February 6, 1982: Touch, Morrissey Mullen, Brandi Wells, George Duke, Jimmy Castor


SOUTHGATE ROYALTY is soon to be redeveloped into a very different type of venue, but in the meantime the recently started Friday soul-disco ‘Slix’ nights continue (with Jeff Young and Martin Collins on alternate weeks), as do rock ‘n’ roll Thursdays, while the Saturday ‘Rox’ specials will occur as and when bands are available . . . Central Line’s ‘Don’t Tell Me’ 12in has been replaced by a much longer remix, plus a ‘Walking Into Sunshine’ remix on 2-track flip (review when received) . . . Kool’s follow-up is already on white label, ‘Take My Heart’ remix flipped by the old ‘Caribbean Festival’ and ‘Winter Sadness’ . . . Slave and Whispers 12in copies should initially be at 7in price, so question the dealer if you’re asked to pay more . . . Angela Bofill’s 3-track 12in is available via specialist disco shops but not on general release . . . Wallace W Williams ‘Waterbed’ reggae steel band fusion is available through Pinnacle (01-662 5741) or Jet Star (01-961 4422) — Wallace does a nifty PA, complete with whip wielding lady, by the way! — while Jerome’s self-financed ‘In The Right Direction’ is through Soto Sound (01 837 7141/7147) . . . Mick Clark, who says a Brandi ‘What Goes Around’ remix will be about soon, is starting two mailing lists at Virgin, one modelled on Fred Dove’s for up-front jazz-funk-soul jocks and another for pop-dance-fusion general DJs: send full work details to Mick Clark, Virgin Records, 2 Vernon Yard, 119 Portobello Road, London W11 . . . Ex-Motown press gal Karen Spreadbury’s Eyes & Ears promotion/PR firm is off and running, Karen handling press and Gullivers girl DJ Nicky Mackenzie servicing club jocks: apply to Eyes & Ears, PO Box 103, London, SW19 6PD (01-809 1073/789 9673) . . . Theo Loyla has already left MAP to start his own Super Jocks Mailing Service and is pushing a video of a band called Volcano (sort of like Ottawan meets Village People — so you’ve been warned!) — apply to him at 15a Crescent Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT2 7RD . . . PRT have picked up Oneness of Juju, CBS release Tomorrow’s Edition next week, while Streetwave’s Morgan Khan is back from MIDEM with Vicki “D” and the strong likelihood of two currently ultra-hot US labels catalogues . . . WEA’s Erskine Thompson got myself and Tape 1’s Dave ‘Razorblade’ Moore to put together a mixer medley of four Prince tracks — ‘Head/Wanna Be Your Lover/Sexy Dancer/Controversy’ — in a completely re-edited 64bst (Bits of Splicing Tape!) melange of all the best bits, but its future release is still uncertain . . . Kool could have been number one nationally if it had sold more strongly in Scotland (it was number one in London), but a lack of 12in copies has at least put the album in the Top 10 (there’s also a rare remix, as there is too of NY Skyy) . . . Gilberto Gil (who could be due for a 3-track 12in) is the biggest victim of our currently very volatile disco chart — he lost just two “chart points” (our inverse ratio scoring) yet dropped 10 whole places — the competition at the top being really intense now the snow has melted and mailing list-orientated provincial DJs are once again outnumbering the London dominated record-buying jocks whose charts held sway during the big freeze . . . Holborn’s City Sounds record shop is now open on Saturdays 10am-4pm, while Greek Street’s Groove is still of course open until 10pm nightly six days a week and on Sunday until 6pm . . . Junior (Giscombe) is the latest big Brit hit in US soul and disco charts . . . Rahmlee’s ‘Heartbreaker’ / ‘Think’ is now a 12in on US Headfirst, so could the label eventually get around to Lesette Wilson’s ‘Caveman Boogie’? . . . Quincy Jones has been nominated for eight Grammy awards in different categories, plus he’s associated with six more nominated artists, while other important black nominees include Grover/Bill, Diana/Lionel, and Al Jarreau . . . Fergus McKinna (East Kilbride) contacted Geffen Records to hear that Quincy should have finished producing Donna Summer’s new album next month (it’ll evidently combine traditional Summer-style material with a jazz-funk slant too), Quincy also — thank goodness! — being set to produce the Brothers Johnson again . . . Stevie Wonder has formed his own Wondirection label (he’ll stay on Motown, who’ll distribute), the likely first