March 20, 1982: Nina Simone, Michael Wycoff, War, Gangsters, Charles Earland


GARRY BLACKBURN at Island warns us of a renewed push on black product by the label, led by the upcoming Gwen Guthrie ‘It Should’ve Been You‘, a nice jauntily bubbling simple little 118-119-120bpm smacker still only on acetate, and the more imminent ‘Genius Of Rap‘ LP featuring Twennynine, T-Ski Valley, Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde. Jazzy 5, Grandmaster Flash, Bon Rock, twin-packed with an already promoed extra 12in of “rap-along” instrumentals of ‘Genius Of Love’ and ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’ . . . Capitol are re-promoting Maze ‘Joy And Pain’ (edited live version) on 12in (12CL 211), now also in a limited clear vinyl edition, plus the original excellent ‘Joy And Pain’ LP (EST 12087) . . . Rusty Egan’s 127bpm vocal and dub reworking of T-Connection’s ‘Do What You Wanna Do’ by his own group The Cage featuring Nona Hendryx will be on 3-track Metropolis 12in but has been promoed already minus the extra cut . . . KR picked up the Rah Band ‘Perfumed Garden’ / ‘Funk Me Down To Rio’ (but not ‘Winter Love’) for 12in next week, while Breakfast Band ‘Tokyo Shuffle’ / ‘Broadside Rhumba’ (Breakfast Music 12BM 101) is due on 12in now . . . Breakfast Band, Cayenne and the Inversions are together tonight (Thursday 18) at the Camden Jazz Festival in Chalk Farm’s Roundhouse . . . Jimmie Lunceford’s 1930s big band originated ‘It Ain’t What You Chew It’s The Way How You Chews It’ (OK, Theo?) . . . Norman Scott is so busy with his gay Bolts venues that he and Bangs have split after six years — Bolts operating at Harringay Lazers every Thurs/Fri/Saturday, at Brighton Sherry’s on Sundays, and Westend Bolts starts at Leicester Square’s Maximus in April . . . Steven Fay (Darwen) reports that Tracy Weber of ‘Sure Shot’ fame was killed during a Harlem bank raid recently . . . Sheffield DJ Jim Kershaw — “with a chilling resemblance to the mass killer” (to quote The Star) — has been approached to play Peter Sutcliffe in a proposed US TV film about the Yorkshire Ripper . . . Oxford DJ Pete Alex, working in Skien, Norway, at a club which changed names to ‘Alexandra’ in his honour (hope he lives up to it!), is now marketing a ‘Bad Words Tape’ to teach Norwegians all the English phrases not taught in school! . . . Finland, hardly a large market for any type of music let alone disco, nevertheless boasts a DJ-distributed advertising financed bi-monthly professional magazine called ‘Diskosusi’ (Discowolf) with a circulation of 10,000 – trouble is, it’s written in Finnish, but details and further fax can be had from Taito Gromov (DJ name Tate Groove Move!), Lansikatu 18 as 121, 80110 Joensuu 11, Finland . . . Danish DJ Kenneth Baker asks, what means Katanga Katanga? . . . Ian Shaw (Richmond Mr Moustache) wonders if anyone has listed ‘Katanga! Katanga!’ as a Japanese import yet! . . . Chris Dinnis (Exeter Boxes) already has it on white label — no, seriously Kenneth, it’s a catchphrase originated by comedian Lenny Henry on the Saturday night ‘OTT’ television show, which usually features girls with huge naked knockers (that bird last week — cor!) . . . what means knockers? . . . West Surrey & Hampshire DJ Assn are looking for contributors to their promising little regular magazine as well as for more members, contact Chris Cole (Cranleigh 2641) . . . Gary Allan (Liverpool McMillan’s) is trying to identify an unlabelled old promo 12in from around two years ago but currently hot for him, catalogue number PSLP 307, the chick sung hookline going “I don’t wanna let you go” — any ideas? . . . Rob Harknett (1 Parkfields, Roydon, Harlow, Essex CM19 5JA) offers to make jingles for anyone wanting a voice other than their own (he doesn’t sing), so send script, cassette and SAE . . . Brian Godson is chuffed to be funking York’s Alpine Bar in The Windmill, Blossom Street, with good music every Fri/Saturday . . . Nigel Halkes & Andy Smith do schoolkid mobiles (surely pop’s target age?) and wonder if kind hearted pluggers could send product to Nigel at 270 Down Road, Portishead, Bristol BS20 8HZ . . . Nick Roberts, who until 18 months ago DJ-ed as Nick Rogers, would love to keep his hand in helping out at the odd gig using your records (Richmond 01-948 4000) . . . Alan Donald (Rothesay) during a Motown oldies session heard someone wonder what the intro to the Isleys ‘This Old Heart Of Mine’ was, which caused him to reach for the Grecian 2000 (but why should they know, Al, could you identify a Tommy Dorsey intro?) . . . TVS’s ‘Radio’ series produced the quote of the week “If you want a life of unruffled tedium, what the hell are you doing running a radio station?” . . . Tony St Michael (Flnsbury Park) sent a quid to celebrate Michael Bird’s birthday (whoops!) . . . Nigel Porter (Leicester) reckons Eno’s version of ‘The Lion Steeps Tonight’ could be a futurist pop hit . . . Buzzz haven’t, despite all . . . Mayfair Gullivers Graham Gold is getting a dog called Segue, to rhyme with Hart To Hart’s Freeway! . . . Tom Wilson (Edinburgh Oscars) reckons Rick James’s video would be perfect for ‘OTT’, while Martin Platts (Burnley) would love to get his lips around the black girl on ‘OTT’ . . . whadaya mean, you work Saturday nights — get a video! . . . The Saturday snooker replaced ‘OTT’, so I and some chums got well and truly lost exploring the Barbican Centre instead, with security guards (strangers there themselves) plotting our progress on their walkie-talkies! . . . KINDA LINGERS.

