March 9, 1991: Richie Rich/Ralphi Rosario, True Faith, Wop Bop Torledo, Awesome 3, Creative Thieves


COLIN DALE has been using Bridgett Grace’s a cappella from True Faith featuring Final Cut’s ‘Take Me Away’ as an intro to his ‘Abstract Dance’ Sunday night show on London’s Kiss 100 fm for the last six months. It adds to the previously detailed list one other rare (and, he says, best) version, a white label of the original on Paragon with seven mixes, including two techno remixes . . . Chapter & The Verse’s terrific jiggly jumping jazz rap ‘Black Whip‘ (106¾bpm) reveals its pre-November origin with a reference to “Thatcher“, but its newer Part two-like less subtle, busier more enthusiastic The R&B Mix (Rham! VRSTX 1) overlays this with an updated “Major, I’m watching you“, too! . . . Paul Haig’s ‘Flight X’ (118bpm) was promoed and initially released as a funky pure percussion groove in the Boilerhouse boys’ relatively plain School Mix and Give The D.J. A Break (Circa Records YRTX 47), but is now also out with an added staccato rap by Doopie of the She Rockers as Paul Haig featuring The Voice Of Reason in the boys’ more fully textured bassily bounding New School Mix (YRRR 47), flipped by their piano jangled similarly bounding Music School Instrumental plus (presumably the original?) its synth jittered and washed much less freely flowing Mantronik Mix . . .Franschene’s commercial 12-inch of ‘Go Sister’ substitutes a jittery scratching ‘Not Half Baked’ instrumental (124bpm) instead of the white label’s buffalo gals introed alternative vocal mix (which doubtless will reappear as either the forthcoming JFX or Hip Hop Remix), the original Hip Hop Mix being ratified as ‘Go Sista (12″ Vocal Mix)’ . . . Deee-Lite’s ‘How Do You Say…Love’ is after all, in fact, out as only a song lacking Pal Joey Dub . . . The Creations featuring Debbie Sharp’s ‘Pay The Price’ (118¼bpm) — not the 1967 Al Kent oldie — was originally promoed with the suggestion that it might be on a new label called Loco but is, in fact, out now on the main Tam Tam Records logo (TTT42, via Sony Music) . . . Innocence’s ‘Remember The Day’ proves to be out next week, while Tribal House’s ‘Mainline’ is out now, a mournful guy and girl moaned wriggly rambling strider with a steadily loping bassline prodded by some Matt Bianco like “let’s go“, in Chep’s Mix, sparser Chep’s Dub Mix (119½bpm) and sinewy Winston’s Mix (119bpm) versions . . .Steve Hodge (Truro) reckons the guitar intro on MC Kinky’s ‘Get Over It‘ sounds like T.Rex’s ‘Cadillac‘, flip of the 1972 hit ‘Telegram Sam’ . . . Young Disciples’ ‘Apparently Nothin’‘ (102½bpm) sounds like it borrows its tuned tympani from Chuck Jackson . . . André Jacobs concedes that his neighbour Mark Ryder did precede him by etching details into label-less vinyl, but points out that it was, in fact, an earlier Clubland featuring Quartz Swedish pressing that inspired him (the first to do so in Britain) to etch label details and messages actually between the tracks of his D-Zone Records releases, something Mark is now doing too — OK? . . . Woodford Green-based Bannerama (read that carefully, not Bananarama!) both hire out ready made, and made to order customised, massive wall hanging banners of the sort that Nicky Holloway first popularised years ago. Ideal instant decor for raves and the like: details on 081 505 6041 . . . David Morales and Frankie Knuckles guest at Soho’s revamped The Milk Bar this Wednesday (6) . . . Sindecut and others appear with DJs Master Tone, Youngblood and Dauntless at the one-off Love this Thursday (7) in Yeovil’s The Studios . . . Weymouth’s big Bleepmouth Weekender 1991 No 1, snowed off last month, is rescheduled for this weekend (8/9/10) at Maximes, with N-Joi, Nexus 21, Nightmares On Wax, A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd, DJs Rule, Shades Of Rhythm, Asmo, Ubik and other acts plus DJs Darren Lee, Kevin Scott, Bob Povey, Johnny Walker, Fabio & Groove Rider, North & South, Martyn ‘The Hat’, Phil Perry, DJ Dance, Sean Holmes, Paul Gotel, Mac and many more, spread over Friday night/Saturday afternoon and night/Sunday afternoon — full booking and accommodation details on 0202 546093 . . . BBC1-TV’s ‘Holiday 91′ featured Butlin’s Starcoast World last week, days before The Main Event weekender there) . . . Andy Baker is busy Thurs/Fri/Saturdays at Rhyl’s Roxanne’s on the Promenade, with specialist dance Fridays really firin’. . . Zammo, Jimmy Mack and Wayne Dunbar run The Rhumba Club Fridays (10pm onwards) at Perth’s Roxanne’s . . . Praise’s ‘Only You‘ (90¾bpm), the music from the telly ad for Fiat’s Tempra, having further confirmed that TV commercials can sell records (if not cars), how long will it be before those Winalot dogs barking ‘She Loves You’ — much more fun! — make it into the chart too? . . . AS IT GROOVES!

