July 28, 1990: Elaine Hudson/Sydney Youngblood, Loose Ends, G.T.O., Ben Liebrand/Nasty Chat, S*Express


MECCA DJs will be compiling their own dance floor chart for use by Pete Waterman on his TV and radio shows, which promises to be an accurate reflection of their particular customers’ taste but — if the individual DJ’s charts featured by him on ‘The Hit Man And Her’ are any guide — is likely to be behind rather than ahead of even the pop chart . . . Partners In Kryme ‘Turtle Power (Single Edit)‘ (SBK 12 TURTLE 1), a gruffly rolling rap (105¼bpm) with an already ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ hyped up pre-teen market, wasn’t promoed to clubs but may cross over to them following its instant pop success . . . Prince contributes the song ‘If I Luv U Tonight‘ to Mica Paris’s next album, co-produced by Curtis Mantronik and featuring guest appearances by Rakim, Bobby Womack, Chaka Khan, and Nile Rodgers too . . . Nicky Holloway provided the groovy sounds for Madonna’s private disco party in London last week, where the champagne flowed without limit . . . Barry, South Wales, based Alan Coulthard has just completed a Janet Jackson megamix out of the tracks from her ‘Rhythm Nation 1814’ album, for creatively marketed release shortly . . . Graham Gold, giving up the compilation of the continuously segued DiscEyes video tapes to take up his key role at London’s KISS-fm, is however being retained by Diamond Time to sequence in smooth running order a new monthly Club Clips service of the 20 best current club music videos (subscription details on 071-433 3355) . . . Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson featuring Shawn Christopher’s excellent already previewed ‘Another Sleepless Night’ turns out to be due on Arista (613 506) . . . Model 500 ‘Ocean To Ocean (Juan’s Magic Mix)’ is promoed on a single sided pressing which perhaps jokingly labels the totally blank flip as containing two tracks called ‘Sublime Ambient’ and ‘Silence’! . . . Trinidadian David Rudder’s Margareth Menezes supported ‘Dark Secret’ (from the motion picture ‘Wild Orchid’) not surprisingly was promoed to DJs in the joyfully fluid X-Rated RnB Mix reviewed last week, really the remix, instead of its ponderously lurching and chanting original version (also 119½bpm), which however is differently flipped by two much better Charlies Roots supported soca tracks, ‘One More Officer’ (110½bpm) and ‘Basement Party’ (99bpm) . . . Ice Cube’s album ‘AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted’, recently reviewed in full on import, is now out here (4th + B’way BRLP 551) — while Public Enemy’s older ‘Fear Of A Black Planet’ album has been repressed in the US as a special promo-only and ultra collectable “Limited Edition Rapp Control DJ 3-Album Set”, giving extra oomph to its many tracks as they are now spread more spaciously across three “Terminator X DJ Performance Discs” . . . Mystic Knights, whose ‘The Wrath Of Khan’ is finally out commercially, are Sheffield based Greg ‘Starburst’ Robinson and Lee ‘Mr Sheen’ Ho-Shing . . . James ‘DJ’ Sammon, jocking at Bradford’s Capricorn Club Fri/Saturdays, has his own ‘Transformer Dream’ single due on Greedy Beat Records . . . Danny Rampling, Fabio, Groove Rider, Nicky Holloway, Terry Farley and Nancy Noise with The Beloved live on stage are all at The Black & White Summer Ball this Saturday (28) at Brixton’s Academy (£12.50 ticket hotline on 081-392 2922), where black or white must be worn . . . Jeff Thomas, back funkin’ Swansea’s Martha’s Vineyard on Mondays, is joined once again by Jeff Young next week (July 30) — when Lisa Loud, Nicky Holloway (yet another name check!) and Leary Lynn start a Loud ‘N’ Leary night at Soho’s Milk Bar (next to the Astoria) . . . Lee James Ramsden, dance music editor of local paper The Visitor, spins mainly soul and funk on Mondays at Morecambe’s Mermaid fun pub . . . DJ Madhatter and guest jock Justin Robertson break the musical rules on no dress restriction Blush Wednesdays at Standish’s Mirage near Wigan . . . DJ Jumpin’ Jim (no sillier a name than Guru Josh!) does techno/acid/house/rap Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sundays at Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s Cats Disco Bar (pub hours) . . . Jason Bushby is not only jocking now at Stockton’s Bianco’s but also running JAZ Promotions, and looking (on 0542-473208) for dance acts to work in the Cleveland area . . . 3 Stripe Productions/ffrr is the latest logo to appear on a promotional slipmat . . . KICKIN’!

