May 31, 1986: Beau Williams, Adonis, Skyy, Pauli Carman, Hanson & Davis


TIM RUDLING is holding the fort at Fourth & Broadway following the sudden shock redundancy (amongst other staff at Island Records) of Adrian Sykes, who nevertheless is already doing independent promotion at 19 Management (01-789 7981) for Paul Hardcastle and more . . . Chris Paul, following my review, is indeed extending ‘Expansions 86’! . . . B Boys don’t despair, although scandalously unscheduled for general release the hip hop movie ‘Krush Groove’ will be shown in London at Kings Cross’s Scala Cinema for four days in July (11-14) . . . Carl Kingston hosts Leeds Radio Aire’s new Saturday 6-8pm ‘Soul Connection’ show, featuring a transatlantic chart link with Doug Gilmore of Los Angeles’ KJLH . . . Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald topped US Black 45s and 12in sales — it seems appropriate, considering fear of terrorism caused Patti to cancel a UK visit, that she seems destined to be kept from number one here by ‘The Chicken Song’! — while E.G. Daily ‘Say It, Say It‘ and then Anthony And The Camp have topped Club Play in Billboard . . . Randy Muller, a Yank who should know Britain better by now, has also chickened out of letting both Brass Construction and, more seriously, Skyy come over here this summer due to his fear of terrorism — odd, when (sarcasm, sarcasm) surely they’re more likely to be mugged on the streets of New York? . . . Zapp (including of course Roger Troutman) brave the bombs to make their UK debut at Hammersmith Odeon June 27/28 — hang out the flags! . . . Charing Cross Heaven in three Saturdays time (21) holds “Europe’s biggest Eurobeat party ever” with 20 surprise star PAs . . . Blue Moderne’s lead singer turns out to be Audrey Wheeler . . . Cooltempo have already snapped up The Real Roxanne with Hitman Howie Tee, and Malaco grabbed Sleeque . . . Archie Bell & The Drells should be out here as you read this . . . Elvis Presley’s ‘Bossa Nova Baby‘ is, perhaps unexpectedly, being revived by some of the “jazzier” jocks, but maybe they should try to find the Leiber & Stoller-produced original by Tippie & The Clovers (on Stateside) instead? . . . Rayners Lane Record & Disco Centre appears to have cornered cut-out stock of 1978’s Leroy Hutson LP containing the evidently much sought ‘Get To This (You’ll Get To Me)‘ . . . Sheila E, to judge from the sleeve of an ancient Pete & Sheila Escovedo LP, has had to have had her nose fined down at some stage! . . . Slick Rick of the Get Fresh Crew has signed as a solo rapper to Rush Productions . . . DJ Cheese will be mixing a mini LP by Fats Comet . . . Thursday (29) Steve Walsh joins Simon Goffe at London Leicester Square’s Secret Rendezvous (in The Store) . . . Friday (30) Chris Hill souls Dartford Flicks, followed by Pete Tong next week, while Disco Gary & Steve Goddard start two funky Fridays at Maidstone Harveys . . . Jonathon More’s planned Meltdown night at Mayfair’s Legends was stymied by the last minute closure of that club, but as a stop-gap he, Rob Milton and Jay Strongman present The Bunker this Saturday (31) at that 1-7 Boundary Row warehouse off London’s Blackfriars Bridge Road . . . Wednesday (4) Andrew Holmes starts hosting Rusholme International Club’s weekly Manchester Soul Nite Out, with amongst the first PAs Projection, Hardrock Soul Movement, and Astra & Tony . . . Danny Smith & Richard Routledge spin new jazz and old soul at Gt Yarmouth’s free admission Two Necked Swan in King Street every Tuesday . . . Fridays find soul pirates John Osborne & Cockney Martin at Catford One-O Club . . . Essex Radio’s soul chart presenter Tony Monson is at Badgers Mount Shades (near Sevenoaks) Thursdays, Clacton-on-Sea Oscars Sundays . . . Joe Field souls Hemel Hempstead Heath Park Sundays, with guest DJs . . . DJ Grand Groove and “Special Guests” (like it!) are after Manchester area gigs on 061-773 1805 (Nick) . . . Mike Shaw (Bristol Sanborn’s) is desperate for a copy of Cloud One ‘Flying High‘ on 0272-500055, and Pete Haigh (Blackpool Zanatas Tues/Thurs) similarly seeks Silk ‘I Can’t Stop (Turning You On)‘ (1979 US Phil Int seven inch or LP) on 0253 824156 . . . Lovebug Starski so far appears, hopefully not fatally, not to be breaking outside London yet . . . Louie Oxley ‘Go-Go Gadget‘ might have done better without its offputting applause intro . . . George Clinton’s terrific ‘Shake’ video was sadly too late to boost his surprisingly brief chart appearance . . . Colin Hudd (using two copies for phasing and echoing) says Wally Badarou synchs superbly out of Thomas & Taylor, while Pete Tong points out the Janice ‘Bye-Bye’ acappella has some great “bitchy” bits for dropping in a mix! . . . I do hope the Seventies disco revival doesn’t get too good a grip, as that era’s wandering non-electro rhythms are a pain to BPM! . . . RELEASE THE TENSION!

