August 21, 1982: Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Howard Johnson, Evelyn King, Mike & Brenda Sutton, Melba Moore


CANADA’S SCORPIO label catalogue including Jay W McGee should by now have been picked up for Britain by Ensign Records . . . American jazz label Inner City has reportedly gone bust, Bob Jones (Chelmsford) suggesting that someone with the cash could buy up their entire back catalogue as there’s always a market for it amongst jazz punters here . . . Real Thing have signed with EMI, their Nigel Martinez-produced ‘Seen To Smile‘ being due now . . . Sweet Pea Atkinson’s ‘Dance Or Die’, reviewed last week on import will here be flip to ‘Don’t Walk Away‘, a gruff tumblingly dragging 102bpm jiggly jogger (Ze 12WIP 6808) . . . Jimmy Cliff’s debut album for CBS (CBS 85878), the very listenable ‘Special’, includes a “special offer” for all purchasers to then send off for a free 12in copy of his included new single, the gently reggae 79½bpm ‘Roots Radical‘ (much played on radio) . . . MCA appear to have reactivated their DJ mailings, under Paul Bunting . . . John Sachs’ Backstage club didn’t last long, the Mayfair premises in Green Street now reverting to the Greenstreet name under the new ownership of lovely model Beverley Knock, reopening this Friday — although Beverley emphasises that it isn’t a disco as such, the dancefloor being too small! . . . Greenford’s Barbarellas is looking for an established soul-funk DJ to do Fridays and Saturdays, no time-wasters . . . Chris Kaye, funking a busy round of regular gigs in West Kent, would like to be offered one-off guest spots in superior venues in the North or Scotland — anywhere but the South-East, for a change, sez he! — so managers/promoters, call Chris on 0892-45023 . . . Howard Johnson ‘So Fine’ now tops the US Dance Disco chart, Jennifer Holliday is still top US Black single and climbing Pop . . . Hi Voltage ‘Let’s Get Horny‘ makes a surprisingly late and unexpected chart debut here, considering the mixer-orientated 124½bpm fierce-ish track first appeared at the start of May . . . Bobby “O” is selling really well as a result of my mix with it on the first Soul On Sound, according to Rayners Lane’s Record & Disco Centre — incidentally, one problem with listening to “fierce” electro-funk at Rayners Lane is you can never be sure if what you’re hearing is on the record or off their ever-busy video games! . . . Peterborough’s Discoasis shop in Cross Street sells import LPs at £6.49, 12in £3.99, DJs getting a special discount . . . George Andrew (Salford Mister Shifters mobile) thanks Stockport’s Grove Records (in London Road, Hazel Grove) for their support at the otherwise largely unsponsored recent Bramhall Festival . . . Adrian, of Bournemouth’s gay orientated Adams bar/disco, recommends Carnival Records in Ashley Road, Bournemouth, for extremely cheap disco 12in prices . . . I’m surprised such a straight MoR record as the Boys Town Gang is getting so much evident “soul” disco play . . . Mark Clark (Bracknell) hopes record companies wouldn’t pounce on any DJs who happen to sell old promos at “car boot” sales in aid of the South Atlantic Fund — probably not, Mark, as long as all future rights to their mailouts aren’t included in the sale! . . . Neil Fincham & Colin Cordrey (Edinburgh Mad Hatters Speakeasy), recently pictured with Junior, claim to be the longest DJ team in the country — total height 12′ 8½” if laid end to end in bare feet (which wouldn’t surprise me) — and challenge all comers . . . I can’t compete, being partnered by Graham Gold, despite my 6’ 8” . . . Watford’s Ponderosa is all very well, but the trouble with unlimited um-yum is it’s too darned fattening! . . . OK, Roger Dynamite, you work at Tiffanys in Gt Yarmouth (we’re not mind readers you know) . . . Sandy Martin reckons after the introduction at Swindon Brunel Rooms of Angus the Angry Bull that women make the best bucking riders thanks to their thigh power — cor, slobbers Sandy, there were some on Angus that could turn an “all nighter” into a “weekender”! . . . thank you Sandy, we get your drift, now tell it to Spare Rib . . . ‘The Day The Music Died’, now published here, is a novelisation (and gripping read) of the development of black music within rock ‘n’ roll from ’56 to ’63, written by Joseph C Smith who under the name Sonny Knight scored the original hit with ‘Confidential’ in 1956, well worth finding and full of thinly disguised characters from the music business — if you’re into your history, read it . . . Cliff Dawson; with a soul listening set on US Boardwalk currently being imported, is from New York but used to be in our own Chosen Few . . . Mezzoforte, the Icelandic jazz-funkers, have rivals in the form of a Nottingham white boys group recording under the same name . . . Capital’s Phil Allen, whose Sunday morning 1.45am London funk chart I never miss hearing, mentioned “a heavy dew” and Peter Young in the same breath — brilliant! . . . Larry Foster, well busy at such East London venues as Reflections, Lamps, The Villa and the Albion pub, left between gigs for a brief holiday in the Lake District to return to London for the following weekend, only to drive back to the Lakes on Monday and repeat it again the next weekend — this doesn’t beat me however: years ago at midsummer I did four consecutive mobile gigs all in different areas, then drove hell for leather to the very North-West of Scotland just to see the midnight dusk, saw it, dug it (though it rained!), and then turned right round again to head back for two more gigs in the South just three days after the last one . . . Tom Wilson (Edinburgh Oscars) says also about his holiday at Salou in Spain that the jock in a club called Shalako mixed the Police ‘Roxanne’ over the break in Soft Cell ‘Tainted Love’ to great effect . . . Mad Marx at Clacton Butlins in his redcoat role had to extemporize when the bingo machine broke down in front of 200 old age pensioners, so he rapidly turned to the record decks and proceeded to rap over ‘You’re The One For Me’ — which was such a hit with the OAPs he now raps every night! . . . (Mad Marx now wonders, who the hell told him that?) . . . Nick Ratcliffe (Winkfield) and others should note that our two Disco and Nightclub Charts are compiled quite simply like this: DJs returns which only and obviously relate to soul/funk/jazz/black material are used for Disco, while any charts which include more than the odd few non-black pop-type titles go towards Nightclub, the orientation of the venues being easy to spot by these means (and neither being considered superior to the other) . . . that said, and although I know how dancers these days seem depressingly keen on oldies, is there any chance we could get some DJ contributors for our Nightclub chart who play something more recent than last month’s hits? . . . DO IT DO IT . . . HEY . . . DO IT DO IT!