This week’s new club promos and remixes reviewed by James Hamilton and Juan Atkins

TECHNO GROOVES ‘Mach 3’ (‘The Cry’ / ‘Ladies’)
STEAL ‘Love Is In The Air
DATA BASS ‘Trip In The Night
THE PROJECT ‘Understanding
STUKAS ‘You Make Me Feel So Good (Bxtaro Mix)
ENERGIZE ‘Report To The Dancefloor (Robert Gordon Remix)
DIRTY MIND ‘What Time Is It?

The Remix Of RICHIE RICH’S SALSA HOUSE (featuring Ralphi Rosario) ‘You Used To Salsa’ (122¾bpm) (ffrr FX 156)
‘Evil’ Eddie Richards (Jolly Roger that was) had the bright idea of “doing a Candi Staton” and combining Richie Rich’s Salsa House’ with Ralphi Rosario’s ‘You Used To Hold Me’. This pounding, jangling, scurrying and wailing result snuck out as a limited white label before the boys at ffrr (who own the rights to the tracks) heard it and liked it so much that they gave Eddie a deal and put it out properly! Richie Rich’s unremixed original ‘Salsa House’ will follow on a second 12-inch (despite ffrr’s initial pressing being wrongly labelled to show it as flip already), this first one in fact being flipped by Ralphi Rosario’s catchy Xavier Gold (a girl) wailed and scolded, hi-hat pshta pshta-ed ultra vigorously bounding original ‘You Used To Hold Me’ (123¼bpm). The Source, True Faith, now this — what next?

TRUE FAITH featuring Bridgett Grace with FINAL CUT ‘Take Me Away’ (Network NWKT 20, via Pinnacle)
Everyone by now must surely know that this Bridgett (her correct spelling) wailed 1989 Detroit house track has been, as previously detailed, notoriously adapted and bootlegged in several guises. This first official UK release of Final Cut’s genuine article is here in three treatments, the A-side’s Kaos ‘Definition Of Love’ jangling piano started, beat skippingly surging then bubbly percolating Pinned Up Mix (122½-122¼bpm) being a new shorter version of the initially promoed legal remake of the Pin Up Girls label’s bootleg remix, flipped by a low frequency oscillation punctuated quietly tapping and bleeping Nexus 21 Remix (122¾bpm), plus an original nervily galloping and scurrying Extended House Mix (121¾bpm).

