December 13, 1986: Kool Moe Dee, Ronnie McNeir, Billy Preston, Romero, Stardom Groove featuring Tonya Wynne


JOHN CECCHINI, of the Bonkers Showbars in Liverpool/Wallasey/Macclesfield, won last Thursday’s final of the Disc Jockey Of The Year, with Cuddly Craig Bland from Great Harwood s Munroes coming second and Jon Davis from Plymouth’s Academy third (the latter of course being runner-up to Chad Jackson in this year’s mixing contest, too) … Colin Hudd has abruptly split with his award-winning residency of eight years at Dartford’s Flicks, after owner Mike Keam offered less money than last year for working on Christmas Eve … New Orleans R&B star Lee Dorsey died last Tuesday from emphysema, which — ironically, considering ‘Working In The Coal Mine’ was his biggest hit — is what coal miners often suffer from … StreetSounds’ major opus, compiled by Ralph Tee, the massive 14 LP boxed set ‘The Philadelphia Story‘ (PHST 1986) contains 140 Philadelphia International classics covering the last 15 years, probably everything you can think of and then some, so if you haven’t got them already, this is the best way to get ’em now! … StreetSounds’ latest Artists Showcase albums are retrospectives of Keni Burke and Archie Bell & The Drells … Luther Vandross’s 12 inch, which has failed to sell since his LP is such better value, is now a four-tracker with — just what we wanted — an even more hi-NRG 143¼bpm US remix of ‘Stop To Love’, plus finally on single The Goonies’ soundtrack’s pleasant (0-)102⅙bpm ‘She’s So Good To Me‘ (Epic 650216 8) … Timex Social Club ‘Mixed Up World’ has now been promoed yet again with yet another juddery lurching 144bpm Bongo In The Congo Mix of ‘Thinking About You Girl’ (yawn) … US pressings of the Mantronix LP include the UK remix of ‘Ladies’ … ‘I’m In Love‘ is already Ruby Turner’s US single … Europe’s long standing fiendishly catchy smash, Taffy ‘I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio)’ (TransGlobal/Rhythm King TYPE 1T) is starting to hit now it’s out here, in a rollicking 119½bpm American Mix and harder 121bpm European Mix, one for pop jocks to check as it should be huge … The Concept have followed the exactly year old ‘Mr DJ’ with, logically though over similarly, the 119½bpm ‘Miss DJ‘ (on US Macola) … Capital Radio’s Dr Hip Hop, Mike Allen gets name-checked on Steady “B”’s US LP sleeve … Faze One are calling themselves Throwdown for a rapping remake of the Mohawks’ ‘The Champ‘, out next week on HardBack (but when will the much sought 1968 original ever be out again, legally?) … Dave Lee, of Rough Trade record distributors, tips off that MC Shy-D may have lifted ‘Biyo’ from the intro of last year’s Italian remake by Sammy Barbot, while Steve Parks’ ‘Movin’ In The Right Direction‘ (currently bootlegged) was title track of his 1984 gospel LP on US Solid Smoke … Thursday (11) Steve Walsh and Nick Lawrence look large funking Woodford Town Football Club’s Woodys … Graeme Park funks Matlock’s Ye Olde English club this Thursday (11), then on Monday (15) Any Day Now PA with him and Trevor M at their Nottingham Easy Street night, before on Wednesday (17) at his Nottingham The Garage residency and on Thursday (18) at Derby Blue Note’s Glint night Graeme is joined by some of London’s Wag Club DJs … Eon Irving funks Wednesdays’ Jungle Rock night at Kensington Henry Africa’s, John Matthews and Jon Jules funk Greenford Barbarella’s Rhythm Box Thursdays, John DeSade does Hythe seafront’s Ocean 11 Thur/Fridays … Stamford Hill’s redecorated late night Cotton Club, having successfully chased away the ruffians, now wants to attract a “nice” crowd who are into funky stuff — DJ Benny Wilson guarantees the music and atmosphere are good, so doesn’t anyone clean living wanna boogie, too? … I’m afraid you’ll be too late if you haven’t already sent in your gig details for the holiday season, as next week’s rm will be the last one of the year to have a regular column – after that, it’s Hammy Awards time! … KEEP CHILLED!

