groove Production next week with a percussive “New York disco” remix flip (incidentally, there’ll be one of those New York radio remixes of Sharon Brown for a select few) . . . Chas Jankel’s US disco chart-topping ‘Glad To Know You’ is due here now, but will it be the Disconet version? . . . Edgbaston Faces French has a plant filled garden decor in its redesigned Club Jardine, which presumably they named to be French for Garden, so why the superfluous “e”? . . . Discoscene ’82, the fifth successive annual Midlands exhibition for both club and mobile equipment, will be on Sunday 9th May at Solihull’s St John’s Hotel, noon to 7pm, details from Merlin Management’s Terry Lees on 021-707 1925 (including evenings) . . . Rush Release move imminently to 65 Bedford Hill, London SW12 . . . Medway Rain Forest Missionaries finally got their tribal fanzine ‘Woah Cry and Young Soul’dier’ out for Christmas in February, and it really is an impressive one with quite a few good in-joke belly laughs (there’s an even newer Caister edition promised too) . . . Frenchie (Blackpool) says that Universal Robot Band are in fact most of Logg, whose Dutch Rams Horn 12in remix of ‘Dancing Into The Stars‘ is massive in Bristol, according to Martin Starr (I’ve yet to encounter it) . . . Gary Oldis, packing ’em in Fri/Sat/Sundays at Aycliffe Bee Jays Country Club, revives Al Hudson ‘Spread Love‘ . . . Roger Dynamite did a live link up with Radio Luxembourg from Yarmouth Tiffany’s last Thursday . . . Liverpool McMillans Gary Allan (7 Gatley Drive, Maghull, Near Liverpool, L31 3DH / phone 051-526 5407) needs to buy a full set of the last three months’ Music Week . . . Peter Lewis obviously reads Billboard! . . . Watford Baileys Chris Britton (16 Portland House, Arnison Avenue, High Wycombe, Bucks) has 12in rarities and albums for sale (send SAE) . . . Brian ‘Bazzer’ Mason got that Watford New Penny gig, and will be swinging Saturdays around to a more soulful mix . . . King Enri (ta for the quid!) wants George Power and any jazz-funk-soul bands who’d like a gig at Catford’s Saxon Tavern to ring him office hours on 01-761 1109 . . . Alan Costa says Brighton Kings II now has live jazz bands every Thursday for members and their guests . . . Nick Ratcliffe finds fast instrumentals are what the funk fans like at Egham Olivers (Sat), Hasiemere Good Knight Country Club (Fri/Sun), Camberley Ragamuffins (Tues), and more futuristic Reading Rebecca’s (Thurs) — busy lad! . . . Kasso ‘Kasso‘ is Tricky Dicky’s big numero uno at all five of his London gay venues — Euston Tavern/Spats (Fri/Sat), Stratford Pigeons (Sat), Camberwell Union Tavern (Tues/Thurs), Tottenham Eltons (Wed) . . . Flash Gordon (Bristol Misty’s) can’t identify a reggae version of ‘Some Guys Have All The Luck’ listed as from the ‘Crucial Reggae’ LP on an Island promo LP from autumn ’80 — any ideas? . . . Craig Dawson (Edinburgh Road Runner mobiles), full of info about Holland, says Dutch radio Hilversum 3 and even TV feature a lot of disco and funk, TV devoting nearly a quarter of its airtime to music shows . . . Nina Simone is a Capital Climber this week — and Morrissey Mullen must be non-needletime now, to judge from the amount it’s been played on Capital recently! . . . Tommy ‘Hi-Heel Sneakers’ Tucker died in January from inhaling carbon tetrachloride fumes while re-varnishing his floors . . . Ernie Maresca’s 1962 ‘Shout Shout’, which for years I’ve been saying could be a rock ‘n’ roll revivalist group hit now, has finally been done (and performed on ‘OTT’) by Rocky Sharpe & The Replays . . . Eagle ain’t what it was . . . Xavier ‘Rock Me Sock Me’ needs a less bassy remix (incidentally, ‘Love Is On The One’ is way out ahead of ‘Sucker’, popularity-wise) . . . Hot Quisine is 122bpm . . . Irakere ‘Chekere Son‘ is my massive number one — chopped into at the baritone sax, it’s dynamite in all sorts of ways but try it out of Bros Johnson ‘Stomp’ bass break, then follow by chopping to ‘Fungi Mama’ . . . One Way ‘Give Me One More Chance’ / Hall & Oates / Gangsters ‘Strung Out On The Boogie’ vari-synch well, as do Patrice Rushen / Atlantic Starr / Maxine Singleton . . . I’ve now heard of at least eight people who’ve been threatened with violence by a certain wig wearer! . . . to quote Bobby Marchan’s 1965 ‘Get Down With It’: “If you can’t let your hair down — TAKE IT OFF!”

