February 26, 1983: Forrest, Prince Charles & The City Beat Band, Sunfire, Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame


GOOD NEWS for admirers of the now deceased Record Business trade paper’s disco coverage, its disco sales chart transfers uninterrupted to Music Week as of this week . . . Polydor picked up Man Parrish ‘Hip Hop’ for UK release in a fortnight (pity not sooner as surprisingly it’s slipping now) . . . PRT’s ‘It’s In The Mix‘ compilation LP due early March will include the great US-only remix of Imagination ‘Changes’, along with other obvious recent stuff from their various labels like Indeep, Brenda Taylor, William De Vaughn . . . Sandy Martin (Swindon Brunel Rooms) had the word from Imagination’s Errol Kennedy that still ‘Heart And Soul’ is unscheduled for singles release — don’t they want to get out of their rut, or what? . . . Phonogram have revived the major Eddy Grant oldies on 3-track 12in (Mercury MERX 135), with the 123bpm ‘Do You Feel My Love?’, 137bpm ‘Living On The Frontline’, 137-138-0bpm ‘Frontline Symphony’ . . . Dick Morrissey’s new solo ‘After Dark’ LP (Coda CODA 2), a freewheeling jazz sax set recommended for listening (though I wish he hadn’t mucked up the theme from ‘Lou Grant’, which I’d dearly love someone to record straight), has in its cassette form been combined onto a single tape with his former sideman pianist John Critchinson’s ‘Summer Afternoon’, two sets for the price of one (Coda being the “acoustic jazz” outlet for Beggars Banquet) . . . Percy Sledge, ’60s ‘Percy!’ set on US Monument, as has his contemporary William Bell with a ‘Bad Time To Break Up‘ 7in on US Kat Family, both well soulful (as is the newer Lanier & Co’s set on US Larc), while also well worth checking by ’60s nostalgists is organist Jimmy McGriff’s swinging ‘The Groove’ LP on US Jam . . . Spandau Ballet manager Steve Dagger was recently telling me how New York City’s leading “urban contemporary” radio station, the black orientated WBLS, now concentrates on playing UK recorded electro-dance music (Human League/Yaz(oo)/ABC) and even has Chris Hill, against his better judgement, contributing features about this type of material — so it’s no wonder that all the black US acts are having to scramble aboard the electro bandwagon in order to survive . . . I have the theory that what’s caused ‘the split amongst funk fans’ here into electro and soul camps, black and white (although not of course as clearly defined as that), is a need to appear different: if the white fans were to get into electrophonic phunk there would not be enough musical difference to give them a tribal identity set apart from the herd who do follow Human League/Yazoo/ABC, hence they’ve turned back to traditional soul, whereas the black fans are different anyway as all can see, couldn’t give a damn, and are happy to get heavily into electrophonics — any comments? . . . Class Action’s featured vocalist Christine Wiltshire also sang the original version of ‘Weekend‘ by Patrick Adams Phreek . . . Level 42 fly out the Stateside way next week to record their next album produced by Earth, Wind & Fire’s Verdine White & Larry Dunn — is this necessarily a good move, we ask ourselves? . . . Elite and Challenge Records Andy Sojka is compiling a brand new mailing list of DJs playing any type of music: send him full details at 262 Holloway Road, London N7 (01-609 0168) . . . Greg Parrott has taken over as resident DJ/promotions manager at Oxford’s Boodles, trying to make Thursdays as upfront as possible and hoping to start a members only jazz-funk club on future Wednesdays, for which he’d like DJs with the right records to contact him on Oxford 730529 . . . Studiotek 2000 is a fully equipped DJ studio, also offering music mixdown facilities as well as a basic training course