This fresh faced elf is in fact Radio London’s learned jazz DJ, Gilles Peterson, who’s somewhat cornered the market in compiling jazz LPs. His latest, StreetSounds’ ‘Jazz Juice 4‘ is due imminently (containing such as Mel Tormé ‘Comin’ Home Baby‘, Peggy Lee ‘Fever’, Billy Larkin & The Delegates ‘Pigmy Part 1‘ and Wild Bill Davis ‘Hit The Road Jack‘), while in the series he’s been doing for EMI is his most recent Blue Note compilation, ‘Blue Bop‘ (Blue Note BNSLP 2). This contains Don Wilkerson’s ‘Dem Tambourines‘, the saxist on Ray Charles’s ‘I Got A Woman’ recreating a similar exciting feel in 1962 to a Ramsey Lewis-ish 106-105-106-105⅓-0bpm backing (double the BPM for a truer tempo, except it’s not that frantic), which could be useful for more than just jazz jocks.


KOOL MOE DEE ‘Go See The Doctor’ (Jive JIVE T136)
Fast making the phrase “pus-sy pus pus” the singalong chant of the moment, this hilarious 89⅙bpm rap about a randy chap’s dose of VD and the girl he got it off may seem shockingly offensive enough to ban, but ponder this: right now, it’s getting through to kids the message that they should use a condom far more effectively than any government campaign could. There is a version with words reversed to protect the shockable, while the flip’s 91⅔bpm ‘Monster Crack‘ is a cleanly worded warning about drugs — not that that side’s getting any play. Far from getting steamed up about it, the protectors of our public morals should be ensuring that this is made available on the National Health!

RONNIE McNEIR ‘Follow Your Heart’ (Expansion Records EXPAND 6, via PRT)
On an already selling good value three-track 12 inch from his hard to find recent import album, this nice fluidly tripping 121¼bpm soul canterer Is flipped by the excellent Al Jarreau-meets-Keni Burke 93½bpm ‘Everybody’s In A Hurry‘ and slinkier 95bpm ‘Love’s Under Suspect‘, all beautifully sung with many subtle touches.

BILLY PRESTON ‘Since I Held You Close’ (US Motown 4570MG)
Much played by Capital Radio yet surprisingly slow to sell so far, this cleanly smacking slightly old fashioned exciting 112½-112⅚bpm driver is vocally a dead ringer for the Isley Brothers (inst/edit too), and to my mind terrific! The Nick Martinelli-produced pleasantly swaying (0-)90⅙bpm ‘It Don’t Get Better Than This’ makes a good bonus as well.

ROMERO ‘Do You Get Enough Love?’ (FHL Records FHLT01, via RCA)
Shirley Jones’ gorgeous “get enough, get enough, get enough love” US soul smash gets another chance at the charts here, but in an excellent slightly reggaefied 71⅓bpm cover version very cleverly sung and romantically rapped in Lou Rawls style by a guy who used to be known as T.C. Anderson (inst too). Try it!

STARDOM GROOVE featuring TONYA WYNNE ‘It’s Too Late (For Love)’ (US New York Groove NYG 1000)
Seemingly endless in five different mixes, this old fashioned BT Express-ish remorselessly throbbing and double-beating (0-)118¾-119-118¾-119-0bpm rambling jittery groove with a wailing girl worrying away at it is the sort of thing that can mesmerise serious dancers, given the chance. The instrumental City Country Mix has good jazzy organ taking the lead, to give a different flavour again.

PROJECTION ‘Lovestruck’ (Elite DAZZ 63, via PRT) Winding up out of an ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’ intro, this rather good girl-sung subduedly anxious sneakily wriggling sinuous 0-108-0bpm little jitterer has bubbly beats, a bass resonance, and nagging Loose Ends-ish quality (in three mixes).

EMANON The Baby Beat Box’ LP (US Pow Wow PW 7403)
With a maddeningly nagging keyboard melody that seems like an amalgamation of two different tunes I can’t quite pinpoint, the instrumental ‘No Name Disco’ is a spurting and jumping joyful 110½bpm wriggler that deserves to be 12 inched as it’s building a cult following on this otherwise hip hop set (quite good, but I haven’t had time to BPM it all yet).

CLARENCE MANN ‘I’ll Be Around’ (Expansion Records EXPAND 5)
At last widely available, this soulfully teased lightly pulsing and swinging 116½-116-118-119-120-119½bpm legendary remake of the Detroit Spinners’ classic always seems to show up in a few DJs’ charts whenever the original has one of its periodic revivals.

