December 4, 1982: Michael Jackson (Thriller), Montana Sextet, Tyrone Brunson, The S.O.S. Band, Central Line


IMPORT PRICES must be due for a big increase as dealers’ margins are squeezed by the low dollar exchange rate . . . Cargo ‘Holding On For Love’ is now on EMI Zonophone (12Z 38), Mighty Diamonds ‘The Last Dance’ on KR (KRT 16) . . . CBS join the low cost disco LP race next week with a £2.99 6-tracker of full length Francois Kevorkian mixes from Prelude, ‘Beat The Street‘, including Sharon Redd’s title track instrumental and ‘Never Give You Up (Remix)’, ‘D’ Train ‘Walk On By (Remix)’ / ‘D’ Train Dub’, Striker ‘Contagious (Instrumental)’, Nick Straker Band ‘Straight Ahead’ . . . I stirred up a can of worms with my mentions of Northend ‘Tee’s Happy‘ — Morgan Khan snapped it up for his ‘Street Sounds’ LP, and a panic struck Marvin Howell then confessed he’d never even heard it before and having done so immediately planned putting it on Michelle Wallace’s flip after all, despite already having pressed 5,000 copies coupled by Brenda Watts! . . . ‘Tee’s Happy’, in case you forgot, was the killer vibes ‘n guitar instrumental flip to Michelle Wallace’s earlier ‘Happy Days‘, produced (as is ‘Jazzy Rhythm’) by a certain Arthur Baker — talk about hot! . . . David Grant sent jocks a very nice sweetly reggaefied 0-77bpm 7in promo of ‘Have Yourself A Very Merry Little Christmas‘ which now rightly, following favourable response, will be commercially available on Chrysalis . . . Motown have done a promo-only 12in of Stevie Wonder’s dull 88bpm ‘Front Line‘ in an effort to generate further sales of the ‘Original Musiquarium’ set . . . Phonogram/Decca disco plugger Jeff Young is updating all his DJ mailing lists — send full honest work details to Youngy at Phonogram Limited, 50 New Bond Street, London W1Y 9HA . . . Fred Dove has stopped sending albums to most jocks as so few LP sales result for WEA from the disco play that DJs claim to give the albums they’ve received — I must say it’s very obvious the way that every LP sent out from Fred always seems to have DJs charting just about every track but none of them all on the same track in depth (Bill Wolfer is this week’s example), bearing out Fred’s suspicion that DJs merely list tracks at random to keep him happy instead of actually using the darned thing! . . . Bryan O’Connor (another Orin Cozier/David Grant lookalike!) is now R&B promotion manager at Island — who will have the Peech Boys follow-up, incidentally . . . RCA, despite DJ pressure, especially from the North Midlands, are not releasing ‘A Puppet To You‘ but instead hope to break Alfie Silas here with a ballad in the new year — bah! . . . Diana Ross ‘Muscles’ has been remixed for US 12in (RCA PD-13382), the main difference being an extended fingerpopping “whoa-oh-oh” break two-thirds through . . . ‘E.T. Boogie’ was London’s second biggest disco seller last week — meanwhile Steven Spielberg’s own Quincy Jones scored ‘E.T.’ storybook LP is in trouble in the States, CBS trying to stop the MCA-released set because despite an agreement it has come out before Christmas, and before Michael Jackson’s own LP, MJ being featured narrator and vocalist on the Stevenberger spieler . . . Sunday’s DJ Convention at Edgbaston’s less than breathtakingly redecorated Faces French was a good meeting place as usual but dull in other respects, apart from veteran DJ and now top club owner Pete Stringfellow’s rousing “have a go for yourself” speech in which he recommended DJs to start their own clubs . . . Steve Walsh otherwise dominated the event (mainly because you could actually hear