August 4, 1990: Lonnie Gordon, L.A. Mix, The Ragga Twins, House Of Venus, Keith Sweat


PLASA (the Professional Lighting And Sound Association) mounts the thirteenth annual disco equipment exhibition, Light + Sound Show ’90, at London’s Olympia 2 from Sunday to Wednesday September 9-12, a must as always for jocks and club owners who want to compare the latest gear, admission being £6 on the door unless you pre-register before August 17 by sending a cheque for £3.50 (payable to PLASA Ltd) with full name, address, telephone number and company or other relevant details to Light Sound Show ’90 Registration, Data House, Carriers Close, Tile Hill, Coventry CV4 8AW . . . Joan Armatrading’s old ‘Love And Affection’ has been given a trendily slinky 90bpm revival for release in four weeks, serviced on white label to DJs both by Rush Release, who coyly credit it to Renet, and by Pitstop, who comes clean and credits it correctly to Sinitta (very classy it is, too)! . . . Snap ‘Ooops Up’ is still wrongly being referred to (even in an answer to a Radio 1 quiz last week) as being based on the Gap Band’s ‘Oops Up Side Your Head’, when all that’s common to both are those five words, whereas its actual rhythm track is of course largely like Shirley & Company’s ‘Shame, Shame, Shame’ – incidentally, a little known fact is that the original US title of ‘Oops Up Side Your Head’ began by being the rather less memorable ‘I Don’t Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance’! . . . ‘A Knife And A Fork’ by Think Tank (who turn out to be the craftily disguised Information Society) lifts its hookline, as Norman Cook helpfully points out (and interprets as “A knife and a fork, a bottle and a cork, that’s the way we spell New York”), from Dillinger’s reggae-funk classic, ‘Cocaine In My Brain’ . . . Janet Kay, originator of ‘Silly Games’, sings back-ups on Lindy Layton’s new revival and then takes over from her to sing the actual lead on Beats International’s next single . . . Bobby Konders is coming to the UK specifically to produce reggae type dancehall talent, while KRS-One is among the growing number of Americans who plan to set up a London office . . . eastwest now becomes the even more latest logo to appear on a promotional slipmat! . . . BCM Records have snapped up for UK release the oddly credited featuring: C’hantal ‘The Realm (Love In D Minor Mix)’, hottest up North . . . Lowrell ‘Mellow, Mellow Right On‘ (OG 4183) could prove the most useful of the latest reissues in the Old Gold label’s 12 inch Gold series, which includes double-sided couplings of further oldies by Chic, Sister Sledge, Detroit Spinners, Modern Romance and the Cool Notes, while the label’s 5 Inch 3-Track CD Dance Greats series interestingly makes available on CD single three probably predictable oldies by each of Mtume, Herbie Hancock, Earth Wind & Fire, Aretha Franklin, Ritchie Family, plus several new album compilations . . . Pete Haigh’s street soul, house and hard tunes Bassix! night has been attracting so many people on Tuesdays that it’s added Fridays too at Blackpool’s Just Ji’s — he reckons that both rave and slow beat tunes are going down equally well in the North-West now . . . Robin ‘Lof’ Moorcroft clarifies that independent reports of his retirement were exaggerated: after running the disco there for 15 years he indeed no longer has any ties with Coventry’s Dog & Trumpet, which far from having closed in fact remains the city’s “best dance space” (to use his words}, while his disco still runs instead at Silvers, Park Lane and Tic Toc nightclubs . . . Coventry’s techno, house, freestyle and sometimes hip hop spinning DJ Shock-C, meanwhile, raves it up at Henley Green’s Chalkies on Atmosphere Sundays and Kollision Tuesdays, joined on the latter night by Technofreak and keyboard ace Lunacy, plus he joins Dobbo, Doc Scott and Technofreak on Fridays at Vine Street . . . Soho’s Milk Bar (next to the Astoria) starts a ‘Thursday Night Live’ season this week (August 2) with BBG, followed over the rest of the month by A Man Called Adam, The Farm, the James Taylor Quartet (invitation only), and the Brand New Heavies . . . Nicky Holloway, as well as several mentions here last week, also managed so be name checked by the Pretentious Music Journalist on Steve Wright’s Radio 1 show! . . . KICKIN’!


