December 8, 1990: Madonna, Ceybil, P.K.A., C&C Music Factory/Freedom Williams, C.F.M. Band


4 HERO, despite already having the biggest selling house hit, hope also to see off a sudden rash of rival cash-ins by totally revamping their own ‘Mr. Kirk’s Nightmare’ as an alternative bassier drum fluttered ‘Kirk’s Back‘ remix, now with less emphatic integration of the actual “Mr Kirk” dialogue (the source of which they’re keeping secret!), this remix like the original being debuted as a Kiss 100 fm exclusive on Steve ‘Jacko’ Jackson’s house show . . . Roots # Soul’s untitled canterer on the flip of ‘Mr Kirk vs The Real Bassline’, reviewed last week, is 124½bpm — the lack of a title to put the Beats Per Minute figure behind made me forget it! . . . Graeme Park is now revealed as having created Black Box’s ‘The Total Mix’ (reviewed last week, out this), and Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley the flip’s ‘I Don’t Know Anybody Else’ US remix . . . Francois Kevorkian’s smash-bound bleeping and striding ‘Situation ’90‘ remix (118½bpm) of 1982’s Alison Moyet wailed classic Yazoo ‘Situation’ (Mute YAZ 4) — with a video that just consists of a psychedelic lightshow! — has his old 1982 US Remix (118½bpm) too plus Youth’s alternative new fluttery tumbling The Aggressive Attitude Mix (119¼bpm), and Paul DaKeyne’s synth burbled ‘State Farm (Play-Doh Dub)‘ (119½bpm) . . . Chris Peat & Mark Archer, Stafford’s C&M Connection, follow their recent success as Altern 8 by reverting to their best known Nexus 21 identity for the 33⅓rpm ‘Progressive Logic EP’ (Network NWKT 15), hottest for a bassily thrummed Mr Whippy Remix (126¼bpm) of their kinda ice cream van chimed ‘Self Hypnosis’ proto bleeper — its more breezily bleeping original (124¾bpm), from a ‘biorhythm’ compilation album, was only ever 12-inched as a much sought after promo (Network 810 DJ1) flipped by their Paris Grey ‘Don’t Lead Me (2001 Version)‘ remix (121¾bpm) — the new four track EP also having the girl cooed Rhythim Is Rhythim ‘Wiggin’ sampling jerky washing machine style ‘Real Love (Obsession)‘ (125¼bpm), twittery scampering ‘Together‘ (125bpm), and piano jangled then jittery bleeping ‘Techno Symphony‘ (122bpm) . . . Eternal has promoed The Basement Boys present Ultra Naté ‘Scandal‘ (119½bpm), a jaunty garage skipper that has already built a buzz in New York from club play by Tony Humphries but is not due commercially here until January 28, when it will make up just one “underground” side of her next single, flipped however until then by its instrumental Hump Mix plus the steadily decelerating old Piano Mix of ‘It’s Over Now’ (118¼-116bpm) . . . A&M has signed up Jam & Lewis’s label Flyte Tyme and all its acts, plus possibly the Tabu logo too in the future, but excluding Cherrelle and Alexander O’Neal for the time being . . . South London rapper Einstein has been recruited to join Technotronic, along with new girl Melissa, both replacing the now solo MC Eric and temporarily pregnant Ya Kid K . . . POP Promotions are flogging off (for only a fiver, full details on 081-968 8459) a few original US pressings of 1986’s Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk mixed The Source featuring Candi Staton ‘You Got The Love‘, original inspiration behind Paul Simpson’s ‘Musical Freedom’, ahead of full legal release (with remixes) in the new year of the marriage between its a cappella version and Frankie Knuckles’ Your Love’ that was previously white labelled as “Truelove” . . . Graham Gold is following The Video Pool’s lead by also listing the Beats Per Minute (calculated likewise off the finished video) on his monthly ‘Club Clips’ video compilations, which have always been sequenced in BPM running order anyway, the latest just completed edition being particularly up to date, he claims — subscription details for bona fide disco operators from Diamond Time on 071-433 3355 . . . Brian Mason is looking for an enthusiastic female DJ to warm up for him Fri/Saturdays at Cricklewood’s Ashtons (low pay but useful experience) — contact Mike Byrne at the venue on 081-452 1415 . . . Jeff Young’s very last live DJ-ing gig (unless something else crops up before Christmas, he says!) looks like having been his guest spot last Monday at Swansea’s Martha’s Vineyard, a night to remember after 18 years of jocking — from now on, he’ll be getting some sleep the better to concentrate on his “proper job” at A&M! — while the day after his very last BBC Radio 1 show on December 28 he’s off to India for a tiger hunt (only shooting film!) . . . Tim Westwood, in addition to his long established Saturday evening 8-10pm rap show on London’s Capital FM, earlier on Saturday morning (really, Friday night) from midnight to 4am also hosts what he reckons is an even more kickin’ four hour rap and ragga jam with live guests and scratch mixing, in the studio with him this week being Shabba Ranks and Nigel Benn . . . Adelaide, Australia, club DJ Jim Hadzantonis is desperate (on 010-61-8 298 4182) to trace Princess for an interview on his Radio 5MMM soul show — if anyone knows her, or brother Don Heslop, please put them in touch . . . Dave Haslam, following his dramatic resignation from the Hacienda in October after four and a half years, has started his own Freedom Saturdays at Manchester’s Boardwalk, presenting eclectic upfront music with positively no “summer of love” nostalgia . . . Kamikazee One 85 maybe should cover ‘Death Of The Kamikazeel . . . Laura Palmer’s murderer is finally revealed only during a dream, thus leaving it open for a further series of ‘Twin Peaks’ . . . DAMN’ FINE!