DUNN & BRUCE STREET, whose ‘Shout For Joy‘ is chuckling up the chart on Satril, turn out to be two Philly Sound veterans with an interesting past. Dunn Pearson Jr has racked up extensive arranger credits especially with the O’Jays, as well as Wild Cherry, M’Lady, Patrice ‘Choc-let’ Banks, Lou Rawls, Teddy Pendergrass, Stephanie Mills and the Detroit Spinners, while his partner Bruce Gray with a similar background co-wrote the theme for US TV’s ‘Soul Train’ show and arranged the Trammps ‘Disco Inferno’. Continuing the Philly link, their hit in the States is on former O’Jay Bobby Massey’s Devaki label.

BRIAN “BAZZER” MASON, cueing up records at his Friday residency in South Harrow’s Bobby Magee’s, is kept busy also at Watford’s New Penny on Saturday’s (have you eaten at the Ponderosa yet?) and at Southgate’s Pink Elephant (the old Royalty) on Mon/Tues/Wednesdays. Thursday’s he sleeps!

CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR, after their past brilliances, have really disappointed with the UK release of their latest 12in, ‘Somebody Tell Me What To Do‘ (De-Lite DEX 8), a competent enough but scarcely exceptional pedestrian lurching 112bpm chanter flipped by the sweet soul slow 0-37/74-38/76bpm ‘Heart Upside Down’ both from an imminent new LP of which we must hope for better. At least they’re in commendably soulful voice, but all trace of dazzle and flash is sadly lacking.


GRAND MASTER FLASH & THE FURIOUS FIVE: ‘The Message’ (Sugarhill SHL 117).
Truly an overnight sensation, this reality rooted 100bpm 12in message is rapped in a mixture of conversational and beat binding voices with a sound-effect ‘Living For The City’-like street bust as climax of the mesmerizing simple repetitive rhythm riff. Dig the message — “its like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under” —and look out for (I’m told) “kissing” instead of “pissing” on UK pressings!

HOWARD JOHNSON: ‘So Fine’ (Funk A&Merica USAF 1221).
Funnily enough I freaked on first hearing this but then tempered my original import review with caution, thinking “Nah, it’s too carefully controlled.” Doo-wop acappella introed insistently rolling smooth 113bpm 12in smacker with great vocal work by the ex-Niteflyte singer, officially flip here to the creamily jogging “new soul” slow aching 102bpm ‘Keepin’ Love New‘.

EVELYN KING: ‘Get Loose’ LP (RCA RCALP 3093).
From the production team who bring you Howard Johnson and Melba Moore (joke!), this beautifully packaged set is out here ahead of the States and is full of immediately familiar stuff at a tempo you know and love. Best possibly are the steadily smacking 114-115bpm ‘I Can’t Stand It’, sinuously weaving 115bpm ‘Back To Love‘ and 114bpm title track, plus there’s the 113½bpm ‘Stop That‘, 117bpm ‘Get Up Off Your Love‘, 108bpm ‘Betcha She Don’t Love You‘.

