December 20, 1986: Throwdown, Howard Hewett, Nitro Deluxe, Master C & J, Prince Phillip Mitchell


Jet Star turns out to be the successor to the old Pama label, and — guess what? — it at last will be reissuing the original Mohawks ‘The Champ‘ in the new year … Jean Knight ‘Mr Big Stuff‘ is easily available here on Old Gold (OG 9534), presumably still 93bpm … UK DJ Mixing Championships heats start in January at Newcastle-upon-Tyne Walkers Tuesday 6, Edinburgh Ampitheatre Wed 7, Manchester Saturdays Tues 13, Barnsley Japanese Whispers Wed 14, Birmingham Millionaires Mon 19, Bristol Chasers Tues 20, Bournemouth Clouds Mon 25, with the UK final at London’s Hippodrome Tuesday, February 10 … I hope to be judging at all these venues, so see you there! … London’s Royal Albert Hall is the prestigious site of the final International Mixing Championships, transformed by Avitec Electronics into a massive disco for the occasion, on Monday March 9, the day after the Disco Mix Club’s 1987 International DJ Convention will once again have been at the Hippodrome (Sunday, March 8); tickets for both events are available singly or combined (the latter the better deal, while all are cheaper if bought before Feb 15 – call 06286-67276 for full details) … Disco Aid to date, with lots more money still to come, has raised £32,000 — better than nothing, but a long way short of expectations … CBS might now find takers for the James Brown 12 inch, having replaced the flip’s ‘Living In America (R&B Mix)’ with a Message House Mix of the charging full tilt (0-)126-0bpm ‘Goliath’ floor burner, remixed by Chris Lord-Alge, as too is its newly extended more delicately starting 108⅓-0bpm A-side, ‘How Do You Stop‘ (Scotti Bros JAMES 01) – typically, this yet again throws away an album’s hottest track on a B-side (shades of ‘What’s Missing’) … Phonogram have given up with ‘Victory’, replacing the A-side of Kool & The Gang’s 12 inch with ‘The Throwdown Mix‘ (Club JABXR 44), a typical neat 111…124½bpm Les Adams megamix of ‘Get Down On It/Ladies Night/Fresh/Big Fun/Straight Ahead/Celebration/Misled/Emergency’ – in fact, all the hit floor-fillers that fit, nicely timed for Christmas! … Hindsight’s subtitle ‘Spare A Dime Mix’ always led one to expect a remix and, sure enough, ‘Small Change’ is now also in a dubbier 111⅙bpm ‘The Corn Xchange Mix’ (Circa YRTX 1) – a pity the original hasn’t done as well nationally as it deserved … 5,000 copies of the originally promo-only current Loose Ends 12 inch twin-pack finally reached the shops commercially in yet another creative marketing ploy by Virgin, who now, along with some sort of cassette pack, have at least four configurations of ‘Nights Of Pleasure’ on sale, not counting seven inch – maybe if the right songs in the right mixes were widely available from the start, none of this manoeuvring would be necessary … CityBeat are starting a regular remix series of 12 inch four-trackers, The Ultimate Mixes ’87, kicking off with Arthur Baker’s four radical revamps of Freeez ‘IOU’ and Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk’s four of John Rocca ‘I Want It To Be Real’ (the inspiration behind Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley ‘Jack Your Body’!); the Freeez remixes are house-styled 121¼bpm Club Dub and 121bpm Club Vocal, go go-ish 105¼bpm Shakedown Vocal and Instrumental (CityBeat CBE 1209), due Jan 5 … rm’s next full BPM column after the Hammy Awards and Christmas won’t be until January 8, so note that also due on UK release earlier that week are the remixed 0-104⅔-0bpm Naturals ‘Funky Rasta’ (Cooltempo COOLX 140), and (all on Champion) Raze ‘Let The Music Move U’ (119¼)/’Get Down’ (119½)/’Control Me’ (128¼bpm) (CHAMP 1227), Gary L ‘Time’ (120½bpm) (CHAMP 1228), Libra Libra ‘I Like It’ (120¼bpm) (CHAMP 1226) … DJs, please post your next charts to us no later than Monday, January 5 … Hank Ballard & The Midnighters attracted lots of faces, including Capital’s Peter Young and Charlie Gillett, Radio London’s Robbie Vincent, Radio One’s John Peel, DevonAir’s Dave Treharne, WBLS’s Tim Westwood, the Monster Raving Loony Party’s Screaming Lord Sutch, and – to my delight – the guy who graduated from being a punter to DJ with me at The Scene 21 years ago, Brian Peters … Richard Searling presents his Top 50 personal soul choice of 1986 on Red Rose Radio between 10pm-2am on January 1 … Heatwave are recording here an album and single for February release via PRT … Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk has remixed First Choice ‘Let No Man Put Asunder’ with new vocals added by Roshelle Fleming … Brian Mason (Cricklewood Ashtons) thinks he can detect a similarity between more than just the titles of Robbie Nevil ‘C’est La Vie’ and T.S. Monk ‘Bon Bon Vie’, while likewise Bruce ‘Dr Juice’ Nelson (Sheffield Sinatra’s) suggests the Davis/Pinckney Project ‘You Can Dance (If You Want To)’ and Men Without Hats ‘Safety Dance’ … Krystal’s ‘Precious, Precious’, now I’ve checked, is not the old Jackie Moore song, but with so similar a title line the modern song could well have been a rearrangement … Heavy D. & The Boyz (due as a remix) has much the same ‘Triple M Bass’ as Worse ‘Em (now promoed here on Champion, at 97⅚-97⅓-97-96⅔-0bpm, which means I hadn’t spotted the US Profile pressing should really be 0-98⅓-97⅙-0bpm in similarly decelerating stages) … Steady “B” also has a 12 inch (with remixes as well as the already reviewed LP versions) of the modern “talking blues”-style ‘Cheatin’ Girl‘ and scratched bragging rap ‘Bring The Beat Back‘ (US Jive/Pop Art 1023-1-JD) … Ready For The World’s smoochily “probing” 0-64⅗bpm ‘Love You Down‘ topped US Black 45s, Freddie Jackson Black LPs, Dead Or Alive Club Play too in Billboard … Sharon Dee Clarke doesn’t have much acting to do as the night nurse in TV’s ‘The Singing Detective’, she’s usually asleep! … Pez Tellet & Andy Gould are promoting the brand new RJ’s on New Brighton promenade as a “serious dance venue’, to counter the area’s many fun-pubs, and they’d welcome offers of PAs on 051-639 5746 … Boxing Day (26) Rob Day and the Brothers Slide start the weekly Friday Escapism for all vintages of funk at New Cross Cupids (in Goldsmiths Tavern), as a replacement for the defunct Flim-Flam – which will return in February at a new venue … I don’t know why my ‘Hit List/Disco Round-Up’ reviews in the latest issue of JOCKS have been printed so far out of the right running order that most of the lead reviews come last, but it’s even got me confused! … Christmas is almost here — many thanks for all your cards, and KEEP CHILLED!

HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS wore marvellous last Thursday at the Hammersmith Palais, turning the clock back to the Fifties and Sixties without making any compromise to more recent musical developments. Hank, with his tidily lean face looking ever youthful, began making hits in 1954 and surely couldn’t have been much more dynamic even then, while the Midnighters vocal group stood out on their own especially singing ‘My Girl’, member Caesar Valentino doing back flips and splits during his solo Jackie Wilson tribute, and guitarist Billy Davis revived all the redundant blues licks you never thought you’d see performed again (as was everything) in such perfectly dated style. Soul, blues, gospel and rock ‘n’ roll combined, with inevitably ‘The Twist’, to make an educational blast from the past and back to the future.

Friday (19) LWR’s Jasper and Jazzy M (seen above) with Rick Davis, Crazy Larry and Grandmaster Richie Rich start a “Syndicate” of DJs funking East Sheen’s the Bull; Sunday (21) London Charing Cross Road’s Astoria is funked from 4pm by Jeff Young, Simon Goffe, Tim Westwood, CJ Carlos, Gordon Mac, Jasper and BB&Q, while Graham Gold joins Joe Field souling Hemel Hempstead’s Heath Park; Monday (22) BB&Q are with Rick Davis at Uxbndge RegaIs; Wednesday (Christmas Eve) Northfleet Red Lion’s late night fancy dress Slammer has Chris Hill, Pete Tong, Eddie Gordon, while there are separate funk and jazz rooms at Hemel Hempstead’s Heath Park with Joe Field, Bob Cosby, Dave Ealand, Doug Osbourne and Big Blow; Christmas Day (25) Glasgow Dunlop Street’s Warehouse has BB&Q and 4AM (from 6pm!); Boxing Day (26) Preston Easy Street’s 4pm limited 600 admission Soul Sauce has Richard Searling, Kev Edwards, Kenni James and Roy Rose, while Camberley Cambridge Nite-Spot’s annual Frenchies beach party is hosted as ever by Chris Brown; Saturday (27) Great Shelford (Cambndge) De Freville Arms is souled by Martin Collins, Graham Gold, Tony Fernandez and Joe Field; Sunday (28) Leeds Tiffany’s alldayer stars unspecified jocks; Tuesday (30) Steve Allen souls Peterborough Millionaire. Those are the ones that arrived in time — it’s not a complete list, I know.


