July 12, 1986: Run-DMC, Gwen Guthrie, The Main Ingredient, Lou Rawls, Shirley Jones


COMMUNITY RADIO plans, rather as suspected after so long a delay, have been shelved for the moment while the government evaluates the recommendations of the Peacock Committee’s report on broadcasting m general; however Tory party chairman Norman Tebbit (once head of the Department of Trade and Industry and keen for radio deregulation himself) insists that the delay will be only temporary (whatever length that means) … London Records have snapped up Chicago’s DJ International Records and associated labels House Records and Underground for the UK, with their own logo here, meaning that Cooltempo no longer have Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk & Jessie Saunders here – incidentally the label’s founder Rocky Jones confirms and clarifies: “Garage Music is stuff like Dhar Braxton and Gwen Guthrie from New York, Chicago music is called House Music after the Warehouse Club in Chicago – know the difference!” … New York based Arthur Baker, originally from Boston himself, has produced an anthem for the music actually called ‘Chicago‘ and plans a massive promotion that should boost the sound even further and pull the rug out from under the Chicagoans? … EMI’s disco plugger Ian Dewhirst reports from New York that Cultural Vibe ‘Ma-Foom-Bey‘ is the garage crazed city’s hottest hit, which doubtless all the Brits about to descend on the Big Apple for the New Music Seminar will discover for themselves … ‘Krush Groove’ is showing at London Kings Cross Scala cinema this Thursday-Sunday (10-13) … Midnight Star ‘Headlines’ has been remixed by the Wrecking Crew … Stock Aitken Waterman present Mondo Cane featuring Dee Lewis & Coral Gordon with guest star Georgie Fame is the cumbersome label billing on their 103⅔bpm bossa nova cover version of Richie Cole’s ‘New York Afternoon’, due on Lisson Records soon and already burning up the airwaves … Roger Troutman, who really Zapp-ed London with a tightly disciplined all happening stage show which owed much to past soul heroes, went straight on up to Scotland to produce eccentric P’funker Jesse Rae — I myself was at the far north-western tip of Sutherland two Mondays ago with Spud Murphy watching the sun set at 10.34pm, and the sky stay red all night long! … BBC Radio London’s live link with New York’s WBLS on July the Fourth was, for its Hammersmith Palais section, to all intents and purposes the Steve Walsh show, as the large one shouted “I Am Steve Walsh!” no less than 18 times in an hour … Masquerade’s presentation of ‘The Solution (To The Problem)’, with its “we can work it out” chant of optimism, was ironic considering it coincided with a guy brandishing a knife at the bouncers … Brian D Mason (Cricklewood Ashton), driving a Porsche 911SC Sport Tarca with personalised plate 557 BDM, reckons he’s one up on Steve Walsh’s very second hand personalised Rolls Royce! … Morgan Khan, still unable to discover a British Michael Jackson, enthuses that Streetwave have at least signed LaToya Jackson, doing a duet with Cerrone … Lulu’s original may yet be remarketed, but in the meantime she’s re-recorded a faithful (though lukewarm when compared with her energy 22 years ago) 0-138¼-126½-138-0bpm version of the party classic ‘Shout’ (Jive LULU T1), which surprisingly has competition from the deliberately (and not so incisively) rearranged brand new 148½-0-148½-0-126-147-152-0bpm treatment by Buddy Curtess And The Grasshoppers (Mercury BUD 112) … . . Tania Maria at Euston’s Shaw Theatre on Sunday July 27 coincides with Anita Baker at Hammersmith Odeon – where this Saturday (12) David Sanborn is in concert, while Willie Colon burns up Hammersmith Palais Monday (14) … Thomas & Taylor have left Cooltempo … Technics have already launched a vari-speed compact disc player, giving plus minus eight per cent just like their record decks! … Man Parrish appears at Bolts sometime during Bournemouth’s Gay Pride Festival fortnight 11-27 July … Russell Harries, having moved to Scotland from Bournemouth, boasts he plays real club music at Stirling’s Le Clique where he welcomes funky PAs and coach parties (call 0786-814714 evenings) … Johnny S, looking for other mixing gigs on 01-521 1871, cuts up Stoke Newington’s Nine-Eleven club Saturdays with Elvis and Val Haywood … Steve Aspey, at Kensington’s The Park Fridays now, is joined at Oxford’s Parkers next Tuesday (15) by Bob Masters … Paul M and Fleck start funking specialist Wednesdays at Oldham’s Royton Scandalls next week (16) … Teena Marie on her ‘Emerald City’ LP sleeve says she’s trying to sound “green” – rather than black or white — to break away from our confining preconceptions … SORRY, WRONG BEAT!