SUGARHILL GANG: ‘The Lover In You’ (Sugarhill SHL 116).
Pete Wingfield’s much brighter more obvious 108bpm original mix of his half sung/half rapped lovely rolling jogger is now the A-side here, on 3-track 12in with a 107bpm instrumental and Sylvia Robinson’s 105bpm US 12in mix — the latter to my mind still being a better more subtle sound for disco use and on a par with ‘Inside Out’ in feel (even if it does lack the “tingle” Prophet synth echoing craves, the gloss, and other little bits that Pete’s side features!).

SHAKATAK: ‘Invitations’ (Polydor POSPX 982).
Yet another ridiculously facile flowing 121bpm lightly Latin tinkler with tootling flute and slick chick, reminiscent this time actually of Surface Noise’s ‘The Scratch’, on 3-track 12in with a vocal-less ‘Version’ and additional slow tempoless doodle.

FASHION: ‘Love Shadow Smokey Dialogue’ (Arista ARIST 12483).
Perfectly compatible with regular black disco sounds, this hauntingly soulful 108bpm 12in roller is their best yet and weaves one hell of a spell — hear it!

JENNIFER HOLLIDAY: ‘And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going’ (Geffen GEF A2644).
Edited yet further for 7in, the fat girls showstopping US soul smash from ‘Dreamgirls’ is a stunningly overwrought 0-30/60bpm spine tingler, the ’80s equivalent of ‘Stay With Me Baby’ but even more soulful. It’ll be a hit in the end, so why not help it get there sooner?

SHARON BROWN: ‘Love Don’t Hurt People’ (Virgin VS 535-12).
Stupid title apart, this fiercely starting amalgamation of the Evelyn King/“D” Train/Sharon Redd /Bobby “O” sounds into a 121(intro)-119-120-121bpm 12in jitterer and an ‘unexpected’ instrumental 119-120-121bpm flip lacks a life of its own and is a disappointingly less distinctive song than her debut.

STANLEY CLARKE: ‘Let Me Know You’ (Epic EPC 89846).
Abbreviated last week, the other cuts include a sizzling short 120bpm fragment of phasing rhythm called ‘Play The Bass’ and the smoothly galloping 130bpm ‘Secret To My Heart‘, while there is already an edited 7in of the Carlos Santana accompanied (but not so danceable) 126bpm ‘Straight To The Top‘, flipped by the far stronger 121bpm ‘The Force Of Love‘ (EPC A2697).

INDEX: ‘The Love You’ve Been Fakin’ (Excaliber EXCL 521).
Jittery shuffling 109bpm 12in jogger aims for an American-type veneer of soul sophistication but is let down by its merely Britfunk male vocals, the piano dabbled instrumental flip being quietly pleasant and more interesting.

UK PLAYERS: ‘Missbehavin’ (A&M AMSX 8236).
Alan Gorrie-produced pop-aimed blue eyed 114-112½-112bpm 12in polished pastiche of Michael Jackson (except the singers white sox are not bejewelled!) much played by radio, flipped by the more substantial jazzier 107-108bpm ‘Can’t Shake Your Love’.

PIECES OF A DREAM: ‘Mt. Airy Groove’ (LP ‘We Are One’ Elektra K 52404).
The whole jazzy set actually has grow-on-you listening appeal, while this jaunty simple little 107bpm instrumental smacker with stylus wiggling intro and chiming ditty over clap beats has become a vital mixer for several jocks.

THE COLD HAND BAND: ‘Tropicana’ (BK PPC 109).
Immediately familiar terrifically happy 124-121-120bpm 7in instrumental with brass similar to Modern Romance’s first salsa hit, perfect MoR and party time material.

WONDER DOG: ‘Ruff Mix’ (Flip 1, via CBS).
Also on 115½bpm 12in promo but commercially only a 7in, this woofing instrumental is great silly fun if not too terribly “disco” — but the short barking intro can be cut into the middle of a fierce break to good effect!

ERICA GALE: ‘Just For A Moment’ (Ital ITD 0103, via 01-309 5445).
Particularly attractive lazily weaving sweet 61-62-63bpm 12in lovers rock smoocher with Erica’s mournful tone in keeping with the realistically bittersweet lyrics.

NORWOOD B: ‘You’re On The One (You’re On The Money)’ (Philly World Records PWSL 102).
Jerkily rattling, rumbling and tapping 117(intro)-116-115-117bpm 12in rolling jolter gruffly souled over chanting chix (who are alone on the longer flip), out a while but only just sent to me and still worth hearing.