for mobile DJs, situated at 85 Alexandra Road in Farnborough (0252-519931) — studio time’s only £5 an hour for the next few weeks as an introductory offer . . . Donald ‘Shuggy’ Hughes (031-556 1836 days/031-228 3252 nights) is after promotions and artiste PAs for Edinburgh’s Coasters/Outer Limits . . . Soul On Sound’s Epping Forest Country Club alldayer on Sunday 6th March has admission by advance tickets at SOS-stocking record shops (SOS’s current issue came out a week late, incidentally this hiccup in my fortnightly preview mix schedule meaning that private engagements have prevented me thus far from recording the next issue’s mix, which I should have been doing even as I write at this moment) . . . Dr Soul’s Passion Pit downstairs at Mayfair’s Gullivers every Friday isn’t exactly the intended wall-to-wall “erection section” yet, but the barman’s been having trouble standing upright, anyway! . . . Frenchie & Colin Curtis didn’t start jazz-souling Blackpool Barons on the Friday they’d announced, but do start for sure this week (25) — and is it the declaration by Frenchie’s erstwhile partner, the now mixing-mad Pete Haigh (doing it Sundays at Caton’s Scarthwaite Hotel near Lancaster), that “Jazz-funk is dead — long live dance music!” which has hurried on the duo’s unexpected split? . . . Chris Hill & Colin Hudd’s “special” this Friday (25) is St Trinian’s fancy dress, while the following night (26) Tom Felton has a fancy dress Hollywood Ball at Leysdown Stage 3 . . . Chris Hill then starts his weekly “Sundays in the country” (27) at the Music Room in Sheffield Green’s Sheffield Arms, off the A275 in Sussex . . . Alan ‘Gibbo’ Gibson’s successor at Edgbaston’s Faces French, Jon Alsop has elbowed his predecessor’s gay-orientated music to concentrate more on futurist slanted electro and electrophonic phunk . . . Les Knott, at Harlow Bennys on Saturdays and packing Sundays at Old Harlow Josephs playing laid back jazz-soul, has his own weekly music column in the Harlow Gazette, which includes the area’s disco chart . . . Bill Robertson determinedly jazz-funks Fri/Sats at Bathgate Quincys, where a new light and sound system should just about be fitted by now, to prove that there’s soul in Central Scotland yet (ahh, but is there a Gallup chart return shop in Bathgate?) . . . Dave Rawlings has left Reading Rebecca’s for Saturdays at Basingstoke Martines and Tuesdays at Hook Gorse Cottage Country Club’s Gaslight Club . . . Phil Jay now funks Thursdays as well as Sundays at West Byfleet’s Carafino wine bar, plus Fridays at Guildford Staceys and Mondays at Godalming Carls wine bar . . . Gary Oldis, still based at Aycliffe Bee Jays, also funks Mondays at Darlington Bee Jays . . . Flash Gordon has returned to Bristol at the Princess Court Club and also does Thursdays at Reeves in the Brunel Suite, the latter as his own promotion . . . Martin Starr, back in Bristol too, funks Thurs/Fri/Sat with Nigel Hanson at Lourdes in Fairfax Street, Saturdays being most upfront . . . Loughborough Students Union Jazz-Funk Society stalwart Eddie Gee is doing fortnightly Thursdays at that town’s Adam & Eve club, tonight (24) should be the current one . . . Andy Hunter & Eon Irving funk Soho Ronnie Scott’s Maze on Thursdays . . . Liverpool’s ever willing Mike Davidson, another to criticize that city’s less than upfront radio soul shows, funks Cagneys Thurs-thru-Sun, the Mandarin Club Mon, the Dove Tues/Wed (doubling Tues at the Venue) — busy lad! . . . Ian Reading, still joined by Froggy on Fridays, advises you come early on Saturdays to Southend Zero 6 as it’s packed by 10.15pm . . . John ‘Nick’ Osborne, whose Ilford Room At The Top chart not surprisingly includes Marlena Shaw ‘More Room At The Top‘, is after a Wednesday night gig preferably outside the Ilford area (01-595 