LONNIE GORDON ‘Beyond Your Wildest Dreams’ (100bpm) (Supreme Records SUPET 167)
Rightly earning widespread praise, this “I’ll bring you joy” repeating superb sultrily soulful attractive gently undulating jiggler proves for those who might have forgotten that its writers/producers Stock Aitken Waterman can indeed create a classify sophisticated groove when they want, this one featuring another of Matt Aitken’s jazzy guitar breaks similar to ‘Mandy’s Theme’, with a good Senza Voce (literally, ‘Without Voice’) instrumental as flip. Following the sustained criticism from some quarters of their more facile commercialism maybe this switch to class will restore SAW’s chart fortunes, the former style not in fact having been quite so successful of late?

L.A. MIX ‘Coming Back For More (Full Length Version)’ (101¼bpm) (A&M AMYDJ 579)
The first taste of Les and Emma’s new LP, this cops a lick from Chad Jackson — so to speak! — by starting with an ‘Unwind Yourself/The 900 Number’ inspired but totally different fruity sax riff before lightly soulful Francesco elegantly agonises through a softly jiggling Soul II Soul-ish rhythm with some lovely little melodic twiddles, the fruity sax farting about again in the breaks while there’s a jazzier sweet solo too. Should you inadvertently play the 33⅓rpm promo at 45rpm as the label suggests, you’ll find the Instrumental (12″ Edit For Radio, 7″ Version and A Cappella too) comes out a just slightly too frantic 136½bpm!

THE RAGGA TWINS ‘Ragga Trip’ (101bpm) (Shut Up And Dance Records SUAD 5)
North London veteran sound system DJs/MCs, brothers Demon Rocker and Flinty Badman have instantly exploded with this Shut Up And Dance produced jiggly throbbing combination of frantic hoarse raggamuffin rapping and acidically twittering synth, with its Inst. (102¾bpm) too, flipped by the Prince-type “dearly beloved” introed/interspersed bleeping and rumbling ‘Hooligan 69‘ (126½bpm) plus a disjointed backwards tape fluttered and rock guitar droned, decelerating ‘Paro 69‘ loose variation.

HOUSE OF VENUS ‘Dish & Tell (Club Mix)’ (126bpm) (Dutch Go Bang! Records BANG 005)
Champion appear to have beaten Cooltempo to the label that gave us D-Shake and G.T.O. for the future UK release of this Eddie de Clercq, Eric Cycle & Gert van Veen created jerkily leaping simple solid hip-ish house tempoed exciting instrumental, with a stuttery refrain of “they can tell you” interspersed by “can I get a witness”, in alternative Bitch Mix, more straightforwardly bounding ‘Dish Queen‘, and loosely related polyrhythmic ‘Flying Carpet Ride‘ variations.

KEITH SWEAT ‘Make You Sweat (The Norman Cook Twelve Inch Remix)’ (104bpm) (Elektra EKR113T)
The distinctive soulster’s whiningly moaned and muttered rambling jiggler given a tighter more sharply chugging UK mix, with its The Norman Cook Instrumental too, flipped by a drier jerkily rolling USA Extended Version (104½bpm) from the previously promoed import pressing.

PETRA & CO. ‘Just Let Go (Extended Mix)’ (121½bpm) (German BCM Records 12371)
Hottest up North ahead of UK release on August 20 (when it will be out as BCM 371 X), this simple synth chorded chunkily jiggling thumper features chanting guys and a piercingly pitched (like, she could shatter glass!) girl preaching the message “hey c’mon, let’s have fun” and, so far as one can penetrate her phonetic enunciation, “teenagers, just let go” — what sounds like the start of some ‘French Kiss’ style deceleration halfway is a false alarm as the tempo does not dip (Dub Mix and Instrumental too).