CENTRAL LINE recently looked in at Swindon’s Brunel Rooms during a Friday soul session, where Linton told DJ Sandy Martin to “expect some live gigs next month” while Lipson struggled to find the ‘Breaking Point’ on a bottle of champagne. Sandy’s sporting some Adam-style sideburns these days, it seems.


NINA SIMONE: ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’ (Charly CYX 201).
This late ’50s piano prodded 117-119-118-0bpm subtle classy swinger has been one of the true all-time greats right through from such ’60s West Indian haunts as the Roaring Twenties and ‘Q’, to 70s jazz-funk clubs like the Goldmine, and now it crosses the board at soul revival, beatnik, and indeed every type of gig. Always in demand but only ever surfacing from time to time on LP, here it is on a 4-track 10in EP that is very likely to be a huge chart smash.

MICHAEL WYCOFF: ‘Still Got The Magic (Sweet Delight)’ (RCA RCAT 209).
Terrific powerful buoyantly booming ultra funky 107-109bpm 12in jiggly rhythm filled thudder souled in Al Green-ish style with answering chix, ‘Get Down On it’ chopping or ‘Ladies Night’ synching superbly out of it.

WAR: ‘You Got The Power’ (RCA RCAT 201).
Dynamite jauntily chugging 118bpm 12in smacker with interplaying urgent staccato lurching lyrics and lots of straightforward disco power, flipped by the more typically War-like 133bpm ‘Cinco De Mayo‘ (the ‘5th of May’ if you don’t speaka de lingo). 

ROY AYERS: ‘Turn Me Loose’ (LP ‘Feeling Good’ Polydor 2391 539).
His best out-and-out jazz-funk dancer for years, this vibes splattered 121-120(most of it)-121bpm bass pattered chanting churner is joined in hard jazz venues by the frantic 135-133bpm ‘Our Time Is Coming‘, the 118-119-121-122bpm ‘Fire Up The Funk‘ being over obvious but with more good vibes, and ‘Ooh’ one of several pleasant slowies.