9549 days/01-478 5588 nights) . . . Atevis ‘CJ’ Craven, resident Fri/Sat at Edinburgh Annabels Rivera Suite, is after possibly another two or three nights playing anything, but soul/funk preferred (031-664 6795 early evenings) . . . Graham ‘Funky Scot’ Hunter and his Firefly Roadshow’s electronics technician partner V. Gregory (Basingstoke 770776 evenings) are looking for an agency handling both local and national gigs . . . Cosmic (Rayleigh Croc’s) recommends the band New Shoes, who play Sea Level/Spyro Gyra/Band AKA-type material, while Lance Nuttall (manager of Sayers Common Cinderellas) “strongly recommends” Animal Nightlife as a first rate live band . . . John Clancy (Gillingham), thrilled by the recent TVDJA night in Hounslow, writes: “It may sound daft, but as mobile jocks living outside London never get to meet the ‘big boys’, we only get to read about them” — and what with the likes of Steve Walsh, Graham Canter, Frank Smith (and myself!), there certainly were a few ‘big boys’ about that night! . . . Tressbonn Trashmore (Hythe Hotel Imperial every Saturday) was chuffed to hear Michael Aspel’s recently featured expert on names in some confusion over his own! . . . Al Dupres (Cardiff) has revived Earth, Wind & Fire ‘Fantasy’ because following its inclusion in the recently screened ‘Private Lessons’ flick it’s being regarded as a newie again . . . Mickey Lee, formerly of New Brighton Penny Farthing, Liverpool Odd Spot and most recently Whitehaven Village Inn, splits these shores next week for sunny Crete and the Bora Bora discotheque with his new protege Laura B, “one of the best female mixers in the business” (if Kenwood made a female mixer, could I have one for Christmas?!) . . . Fat Larry’s Band are this week at Watford Baileys . . . Madonna PA-ed at Charing Cross Heaven and were “wonderful”, to quote Ian Levine . . . West Surrey & Hants DJ Association have officially withdrawn from the DJ Federation, but can’t actually locate the DJF to tell them (WSHDJA membership details on 0483 68397), while one-time DJF big cheese Theo Loyla has surfaced as president of the Cleveland Area DJ Association (an honorary post of course — DJs in the North-East should still contact Graham Murray at 30 Pilkington Street, North Ormesby, Middlesbrough) . . . Theo Loyla, whose old Bridge Country Club residency was always packed (I never meant to suggest otherwise), has an interesting gimmick at his Charing Country Club gigs, his pre-’74 soul Mondays feature food in the restaurant at pre-’74 prices — and this policy now covers Fridays there as well, when he plays modern . . . I received a piece of wedding cake from someone in Romford — could that be from Mr & Mrs Howlett? . . . Larry & Mandy Foster (Ilford) recently had a baby Jade Holly Foster, Alan & Jill Taylor (Rhyl) had a second little son (bit tricky that one actually — though Jill’s fit now) . . . Steve Allen’s Discoasis record shop in Peterborough now supplies its disco sales chart to Hereward Radio . . . Rayners Lane Record & Disco Centre’s Andy Mann reports he was inundated with phone calls following my mention of the shop’s stock of Stone ‘Time’! . . . Nick Aravis (Romford Tudor Lodge/Hornchurch Daniels) recommends Chadwell Heath’s Jifs Records (the retitled old Tape Stop, opposite Whalebone Lane Library) for imports and cutouts . . . Kev Hill (Brentwood) finds the old Willis Beaver Hale ‘Let The Good Times Roll‘ from ’74 slots nicely between the likes of Goodie and the Gap Band (Phonogram’s Jeff Young incidently reports some DJs are finding the Gap Band too slow — are they crazy?) . . . Wuf Ticket ‘Ya Mama‘ as suspected works a treat out of ‘Outstanding’ (why more jocks haven’t picked up on it is a mystery), and Wish ‘Mr DJ (Instrumental)’ is indeed a killer out of Mahogany . . . YES INDEEDY!