PARADINE EXPRESS ‘Hungry For Your Love’ (ParaSound PARS-T-1, via MIS/PRT)
Paula Simms vocally soothes this lovely lush atmosphere-filled smoochy 0-97-0bpm swayer with just a hint of reggae rhythm (inst too) from Merseyside and much played for a while now on London radio, well worth finding.

HOME WRECKERS ‘Jackin’ (EMU Style)’ (US Dance-Sing DS 804)
Chiming emulator chipmunks kick off and chip into this bass burbled simple ticking 120¼bpm house instrumental (in three mixes), so slickly and sparely made that there’s nothing else to say about it.

STEADY “B” ‘Steady “B”’ LP (US Pop Art PA-4451)
Although rapping “B” is the star, it’s spotting what Grand Dragon K.D. and D.J. Tat Money are scratching in behind him that’s more crucial on the 95⅔bpm ‘Stupid Fresh’, 93½bpm ‘Hit Me’, 95⅓bpm ‘Nothin’ But The Bass’, bragging 95⅔bpm ‘Bring The Beat Back’ and Marley Marl-produced “live” flavoured 94bpm ‘Get Physical’, while the 92bpm ‘Surprise’ and 94⅔bpm ‘Cheatin’ Girl’ are in ‘Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble’ style, and the 90⅔bpm ‘Yo Mutha’ is as insulting as others with a similar title. Fresh and fun, though maybe not mega.

RARE ESSENCE ‘Give It Here’ (US TTED Records Inc TDE 3019)
Satisfyingly solid and totally predictable, this sleazy 97⅔-97⅚bpm go go jiggler chants, burbles, bumps and brassily blasts through two vocals (the one by James Funk in Chuck Brown style) and an instrumental, adding up to rather a good ‘un without being spectacular.

JANICE McCLAIN ‘Passion And Pain’ (MCA Records MCAT 1109)
Nick Martinelli-produced predictable precisely ticking and jolting (0-)92⅙bpm plodder, soulfully wailed through the usual lethargically weaving structure (dub/inst flip).

ATMOSFEAR featuring D.J. ITCHY NO HO ‘Cuts Like A Knife’ (Elite DAZZ 62)
Itchy’s a scratcher, as you might surmise, cutting up JB and much more through a jittery quite bright 0-114¼-0bpm bubbly electro beat, with 0-114⅔-0bpm Master Tee B-Boy Mix, 0-114¼-0bpm Brand New Programme and basic backing track 114-0bpm Hardcore versions too.

NAJEE ‘Najee’s Theme’ LP (US EMI America ST-17241)
Ronnie Laws/Kenny G-ish slick jazz-fusion sax squawks through Anita Baker’s 93bpm ‘Sweet Love’, Billy Ocean’s 114¼bpm ‘Mysterious’, the Loose Ends-ish 97bpm ‘Betcha Don’t Know’, striding 110⅓bpm ‘Feel So Good To Me’, weaving 95⅔bpm title track, swaying 0-104⅓bpm ‘What You Do To Me’, ticking 0-102⅓bpm ‘For The Love Of You’, moody 75⅜bpm ‘Can’t Hide Love’, skittery 111⅓bpm ‘We Are Family’ (no, not that one).

ANY DAY NOW ‘Under Your Spell’ (A&M AMY 355)
Due any day now as a remix, this plodding 0-96bpm sterile slow Loose Ends-ish lurcher began as flip of the equally routine though more brightly juddering 0-104⅚bpm ‘I’ll Be Waiting’.

COMPANY B ‘Facinated’ (US The Summer SR-1950)
Either the label printers can’t spell or the title is deliberate of this refreshingly dated simple rattling 119⅔bpm disco thudder, with chiming synth perpetually nagging away and the keen voice lead girl cutting through (in five mixes).

JUDY LA ROSE ‘Little Bit Of Love’ (Champion CHAMP 1219)
Less surefooted than when licensing import material, Champion try an original homegrown production by Winston Sela and Toby Baker, a pedestrian though acceptably made 106⅔bpm lurching rambler sung in Princess-ish style (dub flip).