MADONNA ‘Justify My Love (Remix)’ (99½bpm) (Sire/Warner Bros W9000T)
With an intro on 12-inch that’s definitely not for airplay (naughty girl, just like at Wembley!), William Orbit’s remix, probably the first here of several, is a mumbling, groaning and panting steamy judderer that’s very different from the Lenny Kravitz created original less slinkily jogging 7″ Edit, joined on the flip by Shep Pettibone’s twittery lurching ‘Express Yourself (Shep’s ‘spressin’ Himself Re-Remix)‘ (115½bpm).

CEYBIL ‘Love So Special’ (Atlantic A7779T)
By a nasally wailing lady pronounced “Say-bill” (although her real name is Sybil Jeffries), this “spec-special” repeating guy and piping organ chords prodded terrific madly jaunty little R&B jumper is finally out here — after being promoed for the last two months just in Tony Humphries’ Original Underground Club Mix (121½bpm), which now surprisingly is only available on seven inch as B-side to the Remix Edit! — on 12 inch in Tony’s Extended Remix and instrumental Funky Bass Mix (119¾bpm), and Original Underground Club Dub (120¾bpm) versions. It should be a smash, but, at this time of year, who knows?

P.K.A. ‘Let Me Hear You (Say Yeah)’ (120bpm) (PKA 1)
Massive in Manchester already as a single-sided white label, this ambient synth introed then jaunty bleeps jittered chugging and surging electro skipper has bursts of title line call and answer, “right here right now” repeating girls, jangling piano, throbbing bass and even some rock guitar, and is sure to be huge when fully released soon on Stress Records (with an unheard flip called ‘Blipsync‘).

C&C MUSIC FACTORY (featuring Freedom Williams) ‘Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)’ (CBS 656454 6)
Robert Clivilles & David Cole’s latest creative outlet, this obviously Snap inspired act, fronted by Brooklyn rapper Freedom Williams (previously featured with Seduction) and a caterwauling girl, debuts with an ultra jerky powerful piledriving jolter borrowing the bells (“the bells!”) from ‘The Power’ plus punctuations from the Incredible Bongo Band and more, in Slammin’ Vocal Club Mix (113¼bpm), Clivilles & Cole DJ’s Choice Mix and The Master Mix – Instrumental (113bpm) versions, huge on promo already and now out this week.