MEZZOFORTE, THE jazz-funkers from Iceland, are now getting the sort of daytime radio play that should make their ‘Garden Party‘ dancefloor winner into a crossover hit. On their ‘Surprise Surprise’ LP (Steinar Ste LP02, via Pinnacle) they exhibit many influences — not so surprisingly, considering where they live — but the sheer quality of their musicianship allied to this familiarity is already making the set a big sell with the Shakatak market. More for listening rather than dancing, except in specialist jazz clubs, the album’s version of ‘Garden Party’ is preceded by the loosely starting then jaggedly explosive but brief 126-0bpm ‘Surprise‘ as a sort of introduction, seguing on out of a 33 second doodling lull into the hit track.


FORREST: ‘Rock The Boat’ (CBS A13-3163).
Already massive on import and now all set to go national in a huge way, this speeded up but in most respects very similar 114½bpm 12in remake of the Hues Corporation’s (106-107bpm) 1974 classic has a powerful pounding percussion break and all the pep that’s needed for pop crossover success. Initial CBS pressings sold out immediately last week, and in fact I’ve yet to get mine.

PRINCE CHARLES & THE CITY BEAT BAND: ‘Gang War’ LP (Greyhound Record Productions GRP LP 101).
The pretentious poser’s fave funk name of the moment, this Boston-based P-funker’s very George Clinton influenced debut set surfaced originally on import at a time when fast funk was out of favour here (although in the States then Michael Henderson ‘Wide Receiver‘ was a big black hit), after which its legendary status was built up by simple scarcity value as only a few were ever pressed by the subsequently defunct Solid Platinum label. Good but not THAT good, without all the anticipation this would be nowhere near so fashionable now, although certainly the whole of side two flows nicely through (most legendary of all) the 126-128bpm ‘In The Streets’, (now possibly stronger) 123bpm ‘Tight Jeans‘ and 124-123bpm ‘Gang War (or the Acid Funk syndrome)‘ being less substantial. Oh, there are some dirty(-ish) words too.

SUNFIRE: ‘Young, Free And Single’ (Warner Bros W 9897T).
Now not in fact coupled by ‘Step In The Light‘ (get ‘Street Sounds Edition 2’ for that!), this gently tugging soulful slow 90bpm yearner could possibly get daytime radio play following on from Billy Griffin’s breakthrough, and is on 3-track 12in with the heavy funk 102bpm ‘Feet‘ and less distinguished 119bpm ‘Shake Your Body‘.

Back on Atlantic and co-produced (all but the included short 0-111-110bpm ‘Way Out‘) by Jimmy Douglass, the Slave guy’s in a sinuous cool groove throughout with male vocals slinkily interplaying over rolling rhythms, best bets likely to be the 107bpm ‘You Meet My Approval’ and 115-116bpm ‘Speak With Your Body‘, but try also the 109bpm ‘Nobody Can Be You‘ (their US single), 123bpm ‘Strange (Soft & Hard)‘, 107bpm ‘Weak At The Knees‘, jazzier 103bpm ‘Last Nite/Nite Before‘ (memories of the Mar-Keys?).


BEFORE CHRISTMAS I rather rashly promised to start listing useful odd oldies worth shopping around for, especially by mobile DJs, but since then there’s been so much hot new material to review there just hasn’t been the time! Also since then, so many people have been commenting about my four non-stop party music programmes broadcast by Capital Radio on New Year’s Eve (an amazing number of jocks got sucked into it when tuning into the midnight Big Ben chimes!) that, even at this late stage, it makes sense to kick off this irregular series with the running order of what I used. This should be especially valid, as apart from some strictly disco stuff which comprised the final (1-2am) hour wherever there was a synched running mix it was achieved on normal non-varispeed decks. At one of my own mobile gigs I’d actually play much less of the real disco, but the first three hours you’ll find absolutely typical of my MoR style (wally weddings, if you like!). Most of the material is straightforward so only the oddities have label details, and only mixes other than logically flowing segues are indicated:

DEXY’S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS ‘Come On Eileen/ROLLING STONES ‘Brown Sugar’/ROLLING STONES ‘Start Me Up’/STEVE MILLER BAND ‘Abracadabra’/BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ‘Cadillac Ranch’/HUMAN LEAGUE ‘Mirror Man’/mix KIDS FROM FAME ‘Hi-Fidelity’/CHRIS MONTEZ ‘Let’s Dance’/chop CHUBBY CHECKER ‘Let’s Twist Again’/BILL HALEY ‘Rock Around The Clock’/LITTLE RICHARD ‘Good Golly Miss Molly’/X-fade chop ELVIS PRESLEY ‘Blue Suede Shoes’/chop ELVIS PRESLEY ‘Shake Rattle & Roll’/X-fade chop ELVIS PRESLEY ‘Hound Dog’/DANNY & THE JUNIORS ‘At The Hop’/SAM THE SHAM ‘Wooly Bully’/BEACH BOYS ‘Barbara Ann’/TOMMY JAMES ‘Mony Mony’/1910 FRUITGUM CO ‘Simon Says’/ARCHIES ‘Sugar Sugar’/DAWN ‘Knock Three Times’/NEIL DIAMOND ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’/BARRY MANILOW ‘I’m Gonna Sit Right Down’/CLIFF RICHARD ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’/DENNIS WATERMAN ‘I Could Be So Good For You’/MODERN ROMANCE ‘Cherry Pink’/TOMMY DORSEY ORCHESTRA ‘Tea For Two Cha Cha’ (Brunswick)/chop SHIRLEY BASSEY ‘Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me’ (Phillips)/STANLEY BLACK ‘La Cumparsita (Tango)’ (Decca EP)/PASADENA ROOF ORCHESTRA ‘Cheek To Cheek’ (Transatlantic)/craftily timed “pop glug plug” overlap MAUREEN McGOVERN ‘The Continental’ (20th Century)/HALLE ORCHESTRA ‘The Blue Danube’ (Columbia)/chop LE BALLET FRANCAIS ORCHESTRA ‘Gaite Parisienne’ brief excerpt from waltz segment (ancient Golden Guinea LP)/chop minus intro GENE KELLY ‘Singing In The Rain’ (MGM)/MAURICE CHEVALIER ‘Thank Heaven For Little Girls’ first two lines only (MGM EP ‘Gigi’)/DORIS DAY ‘Whatever Will Be Will Be’ (Philips)/DANNY KAYE ‘Wonderful Copenhagen’ (Coral LP ‘Hans Christian Andersen’)/chop FRANK SINATRA & CELESTE HOLM ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ (Capitol LP ‘High Society’)/LOUIS PRIMA & PHIL HARRIS (‘Jungle Book’) ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ (Buena Vista)/PHIL TATE ‘Hokey Cokey’ (CBS EP ‘Party Dances’)/TWEETS ‘Birdie Song’/MARCELLO MINERBI ‘Zorba’s Dance’ (Durium)/chop at climax BOUZOUKI DISCO BAND ‘Disco Bouzouki’ (Decca)/IRENE CARA ‘Fame’/LITTLE EVA ‘The Loco-Motion’/ARTHUR CONLEY ‘Sweet Soul Music’/OTIS REDDING ‘Respect’/MAR-KEYS ‘Last Night’/chop during final pause JAMES BROWN ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag’/JR WALKER ‘How Sweet It Is’/midnight Big Ben chimes/SYDNEY THOMPSON ‘Auld Lang Syne’ (Sydney Thompson Dance Records LP)/MRS MILLS ‘Glad’s Party’ (Parlophone)/chop BOBBY MACLEOD ‘Swingalong Reels’ (RCA LP ‘This Is Scotland’)/SHOESTRING BAND ‘Thingumajig’ (CBS)/DIONNE WARWICK ‘All The Love In The World’/DAVID ESSEX ‘A Winter’s Tale’/CHAS & DAVE ‘Ain’t No Pleasing You’/JULIO INGLESIAS ‘Amor’/MODERN ROMANCE ‘Best Years Of Our Lives’ synching halfway into the ‘Xmas Mix’/MADNESS ‘Baggy Trousers’/ BAD MANNERS ‘Can Can’/JOAN JETT ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’/SURVIVOR ‘Eye Of The Tiger’/J GEILS BAND ‘Centrefold’/JEFF BECK ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’/ROLLING STONES ‘Going To A Go Go’/blend applause BOB SEGER ‘Hollywood Nights’/BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ‘Born To Run’/DEREK & THE DOMINOS ‘Layla’ full version/MARVIN GAYE ‘Sexual Healing’/CULTURE CLUB ‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Dub)’/MALCOLM McLAREN ‘Buffalo Gals’/mix KID CREOLE ‘Stool Pigeon’/mix KID CREOLE ‘Annie I’m Not Your Daddy’/mix INDEEP ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’/mix FEEL ‘I’d Like To (Instrumental)’/chop EXTRA T’S ‘E.T. Boogie’/mix WHODINI ‘Magic’s Wand’/mix ROCKERS REVENGE ‘Sunshine Partytime’/mix ROCKERS REVENGE ‘Walking On Sunshine’/chop WHAM ‘Young Guns (Go For It)’ sneakily superimposing acappella intro “D”-TRAIN ‘Keep On (Dub)’/mix ROD ‘Just Keep On Walking’/mix MICHAEL JACKSON ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’/mix JACKSONS ‘Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)’/mix CANDIDO ‘Jingo’/mix T-CONNECTION ‘Do What You Wanna Do’ instrumental break/mix HI-TENSION ‘Hi Tension’/chop HAMILTON BOHANNON ‘Let’s Start The Dance’/cunning overlap WHISPERS ‘It’s A Love Thing’/mix TYRONE BRUNSON ‘The Smurf’/chop (with varispeed, mix) “D” TRAIN ‘You’re The One For Me’. Happy New Year!