LIONEL RICHIE ‘Ballerina Girl’ (Motown LIOT 3)
Realising that Lionel’s latest bland LP is proving a poor source for hit singles, Motown bung its two main ballads onto one 12 inch, this tender 0-50¼-0bpm swirler and the Alabama-backed crawling 0-33½/67-0bpm ‘Deep River Woman’, flipped by an 132⅔bpm instrumental of ‘Dancing On The Ceiling.’

JAMES BROWN ‘How Do You Stop’ (Scotti Bros JAMES T1)
Instead of the floor burning ‘Goliath’ we get this radio aimed pleasant enough huskily soulful 108-0bpm dated swayer, flipped for bad value by the old 114-0bpm ‘Living In America (R ‘n’ B Mix)’ and ludicrously frantic 141¾bpm ‘Repeat The Beat (Faith)’.

HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS ‘Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go’ (Charly/R&B CYZ 118)
Making his first ever UK appearance tonight (Thursday 11) at Hammersmith Palais, where in two sets the group will do all their classics, this early Fifties pioneer of what we now know as soul was also inventor of ‘The Twist’, a neatly extended 157bpm version of which (plus a previously unreleased faster 182bpm demo!) now flips this similarly extended 130bpm 1960 US hit, first out last year, one of the original twistin’ follow-ups. For a fuller appreciation of Hank, see the new issue of JOCKS… and catch the man live!

MEZZOFORTE ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ (Funkin’ Marvellous 12MEZZO 1)
Jackie Wilson-ish slippery vocal 119⅓-118½bpm rambling jazz-funk set to Change’s ‘Searching’ tempo.

VARIOUS ‘Rob Olson’s Chicago Jack Beat’ LP (Rhythm King LEFT LP3, via Mute)
Budget priced £3.99 album of six routine house tracks compiled by Chicago’s WNUR radio DJ Rob Olson, with 118bpm THE FORCE ‘It’s OK, It’s OK’ its only known hit, 121¾bpm THE HOMEBOYZ ‘It’s Your Nite’, 124¾bpm DENISE MOTTO ‘IMNXTC’, 123¼bpm THE ELECT ‘I’m House’, 118⅓-0bpm VENICE LAWRENCE’S Z-FACTOR ‘I’m The DJ’, 123½bpm RARE FORM ‘Freak’.

THE CLARK SISTERS ‘Time Out’ (US Rejoice SP-12217)
Gospel girls meandering on over a percussively pattering 0-110⅓bpm jazzily saxed rambling backing, with lots of different mixes and bits but no real song to speak of.

DIRECTOR ‘Christmas Soca’ (Bumble B Records BUMB 104, via PRT/Jet Star)
Typical speedy 124¼bpm soca with corny lyrics which seasonal revellers might just forgive, once.