CANDI STATON: ‘Count On Me’ (Sugarhill SHL 115).
Self-penned lightly lurching 107-105-107-105-107bpm 12in soul shuffler with old style Stax touches and a Southern feel, doubtless due to veteran producer Dave Crawford.

ZINC: ‘Street Level’ (Jive JIVE T15).
Kashif-penned/Petrus & Malvasi-produced but in fact very dull moody monotonous 106bpm jitterer on 3-track 12in with even less remarkable couplings, although there are a couple of killers waiting on the unreleased LP.


MIKE & BRENDA SUTTON: ‘Don’t Let Go Of Me (Grip My Hips And Move Me)’ (US SAM S-12351).
Fiercer than this they do not come! Starting with a long tunefully bounding instrumental lead-in, the Shep Pettibone mixed energetic 119-118bpm 12in smacker builds through nice vocals to a dynamite freaky electronically treated climax, which makes great sensual play of the song’s subtitle, the 2-track flip having a 119bpm instrumental and — mixers note — acappella version.

MELBA MOORE: ‘Love’s Comin’ At Ya’ (US EMI America 7803-1).
From the people who bring you Evelyn King (and, boy, does it show!), this carefully controlled 114bpm 12in judder and thump filled cool slinky smacker has all the predictable production tricks you’d expect and mixes beautifully with the likes of Howard Johhnson, Wanda Walden and Evelyn herself (instrumental flip), although it’s unlikely to win any prizes for originality.

LIBRA: ‘Ride This Pony’ (US HCRC 4W9-03041).
Chick squealed and sung exciting vigour filled violent fast angular 131bpm 12in smacker — yeah, you “whip” it as you ride it! — in which the ‘Super Freak’ root of all these things is even acknowledged by a reference to Rick James, the equally good instrumental flip having added electronics.

GENERAL CAINE: ‘The Girls’ (US Tabu 4Z9 03178).
The exact same BPM as, and a killer mix with, Zapp ‘Dance Floor’, this strong P’funky 110½bpm 12in electrophonic phunk smacker chugs remorselessly along with synths and chants creating hypnotic tension in Funkadelic style, the flipside 0-131bpm ‘Baseball‘ being another fast “whippersnapper”.

TOUCHE: ‘Wrap It Up’ (US Emergency EMDS 0529).
Electrophonic disco par excellence. The vocals to this steady 112bpm 12in funk tapper mix up Darth Vader-ish vocoder, normal guy, soulful chix and a jaunty little lick with amplifier fiddle, synth twiddles and all the trimmings (instrumental flip). With an accent over the “e”, they’re pronounced “Too-shay” (as in fencing).

TOMORROW’S EDITION: ‘A Song For Everyone’ LP (US Atlantic RFC 30009-1).
At first skimpy hearing the very soulfully sung set (which includes a short ‘U Turn Me On’) may seem disappointing but persevere, the title track being a pleasant 106bpm swaying roller with nice lyrics, ‘In The Grooves‘ a dramatically started jerky 117-119bpm smacker with electronic effects, ‘Part Time Love‘ a creamy 114½bpm clomper, ‘Believe In Yourself‘ a less danceable 116-117bpm chugger, while Lou Reed’s ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ gets an interesting vintage vocal group-style 116-117bpm revamp, more for soul fans than boppers maybe.

STARPOINT: ‘Get Your Body Up’ (LP ‘All Night Long’ US Chocolate City CCLP 2022).
The best track already being on 12in here, what’s left is this Prince-ish but effective enough 110bpm funk jerker, the snappily rolling 112bpm ‘I Like It‘ and nice delicate Chaka Khan-ish slow 82bpm title track slowie.

ISLEY BROTHERS: ‘The Real Deal’ LP (US T Neck FZ36047).
Extremely typical rather monotonous predictable Isleys set, the similar smacking funk tempos of such as the 126-127bpm title track US soul hit, 125(intro)-127-128-129-125bpm ‘Are You With Me‘ and 131-132-133-134bpm ‘Stone Cold Lover‘ having possible “whip” appeal, while on the 123-124bpm ‘It’s Alright With Me‘ they go for a Hall & Oates sound.

“D” TRAIN: ‘Keep On (Dub Mix)’ (US Prelude PRLD 634).
Out a while but worth clarifying, the A-side is the same 116½bpm 12in version as in Britain, but mixers will want this acappella “sky’s the limit” started flip even if this ultra-useable bit is only 33 seconds long, the rest being very laid back and odd.