LONDON RECORDS now release here the kings of rap ‘n scratch, RUN-DMC, whose 95bpm ‘My Adidas’ (LONX 101) is so concerned with footwear it’s the B Boys’ Blue Suede Shoes’, while (with their instrumentals too) the 105⅙bpm ‘Peter Piper’ coupling is fast catching up in popularity, having harder cutting and nursery rhyme chants. Also on UK release is their massively selling US LP ‘Raising Hell’ (LONLP 21), hottest tracks on the floor so far being the percussive 96⅔bpm ‘Is It Live‘, violently scratching 0- 97bpm ‘Hit It Run‘ and jaunty (0-)127⅔-0bpm ‘You Be Illin’‘. It’s all much more stark and demanding than the Full Force type of productions, so may not take every dancehall by storm … but it’s certainly def.


GWEN GUTHRIE ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent’ (Boiling Point POSPX 807)
Beware, creative marketing at work! Initial UK pressings of this grittily nagging subdued 107¼bpm jiggly roller only feature Larry Levan’s two mixes (plus the 74bpm ‘Passion Eyes’), and cost around £3, whereas the far better value £5 import also includes the widely considered superior two Mark Berry remixes to make a five tracker. Obviously Berry’s mixes will be made available here too eventually, by which time you’ll have spent £6 if buying domestic vinyl to get them all. Anyway, the song’s turning out to be quite sneaky and huge at soul venues, but I remain doubtful about its crossover appeal.

THE MAIN INGREDIENT ‘Do Me Right’ (Cooltempo COOLX 126)
The veterans return on an excellent Kenny Beck-penned very wriggly 108½bpm imploring soul nagger with its distinctive near hysterical semi-falsetto vocal choppily stabbing the bubbly beat (inst flip).

LOU RAWLS ‘Stop Me From Starting This Feeling’ (Epic TA 7263)
Sorry I still haven’t had time to BPM the other three tracks on this 12 inch (it is summer!), the main one however being the hot one, his long awaited classy vintage sounding soaring 56½/113-113¼bpm mellow swinging canterer which has been in Capital Radio’s listeners-voted Hitline for weeks already.

SHIRLEY JONES ‘Always In The Mood’ LP (US Philadelphia International Records ST 53031)
The solo Jones Girl’s set sizzles on slow side one with her haunting, piano triplets rumbled, US hit 67/33½bpm ‘Do You Get Enough Love?’, lovely bittersweet (0-)64bpm ‘Last Night I Needed Somebody‘, delicately drifting 41bpm ‘Breaking Up‘ and soulful disillusioned 77⅜bpm ‘She Knew About Me‘ (“I didn’t know about her”), all superb. Less essential is uptempo side two, on which the snappily strutting 118½bpm ‘I’ll Do Anything For You‘ beats the (0-)114½-0bpm ‘Surrender‘, (0-) 125½bpm title track, 136bpm ‘Caught Me With My Guard Down’. But, oh, that side one!

NOVA CASPER ‘Turned On To You’ (Bluebird/10 BRT 24)
Mrs Gerry Trew seductively covers the hard to find and already bootlegged big boom oldie by 80’s Ladies, a sultry swaying 91⅔-0bpm jogging slow roller (inst flip) which has exploded on white label in the original’s absence amidst complimentary comparisons.

O’CHI BROWN ‘100% Pure Pain’ (Magnet MAGT 296)
With a long instrumental lead in, this Pete Waterman produced breezily wriggling attractive 113½bpm cool little strider, so far only seen on buzz-building white label, is like a less aggressive Princess.

PATTI LaBELLE ‘Oh, People’ (MCA Records MCAT 1075)
Steering a safe MoR course maybe, her gorgeous lush soaring 101⅔bpm swayer has enough mellow soul and beauty surely to offend nobody and delight many. Pure class.