CUT MASTER D.C., from Flatbush in Brooklyn, actually uses three turntables and scratches with his elbows, nose, feet and a basketball, as well as behind his back! He also creates a true marriage of go go with hip hop on his partying audience accompanied rap ‘Brooklyn’s In The House’ (be*bop & Fresh 12 DANCE 3, via Pinnacle), now out here with its only slightly altered 101¾-0bpm remix plus 102¾-0bpm original and instrumental all on the one 12 inch. Say “yo”!


BEAU WILLIAMS: ‘Give Me Up’ (US Capitol V-15228)
Soulfully enunciating and worrying his words, Beau truly wails in toe-curling traditional style his tale of self-sacrifice (you can’t really believe that he’s got someone else who wants him “ten times as much”) to a breezily skittering 119¾bpm which like the vocal seems proud to be black and unfashionable . . . but it’s selling (inst flip). Marvellous!

ADONIS: ‘No Way Back’ (US Trax TX 112)
Sounding like the old ‘Space Bass’ beat, this bounding cool rattle ‘n’ bass rhythm driven 125¼bpm garage groove has some incidental husky muttering or an instrumental flip, and is taking off fast enough to reach outer space!

(NEW YORK) SKYY: ‘Givin’ It (To You)’ (Capitol 12CL 401)
Released here on US pressings, to begin with anyway, the Randy ‘Funky Chicken’ Muller-prod/penned 113½bpm infectious breezy pusher is distinctively typical of the group and strong enough to cross over, so it’s a shame they won’t be touring to help it.

PAULI CARMAN: ‘Dial My Number’ (CBS TA 7096)
The System-prod/penned, this brightly wriggling 117¼bpm import hit bounder finds fluidly pleading Pauli waiting all alone by the telephone, like so many before him (dub/inst flip). He used to lead Champaign.

HANSON & DAVIS: ‘I’ll Take You On’ (Fresh Records FRE-5EP)
Aaron Hanson and E.J. Davis still have a Colonel Abrams-ish inflexion (which can only help their garage cred) on a five-track EP, rapping ladies Terry Billy and Blondie joining in on this mildly juddery (0-)109½-0bpm nominal A-side (dub too), the harder more hip hop (0-)109¾bpm ‘Hungry For Your Love‘ however cutting through better here (dub too), while the smoochy soulful 38bpm ‘Hold On To Yesterday’ rounds things off.

W.Q.B.C.: ‘Love Me Anyway’ (Expansion Records EXPAND 1, via PRT)
John Anderson and Richard Searling’s new soul label has at last made widely available this slick modern Chicago group’s pleasantly swaying (0-)101¾-101¾bpm guy ‘n’ gal wailer, kinda Thomas & Taylor meet Atlantic Starr with a honking sax break, flipped by the more mundanely lurching almost “London”-like (0-)117-0bpm ‘I’ll Be Loving You‘.