THROWDOWN ‘The Champ’ (HardBack BOSS 3)
Gilles Peterson, Paul Phillips and George Michael’s cousin Andros Giorgio have produced with musicians from Hi-Tension, Kandidate and the Team Ten Horns a note for note 111bpm remake of the reedy organ driven UK-recorded 1968 break beat classic by the Mohawks, currently numero uno on most DJs’ want lists (however, for good news, see Odds ‘n’ Bods!). Based on the chant and structure from Lowell Fulsom’s ‘Tramp’ – better known by Otis Redding & Carla Thomas – it’s still instrumental on the A-side (edit too), while the AA-side adds in Faze One and DJ Streets Ahead for a 0-100⅔bpm ‘Bust The Champ’ rap ‘n’ scratch (edit/beats too) that’s up to US standards of toughness.

HOWARD HEWETT ‘Stay’ (US Elektra 0-66827)
Shep Pettibone and the Latin Rascals have concocted five remixes of the Shalamar star’s hottest album track, a mesmeric jittering Jam & Lewis-ish swaying jogger that ends up excitingly pent up but is most immediately passionate in the 98½bpm Before Midnight Mix and slow burns in the 99bpm After Midnight Mix, with 98¼bpm Dub, 98⅓bpm Instrumental/Bonus Beats too.

NITRO DELUXE ‘The Brutal House’ (US Cutting Records CR-210)
Rapidly building over the past two weeks, this bass and jittery percussion boosted ever shifting 114½bpm instrumental reverts to the Bohannon, BT Express type of Seventies rhythm but with greater modern clarity and some squeaky doodling synth tones nagging through it all. The flip’s 114⅔bpm ‘Let’s Get Brutal’ and its 114bpm Dub are differently textured shorter treatments.

MASTER C & J ‘Face It (Club)’ (US State Street Records S.S.R. 1001)
Taking off fast, this classically simple cleanly cantering 120½bpm house – or, if you prefer, timeless disco – has a chap calmly muttering his mysterious pleas for help in a pseudo-profound narrative as the synth-washed beats keep leaping along (instrumental Dub It and keyboarded Jazzy Jack Track too).

PRINCE PHILLIP MITCHELL ‘Devastation’ LP (US Ichiban Records ICH 1004)
One look at his song titles and you’ll call him Mr Pitiful, not Prince. This guy is hurtin’ inside, and the result for us is the best truly soulful album in a long time … including Bobby Womack. Whereas Womack recorded in Memphis and still sounds predictable, the almost equally veteran but refreshingly far less familiar Mitchell recorded in Muscle Shoals with its Sixties backing musicians, producing and writing everything himself. The jogging slightly Al Green-ish 98½bpm ‘I Can’t Get Used To Sleeping By Myself’ has the most easily useable rhythm while best slowies are the 0-28⅘-57⅔bpm ‘I Taught Her Everything She Knows’ and 35-70bpm ‘She Was My Lady’, others continuing a theme being the 106bpm ‘The Show Must Go On’, 68bpm ‘You’re Gonna Come Back To Love’, 34/68-0bpm ‘This Is Our Song’, (0-)116bpm ‘In Her Own Way’, 122½bpm ‘Body Shop’. Obviously, this guy’s been left, and don’t know what to do about it – unlike Oran ‘Juice’ Jones!

SURFACE ‘Surface’ LP (CBS 450099 1)
Now taking lead vocals themselves, hot songwriting/producing team David ‘Pic’ Conley, David Townsend and Bernard Jackson are proving successfully soulful with a consistent set that’s been exceptionally big on import, the established floor-fillers being their tuggingly swaying 98bpm “original” of ‘Happy’ (written by them though first recorded by Hi-Tension some time back), the flute trilled cantering (0-)121¾bpm ‘Feels So Good’, youthfully jiggly (0-)111-0bpm ‘Who Loves You’, muttering jittery 124¼bpm ‘Lady Wants A Man’ and romantic rolling 79¾bpm ‘Gotta Make Love Tonight’.