PHOENIX HORNS ESQUIRE, Earth Wind & Fire’s brass section, took time out between their London shows last week to lay down the blasts and honks on the awesome tracks Richard Jones has been producing for a Streetwave release by Patrick Boothe, white labels being optimistically expected this week of Patrick’s brassily loping 112½bpm ‘(I Just Wanna) Dance All Night With You‘ (which should mix nicely with George Benson’s ‘Give Me The Night’ and ‘Never Give Up On A Good Thing’ as it’s very similar), his slower ‘Never Knew Love Like This Before‘ being held back for follow-up release.


QUINCY JONES: ‘The Dude’ (A&M AMSX 8207).
Finally the Grammy-winning superb slinky Bob James-ish Rod Temperton co-penned James Ingram/vocoder/chix-sung subtle Stevie Wonder-synthesized 96bpm groove appears on 12in with Ingram’s US hit dead slow ‘Just Once’ and 45bpm ‘One Hundred Ways’ as 2-track flip.

WAS (NOT WAS): ‘Tell Me That I’m Dreaming’ (Ze 12WIP 6776).
Jauntily tongue in cheek infectious driving 118bpm 12in funk smacker with gals/guys interplaying chant lines interrupted by some comic cut-ups of Ronald Reagan saying “Can we who man the ship of state deny it is somewhat out of control”, the flip’s instrumental version chop seguing into a 124bpm smacking dub of ‘Out Come The Freaks’.

THE CAGE featuring NONA HENDRYX: ‘Do What Ya Wanna Do’ (Metropolis 12WIP 6769, via Island).
Rusty Egan’s synthetically smacking energy charged 127bpm T-Connection remake is wailed by the ex-LaBelle lady or to my mind even better in the “Hum A Luongo Dance Mix’ instrumental dub version, on 3-track 12in with the almost jazz-funky choppily jittering brass and guitar instrumental 128-123-127-129bpm ‘The Slammer‘. 

FASHION: ‘Streetplayer-Mechanik Audio Extra’ (Artista ARIST 12456).
Another superb driving 134bpm electro funker full of tricks (and synthetique brass) by Birmingham’s finest — their Greystoke-tipped leader was moodily charismatic as ever on ‘OTT’ last week — flipped on 3-track 12in by the stereo introed very different and possibly even better 0-134bpm ‘Mutant Mix Mechanic‘ and 128bpm ‘Dressed To Kill Mix’.

MASS PRODUCTION: ‘Inner City’ (LP ‘In A City Groove’ Cotillion K 50878).
Mistakenly tagged onto the UK Newies last week but now in fact distributed here, this smoothly chugging 110-112-114-113-115bpm harmony swayer with city street sound effects over the rhythm passages is indeed surprisingly strong out on the floor.

DANNY RAY: ‘Spring Again’ (Black Jack BJO 13).
Lovely mellow voiced and seasonally spot-on soulful 79-80-81-82bpm 12in lovers rock treatment of the Gamble & Huff-penned Lou Rawls song, complete with twittering “bird” effects (and an air of is it ‘Stranger In Paradise’?).

TOM BROWNE: ‘Bye Gones’ (Arista GRP ARIST 12462).
Jiggly introed bass bumped brassy remixed 115-117-118-117-119bpm 12in rambling clomper, less infectious than his hits, flipped by the tunefully innocuous 123bpm ‘My Latin Sky‘ instrumental.

GAYLE ADAMS: ‘Baby I Need Your Loving’ (Epic EPC A13-2167).
The safe option from her album, this rather basic 122bpm 12in treatment of the Four Tops oldie strikes me as being kinda dull, but others like it and it won’t frighten pop radio programmers.

LOGIC SYSTEM: ‘Be Yourself’ (EMI 12EMI 5279).
Misleadingly packaged, it turns out to be a very Crusaders-ish well made slow 90bpm 12in jazzy instrumental jogger with chix chorus, although the reissued ‘Domino Dance‘ flip is indeed frantic jerky 144bpm electronics.

FUNK MASTERS: ‘Invaders’ (Master Funk MF 002).
Bass prodded and synth sizzled fast sparsely brassy instrumental 0-132-130-131-130bpm 12in Brit-funk bounder with possible Pigbag-ish “white boys” appeal too, flipped by Bo Kool’s less good ‘Space Invaders’ vocal version.

FUSE ONE: ‘Sunwalk’ (LP ‘Silk’ CTI 9006).
Creed Taylor-produced jazz super session, this subduedly throbbing 112-113-115bpm swaying loper having scatting vocoder and star solos by the likes of Benson and Turrentine, ‘Hot Fire‘ being a c.138bpm racer (there’s a confusion between label and sleeve running order), the title track a pleasant 96/48bpm jogger, and ‘In Celebration Of The Human Spirit‘ extremely complex fast straight jazz.

