July 5, 1986: Joeski Love, Grandmaster Richie Rich, Harleqiun Four’s, Princess, Michael Jonzun


THEO LOYLA and John Saunderson seem to have arrived at a workable way of holding a national Disco-Aid night: they suggest that on Saturday, November 1, all clubs add a small extra admission charge while DJs play requests for cash and hold raffle-type money raisers, with recording artistes donating a brief free PA at the club of their choice . . . Radio London’s Soul Night Out this Thursday, broadcast live at midnight this time to coincide with the Fourth of July here if not in the USA, once again has Tony Blackburn and Dave Pearce live in New York on WBLS while Steve Walsh presents the guest stars at Hammersmith Palais, followed at 2am Friday by Alexander O’Neal & Cherrelle direct from Harlem’s Apollo! . . . Chrissie Jackson spins hot soul newies 7-9pm, Mike Stewart oldies 9-10pm, every Friday now on Norfolk’s Radio Broadland 97.6FM . . . Daryl Stafford’s Eurobeat Top 25 at Bournemouth’s Cabaret Club is broadcast fortnightly on 2CR’s Monday evening Tim Butcher/John Dash show . . . Cooltempo snapped up the sizzling Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk & Jessie Saunders for release in a fortnight . . . Luther Vandross ‘Give Me The Reason‘ (Epic A7288), received so far only on seven inch, is a not particularly danceable ambiguously jiggling 138½/69¼bpm weaver from the film ‘Ruthless People’ . . . WEA have reactivated Shirley Murdock ‘Truth Or Dare‘ and Zapp ‘It Doesn’t Really Matter‘ to coincide with their UK visit . . . CADJ (Central Assn for DJs) meet the first Sunday every month at East Birmingham Hospital Social Club, details from John Baksh on 021-384 6959 . . . Thursday (3) Graeme Park mixes live while models walk at a fashion show in Nottingham’s The Garage . . . Chris Hill is Kev Hill’s next guest at Basildon Sweeneys Monday Guvnor’s Clinic (7), followed by Sean French & Chris Brown, Robbie Vincent, Gilles Peterson & Nicky Holloway, etcetera . . . Mike Shaft, Colin Curtis & Patrick play nothing but garage jack trax at Manchester’s revamped Legend Wednesdays . . . Paul Oakenfold & DJ Wicked Pulse funk The Go-Go Thursdays in Richmond’s The World at Zeeta’s . . . Steve Glover’s gone goggle-eyed now that Bournemouth’s Zig Zag has installed a huge screen video! . . . Cosmic sez “ta” to all who supported him at Basildon’s now defunkt New Yorker . . . Andy Vaughan (Old Kent Road Dun Cow) tips that WQBC synchs superbly out of ‘Borrowed Love’, while my own hot mix at a mobile gig was the guitar intro of Chuck Berry ‘No Particular Place To Go‘ chopped in place of the same guitar figure during James Brown ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag‘! . . . Harmonic Keys Dance Music Service, the Florida based BPM and key directory (BPMs not that accurate, actually), suggests amongst other musically perfect “on key” mixes Sheila E ‘A Love Bizarre’ and Janet Jackson ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately’, both in E flat minor . . . Sheila E, forget it — I’ve just seen Sheila Gish, nonchalantly driving a left hand drive American saloon through Hampstead! Howie Tee’s cousin Chris Rumney from Highgate corrects that its Mixmaster Ice who cuts it up with UTFO . . . SORRY, WRONG BEAT!

PEE-WEE HERMAN is the wimpish American comedian fast building a cult following, especially for his debut feature film ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure’, to such an extent among B Boys that he, his dance, and ‘Tequila’ theme tune are the — here still unseen so perhaps mystifying — subject matter of the now UK-released JOESKI LOVE: ‘Pee-Wee’s Dance’ (Cooltempo COOLX 125). A starkly insistent catchy (0-)90½bpm minimalist rap, it’s been hanging on for months as an import even without any national exposure for Herman himself, so what’ll happen once we’ve seen him?