signings being Little Willie John’s sons Keith & Kevin . . . Rush Release had a healthy response to their announced video service, but then once DJs realised it was going to cost money there was a lot of hasty backpedalling — really professional, don’tcha think? . . . Mark Clark (Bracknell), like us at Gullivers, has been having great success showing a much-sought promotion video of Maze — who incidentally appear here next month, when ‘Joy and Pain’ will be re-promoted . . . Groove Weekly’s John Wischhusen kindly singled out Mayfair Gullivers as one of the best black music clubs, but in saying that my mixing maintains “a technical excellence rarely matched elsewhere” he unfortunately made no mention of full-time resident DJ Graham Gold at all, and Graham (with all week to practice) pulls off more stunts than I have the time for . . . John Dalglish of Glasgow’s Dalglish Dance School (041-334 8550) has been contracted by the Scottish Milk Marketing Board to put a three girl dance troupe (with a 30-minute act incorporating all dance styles) out on the road from 1st May to appear absolutely free of charge in Scottish discos: contact John, or the SMMB’s Dennis Gray (041-887 1234) for date details . . . Blackburn’s Martin Platts does an open air disco at Clitheroe Castle on 21st February, where all the DJs will be topless — and most of ’em are girls! . . . Disco & Lighting Exhibition Nottingham ’82 is planned for Sunday 25th April, at Nottingham’s Sherwood Rooms, full stand details from Goldwax Discos on 0602-231457 . . . John Mayoh, John Barry, Gillie Beanz & Dave Eager “Beaver” at Bolton Cinderella Rockerfella’s are experimenting on Wednesdays with £6.50 admission a head to include a free meal plus as much as you can drink all night! . . . Mayfair Gullivers has 25p drinks on Mondays now, electro-funk downstairs and live big band jazz (jammers welcome) upstairs on Tuesdays, ’60s soul oldies on Thursdays and the new romantic Padded Cell downstairs on Saturdays — which shows the advantage of running two floors . . . T-Connection ‘Do What You Wanna Do’ is a big oldie for both Steve Glover (Bournemouth Faradays) and Chris Hill (Canvey Goldmine), while Chris is also reviving real soul oldies by such as the Detroit Spinners, Intruders, James Brown . . . Roger Dynamite, who’s replaced his brother Paul Major at Gt Yarmouth Tiffany’s (Paul’s at Wheels — in Lowestoft?), reckons on the futurist front that RCA should reissue Iggy Pop ‘The Passenger’, while equally big on the floor for Nick Davies (Watford New Penny — Sundays) is Andy Forray ‘Drac’s Back‘ (Acrobat) . . . Steven Fay (Darwen, Lancs) has had Melody Stewart ‘Get Down‘ (US Roy B 12in) in his chart for month after month! . . . The Quick’s up-coming new material produced by John Luongo in the States sounds remarkably like Linx . . . Capital Radio producer Mike Childs currently swears by 12in versions, and uses them wherever possible on Nicky Horne’s rock show (“they sound so great”, sez he) . . . Robbie Vincent is presumably reviving ‘Do The Dog’ on Radio London! . . . Dolly Dots are Dutch . . . Johnny Proctor at Oslo’s Ridderhalen has Alton Edwards at number one — maybe because his next door neighbour is Morgan Khan-chauffeuring Alan Jewell?! . . . Colin Day, back from the Continent, is specialising sensibly on MoR gigs with his new roadshow (Worcester 0905-353361) . . . Kev Hill (Brentwood 0277-221309) is selling a variety of 18 months old hi-fi components at reasonable prices . . . Andrew Worthington Jones (Bodelwyddan Poppeys Country Club) is among many who prefer the Whispers ‘Emergency’ . . . Alex Sweeney (Dundee Sands Club) has a disco/jazz-funk show Thursday nights on Radio Tay . . . Neil Fincham & Colin Cordrey are really stepping up the soul-jazz-funk now festivities have abated at Edinburgh’s Uptown . . . John Douglas (Essex Venues) says Matumbi’s old ‘Point of View’ is much in demand again . . . Gary Oldis has been renamed after refurbishment, where a high quality cross section of music is packing ’em in . . . Ian Turner is now resident at Llandudno’s Speakeasy Club playing some of everything . . . I’m sorry that ‘Odds ‘n’ Bods’ have been missed for a couple of weeks, but unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day . . . Did you know that ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ was written by Mozart, at the age of five? . . . KATANGA! KATANGA!