FREDDIE HUBBARD: ‘This Is It’ (LP ‘Ride Like The Wind’ Elektra Musician K 52362).
Trumpeter’s good though typically formularised jazz set (even if recorded in one take without overdubs), teaming specialist cuts with more accessible pop tunes like this 114-116-117-121-120bpm jittery jolter and the lush 123-127-128-127bpm Christopher Cross title track.

FIREFLY: ‘Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side)’ (Excaliber EXCL 516).
Tony Swain remixed clapping 113-112bpm 12in revival of last year’s Italian originated Chic-ish guitar jittered smacker.

COMMODORES: ‘Why You Wanna Try Me’ (Motown TMGT 1256).
Tiresomely whining unremarkable 0-116-117-116bpm 12in loper.

PEABO BRYSON: ‘Let The Feeling Flow’ (Capital CL 235).
Pleasant fluffy 30bpm 7in smoocher by the US deep soul balladeer.

IRIS WILLIAMS: ‘Just Like Magic’ (EMI 5276).
Self consciously Gloria Gaynor-styled 118bpm 7in MoR disco kicker, teasingly promoed on blank label 12in.

THE WEATHERMAN ‘Life!’ (Pre 21-12).
Steve Walsh-sung raucous Spandau-ish 118-120bpm 12in “white boys funk” smacker. Relax — It ain’t “our” Steve Walsh (although I bet there’s a lot of dark muttering and hair tearing going on in Maida Vale!).

RED LIPSTIQUE: ‘Drac’s Back’ (Magnet 12 MAG 221).
Pop-aimed and effective enough as such though rather limp by hard disco standards, simple 126bpm 12in Andy Forray revival by the Bollocks Bros.

BILLY FIELD: ‘Bad Habits’ (CBS A2097).
Terrific swinging Louis Prima-style 165-163bpm 7in MoR quickstepper, a recent Australian number one.


PATRICE RUSHEN: ‘Forget Me Nots’ (US Elektra AS-11555).
Deceptively empty seeming on first hearing, this cleverly crafted little 114bpm 12in strutter whomps along its bouncy way to a dead steady beat with Patrice coolly squeaking while the minimal backing subtly intensifies to reach sax and bass breaks. In short, it’s a killer!

FAT LARRY’S BAND: ‘Act Like You Know’ (US WMOT 4W9 02832).
Whether intentionally or not, this bass tugged purposefully rumbling 103-104-105bpm 12in slinker is so astoundingly similar to ‘Help Is On The Way‘ that paradoxically the Whatnauts disc is taking off again as every DJ in town shows how imperceptibly they mix! The flip’s instrumental, too.

JEFF LORBER: ‘Always There’ (LP ‘It’s A Fact’ US Arista AL 9583).
Minus the Fusion, the set initially seems bland and disappointing with just this rattling and romping 117(intro)-119-118-119-0bpm sprightly synth skipalong treatment of the Ronnie Laws classic getting heavy jazz-funk action — however, I may review more tracks in depth later once my promised copy arrives.

B.B.C.S. & A. ‘Rock Shock’ (US SAM S-12346).
Simple lurching 106bpm 12in chugger with choppy guys/gal vocals and some butch bass muttering over synth twiddles before a smacking bass break (instrumental flip).

D’LLEGANCE: ‘Chanson D’Llegance’ (US Airwave AW12-94969).
Ian Levine penned and co-produced with Rick Gianatos, it’s the more smacking much cooler instrumental trademarked “Mix-x-xtend’ version of this pattering bongos and rumbling bass nagged driving 121bpm 12in burbler that really cuts through powerfully, to be very different from the rather messy French-cooed vocal side.

NOLEN & CROSSLEY: ‘Into The Groove’ (LP ‘Ambience’ US Gordy 6003GL).
Curtis & Raymond’s pleasant falsetto harmonised strutting 121bpm canterer has a familiar attack and Latin-type break. ‘Ready Or Not‘ is a rollingly jolting 124-123bpm smacker, ‘Chance‘ a lurching 123-126bpm skipper and ‘Satisfied‘ a 117-118-119bpm jiggly trucking bounder, while the slow jittery tugging chix-chanted 0-94-95-96bpm ‘Salsa Boogie‘ swinger is the one to intrigue jazz jocks.

FUNKAPOLITAN: ‘Run Run Run’ (US Pavillion 4Z9 02763).
Very simple straightforward 124bpm 12in bounder with insignificant vocals or instrumental flip, much better than their UK release.

MICHELLE WALLACE: ‘Tee’s Right’ (US Emergency EMDS-6524).
Northend in fact if not name, this solidly thudding, booming and pattering 116-117-118-116-117-115-116bpm 12in instrumental version of Michelle’s vocal 0-115-113-115-117-115-116-117bpm ‘It’s Right‘ A-side is a bit too disjointedly rambling to have the appeal of their similar jazzier ‘Tee’s Happy‘.