UK FRESH ’86 host, hip hopping MIKE ALLEN raps on the mic while GRANDMASTER RICHIE RICH looks happy — probably because his ‘Check It Out’ is the debut release on Hammersmith disco store owner Greg James’s own label, Spin-Off’s Record Company Limited (120FF 1). A jerkily leaping (0-)121¾bpm scratcher with cod “upper class” intro and actually rather foreign sounding rap, its ‘Scratch It Out’ dub may be preferable.


HARLEQIUN FOUR’S: ‘Set It Off’ (Champion CHAMP 1216)

One of the first new wave of “garage” records to make its presence felt here (before the description was being applied), this year old incredibly influential minimalist remake of Strafe’s tune has been the backing track to a million DJ mixes, adapted by other artistes, and covered several times in its own right — all without ever getting a UK release, until now. Driven remorselessly by a schlurping “pshta pshta” hi-hat beat which eventually embraces subduedly chanting chicks and further colourations, it’s never a song as such but just a floor jamming 110¾-110½-111bpm groove (I hadn’t realised its electronics fluctuate fractionally). Because so many must already have the import, here the original is flipped by a brand new 110-109¾bpm remix by Herbie Mastermind, making more of an actual song out of previously unheard elements from the master tape, plus a useful if short 110¾bpm Bonus Beats instrumental (hinting also at Maze’s ‘Twilight’). For mixers, and the aware, essential!

PRINCESS: ‘Tell Me Tomorrow (Weekend Mix)’ (Supreme Records SUPET 106)
Although I’ve yet to receive a finished 12 inch (including an “original demo” of ‘Say I’m Your Number One’), the promo-only 10 inch is a great happily jiggling totally different 105bpm remix reminiscent of ‘Somebody Else’s Guy’ (I wonder who suggested that?!) flipped by the now quite pedestrian sounding 108½bpm Album Version. Her biggest to date?

MICHAEL JONZUN: ‘Burnin’ Up’ (US A&M SP-12186)
Although his recent album was a disappointment, this brightly bounding 114bpm smoothly souled bubbler has been remixed into a surefire smash full of catchy little emulator hooks, with a hot piano dub and instrumental too. So infectious it should be huge!

PIECES OF A DREAM: ‘Say La La’ (Manhattan 12MT 12)
Destined to be overshadowed now by their excellent import LP ‘Joyride’ (US Manhattan ST 53023) — check the Disco chart for BPMs from this, and for the sizzling slowies from SHIRLEY JONES ‘Always In The Mood’ (US Philadelphia International ST 53031), the week’s hottest albums for full review next issue — the young jazz-funkers’ gently exotic subtle 98¾bpm summery weaver (in three mixes) has so far only really hit the hipper clubs and deserves wider attention.

WILLIAM BELL: ‘Passion (Remix)’ (Tout Ensemble 12LUTE 3, via Pinnacle)
Remixed by Froggy and Simon Harris to become more like an instrumental with incidental subdued breathy vocal and cooing chicks, this now MFSB ‘Mysteries Of The World’-ish 0-119½-119¼-119-0bpm pulsator gently throbs along packing an understated rhythm punch, very different from the flip’s busier 122½bpm original LP version (chunky 104bpm ‘Whatever You Want‘ too).

SIMPHONIA: ‘You And Me’ (US Cotillion 0-96811)
Paul Simpson combines his Serious Intention approach, Spanish chatter, skittering garage rhythm and Carmen Brown’s keening diva vocal into a loosely strung 119½bpm canterer (in five mixes) that’s possibly more for America than here — though try the Short/Dance Vocal Mix with ‘You Don’t Know’ of Colonel Abrams.