WOP BOP TORLEDO ‘Kissaway’ (89bpm) (Ten Records TENX 363)
It seems that, despite being white labelled (as by Wop Bop) and sounding superb, ‘Still Something Special‘ is considered to be just too sophisticated for release right now and instead we get the ambiguously husky Marianne Morgan’s also attractive although far less exceptional, breathily lisped timeless sweetly sultry swayer (a pity it fades so abruptly), flipped by the Frankie Knuckles & Dave Morales remixed jungle noises introed/outroed clicking and throbbing ‘Jungle Fever (Exotic Version)‘ (115bpm), not the promoed mix, plus the Marianne gurgled gentle then pent-up jiggly ‘Take Me While The Going’s Good (Daktari Mix)‘ (100bpm), all helped by some excellent searing sax. The good news is that ‘Still Something Special’ will be follow-up.

AWESOME 3 ‘Possessed (Obsessed)’ (126¾bpm) (A&M/PM AMY 734)
Due commercially in a fortnight, this tinkling moodily introed then 808 State-ish churning synths squeaked, bleeped and droned, ‘Kubla Khan’ paraphrasing ironic Manchester raver seems destined to be overshadowed by the flip’s ‘Pin-Up Girls‘ (125¾bpm), Dave Johnson, Steve Gorton, Shane Hughes & Alan Burke’s own cleanly shuffling and jangling adaptation of the Pin Up Girl Remix of ‘Take Me Away’/ ‘Definition Of Love’, in Pin Down, Dub and Voxappella versions.

CREATIVE THIEVES ‘Nasty Rhythm (The Remixes)’ (119½bpm) (Stress SST 3, via Spartan)
Given two contrasting treatments, this gradually builds with slow strings then disjointed crashes before finally surging jerkily along through painful sounding gutturally rasped female “take me to the top” repetition as a Black Box-type house jangler in its P.K.A. Remix, which amusingly breaks with a begrudging “You want a what?” “A piano solo” “No, OK!” and then tinklingly obliges with same, while babbling brook effects and dramatic synth start the AA-side’s alternative fluttery chugging electro Sasha’s M.F.I. Mix, with an intensely exciting distorted fierce stuttery climax easing back down again into a brook and birdsong finale. The track actually began as a Brothers In Rhythm created more mundane synth introed spurting Italo-style bounder with bleeps (122½bpm) that was coupled on white label by the gentler shuffling instrumental X IN EFFECT ‘Down To Earth‘ (118½bpm) (SSP 2) to promote their parent ‘D-Stress Volume 1’ compilation album.

XPANSIONS ‘Move Your Body (Elevation) (1991 Remix)’ (121¾bpm) (Optimism Records/Arista 614 141)
Not only retitled since it was a floorfiller last year but also now remixed by Graeme Park, this jerkily bashing disco and house clichés combining moronically simple, deadly effective, trotting little thumper loses its nagging “move your body” repetition to become a much more breezily swinging and throbbing Dub with nice quavery synth effects on the classier flip.

MANTRONIX ‘Step To Me (Do Me)’ (102bpm) (US Capitol V-15670)
Featuring nasal new girl Jade Trini rather than rapper Bryce Luvah, this Kurtis Mantronik produced bumpily jolting subdued jiggly tripper, more jogger than swingbeat, is in Extended Version, Dub To Me, slow starting LP Version, and a brighter Radio Edit (102¼bpm), coupled with the Isley Bros whoop prodded jittery old Bryce rapped ‘Tonight Is Right (LP Version)‘ (118¾bpm), plus separate minute long trailer type ‘samples’ from their upcoming new album’s attractively drifting ‘Well I Guess You‘ (91¼bpm) and ‘Don’t Go Messin’ With My Heart‘, this Dave Bright produced latter in fact being out here instead as the UK issued A-side.