him) with his queue marshalling during his product distribution freebie handouts best was “You’ve got to be gay to get this one” — while Jeff Young rather too late in the day dished the dirt in a promotion man’s eye view of BBC radio DJs, and told disco jocks to be honest in their reaction reports . . . Risan did a great PA, and really deserve radio play so you can see them on TV as the cute little chick could give Sheena Easton a run for her money while her two flanking fellas came on swathed like bandits from the Khyber pass! . . . Ilford’s John Osborne even got the girls at Faces thinking he was Nick Heyward . . . Martin Starr fell over drunk in Spain, knocked all his teeth out and broke his nose, but has been put back together again and is now home in Bristol at Spencers on Tues/Wed/Sat . . . Erskine G has reverted to his real name of Derek ‘The Kid’ Lawrence funking Slough Studio 1 (Fri) and Southall Friends (Sat), but would like offers for other nights on 01-574 2458 (office hours) . . . Paul Major has left Gt Yarmouth to be resident at Lincoln Cinderella Rockerfellas (the Rockerfellas room), Wednesday being the funkiest night . . . Steve Martell, still at Blackpool’s Jenks every weekend, now funks Chester Maxwells on Wednesdays, Wigan Chaplins on Thursdays . . . Dave See presents an oasis of jazz-funk in Bolton’s Slickers disco-pub every Tues/Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun . . . Stuart Hamilton & Roscoe now do Liverpool’s Hollywood Club, under new ownership, Stuart also being at the New Coconut Grove on Tuesdays . . . Nicky Holloway apologizes that the Old Kent Road Astoria is completely closed, but enthuses that his Mondays at Bermondsey’s Swan & Sugarloaf are so good the manager actually wants to go to the next Caister! . . . Frank Clark, 23 Redcliffe Square, London SW10, has two copies of Peter Brown ‘Can’t Be Love — Do It To Me Anyway‘ for sale to the highest bidders (OK, North Wales mob, look sharp!) . . . Kool & The Gang’s current attire is not a cash-in on Kid Creole, its a copy of the way Cab Calloway dressed in the ’30s when he originated the “hi de hi” phrase . . . JFM were breaking up a bit but solidly funky all day last Monday around 94.2/3 FM, London’s FM airwaves being well worth checking these days for soulful sounds at all sorts of odd times — oh, and JFM listeners are packing Mayfair’s Gullivers on Sunday nights too, at the moment . . . Patrick Boothe is not only working on productions with Gregg Parker, they’re both collaborating now with the UK-residing Isaac Hayes! . . . Soul On Sound IX may be slightly late this week, as there was a delay (due to too many parties!) and my preview mix had to be rushed more than I’d have liked: some of the material didn’t blend particularly well in sequence, but it contains Tyrone Davis/Grover Washington ‘More Than Meets The Eye’/Eleanor Grant/Grace Jones ‘My Jamaican Guy’/Sylvester ‘All I Need’/Fearless Four/Malcolm McLaren/George Clinton ‘Atomic Dog’/Kool/Stanley Turrentine ‘Paradise’/Bill Wolfer ‘Nobody Knows’/Grover W ‘Can You Dig It’/Chaka Khan ‘Be Bop Medley’/Margie Joseph/Sandy Kerr/I Level ‘Remix’/Webboes/Toney Lee/Central Line ‘Nature Boy’/Masurrati/Bros Johnson ‘Welcome To The Club’/Rod/Roy Ayers/Syl Johnson ‘Groove Me’ . . . A. Michael (Tooting) — just because a BPM is printed on a record label doesn’t mean it’s right, y’know, whereas I’m doing ’em all the time and am as close to completely correct every time as is possible — so there! . . . ‘Shogun’ is sho’nuff pillowing good, ain’t that the “honto”?! . . . Brian ‘Bazzer’ Mason says, DJs USE THE RHYTHM METHOD!

