March 19, 1977: D.C. Larue, Graham Parker & The Rumour, Gary Wright, Bugatti & Musker, Smokey Robinson

New Spins

D.C. LARUE: ‘Overture (All We Need Is Love)’ (Pye 7N 25740) (Billboard chart debut 12/4/76)
Chugging funky snorter with old Stax touches even, rather strong.

GRAHAM PARKER & THE RUMOUR: ‘Hold Back The Night’ (from EP ‘The Pink Panther’, Vertigo PARK 001)
Long a Parker stage fave, the Trammps classic’ll hold them back no more.  Dy-na-mite!

GARY WRIGHT: ‘Are You Weepin” (Warner Bros. K 16908)
Another similar ’60s-style soul chugger, modern in sound only. 

BUGATTI & MUSKER: ‘Ain’t No Smoke Without Fire’ (Epic EPC 4755)
Exciting jittery clomper that’ll make you feel like dancing.

SMOKEY ROBINSON: ‘There Will Come A Day’ (Motown TMG 1065)
Luxurious slowie, right back in his old form.

WILLIE FISHER: ‘Put Your Lovin’ On Me’ (Jama JA 35)
Excellent mellow soul swayer, impressively produced.

MANHATTANS: ‘It’s You’ (CBS 5093)
Soulful delicate lolloper.

SONG REPAIR CO.: ‘You’re A Heartbreaker’ (Decca F 13691)
Vintage Elvis oldie does a kinda Mud ‘Oh Boy’ with knobs on!

CARLO SANTANA: ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ (Philips 6006561)
Ideal show-closing gentle smoocher.

HERBIE MANN: ‘Aria’ (from LP ‘Bird In A Silver Cage’, Atlantic K 50338)
Useful slow Munich-recorded disco treatment, with Penny McLean heavy-breathing.  ‘Birdwalk‘ is a fast flute beater for ‘Fife Piper’ fans.

ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION: ‘So In To You’ (Polydor 2066774)
Yet more Stretch rhythm, but hauntingly played like Steely Dan.

DELEGATION: ‘Where Is The Love’ (State STAT 40)
Real Thing-styled rhythm, big for some.

NYTRO: ‘Nytro’ LP (Whitfield WH 3019) (‘What It Is’ chart debut 3/19/77)
‘What It Is’ is a repetitive burbling funker (due for 45 release), ‘Where’s The Party‘ has Norman Whitfield’s current clapping gimmick, ‘Trick Bag‘ leaps along.

GRACE JONES: ‘Sorry’ / ‘That’s The Trouble’ (Polydor 2058856) (mentioned in Billboard column 9/4/76, Billboard chart debut 10/23/76)
Big US hustling cool thudder and a faster pounding NY/Northern plug-side.

ANDREA TRUE CONNECTION: ‘NY, You Got Me Dancing’ / ‘Keep It Up Longer’ (Buddah BFS 454) (mentioned in Billboard column 1/29/77, Billboard chart debut 2/19/77)
More, more, more, with a beefy beat topside and good Vicki Sue Robinson-type flip.

JIMMY CHAMBERS: ‘Love Don’t Come Easily, Girl’ (Cube BUG 75)
Good Tavares-type breakneck beater.

HENRY MANCINI: ‘Theme From Charlie’s Angels’ (RCA PB 0888)
Bright and shrill with Northern chances.

ZEBERA: ‘Wind Up Toy’ (Mint CHEW 15)
Jaunty B-side with clapping Northern appeal.

ICE: ‘Time Will Tell’ (Creole CR 135)
Crisply ticking Euro-funk, DJ serviced at last.

DREADNAUGHTS: ‘Al Capone’ (Sonet SON 2090)
Reissued thundering instrumental of the ska classic.

DILLINGER: ‘Natty B.Sc.’ (Black Swan WIP 6380)
Mind-warping ethnic shanker, incredible!