HAPPY MONDAYS ‘Loose Fit’ (97bpm) (Factory FAC 312, via Pinnacle)
Coupling a couple of album tracks, both remixed by Paul Oakenfold & Steve Osborne, this Zippo cigarette lighter introed then almost self parodyingly funky drummered and guitar jangled rumbling jiggly sombre jogger is flipped by the anxious girl moaned and acoustic guitar jittered tapping huskily whispered ‘Bob’s Yer Uncle‘ (110bpm), nicely orchestrated as it builds subtle bassy power.

C & C MUSIC FACTORY presents Freedom Williams and Zelma Davis ‘Here We Go’ (US Columbia 44 73689)
Instantly infectious in its uptempo hip house B-side treatment, this again Snap!-ishly rapped and chorussed follow-up to ‘Gonna Make You Sweat’ is however A-sided as a raw synth chords stabbed lurching shrill jitterer in its The Clivilles/Cole Rockin’ In ’91 Mix (113½bpm), with an instrumental last part and brief sweet a cappella Zelma Sings, the flip’s much friskier reedy organ jabbed wriggly leaping The Rockin’ In ’91 Dub (123¼bpm) continuing without interruption as The Cole/Clivilles House Mix. UK release in a fortnight (Columbia 656755 6) appears to be following the same, slightly truncated, format (the House Mix here 123bpm) without switching the sides, which seems a mistake.

VICTORIA WILSON-JAMES ‘Through’ (Epic 656655 6)
The sometime Soul II Soul singer’s Jazzie B-produced debut single from an upcoming solo album is this gently scolding jogger, at times uncertainly pitched in its piano and strings jolted jiggling typical Jazzie’s Single Mix (102¼bpm), or stripped down in Frankie Knuckles’ better, more calmly strolling, long Classic Club Mix and similarly mesmeric instrumental Drop Deep Dub remixes (102bpm), while also included on the promo — but only out commercially as seven-inch coupling to Jazzie’s Single Mix — is a strings-stabbed starkly lurching Frankie’s Single Mix (102bpm).

MESSIAH ‘Prince Of Darkness’ (128¾bpm) (Deja Vu Recordings DJV 005, via Rough Trade)
Introed and punctuated throughout by “when I have understanding of computers, I shall be the supreme being” and further pronouncements from presumably some satanic movie or other, Mark Davies & All Ghani’s chuggingly throbbing and surgingly sinister but undeniably breezy bleeper is flipped by the less frequently though similarly punctuated different percolating ‘I Am Evil‘ (129bpm), a coupling that could sell well.

ERIC B. & RAKIM ‘Mahogany’ (98¼bpm) (US MCA Records MCA12 53997)
The hottest rap import for a while, this jiggly shuffling tale about the manipulative ways in which a scheming groupie gave syllables popping Rakim a good time is in Extended Remix and more tightly syncopated Beat Bass & Rakim Versions, flipped by the bassily rumbled gruff fast talking ‘No Omega‘ (116½bpm), in Extended Remix and Instrumental Versions.

ROCKY V (featuring JOEY B. ELLIS and TYNETTA HARE) ‘Go For It! (Heart And Fire)’ (110¼bpm) (Bust It/Capitol 12CL 601)
From the MC Hammer co-created ‘Rocky V’ soundtrack and launching his own label, this similarly rapped jittery smacking lurcher has a guitar sample from Survivor’s ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ (an earlier ‘Rocky’ theme tune) incorporated into its beefy beat, in an LP Version, Instrumental and more jerkily frenetic slippery scratching Club Mix With Stallone (not that Sly is very evident).

AFTER 7 ‘Heat Of The Moment’ (Virgin America VUST 7)
Created by LA & Babyface for the hot soul trio comprised of LA’s cousin and Babyface’s two brothers, this recent US pop hit was also their debut 1989 release, reissued here too in its brightly jiggling swingbeat 12″ One World Remix (100¼bpm), more ponderously lurching Extended Heat Version (101bpm) and jittery rolling Album Version (100bpm).