NEW YORK SKYY: ‘Call Me (Remix)’ (Epic/Streetweve EPC A13-2151).
Although the original (now also on 2-track flip) was B-side to ‘Let’s Celebrate’, this is a stripped down beefed up much stronger Disconet-originated 120-121-122-121bpm 12in remix which really thuds and smacks with renewed pent-up power. Huge in the States, it’s been our top request at Gulliver’s for months.

SEARCH: ‘Like The Way (You Funk With Me)’ (Philly World PWSL 101).
Bass thumped then brassily blasting sneakily strong ‘Ladies Night’-like 113bpm 12in chant-along rolling smacker gets immediate floor reaction and sinks in really hard the more you hear it.

SHAKATAK: ‘Night Birds’ (Polydor POSPX 407).
Yet another ridiculously facile melody literally oozes out of this slick little 118bpm 12in piano tinkler with cooing chix chorus, the ‘Rio Nights‘ flip being an attractive 0-110-111bpm specialist samba.

GILBERTO GIL: ‘Palco’ (WEA K 79285).
Magically glorious Portuguese sung 0-109bpm 7in skipper with EWF-ish clucking and scatting to an ultra infectious and totally accessible Latin lilt.

VICTOR ROMERO EVANS: ‘Miss Attractive’ (Epic EPC A13-2170).
Delightfully infectious “she-bop-shoowah” started, ultra tuneful jauntily swinging 123/62bpm 12in lovers rock swayer, likely to hit big. Really, in this exceptional fortnight, all the above could qualify for lead review status.

SAVANNA: ‘Never Let You Go’ (R&B RBL 209).
Coolly bounding guitar jangled classy 117bpm 12in jazzy George Benson-ish whomper, maybe not as distinctive as their debut but very well made, and with a possibly more satisfying fractionally faster 117½bpm instrumental flip.

RAMSEY LEWIS: ‘You Never Know’ (LP ‘Live At The Savoy’ CBS (85502).
Good if specialist jazz set apart from this bass thrummed sparse ‘The Groove’-ish guy/gals duetted 115-116-117-120-119bpm sassy vocal strutter, ‘Lynn‘ being a delicately jittering light 113bpm swayer, ‘Hits Medley‘ a frantic 156-159-156-0bpm revival of ‘Wade In The Water/Hang On Sloopy/The In Crowd’, ‘Callin’ Fallin‘ a fast c.138bpm pounder, while the superb gently pattering 113-109-111-112-113bpm ‘It’s Just Called Love’ and rolling slow doodling c.83bpm ‘Sassy Stew’ are dominated by Grover Washington Jr guesting on soprano sax.

ONE WAY: ‘Give Me One More Chance’ (LP ‘Who’s Foolin’ Who’ MCA MCF 3130).
Good solidly thudding buoyantly trotting 106½bpm smacker ends up with an emphasised rhythm groove trucking along and is much better than the 12in issued (MCAT 768) old fashioned radio-aimed Jimmy Ruffin-ish 101-103-104-105bpm title track and dull monotonous slow synth growled P-funky 103bpm ‘Cutie Pie’.

GONZALEZ: ‘(I Want To Get) Closer To You’ (Tooti Frooti 12-1, via PRT).
Choppily jiggling 118-119bpm 12in pusher with brassy blasts and nice backup harmony, but the main male/female vocal duet sounds a bit strident at times — which hasn’t stopped its immediate acceptance on promo.

VARIOUS: ‘Rap Tracks‘ LP (Virgin V2225).
Eight tracks (6 rap/2 other) spread across two twin-packed 45rpm 12in EPs (which somehow lack beefy bass bottom) split between WMOT and Enjoy-culled material, the others being the recently warm import jazz-funk instrumental 112-114-113bpm FUNK FUSION BAND ‘Can You Feel It‘ and even newer squeakily sung Prince-ish 120-122bpm MIDNIGHT BLUE ‘Enjoy It With Me‘, best known rappers being the 119bpm FRANKIE SMITH ‘Double Dutch Bus‘ and 111bpm CAPTAIN SKY ‘Station Brake‘, while the 111-112-113bpm COUNT COOLOUT ‘Here To Stay‘ has good words. 109-108-109bpm TREACHEROUS THREE ‘Put The Boogie In Your Body‘ is repartee filled, 121-122-123-124-125-123bpm DOCTOR ICE ‘Calling Doctor Ice‘ is rather rushed and 116-118bpm DISCO FOUR ‘Do It Do It‘ is yet another (my head hurts!).