LOOSE ENDS: ‘Gonna Make You Mine (Westside Mix)’ (Virgin VS 819-14)
Remixed by Dancin’ Danny Poku and Godwin Logie in a Maze ‘Twilight’ influenced 105¾bpm new form with still vocal 106bpm Bonus Beats, this jerkily jaunty wriggler is now being promoted over the 0-102¼bpm Album Mix of its ostensible topside, ‘Stay A Little While, Child‘.

LEW KIRTON: ‘Don’t Wanna Wait’ (MCA Records MCAT 1071)
Trickily textured beats wriggle into an excellent 110¾bpm falsetto offset sophisticated cool modern soul dancer, here rightly flipped by the official US A-side’s more mundane 118¾bpm ‘Stuck In The Middle (Between Two)‘.

CASHFLOW: ‘Spending Money’ (LP ‘Cashflow’ Club JABH 17)
‘Mine All Mine’ so swamped this set when new that I ignored the other tracks, this subduedly wriggling 95bpm singalong jogger having gained fans in the meantime (although it’s scarcely a similar smash), and the equally tense building more Cameo-ish 112¼bpm ‘I Need Your Love‘ has had action too.

PRINCE AND THE REVOLUTION: ‘Mountains’ (Paisley Park W8711T)
Bigger at a pop level now his (0-)104¾-105bpm rolling raunch nevertheless hits a groove that really gets to cook with scratchy sax and much pent-up excitement for the instrumental last half.

DAVID RUDDER & CHARLIE’S ROOTS: ‘Bahia Girl’ (Gval) (Remix)’ (London LONX 98)
Trinidad’s current calypso king, unprecedented winner of three crowns at carnival, deliberately points out the similarities of his gently catchy subtle 107-109-110¼-111½bpm summer shuffler to its Brazilian influences, rather than to the sweaty ‘Hot Hot Hot’ soca style.

NICOLE: ‘What About Me’ (Portrait TA 7266)
Pleasant enough, this yearning sombrely rolling 74½bpm slowie is actually upstaged by the flip’s attractively lurching 106½bpm ‘Why You Take My Love‘ and, of course, the excellent old 79¼bpm remix of her ‘New York Eyes’ duet with Timmy Thomas.

CHERYL HUNTER: ‘It’s Your Attitude’ (US Mercury 884-8711)
“Attitude” has more meanings than posture and opinion, denoting in slang everything from someone’s street smarts to their whole persona, although in a traditional definition here it’s her fellah’s egotistical approach to life that’s driving huskily lamenting Cheryl away from him (in three ponderously nagging 105¼bpm mixes).

THE FLIRTATIONS: ‘Get Up (Come On Over)’ (Fantasia Records FTA X 109)
These ex-Gypsies use Cheryl Lynn’s ‘Encore’ rhythm, except on the amusingly recognisable 113½bpm swayer, which is such a pastiche it develops along other faster and lighter lines (inst flip).

PAULI CARMAN ‘Dial My Number’ (CBS 26960)
Competent lightweight black pop, The System producing of course the 117½bpm title track, the breezily chugging 121½bpm ‘Flashback‘, bubbly (0-)120½bpm ‘Lose Control‘ and muttering sparse 121bpm ‘Big On Pleasure‘, Pauli himself helping others with the Champaign-ish 0-77bpm ‘You Impress Me’, swaying 62½bpm ‘High & Low’, pop accented rhythmically ambiguous 66bpm ‘Close To The Bone’ and 89bpm ‘Dangerous’.

SHALAMAR: ‘Take That To The Bank (M&M Remix)’ (MCA Records SHALT 1)
Their 1979 hit in a cooly percussive (0-)117½-117¼-0bpm remix for the Tavares crowd.

HARDROCK SOUL MOVEMENT: ‘The Beat Is Mine’ (Elite DAZZ 56, via DMS/RCA)
Max LX and Dave VJ aim for Full Force-ish rap sophistication through a hollow (0-)105¾bpm “drumkit” and bass synth beat that’s mixed so roughly the amateurish effect may just be deliberate, with the still superior 108¼bpm Get Stupid Fresh Remix of ‘Double Def Fresh’ as flip.