DISCO TOP 85 – FEBRUARY 26, 1983

01 02 Billie Jean (Remix) – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
02 04 You Can’t Hide Your Love – David Joseph – Island 12”
03 01 Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life – Indeep – Sound Of New York 12”
04 07 Rock The Boat – Forrest – CBS 12”
05 03 Outstanding – Gap Band – Total Experience 12”
06 06 Phone Home – Jonny Chingas – CBS 12”
07 05 Joy / Instrumental – Band A.K.A. II – US Bouvier 12”
08 24 Get On Up – Jazzy Dee – Laurie 12”
09 12 Groovin’ (That’s What We’re Doin’) – The S.O.S. Band – Tabu 12”
10 08 Ride On The Rhythm – Mahogany – West End 12”
11 14 Garden Party – Mezzoforte – Steinar 12”
12 15 Gimme The Funk – Charades – US Brunswick 12”
13 13 Reach Up / Dub Mix – Toney Lee – TMT 12”
14 11 Nature Boy (Remix) / (Original ’83 Mix) – Central Line – Mercury 12”
15 29 I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On) – Kashif – US Arista 12”
16 09 Hold Me Tighter In The Rain – Billy Griffin – CBS 12”
17 30 Never Too Much (Remix) – Luther Vandross – Epic 12”
18 23 Fire / I’m Down For That / She’s Got To Be (A Dancer) / Nothing Can Hold Us Back – Jerry Knight – US A&M LP
19 27 Wired For Games – C-Brand – US Spring 12”
20 17 Thriller / Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ / The Lady In My Life / P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) – Michael Jackson – Epic LP
21 18 Up On The Hill (Mt. U) – Trammps – US Venture 12”
22 10 Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop) – Man Parrish – US Importe/12 12”
23 21 1999 / D.M.S.R. – Prince – Warner Bros 12”
24 22 The Harder They Come – Rockers Revenge – London 12”
25 34 I Am Somebody – Glenn Jones – US RCA 12”
26 65 Come With Me / Sementes, Graines & Seeds / Lost In Amazonia / Sangria – Tania Maria – US Concord Jazz Picante LP
27 26 Let’s Stay Together – Bobby M/Jean Carn – Gordy 12”
28 16 Be Mine Tonight / What Have You Got To Lose – Jammers – Salsoul 12”
29 19 Haven’t Been Funked Enough – Ex Tras – ExcellenT 12”
30 32 Do It Anyway You Wanna – Cashmere – US Philly World 12”
31 20 Mind Up Tonight (Remix) – Melba Moore – Capitol 12”
32 67 Too Tough – Angela Bofill – Arista 12”
33 25 You Can’t Run From Love (Club Mix) – Maxine Singleton – US Connection 12”
34 28 Is This A Dream / Love You Too Much / Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing – Angela Bofill – US Arista LP
35 37 Ashewo Ara – Kabbala – Red Flame 12”
36 39 Get Loose / I’m In Love – Evelyn King – RCA 12”
37 45 Weekend (Weekday Side) – Class Action – Sleeping Bag 12”
38 58 Tonight – Whispers – US Solar 12”
39 36 The Chinese Way – Level 42 – Polydor 12”
40 38 Feelin’ Hot (Instrumental) / (Vocal) – Futura – Graffiti 12”
41 50 I’ll Be Around – Detroit Spinners – Atlantic 12”
42 51 Ooh I Love It (Love Break) / (Love Break Version) – Salsoul Orchestra – US Salsoul 12”