RICO & THE SPECIAL AKA: ‘Jungle Music’ (2 Tone CHS-TT-1219).
Terrific virtuoso display of rhythm control by the veteran Jamaican ska trombonist and his young sidekicks, switching effortlessly around between reggae and salsa rave-up all within the same basic tempo on jaunty 67/133-135-68/135-137bpm 12in, the subtly played instrumental 135bpm salsa/ska ‘Rasta Call You‘ flip being good too.

THIRD WORLD: ‘Try Jah Love’ (CBS A13-2063).
Arr/prod/co-penned by Stevie Wonder it may be, but unfortunately this 112bpm 12in “blind boy’s reggae” lurcher isn’t sung by Stevie and ends up a disappointment, although at least on the breakneck flip the guys are allowed to be themselves.

EARTH WIND & FIRE: ‘Wanna Be With You’ (CBS A2074).
Imagination tempoed vibrantly rolling slow 0-84bpm 7in swayer, always to my mind their LP’s best track.

ALEXEI SAYLE: ‘Ullo John, Gotta New Motor?’ (Springtime 12WIP 6768, via Island).
Sunie put it perfectly in her review last week, an over the top 129bpm 12in Cockney rap for the ‘Minder’ generation, the ‘Part IV’ flip consisting mainly of “you f–king c–t”! Really!

DECOUPAGE: ‘Puerto Rico’ (RIB RBL 207).
Pop-aimed chix sung determinedly “disco” 119bpm 12in Gibsons-ish rattler from Imagination’s producers, the better instrumental flip featuring their distinctive piano.

HOT QUISINE: ‘Ride On A Rhythm’ (Kaleidoscope KRL A13-2107).
Biddu-produced bland quietly starting 12bpm 12in thumper thuds along with everything under careful control but precious little to make it stand out, despite a salvaging remix attempt by Roy ‘Mr Magic’ Carter.

LAKESIDE: ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ (Solar K 12590).
Beatles classic given a commendably deep soul slow 0-56-57-0bpm 7in treatment, flipped by the dull smacking 119bpm ‘Magic Moments’.

MELBA MOORE: ‘Let’s Stand Together’ (EMI America 112EA 137).
McFadden & Whitehead’s bass lolloped 0-119-122bpm aggressive swinger never really took off on LP to become the initially anticipated anthem, and any amount of mailing list DJs are unlikely to alter that now it’s on 12in as import jocks still rule with this type of material.

MASS PRODUCTION: ‘Inner City’ (LP ‘In A City Groove’ US Cotillion SD 5233).
Slickly arranged soul set more for pleasant listening, although this smoothly chugging 110-112-114-113-115bpm harmony swayer with city street sound effects over the rhythm passages is big at Gully’s for Graham Gold. Other cuts include the cantering 126-127-128bpm ‘Maybe Maybe‘, jogging 107-105bpm ‘Never Ever‘, lurching 120-121bpm ‘Rock’ and 126bpm ‘Weird’.


GANGSTERS: ‘Strung Out On The Boogie’ (LP ‘Gangsters’ US Montage ST-72005).
Great uncomplicated up front get down boogie funk, extremely well done without exactly doing anything very original, teamed with some sensationally searing deep soul slowies sounding straight from the ’60s, this directly appealing 111-112-113bpm Leon Haywood-type ticker and the terrific James Brown-ish rambling 106-108-107-104-105-107bpm ‘Do It Any Way You Want To‘ being best dancers (‘Shake Your Body’ is 123bpm, ‘Party’ 110-109bpm), while the 0-38bpm ‘I Just Can’t Go On’ and 31/62-64bpm ‘Precious’ will thrill veteran soul freaks.