FUNKY FOUR: ‘Do You Want To Rock’ (US Sugarhill SH 586).
Maze’s ‘Before I Let Go’ given a jerky c.105bpm 12in rap treatment with half-stepping beat and choppped up vocal interplay.

RISQUE: ‘The Girls Are Back In Town’ (US Importe/12 IMP-137).
Europop chix cooed lightweight 63(intro)-126bpm 12in synth bubbler recently warm in gay venues, now flipped by the already reviewed more substantial slow tugging 96bpm ‘Starlight‘.

MURPHY’S: ‘Murphy’s Jive Law’ (US Venture VD-5020).
Juvenile sounding guy in a soundalike rewritten c.117bpm 12in echo of the Cheri tune, complete with chipmunks.

THE JONZUN CREW: ‘Pack Jam’ (US Tommy Boy TB-826).
Slightly tedious but totally electronic c.121bpm 12in vocoder ‘n’ synth tapper in semi-fierce Forrrce/Soul Sonic-ish style.

DELIGHT: ‘Do It Right’ (US Stevens Entertainment 14-006).
Guys ‘n’ gals worried jiggly c.113bpm 12in tripper with twizzly synth, but not too special.

MOSES TYSON: ‘This Kind Of Music’ (US Liberty SP-224).
Richard Evans-produced fairly mundane insubstantial jiggly 119bpm 12in funker with wheezling synth, wheezing soulster and not enough of a song to warrant all the wailing.

MARZ: ‘Seriously’ (US Liberty SP-222).
Their last ‘Hooked On That Lovin’ Thing‘ single deserved more attention but this murkily churning 110-111bpm 12in chugging bumper really is rather dull, seriously.