DEE DEE BRAVE ‘My My Lover’ (120bpm) (Champion CHAMP 12-273)
Produced by the Teulé assisting Kerri ‘Kaoz 6.23’ Chandler, this stridently nasal girl’s repetitive cooing and wailing simple brisk garage strider is in Kerri’s episodically surging Kaoz Again Mix and bassier Original Mix (120¼bpm), while on the beefier B-side are Glen ‘Paradise’ Pickney’s pipes-tootled then sturdily whomping Just Like Paradise (with less title line repetition and more Madonna-ish muttering) as well as David Camacho’s 1986 house style instrumental Camacho Pumping Mix, recently hot on import, now out here.

LIQUID OXYGEN ‘I See The Madness’ (124¾bpm) (Champion CHAMP 12-260, via BMG)
Created in various capacities by Ray Love, Frankie ‘Bones’ & Tommy Musto, this title line and vocodered “ecstasy is nice” repeating bubbly galloper is a bit of a bleeper (it’s a bit of LFO if anything!) in Bonesbreak Mastermix and just the “ecstasy” repeating more twittery The XTC-Press Mix versions, coupled with the fully bleeping but rather stop-start ‘Get On Up And Dance’ in Liquid and girls chorussed less jerky Frankie Bones Mixes (121¾bpm).

BEE GEES ‘Secret Love (LP Version)’ (129¾bpm) (Warner Bros W0014T)
A useful ‘secret weapon’ for mobile DJs, this sounds like a cross between Billy Joel’s ‘Uptown Girl’ (129bpm) and Diana Ross’s ‘Chain Reaction’ (127½bpm), and should work like a dream with either (ideally, it needs a remix with beefier intro and instrumental outro to mix between both), so let’s hope it’s a hit!

MINISTRY OF FEAR ‘E.P. With No Name’ (Contagious Records CONT 001, via Movement Soul/Soul Trader)
Debuting a new Dance Zone Records label, this Unlimited Source created bleep five tracker is pressed in milky clear vinyl, with the booming bass frequency thrummed skittery striding ‘Remix With No Name’ (123½bpm), plopping and tapping ‘Track With No Name‘ (122¾bpm), dryly throbbing ‘Original Cliché‘ (125¾bpm), friskily twittering ‘Hotpoint‘ (124½bpm) and — record distributor/Kiss 100 fm DJ Tony Monson dedicated? — monotonous jittery chugging ‘Monzon‘ (124½bpm).

CARON WHEELER ‘Don’t Quit’ (59/29½bpm) (RCA PT 44260)
The Jimmy ‘Senya’ Haynes created attractive strings and blooping tabla backed slow weaving radio ballad from her album is coupled by a much quieter sparse new The Livin’ Bella Mix, plus the David Morales remixed staccato “hold the beat, stop the beat, drop the beat” guy-started then lushly pattering attractive ‘Livin’ In The Light (Morales Mix)‘ (102½bpm), and a largely rhythm track lacking ‘UK Blak Reprise’ (102½bpm). Nice music, but not necessary for dancefloors.

E.U. ‘Ain’t Found The Right One Yet’ (US Virgin 0-96383)
Jauntily sung but sombrely tempoed, this David Morales & Danny Krivit remixed drily thumped deliberate slow though sometimes jiggly go go lurcher is liveliest in its tightly vocal David’s Edit (100¼bpm) and Ivan Goff’s authentically go go original Ivan’s Mix (98bpm), also with David Morales 12″ (100¼bpm), David’s Dub, and fractionally faster David’s Bonus Beats too, coupled as a six tracker with the jolting staccato chanted jittery ‘Hotcakes (LP Version)‘ (99¼bpm).