JANET JACKSON: ‘Nasty (Extended)’ (A&M AMY 316)
Aggressively — and to my mind rather unattractively — jolting 103½-0bpm remix of her once quite amusing Vanity 6-ish album track (inst and Rene & Angela’s old 123¼bpm ‘You’ll Never Find‘ as flip). The catchier seven inch is far less fierce and will make it a hit.

JEFFREY OSBORNE: ‘You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)’ (A&M AMY 311)
Relying more on his vocal soul than on a strong song, this sombre atmosphere filled tortuous 88¾bpm slowie may yet prove to be a “grower” but so far it’s aroused surprisingly little interest.

LOOSE ENDS: ‘Stay A Little While, Child’ (Virgin VS 819-12)
With an intro full of eastern promise. this jitters and taps into the usual (0-)103½bpm Nick Martinelli-produced tempo in somewhat ponderous style overall, although individual bits are good (so maybe the seven inch will sound snappier?).

GHETTO STYLE WITH 2 LIVE CREW: ‘Trow The D.’ (US Luke Skyy Walker Records G.R. 100)
Sizzling cut, rap ‘n’ scratch using such famous break beats as Herman Kelly’s ‘Dance To The Drummer’s Beat’ in three 123bpm versions, with the ponderous (0-)91-0bpm ‘Ghetto Bass‘ linked with an “and” to the title although it’s otherwise separate.

RUN-D.M.C.: ‘My Adidas’ (US Profile PRO-7102)
You can do anything but don’t you step on my blue suede sneakers — the words are actually changed although the message remains much the same on this stark 95½bpm rap ‘n’ scratch, coupled with the looser 105¾bpm ‘Peter Piper’ and their instrumentals.

BILLIE: ‘Nobody’s Business’ (US Fleetwood FW 008)
Another Regisford & Jarvis production that solidly hits that Colonel Abrams-derived garage groove, this skittering and wriggling 122bpm bounder is hotter in its Instrumental Club Mix than in its girl squawked two Radio Mixes.

CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR: ‘Make Me The One (UK Clubmix)’ (Citybeat CBE 1204, via WEA)
Les Adams has completely tidied up this pleasant swaying 104½bpm soul vocal group burbler to give it a good long mixable intro at last, and a strong lurching dub flip, but its new electronic rhythm track was unable to negotiate around the original‘s tension-filled pauses which are now only to be found here on the unremixed seven inch.

MTUME: ‘Breathless’ (Epic TA 7159)
Possibly a grower but initially disappointing, this duetted 105½bpm jolter sounds over calculatedly like the SOS Band singing ‘Juicy Fruit’ (dub flip). Nothing wrong with that of course, provided it doesn’t sound so dull.

BOB JAMES/DAVID SANBORN: ‘Double Vision’ LP (US Warner Bros 1-25393)
The keyboardist/arranger and the supersessioning saxist get together, with Al Jarreau wailing Lenny Welch’s old haunting dead slow 0-29½bpm ‘Since I Fell For You’, on a fast-selling fusion set more for cocktail bar and radio listening than dancing, although its gently rhythmic weaving subdued instrumentals include the (0-)91bpm ‘Maputo‘, 0-71/35½bpm ‘Never Enough‘, 46½/93bpm ‘More Than Friends’, 45¾/91½bpm ‘It’s You’.

LINDA TILLERY: ‘Secrets’ LP (US 411 Records BLF 736)
Worthy of comparison with Anita Baker although more outgoing in spirit, this excellent sophisticated soul-jazz vocal set has had more spasmodic distribution here but is well worth finding for a good listen, the main floorfiller being its gently swaying 97½-98-99-99½bpm title track. Recommended.