MIKE & BILL: ‘Things Won’t Be This Bad Always’ (Arista 95)
Rattling funky hustler now out here properly.

LOUISA MARK: ‘Keep It Like It Is’ (Trojan TRO 9005)
Pretty soulful reggae slowie.

DRAGONS: ‘Misbehavin” (DJM DJS 10752)
Bowie-type ‘Fame’ lurcher.

COLIN BLUNSTONE: ‘Beautiful You’ (Epic EPC 5009)
Punchy pop by Neil Sedaka.

AJL BAND: ‘Classical Salsa’ (Baal BDN 38033)
Eurodisco instrumental with “love to love you” chix.

MARTYN FORD ORCHESTRA: ‘Let Your Body Go Downtown’ (Mountain TOP 26)
Buzzing busy churner, funky but soulless.

JOBELL & THE ORCHESTRA DE SALSA: ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’ (Pye 7N 25736)
Messy but real Salsa, with great rhythm and ragged chanting.

HAZEL DEAN: ‘Look What I’ve Found At The End Of A Rainbow’ (Decca F 13683)
Perky NY-style stuff.

MARILYN CHAMBERS: ‘Benihana’ (Pye 7N 25737) (Billboard chart debut 2/26/77)
Andrea True-type heavy-breather.

RUBY JAMES: ‘I Found My Heaven’ (Rak 252)
Derivative disco plopper.

NANCY WILSON: ‘The End Of Our Love’ (Capitol CL 15547)
Surprisingly ugly Northern hit from ’68.

SIDNEY RODGERS: ‘Child From A Broken Home’ (Ethnic Fight EF 048)
Rather good reggae, strong song.

KEBLE DRUMMOND & THE CABLES: ‘What Kind Of World’ (Black Swan WIP 6382)
Throbbing reggae with ‘Spanish Harlem’ touches.

Hot Vinyl

Import tips this week come from Chris Hill of Ilford’s Lacy Lady and Tony Clark of Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s Julie’s.

Chris tips:

SHALAMAR: ‘Uptown Festival’ (Soul Train 12″) (Billboard chart debut 1/29/77)
JOHN HANDY: ‘Carnival‘ (Impulse LP cut)
PLAYERS ASSOCIATION: ‘I Like It‘ / ‘Let’s Groove‘ / ‘Love Hangover‘ / ‘Hustlin’‘ (Vanguard LP cuts) (Billboard chart debut 2/26/77)
SLAVE: ‘Slide‘ / ‘Son Of Slide‘ / ‘You And Me‘ (Cotillion LP cuts)

Tony tips:

MAZE: ‘Color Blind’ (Capitol)
THE KNIGHTS: ‘Love Knocked You Down‘ (Little Star LP cut)
JOHN HANDY: ‘Watch Your Money Go‘ (Impulse LP cut)
TEDDY PENDERGRASS: ‘You Can’t Hide From Yourself‘ (Philadelphia Int’l LP cut) (Billboard chart debut 3/19/77)

DJ Top Ten

Bob Jones dee-jays at Dee Jay’s, Chelmsford’s funkiest nite-spot, where the funky stuff he chooses to use is currently like this:

  1. RUTH DAVIS & BO KIRKLAND: ‘You’re Gonna Get Next To Me’ (Claridge LP cut – US import)
  2. THELMA HOUSTON: ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’ (Motown) (mentioned in Billboard column 11/20/76, Billboard chart debut 11/27/76)
  3. JIMMY OWENS: ‘Do It To It’ (Horizon LP cut)
  4. JOE THOMAS: ‘Funky Fever’ (Groove Merchant 12″) (mentioned in Billboard column 12/25/76)
  5. FAT LARRY’S BAND: ‘Centre City’ / ‘Night Time Boogie’ (WMOT LP cuts – US import) (mentioned in Billboard column 10/30/76, Billboard chart debut 12/25/76)
  6. LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY: ‘Hit And Run’ / ‘Worn Out Broken Heart’ (Gold Mind LP cuts – US import) (Billboard chart debut 1/15/77)
  7. LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA: ‘King Kong Pt. 2’ (20th Century)
  8. IMPRESSIONS: ‘You Will Never Find’ (Curtom – US import)
  9. BOOTSY’S RUBBER BAND: ‘The Pinocchio Theory’ (Warner Bros. LP cut)
  10. GEORGE BENSON: ‘Nature Boy’ (Warner Bros. LP cut)