UK DISCO TOP 100 – December 13, 1986

01 02 SHIVER (REMIX), George Benson, Warner Bros 12in
02 04 CHILLIN’ OUT (REMIX)/HOLD ON (FOR ME), Curtis Hairston, Atlantic 12in
03 01 JACK THE GROOVE, Raze, Champion 12in
04 05 CANDY/REMIX, Cameo, Club 12in
05 03 THE RAIN (REMIX), Oran ‘Juice’ Jones, Def Jam 12in
06 12 BIG FUN, The Gap Band, Total Experience 12in
07 13 MR BIG STUFF, Heavy D & The Boyz, MCA Records 12in
08 08 SHOWING OUT, Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in
09 10 SMALL CHANGE (SPARE A DIME MIX), Hindsight, Circa Records 12in
11 15 YOU CAN DANCE (IF YOU WANT TO), Go Go Lorenzo & The Davis/Pinckney Project, Boiling Point 12in
12 16 GO SEE THE DOCTOR, Kool Moe Dee, Jive 12in
13 11 I’M CHILLIN’, Kurtis Blow, Club 12in
14 07 NIGHTS OF PLEASURE (REMIXES), Loose Ends, Virgin 12in twin-pack
15 29 SHAKE YOU DOWN, Gregory Abbott, CBS 12in
16 09 MIDAS TOUCH (REMIX), Midnight Star, Solar 12in
17 14 JACK YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, US Underground 12in
18 17 SEE ME/I REALLY DIDN’T MEAN IT, Luther Vandross, Epic LP
20 19 BARAH (THE HOUSE MIX), Cleavage, US Studio Records 12in
22 25 BREAKOUT (N.A.D. MIX), Swing Out Sister, Mercury 12in
23 23 MISUNDERSTANDING (REMIX), James (D-Train) Williams, US Columbia 12in
24 18 I CAN’T TURN AROUND, J.M. Silk, RCA 12in
25 38 LET THE MUSIC MOVE U/GET DOWN, Raze, US Grove St. 12in/Champion promo
26 21 FACTS OF LOVE, Jeff Lorber featuring Karyn White, Club 12in
28 20 SWEET LOVE/NO ONE IN THE WORLD, Anita Baker, Elektra 12in
29 35 PUMP THAT BASS/LIVE (GET A LITTLE STUPID…HO!), Original Concept, US Def Jam 12in
30 24 L.A. NIGHTS/NEW YORK AFTERNOON, Yasuko Agawa, Bluebird 12in
31 31 THIS TIME, Private Possession featuring Hunter Hayes, 4th + B’way 12in
32 53 ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY (REMIX), Vesta Williams, A&M 12in
34 42 I’VE GOTTA BE TOUGH/WE DON’T PLAY, M.C. Shy-D, US Luke Skyywalker 12in
35 27 DON’T THINK ABOUT IT, One Way, MCA Records 12in
36 32 BROADWAY, Duke Bootee, HardBack 12in
37 36 MIND GAMES (DUB GAMES), Cultural Vibe, US Easy Street 12in
39 60 TO THE BEAT OF THE DRUM, Wired, US Underworld 12in
40 28 OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN (REMIX), Gwen Guthrie, US Polydor 12in
41 62 PASSION AND PAIN, Janice McClain, MCA Records 12in
42 30 SLAVE OF LOVE, TC Curtis, Hot Melt 12in
43 40 SAMBA (TODA MENINA BAIANA MIX), Georgie Fame, Ensign 12in
44 26 AIN’T NOTHING BUT A HOUSE PARTY, Phil Fearon, Ensign 12in
45 61 TIME (TIME TO PARTY), Gary L, US Sensations Records 12in/Champion promo
46 46 THE MORNING AFTER/TAKE CHARGE, Curtis Hairston, US Atlantic LP
47 88 FOLLOW YOUR HEART/EVERYBODY’S IN A HURRY/LOVE SUSPECT, Ronnie McNeir, Expansion Records 12in
48 44 DANCE YOUR WAY OUT OF THE DOOR, Sharon Dee Clarke, Arista 12in
49 41 BITS & PIECES 87, US Dynamite Mix 12in bootleg mixer
50 71 MILLER LIGHT, Fission, Spacematic Records 12in
51 89 YOU CAN’T TURN ME AWAY, Sylvia Striplin, US 12in bootleg
52 — KING OF SWING, Fission, Streetwave 12in
53 45 TELL ME WHAT I GOTTA DO (REMIX)/EASY, Al Jarreau, WEA 12in twin-pack
54 48 STEP RIGHT UP (PURE DANCE MIX), Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
55 39 IT’S THE NEW STYLE/PAUL REVERE, Beastie Boys, Def Jam 12in
57 56 SACRIFICE, Cyndi Phillips, US Atlantic 12in
58 58 BACK TO SCHOOL, Bunny Wailer, Solomonic 12in
60 74 JEALOUSY/YOU CAN’T HURT ME NO MORE/DEEP IN IT, Heavy Traffic starring “V”, US Atlantic LP
61 — THE BRUTAL HOUSE (114½)/LET’S GET BRUTAL (114⅔)/DUB (114bpm), Nitro Deluxe, US Cutting Records 12in
62 70 BELIEVE IT OR NOT, Billy Griffin, Atlantic 12in
63 82 WE RAP MORE MELLOW, Younger Generation, US Brass 12in
64 52 JEALOUSY, Club Nouveau, Warner Bros 12in
65 72 BOP B DA B DA DA/I OWE IT TO MYSELF, The Gap Band, US Total Experience LP
66 50 BAD LOVE/SERIOUS, Donna Allen, US 21 Records 12in
67 51 CHAMPAGNE/WHAT DOES IT TAKE (REMIX), Kenny G, Arista 12in
68 94 C’EST LA VIE (ARTHUR BAKER REMIX), Robbie Nevil, Manhattan 12in
69 — TRIPLE M BASS, Worse ‘Em, US Profile 12in
70 76 CONTROL (REMIX), Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
71 69 WHO THE CAP FIT, Shinehead, Virgin 12in
72 99 IT’S OVER, Fingers Inc, US Underground 12in
73 — I FOUND LOVE (REMIX), Darlene Davis, US Take One 12in
74 85 IF I SAY YES (REMIX), Five Star, Tent 12in
75 91 JAM ON ME (UK RE-EDIT), Company B, Bluebird Records 12in
76 — 2 THE LIMIT (PARTY TIME REMIX), Octavia, Cooltempo 12in
77 re FUNK BOX PARTY, Masterdon Committee/KEY TO THE WORLD, L.J. Reynolds/THERE’S A REASON, Hi-Tension, Rebel 12in bootleg
79 — JACKIN (EMU STYLE), Home Wreckers, US Dance-Sing 12in
80 — BETCHA DON’T KNOW, Najee, US EMI America LP
81 — EVEN WHEN YOU SLEEP (REMIX), The SOS Band, Tabu 12in
82 81 ALMAZ/DESIRE (REMIXES), Randy Crawford, Warner Brothers 12in
83 90 THIS GOOD GOOD FEELING, Veneice, LGR Records 12in
84 73 IKE’S RAP/HEY GIRL, Isaac Hayes, CBS 12in
85 re I WANT YOU, Tamiko Jones, Detail Records 12in
86 75 GIVE ME THE REASON/SEE ME, Luther Vandross, Epic 12in
87 re IF WALLS COULD TALK, Rose Royce, US Omni Records LP
88 97 ARMED AND DANGEROUS (CLUB MIX), Atlantic Starr, Manhattan 12in promo
89 — I CAN’T GET USED TO SLEEPING BY MYSELF (98½)/I TAUGHT HER EVERYTHING SHE KNOWS (0-28⅘-57⅖)/SHE WAS MY LADY (35-70bpm), Prince Phillip Mitchell, US Ichiban LP
90 86 THE BRONX/STREET ROCK, Kurtis Blow, Club LP
91 55 BREAKOUT (NEW ROCKIN’ VERSION), Swing Out Sister, Mercury 12in
93 — SAMBA (IPANEMA BEACH PARTY REMIX), Georgie Fame, Ensign 12in
94 78 HEAT STROKE, Janice Christie, US SuperTronics 12in
96 68 NIGHTS OF PLEASURE (MARTINELLI MIX), Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
97 re MOVEMENT, The Movement, US Underworld 12in
98 96 DO IT DO IT!/SATURDAY NIGHT (X RATED), Schoolly D, US Schoolly D Records 12in
99 57 SHOWING OUT (MORTGAGE MIX), Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in
100 re SLAVE OF LOVE (GO FOR BROKE REMIX), T.C. Curtis, Hot Melt 12in