Reviewed by Matt Black and Jonathan More of Coldcut, and James Hamilton

THINK TANK ‘A Knife And Fork
PLEZ ‘Can’t Stop (Acid Rain Forest DMR Zone Mix)’/‘Miss Thing’
BDP ‘Love’s Gonna Get ‘Cha
XPANSIONS ‘Elevation
BOGUS ORDER ‘Zen Brakes (EP)’: ‘Granny Zen’/‘Zen In Africa’/‘Zen Bones’/‘One More Summer Of Zen’
BOOTSY’S RUBBER BAND ‘Disciples Of Funk’/‘Jungle Bass
SHADES OF RHYTHM ‘Frequency (LP)’: ‘The Exorcist’/‘Carry The Swing’/‘Sweet Sensation’/‘Jackin’ Jamboree’/‘One Black One White One Brown’
THE JAZ ‘The Originators’/‘Doped Up
VELVET TOUCH ‘Sunday Morning (Sat Nite Bass Mix/Bells Mix)’

ELAINE HUDSON featuring Sydney Youngblood ‘No More The Fool (12″ Mix)’ (93bpm) (RCA PT 43440)
Not in fact due commercially until August 13, this Love Unlimited Orchestra ‘Love’s Theme’-like strings introed then Soul II Soul-ishly jiggled superb soaringly wailed jogging swayer is also in different teasingly introed Timmy Thomas-ishly underpinned Ambient Mix and fractionally slower funky drummered abrupt 7″ Mix (92¾bpm) versions, while on promo it has been twin-packed with — for eventual separate release — the ELAINE HUDSON with B.S.O.G. credited vigorously churning Betty Boo-type rapped/sung and samples studded ‘Bow Wow Wow‘ (119¾bpm) plus the similarly breezy hip house ‘Wam Bam‘ (116¾bpm), and B.S.O.G. alone’s Vivaldi meets Beats International-type funky drummer and rococo strings combining ‘Cooler Moments Of Vivaldi‘ (101bpm).

LOOSE ENDS ‘Don’t Be A Fool (Extended Version)’ (98½bpm) (10 Records TENX 312)
Produced by the group’s Carl McIntosh, this eagerly awaited (due fully on August 13) return to vinyl sidesteps neatly from their old SOS Band influence to the now inevitably appropriate Soul II Soul style of drily rumbling wriggly groove for a Jane cooed repetitive chunky jiggler, which may not be the strongest actual song ever but should fill funkier dance floors, flipped by its more jazzily flavoured Instrumental (98¾bpm) plus the little smurfs punctuated snappily chugging sparse instrumental ‘Let’s Wax A Fatty‘ (120½bpm), whatever that means!

G.T.O. ‘Pure’ (125bpm) (Cooltempo COOLX 218)
Finally out here after already hitting hard on the same Dutch label that gave us D-Shake, and obviously now a crossover smash of similar stature, this possibly more Bizz Nizz like bounding instrumental galloper has whistles and other enthusiastic rave effects increasing the simple excitement of its Pure Energy main treatment, or a gentler Arabic flavoured Journey Mix and short slow ambient Beautiful Mix (47/94bpm).

BEN LIEBRAND (featuring Nasty Chat) ‘I Wish’ (106¼bpm) (Epic XPR 1542)
Promoed as a single-sided white label but due now with an unknown flip and proper catalogue number, this very commercial apparently Stevie Wonder approved jauntily chugging recreation of his 1976 classic is plaintively rapped in beat emphasising Betty Boo style by Nasty Chat, who certainly sounds young and from lyrical clues is probably in fact a boy.

