March 1, 1969: Lee Dorsey, Little Milton, Tony Joe White, Ben E. King, Bobby Womack

LEE DORSEY: I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter; Little Ba-by (Bell BLL 1051).
The oldie given the New Orleans treatment – and it could go well with the mums and dads. Insinuous flip, but ’tain’t no big thing.
* * *

LITTLE MILTON: Grits Ain’t Groceries; I Can’t Quit You (Chess CRS).
Up-dated funky, brassy version of Titus Turner’s “All Around The World” (which was Little Willie John’s first hit) that is doing well in America. Edward L. Bakewell III and all Blues freaks should dig the generously long (6.35) flip, which has plenty of Milton’s guitar and impassioned vocal. Check it out.
* * * * * *

TONY JOE WHITE: Polk Salad Annie; Aspen Colorado (Monument MON 1031).
Soul Francisco” was a gas . . . now this! Rosko’s hip to Tony Joe and if you’ve missed him playing this, go hear it now! Another “down in Louisiana”-type lyric admittedly, but with funky beat, brass, guitar, and that distinctive voice over all. Slow and more stereotyped “Aspen” tells an autobiographical tale.
* * * * * *

BEN E. KING: Till I Can’t Take It Anymore; It Ain’t Fair (Atlantic 584238).
Ben E. is going all Solomon Burke, although his own style is still being copied (see below)! Both are slowies, and “It Ain’t Fair” has the advantage – very soulful. Look into it.
* * * * *

BOBBY WOMACK: California Dreamin’; Baby You Oughta Think It Over (Minit MLF 11012).
Bobby won accolades in the States for his version of this, and though it palls so soon after Jose Feliciano’s, it’s nice. Slower flip by Mary Wells’ brother-in-law will please people, too.
* * * * *

JOHNNIE TAYLOR: Take Care Of Your Homework; Hold On This Time (Stax 114).
Although a fast-rising U.S. monster, this lacks the punch of his last, the million-seller “Who’s Making Love“. Even so, it’s funky ‘n’ chunky for the clubs. Flip’s got it too.
* * * * *

THE CHI-LITES: Pretty Girl; Love Bandit (Beacon BEA 119).
Male quartet, currently hitting in the States with “Give It Away“, emote in Pretty style on “Pretty Girl” – unexceptional, but nice for soul group fans. Messy flip.
* * * *

JERRY REED: Oh What A Woman; The Claw (RCA Victor RCA 1798).
Jerry “Guitar Man” Reed socks it to us about a woman who treats him uncommonly good . . . funky C&W! Nifty ‘finger pickin’ geetar flip. This’ll wow ’em in Leytonstone!
* * * *

CHARLEY PRIDE: Kaw-Liga; The Little Folks (RCA Victor RCA 1796).
War drums pound and audience waxes enthusiastic as the Negro C&W star sings of the unrequited love of two wooden cigar-store Indians. Great voice, and fancy steel guitar sounds.
* * * *

THE SMOKE RING: No Not Much; How’d You Get To Be So Wonderful (Buddah 201040).
A wild, groovy, finger-popper? No, not much . . . just Joe Hupp’s male octet harmonising on a pleasantly old-fashioned, melodiously lilting lullaby with wheezing organ accompaniment.
* * *

PROFESSOR MORRISON’S LOLLIPOP: Oo-Poo-Pah Susie; You Take It (London HLU 10254).
Nowhere near as good or compulsively danceable as their last outing (“You Got The Love”), this is highly resistible Bubble Gum Twaddle. Pseudo-weird flip.
* *

THE KING BROTHERS: Me On The Subject Of Gina; That’s The Way It Goes (Majestic Tangerine 0004).
An always-talented team here on one of the most melodic songs out this week – written by Dennis King and John Junkin. With TV and radio plugs, could take off.
* * * * *

LOS BRAVOS: Save Me, Save Me; Baby I Love You (Decca F 22853).
Rather violent beat material, with an active sort of lead voice but not really in line to put the boys back in the charts. Energetic but a bit stereotyped.
* * * *

LAINIE KAZAN: They Don’t Give Medals; When I Look In Your Eyes (MGM 1468).
A marvellous Bacharach and David song and a most meaningful performance from a magnificent-looking, super-looking American girl soon to explode on our telly-screens. A Record of the Week for sure.
* * * * *

THE COWSILLS: Hair; What Is Happy (MGM 1469).
Another version of the stage-show theme, from one of the biggest sellers in America . . . but not here, as yet. Nice arrangement and stylishly sung, but probably not a hit.
* * * *

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