PIECES OF A DREAM ‘Joyride’ LP (US Manhattan ST 53023)
The young jazz-funkers feature soulful vocals, mainly on the Lenny White produced first side, Maurice White handling side two, the tight set thus breaking down into the jiggly 105⅚bpm ‘Save Some Time For Me’, Vandross-ish 113¼bpm ‘I Can Give You What You Want‘, Hancock-ish 0- 103½bpm ‘Joyride‘, 12 inched 99⅙bpm ‘Say La La‘ by Lenny, and swaying 107⅕bpm ‘Love Of My Life‘, jittery 0- 115¼bpm ‘Winning Streak‘, instrumental 68-0bpm ‘Careless Whisper‘ (yes, George’s), 0-32bpm ‘Sunshine’, 116- 116¾bpm ‘Outside In’ by Maurice.

SALT-n-PEPA ‘I’ll Take Your Man’ (US Next Plateau NP50043)
Out a while and getting big, this ‘Peter Piper’-ish spirited very Roxanne Shanté-style bragging declamatory rap has a hot scratching 0-100⅙bpm beat (inst flip), solid hip hop rather than a pop gimmick, and good.

CON FUNK SHUN ‘Burnin’ Love’ (Club JABX32)
Punchy bass and pattering percussion power a smooth Total Contrast-type (0-)115½bpm canterer, in three mixes, remaining bland to these ears.

SHOT featuring Kim Marsh ‘Main Thing’ (Affair Records FAIR 2, via PRT)
You’ve got another think coming if you think I’m going to re-BPM this chick keened bumbling and tugging dated jiggly weaver now it’s finally out here! On import pressings it was 102⅓(intro)-103⅓-105⅓-105½-105⅓-105-106⅔-105⅓bpm, with a 102⅔(intro)-104⅓-105⅔-105¼-105½-106⅓-105⅓bpm Dub Mix. Track that if you can!

FATTBURGER ‘I Knew That’ (LP ‘One Of A Kind’ US Golden Boy Jazz GBJ-2001)
Pleasant jazz-fusion set sparked by this remorselessly driving gradually accelerating 112-113-114bpm jittery jaunty instrumental half-stepper, likely to have been huge six years ago!

RICK JAMES ‘Sweet And Sexy Thing’ (Motown ZT 40756)
Yet another typical 117bpm tight strutter, with its instrumental and the old whipping 130½bpm ‘Super Freak’ as equally sexist flip.

ALEEM featuring LEROY BURGESS ‘Fine Young Tender (Remix)’ (Atlantic A9401T)
Unfortunately the cult group’s strong album track has been dissipated by its 114¾bpm rambling remix (dub and typically groaning similar 104½bpm ‘Two Faces’ flip).

CHAKA KHAN ‘Love Of A Lifetime’ (Warner Bros W8671T)
Scritti Politti co-prod/penned disappointingly disposable 118¼bpm techno-pop.

E.G. DAILY ‘Say It, Say It’ (A&M AMY 313)
Looking like Pia Zadora although a bona fide Madonna clone as she’s produced by Jellybean, the rasping blonde’s 114¾bpm inconsequential jiggler may be too rambling for even pop jocks here (dub flip).

DANCE IN REVERSE ‘Dance Me To The Floor’ (US Atlantic 0-86808)
Madonna pitched flurrying 121 bpm pop disco in three mixes.

GAVIN CHRISTOPHER ‘One Step Closer To You’ (Manhattan 12MT 10)
Lightweight 112bpm alliance (in four versions) of Eurobeat, electro and the Change ‘Searching’ rhythm, sort of, mainly for radio.

EUGENE WILDE ‘Diana’ (MCA Records MCAT 1046)
Eugene, currently visiting here, had the potential to be a superstar but sadly blew it – hopefully only temporarily – on his most recent album, whence cometh this Richiesque 0-38½/77bpm slow slush.