THE B-SIDES ‘Volume Three’ (Belgian Music Man MMI 9008)
Composed by Frank De Wulf, this five track EP of pulsing and chugging electro instrumentals for bleep freaks has, at 45rpm on One Side, the ‘French Kiss’-ish ‘Foreign Trips’ (124¾bpm) and distantly saxed swirling ‘The Darkness Revisited‘ (123¾bpm), plus, at 33⅓rpm on The Other, the calmly thumping ‘Orbital Ways‘ (122bpm), “dance” prodded jittery ‘The Original‘ (124bpm), and dialogue introed thudding ‘The Tape‘ (124bpm). This volume’s initial chart impact is largely due to its following fairly hard on the heels of Frank’s previous and perhaps still stronger

THE B-SIDES ‘Volume Two’ (Belgian Music Man MMI 9004),
a steady ‘grower’ whose reputation has spread more slowly, the nagging synth scrubbed scurrying ‘Magic Orchestra’ (123½bpm) showing up in many DJs’ charts across the last couple of months, this four tracker also having the jerkily bounding ‘Freestyle 909‘ (124¾bpm), unrelated leaping house style ‘Latino‘ (124¾bpm), and muttered and saxed steadily hustling ‘The Heat Of The Moment‘ (123bpm).

33⅓ QUEEN ‘Volume One’ (US Nugroove NG 053)
Produced by it appears the Basement Boys with Daryll ‘Mandrill’ Harris, this six track EP of good if repetitive garage, house and electro grooves has the strong jazz-funkily trotting (with vibes rather than the perhaps expected brass!) ‘Breakin’ Wind’ (118bpm), chicken scratched steadily chugging ‘Disco 4‘ (112bpm), similar though more Bohannon-ish ‘Steal Blue‘ (112¼bpm), title line and “uhh” prodded drily bounding ‘Searchin’‘ (121¾bpm), title chant prodded synth buzzed ‘Turn This Mutha Out‘ (120bpm), and schlurping and plopping ‘Melody Man‘ (124bpm), many elements being vaguely familiar of course.

MELBA MOORE ‘Do You Really Want My Love’ (104¾bpm) (US Capitol V-15561)
Newly created by Surface’s David ‘Pic’ Conley & David Townsend (rather than being any other song of a similar title), this is a pleasant Soul II Soul-ish jiggly shuffling swayer as it gently doodles and weaves through its tones and muttering introed Wanna Dance Mix, with a more starkly chugging Club Version, different slightly faster more jerkily wriggling stuttery Original Club Edit and freakily phasing sparse ambient instrumental Wanna Dub Mix (105½bpm), all worth checking by soul and swingbeat fans.

LINDY LAYTON ‘Silly Games’ (85bpm) (Arista 613 452)
Janet Kay’s number two reggae pop smash from exactly 11 years ago is revived by the quavering Beats International singer with Janet herself supplying the distinctive sweetly wailed back-up harmonies, but the result unfortunately drags too languidly for its own good and at times frankly is a bit of a discordant mess, promoed at 33⅓rpm in Danny D and Norman Cook Mixes (plus Bonus Beats and Acappella) — the initial labelling was confused, so whoever added the wah wah to their mix comes out slightly ahead! Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Janet, her more jauntily undulating sweetly squeaked 1979 original has been remixed and overdubbed by Andy Pickles & Ian Morgan, with an attractively synthesised sax alone in its long intro and then weaving through the last half, to make the separately released

JANET KAY ‘Silly Games (The Music Factory Extended Sax Remix)’ (122/61 bpm) (Music Factory Dance MFDT 006, via BMG),
which may not benefit her directly now but is likely to have wider appeal.

MOCCASOUL ‘Why?’ (99¾bpm) (Tam Tam Records TTT 029, via Savage)
It’s odd how revivals come in waves, this “lah de dah de dah” chorussed catchy old Chic-created Carly Simon song now being not only added to the ‘Bonita Applebum’ remix but also here remade in girls cooed and wailed (with a raggamuffin guy’s punctuating comments) more jauntily rolling reggae/soul fusion stylee, white labelled with four unspecified mixes. What’s more, another pleasant enough Natalie King sung and vibes tinkled though rather spikier and less mellow remake from a few months ago, when previously promoed on Premiere UK, has been picked up for release again on a different label,

MINUS ONE ‘Why?’ (105bpm) (Sgt Peppers SGT 124).