01 02 WHO KNOWS WHAT EVIL?, Man Two Man, Nightmare 12in
02 01 ANIMAL MAGNETISM, Darryl Pandy, Nightmare 12in
03 05 TIGHTROPE, Evelyn Thomas, Nightmare 12in
04 07 CAST ASIDE MY STUBBORN PRIDE, Louise Thomas, R&B Records 12in
05 03 READ ALL ABOUT IT, Flirtations, Passion 12in
06 06 LOVE HANGOVER, Tracy Ackerman, Debut 12in
07 11 LOVE’S THE CURE FOR ME, James & Susan Wells, Nightmare 12in
08 — SOUL, Jolo, US Megatone 12in
09 — ONE MORE HURT, Kit Rolfe, Fantasia 12in
10 08 BOOM BOOM, Paul Lekakis, Italian Esquire 12in
11 09 HAVEN’T WE SAID GOODBYE BEFORE, Dollar, Arista 12in
12 10 FIRE ON THE MOON, Aleph, Italian Time 12in
13 12 TAKE ONE STEP FORWARD, Viola Wills & Noel McCalla, Nightmare 12in
14 — NOTHING BUT BLACKMAIL, Croisette, Passion 12in
15 13 OOH LA LA, Princess Day, US Dance-Sing 12in
16 — HEAVEN IS A SECRET, Magic-A, Italian Rainbow 12in
17 — I WANNA DANCE, Cher Perrier, Music UK 12in
18 18 INTO THE NIGHT, Michael Fortunati, Italian Flarenash 12in
19 19 DON’T DELAY, Earlene Bentley, Nightmare 12in
20 17 I DON’T CARE, Eartha Kitt, French Scorpio 12in
21 — LOVE IS LIKE A GAME, Tracy Spencer, Italian Ibiza 12in
22 14 TO BE OR NOT TO BE, Jock Hattle, Italian Taurus 12in
23 22 WE CONNECT, Stacey Q, US Atlantic 12in
24 20 GIVE ME YOUR LOVE, Sisley Ferré, Dutch Hot Sound 12in
25 15 YOU KEEP ME HANGIN’ ON, Kim Wilde, MCA Records 12in
26 26 TOUCH BY TOUCH, Joy, German OK 12in
27 re FIRE, Linda, US On The Spot 12in
28 23 MEMORIES, Carolyn Harding, US Emergency 12in
29 04 DELIVERANCE, People Like Us (featuring Cindy Dickinson), Passion 12in
30 29 KISS IN THE DARK, Girl Talk, Dutch Boni 12in