TEENA MARIE: ‘Emerald City’ LP (Epic EPC 26935)
The world’s most soulful white girl presumably due to commercial pressure, has produced a Prince influenced ugly rock-pop style side one — including the 12 inched 127bpm ‘Lips To Find You‘ (Epic TA 7270) — as side two finds her much more as of old on the samba 114¼-115¾bpm ‘Batucada Suite’, jazz 0-29/58¼-0-234-242-0-29¼-58½bpm ‘Sunny Skies‘, simplistic 83½bpm ‘Shangri-La‘, soulful 55½-0bpm ‘Love Me Down Easy’, even if they’re inessential for dancefloors. She completely produces herself, so there’s no Richard Perry to blame!

QUEST FOR LIFE: ‘Baby Don’t Stop Me’ (MDM Records MDM 912)
Evidently serviced domestically here although I’ve yet to see a UK copy, last Christmas’s pent-up meandering 102¾bpm soul tugger in Lamont Dozier ‘Rootsy’ style always was too specialist to cross over.

MAGAZINE 60: ‘Don Quichotte’ (US Baja B-54)
Maddeningly inconsequential Anglo-Spanish 118½bpm burbling Eurodisco loper by a French group, big on the Continent last year but due here from RCA in a fortnight following Falco inspired US success.

TIPPA IRIE: ‘Heartbeat’ (Greensleeves TIPPA T5)
Jerky fast 137bpm pop reggae which’ll need radio play.

MARVIN HOLMES: ‘Feel So Good’ (MCA Records MCAT 1070)
Chunkily lurching (0-)101bpm ‘Bad Mama Jama’-ish old style soul roller (inst flip), solid if uninspired.