DISCO TOP 100 – July 12, 1986

01 01 HEADLINES, Midnight Star, MCA Records 12in
02 04 SET FIRE TO ME/INFERNO DUB, Willie Colon, A&M 12in
03 07 BANG ZOOM (LET’S GO-GO), The Real Roxanne with Hitman Howie Tee, Cooltempo 12in
04 03 JUMP BACK (SET ME FREE), Dhar Braxton, Fourth & Broadway 12in
05 02 I CAN’T WAIT (DUTCH MIX), Nu Shooz, Atlantic 12in
06 06 WHERE YOU GONNA BE TONIGHT?, Willie Collins, Capitol 12in
07 10 DON’T LET LOVE GET YOU DOWN, Archie Bell & The Drells, Portrait 12in
08 09 EXPANSIONS ’86/FEARON BROS REMIX, Chris Paul, Fourth & Broadway 12in
09 05 GIVIN’ IT (TO YOU)/DUB, Skyy, Capitol 12in
10 14 AIN’T NOTHIN’ GOIN’ ON BUT THE RENT, Gwen Guthrie, US Polydor 12in/Boiling Point promo
11 08 MINE ALL MINE/PARTY FREAK, Cashflow, Club 12in
12 28 TELL ME TOMORROW (WEEKEND MIX CLUB VERSION), Princess, Supreme Records 12in
13 13 LIKE I LIKE IT (REMIX), Aurra, 10 Records 12in
14 12 ONE FOR THE MONEY, Sleeque, Malaco Dance 12in
15 21 I FOUND LOVIN’, Fatback, Important Records 12in
16 11 AMITYVILLE (THE HOUSE ON THE HILL), Lovebug Starski, Epic 12in
17 20 BURNIN’ LOVE, Con Funk Shun, US Mercury 12in/Club white label
18 22 DUB CAN’T TURN AROUND/LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk & Jessie Saunders, US House Records 12in
19 16 I CAN’T WAIT (TO ROCK THE MIKE), Spyder-D (featuring DJ Doc), Champion 12in
20 19 NASTY (REMIX), Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
21 34 MY ADIDAS/PETER PIPER, Run-DMC, US Profile 12in/London white label
22 30 SAY LA LA, Pieces Of A Dream, US Manhattan 12in
23 18 SET ME FREE, Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
24 17 ALL AND ALL (MANTRONIK MEGA MIX), Joyce Sims, London 12in
25 26 GO BANG! #5, Dinosaur L, CityBeat 12in
26 25 HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE/I’LL TAKE YOU ON, Hanson & Davis, US Fresh Records 12in
27 29 DIAL MY NUMBER, Pauli Carman, CBS 12in
28 50 GO-GO SWING, Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, US Future 12in
29 41 BORROWED LOVE (REMIX), The SOS Band, Tabu 12in
30 42 TURNED ON TO YOU, Nova Casper, Bluebird/10 12in
31 51 PEE-WEE’S DANCE, Joeski Love, Cooltempo 12in
32 31 WE WORK HARD/KANGOL & DOC, U.T.F.O., US Select Records 12in
33 23 YOUNG HEARTS RUN FREE (M&M REMIX), Candi Staton, Warner Bros 12in
35 36 WHEN I THINK OF YOU, Janet Jackson, A&M LP
36 38 I WOULDN’T LIE (REMIX), Yarbrough & Peoples, Total Experience 12in
38 59 MA FOOM BEY, Cultural Vibe, US Easy Street 12in
39 35 DESTINY, D.S.M., Elite 12in
41 66 HERE I GO AGAIN, Force MD’s, Tommy Boy/Island 12in
42 45 JACK YOUR BODY/DUB YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, US Underground 12in
43 48 MIDAS TOUCH/CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT, Midnight Star, MCA Records LP
44 39 SEX MACHINE, Fat Boys, WEA 12in
45 63 BYE-BYE, Janice, US 4th + B’way 12in
46 24 CAN’T GET BY WITHOUT YOU (REMIX), Real Thing, PRT 12in
48 89 JUMMP-BACK, Wally Jump Junior & The Criminal Element, US Criminal Records 12in
49 55 PASSION (FROGGY & SIMON HARRIS REMIX), William Bell, Tout Ensemble 12in
50 67 HARDCORE JAZZ (J.B. TRAXX)/(PIANO TRAXX), Duane And Co, US Dance Mania Records 12in
51 81 SWEET LOVE, Anita Baker, Elektra 12in
52 57 STEP BY STEP, T.C. Curtis, Hot Melt 12in
53 46 FOOL’S PARADISE, Meli’sa Morgan, Capitol LP/US 7in remix
54 — YOU’RE THE SWEETEST ONE (0-115¼-113½-113¾)/NEVER TOO MUCH (109)/GIVE ME THE REASON (138½/69¼bpm), Luther Vandross, Epic 12in
55 69 IS IT LIVE/HIT IT RUN, Run-DMC, US Profile LP
57 99 YOU AND ME, Simphonia, US Cotillion 12in
58 32 FOOLIN’ YOURSELF, Paul Hardcastle, Chrysalis 12in
59 75 BURNIN’ UP/PIANO DUB, Michael Jonzun, US A&M 12in
60 68 MAIN THING, Shot featuring Kim Marsh, US Easy Street 12in/Affair Records promo
61 43 THROUGH THE NIGHT, Blue Moderne, Sure Delight 12in
62 83 MOUNTAINS (REMIX), Prince And The Revolution, Warner Bros 12in
63 49 GOOD TO GO, Trouble Funk, US Island/TTED 12in
64 58 NO WAY BACK/INSTRUMENTAL, Adonis, US Trax 12in
65 33 BROOKLYN’S IN THE HOUSE/REMIX, Cut Master D.C., be*bop & Fresh 12in
66 — DO ME RIGHT, The Main Ingredient, Cooltempo 12in white label
68 61 COMPUTER LOVE (REMIXES), Zapp, Warner Bros 12in
69 96 SWEET AND SEXY THING, Rick James, Motown 12in promo
70 44 I LOVE MUSIC, Terry M, MCA Records 12in
71 79 PAY ME BACK MY LOVE, Colors, US Prelude 12in
72 84 ERIC B. IS PRESIDENT, Eric B featuring Rakim, US Zakia 12in
73 78 ALL WRAPPED UP IN ONE, The TTED All Stars, US TTED Records Inc 12in
74 77 YOUR LOVE, Innerlife, US Personal Records 12in
75 76 NEVER HAD A LOVE LIKE THIS BEFORE, Barbara Mitchell, Dutch Mercury LP
76 — SOWETO (ARTHUR BAKER MIX) (115½bpm), Jeffrey Osborne, US A&M 12in
77 54 NO NEWS IS NEWS – REMIX, Kreamcicle, US New Image 12in
78 — 100% PURE PAIN, O’chi Brown, Magnet 12in promo
79 85 WAR ON THE BULLSHIT, Osiris, Baad Records 12in
80 — THE SUN DON’T SHINE/SHARE MY LOVE, Betty Wright, US First String LP
81 53 RAZZLE DAZZLE, Michael Jeffries, Warner Bros 12in
82 71 SPENDING MONEY, Cashflow, Club LP
83 — CLOSER THAN CLOSE (58½bpm), Jean Carne, Omni 12in/US LP
84 87 HOT TO TOUCH, Julian Jonah, Total Control Records 12in
85 100= BLACK IS THE COLOR, Wilbert Longmire/MYSTERIES OF THE WORLD, MFSB, Streetwave 12in
86 — SQUARE DANCE RAP, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Streetwave 12in
87 re WAKE UP TO MY LOVE, Astra featuring Miss Ollie James and Miss Terry Guest, Elite 12in
88 re WHAT I LIKE, Anthony And The Camp, Warner Bros 12in
89 74 SUCH A FEELING, Young & Co, US The Sound of London 12in
90 92 MAKE ME THE ONE (LES ADAMS REMIX), Crown Heights Affair, CityBeat 12in
91 72 IT’S YOUR ATTITUDE, Cheryl Hunter, US Mercury 12in
92 — CARMÉ (118¼-118-0bpm), Rockwell, Motown 12in promo
94 86 LOVE THE ONE I’M WITH, Melba Moore & Kashif, US Capitol 12in
95 60 BE-BUMPIN-FRESH, Chuck Brown, US Future 12in
96 re GET OFF THE TRACK, Antionette, US King Davis Records 12in
97 re I CAN PROVE IT (110bpm), Phil Fearon, Ensign 12in promo
98 98 SECRETS, Linda Tillery, US 411 Records LP
99 — THE BEAT IS MINE, Hardrock Soul Movement, Elite 12in
100= re GIVE ME UP, Beau Williams, US Capitol 12in
100= re PASSION FROM A WOMAN, Krystol, US Epic 12in
100= — POINT OF NO RETURN (SHEP PETTIBONE REMIX) (0-109bpm), Nu Shooz, Atlantic 12in promo