DEEE-LITE ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ (121¼bpm) (Elektra EKR114T)
Massive already on import and now out here, sweetly wailing and muttering Lady Miss Kier, Super DJ Dmitry and Jungle DJ Towa Towa’s ‘Love Is Strange’-ishly introed, then jazz-funkily pattering and jauntily churning imaginative episodic squiggly jiggler could well follow the Dream Warriors up the chart, although it is more of an infectious groove than a coherent song, with Bootsy & Q-Tip prodding its main Meeting Of The Minds Mix or a shorter Peanut Butter Mix, flipped for good value contrast by the more European style sparse bass jogged strolling atmospheric ‘What Is Love?’ in Holographic Goatee (111¾bpm) and Rainbow Beard (112bpm) Mixes. The import’s sleeve credits horn blasts by Horny Horns/Maceo Parker & Fred Wesley, and samples courtesy of Herbie Hancock & Candy J, if you can spot ’em.

HARRIET ‘Temple Of Love (Joe Cool Remix)’ (114¾bpm) (eastwest SAM 685)
Only on advance promo so far, this soulfully connected Sheffield girl (she’s written for Quincy Jones and collaborated with the likes of Ten City and George Clinton) debuts moaning and wailing an actually slightly pop style fluidly loose limbed clonking strider full of atmosphere, flipped by a more chunkily jiggling Tuff Stuff (115bpm) alternative version.

BEN LIEBRAND Featuring NASTY CHAT ‘I Wish (12″ Remix)’ (106½bpm) (Epic 656175 8)
Now out commercially, the steadily chugging and youthfully rapped recreation of Stevie Wonder’s 1976 classic proves to be fractionally faster than the promo and flipped by the Betty Boo ‘Doin’ The Do’-type piano prodded ‘Pressure Groove‘ (124bpm) plus the good Spanish guitar Balearic instrumental ‘Spanish Jam (Club Remix)‘ (119bpm) that previously flipped (and was hotter than) ‘Puls(t)ar’.

CHERRELLE ‘Affair (The Storm Mix)’ (110½bpm) (Tabu XPR 1545)
Another of those pre-releases from the CBS Dance Division with only a promo catalogue number instead of the one it’ll have when out fully on August 13, this brand new UK remix by Steve Anderson of her Jam & Lewis created old album title track is a gradually unwinding then clopping jittery lurcher pushed by jangly vamping piano and soaringly surging vocal harmonies, flipped similarly by Steve’s Liaison Dangereuse Dub.

CARLTON ‘Cool With Nature’ (3 Stripe Productions/ffrr SNMX 2)
Played at a proper 33⅓rpm (beware, as it doesn’t say so), this is less radical than Smith & Mighty’s previous uptempo creation for the semi-falsetto crooning Carlton but may be more generally useable, being a Snap-py drum shuffled lethargic jiggler in its Go Beat Mix (99bpm) and Go Beat Instrumental (99¼bpm), or cooler The Nature Mix (96½bpm) and Drum And Bass Mix (96¼bpm).