ADC BAND: ‘Roll With The Punches’ LP (US Cotillion SD 5232).
Well made if not mindblowingly different, the title track is an infectiously intensifying jiggly steady hypnotic 100-99-98bpm P-funk groove and the 104bpm ‘U-Funk-Ula‘ is similar but looser, ‘Girls‘ a purposefully trucking 110-111bpm staccato chanter, ‘A Little Taste Of Love‘ a rolling 117-118-117-118bpm vocal interplay jitterer, ‘So Good‘ a repetitive jolting 117bpm smacker with electronic vocal effects, ‘Funk On Fire’ a rushed 123-122bpm Isleys-ish strutter, and ‘Give It Up’ a wailing 121bpm jiggler.

MICHAEL WYCOFF: ‘Looking Up To You’ (LP ‘Love Conquers All’ US RCA NFL1-8004).
Webster Lewis-produced nice mainly slow soul set, this gently tugging attractive 104bpm swayer working well with Smokey, Lamont etc, while the funkily thudding brassy 107bpm ‘Diamond Real‘ is very similar to the 107-109bpm ‘Still Got The Magic’ hit.

JEAN KNIGHT & PREMIUM: ‘You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine’ (LP ‘Keep It Comin’ US Cotillion SD 5230).
Premium’s an unidentified guy duetting with soulful Jean, this suggestively teasing bouncy c.123bpm strutter synching bass lines with NY Skyy ‘Call Me’ while the ultra soulful phonecall introed slow 0-40/20bpm ‘You Got The Papers (But I Got The Man)‘ is the best answer version to Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields.

O’BRYAN: ‘Still Water (Love)’ (LP ‘Doin’ Alright’ US Capitol ST-12192).
Pleasant enough slow soul set chiefly remarkable for this nice similar 88bpm Four Tops revival, his ‘The Gigolo‘ US soul hit being a frantically stomping 139bpm cross between Rick James and Prince on speed.

TOM RANIER: ‘Sal’s Samba’ (LP ‘Night Music’ US Music is Medicine MIM-9042).
Frantically flying fast specialist 141-144bpm jazz sax instrumental, the title track being a jauntily accessible 115-113-115bpm synth/guitar/keyboard strutter, ‘I Miss You’ a tinkling 73/36bpm smoocher and ‘I Love You Now Get Outa Here’ a brassy 137-144bpm keyboard racer.

MARCIO MONTARROYOS: ‘Patamar’ (LP ‘Magic Moment’ US Columbia FC 37929).
Ultra specialist jazz flugelhorn/trumpet tootler with very slow deliberate ominous 40/80-77bpm instrumental, ‘Makenna Beach‘ being a ridiculously fast almost Northern Soul racer with slow bits.

PEECH BOYS: ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ (US West End WES-22140).
Larry Levan co-produced confusingly complex but interesting electronically fluttered percussion eventually reaches a disjointed ‘Dust’-type bass line and loose lyrics, the 115bpm 12in ‘Dub Mix‘ getting going soonest.

PLEASURE: ‘Sending My Love’ (US RCA PD-13068).
Effective bass rolled lethargic guys sung c.111-113-114bpm 12in swayer with repetitive lyrics.

NEWZ: ‘Oeh I Say’ (Dutch Mercury’, 6400539).
Languid c.116bpm 12in blue eyed (in fact almost “white boys”) rapper, not unattractive though lacking gusto, despite a drifting synth undertone.

I.N.D.: ‘Into New Dimensions’ LP (US Erect ESLP 302).
Workmanlike soul set, including the suggestively titled chunky c.115bpm ‘Spyrm Of The Moment’, ‘Ladies Night’-ish c.110bpm ‘You Just Be You‘ and funky c.104bpm ‘Every Body Likes To Do It‘.

DAZZ BAND: ‘Keep It Live’ LP (US Motown 6004ML).
Pretty typical Motown set of the ’80s, with speedy synth burbled squeakily sung 128bpm ‘Keep It Live (On The K.I.L.)’ title track, churningly funky 0-121bpm ‘Shake What You Got‘, fast ticking 131bpm ‘Let It Whip‘ and jolting dull 113bpm ‘Can We Dance‘ the up-tempo tracks.

VOGGUE: ‘Love Buzz’ (Canadian Celsius 12CLS-7006).
Maddeningly familiar happily romping c.112-121-122bpm 12in swinger, a remake of their ‘Dancing The Night Away’.

FRANCE JOLI: ‘Can We Fall In Love Again’ (Canadian Manhattan MX 002).
Long slow starting MoR-ish 0-107bpm 12in ballad swayer with better sax break, flipped by the similarly low-energy but beefier 112bpm ‘Your Good Lovin‘ both remixed from her new disappointingly bland and down-tempo US Prelude LP ‘Now’.

KEBEKELEKTRIK: ‘Magic Fly’ (Canadian Rio RIO 21).
Space’s Giorgio-style electronic instrumental oldie in a new 126bpm 12in version with the original contemporary cover version as flip.