C.F.M. BAND (Crazy French Man Band) ‘Jazz It Up’ (102½/205bpm) (US Underworld Records AP 150)
Reynald ‘Crazy Frenchman’ Deschamps (for, of course, ’tis he!) created this Warren Rosenstein keyboarded and Richie Weeks scatted dynamite jazz jumper, fingersnappingly polyrhythmic (reminiscent of Chill Fac-Torr’s similarly double-tempo ‘Twist (Round ‘N’ Round)’) in Jazz Mix, Jam Mix, and Swinging With The 808 versions, coupled more routinely on the “houzz” side by the Seventies disco and 1986 house samples combining ‘Dance To The Music (Body Action)’, in HNRG Houzz Mix, Funkeep On Dancin’ Groove (123¼bpm), and Dance Mix (123bpm) versions, good too but just not so exceptional.

SNAP ‘Mary Had A Little Boy (Club Edit)’ (120¾bpm) (Arista 613 831)
Paraphrasing the ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ nursery rhyme for catchy simple singalong pop appeal, with more Pennye Ford chorus than Turbo rap, this jauntily skipping Italo house-style canterer — now it’s out commercially (with David Morales remixes to follow) — differs fractionally from the previously mentioned 33⅓rpm promo and is flipped by an Instrumental (120½bpm) plus the Public Enemy answering but much lighter throbbing ‘Believe The Hype (US Edit)‘ (120¾bpm), useful in its own right.

LL COOL J ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ (102¼bpm) (Def Jam recordings 656447 8)
With a supporting video so A-side of the rap star’s new UK twin header, this “gangsta boogie” and squiggly scratching punctuated menacingly angry droning chugger is in producer/co-writer Marley Marl’s 12″ Remix plus its original LP Version, coupled by the US issued ‘Around The Way Girl’, a nicely worded attractive jogger here just in The Untouchables’ beefily rolling New Bass and thinly smacking Jazzy Mixes (105½bpm), unfortunately not the mixes most influenced by the Mary Jane Girls’ All Night Long’ (for which you still need the import).

INCOGNITO ‘Can You Feel Me’ (109bpm) (Talkin Loud TLKX 4, via Phonogram)
Veteran group founder, moaning ‘Bluey’ Maunick is joined by wailing Linda Muriel for a quietly satisfying but beefily pushing old fashioned Britfunk burbler with simple repetitive choppy vocal lines and nice jazz-funky instrumentation, released initially coupled by its Instrumental (108½bpm) plus — not Pleasure’s classic — the soprano sax squealed attractively striding jazz-house ‘Glide’ (119½bpm), but now ‘Can You Feel Me’ is far hotter (if less subtle) in Mickey D & Paul Martin’s brand new funky drummer jiggled chugging Dealt Up Remix (109bpm) (TLKXR 4), which hits an even wrigglier rhythm halfway, coupled by the same Black Market team’s Blackman With Bass Dub (109½bpm) and the pleasant piano pattered lightly cantering mellow ‘Release Yourself‘ (114½bpm), very classy.

SECCHI featuring ORLANDO JOHNSON ‘I Say Yeah (Massive Remix)’ (120¾bpm) (Italian X Energy Records XXR-12078)
Anxiously whinneyed by Orlando, this terrifically bright and breezy jiggling Italo galloper even percolates and bleeps a bit, flipped by Secchi’s wordless scatting driven equally exciting ‘Flute On (Voice On)‘ alternative variation (Voice Appella and Acappella too), the more obviously ‘French Kiss’ inspired original pressing’s versions (119¾bpm) (X-12078) from back in the summer being much less distinguished, beware.

LOST ‘The Gonzo’ (124¾bpm) (Perfecto Records PT 44196, via BMG)
Mistakenly referred to by many as ‘Lost’ by The Gonzo, this clever Steve Bicknell & Nigel Fairman creation is a neat jumpily throbbing and driving simple instrumental combination of many familiar elements, including bleeps and spacey saxophone, coupled with the less urgent jiggly tapping and thumping ‘Bazz De Congo‘ (119¼bpm), both right little ravers (in a polite sort of way!).