01 02 MALE STRIPPER, Man 2 Man meet Man Parrish, US Recan 12in
02 01 REFLEX ACTION, Louise Thomas, R&B 12in
03 03 HOW MANY HEARTS, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in promo
04 05 CAN’T LIVE, Suzy Q, Belgian ARS 12in
05 06 VENUS (HELLFIRE MIX), Bananarama, London 12in
06 04 NEW BEGINNING, Bucks Fizz, Polydor 12in
07 07 LANDSLIDE, Croisette, Passion 12in white label
08 08 IN THE HEAT OF A PASSIONATE MOMENT, Princess, Supreme Records LP
09 09 TWILIGHT ZONE, Venus, Passion 12in white label
10 10 CITY NIGHTS MANHATTAN CAFES, Cory Daye, US Blue Chip 12in
11 11 AMERICAN LOVE, Rose Laurens, German WEA 12in
12 12 BOXER, Paul Sharada, Italian Il Discotto 12in
13 13 YOU’RE GONNA BE MINE, Novo Band, German Ariola 12in
14 14 I CAN HEAR YOUR VOICE, Hot Cold, Italian Il Discotto 12in
15 — TIME AFTER TIME, Paul Parker, Fantasia 12in
16 15 I’M YOUR LOVE, Joe Yellow, Italian Power 12in
17 16 IT’S UP TO YOU, Lian Ross, German Arrow 12in
18 18 SATELLITES (REMIX), Ellie Warren, Columbia 12in promo
19 17 AGAIN, Do Piano, French EMI 12in
20 — SECRETS, Albert One, Italian Time 12in
21 19 I’M YOUR MAN (REMIX), Barry Manilow, RCA 12in
22 21 FIRE IN MY HEART, Astaire, Passion 12in white label
23 22 MUSIC THAT YOU CAN DANCE TO, Sparks, US Curb 12in
24 — TOMORROW DOESN’T MATTER TONIGHT, Bianca Fernandez, Make Them Dance! 12in
25 23 OH L’AMOUR (REMIX)/GIMME GIMME GIMME, Erasure, Mute 12in
26 20 THIRD TIME LUCKY, Pearly Gates, Funkin’ Marvellous 12in promo
27 26 LOVE PAINS, Lorenza Johnson, Make Them Dance! 12in
28 25 ONCE MORE, Taffy, Italian Ibiza 12in
29 27 I LOVE MUSIC, Terry M, MCA Records 12in
30 24 RUNNING AWAY FROM LOVE, Astaire, Passion LP bonus 12in