CHARLES EARLAND: ‘The Only One’ (LP ‘Earland’s Jam’ US Columbia FC 37573).
The jazz organist gets solidly funky (to keep his contract) with help from Cameo on the powerfully smacking chanted 116bpm title track (good with Brass Construction) and this purposeful jittery slow 105bpm bumper, also funky being the bass synth slithered 116-118-119-117-118bpm ‘Animal‘ (Keith Diamond ‘Body Talk’ follows perfectly), jiggly 103-100bpm ‘Laser Lips‘ and chix cooed then rapped gently swaying 104bpm ‘Mercy‘, while organ instrumentals are the rolling slow 0-88bpm ‘Marcia’s Waltz’, Bee Gees’ 82bpm ‘Guilty’, 117bpm ‘You Belong To Me’ and jazzy ‘Never Knew Love Like This Before’.

ATLANTIC STARR: ‘Circles’ (LP ‘Brilliance’ US A&M SP-4883).
A big import seller on 7in already, this joyously strutting 115bpm swinger has Sharon Bryant soulfully wailing through the skipping beat and lush harmonies, and remains superior to the Prince-ish lurching 119bpm ‘Love Moves‘, chuckling Bee Gee-ish building 112bpm ‘Sexy Dancer‘, cool tripping 107bpm ‘Perfect Love‘ and gradually unfurling jogging 102bpm ‘Love Me Down‘.

XAVIER: ‘Do It To The Max’ (LP ‘Point Of Pleasure’ US Liberty LT-51116).
A whole group featuring two chicks rather than just one young sounding chap, Xavier specialize in beautifully produced impersonations – this chunkily jogging 89-88bpm slinker is like Marvin Gaye, the beefily jiggling 119½bpm ‘Rock Me Sock Me‘ like the Jacksons/Stacy Lattisaw, the gorgeous soulful 0-62/31bpm ‘Dial The Love Man (634-5789)‘ like Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields, the simple smacking 122-121bpm ‘What Goes Around‘ like Shalamar — although the main influence vocally remains Jackson/Lattisaw.

IRAKERE: ‘Chekere Son’ LP (US Milestone M-9103).
Cuban jazzers with the beefiest baritone sax you’ve ever heard on the happy cowbell-clonking sensational skittery 117-118-119-120-121-122-121-122-124-0bpm title track driver, all exciting polyrhythms and blazing playing with Latin shouts adding to the merry mayhem, while the less frenetic 119-122bpm ‘La Comparsa‘ has fluid horns and good guitar, and every specialist cut is beautifully recorded.