MASQUERADE: ‘(Solution To) The Problem’ (Streetwave MKHAN 67)
Youth can work it out, without drugs, bombs and politics, or so runs the message of this cheerfully optimistic jiggly 0-115½bpm singalong snapper. No generation ever has but most have thought they could, so good luck, kids!

DONALD BYRD: ‘Dominoes (Live)’ (Streetwave SWAVE7)
Already there’s a new generation who missed all those cheap cut-outs of the 1976 ‘Blue Note Live At The Roxy’ double album that spawned this 118-116¾-115½-115-116-115-0bpm anthem of the jazz-funk era.

DEXTER WANSEL: ‘Captured’ (10 Records TEN 80-12)
Probably the only viable single on his upcoming LP, this Jones Girls cooed and squeaked jerky 110bpm burbler may seem bright and frothy but under the surface it’s a big disappointment.

JONATHAN BUTLER: ‘Baby Please Don’t Take It’ (Jive JIVE T 120)
Spurting 0-97-99bpm Benson-ish guitar and chorus instrumental probably too delicate for real dancefloor penetration although pleasant listening.

DISCO TOP 100 – May 31, 1986

01 01 (YOU ARE MY) ALL AND ALL/MANTRONIK MEGA MIX, Joyce Sims, London 12in
02 06 EXPANSIONS ’86 Chris Paul featuring David Joseph, Fourth And Broadway 12in
03 08 JUMP BACK (SET ME FREE), Dhar Braxton, Fourth And Broadway 12in
05 10 I CAN’T WAIT (DUTCH MIX), Nu Shooz, Atlantic 12in
06 03 THE FINEST, The SOS Band, Tabu 12in
07 12 YOU CAN’T BLAME LOVE, Thomas & Taylor, Cooltempo 12in
08 07 LOVE’S GONNA GET YOU, Modern-nique featuring Larry Woo, 10 Records 12in
09 05 WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY (REMIX), Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
10 04 YOU AND ME TONIGHT, Aurra, 10 Records 12in
12 09 ON MY OWN, Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald, MCA Records 12in
13 14 BASSLINE (STRETCHED)/LADIES (REVIVED), Mantronix, 10 Records 12in
14 11 DO FRIES GO WITH THAT SHAKE, George Clinton, Capitol 12in
15 19 SET ME FREE, Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
16 16 MINE ALL MINE (MARK BERRY REMIXES), Cashflow, Club 12in
17 18 I’LL KEEP ON LOVING YOU, Princess, Supreme Records 12in
18 23 DESTINY, D.S.M., Elite 12in
19 34 GIVIN’ IT (TO YOU), Skyy, Capitol 12in
20 17 AMITYVILLE (THE HOUSE ON THE HILL), Lovebug Starski, Epic 12in
21 13 YOU AND ME TONIGHT (MIDNIGHT MIX), Aurra, 10 Records 12in
22 32 SET FIRE TO ME/INFERNO DUB, Willie Colon, US A&M 12in
23 55 YOUNG HEARTS RUN FREE (M&M REMIX), Candi Staton, Warner Bros 12in
24 20 HEADLINES, Midnight Star, US Solar 12in/German LP
25 22 NOVELA DAS HOVE (SPIDER WOMAN), Wally Badarou, Fourth And Broadway 12in
26 25 STAY, The Controllers, MCA Records 12in
27 15 SERIOUS, Serious Intention, London/Pow Wow Records Inc 12in
28 26 S.O.S., Oliver Cheatham, Champion 12in
29 24 WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT (REMIX), Total Contrast, London 12in
30 41 CAN’T GET BY WITHOUT YOU (REMIX), Real Thing, PRT 12in
31 31 A NIGHT TO REMEMBER (M&M REMIX), Shalamar, MCA Records 12in
32 38 MIDAS TOUCH/CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, Midnight Star, German Solar LP
33 56 DIAL MY NUMBER, Pauli Carman, CBS 12in
34 27 CAN’T WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE, Five Star, Tent 12in
35 33 TENDER LOVE, Force MD’s, Tommy Boy/Island 12in
36 46 STYLE (PETER GUNN THEME), Grandmaster Flash, Elektra 12in
37 29 PRISONER OF LOVE (UK RE-EDIT), Millie Scott, Fourth And Broadway 12in
38 50 HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE/I’LL TAKE YOU ON, Hanson And Davis, US Fresh Records 12in
39 43 BURNIN’ LOVE, Con Funk Shun, US Mercury 12in
40 70 GO-GO SWING, Chuck Brown And The Soul Searchers, US Future 12in