2 FOR JOY featuring Addell Benjamin ‘In A State’ (Mercury MERX 333)
Starting out on Manchester’s Noise Records, local lads Mark Hall and Stuart Quinn’s jaunty organ piped and Addell cooed juddery bright little bleeper is in an ambiently introed Juno Latuno Mix (119¼bpm) and a much more jumpily urgent Mixed Emotion (122¼bpm) B-side version, promoed for ages and now selling fast.

KARIYA ‘I Can’t Wait’ (119bpm) (Sleeping Bag Records SBUK 23T, via Spartan)
Re-edited here by Simon Harris, this piercingly pitched wailing lady’s smoothly thumping garage chugger beats the street, flipped by its much shorter Radio Version plus, also hot, the Bob Masters remixed — still tubular bells introed but now also Snap bells jiggled! – densely rumbling ‘Let Me Love You For Tonight (Nasty Nasty Mix)‘ (111½bpm).

DEEP C ‘African Reign’ (119¾bpm) (M&G MAGX 4, via Polydor)
Created by an A.J. Mellow at Fonk Lab, this “‘ow you feelin’, in the party, ‘ow you feelin’, in the carnival, are you ready?” ragga chant prodded jittery bleeper, with some ambient rhythmless lulls, is in 12″ and ambient flute tootled much more juddery instrumental The Freedom Mixes, out this week.

RICO ‘Mix Back In Time’ (123¾bpm) (SMP SKMX 20, via Pinnacle)
Beating the Pasadenas to it (if you remember Chris Brown’s recent remark!), ace soundalike remake producer Nigel Wright has used Kylie Minogue’s ‘Step Back In Time’ as the basis for a Seventies medley of the O’Jays’ ‘Love Train’, Blackbyrds’ ‘Walking In Rhythm’, Van McCoy’s ‘The Hustle’, Tavares’ ‘Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel’, Hues Corporation’s ‘Rock The Boat’ and McFadden & Whitehead’s ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now’ (all totally remade), an excellent idea… especially at this time of year. The flip’s quick throwaway throbbing bleeper called ‘What!’ (123½bpm) could be obscure enough for today’s equivalent of Northern Soul collectors!

M.C. HAMMER ‘Pray (Slam The Hammer Mix)’ (120bpm) (Capitol 12CL 599)
Based in its better seven inch radio version quite obviously on co-writer credited Prince’s ‘When Doves Cry’, although by the time remixers Shep Pettibone & Junior Vasquez have made nearly everything on the 12 inch go rattle and thump you’d never know it, this emphatically leaping energetic pop rap has Slam The Hammer Piano Dub and Nail Um Down Chant versions too.

RALPH TRESVANT ‘Ralph Tresvant’ (US MCA Records MCA-I0116)
Veering between breathily winsome Michael Jackson-style romanticism and snappier new jack swing, the light voiced New Edition lead singer’s fast selling debut solo album has the Jam & Lewis produced perhaps surprisingly Public Enemy-like ‘Rated R’ (100bpm), tender jiggling ‘She’s My Love Thang‘ (101¾bpm), romantically drifting ‘Do What I Gotta Do‘ (68½/34¼bpm), and currently 12-inched mushy gentle ‘Sensitivity‘ (97bpm), rapping Bobby Brown duetted swingbeat ‘Stone Cold Gentleman‘ (105½bm), Kyle West produced pent-up jittery ‘Girl I Can’t Control It‘ (112½bpm) and denser similar ‘Love Takes Time‘ (113½bpm), jumpily jiggling ‘Public Figure (Ordinary Guy)‘ (110¾bpm), smoochy sweet ‘Last Night’ (69bpm), muddled meandering ‘Love Hurts’ (77bpm).

THE FARM ‘All Together Now’ (111bpm) (Produce Records MILK 103T)
Washed by the familiar classical chords of telly’s wool commercial theme, this ambiently started then jiggling ironically worded anthemic pop hit has been hotter on dancefloors so far in the separately promoed flip’s much sparser and more gentle, subtly undulating (and decelerating) Farley/Heller Mix (111½-111bpm), with an odd disjointedly throbbing Rocky/Diesel Mix (111¼-111bpm) too.