OTHER IMPORTS on 12in include:

SASS: ‘Much Too Much’ (US 25 West).
Slave-ish creamily slinking husky c.111bpm roller with trendy synth.

VIOLA WILLS: ‘Stormy Weather’ (US Sunergy).
Galloping gay-aimed c.132bpm revival of the standard.

VIOLA WILLS: ‘The More I See You’ (US Perfect).
Lovely lush c.120bpm MoR disco treatment.

MADLEEN KANE: ‘You Can’ (US Chalet).
Slow starting Abba-style c.123bpm smooth pure pop/gay canterer.

ZINN-ZINN: ‘Kiss Me’ (Canadian Siamese).
Piledriving simple smacking c.120bpm retitled remake of ‘Kasso’ with version flip.

SYLVIA: ‘It’s Good To Be The Queen’ (US Sugarhill).
Mel Brooks gets a c.105bpm sex change (inst flip) but with less incisive rap.

KAREN DIGGS: ‘You Take My Love For Granted’ (US NelWin).
Percussively tugging slow c.108bpm rumbler (inst flip).

CHRISTOPHER MOORE: ‘Love Me Tonight’ (Canadian Barbaras).
Zappily leaping 126bpm smacker at 45rpm actually sounds like 93bpm Lowrell at 33 1/3 rpm by mistake!

SILVER STAR ‘Eei-Eei-O’ (US Enjoy).
Kids sung c.116bpm monotonous rapper.

VICKI SUE ROBINSON: ‘Give My Love Back’ (US Perfect).
Hollow tapping dull c.113bpm hustling shuffler.

ELOISE WHITAKER: ‘Don’t Turn Your Back On Love’ (US Destiny).
Gay thumping c.122bpm beefy bounder.

FUSSY CUSSY: ‘La Vita’ (Canadian Nico).
Spanish-sung Gibsons-type c.131 bpm galloper with long instrumental bits on remix flip.

SUAVE: ‘Salsa Gon Gitcha’ (US Bent).
Dated rattling c.112bpm klicker blatantly modelled melodically if not vocally on the Gibson Bros.