UK Disco Top 90 – August 21, 1982

01 01 Rockers Revenge – Walking On Sunshine – London 12”
02 02 Howard Johnson – So Fine – US A&M 12”
03 03 Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Stool Pigeon – Ze 12”
04 08 Kool & The Gang – Big Fun / Get Down On It (Remix) – De-Lite 12”
05 24 Grand Master Flash And The Furious Five – The Message – Sugarhill 12”
06 11 Aretha Franklin – Jump To It – US Arista 12”
07 12 Evelyn King – Love Come Down – RCA 12”
08 05 Sharon Redd – Beat The Street / Never Give You Up / You’re The One – US Prelude LP
09 06 McCrarys – Love On A Summer Night – Capitol 12”
10 31 Leroy Hutson – She’s Got It / Nice And Easy – US Elektra 12”
11 16 BB&Q Band – Imagination – Capitol 12”
12 04 Larry Graham – Sooner Or Later / One In A Million You – Warner Bros 12”
13 23 Zapp – Dance Floor / A Touch Of Jazz / Playin’ Kinda Ruff – Warner Bros LP
14 15 Passion – Don’t Stop My Love – US Prelude 12”
15 13 Patrick Boothe – Never Knew Love Like This Before – Streetwave 12”
16 20 Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock / Instrumental – US Tommy Boy 12”
17 25 Deodato – Happy Hour / Sweet Magic / Night Cruiser – Warner Bros 12”
18 07 Shalamar – A Night To Remember – Solar 12”
19 22 Dazz Band – Let It Whip – Motown 12”
20 28 Fatback – She’s My Shining Star – Polydor 12”
21 19 Jeffrey Osborne – I Really Don’t Need No Light – A&M 12”
22 18 Dunn & Bruce Street – Shout For Joy – US Devaki 12”
23 42 Shock USA – Electrophonic Phunk / That’s A Lady – Fantasy 12”
24 10 Blue Feather – Let’s Funk Tonight / Club Instrumental – Mercury 12”
25 46 I Level – Give Me / 3am (Instrumental) – Virgin 12”
26 17 Dennis Brown – Love Has Found Its Way – A&M 12”
27 26 Thunderthumbs & The Toetsenman – Freedom / Freedom A Gogo – Polydor 12”
28 27 Junior – Too Late (US Remix) – Mercury 12”
29 14 ‘D’ Train – Keep On / You’re The One For Me (Reprise) – Epic 12”
30 53 Irene Cara – Fame – RSO 12”
31 41 Sly Cabell – Feelin’ Fine / Special Club Version – Virgin 12”
32 51 Jay W McGee – When We Party – Canadian Scorpio 12”
33 39 Sugarhill Gang – The Lover In You – Sugarhill 12”
34 NE Jean Carn/Temptations – If You Don’t Know Me By Now – Motown 12” promo
35 62 Eddie Murphy – Boogie In Your Butt – US The Entertainment Co 12”
36 56 Wanda – I Must Be Dreamin’ – US Elektra 12”
37 48 Narada Michael Walden – Summer Lady (Remix) / Confidence – Atlantic 12”
38 40 Candela – Love You Madly – Arista 12”
39 71 Boys Town Gang – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – ERC 12”/promo US Moby Dick LP mix
40 69 Starpoint – Bring Your Sweet Lovin’ Back – Casablanca 12”
41 59 Conway & Temple – Love Lights – US Old Town 12”
42 21 Patrice Rushen – I Was Tired Of Being Alone / Number One – Elektra 12”
43 35 Second Image – Star – Polydor 12”
44 57 Unlimited Touch / ‘D’ Train / Jeanette ‘Lady’ Day / Sharon Redd / Secret Weapon – Searchin’ To Find The One / You’re The One For Me / Come Let Me Love You / Can You Handle It / Must Be The Music (KISS Remixes) – Prelude LP
45 33 Leon Ware – Why I Came To California – US Elektra LP
46 63 Marc Sadane – One Minute From Love / Exciting / Forever – US Warner Bros LP
47 47 Bloodstone – Funkin’ Around / My Love Grows Stronger – US T Neck LP
48 34 Sinnamon – Thanks To You – Becket 12”
49 37 Freddie James – Don’t Turn Your Back On Love – US Arista 12”
50 81 Raw Silk – Do It To The Music / Dub Mix – US West End 12”
51 45 Peech Boys – Don’t Make Me Wait / Dub Mix – US West End 12”
52 54 Glass – Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat – US West End 12”
53 50 Deodato – Keep On Movin’ – US Warner Bros LP
54 38 Valentine Brothers – Money’s Too Tight (To Mention) – US Bridge 12”
55 80 Midnight Star – Hot Spot – US Solar 12”
56 44 David McPherson – You Can’t Stop! – US SAM 12”
57 85 Stephanie Mills – You Can’t Run From My Love – Casablanca 12”
58 82 Bobby “O” – Still Hott 4 U – US “O” 12”
59 49 Hot Quisine – Keep That Same Old Feeling – Kaleidoscope 12”
60 64 Roy Hamilton – Take Your Time (The Ultimate Mixx) – Excaliber 12”
61 36 Bobbi Humphrey – Baby Don’t You Know (Instrumental) – US Uno Melodic 12”
62 66 Howard Johnson – Say You Wanna / Keepin’ Love New – US A&M LP
63 32 Keni Burke – Risin’ To The Top / Hang Tight – RCA 12”
64 NE Galaxy – Head Over Heels (Instrumental) – Ensign 12” red label
65 55 A Taste Of Honey – We’ve Got The Groove – Capitol LP
66 52 Gunchback Boogie Band – Funn (Instrumental) / (Vocal) – US Prelude 12”
67 61 Forrrce – Keep On Dubbin’ / Keep On Dancin’ – US West End 12”
68 RE Pieces Of A Dream – Mt. Airy Groove / Please Don’t Do This To Me – Elektra LP
69 79 Angela Clemmons – Give Me Just A Little More Time – Portrait 12”
70 60 Feel – Let’s Rock (Over And Over Again) / Instrumental – US Sutra 12”
71 88 Stanley Clarke – New York City / The Force Of Love – Epic LP
72 NE Melba Moore – Love’s Comin’ At Ya – US EMI America 12”
73 NE Tyzik – Sweet Nothings – US Capitol 12”
74 NE Mike & Brenda Sutton – Don’t Let Go Of Me – US SAM 12”
75 67 Trevor Walters – Loving As One – Magnet 12”
76 73 Search – Peanut Butter And Jam – Philly World Records 12”
77 83 Laurice Hudson – Feel My Love – US Snowflake 12”
78 NE Donna Summer – Love Is In Control – Warner Bros 12”
79 RE Al McCall – Hard Times – US West End 12”
80 NE Hi Voltage – Let’s Get Horny – US One Way 12”
81 74 Amuzement Park – Groove Your Blues Away – US Our Gang Entertainment 12”
82 NE Bobby Womack – So Many Sides Of You / Just My Imagination – Motown 12”
83 RE David Christie – Saddle Up – KR 12”
84 RE Light Of The World – No.1 Girl – EMI 12”
85 87 Starpoint – Get Your Body Up / I Like It / All Night Long – US Chocolate City LP
86 NE Janet Kay – You Bring The Sun Out – Arista 12”
87 NE UK Players – Missbehavin’ / Can’t Shake Your Love – A&M 12”
88 70 Bettye Lavette – I Can’t Stop – Motown 12in promo
89 NE Distinction – That’s The Way I Like It – Hansa 12”
90 68 Bobby McFerrin – Dance With Me / Jubilee – Elektra Musician LP