TOUCH: ‘Keep On’ (reviewed off white label but now on Elite).
Although originally only intended as a group-financed limited white label edition of 500, then another 1,000, which soon sold out with no further pressings planned, this has now been picked up by Elite to meet the demand quite rightly generated — and for once it’s not just scarcity value alone that’s generated the buzz, as it’s a really infectious carefree happily flying 126-127bpm 12in jazz-funk instrumental sizzler pushed along with wings on its heels by jauntily tootling synth and fast simple chinking rhythm, with laughter, applause and panting in a brief break, to be so darned catchy it could chart nationally (like ‘Southern Freeez’ did).

MORRISSEY MULLEN: ‘Come And Get Me’ (Beggars Banquet BEG 73T).
Chris Palmer produced (and played?) terrific beefy bass thwacked relentlessly pounding 123bpm 12in full tilt strutter soulfully wailed by Carol Kenyon (who’s been cropping up on telly with Alton Edwards), totally out of previous character and likely to be massive (if the BPM accelerates I’ll let you know — It’s cut so loud my stylus won’t track it!), the excellent instrumental 124-125bpm B-side ‘Life On The Wire (Version)‘ being jazz-funkier and very Surface Noise with more superb bass (beware the abrupt end).

BRANDI WELLS: ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ (LP ‘Watch Out’ WMOT V2224, via Virgin).
I seem to have been reviewing this dynamite 113bpm disco dancer rather a lot recently, so suffice to say it’s finally out here together with the 117bpm title track… but more importantly, now I’ve finally had a 12in copy of the latter, ‘Watch Out‘ turns out in that form to be the original 117bpm but restructured and lengthened from the 5:44 LP and PRT promo version to 7:20 with an extended break before the rap (now over a minute later). Packaged in the LP sleeve with the slushy dead slow 0-35-0bpm ‘You Are My Life’ as flip. 

MIKE & BRENDA SUTTON: ‘We’ll Make It’ (SAM VS480 – 12, via Virgin).
Yet another disco acquisition of Virgin’s, the Ashford & Simpson-schooled ex-Motown songwriters and more recently Cheryl Lynn hit penners do themselves sound very Ashford & Simpson on this backbeat kicking 117bpm 12in swinger, whose career peak was short-lived on import. It’s still terrific with Phyllis Hyman’s old ‘You Know How To Love Me’ and Melba Moore’s ‘Take My Love’, and Gladys Knight & The Pips’ ‘Reach High’ is incredible synched out of it.

ATMOSFEAR: ‘Magic Bullet’ (Jive/Challenge T11).
Driven very recognisably by Atmosfear’s bassist, this guitar doodled loosely freewheeling 124-123bpm jazz-funk instrumental burbler (with some subdued background vocal lines) mixes well with Morrissey Mullen, and is officially only the B-side of a 3-track 12in actually credited to Norma Lewis, who soulfully warbles the attractive 0-79bpm lovers rock ‘This Feeling’s Killing Me‘ and then raps the phonecall conversation ‘The Girl’s A Fool‘ dubwise version.

RICHARD JON SMITH: ‘Stay With Me Tonight’ (Jive T10).
And now from out of the woodwork comes crawling the first of the Alton Edwards imitators, with another 121bpm 12in that’ll immediately ring bells of recognition, well made though it be, as it could hardly be called inspired.