DISCO TOP 100 – July 5, 1986

01 03 HEADLINES, Midnight Star, MCA Records 12in
02 02 I CAN’T WAIT (DUTCH MIX), Nu Shooz, Atlantic 12in
03 01 JUMP BACK (SET ME FREE), Dhar Braxton, Fourth & Broadway 12in
04 06 SET FIRE TO ME/INFERNO DUB, Willie Colon, A&M 12in
05 04 GIVIN’ IT (TO YOU)/DUB, Skyy, Capitol 12in
06 10 WHERE YOU GONNA BE TONIGHT?, Willie Collins, Capitol 12in
07 07 BANG ZOOM (LET’S GO-GO), The Real Roxanne with Hitman Howie Tee, Cooltempo 12in
08 05 MINE ALL MINE/PARTY FREAK, Cashflow, Club 12in
09 08 EXPANSIONS ’86, Chris Paul, Fourth & Broadway 12in
10 11 DON’T LET LOVE GET YOU DOWN, Archie Bell & The Drells, Portrait 12in
11 09 AMITYVILLE (THE HOUSE ON THE HILL), Lovebug Starski, Epic 12in
12 16 ONE FOR THE MONEY, Sleeque, Malaco Dance 12in
13 21 LIKE I LIKE IT (REMIX), Aurra, 10 Records 12in
14 23 AIN’T NOTHIN’ GOIN’ ON BUT THE RENT, Gwen Guthrie, US Polydor 12in
15 20 STAY A LITTLE WHILE, CHILD, Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
16 19 I CAN’T WAIT (TO ROCK THE MIKE), Spyder-D (featuring DJ Doc), Champion 12in
17 13 ALL AND ALL/MANTRONIK MEGA MIX, Joyce Sims, London 12in
18 15 SET ME FREE, Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
19 12 NASTY (REMIX), Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
20 38 BURNIN’ LOVE, Con Funk Shun, US Mercury 12in/Club white label
21 28 I FOUND LOVIN’, Fatback, Important Records 12in
22 26 DUB CAN’T TURN AROUND/LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk & Jessie Saunders, US House Records 12in
23 14 YOUNG HEARTS RUN FREE (M&M REMIX), Candi Staton, Warner Bros 12in
24 24 CAN’T GET BY WITHOUT YOU (REMIX), Real Thing, PRT 12in
25 44 I’LL TAKE YOU ON/HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE, Hanson & Davis, US Fresh Records 12in
26 43 GO BANG! #5, Dinosaur L, CityBeat 12in
27 48 EXPANSIONS ’86 (FEARON BROS REMIX), Chris Paul, Fourth & Broadway 12in
28 73 TELL ME TOMORROW (WEEKEND MIX CLUB VERSION), Princess, Supreme Records 12in
29 18 DIAL MY NUMBER, Pauli Carman, CBS 12in
30 31 SAY LA LA, Pieces Of A Dream, US Manhattan 12in
31 25 WE WORK HARD/KANGOL & DOC, U.T.F.O., US Select Records 12in
32 32 FOOLIN’ YOURSELF, Paul Hardcastle, Chrysalis 12in
33 22 BROOKLYN’S IN THE HOUSE/REMIX, Cut Master D.C., be*bop & Fresh 12in
34 42 MY ADIDAS/PETER PIPER, Run-DMC, US Profile 12in/London white label
35 27 DESTINY, D.S.M., Elite 12in
36 41 WHEN I THINK OF YOU, Janet Jackson, A&M LP
37 64 GONNA MAKE YOU MINE (WESTSIDE MIX), Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
38 36 I WOULDN’T LIE (REMIX), Yarbrough & Peoples, Total Experience 12in
39 40 SEX MACHINE, Fat Boys, WEA 12in
40 — DO YOU GET ENOUGH LOVE (67/33½)/LAST NIGHT I NEEDED SOMEBODY (0-64)/SHE KNEW ABOUT ME (77¾)/BREAKING UP (41bpm), Shirley Jones, US Philadelphia International LP
41 77 BORROWED LOVE (REMIX), The SOS Band, Tabu 12in
42 — TURNED ON TO YOU (91¾-0bpm), Nova Casper, Bluebird/10 12in white label
43 re THROUGH THE NIGHT, Blue Moderne, Sure Delight 12in
44 51 I LOVE MUSIC, Terry M, MCA Records 12in
45 45 JACK YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, US Underground 12in
46 68 FOOL’S PARADISE, Meli’sa Morgan, Capitol 12in
47 17 YOU CAN’T BLAME LOVE, Thomas & Taylor, Cooltempo 12in
48 58 MIDAS TOUCH/CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT, Midnight Star, MCA Records LP
49 57 GOOD TO GO, Trouble Funk, US Island/TTED 12in
50 34 GO-GO SWING, Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, US Future 12in
51 52 PEE-WEE’S DANCE, Joeski Love, US Vintertainment 12in/Cooltempo promo
53 29 RAZZLE DAZZLE, Michael Jeffries, Warner Bros 12in
54 71 NO NEWS IS NEWS — REMIX, Kreamcicle, US New Image 12in
55 59 PASSION (FROGGY & SIMON HARRIS REMIX), William Bell, Tout Ensemble 12in
56 30 LOVE’S GONNA GET YOU, Modern-nique featuring Larry Woo, 10 Records 12in
57 95 STEP BY STEP, T.C. Curtis, Hot Melt 12in
58 90 NO WAY BACK, Adonis, US Trax 12in
59 76 MA FOOM BEY, Cultural Vibe, US Easy Street 12in
60 62 BE-BUMPIN-FRESH, Chuck Brown, US Future 12in
61 37 COMPUTER LOVE (REMIXES), Zapp, Warner Bros 12in
63 60 BYE-BYE, Janice, US 4th + B’way 12in
64 — SAVE SOME TIME FOR ME (105¾)/JOY RIDE (0-103½)/LOVE OF MY LIFE (107¼)/I CAN GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT (113¼)/WINNING STREAK (0-115¼)/CARELESS WHISPER (68-0bpm), Pieces Of A Dream, US Manhattan LP
66 56 HERE I GO AGAIN, Force MD’s, Tommy Boy/Island 12in promo
67 94 HARDCORE JAZZ (J.B. TRAXX)/(PIANO TRAXX), Duane And Co, US Dance Mania Records 12in
68 65 MAIN THING, Shot featuring Kim Marsh, US Easy Street 12in/Affair Records promo
70 46 SET ME FREE (MARK BERRY REMIX), Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
71 78 SPENDING MONEY, Cashflow, Club LP
72 — IT’S YOUR ATTITUDE, Cheryl Hunter, US Mercury 12in
74 69 SUCH A FEELING, Young & Co, US The Sound of London 12in
75 — BURNIN’ UP, Michael Jonzun, US A&M 12in
76 89 NEVER HAD A LOVE LIKE THIS BEFORE, Barbara Mitchell, Dutch Mercury LP
77 66 YOUR LOVE, Innerlife, US Personal Records 12in
78 72 ALL WRAPPED UP IN ONE, The TTED All Stars, US TTED Records Inc 12in
79 50 PAY ME BACK MY LOVE, Colors, US Prelude 12in
80 75 DOMINOES (LIVE), Donald Byrd, Streetwave 12in
81 49 SWEET LOVE, Anita Baker, Elektra 12in
82 85 WHAT HAVE I DONE FOR YOU LATELY, King M.C. featuring ‘Screamin K’, Important Records 12in
83 79 MOUNTAINS (REMIX), Prince And The Revolution, Warner Bros 12in
84 74 ERIC B. IS PRESIDENT, Eric B featuring Rakim, US Zakia 12in
85 86 WAR ON THE BULLSHIT, Osiris, Baad Records 12in
86 67 LOVE THE ONE I’M WITH, Melba Moore & Kashif, US Capitol 12in
87 91 HOT TO TOUCH, Julian Jonah, Total Control Records 12in
88 96 POWER’S IN YOUR MIND, Yang, US Jump Street 12in
89 87 JUMMP-BACK, Wally Jump Junior & The Criminal Element, US Criminal Records 12in
90 — HOT TO TOUCH (PAUL HARDCASTLE REMIX) (0-123¼bpm), Julian Jonah, Total Control Records 12in
91 re HAVE YOU FOR MY LOVE/WHAT’S THE DEAL, Carol Williams US New Image 12in
92 61 MAKE ME THE ONE (LES ADAMS REMIX), Crown Heights Affair, CityBeat 12in
93 re MY SECRET FANTASY, The Controllers, MCA Records LP
94 re MINE ALL MINE (MARK BERRY REMIXES), Cashflow, Club 12in
95 — I LOVE MUSIC (127-127¼-126½-127½-126½-124¾-124¼)/LOVE TRAIN (125-126-125-126-124¾bpm), The O’Jays, Portrait 12in
96 — SWEET AND SEXY THING (117bpm), Rick James, Motown 12in promo
97 80 SOCK IT TO ME, Ayre Rayde, be*bop & Fresh 12in
98 re SECRETS, Linda Tillery, US 411 Records LP
99 — YOU AND ME, Simphonia, US Cotillion 12in
100=— I’LL TAKE YOUR MAN (0-100¼bpm), Salt-n-Pepa, US Next Plateau 12in
100=100 MYSTERIES OF THE WORLD, MFSB/BLACK IS THE COLOR, Wilbert Longmire, Streetwave 12in