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

General Caine: ‘The Girls’ (US Tabu 12in)
Touche: ‘Wrap It Up’ (US Emergency 12in)
Yvonne Elliman: ‘Love Pains’ (US Moby Dick 12in)
Leroy Hutson: ‘Paradise’ / ‘Classy Lady’ (US Elektra LP)
Gerald Mallory: ‘Lay It Down On Me’ (US Prelude 12in)
Goodie: ‘Do Something’ (US Total Experience 12in)
Brandi Wells: ‘Fantasy’ / ‘I Love You’ (WMOT 12in)
Boys Town Gang: ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Remix)’ (Dutch Rams Horn 12in)
Smokey Robinson: ‘Cruisin’ (Motown 12in)
“D” Train: ‘Keep On (Dub Mix)’ (US Prelude 12in)
P. Funk All Stars: ‘It’s Too Funky In Here’ (US Hump)
Kat Mandu: ‘I Wanna Dance (Remix)’ (Canadian Formula 12in)
Jennifer Holliday: ‘And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going’ (Geffen/LP)
Rah Band: ‘Tears And Rain’ / ‘Party Games’ (KR 12in)
Light Of The World: ‘Famous Faces’ / ‘Soho’ (EMI LP).

Nightclub Chart:

01 01 Fame / Hot Lunch Jam – Irene Cara – RSO 12”
02 02 A Night To Remember – Shalamar – Solar 12”
03 07 Don’t Go – Yazoo – Mute 12”
04 09 Stool Pigeon – Kid Creole – Ze 12”
05 10 Come On Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Mercury 12”
06 06 Shy Boy – Bananarama – London 12”
07 04 Music And Lights – Imagination – R&B 12”
08 03 Inside Out – Odyssey – RCA 12”
09 05 Abracadabra – Steve Miller Band – Mercury
10 08 Da Da Da – Trio – Mobile Suit Corporation 12”
11 11 Night Train (Dance Mix) – Visage – Polydor 12”
12 12 Murphy’s Law – Cheri – Polydor 12”
13 14 The Look Of Love – ABC – Neutron 12”
14 15 Work That Body – Diana Ross – Capitol 12”
15 13 Let’s Funk Tonight – Blue Feather – Mercury 12”
16 17 Too Late – Junior – Mercury 12”
17 18 Sooner Or Later – Larry Graham – Warner Bros 12”
18 21 The Clapping Song – Belle Stars – Stiff
19 22 Mama Used To Say (US Remix) – Junior – Mercury 12”
20 16 I’m A Wonderful Thing, Baby – Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Ze 12”
21 26 Hungry Like The Wolf – Duran Duran – EMI 12”
22 19 Do I Do – Stevie Wonder – Motown 12”
23 30 Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Boys Town Gang – ERC 12”/promo mix
24 29 Big Fun – Kool & The Gang – De-Lite 12”
25 40 Wham Rap! – Wham – Inner Vision 12”/US promo remix
26 38 I Was Tired Of Being Alone / Number One – Patrice Rushen – Elektra 12”
27 33 Let It Whip – Dazz Band – Motown 12”
28 45 I Second That Emotion – Japan – Hansa 12”
29 31 Love Has Found Its Way – Dennis Brown – A&M 12”
30 23 It Started With A Kiss – Hot Chocolate – Rak
31 25 Driving In My Car – Madness – Stiff 12”
32 47 Happy Hour – Deodato – Warner Bros 12”
33 27 Star – Second Image – Polydor 12”
34 32 Forget Me Nots – Patrice Rushen – Elektra 12”
35 54 Circles – Atlantic Starr – A&M 12”
36 49 Summertime – Fun Boy Three – Chrysalis 12”
37 20 Iko Iko – Natasha – Towerbell
38 39 Love Is In Control – Donna Summer – Warner Bros 12”
39 41 My Girl Lollipop – Bad Manners – Magnet
40 — Walking On Sunshine – Rockers Revenge – London 12”
41 — Keep On – “D” Train – Epic 12”
42 24 Torch – Soft Cell – Some Bizzare 12”
43 28 Standing On The Top – Temptations/Rick James – Motown 12”
44 34 I’m Afraid Of Me – Culture Club – Virgin 12”
45 52 Under The Boardwalk – Tom Tom Club – Island 12”
46 56 I Really Don’t Need No Light – Jeffrey Osborne – A&M 12”
47 36 Dance Wit’ Me – Rick James – Motown 12”
48 50 Streetwalkin’ – Shakatak – Polydor 12”
49 37 Rock The Casbah – The Clash – CBS 12”
50 43 Fantasy Island – Tight Fit – Jive 12”
51 44 All Of My Heart / Date Stamp – ABC – Neutron LP
52 53 Freedom – Thunderthumbs & The Toetsenman – Polydor 12”
53 — Give Me Just A Little More Time – Angela Clemmons – Portrait 12”
54 — Don’t Make Me Wait / Dub Mix – Peech Boys – US West End 12”
55 — If You Knew Sousa – Louis Clark/RPO – RCA 12”
56 60 Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Remix) – Boys Town Gang – Dutch Rams Horn 12”
57 — Feel Me (US Mix) – Blancmange – London 12”
58 — Missbehavin’ – UK Players – A&M 12”
59 — Kazoo Kazoo – Joce & The Kazoo Band – Baby
60 — Me And My Girl (Night-Clubbing) – David Essex – Mercury
61 55 Rain – Goombay Dance Band – Epic 12” promo
62 — Bring Your Sweet Lovin’ Back – Starpoint – Casablanca 12”
63 — Love On A Summer Night – McCrarys – Capitol 12”
64 — Why – Carly Simon – WEA/Mirage 12”
65 — The Only Way Out – Cliff Richard – EMI