GEORGE DUKE: ‘Shine On’ (LP ‘Dream On’ Dutch Epic 85215).
Powerful staccato squeakily sung smacking 118bpm strutter in the EWF style with some nice beefy bass, mixes well with Alton Edwards and is due here on 12in in a fortnight, while the set’s other major cut is the freakily starting and deceptively fast buoyantly rolling 0-116bpm ‘Ride On Love‘ finger snapper which has some dynamite instrumentation and an almost Imagination-like feel, ‘Son Of Reach For It (The Funky Dream)‘ being a real heavy — and I do mean HEAVY! — slow 90bpm funker.

JIMMY CASTOR: ‘E-Man Boogie ’82’ (US Salsoul SG 361).
Dynamite update is a powerfully simple ultra-funky 118-117-118-119-118bpm 12in rattling and pushing jiggler with chanting and lotsa basic instrumental drive in the James Brown/Roy Ayers bag. Officially flip to the less compulsive and rather disjointed jiggly then leaping but similarly Brown-ish 120-121bpm ‘Anyway, Anywhere, Anytime‘.

STYLE: ‘Movin’ On’ (US Emergency EMDS – 6522).
Bongo introed solidly pushing brassy 115bpm 12in thwacker pleasantly sung in Luther Vandross style, but for me the killer side is the synth tricked out 115bpm instrumental flip — great with Vicki “D”, Evelyn King, Brandi Wells — which I found so compulsive that a small crowd of merry onlookers gathered outside Groove to watch me gyrating to it on very first listen!

WAS (NOT WAS): ‘Tell Me That I’m Dreaming’ (US Ze/Island DISD 50011).
The ‘Traditional Remixed Version’ starts out as a self consciously cliche filled infectious driving 118bpm 12in funk smacker before the gals/guys – interplaying chant lines are interrupted by some comic cut-ups of Ronald Reagan declaring “Can we, who man the ship of state, deny it is somewhat out of control”, the B-side’s ‘Souped-Up Version‘ being basically an instrumental version chop segued straight into a 124bpm smacking ‘Dub Version’ of ‘Out Come The Freaks’. Likely to be of interest to “white boys funk” fans — while the A-side’s getting great genuine funk reaction in its own right.

P-FUNK ALL STARS: ‘Hydraulic Pump Part III’ (US Hump H-111).
The name says it all — I’m uncertain exactly who is on the record but as George Clinton and Sly Stone figure heavily in the credits you should anticipate that Bootsy, Parliament, the JBs and so on are surely involved in this ever varying mind naggingly grabbing P’funk gem with a massive 106bpm back beat on 3-track 12in in three parts, ‘III’ being a whole side and longest, and surprisingly strong mixed out of Shakatak (which in turn is great out of Lamont ‘Pictures’).

RAFAEL CAMERON: ‘Boogie’s Gonna Get Ya (Instrumental)’ (US Salsoul SG 352).
Officially flip but the hotter side, this starkly jittering and juddering 119bpm 12in instrumental version is virtually a dub of his old track and goes great with Goldie Alexander, the guitar jiggled “shoobedo-owah” filled thudding 119bpm ‘All That’s Good To Me‘ soulfully vocal A-side being good too but already available.

NIGHT BANDIT: ‘Like A Thief In The Night’ (US Cherry Hill CHP 1944).
Pleasant 0-115-116bpm 12in girlie group loper with staccato repetitive vocal clusters accenting the occasionally pausing then sax-prodded momentum, the flip’s ‘The Thief (In The Night)‘ version then adding a soulful Luther Vandross-ish fella to flesh out the bits between chix.

LIME: ‘Baby I’ll Be Yours’ (US Prism PDS 425).
Very mixable if rather gaily zingy hard smacking jaunty 121bpm 12in rattler, instrumental but for some early chix, with the well known 129bpm ‘Agent 406‘ as flip (except I don’t know it well enough to tell whether this is a remix!).

OTHER IMPORTS on 12in in brief include:

COCO DE JOUR: ‘Love Me Tonight’ (AM).
A creamy fast smooth c.126bpm churner in Stevie Nicks — or Vera — style, already selling gay.

FAT EDDY BAND: ‘Let Your Body Move It’ (Rio).
Squeaky chick warbled c.122bpm breezy canterer.

MICHAEL WYCOFF: ‘Still Got The Magic (Sweet Delight)’ (RCA).
Al Green-ish soulfully sung jiggly purposeful steady c.107bpm funk tripper.