MADONNA ‘Crazy For You (Remix)’ (95bpm) (Sire/Warner Bros W0008T)
Instead of the remixed ‘Rescue Me’ that’s out in the US, culled here from her ‘The Immaculate Collection’ album of remixed hits is Shep Pettibone and Michael Hutchinson’s sombrely swaying revamp of this old pop slowie, originally from the soundtrack for the film ‘Vision Quest’, coupled for dancers with Shep Pettibone Remixes of the jiggly bumping ‘Keep It Together’ (104¾bpm) and a classic from the earlier ‘You Can Dance’ remixed hits collection, the stuttery started jauntily jolting ‘Into The Groove’ (116½-116¾bpm).

ICE CUBE ‘Kill At Will’ (4th + B’way/Priority Records BRLM 572)
AmeriKKKa’s most wanted, the foul mouthed angry N.W.A. rapper’s six ‘n’ a bit track mini album has the “Los Angeles, gang capital of the nation” documentary quote introed, violently churning Chuck D guesting ‘Endangered Species (Tales From The Darkside) (Remix)’ (108bpm), similarly churning ‘The Product‘ (110½bpm), street confrontation introed then sampled breaks weaving ‘Jackin’ For Beats‘ (104¼bpm), languidly but chillingly narrated ‘Dead Homiez‘ (84¼bpm), romantically worded jolting ‘Get Off My Dick And Tell Yo Bitch To Come Here (Remix)‘ (97¼bpm), and respects due namechecking ‘I Gotta Say What Up!!!‘ (88¼bpm).