41 48 OPEN YOUR DOOR, Guinn, Motown 12in
42 75 NO WAY BACK, Adonis, US Trax 12in
43 47 ONE FOR THE MONEY, Sleeque, US Easy Street 12in
44 57 I CAN’T WAIT (TO ROCK THE MIKE), Spyder D (featuring DJ Doc), US Profile 12in
45 49 THROUGH THE NIGHT, Blue Moderne, US Roll Records 12in
46 45 WHERE YOU GONNA BE TONIGHT?, Willie Collins, Capitol LP
48 42 IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE (BEN LIEBRAND REMIX), Tavares, Capitol 12in
49 39 COMPUTER LOVE (REMIXES), Zapp, Warner Bros 12in
50 59 BANG ZOOM (LET’S GO-GO)/HOWIE’S TEED OFF, The Real Roxanne with Hitman Howie Tee, US Select Records 12in
51 53 GIVE ME UP, Beau Williams, US Capitol 12in
52 76 MY ADIDAS, Run-D.M.C., US Profile 12in
53 58 BROOKLYN’S IN THE HOUSE, Cut Master D.C. US Zakia Records 12in
54 28 GOTTA FIND A WAY/ INSTRUMENTAL, Russ Brown, 10 Records 12in
56 61 TROW THE DICK/TROW THE D/DUB MIX, Ghetto Style with 2 Live Crew, US Luke Skyy Walker Records 12in
57 63 RAZZLE DAZZLE, Michael Jeffries, Warner Bros 12in
58 73 CAPTURED, Dexter Wanzel featuring The Jones Girls, 10 Records 12in
59 77 PEE-WEE’S DANCE, Joeski Love, US Vintertainment 12in
60 44 WHEN I THINK OF YOU/NASTY Janet Jackson, A&M LP
61 — MAPUTO, Bob James, David Sanborn, US Warner Bros LP
62 69 I’LL KEEP ON LOVING YOU (DUB & SCRATCH REMIXES), Princess, Supreme Records 12in
64 51 SHADOWS OF YOUR LOVE, J.M. Silk, US DJ International Records 12in
65 66 INTO THE MOTION, The Cool Notes, Abstract Dance 12in
66 re BREATHLESS, Mtume, Epic 12in
67 78 TAKE A PIECE OF ME, Booker Newberry III, Omni 12in
69 68 BROOKLYN’S IN THE HOUSE (REMIX), Cut Master D.C., US Zakia Records 12in
70 64 MY LATIN LOVER, Q-Pid Featuring Nikki Q, US Sunnyview 12in
71 — NASTY (REMIX), Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
72 72 ONE BODY, Marc Reed, 20/20 Records 12in
73 65 TELL ME TOMORROW/IF IT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD, Princess, Supreme Records LP
74 80 LOVE ME ANYWAY, W.Q.B.C., Expansion Records 12in
76 — (SOLUTION TO) THE PROBLEM, Masquerade, Streetwave 12in promo
77 — MAKE ME THE ONE (LES ADAMS REMIX), Crown Heights Affair, CityBeat 12in
78 94 DON’T LET LOVE GET YOU DOWN, Matthew David, Bluebird/10 12in
79 — STAY A LITTLE WHILE CHILD, Loose Ends, Virgin 12in promo
80 re DON’T LET LOVE GET YOU DOWN, Archie Bell And The Drell’s, US Philadelphia International LP
81 71 JACK YOUR BODY — HOME MADE/CLUB YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, US Underground 12in
82 52 MAIN THING/MAIN DUB, Shot featuring Kim Marsh, US Easy Street 12in
83 — HOT TO TOUCH, Julian Jonah, Total Control Records 12in promo
84 — BABY PLEASE DON’T TAKE IT, Jonathan Butler, Jive 12in
85 60 TURNED ON TO YOU, (Eighties) Ladies, United Records 121n
86 87 SECRETS, Linda Tillery, US 411 Records LP
87 84 CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE, James Cobbin And Prime Cut, Lovebeat International 12in
88 re LET’S MAKE LOVE, T.C. Curtis, Hot Melt 12in
89 — SET ME FREE (MARK BERRY REMIX), Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
91 62 PRAYIN’ (GOSPEL MIX), Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes, Stateside 12in
92 99 GO BANG! #5, Dinosaur L, US Sleeping Bag Records 12in
93 89 MYSTERY/WATCH YOUR STEP, Anita Baker, US Elektra 12in
94 92 TELL ME IT’S TRUE, Ian Foster, MCA Records 12in
95 90 A LOVE BIZARRE, PARTS I AND II, Sheila E, Warner Bros/Paisley Park 12in
96 100 POINT OF NO RETURN, Earlene Bentley, Champion 12in
97 — DOMINOES (LIVE), Donald Byrd, Streetwave 12in
98 96 OFF THE HOOK, C.M. Dance, US Midnight Sun 12in
100 100 ARE YOU WID IT, Private Possession, US Mega Bolt 12in