BEASTIE BOYS ‘Licensed To Ill’ LP (Def Jam 450062 1)
Outraging stuck in the mud traditionalists and exciting the more open minded, these brash and self-consciously nasty boys have really made a fusion of rock ‘n’ rap, with solid depth instead of the surface rock guitar trimmings that satisfy nobody. The whole set is a blast, floor-fillers though being their 0-96⅔bpm ‘Slow Ride’ adaptation of War’s ‘Low Rider’, Led Zeppelin-ripping hip hop heavy metal 96½bpm ‘She’s Crafty’, scratching and shouting 98bpm ‘Time To Get Ill’, honking and chanting 116bpm ‘Brass Monkey’ – and don’t forget ‘Girls’!

TASHAN ‘Chasin’ A Dream’ LP (Def Jam 450158 1)
Rapid UK release for an excellent soul set with the Alyson Williams-duetted 85⅔bpm ‘Got The Right Attitude’, throbbing jittery 101bpm ‘Read My Mind’, Marvin Gaye-ish 105¼bpm ‘Thank You Father’, hypnotically drifting 85½bpm title track and tenderly swaying 83bpm ‘So Much In Love’ its emergent dance hits.

JESSE JOHNSON ‘Crazay (Featuring Sly Stone) (Remix)’ (US A&M SP-12214)
Although a dreadful untidily jumbled overly-vocal version has already been released here, A&M have rightly superseded it by mailing DJs this vastly superior import remix, a smoothly pumping (0-)113-0bpm backbeat chugger with bursts of chanting and Sly’s old “I want to take you higher” washing through (rather than dominating) the now cleanly driving beat, sorta ‘A Love Bizarre’ meets James Brown with the rough edges knocked off (in four mixes).

JUNGLE WONZ ‘The Jungle’ (US Trax Records TX129)
Marshall Jefferson-created sparsely bounding 118½bpm house, all shushing hi-hats, burbling bass beats and interstellar synth, with some sinister muttering about the urban jungle, or tropical “jungle noises” on the flip’s more instrumental (and infectious?) 117¼bpm ‘Jungle Mix’.

DOUG E. FRESH & THE GET FRESH CREW ‘Oh, My God!’ LP (US Reality F-9649)
I had been resisting having to buy a set that revolves around a lengthily remixed ‘The Show’, and ‘All The Way To Heaven’, but had to succumb as growing numbers of DJs force it into our chart all because of the infectiously jiggling go go-ish 101⅓bpm chantalong, scratchalong, rappalong ‘Lovin’ Ev’ry Minute Of It (Cyclone Ride)’. It’s preceded by the even jauntier short 0-101⅔bpm second half of ‘Leave It Up To The Cut Professor’, while ‘Nuthin’‘ has a totally human beat boxed backing.

SALT-N-PEPA ‘Hot Cool Vicious’ LP (US Next Plateau PL1007)
Cheryl (Salt), Sandy (Pepa) and Latoya (Spinderella) are obviously girls who just like to have fun, on a good humoured rap set which includes their singles, hottest newie so far being the giggly go go-ish 0-91⅔bpm ‘My Mike Sounds Nice’, while coincidentally the 93bpm ‘Tramp’ is based on the scratched-in Otis & Carla cut that inspired ‘The Champ’. Check the chart for other relevant beats.

KEITH PATRICK ‘Night To Remember’ (In Recordings INRT 2)
Hopefully not now too fatally late, this Nick Martinelli-mixed attractive fluidly swaying (0-)115⅔bpm melodic wriggler did well on import recently as it sounds just like Howard Hewett singing to a Paul Hardcastle ‘Rain Forest’-style backing (inst/edit flip).

THE SOURCE featuring CANDI STATON ‘You Got The Love’ (Streetwave MKHAN 78)
Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk mixed the sparser more fluid flip’s two versions of this murkily tempoed 109⅗bpm burbler, naggingly souled with an inspirational lyric, but the only thing that really cuts through is a tinkling chime in the two A-side mixes’ chattering rhythm.