MERGE ‘Take It To The Top’ (RCA).
Vocoder-introed jerky c.122bpm tripper starts jauntily but bogs down when a chick starts squawking.

TROUBLE FUNK: ‘The Beat’ (Jamtu).
Two sides of a varying basic percussion rhythm track — between c.104-110bpm I think — for mixers or do-it-yourself rappers.

Bass rumbled c.111bpm jolter.

SUZY Q: ‘With Your Love’ (JC).
Somewhat ‘Good Times’-type c.120bpm smacker.

EDWIN BIRDSONG: ‘Funtaztik’ (Salsoul).
Weirdly looping c.118bpm lurcher with Latin bits.

McSWEET: ‘Jesus Christ (The Gospel Beat)’ (Lection).
A for real holy rolling c.120bpm rapping preacher.

Shalamar’s new WEA Solar LP is also in, and although promised it has yet to get through the mail to me.

UK Disco Top 90 – February 6, 1982

01 02 ‘D’ Train – You’re The One For Me (Instrumental) – Epic 12”
02 03 Alton Edwards – I Just Wanna – Streetwave 12”
03 01 Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It – De-Lite 12”
04 04 George Benson – Never Give Up On A Good Thing – Warner Bros 12”
05 05 Tom Browne – Fungi Mama / Funkin’ For Jamaica – Arista GRP 12”
06 21 Brandi Wells – Watch Out – WMOT 12”
07 11 New York Skyy – Let’s Celebrate / Call Me – Epic/Streetwave 12”
08 33 Whispers – In The Raw / Small Talkin’ – Solar 12”
09 15 Bohannon – Let’s Start II Dance Again / Let’s Start The Dance (Remix) – London 12”
10 23 Shakatak – Easier Said Than Done – Polydor 12”
11 08 Vicky ‘D’ – This Beat Is Mine – US SAM 12”
12 07 Daryl Hall & John Oates – I Can’t Go For That – RCA 12”
13 12 Oneness Of Juju – Every Way But Loose – US Sutra 12”
14 06 Lamont Dozier – Shout About It – US M&M 12”
15 17 Yvonne Gage – Garden Of Eve – Atlantic 12”
16 09 Brandi Wells – What Goes Around Comes Around – US WMOT LP
17 10 Central Line – Don’t Tell Me – Mercury 12”
18 37 Whatnauts – Help Is On The Way – US Harlem Int 12”
19 19 Central Line – Breaking Point / That’s No Way To Treat My Love – Mercury LP
20 29 Lamont Dozier – You Oughta Be In Pictures / Help Is On The Way / The Pressure Is On – US M&M LP
21 18 Tomorrow’s Edition – U Turn Me On – US Atlantic RFC 12”
22 22 Earth Wind & Fire – Let’s Groove – CBS 12”
23 28 Bar-Kays – Nightcruising – Mercury 12”
24 14 Gilberto Gil – Palco – German WEA LP
25 13 Gayle Adams – Love Fever – Epic 12”
26 24 Earth Wind & Fire – I’ve Had Enough / Let’s Groove (Remix) – CBS 12”
27 31 Whispers – Emergency / Love Is Where You Find It / Turn Me Out / Cruisin’ In / Say Yes – Solar LP
28 16 T.C. Curtis – Bodyshake (Instrumental) – Groove Production 12”
29 30 Goldie Alexander – Show You My Love / Go Back – US Chaz Ro 12”
30 27 Jerry Carr – This Must Be Heaven – US Cherie 12”
31 34 Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt – Philadelphia Int 12”
32 76 Rick James – Ghetto Life – Motown 12”
33 50 Stone – Time – US West End 12”
34 20 Grover Washington Jr – Little Black Samba / Jamming / Be Mine (Tonight) – Elektra LP
35 53 Four Tops – Don’t Walk Away – Casablanca 12”
36 41 Touch – Keep On – Elite 12”
37 25 Imagination – Flashback / Burnin’ Up – R&B 12”
38 48 Mynk – Get Up An’ Dance – US Posse 12”
39 32 Second Image – Can’t Keep Holding On – Polydor 12”
40 RE Slave – Wait For Me / Just A Touch Of Love – Cotillion 12”
41 73 The Band A.K.A. – Grace – US PPL LP
42 54 Empire – Freakman – Canadian Quality RFC 12”
43 68 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – She’s Got Papers On Me / I’ve Got To Learn To Say No – Epic
44 43 George Benson – Turn Your Love Around – Warner Bros 12”
45 56 Ray Barretto – The Old Castle / Pastime Paradise / La Cuna – US CTI LP
46 77 Fuse One – Sunwalk / Silk / Hot Fire – US CTI LP
47 61 Kano – Can’t Hold Back (Your Loving) / Round And Round / Baby Not Tonight / Don’t Try To Stop Me / Party / She’s A Star – US Mirage LP/12” promo
48 35 Mirage – As From Now – Copasetic/12” promo