S*EXPRESS ‘Find Time To Be Yourself (Geetah Heaven Mix)’ (115¾bpm) (Rhythm King SEXY 01TP)
With their name abbreviated to S*XP on the 33⅓rpm advance promo’s rubber stamped white label, still in an effort to make people pronounce them as “Sexpress” rather than “S Express”, Mark Moore’s merry band return with this wah wah guitar wukka wukked and rattling percussion driven jiggly chugging instrumental and a title repeating girl doodled different more intensely driven Vocal Mix (116bpm), plus the “attention, attention, the laser has no function” repeating straightforwardly bounding house ‘My Laser (Just Won’t Function Anymore)‘ (120bpm).

HEAVY D & THE BOYZ ‘We’ve Got Our Own Thang (Peace, Love & Heaviness Remix)’ (115bpm) (MCA Records MCAX 1344)
The Teddy Riley produced infectious “ma diddly diddly diddly dee” raggamuffin scatting jaunty rap jiggler is at last out here in a Marva Whitney, Sly & The Family Stone and others scratching remix by Phil Chill & Brian ‘Chuck’ New, not necessarily an improvement over the flip’s rurally accented slow starting then fiercer, James Brown “fellahs” scratching US Version (113¾bpm), but at least you get both (Acappella too).

KID FROST ‘La Raza’ (107bpm) (US Virgin 0-96498)
Remixed from an album called ‘Hispanic Causing Panic’, this slinkily undulating unhurried husky Spanish/English patois chatted example of Chicano hip hop from the Los Angeles barrio is in La Raza Mix, Street/Calle Mix, Instrumental, and more jerkily weaving Cantina Mix (107¼bpm) versions, all jazz-funkily tapped with a slightly Ben E. King ‘Stand By Me’-ish bassline and languidly honking sax, plus the street corner dialogue introed more routine accusatory ‘In The City‘ (94½bpm).

J.T. & THE BIG FAMILY ‘Foreign Affair (Reggae Style Mix)’ (99¼bpm) (Italian BHF Production 8620927/8)
About for a while although almost immediately hard to find as demand outstripped supply, this trendily tempoed remorselessly tripping roller has a subtle difference as it’s based on a skeletal adaptation of Bob Marley & The Wailers’ Could You Be Loved’ reggae rhythm, which doesn’t stop it being repetitively prodded and washed by “ah yeah”, “everybody”, and other unrelated samples between bursts of breathy male rap and female cooing, flipped by the sultry girl started and lightly soulful guy duetted silkily drifting ‘Mad World‘ (91/45½bpm), lovely and worth checking in its own right.

CABARET VOLTAIRE ‘Easy Life’ (124¾bpm) (Parlophone 12R6261)
Co-produced by the group with Sheffield’s FON Force, this bleeping chimes and rattling percussion punctuated gently pulsing attractive synth instrumental from the ‘Groovy, Laidback And Nasty’ EP is now out on its own newly flipped by the spasmodically twittering and pinging ‘Fluid‘ (120bpm) and similar more drain gurgled ‘Positive ID‘ (122bpm), all fine for Yorkshire bleeper fans.

LFO ‘LFO Remix’ (125bpm) (W.A.R.P. Records/Outer Rhythm WAP 5R)
Taking a while to wind up into its friskily skittering rhythm through a long intro of bleeps, this still low frequency oscillation thrummed twittery remix of the electro smash is newly flipped by the jaggedly bleeping and bounding unrelated ‘Mentok 1‘ (125bpm), and the jaunty latin piano plonked surging and thumping ‘Quijard‘ (121bpm).

‘Balearic Beats Volume Two’ (London In The Area Records)
A quick follow-up to the previous bootleg volume, this has an excellent bouncily bounding remix of the now even jauntier BABAKOTO ‘Just To Get By’ (108¾bpm), a thunder storm introed/outroed steadily tapping remix of MR. MISTER ‘Broken Wings’ (101 bpm), and — toughest of all for many — a backing augmented though still continuously fluctuating SISTER SLEDGE ‘Thinking Of You’ (intro and main break circa 101¾bpm but dropping to 99¼bpm just after the start, so mixing jocks will have to be damn good!).