01 01 REFLEX ACTION, Louise Thomas, R&B 12in
02 08 MALE STRIPPER, Man 2 Man meet Man Parrish, US Recan 12in
03 03 HOW MANY HEARTS, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in promo
04 04 NEW BEGINNING, Bucks Fizz, Polydor 12in
05 02 CAN’T LIVE, Suzy Q, Belgian ARS 12in
06 05 VENUS (HELLFIRE MIX), Bananarama, London 12in
07 — LANDSLIDE, Croisette, Passion 12in white label
08 07 IN THE HEAT OF A PASSIONATE MOMENT, Princess, Supreme Records LP
09 — TWILIGHT ZONE, Venus, Passion 12in white label
10 12 CITY NIGHTS MANHATTAN CAFES, Cory Daye, US Blue Chip 12in
11 09 AMERICAN LOVE, Rose Laurens, German WEA 12in
12 — BOXERS, Paul Sharada, Italian Il Discotto 12in
13 06 YOU’RE GONNA BE MINE, Novo Band, German Ariola 12in
14 — I CAN HEAR YOUR VOICE, Hot Cold, Italian Il Discotto 12in
15 17 I’M YOUR LOVE, Joe Yellow, Italian Power 12in
16 — IT’S UP TO YOU, Lian Ross, German Arrow 12in
17 13 AGAIN, Do Piano, French EMI 12in
18 — SATELLITES (REMIX), Ellie Warren, Columbia 12in promo
19 24 I’M YOUR MAN (REMIX), Barry Manilow, RCA 12in
20 20 THIRD TIME LUCKY, Pearly Gates, Funkin’ Marvellous 12in promo
21 — FIRE IN MY HEART, Astaire, Passion 12in white label
22 — MUSIC THAT YOU CAN DANCE TO, Sparks, US Curb 12in
23 19 OH L’AMOUR (REMIX)/GIMME GIMME GIMME, Erasure, Mute 12in
24 15 RUNNING AWAY FROM LOVE, Astaire, Passion LP bonus 12in
25 27 ONCE MORE, Taffy, Italian Ibiza 12in
26 — LOVE PAINS, Lorenza Johnson, Make Them Dance! 12in
27 11 I LOVE MUSIC, Terry M, MCA Records 12in
28 23 DISENCHANTED (REMIX), The Communards, London 12in
29 — DOWN DOWN ROMEO/ACTIVATE MY HEART, Meccano, German Ariola 12in
30 22 SHY SHY SUGARMAN, Jack’s Project, German Ariola 12in