MANFRIDAY ‘Winners’ (US Warner Bros/Jellybean 0-20596)
New York’s answer to ‘Rumors’, Larry Levan co-produced (as a group member) this crowd noise introed mournfully sung 0-116½bpm loper which steadily trips through Timex-type vocal patterns and some squalling sax (inst/edit flip).

HEAVY TRAFFIC STARRING “V” ‘Jealousy (Remix)’ (US Atlantic 0-86767)
Having plumped for the better value album I much prefer its more concise version of this Brian & Eddie Holland-prod/penned girl-souled rolling lurcher, but Larry Patterson’s (0-)110⅕-0bpm remix has been serviced (along with other recent imports) by WEA to several DJs, and the flip’s sparser self-descriptive Dub A Capella is rightly building support, being reduced to just the bass, backbeat, and powerful wailing (inst/edit too). Who is “V”? She can sing.

UK DISCO TOP 100 – December 20, 1986

01 06 BIG FUN, The Gap Band, Total Experience 12in
02 01 SHIVER (REMIX), George Benson, Warner Bros 12in
03 02 CHILLIN’ OUT (REMIX), Curtis Hairston, Atlantic 12in
04 04 CANDY/REMIX, Cameo, Club 12in
05 05 THE RAIN (REMIX), Oran ‘Juice’ Jones, Def Jam 12in
06 03 JACK THE GROOVE, Raze, Champion 12in
07 07 MR BIG STUFF, Heavy D & The Boyz, MCA Records 12in
08 11 YOU CAN DANCE (IF YOU WANT TO), Go Go Lorenzo & The Davis/Pinckney Project, Boiling Point 12in
09 14 NIGHTS OF PLEASURE (REMIXES), Loose Ends, Virgin 12in twin-pack
10 08 SHOWING OUT, Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in
12 12 GO SEE THE DOCTOR, Kool Moe Dee, Jive 12in
13 15 SHAKE YOU DOWN, Gregory Abbott, CBS 12in
14 09 SMALL CHANGE (SPARE A DIME MIX), Hindsight, Circa Records 12in
15 16 MIDAS TOUCH (REMIX), Midnight Star, Solar 12in
16 17 JACK YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, US Underground 12in
18 13 I’M CHILLIN’, Kurtis Blow, Club 12in
20 18 SEE ME/I REALLY DIDN’T MEAN IT, Luther Vandross, Epic LP
21 25 LET THE MUSIC MOVE U/GET DOWN, Raze, Champion 12in white label
23 26 FACTS OF LOVE, Jeff Lorber featuring Karyn White, Club 12in
24 22 BREAKOUT (N.A.D. MIX), Swing Out Sister, Mercury 12in
25 39 TO THE BEAT OF THE DRUM, Wired, US Underworld 12in
26 28 SWEET LOVE/NO ONE IN THE WORLD, Anita Baker, Elektra 12in
27 40 OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN (REMIX), Gwen Guthrie, US Polydor 12in
28 32 ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY (REMIX), Vesta Williams, A&M 12in
29 29 PUMP THAT BASS/LIVE (GET A LITTLE STUPID…HO!), Original Concept, US Def Jam 12in
31 31 THIS TIME, Private Possession featuring Hunter Hayes, 4th + B’way 12in
32 20 BARAH (THE HOUSE MIX), Cleavage, US Studio Records 12in
33 41 PASSION AND PAIN, Janice McClain, MCA Records 12in
34 54 STEP RIGHT UP (PURE DANCE MIX), Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
36 30 L.A. NIGHTS, Yasuko Agawa, Bluebird 12in
37 23 MISUNDERSTANDING (REMIX), James (D-Train) Williams, US Columbia 12in
38 24 I CAN’T TURN AROUND, J.M. Silk, RCA 12in
39 49 BITS & PIECES 87, US Dynamite Mix 12in bootleg mixer
40 34 I’VE GOTTA BE TOUGH/WE DON’T PLAY, M.C. Shy-D, US Luke Skyywalker 12in
41 80 BETCHA DON’T KNOW, Najee, US EMI America LP
42 50 MILLER LIGHT, Fission, Spacematic Records 12in
43 53 TELL ME WHAT I GOTTA DO (REMIX), Al Jarreau, WEA 12in twin-pack
44 79 JACKIN (EMU STYLE), Home Wreckers, US Dance-Sing 12in