THE CLUB CHART – March 9, 1991

01 01 (I WANNA GIVE YOU) DEVOTION Nomad featuring MC Mikee Freedom, Rumour 12in
02 03 APPARENTLY NOTHIN’ Young Disciples, Talkin Loud 12in
03 04 YOU GOT THE LOVE (MIXES) The Source featuring Candi Staton, Truelove 12in
04 02 LOVE IS THE MESSAGE (LOVE LOVE LOVE MIX) Love Inc. featuring MC Noise, Love 12in
05 06 ALRIGHT (ORIGINAL MIX) Urban Soul, Cooltempo 12in promo
06 32 TAKE ME AWAY True Faith featuring Bridgette Grace with Final Cut, Network 12in
07 08 THINK ABOUT… D.J.H. featuring Stefy, RCA 12in
09 07 IT’S TOO LATE Quartz, Mercury 12in
10 10 TILL WE MEET AGAIN Inner City, Ten 12in
11 05 TAKE A REST (REMIXED BY C.J. MACKINTOSH) Gang Starr, Cooltempo 12in
12 16 MY LOVE (ATMOSPHERA MIX) Collapse, Citybeat 12in
13 20 REMEMBER THE DAY (FINAL MIX) Innocence, Cooltempo 12in promo
14 35 HUMAN NATURE (ON THE MIX) Gary Clail On-U Sound System, Perfecto 12in promo
15 12 HOLD ME (VOCAL CLUB MIX) Velvet, Tam Tam 12in
16 14 SAME SONG Digital Underground, Tommy Boy/Big Life 12in
17 18 HOLD YOU TIGHT Tara Kemp, US Big Beat 12in
18 89 MOVE YOUR BODY (ELEVATION) (MIXES) Xpansions, Optimism 12in
19 37 LOST IN MUSIC (ULTIMATUM REMIX) Stereo MC’s, 4&B’way 12In promo
20 30 BACK BY DOPE DEMAND (FUNKY BASS MIX) King Bee, First Bass 12in white label
21 09 OUTSTANDING (MORE BEEF MIX) Kenny Thomas, Cooltempo 12in
22 — RING MY BELL (TOUCHDOWN MIX) Monie Love vs Adeva, Cooltempo 12in promo
23 42 DON’T GO MESSIN’ WITH MY HEART (ALBUM VERSION) Mantronix, Capitol 12in
24 15 LOVE THE LIFE (GUARANA DJ VERSION) James Taylor Quartet, Urban 12in promo
25 34 THROUGH Victoria Wilson-James, Epic 12in
26 — GIVE ME (CLUB MIX) Greed, D-Zone 12in
28 11 MAINLINE (CHEP’S MIX) Tribal House, Cooltempo 12in promo
29 43 LOVE OR NOTHING Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe, ffrr 12in
30 25 MOVE (DANCE ALL NIGHT) (SLAMMIN’ 12″) Slam Slam, MCA 12in promo
31 28 WEAR YOUR LOVE LIKE HEAVEN (ULTIMATUM MIX) Definition Of Sound, Circa 12in
32 — HERE WE GO (REMIXES) C&C Music Factory, Columbia 12in white label
34 22 I’M READY Caveman, Profile 12in
35 23 DUNNO WHAT IT IS (ABOUT YOU) The Beatmasters featuring Elaine Vassell, Rhythm King 12in
36 — GOT YOU WHERE I WANT (501 MIX) Marva Hicks, Wing 12in promo
37 17 JEALOUSY (RED ZONE MIX) Adventures Of Stevie V, Mercury 12in
38 31 NASTY RHYTHM (P.K.A. REMIX) Creative Thieves, Stress 12in white label
39 91 THE WICKEDEST SOUND (DON GORGON MIX) Rebel MC (featuring Tenor Fly), Desire 12in
40 27 POSSESSED/PIN UP GIRL (TAKE ME AWAY) Awesome 3, A&M PM 12in promo
41 63 ECHO CHAMBER Beats International, Go Beat 12in promo
42 19 BLACK WHIP Chapter And The Verse, Virgin 12in
43 13 WIGGLE IT (THE CLUB MIX) 2 In A Room, SKB 12in
44 48 DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL Nikki D, Def Jam 12in promo
45 60 FAMILY OF PEOPLE (EXTENDED FAMILY MIX) Quest For Excellence, Republic 12in promo
46 75 COME ALIVE (MIXES)/FREE SPIRIT Orchestra JB, Rumour 12in promo
47 50 IN YER FACE (IN YER FACE MIX) 808 State, ZTT 12in
48 38 THE WORLD IS A GHETTO (MIXES) Will Downing, 4&B’way 12in promo
49 — STRIKE IT UP (MIXES) Black Box, Italian Groove Groove Melody 12in
50 49 LOVE’S HEARTBREAK Lisa M, Polydor 12in promo
52 40 GIVE ME SOME LOVE (ANDY WEATHERALL MIX) Love Corporation, Creation 12in promo
53 57 LUDI (DOUBLE TROUBLE CLUB MIX) Dream Warriors, 4&B’way 12in
54 76 IN WONDER (BUTLER & WALSH MIXES) Presence, Reality 12in
55 45 WRAP MY BODY TIGHT (12″ REMAKE VERSION) Johnny Gill, Motown 12in
57 54 INSANITY (HURLEY’S HOUSE MIX) Pointer Sisters, Motown 12in promo