MORGAN KHAN held a launch party last week for his latest brainchild ‘Street Sounds’. Intended as a monthly £2.99 album/cassette series, Edition 1 will now contain Raw Silk ‘Do It To This Music’, Greg Henderson ‘Dreamin’, Peech Boys ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’, Grandmaster Flash ‘The Message’, Inner Life ‘Moment Of My Life’, Northend ‘Tee’s Happy’, Dunn & Bruce Street ‘Shout For Joy’ and Kadenza ‘Let’s Stay Together’ — not quite as hot a line-up as originally planned, but all in full 12in length and so a snip at the price. On Morgan’s latest label, Streetsounds, via PRT, the set should be in your shops by next weekend (STSND 001 — LP, ZCSTS 001 — cassette).


MICHAEL JACKSON: ‘Thriller’ LP (Epic EPC 85930).
Here’s one you’ve been waiting for! An extremely strong set, killer dance cuts being the spooky effects introed and Vincent Price finished 118bpm title track, the ‘Shake Your Body’-ish 122bpm ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin‘ and ‘Rock With You’-ish 109bpm ‘Baby Be Mine‘, while ‘Billie Jean‘ is a Bee Gee-ish 117bpm tapper, ‘P Y T. (Pretty Young Thing)‘ an urgent 127bpm strutter, ‘Human Nature‘ a Marvin-ish 93/46½-0bpm slowie, ‘The Lady In My Life’ a 36bpm smoocher, ‘Beat It’ a fast 0-138bpm whipper with Van Halen rock guitar, all perfectly produced by Quincy Jones. (The flip to his 81bpm Paul McCartney duet single is not in fact included).

MONTANA SEXTET: ‘Heavy Vibes’ (Virgin VS 560-12).
What a week for UK releases — all up against each other and all equally vital! This dynamite sophisticated cool and simple 114bpm 12in jazz-funk instrumental in two versions is already an absolute monster on import and not to be missed.

TYRONE BRUNSON: ‘The Smurf’ (Epic EPC A13-3024).
The biggest and best of all the electrophonic phunkers, an incredible 0-118bpm 12in offbeat jitterer terrific on its own but especially good for mixing with just about everything — ‘E.T. Boogie’ and ‘You’re The One For Me’ go excitingly well.

THE S.O.S BAND: ‘Groovin’ (That’s What We’re Doin’)’ (LP ‘S.O.S. III’ Tabu TBU 25078).
Brilliant amalgamation of George Benson chords and Rodney Franklin groove (!), an appropriately titled 106½bpm piano instrumental with catchy chorus that struts a solid groove and is already enormous on import. Groovy!

GWEN McCRAE: ‘Keep The Fire Burning (Club Remix)’ (Atlantic FLAM 1T).
Usefully starting now with a long instrumental intro (much easier to mix!), this 128bpm 12in remix may still sadly not be enough to tip this brilliantly soulful subtle romp into the pop chart — if ever there was a catchy compulsive hit that radio ought to be playing but isn’t, this is it.

IMAGINATION: ‘Changes’ (R&B RBL 213).
‘Just An Illusion’ meets ‘Flashback’ on remixed 112bpm 12in, flipped by a remix of the older instrumentally starting 103bpm ‘So Good So Right‘, which always could have been a single on its own, for good value.

KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS: ‘Christmas Is B’dilli Bay’ EP (Ze 12WIP 6840).
Disappointingly low key from a disco standpoint, this 4-track 12in teams (from different albums like a sampler) the Oriental flavoured swaying 73bpm ‘Dear Addy (Remix)’, subdued calypso-ish 100¼bpm ‘No Fish Today‘, jazzily guitar-ed and jinglebell-ed 120bpm ‘Christmas On Riverside Drive (Remix)‘, slinkily slithering 105bpm ‘Yolanda (Remix)‘.

ARRIBA: ‘The Peanut Vendor’ (EMI 12EMI 5357).
Useful obviously Kid Creole inspired but straightly played 107bpm 12in instrumental fun.

MARVIN GAYE: ‘Third World Girl’ (LP ‘Midnight Love’ CBS 85977).
The sexy set’s biggest dancers have been reviewed, but this fast light Grant/Wonder-style reggae-ish 140¼bpm jerker has DJ action too, ‘Joy‘ being an 118bpm jolter, and the ultra smoochy 39/19½bpm ‘Til Tomorrow‘ continues his redefinition of “Music while you work (with me Annie?)”!

FAT LARRY’S BAND: ‘Golden Moment’ (WMOT VS514-12).
Originally a stiff immediately prior to ‘Zoom’, their lushly swaying 95-94-95bpm 12in smoocher has Herb Alpert-like horn and goes great with Marvin.

KOOL & THE GANG: ‘Hi De Hi, Hi De Ho’ (De-Lite DEX 14).
Phonogram always seem to crack even the Gang’s duffest material, which sometimes gives a false impression to the public of what’s best in black music at that moment, so doubtless some people will chant happily enough along to this disappointingly flat 108bpm 12in jiggler, flipped by the old slow 68bpm ‘No Show’.