DREAM WARRIORS ‘My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style’ (4th + B’way 12 BRW 197)
Toronto’s King Lou and Capitol Q —inspired by London jazz jock Gilles Peterson — based their latest Radio 1 plugged strange wordy rap on Quincy Jones’s (credited) ‘Soul Bossa Nova’, thus giving it a trickily jerky though perky tempo (which can be danced at half tempo with a loose swing) in Soul Bossanova (166¾-167¼bpm), Echo (166½-166¾bpm), and acappella Empty Mixes, coupled also by the bouncily episodic ‘U Never Know A Good Thing Till U Lose It‘ (109½bpm), but far hotter for many club jocks now are the eagerly awaited brand new Young Disciples Mixes (12 BRX 197) which really do put all the rhythmic emphasis on the slower percussively tugging half-beat in the different slinky jazz backed The Next Definition, Soul Vendor Dub (86½bpm), and All Blues (86½/173¼-86½bpm) remixes, weaving a pure jazz collage from Roland Kirk flute, Frank Foster bass and other snippets supplied by Gilles.

GEORGE MICHAEL ‘Freedom 90’ (92¼bpm) (Epic GEOT 3)
Disconcertingly lip-synched by a bevy of sexy females in the video (anxiously whispering George not appearing as he wants to sell his talent on music alone these days), this wah-wah guitar wukka-wukked spikily jittering juddery tripper scratches in some ‘Buffalo Gals’ and — not a remake of Wham!’s ‘Freedom’ — is another of his Soul II Soul rhythm influenced efforts.

EVOLUTION BRIDGE ‘Meree In Two’ (124¾bpm) (Ruby Red Records 12 LTD 009, via SRD)
A repetitively looped piano plonks and shuffling stuttery beats woven surging instrumental skitterer, only bleep-ish (I actually played it at 33⅓rpm by mistake to begin with, when it came out an oddly haunting and certainly different 92½bpm!), double A-sided with the “How do you stay young?” preambled then “OK ladies and gentlemen, keep the place hoppin'” and droning synth prodded cantering ‘Simplicity‘ (120¼bpm), in more straightforward pop style.

THE CLUB CHART – December 8, 1990

COMPILED BY ALAN JONES FROM A SAMPLE OF OVER 500 DJ RETURNS AND SHOP SALES. THIS WEEK’S SHOPS: W.A.R.P. (Sheffield), Record & Disco Centre (Pinner), Trax (London), Replay (Bristol), Manchester Underground (Manchester) and 23rd Precinct (Glasgow).