QUEEN LATIFAH ‘Come Into My House’ (118¾bpm) (Gee Street GEET 27)
Finally out commercially this week after months of being promoed in six mixes, this scoldingly rapped “hip hop house” (but not hip house) and “hip hop jazz” track, as she describes it, is now A-sided by its loosely loping The Richie Rich Mix, and flipped by his emptier Richie Rich Dub Vocal Mix (119bpm), a twittery fluttering instrumental Orbital Dub Mix, and an original Mark The 45 King Mix (actually by both Latifah and DJ Mark), all but Orbital’s having an Anita Ward ‘Ring My Bell’-like syndrum going poo, poo.

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST ‘Bonita Applebum (12″ Slave Edit)’ (91¾bpm) (Jive JIVE PP 256)
Another separate promo newly couples last week’s Carly Simon rhythm synching, now slightly retitled and fractionally slower, 12″ Why Edit (91¾bpm) with this alternative remix also by Dave Dorrell & CJ Mackintosh, the gently muttered roller drifting instead through the repeated languidly world weary resonant chords of Grace Jones’s ‘Slave To The Rhythm’.

KAREN SMITH ‘Paradise’ (91 bpm) (Mango 12MNG 728)
There really may be a reggae trend beginning, still somewhat tentatively at present, as Krystal & Shabba Ranks (particularly big in Scotland for some reason!) are followed into The Club Chart by not only Wildski but also this jittery throbbing and tapping Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare & Herbie Harris produced techno-reggae (?!) treatment of the still languidly moaned Sade song, flipped by a more traditionally reggae styled lazily rolling revival of ‘Oh Me Oh My‘ (85bpm), previously by Lulu at her most soulful (both with instrumental Versions too).

KENNY RICH ‘Freaky’ (118bpm) (US Lethal Records LE-002)
Combining throatily soulful hollering like Darryl Pandy without the yelps, bursts of another guy’s rap, catchily chanted “I like ’em freaky” repetition, and a solidly cantering old fashioned rhythm that’s nevertheless compatible today, this little goodie from Dearborn Heights is in vocal Power and Radio, instrumental Underground and Bonus Beat Mixes, well worth checking if the above description tickles your fancy.

FATMAN featuring Stella Mae ‘Release Me (Steve Anderson Remix)’ (118bpm) (ffrr/Cue Records FXR 140)
Steve Anderson excels himself with this Italo type piano jangled bouncily throbbing jaunty strong new version, flipped by his Freedom Dub and 7″ Remix too.

COOL DOWN ZONE ‘Heaven Knows (12″ Remix)’ (101¼bpm) (10 Records TENR 309)
The 1 World co-produced quiet soulful girl sung attractive Soul II Soul-ish jogging swayer now in a more beefily pushing Steve Anderson remix, still flipped by the John Barnes produced Janet Jackson-ish snappily lurching ‘Come Be My Lover’ (104bpm) and Barbara Mason-ish slinkily weaving ‘I Always Seem To Cry’ (84bpm).

THE CHIMES ‘True Love (Extended Version)’ (94½bpm) (CBS CHIM T2)
Classily wailed by Pauline as ever but perhaps no more than blandly pleasant when compared to their previous soulfully biting U2 cover version, this gentle rolling swayer has some nice flute and is beefed up with added overdubs by Louie Louie, who also provides a more subduedly moaning and rumbling total Louie Louie Remix (95¼bpm) on the flip alongside David Morales’ old slowly starting then lethargically jogging Red Zone Mix of ‘Stronger Together’ (94½bpm).

GLENN MEDEIROS featuring BOBBY BROWN ‘She Ain’t Worth It’ (London LONX 265)
Bobby doesn’t only supply the guest rap for this New Kids On The Block-ish pop hit (hotter on radio than dance floors), his typically is the new jack swing beat that drives the ultra violently littering choppy US 12-Inch Remix (102½bpm), with clonking and clacking go go percussion gone mad, contrastingly coupled (on promo at least) by our own Boilerhouse boys Ben & Andy’s gently tapped and pulsed breathily hushed The Boiler House Remix, The No Compromise Mix, The Boiler House Mix, and sparse instrumental The Beats Mix (all 102bpm).