UK Disco Top 90 – March 20, 1982

01 01 ‘D’ Train – You’re The One For Me (Instrumental) – Epic 12”
02 05 Oneness Of Juju – Every Way But Loose – Buddah 12”
03 03 Tomorrow’s Edition – U Turn Me On – CBS 12”
04 02 George Duke – Shine On – Epic 12”
05 14 Xavier – Love Is On The One / Work That Sucker To Death – Liberty 12”
06 04 Bohannon – Let’s Start II Dance Again – London 12”
07 16 Vicky ‘D’ – This Beat Is Mine – SAM 12”
08 06 Brandi Wells – Watch Out – WMOT 12”
09 20 War – You Got The Power / Cinco De Mayo – RCA 12”
10 08 Smokey Robinson – Tell Me Tomorrow – Motown 12”
11 18 Stone – Time / Instrumental – US West End 12”
12 09 Whispers – In The Raw / Small Talkin’ – Solar 12”
13 25 Goldie Alexander – Show You My Love / Go Back – US Chaz Ro 12”
14 21 Roy Ayers – Turn Me Loose / Our Time Is Coming / Fire Up The Funk / Ooh – US Polydor LP
15 15 The Band A.K.A. – Grace / Funk Down – US PPL LP
16 07 George Benson – Never Give Up On A Good Thing – Warner Bros 12”
17 19 Kool & The Gang – Take My Heart – De-Lite 12”
18 35 Central Line – Don’t Tell Me (Remix) – Mercury 12”
19 11 Touch – Keep On – Elite 12”
20 32 Imagination – Just An Illusion – R&B 12”
21 10 Earth Wind & Fire – I’ve Had Enough – CBS 12”
22 24 Sharon Brown – I Specialize In Love – US Profile 12”
23 17 Daryl Hall & John Oates – I Can’t Go For That – RCA 12”
24 34 Michael Wycoff – Still Got The Magic – RCA 12”
25 13 Kleeer – Taste The Music / Wall To Wall / I Shall Get Over / De Ting Continues / Fella – Atlantic LP
26 22 Carol Kenyon / Morrissey Mullen – Come And Get Me / Life On The Wire – Beggars Banquet 12”
27 29 Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt – Philadelphia Int 12”
28 12 Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It – De-Lite 12”
29 33 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – If It Ain’t One Thing… It’s Another / Mr. Look So Good / Sincerely / Taking Applications / The Lady Is Bad – US Boardwalk LP
30 27 Shakatak – Night Birds / Rio Nights – Polydor 12”
31 39 Elecktrik Funk – On A Journey (Instrumental) – US Prelude 12”
32 38 Maxine Singleton – Don’t You Love It – US Peter Pan 12”
33 31 Second Image – Fall In Love – Polydor 12”
34 28 Slave – Wait For Me – Atlantic 12”
35 26 Yvonne Gage – Garden Of Eve – Atlantic 12”
36 73 New York Skyy – Call Me (Remix) – Epic/Streetwave 12”
37 48 Gilberto Gil – Palco – German WEA LP
38 23 Alton Edwards – I Just Wanna – Streetwave 12”
39 47 Next Movement – Let’s Work It Out (Instrumental) – US Prelude 12”
40 50 Richard Jon Smith – Stay With Me Tonight – Jive 12”
41 65 Brass Construction – Can You See The Light – US Liberty 12”
42 40 Lamont Dozier – You Oughta Be In Pictures – US M&M LP
43 43 Central Line – Breaking Point / You Can Do It – Mercury LP
44 54 Rafael Cameron – All That’s Good To Me / Boogie’s Gonna Get Ya – US Salsoul 12”
45 62 Shalamar – I Can Make You Feel Good / Friends – Solar 12”
46 52 Search – Like The Way (You Funk With Me) – Philly World 12”
47 36 Claudja Barry – If I Do It To You – Ensign 12”
48 49 Kasso – Kasso – US Delirium/Dutch Rams Horn 12”
49 68 Breakfast Band – Tokyo Shuffle / Tuna / Broadside Rhumba / Constant Spring – Breakfast Music LP
50 46 Ernie Watts – Chariots Of Fire / Valdez In The Country / Lady / Gigolo – US Qwest LP
51 57 P-Funk All Stars – Hydraulic Pump Part III – Virgin 12”
52 74 Mystic Merlin – Mr Magician / Full Moon – US Capitol LP
53 76 Was (Not Was) – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming – US Ze/Island 12”
54 53 Lamont Dozier – Shout About It – US M&M 12”