01 01 REFLEX ACTION, Louise Thomas, R&B 12in
02 07 RUNNING AWAY FROM LOVE, Astaire, Passion LP bonus 12in
03 02 OH L’AMOUR/GIMME GIMME GIMME, Erasure, Mute 12in
04 05 YOU’RE A BEAT, Eastbound Expressway, Passion 12in
06 03 E.S.P. (EXTRA SENSUAL PERSUASION), Hazell Dean, EMI 12in
07 04 MALE STRIPPER, Man 2 Man Meet Man Parrish, US Recan 12in
08 08 IN THE HEAT OF A PASSIONATE MOMENT, Princess, Supreme Records LP
09 10 I’M YOUR MAN, Barry Manilow, RCA 12in
10 11 AMERICAN LOVE, Rose Laurens, German WEA 12in
11 12 LIKE A TIGER, Michael Zager, US Mosaic 12in
12 13 THIRD TIME LUCKY, Pearly Gates, Funkin’ Marvellous 12in
13 14 AGAIN, Do Piano, French EMI 12in
14 15 KEEP ON ROCKIN’, Hemyl, Italian Missing 12in
15 16 VENUS, Bananarama, London 12in
16 17 GET OUT OF MY LIFE, Lady Lily, Italian Papagayo 12in
17 18 DISENCHANTED, The Communards, London 12in
18 09 I LOVE MY RADIO (MIDNIGHT RADIO) (US REMIX), Taffy, US Emergency 12in
19 19 IRRESISTIBLE, Stephanie, Carrere 12in
20 20 ROCK IT DOWN TO MIDNIGHT, Diebold And Co, US Night Wave 12in
21 21 NOTHING IN COMMON, Wagner, Italian Best 12in
22 22 HUMANOID INVASION, Laser Dance, Dutch Hot Sound 12in
23 24 LOOKIN’ BACK, Lucky Ross, Italian Rainbow 12in
24 26 WE ARE THE BOYS, Until December, US 415/Columbia 12in
25 29 LADY O, Paul Rein, Swedish Alpha 12in
26 28 IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE (BEN LIEBRAND REMIX), Tavares, Capitol 12in
27 re GIVE ME UP, Michael Fortunati, Belgian Ariola 12in
28 re ANIKANA-O, Afrika System, Italian, X-Energy 12in
29 — JUMP IN MY CAR, Secret Star, German Hansa 12in
30 — IF THE LOVE FITS, Lewis, Riva 12in

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