01 01 DOWN TO EARTH (TOUCH DOWN MIX) Monie Love, Cooltempo 12in
02 03 MISSING YOU (THUMPIN’ BASS MIX) Soul II Soul (Vocals: Kym Mazelle), Ten 12in
03 02 FOUND LOVE (CAIPIRINA REMIX) Double Dee featuring Dany, Epic 12in
04 11 WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT Run DMC, Profile 12in
05 10 LOVE’S GOT ME (EXTENDED VERSION) Loose Ends, Ten 12in
06 04 WHERE LOVE LIES (RED ZONE MIX) Alison Limerick, Arista 12in
07 17 GONNA MAKE YOU SWEAT (SLAMMIN’ VOCAL CLUB MIX) C&C Music Factory (featuring Freedom Williams), CBS 12in promo
08 09 LOVE COME DOWN (NORMAN NORMAL MIX) Eve Gallagher, More Protein 12in
09 13 FEEL THE GROOVE Cartouche, Brothers Organisation 12in
10 05 POWER OF LOVE (SAMPLADELIC REMIX) Deee-Lite, Elektra 12in
12 12 A MATTER OF FACT (CLASSIC MIX) Innocence, Cooltempo 12in
13 29 ICE ICE BABY (MIAMI DROP MIX) Vanilla Ice, SBK 12in
14 07 FANTASY Black Box, de/Construction 12in
15 06 UK BLAK Caron Wheeler, RCA 12in
16 14 ANTHEM N-Joi, de/Construction 12in
18 50 MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT (12″ REMIX) LL Cool J, Def Jam 12in
19 08 (I WANNA GIVE YOU) DEVOTION Nomad featuring MC Mikee Freedom, Rumour 12in
20 20 THUNDER II Renegade Soundwave, Mute 12in
23 31 THE GONZO Lost, Perfecto 12in
24 42 SOUTH OF THE RIVER (UPSO MIX) Mica Paris, 4+B’ 12in
25 28 A PLACE CALLED BLISS (LAST THURSDAY MIX) Cyclone, Network 12in
26 52 THE TOTAL MIX/I DON’T KNOW ANYBODY ELSE (STEVE HURLEY MIX) Black Box, de/Construction 12in
27 39 TREAT ‘EM RIGHT (CRIBB MIX) Chubb Rock, Champion 12in promo/US Select 12in
29 27 SUCKER DJ Dimples D, FBI 12in
30 71 I CAN’T TAKE THE POWER (RIVA-MIX) Off-shore, German CBS Dance Pool
31 15 IN ZAIRE African Business, Urban 12in
32 35 ALL TOGETHER NOW (ORIGINAL MIX) The Farm, Produce 12in
33 84 MARY HAD A LITTLE BOY Snap, Arista 12in
34 33 H.O.US.E. (BENADEF MIX) Doug Lazy, East West 12in promo
36 67 HYPNOTIZIN Hibrid, Megablast 12in
37 37 RHYTHM TAKES CONTROL (ORIGINAL STYLE MIX) Unique 3 (featuring Karin), Ten 12in
39 38 SOLID GOLD (VERSION) Ashley & Jackson, DFM/Big Life 12in
41 47 AFRICAN REIGN (12″ MIX) Deep C, M&G 12in promo
42 73 RESPECT Daddy Freddy, Music Of Life 12in promo
43 75 LET’S GET ON THE MOVE Maude, Upfront 12in promo
44 57 BORN TO LOVE YA Rozala, Pulse-8 12in white label
45 81 KEEP IT UP! Y.B.U. featuring Anneli Marian Drecker, SSR 12in
46 25 AFTERMATH Nightmares On Wax W.A.R.P. 12in,
47 44 KEEP GROOVIN (OH OH MIX)/(FUNKY MIX) T.D.C., Big One 12in promo
48 30 LET’S PUSH IT (BIG BEAT MIX) Innocence, Cooltempo 12in
49 49 LOVE IS THE MESSAGE (HELLER/FARLEY REMIX) Better, Days Virgin 12in promo
50 40 I’LL BE THERE (CLASSIC CLUB MIX) Donna Gardier, Pump House/Virgin 12in
51 74 SAMPLE FREE (EP) Solo, 12in white label
52 54 STILL FEEL THE RAIN Stex, Some Bizzare 12in white label
53 — MANIFESTATION D-Magnify, Tam Tam 12in white label
54 41 DANGEROUS ON THE DANCEFLOOR (CLUB REMIX) Musto & Bones, Citybeat 12in
55 22 WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY Ten City East West 12in
56 36 CELEBRATE (CLUB MIX) Double Trouble’s Collective Effort, Desire 12in promo
57 64 WALKING ON SUNSHINE (REMIX) Loopzilla, Noise 12in white label
58 97 COLD SENSATION Liquid Empire, Tam Tam 12in white label
59 23 INSIDE OUT (ANTI-POP MIX) Electribe 101, Mercury 12in
60 51 ELEVATION (MIXES) Xpansions, Optimism/Arista 12in
61 70 F*** THE LEGAL STATIONS/I’M NOT IN LOVE Rum & Black, Shut Up And Dance 12in
62 — CLOSE ENCOUNTERS (CLUB MIX) Bassix, Champion 12in promo