One thought on “July 12, 1986: Run-DMC, Gwen Guthrie, The Main Ingredient, Lou Rawls, Shirley Jones”

  1. Although excluded from the London Records label land-grab, Trax Records now builds on the success of Adonis “No Way Back” by releasing Marshall Jefferson’s future classic (and my personal favourite of all the early Chicago house releases), Marshall Jefferson’s “The House Music Anthem”. There’s a lot of fascinating background on the track in this 2013 interview with Jefferson for The Quietus, which also sheds some light on why Trax may have been reluctant to do any international distribution deals, for it was an altogether shadier operation than most other regular labels.

    You could perhaps argue that Arthur Baker’s “(I Want To Go To) Chicago” (eventually released by R.T. & The Rockmen Unlimited and featuring Will Downing on vocals) was the first record made outside Chicago to also identify itself as house music, but the argument would be stronger if the track was better!

    Over halfway into this transformational year for hip hop, it’s odd that the strapline which ran all the way across the top of James’s section (now called simply “BPM”) still tagged it, in big capitals, as “ELECTRO + FUNK + SOUL” (but then it’s equally odd that the main club chart was still tagged as “DISCO”). It seems to me that one of the big changes, as hip hop moved ever further away from electro, was that it became a lot more artist-led, and we’ve been seeing a lot of the major hip hop artists of the late 80s emerge this year (led by relative old hands Run DMC, whose massively successful Raising Hell LP raised the game for everybody). This week, Salt-n-Pepa make their very welcome debut in these pages; I adored that first album, and indeed all of their early releases.


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