November 15, 1975: Dooley Silverspoon, Bay City Rollers, Chris Bartley, The Troggs, The Wombles

New Spins

DOOLEY SILVERSPOON: ‘Let Me Be The No. 1 (Love Of Your Life)’ (Parts 1 & 2) (Seville SEV 1020) (mentioned in Billboard column 9/27/75, Billboard chart debut 10/18/75)
By far the strongest disco cut from his superb hustling LP, this romping and swirling Sonny Casella-produced example of the Sound Of New New York is hopefully the one to break him here like it’s doing in the States.  If you dig this, get the even better Jeanne Burton: ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You Do’ (SEV 1010), which is what alerted me to S.O.N.N.Y. in the first place.

BAY CITY ROLLERS: ‘Money Honey’ (Bell 1461)
Heavy guitar, pounding disco rhythm and police-siren type noises make this their most useable to date.

CHRIS BARTLEY: ‘I See Your Name’ (Right On! RO 105)
Great catchy brass and lazy though punchy beat (all emphasized on instrumental flip) help Chris sound like the sweetest thing this side of heaven.  Much better than the label’s attempts at funk, it’s a really happy dancer. 

TROGGS: ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ (Penny Farthing PEN 901)
Not exactly hard to visualize, Reg Presley and the Stones’ classic are made for each other!  Thumping chug rhythm, buzzing guitars, ‘Wild Thing’ vocal.

WOMBLES: ‘Let’s Womble To The Party Tonight’ (CBS 3794)
Worthy of Roy Wood, this spirited Rock-A-Boogie combines Andrews Sisters and Bill Haley amidst party noises to emerge as messy fun.

GARY GLITTER: ‘She-Cat, Alley Cat’ (Bell 1451)
All the DJs say that this is the side – and they’re right as usual!  Funky Fatback Band bouncy beat makes it a yum yum.

WINNERS’ CIRCLE: ‘Born A Star’ (Warner Bros. K 16614)
Energetic though effetely-sung UK hustler, which scores via the bubbling enthusiasm of Pete Wingfield and others.  Try the instrumental version flip, with synthetic lead – it really cooks!

LAUREL AITKEN: ‘Fatty Bum Bum Gone To Jail’ (Horse HOSS 111)
Not similar in sound, but the association should make this reggae thudder a disco biggie.  ‘Fatty Had A Baby’ next, maybe?

SILVERCLOUD: ‘Northern Soul’ (EMI 2371)
With “how to do the” lyrics, this crass cash-in is so funny it deserves to be heard.  It would’ve been right at home on Cameo-Parkway!

THIRD TIME AROUND: ‘Soon Everything Is Going To Be Alright’ (Contempo CS 2076) (mentioned in Billboard column 11/2/74, Billboard chart debut 10/18/75)
Hypnotically repetitive rhythm pushes this fast whomper stomper along, making it oddly distinctive.  Backing-track A-side, vocal group B, both extremely good.  In fact this is brilliant, and I can’t wait to try it!

VENTURES: ‘Superstar Revue’ (UA UP 36009) (Billboard chart debut 9/6/75)
Hustle, Don’t Run – the new command from these veteran twangers, who are buried in brass and chix on this US disco hit.  It’s a fast thumper with longer disco flip, and it should work well.

BUTCH BARKER: ‘The Joker’ (Creole CR 113)
Otis Redding bass line and synthetic lead, plus a few maniacal laughs, on an effectively happy instrumental dancer.

PEARLS: ‘The Cheater’ (Private Stock PVT 39)
Frisky updating of Bob Kuban’s 1966 disco classic.

UK Disco Top 20 – November 15, 1975

01 11 Roxy Music – Love Is The Drug – Island
02 01 George McCrae – I Ain’t Lyin’ – Jay Boy
03 03 Trammps – Hold Back The Night – Buddah
04 18 Jim Capaldi – Love Hurts – Island
05 04 Esther Phillips – What A Diff’rence A Day Makes – Kudu
06 RE David Bowie – Space Oddity – RCA
07 08 Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony – Change With The Times – Avco
08 16 Hello – New York Groove – Bell
09 02 Drifters – There Goes My First Love – Bell
10 13 Gloria Gaynor – Do It Yourself – MGM
11 10 Maxine Nightingale – Right Back Where We Started From – United Artists
12 09 Dee Clark – Ride A Wild Horse – Chelsea
13 07 Four Seasons – Who Loves You – Warner Bros.
14 06 Natalie Cole – This Will Be – Capitol
15 20 Faith, Hope & Charity – To Each His Own – RCA
16 NE Rod Stewart – This Old Heart Of Mine – Riva
17 NE Elton John – Island Girl – DJM
18 NE ABBA – SOS – Epic
19 NE Jigsaw – Sky High – Splash
20 12 George Benson – Supership – CTI
NE = new entry; RE = re-entry

Appeared in Billboard:
#3 (Billboard chart debut 6/21/75)
#5 (Billboard chart debut 6/21/75)
#7 (Billboard chart debut 10/4/75)
#10 (mentioned in Billboard column 8/2/75, Billboard chart debut 8/23/75)
#11 (Billboard chart debut 4/3/76)
#13 (Billboard chart debut 8/23/75)
#14 (Billboard chart debut 9/13/75)
#15 (Billboard chart debut 7/19/75)
#20 (Billboard chart debut 5/17/75)

Songs mentioned in “DJ Hotline”:

JOHN ASHER: ‘Let’s Twist Again’ (Creole)
SAM COOKE: ‘Twistin’ The Night Away’ (RCA)
DAVE CLARK FIVE: ‘Bits & Pieces’ (Columbia)
ATLANTA DISCO BAND: ‘Bad Luck’ (Scorpio – US import) (Billboard chart debut 10/4/75)
BIDDU ORCHESTRA: ‘I Could Have Danced All Night’ / ‘Jump For Joy’ (Epic) (Billboard chart debut 11/22/75)
DOOLEY SILVERSPOON: ‘As Long As You Know (Who You Are)’ (Seville)
JASON SINCLAIR: ‘The End Of The World’ (Cactus)
DREAD ORCHESTRA: ‘Symphony Of The Apes’ (Thunderbird)
HOT CHOCOLATE: ‘Everything Should Be Funky’ (Rak)

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