45 86 GIVE ME THE REASON/SHE’S SO GOOD TO ME/SEE ME, Luther Vandross, Epic 12in
46 57 SACRIFICE, Cyndi Phillips, US Atlantic 12in/promo
47 42 SLAVE OF LOVE, TC Curtis, Hot Melt 12in
48 46 THE MORNING AFTER/TAKE CHARGE, Curtis Hairston, US Atlantic LP
49 73 I FOUND LOVE (REMIX), Darlene Davis, US Take One 12in
50 88 ARMED AND DANGEROUS (CLUB MIX), Atlantic Starr, Manhattan 12in
51 69 TRIPLE M BASS, Worse ‘Em, US Profile 12in/Champion promo
52 45 TIME (TIME TO PARTY), Gary L, Champion 12in white label
54 58 BACK TO SCHOOL, Bunny Wailer, Solomonic 12in
55 61 THE BRUTAL HOUSE/LET’S GET BRUTAL, Nitro Deluxe, US Cutting Records 12in
56 44 AIN’T NOTHING BUT A HOUSE PARTY, Phil Fearon, Ensign 12in
57 37 MIND GAMES (DUB GAMES), Cultural Vibe, US Easy Street 12in
58 — REET PETITE (ENHANCED)/(SHOCK HORROR MIX) (169bpm), Jackie Wilson, SMP 12in
59 36 BROADWAY, Duke Bootee, HardBack 12in
60 47 FOLLOW YOUR HEART/EVERYBODY’S IN A HURRY, Ronnie McNeir, Expansion Records 12in
62 71 WHO THE CAP FIT, Shinehead, Virgin 12in
63 98 SATURDAY NIGHT (X RATED)/DO IT DO IT!, Schoolly D, US Schoolly D Records 12in
65 — MY MIKE SOUNDS NICE/TRAMP, Salt-n-Pepa, US Next Plateau LP
67 55 IT’S THE NEW STYLE/PAUL REVERE, Beastie Boys, Def Jam 12in
68 — IMNXTC, Denise Motto/IT’S OK, The Force, Rhythm King LP
69 — CAN YOU FEEL IT/WASHING MACHINE, Mr Fingers, US Trax Records 12in
70 48 DANCE YOUR WAY OUT OF THE DOOR, Sharon Dee Clarke, Arista 12in
71 72 IT’S OVER, Fingers Inc, US Underground 12in
72 76 2 THE LIMIT (PARTY TIME REMIX), Octavia, Cooltempo 12in
73 — DO YOU WANT IT BAD ENUFF, Jenny Burton, US Atlantic 12in/promo
74 52 KING OF SWING, Fission, Streetwave 12in
75 68 C’EST LA VIE (ARTHUR BAKER REMIX), Robbie Nevil, Manhattan 12in
76 94 HEAT STROKE, Janice Christie, US SuperTronics 12in/London promo
77 64 JEALOUSY, Club Nouveau, Warner Bros 12in
79 74 IF I SAY YES (REMIX), Five Star, Tent 12in
80 65 BOP B DA B DA DA/I OWE IT TO MYSELF, The Gap Band, US Total Experience LP
81 93 SAMBA (IPANEMA BEACH PARTY REMIX), Georgie Fame, Ensign 12in
82 51 YOU CAN’T TURN ME AWAY (89bpm)/GIVE ME YOUR LOVE, Sylvia Striplin, US 12in bootleg
83 — GOLIATH (MESSAGE HOUSE MIX), James Brown, Scotti Bros 12in
84 77 FUNK BOX PARTY, Masterdon Committee/KEY TO THE WORLD, L.J. Reynolds/THERE’S A REASON, Hi-Tension, Rebel 12in bootleg
85 90 THE BRONX/STREET ROCK, Kurtis Blow, Club LP
86 81 EVEN WHEN YOU SLEEP (REMIX), The SOS Band, Tabu 12in
87 re YOU GOT THE LOVE, The Source featuring Candi Staton, Streetwave 12in
88 — IT’S TOO LATE (FOR LOVE), Stardom Groove featuring Tonya Wynne, US New York Groove 12in
89 63 WE RAP MORE MELLOW, Younger Generation, US Brass 12in
90 re RIDE THE RHYTHM, On The House with Marshall Jefferson, US Trax 12in
91 67 CHAMPAGNE, Kenny G, Arista 12in
92 — SMALL CHANGE (THE CORN XCHANGE MIX), Hindsight, Circa Records 12in
93 — WHATCHA GONNA DO (118¼bpm), Blaze, US Quark Records 12in
95 — LOVIN’ EV’RY MINUTE OF IT (CYCLONE RIDE)/NUTHIN’, Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew, US Reality LP
96 — CRAZAY (FEATURING SLY STONE) (REMIX), Jesse Johnson, US A&M 12in
97 — TAKE IT OFF/THAT’S MY STYLE, Spoonie Gee, US Tuff City 12in
98 re FREE, Mellaa, US Dance Floor 12in
99 — STAY (SHEP PETTIBONE REMIXES), Howard Hewett, US Elektra 12in
100 — THE WAY TO MY HEART (117⅗-0bpm), Matt Warren, US Sunset Records Inc 12in