55 61 Don Latarski – Beginning Song / Jennifer Anne’s Samba – US Inner City LP
56 45 Whispers – Emergency / Turn Me Out / Cruisin’ In – Solar LP
57 58 Henderson & Whitfield – Dancin’ To The Beat (Inst) – US Park Place 12”
58 NE Ramsey Lewis – You Never Know / Lynn / Callin’ Fallin’ / It’s Just Called Love / Hits Medley – CBS LP
59 60 Jimmy Castor – E-Man Boogie ’82 – US Salsoul 12”
60 51 Phyllis Nelson – Don’t Stop The Train – US Tropique 12”
61 64 Whatnauts – Help Is On The Way – US Harlem Int 12”
62 44 George Duke – Dream On / Ride On Love – Epic LP
63 RE Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus / Double Dutch – WMOT 12”
64 55 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – I’ve Got To Learn To Say No / She’s Got Papers On Me – Epic 12”
65 71 Four Tops – Tonight I’m Gonna Love You All Over – Casablanca 12”
66 80 Gonzalez – (I Want To Get) Closer To You – Tooti Frooti 12”
67 72 Charles Earland – The Only One / Earland’s Jam / Animal / Marcia’s Walz – US Columbia LP
68 56 Children Of 7 – Solid Dub / Solidarity – Stiff 12”
69 85 Antilles – Let’s Shake / Simon’s Melody – Ice 12”
70 RE Brandi Wells – What Goes Around Comes Around – WMOT LP
71 84 Komiko – Feel Alright – US SAM 12”
72 63 Patrick Cowley – Megatron Man / Get A Little / Lift Off – US Megatone LP
73 66 Cool Runners – Play The Game /Hawaiian Dream – MCA 12”
74 NE Janet Kay – You Bring The Sun Out – Black Roots 12”
75 NE Atlantic Starr – Circles – US A&M LP
76 NE The Cage/Nona Hendryx – Do What You Wanna Do / Dub – Metropolis 12” promo
77 NE J. Gale Gaymon – (If You) Study Long You’ll Study Wrong – US Alton 12”
78 78 Fuse One – Sunwalk / Hot Fire / Silk – US CTI LP
79 70 Rah Band – Winter Love / Funk Me Down To Rio – TNT 12”
80 RE Gayle Adams – Let’s Go All The Way / Baby I Need Your Loving – US Prelude LP
81 77 Detroit Spinners – Knack For Me – Atlantic 12”
82 79 C.M. Lord – Flashback – RCA 12”
83 NE Judy Roberts – Ole – US Inner City LP
84 NE Tania Maria – Eruption / Tranquility – US Concord Jazz Picante LP
85 75 Barbara Roy – If You Want Me (Remix) – Canadian Black Sun 12”
86 59 Diana Ross – Mirror Mirror – Capitol 12”
87 RE Mike & Brenda Sutton – We’ll Make It – SAM 12”
88 NE Irakere – Chekere Son / La Comparsa – US Milestone LP
89 NE Jeff Lorber – Always There – US Arista LP
90 RE Brooklyn Express – Sixty-Nine – US One Way 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Nina Simone: ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’ (Charly 10in EP)
Hot Quisine: ‘Ride On A Rhythm’ (Kaleidoscope 12in)
Chocolate Milk: ‘Let’s Go All The Way’ / ‘Blue Jeans’ (RCA 12in)
Azymuth: ‘Estreito De Taruma’ / ‘May I Have This Dance’ (US Milestone LP)
Night Bandit: ‘Like A Thief In The Night’ (US Cherry Hill 12in)
The Quick: ‘The Rhythm Of The Jungle’ (Epic 12in)
Universal Robot Band: ‘Barely Breaking Even’ (US Moonglow 12in)
Real Thing: ‘Love Takes Tears’ (Calibre 12in)
Decoupage: ‘Puerto Rico’ (R&B 12in)
Greg Perry: ‘It Takes Heart’ (US Alta 12in)
Al Jarreau: ‘Roof Garden’ / ‘Our Love’ (Warner Bros 12in)
The Time: ‘Cool’ (Warner Bros 12in)
Bohannon: ‘Take The Country To New York City’ (US Phase II LP/Dutch Friends 12in)
Lakeside: ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ (Solar)
Waldo: ‘You Bring Out The Freak In Me’ (US Columbia 12in)
France Joli: ‘Take A Chance On Love’ / ‘Can We Fall In Love Again’ / ‘Your Good Lovin’ (US Prelude LP)
Various: ‘Stax On 45’ / Veda Brown: ‘Don’t Start Lovin’ Me’ (Stax 12in)
Coco De Jour: ‘Love Me Tonight’ (US AM 12in)
Sleepy Matsumoto: ‘Carabision’ (Japanese LP)
Matrix: ‘Stay (I Need Your Love)’ (US Sugarscoop 12in)