THE CLUB CHART – August 4, 1990

01 01 LFO (THE LEEDS WAREHOUSE MIX) LFO, W.A.R.P/Outer Rhythm 12in
02 13 TOM’S DINER DNA featuring Suzanne Vega, A&M 12in
03 09 TRICKY DISCO Tricky Disco, W.A.R.P/Outer Rhythm 12in
04 08 PURE (PURE ENERGY) G.T.O., Cooltempo 12in
05 05 SILENT VOICE Innocence, Cooltempo 12in
06 06 FREE Tammy Payne, WEA 12in
07 02 FIRST TIME EVER (MELLOW GROOVE) Joanna Law, Citybeat 12in
08 10 WASH YOUR FACE IN MY SINK (RADIO MIX) Dream Warriors, 4+ B’way 12in
09 04 LIES (EXTENDED FUNKY REMIX) En Vogue, Atlantic 12in
10 03 FACTS OF LIFE (DANCIN’ DANNY D’S MIX) Danny Madden, Eternal 12in
11 19 DOIN’ OUR OWN DANG (DO IT TO THE JB’S MIX) Jungle Brothers, Eternal 12in
12 07 MONIE IN THE MIDDLE (COX & STEELE MIX) Monie Love, Cooltempo 12in
13 22 PORTRAIT OF A MASTERPIECE (CJ’S ED-DID-IT MIX) The D.O.C., East West 12in promo
15 11 BONITA APPLEBAUM (WHY VERSION) A Tribe Called Quest, Jive 12in
16 15 OUTSTANDING Kenny Thomas, Cooltempo 12in
17 33 HARDCORE UPROAR Together, ffrr 12in
18 18 TRUE LOVE (LOUIE LOUIE REMIX) The Chimes, CBS 12in
19 12 NOBODY (MIXES) Tongue ‘n’ Cheek, Syncopate 12in
20 17 LAMBORGHINI Shut Up And Dance, Shut Up And Dance 12in
21 56 WHAT TIME IS LOVE? (LIVE AT TRANCENTRAL) The K.L.F., KLF Communications 12in
22 14 NO MORE THE FOOL/BOW WOW WOW/COOLER MOMENTS OF VIVALDI/WAM BAM Elaine Hudson with B.S.O.G., RCA 12in twinpack promo
23 20 I WISH Ben Liebrand (featuring Nasty Chat), Epic 12in
24 28 LA RAZA Kid Frost, US Virgin 12in
25 24 OOOPS UP Snap, Arista 12in
26 37 SWING The Deff Boyz (featuring Tony Mac), Supreme 12in
27 51 DON’T BE A FOOL (EXTENDED VERSION) Loose Ends, 10 Records 12in
28 21 RAGGA TRIP/HOOLIGAN 69 The Ragga Twins, Shut Up And Dance 12in
29 49 IT’S A JUNGLE OUT THERE (DEF CLUB MIX) Julian Jonah featuring Billie Ray Martin, Cooltempo 12in
30 31 ANOTHER SLEEPLESS NIGHT Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson featuring Shawn Christopher, Arista 12in
31 16 I’M STILL WAITING (PHIL CHILL 1990 REMIX The Full Monty) Diana Ross, Motown 12in
32 42 GOTTA TURN THE MUSIC UP M.C. Showbizz and The Lap 1 Crew, 1st Bass 12in
33 44 THE FUTURE (REMIX)/ELECTRIC CHAIR (REMIX) Prince, German Warner Bros 12in
34 39 COOL WITH NATURE (MIXES) Carlton, ffrr 12in
35 100 PACKET MAN (WORTH A PACKET MIX) Digital Underground, BCM 12in
36 23 LOVE DON’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE (CLUB MIX) Double Trouble, Desire 12in
37 25 THINKING OF YOU (ROCK STEADY MIX) Maureen Walsh, Urban 12in
38 50 NAKED IN THE RAIN (EXTENDED MIX) Blue Pearl, Big Life/W.A.U.! Mr Modo 12in
39 36 ROCKIN’ OVER THE BEAT (LP VERSION) Technotronic featuring Ya Kid K, Swanyard 12in
40 46 OCEAN TO OCEAN (JUAN’S MAGIC MIX) Model 500, KoolKat 12in
42 27 HEAVEN KNOWS Cool Down Zone, 10 Records 12in
43 89 FEEL LIKE MAKING LOVE (RADIO MIX) Jillian Mendez, 4 + B’way 12in
44 76 POISON (MENTAL MIX) Bell Biv DeVoe, MCA 12in
45 67 ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK Sting, A&M 12in
46 — EASY LIFE Cabaret Voltaire, Parlophone 12in
47 52 AFFAIR (THE STORM MIX) Cherrelle, Tabu 12in
48 — TAKE A LOOK AROUND (LP) Master Ace, US Cold Chillin’ LP
50 87 RAISE (63 STEPS TO HEAVEN) (REDSKIN ROCK MIX) Bocca Juniors, Boys Own 12in
51 72 WHY? Moccasoul, Tam Tam 12in