01 02 WHO KNOWS WHAT EVIL?, Man Two Man, Nightmare 12in
02 01 ANIMAL MAGNETISM, Darryl Pandy, Nightmare 12in
03 04 CAST ASIDE MY STUBBORN PRIDE, Louise Thomas, R&B Records 12in
04 06 LOVE HANGOVER, Tracy Ackerman, Debut 12in
05 05 READ ALL ABOUT IT, Flirtations, Passion 12in
06 12 FIRE ON THE MOON, Aleph, Italian Time 12in
07 03 TIGHTROPE, Evelyn Thomas, Nightmare 12in
08 07 LOVE’S THE CURE FOR ME, James & Susan Wells, Nightmare 12in
09 09 ONE MORE HURT, Kit Rolfe, Fantasia 12in
10 13 TAKE ONE STEP FORWARD, Viola Wills & Noel McCalla, Nightmare 12in
11 10 BOOM BOOM (LET’S GO BACK TO MY ROOM), Paul Lekakis, Italian Esquire 12in
12 08 SOUL, Jolo, US Megatone 12in
13 14 NOTHING BUT BLACKMAIL, Croisette, Passion 12in
14 16 HEAVEN IS A SECRET, Magic-a, Italian Rainbow 12in
15 17 I WANNA DANCE, Cher Perrier, Music UK 12in
16 11 HAVEN’T WE SAID GOODBYE BEFORE, Dollar, Arista 12in
17 19 DON’T DELAY, Earlene Bentley, Nightmare 12in
18 23 WE CONNECT, Stacey Q, US Atlantic 12in
19 22 TO BE OR NOT TO BE, Jock Hattle, Italian Taurus 12in
20 25 YOU KEEP ME HANGIN’ ON, Kim Wilde, MCA Records 12in
21 — FEELS LIKE A DREAM, Marianna, Fantasia 12in
22 24 GIVE ME YOUR LOVE, Sisley Ferré, Dutch Hot Sound 12in
23 18 INTO THE NIGHT, Michael Fortunati, Italian Flarenash 12in
24 — STOP – GIVE IT UP, Paul Rein, Dutch Injection 12in
25 — BAND OF GOLD, Belinda Carlisle, US IRS 12in
26 26 TOUCH BY TOUCH, Joy, German OK 12in
27 21 LOVE IS LIKE A GAME, Tracy Spencer, Italian Ibiza 12in
28 20 I DON’T CARE, Eartha Kitt, French Scorpio 12in
29 27 FIRE, Linda, US On The Spot 12in
30 30 KISS IN THE DARK, Girl Talk, Dutch Boni 12in

2 thoughts on “December 20, 1986: Throwdown, Howard Hewett, Nitro Deluxe, Master C & J, Prince Phillip Mitchell”

  1. This was a big week for me, as it was when I played my first club gig; I’d continue DJ-ing, with increasing frequency, until 1989. Top tunes of the night included Jack Your Body, Mr Big Stuff and You Can Dance (If You Want To). It was a great success, as any gig at that time of the year was almost bound to be, but a repeat booking in January was a humiliating flop, and I didn’t play the club again. Then in March, I started playing a mid-weeker upstairs at The Garage in Nottingham, on the same decks that Graeme Park used at the weekends – it was well attended from the start, and I still look back on my time there with great fondness.


  2. I see the ‘funkin’’of the DJs at The Bull, East Sheen must have included a certain amount of funk in’ if the house type as they included Jazzy M of the first house show on British radio fane and Richie Rich who made quite a few big records during the coming acid house era.


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