BLUE PEARL ‘Naked In The Rain (Red Pearl Mix)’ (115¼bpm) (W.A.U! Mr. Modo Recordings/ Big Life BLR 23 R)
David Morales’ throbbingly thumping sombrely toned remix has a possibly more exciting Dub flip, with heavy breathing but no vocal.

BOO-YAA T.R.I.B.E. ‘Psyko Funk (Prince Paul Remix)’ (110¼bpm) (4+B’ 12 BRX 179)
A Digital Underground-type P’funkily rolling remix, scratching Rufus Thomas’s “a wop bop a loo bop” — I think, rather than Little Richard’s — from ‘Tutti Frutti’ (in the flip’s Instrumental Remix and jerkier LP Version too).

BFC ‘Evolution’ (127½bpm) (US Fragile FRG # 2)
From Detroit, Carl Craig’s confusingly labelled freaky electro techno instrumental four tracker is led off nominally by this monotonous shushing steam pressure-like flutterer, but has also the frenetically wriggling twittery typewriter-like ‘Galaxy‘ (132½bpm), frantically scurrying long snickety ‘Static Friendly‘ (132¾bpm), and beats jumbling pleasantly atmospheric lush unhurriedly loping ‘It’s A Shame‘ (119bpm), with a long tempoless midway pause.

KICKING BACK with TAXMAN ‘Everything (The Manic Mix)’ (98bpm) (10 Records TENR 307)
Graeme Park & John Crossley’s still sweetly cooed though now drain gurgled jiggly rolling remix is also even more raggamuffin than before, flipped by its Dub and the earlier ‘Devotion (Dangerous Mix)’ (104¼bpm) too.

BELL BIV DEVOE ‘Poison (The S. & P. Jervier Full Rub Mix)’ (110bpm) (MCA Records MCAX 1414)
The drily rattling jiggly “infectious” swingbeater now in a calmer and possibly better remix, which may have helped its pop chart rise, with matching new Instrumental and Dub versions (miscredited on the sleeve).