43 44 50/50 Love – Maurice Massiah – Canadian Quality RFC LP
44 33 Fall In Love With Me – Earth Wind & Fire – CBS 12”
45 63 I Like It Like That (Remix) – Inner Life – US Salsoul 12”
46 41 You And I / Do Something / Does Anybody Know Where The Party Is? – Goodie – Total Experience 12”
47 NE Steppin’ Out (With You) / Rico Rico / Steppin’ Out Jam – Cloud – Silvertown 12”
48 64 Heartbeats – Yarbrough & Peoples – Total Experience 12”
49 60 Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do) – Wham – Inner Vision 12”
50 83 Touching In The Dark – Walter Jackson – US Kelli-Arts 7”
51 NE No Stoppin’ That Rockin’ – Instant Funk – US Salsoul 12”
52 49 All I Need Is You – Starshine – US Prelude 12”
53 52 Such A Feeling – Aurra – US Salsoul 12”
54 NE Freak It Out (Instrumental) / (Vocal) – Electric Smoke – US Blue 12”
55 53 Hangin’ – Chic – Atlantic 12”
56 78 Sugar Pie Guy – The Joneses – US Mercury 12”
57 84 Baby Come To Me – Patti Austin & James Ingram – Qwest 12”
58 55 Looking For The Perfect Beat – Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonlc Force – 21 Records 12”
59 77 I Want Your Love Back – Celena Duncan – RCA 12”
60 NE In The Streets / Tight Jeans / Gang War – Prince Charles & The City Beat Band – Greyhound Record Productions LP
61 NE Mr D.J. (Instrumental) / (Vocal) – Wish – US Blue 12”
62 61 Be Mine Tonight (Instrumental) / (Remix) – Jammers – US Salsoul 12”
63 NE The Music Got Me – Visual – US Prelude LP
64 75 Sticky Situation (Instrumental) – Tyrone (Tystick) Brunson – US Believe In A Dream 12”
65 48 Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant – Ice 12”
66 NE Who’s Getting It Now – Chocolate Milk – US RCA 12”
67 NE Times Are Tight (Instrumental) – Jimmy Young – US Delirium 12”
68 56 Atomic Dog (Remix) – George Clinton – Capitol 12”
69 35 The Jungle Stomp / Fool For Love – Prince Charles – US MJS 12”
70 68 Spaced Out / Party Mix – Pure Energy – US Prism 12”
71 NE Don’t You Give Your Love Away / Instrumental – Steve Shelto – US SAM 12”
72 NE Young Free And Single – Sunfire – Warner Bros 12”
73 82 One More Shot / One More Time – C-Bank – Bronze Next Plateau 12”
74 43 The Preacher / Asphalt Gardens – George Howard – US Palo Alto Jazz LP
75 62 Whatever Happened To The Love / Midnight Lady – Boy Katindig – US PAUSA LP
76 47 Very Special Part – Jermaine Jackson – Motown 12”
77 66 You Are – Lionel Richie – Motown 12”
78 85 Changes (Remix) – Imagination – US MCA 12”
79 69 Let’s Do It – Kadenza – PRT 12”
80 NE I Can’t Let You Go – Talkback – CBS 12”
81 80 I’d Like To (Instrumental) – Feel – Buddah/Sutra 12”
82 NE Paradise Drive – Midnite – Tivoli 12”
83 NE Sweat / Stand Up And Cheer / You Are In My System – The System – US Mirage LP
84 NE “G” Major Dance / Solo Wind / City Limits – Dave Tofani – US Telestar Cassettes LP
85 NE Too Shy (Midnight Mix) – Kajagoogoo – EMI 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