  1. WELDON IRVINE: ‘Sinbad’ (RCA LP cut – US import)
  2. LATIMORE: ‘Something About Cha’ (Glades – US import)
  3. JOHN EDWARDS: ‘Nobody But You’ (Cotillion – US import)

UK Disco Top 20 – March 19, 1977

01 01 Heatwave – Boogie Nights – GTO
02 07 Thelma Houston – Don’t Leave Me This Way – Motown
03 18 David Bowie – Sound And Vision – RCA
04 06 Leo Sayer – When I Need You – Chrysalis
05 02 Rose Royce – Car Wash – MCA
06 12 Manhattan Transfer – Chanson D’Amour – Atlantic
07 03 Earth, Wind & Fire – Saturday Night – CBS
08 05 Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Don’t Leave Me This Way – Philadelphia Int’l
09 09 Boz Scaggs – What Can I Say – CBS
10 04 Moments – Jack In The Box – All Platinum
11 NE Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke – Motown
12 16 Bryan Ferry – This Is Tomorrow – Polydor
13 14 Cerrone – Love In C Minor – Atlantic
14 NE Brendon – Gimme Some – Magnet
15 10 Boney M – Daddy Cool – Atlantic
16 NE Showaddywaddy – When – Arista
17 NE Maxine Nightingale – Love Hit Me – UA
18 NE 20th Century Steel Band – Dance Away – UA
19 NE Delegation – Where Is The Love – State
20 RE Van McCoy – Soul Cha Cha – H&L
NE = new entry; RE = re-entry

Appeared in Billboard:
#1 (Billboard chart debut 4/23/77)
#2 (mentioned in Billboard column 11/20/76, Billboard chart debut 11/27/76)
#5 (Billboard chart debut 10/2/76)
#8 (mentioned in Billboard column 12/6/75, Billboard chart debut 12/20/75)
#9 (mentioned in Billboard column 4/3/76)
#11 (mentioned in Billboard column 10/16/76, Billboard chart debut 10/23/76)
#13 (Billboard chart debut 1/15/77)
#15 (mentioned in Billboard column 9/25/76, Billboard chart debut 11/20/76)
#20 (Billboard chart debut 11/20/76)

Songs mentioned in “DJ Hotline”:

CHAPLIN BAND: ‘Let’s Have A Party’ (EMI 12″)
BONEY M: ‘New York City’ / ‘Help Help’ (Atlantic LP cuts) (Billboard chart debut 11/27/76)
RUTH DAVIS & BO KIRKLAND: ‘You’re Gonna Get Next To Me’ (Claridge LP cut – US import)
SUPERCHARGE: ‘Get Up And Dance’ (Virgin)
FAT LARRY’S BAND: ‘Fascination’ / ‘Centre City’ (WMOT LP cuts – US import) (mentioned in Billboard column 10/30/76, Billboard chart debut 12/25/76)
TRAMMPS: ‘Disco Inferno’ (Atlantic LP cut) (mentioned in Billboard column 12/25/76, Billboard chart debut 1/15/77)
MICHAEL ZAGER: ‘Do It With Feeling’ (Bang) (mentioned in Billboard column 11/22/75, Billboard chart debut 11/29/75)
MISTURA: ‘The Flasher’ (Route)
MUSCLE SHOALS HORNS: ‘Bump De Bump Yo Boodie’ (Bang)

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