9 thoughts on “December 13, 1986: Kool Moe Dee, Ronnie McNeir, Billy Preston, Romero, Stardom Groove featuring Tonya Wynne”

  1. It’s a first mention this week for Dave Lee, a friend of this blog, who would later record as Joey Negro. Elsewhere, two tracks debut that were inescapable for me, for many months to come: Company B “Fascinated” (huge in gay clubs, although it remains to be seen whether the Eurobeat chart will reflect this) and Nitro Deluxe “The Brutal House” (renamed “This Brutal House” for UK release). Speaking of the Eurobeat chart: Ian Levine’s Nightmare label now claims the entire Top 3, with three more releases further down, and his label’s future dominance is only just getting going! Finally, I note with interest the title of Denise Motto’s track – mere coincidence, or an early nod towards what was coming in 1988?!


  2. I think the Mohawks record came out about a year later IIRC it was everywhere and similarly sounding tunes over the next year. This was despite the arrival of house still a pretty lean time I remember that as the presence of Georgie Fame and Mondo Cane and Earl Grant have shown in the last few weeks this was a time when it looked like the Latin jazz sound which had been so big in clubland around London and Home Counties for the last couple of years looked like it might actually crossover. During this tune and up till when acid house changed everything the last big nites (in the south eastern part of the country anyway) which I remember all the part of the scene I was involved in going to were things like Doo at the Zoo and Mambo Madness (didn’t mambo finally have its first big hit since the early/mid 50s with some pop dance number 1 in about 1999?- Lou Bega?) but I remember hearing a lot of mambo, samba, bossa nova on nights out and weekenders. I think I’d appreciate it more now ! There was always a bit of a battle between those who were really into jazz and those who liked the newer house and other more modern sounds whether where we were going on a weekend night or which room at the weekenders. Generally speaking until things really got going on 1988 I’d say this period was my least favourite in what I heard out from when I started clubbing in 1982 until I drifted away in about 2002/03.


    1. That’s interesting, because I feel very differently about this period – I absolutely loved what was coming out, particularly the house and hip hop, but a lot of other stuff besides. For the next four years or so, in large part due to DJ-ing, I’d be buying the music covered in these pages in ever-increasing quantities, and I’m now waiting for the first week when I owned everything in the Top 10.

      That Mohawks record comes out quite soon in the UK, by the way – I bought it on 7-inch in early 1987.


  3. It was probably to a large extent the places I found myself at as we used to often go in a large group and sometimes in vans and minibuses (although the coach trips has probably stopped by now!) and with largish groups where you’d end up somewhere where the sounds were not particularly to your taste. Having said that I still think the fact that around London until 1988 (or late 1987 if you went to Shoom which I don’t think I’d even heard of in 1987!) you’d hear so many old tunes (from the 1940s onwards!) says something about how things were in many places.


      1. Yes, I still pull some of the discs out to this day. I once played Donnie Hathaway’s “The Ghetto” from that box set to James, while he and my stepmother were round for dinner, and he got genuinely cross that, once again, the compilers hadn’t used the superior longer version that everyone had forgotten about – by which I think he must have meant the 12-minute version from 1972’s Live.

        The same box set also introduced me to the delights of Les McCann & Eddie Harris “Compared To What”, an all-time favourite of mine ever since.


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