UK Disco Top 90 – March 27, 1982

01 01 ‘D’ Train – You’re The One For Me (Instrumental) – Epic 12”
02 05 Xavier – Love Is On The One / Work That Sucker To Death – Liberty 12”
03 07 Vicky ‘D’ – This Beat Is Mine – SAM 12”
04 10 Smokey Robinson – Tell Me Tomorrow – Motown 12”
05 02 Oneness Of Juju – Every Way But Loose – Buddah 12”
06 09 War – You Got The Power – RCA 12”
07 22 Sharon Brown – I Specialize In Love – US Profile 12”
08 03 Tomorrow’s Edition – U Turn Me On – CBS 12”
09 14 Roy Ayers – Turn Me Loose / Our Time Is Coming – Polydor LP
10 20 Imagination – Just An Illusion – R&B 12”
11 17 Kool & The Gang – Take My Heart – De-Lite 12”
12 04 George Duke – Shine On – Epic 12”
13 11 Stone – Time / Instrumental – US West End 12”
14 15 The Band A.K.A. – Grace – US PPL LP
15 06 Bohannon – Let’s Start II Dance Again – London 12”
16 13 Goldie Alexander – Show You My Love / Go Back – US Chaz Ro 12”
17 08 Brandi Wells – Watch Out – WMOT 12”
18 12 Whispers – In The Raw – Solar 12”
19 30 Shakatak – Night Birds / Rio Nights – Polydor 12”
20 18 Central Line – Don’t Tell Me (Remix) – Mercury 12”
21 41 Brass Construction – Can You See The Light – US Liberty 12”
22 24 Michael Wycoff – Still Got The Magic – RCA 12”
23 36 New York Skyy – Call Me (Remix) – Epic/Streetwave 12”
24 31 Elecktrik Funk – On A Journey (Instrumental) – US Prelude 12”
25 32 Maxine Singleton – Don’t You Love It – US Peter Pan 12”
26 16 George Benson – Never Give Up On A Good Thing – Warner Bros 12”
27 25 Kleeer – Taste The Music / I Shall Get Over / Wall To Wall / De Ting Continues – Atlantic LP
28 27 Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt – Philadelphia Int 12”
29 19 Touch – Keep On – Elite 12”
30 26 Carol Kenyon / Morrissey Mullen – Come And Get Me / Life On The Wire – Beggars Banquet 12”
31 21 Earth Wind & Fire – I’ve Had Enough – CBS 12”
32 39 Next Movement – Let’s Work It Out (Instrumental) – US Prelude 12”
33 23 Daryl Hall & John Oates – I Can’t Go For That – RCA 12”
34 33 Second Image – Fall In Love / Take A Trip – Polydor 12”
35 40 Richard Jon Smith – Stay With Me Tonight – Jive 12”
36 46 Search – Like The Way (You Funk With Me) – Philly World 12”
37 37 Gilberto Gil – Palco – WEA LP
38 42 Lamont Dozier – You Oughta Be In Pictures – US M&M LP
39 29 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – If It Ain’t One Thing… It’s Another / Mr. Look So Good / Sincerely / The Lady Is Bad – US Boardwalk LP
40 NE Patrice Rushen – Forget Me Nots – US Elektra 12”
41 52 Mystic Merlin – Mr Magician / Full Moon – US Capitol LP
42 45 Shalamar – I Can Make You Feel Good / Friends – Solar 12”
43 35 Yvonne Gage – Garden Of Eve – Atlantic 12”
44 34 Slave – Wait For Me – Atlantic 12”
45 43 Central Line – Breaking Point / That’s No Way To Treat My Love – Mercury LP
46 66 Gonzalez – (I Want To Get) Closer To You / Cuidido – Tooti Frooti 12”
47 47 Claudja Barry – If I Do It To You – Ensign 12”
48 54 Lamont Dozier – Shout About It – US M&M 12”
49 61 Whatnauts – Help Is On The Way – US Harlem Int 12”
50 53 Was (Not Was) – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming – Ze 12”
51 48 Kasso – Kasso – US Delirium/Dutch Rams Horn 12”
52 44 Rafael Cameron – All That’s Good To Me / Boogie’s Gonna Get Ya – US Salsoul 12”
53 65 Four Tops – Tonight I’m Gonna Love You All Over – Casablanca 12”
54 75 Atlantic Starr – Circles – US A&M LP
55 50 Ernie Watts – Chariots Of Fire / Valdez In The Country / Lady / Gigolo – US Qwest LP
56 NE Fat Larry’s Band – Act Like You Know – US WMOT 12”
57 58 Ramsey Lewis – You Never Know / Sassy Stew / Callin’ Fallin’ / It’s Just Called Love / Lynn – CBS LP
58 60 Phyllis Nelson – Don’t Stop The Train – US Tropique 12”
59 49 Breakfast Band – Tokyo Shuffle / Tuna / Broadside Rhumba – Breakfast Music LP/12”
60 67 Charles Earland – Earland’s Jam / The Only One / Animal – US Columbia LP
61 83 Judy Roberts – Ole / I Can’t Help It – US Inner City LP
62 63 Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus / Double Dutch – WMOT 12”
63 81 Detroit Spinners – Knack For Me – Atlantic 12”
64 88 Irakere – Chekere Son / La Comparsa – US Milestone LP
65 76 The Cage/Nona Hendryx – Do What You Wanna Do / Dub – Metropolis 12” promo
66 56 Whispers – Emergency / Love Is Where You Find It /Turn Me Out – Solar LP
67 NE Greg Perry – It Takes Heart – US Alta 12”
68 51 P-Funk All Stars – Hydraulic Pump Part III – Virgin 12”
69 59 Jimmy Castor – E-Man Boogie ’82 – US Salsoul 12”
70 NE The Quick – The Rhythm Of The Jungle – Epic 12”
71 NE Azymuth – Estreito De Taruma / May I Have This Dance – US Milestone LP
72 77 J. Gale Gaymon – (If You) Study Long You’ll Study Wrong – US Alton 12”
73 70 Brandi Wells – What Goes Around Comes Around – WMOT LP
74 69 Antilles – Let’s Shake / Simon’s Melody – Ice 12”
75 57 Henderson & Whitfield – Dancin’ To The Beat – US Park Place 12”
76 55 Don Latarski – Beginning Song / Jennifer Anne’s Samba – US Inner City LP
77 NE Michael Wycoff – Looking Up To You / Diamond Real – US RCA LP
78 62 George Duke – Dream On / Ride On Love – Epic LP
79 NE Nina Simone – My Baby Just Cares For Me – Charly 10” EP
80 80 Gayle Adams – Let’s Go All The Way – US Prelude LP
81 89 Jeff Lorber – Always There – US Arista LP
82 NE Tom Ranier – Sal’s Samba / Night Music / I Miss You – US Music Medicine LP
83 79 Rah Band – Winter Love / Funk Me Down To Rio ’82 / Perfumed Garden – TNT 12”
84 87 Mike & Brenda Sutton – We’ll Make It – SAM 12”
85 85 Barbara Roy – If You Want Me (Remix) – Canadian Black Sun 12”
86 64 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – I’ve Got To Learn To Say No / She’s Got Papers On Me – Epic 12”
87 72 Patrick Cowley – Megatron Man / Get A Little / Lift Off – US Megatone LP
88 NE Universal Robot Band – Barely Breaking Even – US Moonglow 12”
89 NE B.B.C.S. & A. – Rock Shock – US SAM 12”
90 78 Fuse One – Sunwalk / Silk / Hot Fire – US CTI LP