2 thoughts on “July 5, 1986: Joeski Love, Grandmaster Richie Rich, Harleqiun Four’s, Princess, Michael Jonzun”

  1. Perhaps it didn’t last longer than a week or so, for it does seem to have been written out of history, but Mike Shaft and Colin Curtis’s Wednesday night session at Manchester Legend could well lay claim to being the UK’s first ever house night. Indeed, not even Colin Curtis seems to remember it now; in this conversation with former Legend DJ Greg Wilson, he names another Manchester club, The Playpen, as the city’s birthplace of house. (Incidentally, Greg Wilson has also written a lengthy history of Legend, in which the Wednesday house session also does not feature.)

    The mini-revival of 1970s disco continues, with a remix of “Take That To The Bank” and a re-entry on the Disco chart for “I Love Music”. The timing is interesting: you could reasonably argue that 1985 was the year when the very last residual traces of disco’s musical footprint finally disappeared, and yet here we are, a year later, with a revival of some of the classic tunes (albeit mostly for the more commercial end of the market) and of course, the UK arrival of the Chicago genre that soon became dubbed as “disco’s revenge”.

    It’s decidedly curious that James feels the need to explain the new meaning of “attitude” to his readers in the Cheryl Hunter review, as I have no memory of the word ever shifting its definition, but there we go!

    Two notable tracks this week couldn’t be located on YouTube: the extended mix of Prince’s “Mountains” and the Herbie Mastermind remix of “Set It Off” – but if you know where we can find them, please holler.

    Finally, I’m pleased to see Magazine 60’s delightfully daft “Don Quichotte” get a review this week, as it’s one of my favourite later-period Italo tracks, which did better in the US than most other records of that ilk.


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