52 — LET’S GET BUSY (PUMP IT UP): SNAP! THE REMIX! (ROBOMIXED) Clubland featuring Quartz, Supreme 12in
53 35 LOVELY THING Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra featuring Jazzy Joyce, Mango 12in
54 48 DON’T GO AWAY (B.I.D. MIX) Boneshakers, Reachin’ 12in
55 30 BEEF (THE FUTURE MIX) Gary Clail, On-U Sound System featuring Bim Sherman, RCA/PerfectO 12in
56 84 TUNES SPLIT THE ATOM M.C. Tunes, ZTT 12in promo
57 Re GET DUMB! (FREE YOUR BODY) (CLIVILLES/COLE CLUB MIX) The Crew featuring Freedom Williams, A&M 12in
58 61 SILLY GAMES (EXTENDED VERSION) Lindy Layton, Arista 12in
59 83 STEP OFF (DANCIN’ DANNY D’S SLAMMIN’ & JAMMIN’ MIX) Junior Giscombe, MCA 12in
60 57 BACK BY DOPE DEMAND/FEEL THE FLOW (CLUB MIX) King Bee, 1st Bass 12in
61 43 PIANONEGRO (LONG MIX) Pianonegro, Epic 12in
62 74 LAST NIGHT A DJ SAVED MY LIFE (GROOVE MIX) Coldjam featuring Grace, Big Wave 12in
63 98 I’M FREE The Soup Dragons featuring Junior Reid, Raw TV/Big Life 12in
64 66 TEMPLE OF LOVE (JOE COOL REMIX)/(TUFF STUFF) Harriet, East West 12in
65 Re WORLD PEACE (FREESTYLE) Sugar Bullet, Virgin 12in promo
66 34 PSYKO FUNK (HIP HOP YOU DON’T STOP MIX) Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E., 4+B’ 12in
67 — DANCE DANCE Deskee, Big One 12in white label
69 91 ONLY FOR THE HEADSTRONG Psychotropic, Raw Bass 12in
70 70 I GOT TA (LP VERSION) Master Ace, US Cold Chillin’ 12in
71 62 OAKLAND STROKE (BRIXTON BASS MIX) Tony! Toni! Toné!, Wing 12in
72 — IN THE LIFE (KEYS REMIX)/TO WIN YOUR LOVE Da Posse, RePublic 12in
74 38 I LOVE MUSIC (SLAMMING LARGE MIX) Darryl Pandy, Eternal 12in
76 — PEOPLE (PROPHET MIX) In Time, Cooltempo 12in
77 — BOY I NEED YOU (SENSITIVE MIX) Deruvo, SBK.One 12in
78 65 MAKE YOU SWEAT (NORMAN COOK REMIX) Keith Sweat, Vintertainment 12in promo
79 Re PARADISE Karen Smith, Mango 12in
81 — THE LAW OF CHANTS VOLUME 2 Vandal, US Nu Groove 12in
82 97 IT’S ON — SONIA Flowered Up, Heavenly 12in
83 — DON’T HOLD BACK (REMIX) Blapps Posse, Blapps 12in
84 — HARMONY HALL Mighty Ethnicz, Laylow 12in
85 64 WONDERFUL WORLD (12″ FX MIX) Wildski, Arista 12in
86 54 GOTTA GET OVER U Kaos, Kool Kat 12in
87 78 COME TOGETHER (WEATHERALL MIX) Primal Scream, Creation 12in promo
88 Re IF U KEEP IT UP Liz Torres, Jive 12in
89 — I’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT YOU (C’EST WOT MIX) Londonbeat, AnXious 12in
90 — R-EARTH (R-DANCE) R-Earth, Manna 12in
91 77 ALRIGHT (HIP HOP MIX) Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
92 71 SYNTH IT/FIRST POWER Revelation, US Atmosphere 12in
93 40 CLOSE TO YOU (THE ROUNDHOUSE MIXES) Maxi Priest, 10 Records 12in
94 — ANYONE . . . (FULL LENGTH MIX) Smith & Mighty feat. Jackie Jackson, ffrr 12in promo
95 — BITING MY NAILS (VERSION 90) Renegade Soundwave, Mute 12in
96 — SWOLLEN POCKETS Phase ‘n’ Rhythm, US Tommy Boy 12in
97 — ELEVATION Xpansions, Optimism 12in white label
98 86 REFLECTIONS Jam Society, Jaba 12in
99 55 THE POWER OF HUMAN NATURE Michael Jackson, Bootleg 12in
100 85 YOU’VE GOT ME DANCIN’ Glen Goldsmith, RCA 12in promo

Compiled by Alan Jones from a sample of over 400 DJ returns and shop sales. This week’s shops: Groove (London), City Sounds (London), Record & Disco Centre (Pinner), Crash (Leeds), Tempest (Birmingham) and Spillers (Cardiff).

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