49 NE Kleeer – Taste The Music / Wall To Wall / I Shall Get Over / De Ting Continues / Fella – US Atlantic LP
50 40 Syreeta – Quick Slick – Motown 12”
51 57 Henderson & Whitfield – Dancin’ To The Beat (Inst) / (Vocal) – US Park Place 12”
52 44 Five Special – Just A Feeling / Why Leave Us Alone – Elektra 12”
53 46 Direct Drive – Time Machine – Oval 12”
54 47 Lesette Wilson – Caveman Boogie / Saturday Nite Groovin’ – US Headfirst LP
55 70 Komiko – Feel Alright – US SAM 12”
56 38 Detroit Spinners – Knack For Me / Love Connection / Can’t Shake This Feelin’ / Love Is Such A Crazy Feeling – Atlantic LP
57 89 Modern Romance – Queen Of The Rapping Scene / Can You Move – WEA 12”
58 51 Luther Vandross – Never Too Much – Epic 12”
59 36 Human League 100 – Don’t You Want Me – Virgin 12”
60 55 Kasso – Kasso – US Delirium/Dutch Rams Horn 12”
61 60 QT – Want Some Get Some / Instrumental – US M&M 12”
62 52 T.S. Monk – Too Much Too Soon – Mirage 12”
63 64 Diana Ross – Mirror Mirror – Capitol 12”
64 26 J. Walter Negro & Loose Jointz – Shoot The Pump – Zoo York 12”
65 NE C.M. Lord – Flashback – RCA 12”
66 49 Jumpp – Bouncy Bouncy / The Bounce – RCA 12”
67 NE Teena Marie – Portuguese Love – Motown 12”
68 65 Jerry Carr – You Are The One / Throw Down / Stay With Me – US Cherie LP
69 80 Randy Crawford – Imagine (Live) – Warner Bros
70 NE Terri Gonzales – Treat Yourself To My Love – US Becket 12”
71 59 Gwen McCrae – Funky Sensation / Poyson – US Atlantic LP
72 NE Evelyn King – Spirit Of The Dancer / I Can’t Take It – RCA 12”
73 58 Diana Ross – Tenderness – Motown 12”
74 62 Kool & The Gang – Good Time Tonight / Take My Heart – De-Lite LP
75 66 Pigbag – Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag – Y 12”
76 42 Kryptic Krew – Jazzy Sensation – US Tommy Boy 12”
77 74 Dolly Dots – P.S. I Love You – WEA 12”
78 NE Don Latarski – Beginning Song / Jennifer Anne’s Samba – US Inner City LP
79 78 Rick James – Superfreak / Fire And Desire – Motown 12”
80 NE George Duke – Shine On / Ride On Love – Dutch Epic LP
81 NE Atmosfear – Magic Bullet – Jive/Challenge 12”
82 63 Mike & Brenda Sutton – We’ll Make It – SAM 12”
83 NE Kwick – Nightlife – EMI America 12”
84 69 Gemini – It’s Friday Night / Can’t Throw Away A Good Love – US M&M LP
85 81 Mike Post – The Theme From Hill Street Blues – Elektra 12”
86 79 Zafra Bros – Will You See Me Tonight – US Eastbourne 12”
87 86 Purple Flash – Creme Souflee – Canadian Uniwave 12”
88 RE Tom Browne – Bye Gones – Arista GRP LP
89 RE Slyck – Bush Beat / Love It Or (Beat The Bush) – US Solid Platinum 12”
90 NE Barbara Roy – If You Want Me (Remix) – Canadian Black Sun 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Antilles: ‘Let’s Shake’ / ‘Simon’s Melody’ (Ice 12in)
Second Image: ‘Fall In Love’ (Polydor 12in promo)
Wallace W. Williams: ‘Waterbed’ (Trindisc 12in)
Melba Moore: ‘Let’s Stand Together’ (EMI America LP)
Ernie Watts: ‘Chariots Of Fire’ / ‘Valdez In The Country’ / ‘Gigolo’ (US Qwest LP)
Stevie Wonder: ‘That Girl’ (Motown)
Aretha Franklin: ‘Hold On I’m Coming (Remix)’ (Arista 12in)
Morrissey Mullen: ‘Come And Get Me’ (Beggars Banquet 12in)
Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde: ‘Genius Of Love’ / ‘Genius Rap’ (US Profile 12in)
Was (Not Was): ‘Tell Me That I’m Dreaming’ (US Ze/Island 12in)
Jimmy Castor: ‘E-Man Boogie ’82’ (US Salsoul 12in)
Kat Mandu: ‘I Wanna Dance’ (US Brass 12in)
P-Funk All Stars: ‘Hydraulic Pump’ (US Hump 12in)
Kool & The Gang: ‘Take My Heart (Remix)’ (De-Lite 12in promo)
Bill LaBounty: ‘Comin’ Back’ / ‘Look Who’s Lonely Now’ / ‘Dream On’ / ‘Livin’ It Up’ (US Warner Bros LP)
Lime: ‘Your Love’ (Excaliber 12in)
Leonard Seeley’s Heritage: ‘Feel It’ (US Zoo York 12in)
Style: ‘Movin’ On’ (US Emergency 12in)
Rafael Cameron: ‘Boogie’s Gonna Get Ya’ (US Salsoul 12in)
Janet Kay: ‘You Bring The Sun Out’ (Black Roots 12in)