Galaxy-TU Orchestra: ‘Always And Forever’ / ‘Desiderata’ (US Moonglow 12in)
Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame: ‘You Meet My Approval’ / ‘Speak With Your Body’ (US Atlantic LP)
Richard Jon Smith: ‘Baby’s Got Another’ / Dub Version / ‘This Is The Moment’ (US Jive 12in)
Aurra: ‘Baby Love’ / ‘Coming To Get You’ (US Salsoul LP)
BT Express: ‘This Must Be The Night’ (Record Shack 12in)
Chill Fac-Torr: ‘Twist (Round ‘N’ Round) (Instrumental)’ (US Philly World 12in)
Stephanie Mills: ‘You Can’t Run From My Love (Remix)’ (US Casablanca 12in)
Flowchart: ‘Ask The Boss’ (Italian Maximus 12in)
Zinc: ‘I’m Livin’ A Life Of Love’ (Jive 12in)
Glen Adams & Finesse: ‘Sexual Instrumental’ / T Ski Valley: ‘Sexual Rapping’ (US TSMP 12in)


01 02 Billie Jean – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
02 03 Wham Rap! – Wham – Inner Vision 12”
03 04 Too Shy – Kajagoogoo – EMI 12”
04 01 Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life – Indeep – Sound Of New York 12”
05 11 Love On Your Side (Rap Boy Rap) – Thompson Twins – Arista 12”
06 05 Buffalo Gals (Scratch) – Malcolm McLaren – Charisma 12”
07 13 Change – Tears For Fears – Mercury 12”
08 14 Hey Little Girl – Icehouse – Chrysalis 12”
09 12 Communication – Spandau Ballet – Reformation 12”
10 08 The Harder They Come – Rockers Revenge – London/Streetwise 12”
11 30 Rock The Boat – Forrest – CBS 12”
12 06 Hold Me Tighter In The Rain – Billy Griffin – CBS 12”
13 09 Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant – Ice 12”
14 21 1999 – Prince – Warner Bros 12”
15 10 Down Under – Men At Work – Epic 12”
16 29 Outstanding – Gap Band – Total Experience 12”
17 36 Waves – Blancmange – London 12”
18 19 Young Guns (Go For It) – Wham – Inner Vision 12”
19 07 Mind Up Tonight – Melba Moore – Capitol 12”
20 15 Steppin’ Out – Joe Jackson – A&M 12”
21 — Phone Home – Jonny Chingas – CBS 12”
22 16 Magic’s Wand – Whodini – Jive 12”
23 23 The Smurf – Tyrone Brunson – Epic 12”
24 34 Ride On The Rhythm – Mahogany – West End 12”
25 31 You Can’t Hide Your Love – David Joseph – Island 12”
26 17 E.T. Boogie – Extra T’s – US Sunnyview 12”
27 20 Nature Boy – Central Line – Mercury 12”
28 26 Sign Of The Times (Stretch) – Belle Stars – Stiff 12”
29 24 Heavy Vibes – Montana Sextet – Virgin 12”
30 18 The Chinese Way – Level 42 – Polydor 12”
31 22 In The Name Of Love – Sharon Redd – Prelude 12”
32 32 Be Mine Tonight – Jammers – Salsoul 12”
33 33 Groovin’ (That’s What We’re Doin’) – S.O.S. Band – Tabu 12”
34 39 Fall In Love With Me – Earth Wind & Fire – CBS 12”
35 25 You Can’t Hurry Love – Phil Collins – Virgin 12”
36 37 Thriller – Michael Jackson – Epic LP
37 27 Gloria – Laura Branigan – Atlantic 12”
38 28 Reach Up – Toney Lee – TMT 12”
39 — Africa – Toto – CBS 7”
40 38 Let’s Stay Together – Bobby M featuring Jean Carn – Gordy 12”


01 02 Rock The Boat – Forrest – CBS 12”
02 03 Don’t Stop – Sylvester – US Megatone 12”
03 01 Fantasy (Re-Remix) / (Remix) / (Original) – Hotline – Canadian Unidisc 12” / Italian Il Disc 12”
04 05 She Has A Way – Bobby “O” – US “O” 12”
05 07 Billie Jean (Remix) – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
06 10 Shoot Your Shot – Divine – US “O”/Canadian Black Sun 12”
07 04 Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life – Indeep – Sound Of New York 12”
08 06 You Are A Danger – Gary Low – Canadian Quality 12”
09 11 Be With You (Remix) – Sylvester – German Ariola 12”
10 08 Takin’ It Straight / Dub Mix – Cori Josias – Metropolis/Carrere 12”
11 09 Got You Where I Want You Babe – Stereo Fun Inc. – US Moby Dick/Dutch Rams Horn 12”
12 12 In The Name Of Love (Remix) – Sharon Redd – Canadian Prelude 12”
13 15 Heartbeats – Yarbrough & Peoples – Total Experience 12”
14 16 Never Seen Anything Like You – Bobby Nunn – Motown 12” promo
15 14 Everybody (Rusty Egan Remix) – Madonna – Sire 12”
16 22 Weekend (Weekend Side) – Class Action – US Sleeping Bag 12”
17 29 I’m Gonna Get Your Love (Remix) – Jade – US Disconet 12”
18 28 Red Light Lover – Gwen Jonae – US Arial 12”
19 17 Come On Back To Mama – Wardell Piper – US SAM 12”
20 20 He’s A Pretender – High Inergy – US Motown 12” promo
21 18 Keep On Talking – Carrie LaPorte – US First American 12”
22 19 Thunder & Lightning – Risque – Dutch Polydor 12”
23 — Shake It Up – Divine – Dutch Break 12”
24 21 The Night – Azul Y Negro – Italian Mercury 12”
25 23 Shotgun – Paul Sabu – US Arial 12”
26 — I Like It Like That (Remix) – Inner Life – US Salsoul 12”
27 — To Meet Me (Instrumental) – Den Harrow – Italian Hole 12”
28 — I’m Alive (Instrumental) – American Fade – Proto 12” promo
29 — Old Night Flight – Gianco – Italian Cat 12”
30 — For Your Love – Klaudia – Italian Cat 12”

One thought on “February 26, 1983: Forrest, Prince Charles & The City Beat Band, Sunfire, Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame”

  1. Slightly ironic considering Chris Hill’s known dislike of electro that that black New York station had him as their ‘expert’ on the new synth pop sounds coming out of Britain. Also just as they adopted that playlist we got into 1983 and the whole synth pop/New Romantic sound/scene came to a grinding halt over here in its native country.


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