THE CLUB CHART – July 28, 1990

01 03 LFO (THE LEEDS WAREHOUSE MIX) LFO, W.A.R.P/Outer Rhythm 12in
02 01 FIRST TIME EVER (MELLOW GROOVE) Joanna Law, Citybeat 12in
03 05 FACTS OF LIFE (DANCIN’ DANNY D’S MIX) Danny Madden, Eternal 12in
04 12 LIES (EXTENDED VERSION) En Vogue, Atlantic 12in
05 06 SILENT VOICE Innocence, Cooltempo 12in
06 02 FREE Tammy Payne, WEA 12in
07 04 MONIE IN THE MIDDLE (COX & STEELE MIX) Monie Love, Cooltempo 12in
08 07 PURE (PURE ENERGY) G.T.O., Cooltempo 12in
09 20 TRICKY DISCO Tricky Disco, W.A.R.P/Outer Rhythm 12in
10 09 WASH YOUR FACE IN MY SINK (RADIO MIX) Dream Warriors, 4 + B’way 12in
11 53 BONITA APPLEBAUM (WHY VERSION) A Tribe Called Quest, Jive 12in
12 24 NOBODY (MIXES) Tongue ‘n’ Cheek, Syncopate 12in
13 15 TOM’S DINER DNA featuring Suzanne Vega, A&M 12in
14 30 NO MORE THE FOOL/BOW WOW WOW/COOLER MOMENTS OF VIVALDI/ WAM BAM Elaine Hudson with B.S.O.G.. RCA 12in twinpack promo
15 10 OUTSTANDING Kenny Thomas, Cooltempo 12in
16 08 I’M STILL WAITING (PHIL CHILL 1990 REMIX) Diana Ross, Motown 12in
17 58 LAMBORGHINI Shut Up And Dance, Shut Up And Dance 12in
18 31 TRUE LOVE (LOUIE LOUIE REMIX) The Chimes, CBS 12in
19 13 DOIN’ OUR OWN DANG (DO IT TO THE JB’S MIX) Jungle Brothers, Eternal 12in
20 22 I WISH Ben Liebrand (featuring Nasty Chat), Epic 12in
21 65 RAGGA TRIP/HOOLIGAN 69 The Ragga Twins, Shut Up And Dance 12in
23 14 LOVE DON’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE (CLUB MIX) Double Trouble, Desire 12in
24 11 OOOPS UP Snap, Arista 12in
25 19 THINKING OF YOU (ROCK STEADY MIX) Maureen Walsh, Urban 12in
27 16 HEAVEN KNOWS Cool Down Zone, 10 Records 12in
28 25 LA RAZA (LA RAZA MIX) Kid Frost, US Virgin 12in
29 36 WHY CAN’T WE LIVE TOGETHER (WAR & PEACE MIX) Timmy Thomas, Syncopate/T.K. Records 12in
30 29 BEEF (THE FUTURE MIX) Gary Clail, On-U Sound System featuring Bim Sherman, RCA/PerfectO 12in
31 90 ANOTHER SLEEPLESS NIGHT Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson featuring Shawn Christopher, Arista 12in
32 46 EVERYTHING (LONG MIX) Kicking Back with Taxman, 10 Records 12in
33 78 HARDCORE UPROAR Together, ffrr 12in
34 42 PSYKO FUNK (HIP HOP YOU DON’T STOP MIX) Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E., 4 + B’way 12in
35 37 LOVELY THING Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra featuring Jazzy Joyce, Mango 12in
36 40 ROCKIN’ OVER THE BEAT (LP VERSION) Technotronic featuring Ya Kid K, Swanyard 12in
37 28 SWING The Deff Boyz (featuring Tony Mac), Supreme 12in
38 18 I LOVE MUSIC (SLAMMING LARGE MIX) Darryl Pandy, Eternal 12in
39 81 COOL WITH NATURE (MIXES) Carlton, ffrr 12in
40 23 CLOSE TO YOU (THE ROUNDHOUSE MIXES) Maxi Priest, 10 Records 12in
41 97 FLOATATION (SUBSONIC GRID MIX) The Grid, East West 12in
42 50 GOTTA TURN THE MUSIC UP (CRITICAL-CORE MIX) M.C. Showbizz and The Lap 1 Crew, 1st Bass 12in
43 17 PIANONEGRO (LONG MIX) Pianonegro, Epic 12in
44 32 THE FUTURE (REMIX)/ELECTRIC CHAIR (REMIX) Prince, German Warner Bros 12in
45 70 THE REALM (LOVE IN D MINOR MIX) featuring C’hantal, US Powertraxx 12in
46 44 OCEAN TO OCEAN (JUAN’S MAGIC MIX) Model 500, KoolKat 12in
47 61 HOTEL CALIFORNIA (IBIZA 90 MIX) Jam On The Mutha, W.A.U.! Mr Modo 12in
48 35 DON’T GO AWAY (B.I.D. MIX) Boneshakers, Reachin’ 12in
49 — IT’S A JUNGLE OUT THERE (DEF CLUB MIX) Julian Jonah featuring Billie Ray Martin, Cooltempo 12in