63 — WHERE Love Odyssey, Urban 12in promo
64 69 DANCE tones (miXEs) Hypersonic, D-Zone 12in promo
66 79 STAY/LOVE COMES TO MIND The Chimes, CBS 12in
67 — ORIGINS OF DANCE (ELECTRIC FUTURE MIX) Dr. Timothy Leary Meats The Grid, Rhythm King 12in promo
68 87 IT’S REAL (12″ VOCAL) James Ingram, Warner Bros 12in
69 46 KEEP IT UP L.U.P.O., Low Spirit/Yo-bro 12in promo
70 92 IN A STATE (MIXED EMOTION) 2 For Joy, Mercury 12in
71 — CRAZY (MIXES) Seal, ZTT 12in
73 85 GET YA SELF TOGETHER (JEALOUSY MIX) Kash Da Masta, Big One 12in promo
74 88 SOUND CLASH (CHAMPION SOUND) The Kick Squad, Kickin 12in white label
75 66 HELL AFRIKA Dr. Alban featuring Leila K, Arista 12in
76 65 CAN YOU FEEL ME Incognito, Talkin Loud 12in
77 — THE 9000 AD EP: 9000 BC/9000 AD/9000 BLEEPS UNDER THE BASS/BREAKDOWN AND BLEED Neutron 9000, Profile 12in
78 re UNTRUE AFFECTION (BRIGHT BILL MIX) Blue Jean’s Regime featuring Koree, Brainiak 12in
79 26 I HATE HATE The Sound Of Shoom featuring Eusebe, Creation 12in
81 89 ONE ON ONE (FON FORCE MIX) Jesus Loves You, More Protein 12in
82 — MAGIC ROUNDABOUT Rising High Collective, Tam Tam 12in white label
83 95 OBOE 1/OBOE 2/OBOE 3 M.I.C., Slippy Gimbo 12in
84 76 SPLIFFHEAD The Ragga Twins, Shut Up And Dance 12in
85 96 100 MILES AND RUNNIN’ N.W.A., Ruthless/Priority 12in
86 53 MR KIRK’S NIGHTMARE 4 Hero, Reinforced 12in
87 — LOOKING AT THE FRONT DOOR Main Source, US Wild Pitch 12in
88 — SWEET POWER MC Duke/DJ Leader 1, Music Of Life 12in promo
89 — KEEP MOVIN’ ON (12″ REMIX) Tashan, CBS 12in promo
91 63 ONE WAY ONLY Synergy, Dedicated 12in
92 — EVERYBODY (ALL AROUND THE WORLD) FPI Project, Italian Disco Music 12in
93 — THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT Paris, US Tommy Boy 12in
94 78 SPICE Eon, Vinyl Solution 12in
95 77 MISS MY LOVE (URBAN MIX) Gwen Guthrie, Reprise 12in
96 100 FREE (C’MON) (TO THE POINT MIX) Catch, ffrr 12in
97 60 FIRECRACKER (OPTIMISTIC MIX) Firecracker, Optimism 12in
98 — 24 HOURS Betty Boo, Rhythm King 12in
99 — RELEASE ME (STEVE ANDERSON REMIX) Fatman featuring Stella Mae, Cue/ffrr 12in promo
100 — JUSTIFY MY LOVE Madonna, Sire 12in

One thought on “December 8, 1990: Madonna, Ceybil, P.K.A., C&C Music Factory/Freedom Williams, C.F.M. Band”

  1. I love it when for once my memory of over 30 years ago is actually accurate – I knew ‘Mr Kirk’s Nightmare’ was exclusively played for the first time on Steve Jackson’s show as I distinctly remember him announcing it and it was one of the records that was such a boundary breaker, momentous tune and definer of hardcore that you remember when you first heard it. And for once it isn’t a false memory.

    i would never have called Steve Jackson’s chart back here a “house chart’ – t was strictly rave and emerging hardcore – although in about 1993 or 94 when it lost most of its audience it suddenly did go vocal house and garage.

    One of the great mysteries of hip-hop is why they ‘wasted’ two such absolute classics ‘Mama Said Knock You Out” and “Around The Way Girl” on one disc as a double A side in the UK. It still didn’t cross over to the pop chart much but to this day both sides are acknowledged rap classics. If it had been released 5 or more years later when hiphop started to have far more national success both these tunes would have been pop top tenners. Kiss and the London pirates played both sides all the time for weeks but probably nationally radio didn’t touch it.


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