Pop Orientated Dance Chart:

1(1) Haircut 100, 2(3) George Benson, 3(4) “D” Train, 4(11) ABC, 5(5) Kool ‘Get Down’, 6(6) Fun Boy Three, 7(2) Kraftwerk ‘Model’, 8(7) Hall & Oates, 9(9) EWF ‘Enough’, 10(8) Tight Fit, 11(12) Bohannon, 12(10) Alton Edwards, 13(15) Shakatak ‘Easier’, 14(14) Soft Cell ‘Hello’, 15(13) Jam, 16(19) Toni Basil, 17(16) Robert Palmer, 18(17) Brandi Wells, 19(18) Human League 100 ‘Want Me’, 20(21) Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields ‘No!’ / ‘Papers’, 21(23) Kool ‘Heart’, 22(25) J. Geils, 23(24) Star Sound, 24(22) Depeche Mode, 25(32) OMD, 26(28) Pigbag ‘Papa’, 27(48) Heaven 17, 28(40) Spandau Ballet ‘Chant No.1’ / ‘Paint Me Down’ (Remixes), 29(26) Tom Tom Club ‘Genius Of Love’, 30(27) Modern Romance, 31(20) Blue Rondo, 32(29) Private Lives ‘Because You’re Young’, 33(31) Morrissey Mullen, 34(63) Imagination ‘Illusion’, 35(60) Four Tops ‘Tonight’, 36(35) George Duke ‘Shine On’, 37(56) Vicky “D”, 38(46) Human League ‘Boiled’, 39(37) EWF ‘Let’s Groove’, 40(36) Gina X ‘No GDM’, 41(73) Xplosivo ‘Volare’, 42(43) Human League ‘Do Or Die’ / ‘Things’, 43(39) Simple Minds ‘I Travel’ / ‘Celebrate’, 44(47) Four Tops ‘Walk’, 45(64) Shakatak ‘Night Birds’, 46(52) Tomorrow’s Edition, 47(33) Landscape ‘It’s Not My Real Name’, 48(59) Spandau Ballet ‘Instinction’ / ‘Coffee Club’, 49(49) Tom Browne, 50(42) Kraftwerk ‘Dummies’, 51(-) Central Line (remix), 52(45) Mike & Brenda Sutton, 53(-) Associates, 54(30) Madness, 55(58) Second Image, 56(41) Boomtown Rats ‘House On Fire’, 57(-) Bow Wow Wow, 58(-) Frankie Smith, 59(34) The Mood, 60(44) Shakin’ Stevens, 61(65) Christopher Cross, 62(-) Children Of 7, 63(50) Soft Cell ‘Tainted’, 64(-) Ernie Watts, 65(51) Peter Godwin ‘Emotional Disguise’, 66(61) Imagination ‘Flashback’, 67(67) Central Line (old mix), 68(53) Kool ‘Good Time Tonight, 69(72) Slave, 70(-) Rodney Franklin ‘Hill Street Blues’, 71(74) Pluto, 72(-) Dolly Dots ‘PS. I Love You’, 73(-) Rico ‘Jungle Music’, 74(-) War, 75(54) Mike Post.


Beats Per Minute for the last two week’s pop chart entries on 7in (endings denoted by f for fade, c for cold, r for resonant) are:

Imagination 0-105f, Gary Numan 56-113f, Julio Iglesias 123f, Derek & The Dominos 115f, Kool & The Gang 111f, Visage 131f, Pluto 78-79f, Elvis Presley 0-87-0f, Four Tops 0-39-40/80f, Blackfoot 129-131f, Hank Marvin 127f, Genesis 56f, Leo Sayer 0-32r, Thin Lizzy 160f, Classix Nouveaux 136f, Adam & The Ants 92-93c, Chas & Dave 97f, Alice Cooper 164-0c, Blue Rondo A La Turk 141f, Vicky “D” 113f, Smokey Robinson 107-106f.

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