58 — GIVE ME LOVE/EROTIC ANIMALS Ben Chapman, de/Construction 12in promo
59 72 GO GO/LIES Oval Emotion, Canadian Hi Bias 12in
60 26 SCANDAL/IS IT LOVE? The Basement Boys present Ultra Naté, Eternal 12in
61 — TALK MUCH (BLIND MICE MIX) Temper Temper, Ten 12in promo
62 39 MAKE IT RAIN/NO MORE TEARS The KLF, KLF ComminIcatIons 12in promo
63 58 FLIGHT X (SCHOOL MIX) Paul Haig, Circa 12in
64 55 GET INTO IT (PARK YOUR CAR IN MY BRA MIX) MC Kinky, More Protein 12in
65 66 LOVE’S GOT A FEELING (WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH MIX) Neutron 9000, Profile 12in
67 — COME INTO MY HEART (MIXES) 1 World, ffrr 12in promo
68 61 LOOSE FIT/BOB’S YER UNCLE (REMIX FASHION) Happy Mondays, Factory 12in
69 68 REACH FOR THE TOP (BACK WITH A VENGEANCE REMIX) Clive Griffin, Mercury 12in
70 78 IF I LOVE U 2 NITE (NELLEE’S CLUB U 2 NITE MIX) Mica Paris, 4th&B’way 12in
71 73 BOW DOWN MISTER (SITARI BIZARRI MIX) Jesus Loves You, More Protein 12in
72 52 WEEKEND (CLUB MIX) Dick Low, Spirit 12in
73 41 ANIMAL (PRIMEVAL INTERFACE) Man Machine, Oval/Outer Rhythm 12in
75 44 TELL ME THAT YOU’LL WAIT Culture Beat featuring Lana E & J Supreme, Epic 12In
77 — TAKE ME AWAY Sweet Mercy featuring Natasha, Ten 12In
78 — NO WOMAN NO CRY (THE ROCKY MIX) Londonbeat, AnXious 12in
79 — LOVE IS A STRANGER (MIXES) Eurythmics, RCA 12in
80 — WHAT EVIL LURKS The Prodigy, XL Recordings 12in
81 29 GONNA MAKE YOU SWEAT (SLAMMIN’ CLUB VOCAL MIX) C&C Music Factory featuring Freedom Williams, Columbia 12in
82 — QUADROPHENIA (REMIX) Quadrophenia, Dutch Streetbeats 12In
83 — PLAYING WITH KNIVES Bizarre Inc., Vinyl Solution 12in
84 Re WE ARE UNITY Umosia, US Other Side 12in
85 80 LOVE L.U.V. (BEAUTIFUL LOVE) Julian Cope, Island 12in
86 59 EVERYBODY LET’S SOMEBODY LOVE (CLUB MIX) Frank “K” featuring Wiston Office, Urban 12in
87 64 TWISTED TAMBOURINE Hibrid, Megablast 12in
88 — BARABAJAGAL (LOVE IS HOT) P.U.M.P. (Purple Under Melted Pink), Ultimate 12in promo
89 Re LISTEN UP (RAW DANCE REMIX) Quincy Jones, Warner Brothers 12in promo
90 — THE FLY Poly Magoo, 12in white label
91 97 PAY THE PRICE (GOSPEL DANCE MIX) The Creations featuring Debbie Sharp, Loco 12in white label
92 47 3 AM ETERNAL (LIVE AT THE S.S.L.) The KLF, KLF 12in
93 56 TAKE ME AWAY Jay Mondi, Raw Bass 12in
95 — FOR YOUR LOVE Anita Adams, Italian Style 12in
96 — CAN YOU DIG IT? (VOCAL MIX) The Mock Turtles, Siren 12in
97 — BOOM (EXTENDED ORGANISED MIX) B.O.O.M., Music Of Live 12in
99 85 MORE THAN I KNOW/NOT FORGOTTEN (REMIX) Leftfield, Outer Rhythm 12in
100= — DEEP IN MY HEART Club House, Italian Media 12in
100=— THIS IS YOUR LIFE (MIXES) Banderas, London 12in
100=— CHUNG KUO (REVISITED) Addams & Gee, 12in white label

One thought on “March 9, 1991: Richie Rich/Ralphi Rosario, True Faith, Wop Bop Torledo, Awesome 3, Creative Thieves”

  1. The tracks reviewed by Juan Atkins, which probably wouldn’t have been mentioned otherwise, are interesting in that they do actually sound like “techno” as we now understand the term, unlike earlier tracks classed as “techno” that tended to wander about the place stylistically.

    The Prodigy enter the Club Chart for the first time, as does “Playing With Knives”, and there’s a review of one of Sasha’s very first remixes, so corners are being turned, as 1991 starts to establish its own identity.

    Curiously, there’s a speeded up sample of MC Jammy Hammy’s “oh not again” at the start of Anita Adams “For Your Love”, lifted straight from L.A. Mix “Check This Out”. Will this go undiscovered by the man himself, one wonders?


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