POD (Pop Orientated Dance — compiled from DJs playing a wide range of material):

1(1)Human League 100 ‘Want’ / ‘Seconds’, 2(2) Kool ‘Get Down’, 3(5) Kraftwerk ‘Model’ / ‘Computer’, 4(3) EWF ‘Groove’, 5(7) Alton Edwards, 6(6) Soft Cell ‘Bedsitter’, 7(4) Imagination, 8(11) Shakatak, 9(8) Bucks Fizz, 10(14) Modern Romance ‘Moosey’, 11(17) Altered Images, 12(10) Four Tops, 13(12) Dollar, 14(16) Human League ‘Boiled’, 15(30) OMD ‘Maid’, 16(33) The Mood ‘Don’t Stop’, 17(9) George Benson ‘Turn’, 18(46) Hall & Oates, 19(29) Shakin’ Stevens, 20(13) Kool ‘Steppin’, 21(27) Jumpp ‘Bouncy’, 22(19) Madness, 23(22) George Benson ‘Never’, 24(29) Pigbag, 25(23) Rose Royce, 26(28) Modern Romance ‘Queen’, 27(-) Jon & Vangelis, 28(25) Gayle Adams, 29(38) Philip Lynott, 30(20) Tweets ‘BS’, 31(21) Haircut 100 ‘Shirts’, 32(34) Second Image ‘Can’t’, 33(39) Foreigner, 34(37) Tom Browne, 35(-) Diana Ross ‘Tenderness’, 36(18) Duran Duran, 37(15) Diana Ross ‘Fools’, 38(-) Fun Boy Three, 39(-) EWF ‘Enough’, 40(-) J.Walter Negro/Loose Jointz, 41(-) Spandau ‘Diamond’, 42(49) NY Skyy, 43(-) Central Line ‘Don’t’, 44(-) Japan, 45(31) Kool ‘Good Time Tonight’ / ‘Take My Heart’, 46(-) Adam & Ants, 47(43) Mike Post, 48(-) Haircut 100 ‘Love’, 49(48) Mobiles, 50(-) Luther Vandross.

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