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Chocolate Milk: ‘Let’s Go All The Way’ / ‘Blue Jeans’ (RCA 12in)
Decoupage: ‘Puerto Rico’ (R&B 12in)
Imortals: ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ (Excaliber 12in)
Tom Tom Club: ‘Genius Of Love (Remix)’ (Island 12in)
Gayle Adams: ‘Baby I Need Your Loving’ (Epic 12in promo)
Mass Production: ‘Inner City’ (US Cotillion LP)
Freddie Hubbard: ‘This Is It’ / ‘Ride Like The Wind’ (Elektra Musician LP)
War: ‘Outlaw’ / ‘The Jungle’ (US RCA LP)
McCoy Tyner: ‘Love Samba’ (US Milestone LP)
Coffee: ‘Take Me Back’ / ‘My Turn To Burn’ / ‘Purpose’ (US De-Lite LP)
Rare Essence: ‘Body Moves’ / ‘Party’ / ‘Tune’ (US Fantasy 12in)
Melba Moore: ‘Let’s Stand Together’ (EMI America 12in)
Marcio Montarroyos: ‘Patamar’ / ‘Makenna Beach’ (US Columbia LP)
Kasso: ‘Brazilian Dancer’ / ‘Walkman’ (US Delirium LP/Italian f1 Team 12in)
Chas Jankel: ‘Glad To Know You (Remix)’ (US Disconet LP)
Alton Edwards: ‘Strange Woman’ (Epic acetate)
Fine Quality: ‘Ahh Dance’ (Sugarhill 12in)
Tom Browne: ‘Bye Gones’ (Arista GRP 12in)
T-Connection: ‘Girl Watching’ / ‘Party Night’ (US Capitol LP)
Joy: ‘I Need Your Love’ (US Eastern 12in)

Pop Orientated Dance Chart:

1(1) Haircut 100, 2(6) Fun Boy Three, 3(3) “D” Train, 4(2) George Benson, 5(4) ABC, 6(10) Tight Fit, 7(9) EWF ‘Enough’, 8(5) Kool ‘Get Down’, 9(8) Hall & Oates, 10(23) Star Sound, 11(21) Kool ‘Heart’, 12(15) Jam, 13(11) Bohannon, 14(14) Soft Cell, 15(24) Depeche Mode, 16(34) Imagination ‘Illusion’, 17(7) Kraftwerk ‘Model’, 18(13) Shakatak ‘Easier’, 19(17) Robert Palmer, 20(31) Blue Rondo, 21(12) Alton Edwards, 22(28) Spandau Ballet ‘Chant No.1 Remix’, 23(18) Brandi Wells ‘Watch Out’, 24(16) Toni Basil, 25(37) Vicky “D”, 26(22) J Geils, 27(19) Human League ‘Want’ / ‘Seconds’, 28(30) Modern Romance, 29(45) Shakatak ‘Night Birds’, 30(27) Heaven 17, 31(35) Four Tops, 32(36) George Duke ‘Shine’, 33(54) Madness, 34(20) Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields ‘No’, 35(46) Tomorrow’s Edition, 36(25) OMD, 37(29) Tom Tom Club, 38(57) Bow Wow Wow, 39(74) War ‘Power’, 40(71) Pluto, 41(33) Morrissey Mullen, 42(50) Kraftwerk ‘Dummies’, 43(53) Associates, 44(—) Visage, 45(58) Frankie Smith, 46(51) Central Line ‘Remix’ / ‘Sunshine’, 47(48) Spandau Ballet ‘Coffee Club’ / ‘Instinction’, 48(32) Private Lives, 49(—) One Way ‘Cutie Pie’ / ‘Who’s Foolin’ Who’, 50(41) Explosivo, 51(—) Whispers ‘Raw’, 52(49) Tom Browne ‘Fungi’, 53(39) EWF ‘Groove’, 54(55) Second Image, 55(43) Simple Minds, 56(26) Pigbag, 57(—) Goombay Dance Band, 58(—) Derek & The Dominos, 59(—) Thompson Twins ‘In The Name Of Love’, 60(—) Smokey Robinson, 61(73) Rico, 62(—) Cage, 63(56) Boomtown Rats, 64(47) Landscape, 65(—) Chas & Dave, 66(—) Buzz, 67(60) Shakin’ Stevens, 68(69) Slave, 69(68) Kool ‘Good Time Tonight’, 70(—) Quincy Jones ‘The Dude’, 71(—) Stranglers, 72(—) Claudja Barry, 73(—) Bauhaus, 74(—) Richard Jon Smith, 75(—) Mag & The Suspects ‘Erection’.