50 54 NAKED IN THE RAIN (EXTENDED MIX) Blue Pearl, Big Life/W.A.U.! Mr Modo 12in
51 — DON’T BE A FOOL (EXTENDED VERSION) Loose Ends, 10 Records 12in
52 — AFFAIR (THE STORM MIX) Cherrelle, Tabu 12in
54 — GOTTA GET OVER U Kaos, Kool Kat 12in
55 re THE POWER OF HUMAN NATURE Michael Jackson, Bootleg 12in
56 82 WHAT TIME IS LOVE? (LIVE AT TRANCENTRAL) The K.L.F., KLF Communications 12in
57 33 BACK BY DOPE DEMAND/FEEL THE FLOW (CLUB MIX) King Bee, 1st Bass 12in
58 re DARK SECRET (X-RATED RnB MIX) David Rudder & Margareth Menezes, London 12in
59 re FAST FISH AND LOOSE FISH (THE RAPPER’S TALE) Qrz? featuring Stepz, 10 Records 12in
61 — SILLY GAMES (EXTENDED VERSION) Lindy Layton, Arista 12in
62 56 OAKLAND STROKE (BRIXTON BASS MIX) Tony! Toni! Toné!, Wing 12in
64 83 WONDERFUL WORLD (FX MIX) Wildski, Arista 12in promo
65 59 MAKE YOU SWEAT (NORMAN COOK REMIX) Keith Sweat, Vintertainment 12in promo
66 93 TEMPLE OF LOVE (JOE COOL REMIX)/(TUFF STUFF) Harriet, East West 12in
67 100 ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK Sting, A&M 12in
68 64 U CAN’T TOUCH THIS (CLUB VERSION) MC Hammer, Capitol 12in
69 — FLOATATION (PROGRESSIVE MIX) The Grid, East West 12in
70 48 I GOT TA (LP VERSION) Master Ace, US Cold Chillin’ 12in
71 — SYNTH IT/FIRST POWER Revelation, US Atmosphere 12in
72 — WHY? Moccasoul, Tam Tam 12in
74 47 LAST NIGHT A DJ SAVED MY LIFE (GROOVE MIX) Coldjam featuring Grace, Big Wave 12in
75 27 RELEASE ME (GOSPEL) Fatman & Stella Mae, Cue 12in
76 73 POISON (MENTAL MIX) Bell Biv DeVoe, MCA 12in
77 21 ALRIGHT (HIP HOP MIX) Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
78 — COME TOGETHER (WEATHERALL MIX) Primal Scream, Creation 12in promo
79 — JUST LET GO Petra & Co, BCM 12in
80 — I LOVE GIRLS (FEMME FATALE MIX) Kid Creole & The Coconuts, CBS 12in
81 — DISH & TELL (CLUB MIX) House Of Venus, Dutch Go Bang! 12in
82 re I LIKE GIRLS (CLUB MIX) Mr. Lee, Jive 12in
83 — STEP OFF (DANCIN’ DANNY D’S SLAMMIN’ & JAMMIN’ MIX) Junior Giscombe, MCA 12in
84 — TUNES SPLIT THE ATOM M.C. Tunes, ZTT 12in promo
85 — YOU’VE GOT ME DANCIN’ Glen Goldsmith, RCA 12in promo
86 69 REFLECTIONS Jam Society, Jaba 12in
87 — RAISE (63 STEPS TO HEAVEN) (REDSKIN ROCK MIX) Bocca Juniors, Boys Own Productions/ffrr 12in
88 95 SIMPLE RHYTHM (12″ VOCAL) Soul Rebellion, US Cardiac 12in
89 34 FEEL LIKE MAKING LOVE (RADIO MIX) Jillian Mendez, 4 + B’way 12in
90 — BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS Lonnie Gordon, Supreme 12in
91 72 ONLY FOR THE HEADSTRONG Psychotropic, Raw Bass 12in
92 52 I’M STILL WAITING Courtney Pine featuring Carroll Thompson, Mango 12in
93 — FREQUENCY (LP) Shades Of Rhythm, Shades Of Rhythm LP
94 re LET’S GET IT STARTED (THUMP MIX) Precious, MCA 12in
96 — BEAT THE STREET (CLUB MIX) Love-Inc, Retro 12in
97 — IT’S ON — SONIA Flowered Up, Heavenly 12in
98 76 I’M FREE The Soup Dragons, Raw TV/Big Life 12in
99 38 REELING (DAYTIME DANCE MIX) The Pasadenas, CBS 12in
100 — PACKET MAN (WORTH A PACKET MIX) Digital Underground, BCM 12in

Compiled by Alan Jones from a sample of over 400 DJ returns and shop sales. This week’s shops: Groove (London), City Sounds (London), Don Christie (Birmingham), Ruby Red (Wolverhampton), W.A.R.P. (Sheffield) and Hitsville USA (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne).

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