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in (endings denoted by f for fade, c for cold, r for resonant) are:

Kids From ‘Fame’ 133c, Sting 67-0r, Captain Sensible 101½f, Modern Romance 118f, Thomas Dolby 0-127-0f, Rockers Revenge 114½f, King Trigger 127r, David Christie 110f.


01 02 Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Boys Town Gang – ERC 12”/promo US Moby Dick LP mix
02 04 I Like Plastic – Marsha ‘Delite’ Raven – Red Bus 12”
03 03 Love Pains – Yvonne Elliman – US Moby Dick 12”
04 01 Do Ya Wanna Funk – Patrick Cowley/Sylvester – US Megatone 12”
05 06 Babe We’re Gonna Love Tonight / Comes And Get Your Love / Oh Babe – Lime – US Prism 12”/German Polydor LP
06 10 Gloria – Laura Branigan – US Atlantic 12”
07 08 Passion – Flirts – Canadian Unidisc 12”
08 05 Rain – Goombay Dance Band – Epic 12” promo/ US Portrait 12” remix
09 09 Stool Pigeon – Kid Creole – Ze 12”
10 — Walking On Sunshine – Rockers Revenge – London 12”
11 17 Give Me Just A Little More Time – Angela Clemmons – Portrait 12”
12 12 Love Is In Control – Donna Summer – Warner Bros 12”
13 07 Fame – Irene Cara – RSO 12”
14 13 Don’t Come Crying To Me – Linda Clifford – US Capitol LP
15 — Don’t Go (Remixes) – Yazoo – Mute 12”
16 14 Stoned Love – Sweet Brandy – Canadian JC 12”
17 15 Love Is The Drug / (The Best Part Of) Breakin’ Up – Roni Griffith – Vanguard 12”
18 — Keep On – “D” Train – Epic 12”
19 16 Ask Me – Carol Jiani – Canadian Matra 12”
20 — Big Fun – Kool & The Gang – De-Lite 12”

2 thoughts on “August 21, 1982: Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Howard Johnson, Evelyn King, Mike & Brenda Sutton, Melba Moore”

  1. James’s use of the word “fierce” to denote a certain type of tough electronic sound really takes off this week – he uses it six times – and for many months to come, it was a word that I particularly looked out for in his reviews. Searching back over previous columns, it was clearly originated by the “Fierce Reprise” of Peech Boys “Don’t Make Me Wait”, followed by the “Fierce Instrumental” of David McPherson’s “You Can’t Stop”. James has used it in three reviews before this week, starting with Bobby O “Still Hott 4 U”, and there are many, many more to come.

    The other term which is gaining traction – and for me, it’s a signature phrase of his – is “chix cooed”. This was first used to describe The Rah Band’s “Winter Love” (Feb 20), and it made its fifth appearance last week with one of the definitive “chix cooed” classics: Raw Silk’s “Do It To The Music”.

    These are both great examples of James’s shorthand reviewing style – we knew exactly what he meant when he used terms like these, and so he was able to cram the maximum amount of description into the minimum number of words.


  2. And he was quick off the mark and very perceptive when it came to acapellas and other potential samples.

    This week he mentions the very short “sky’s the limit” acapella frim D Train ‘s ‘Keep on’ which became very well known in about 1991 as the intro to Shades of Rhythm’s big rave and pop hit ’Extacy’ ( yes that’s how they spelt it for some reason).

    And also the “street bust” conclusion of ‘The Message’ that was sped up and featured in Newcleus “Jam on Revenge” the legendary electro tune from 1983.


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