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in (endings denoted by f for fade, c for cold, r for resonant) are:

Japan 0-29/14-0-29/14-0f, Bill Wyman 67f, Mike Oldfield 138f, Killing Joke 147f, Graham Parker 107-108-109-0r, Boomtown Rats 0-89f, Xavier ‘Love’ 116(intro)-117f / ‘Sucker’ c.114c, Dexy’s Midnight Runners 0-185f, Dollar 63/126f, Barbra Streisand 0-13-0r. (Last week’s Adam BPM related to his newer ‘Friends’ by mistake.

MIKE GARDNER talks to Frankie Beverly

MAZE FEATURING Frankie Beverly are hardly the best name to drop in funk crazed Britain. The black American octet have never been within spitting distance of the national singles or albums chart. Their slow burning brand of funk is not built for the physical jerks of the dance floor. Their music is a rarity on the airwaves; their name a stranger to the music press and they’d never played a date in Europe . . . until this week.

Yet when tickets went on sale for Monday’s London debut at the Hammersmith Odeon they sold out within hours after one mention on Radio London DJ Robbie Vincent’s Saturday Soul Show! A second show was hastily added and quickly earned a ‘House Full’ notice.

The speed of the ticket sales emphasised the grass roots appeal of the San Francisco based band. So why has London flocked to see Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly?

The secret is simple. Beverly, a 35 year old Philadelphia-born singer / writer / producer, has cleaved a unique sounding gap between the ‘get up, get down’ funksters like Kool And The Gang and the lush passion of vocal groups like The Four Tops. The distinctive sound has a golden brown mellowness to it. The funk is delicate with lush melodies and acts as a warm canopy for his rich passionate tenor vocals.

The individual sound is a direct fusion of the two musically diverse coasts of America and 11 years of backbreaking work since the nucleus of the band was formed in 1971.

Philadelphia had always had a reputation for producing singles since the days of Bill Haley and the Comets, Len ‘1-2-3’ Barry and Chubby ‘Let’s Twist Again’ Checker in the sixties but the accurate pulse of the city was vocal groups. Most were weaned on street corner singing and the church. Beverly sang and led groups like The Blenders and The Butlers, the latter gaining national TV exposure, before going against the prevailing current and launching a Sly and the Family Stone influenced Raw Soul in 1970.

By this time Philadelphia was the hot city with vocal groups like Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes (featuring Teddy Pendergrass), The Stylistics and The O’Jays. The self-contained eight-piece Raw Soul didn’t fit in with the slick vocal harmony groups where the motto seemed to be ‘The string’s the thing’.

“The leading producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff made great sounding records, very clean but it couldn’t inspire me to get arrested! You need to get to the heart. And to get to that bottom you’ve got to have it ragged and a little gritty” comments Beverly.

So the band headed west to San Francisco in 1972, but the journey wasn’t smooth.

“We left Philly in an old bus and we got about halfway to a town called Stuart, Iowa when our engine seized up. We settled down for the night and had a jam session, some of the local folk came out and it ended up like one big party! The local sheriff told us to stop making noise but we had attracted such a crowd he was over-ruled by the mayor and the town fell in love with us and fed us for over a month while we waited for a new engine. It taught me a lot about basic humanity,” recalls Beverly.

“When we got to San Francisco it was hard. We starved for nearly five years. Three of the band left within two weeks. We were making a good living in Philly but it was a question of pride. I can remember Harold Melvin telling us we were fools and it hurt me to my heart,” says Beverly, “But it just steeled me. I had to prove I wasn’t crazy!”

The band lived on the bus, got meagre wages, sometimes just four dollars to share between them.

“If we had a dollar we’d make sure everyone was alright. We’d usually buy a bag of potatoes . . . I can tell you hundreds of ways of cooking potatoes,” he smiles, “But it was good for us,” he adds philosophically. “When I tell you we are a family it’s not a loose word and that’s the truth!”

Of the Raw Soul Band percussionists Roame Lowry and McKinley Williams and keyboardist Sam Porter remain in the present line-up. The addition of players like guitarist Ron Smith, Billy ‘Shoes’ Johnson on drums, bassist Robin Duhe and keyboardist Phillip Woo contributed to a hardening of the rhythm section and the infection of the reknown mellowness of California that has characterised Maze.

It wasn’t until 1976 that soul singer Melvin Gaye helped them to a contract with Capitol Records but in typical slow burning Maze fashion it took a year to go gold. Since then they’ve sold in excess of five million records worldwide and they’re the biggest black live draw in America after Rick James and Earth, Wind and Fire.

They have resisted the temptation to spike their live shows with slick dance routines and lasers and have refused point blank to join the disco bandwagon.

“The record label tried to get us to put a couple of disco tracks on our albums but I pitched a bitch and refused. When the album went gold the president of Capitol called me into his office and apologised. He said: ‘You are a strong man and I appreciate you. You put us all in our places and didn’t allow us to tamper with your music. You have my ultimate respect.”

Maze have been responsible for keeping soul sweet without the syrup and they are a tribute to Frankie Beverly’s determination. Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly deserve your ultimate respect.

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