CULTURE CLUB: ‘Time (Clock Of The Heart)’ (Virgin VS558-12).
Boy George follows his reggae smash with a lovely creditably soulful 117/58½bpm 12in smoochy swayer.

THE JAM: ‘Move On Up’ (Polydor POSPX 540).
Rather one dimensionally recorded but really exciting 151bpm Curtis Mayfield revival, on 5-track 12in.

EARL KLUGH & BOB JAMES: ‘Whiplash’ (LP ‘Two Of A Kind’ Capitol EAST 12244).
Acoustic guitar and keyboards jazz set, toughening up for this excellent ebbing and flowing (0-)111bpm jiggler which is surprisingly good for mixing but doesn’t maintain the same intensity for long enough.

VANITY 6: ‘Nasty Girl’ (LP ‘Vanity’ Warner Bros K 57023).
Out for a while and now top US Dance Hit, the three Prince influenced raunchy ladies are really randy on this sparse 119bpm jerker, which even has ’em panting “I need seven inches or more”!

THE WEATHER GIRLS: ‘It’s Raining Men’ (CBS A13-2924).
Sylvester’s Two Tons Of Fun by another name and with further friends, the large ladies rap over a quietly thundering intro before wailing the ‘Enough Is Enough’-tempoed 135½bpm 12in gay hit.

SHARON REDD: ‘In The Name Of Love’ (Prelude PRLA 13-2905).
Just as a spacier and longer Greg Silvia remix comes in on Canadian Prelude (PRD 1006), we get her LP’s loosely driving 127bpm gay hit on 3-track 12in with the original (non-Pettibone) 113-109bpm ‘Can You Handle It’ remix and a short 100½bpm ‘Send Your Love‘.

GAZEBO: ‘Master Piece’ (Baby BABY 112).
Atmospheric low energy 122bpm 12in electro swayer spoken/sung like a male Grace Jones, big in gay discos and Italy’s current chart-topper (too late for holiday nostalgia).

KLEIN & M.B.O.: ‘Dirty Talk’ (TMT TMTT 7002, via IDS).
Italian recorded chix cooed and giggled steadily ticking 121bpm bland electro burbler big in the gay chart, now out here on 3-track 12in in the USA, European instrumental, and brand new Canadian remix forms (rather than the US pressing’s four versions!).

THE MIGHTY DIAMONDS: ‘Pass The Kouchie’ (Island 12WIP 6838).
Certainly, the dodgy “inhaling” noises filled 69-70-71-70-70½bpm original is now on 3-track 12in from Island, which should be easy enough to find.

LIONEL RICHIE: ‘Serves You Right’ (LP ‘Lionel Richie’ Motown STMA 8037).
The knitwear advertising set’s lugubrious slow crawlers are thankfully enlivened by this great soulfully sung deceptively loping pent-up 113bpm swayer with an irresistible catchy chorus, and the even tempoed ticking 120bpm ‘Tell Me‘.

CHAKA KHAN: ‘Pass It On, A Sure Thing’ (Warner Bros K 929881-7).
Arif Mardin-produced aggressively smacking 117½bpm 7in strutter, more noise than substance.

GWEN McCRAE: ‘Doin’ It’ (LP ‘On My Way’ Atlantic K80019-1).
Penned like her hit by Willie Hutch (is he hot or not?!), the Webster Lewis produced excellent soul set’s other biggie is this jauntily chugging 107bpm jiggler with rolling vocal momentum.

BUNNY WAILER: ‘Back To School’ (Solomonic BWD-1001).
‘Galaxy Of Love’-like air stewardess into a useful oddity, a 93/46-96-97½bpm 12in reggae rapper — not a toaster, but a real nursery rhyme-type funky rapper (and not very reggae at that).

THE STRIKERS: ‘Contagious’ (Prelude PRLA 13-2970).
Cleverly worded but otherwise a rather disappointing ramblingly untidy 111-113-111-110-111bpm 12in adaptation of the old ‘Ladies Night’ idea in sort of Weeks & Co-ish style.

Probably more useably useful than the first issue and certainly more accurately titled, this collection of the basic backing track rhythms to recent disco sounds sticks within 100bpm (the mis-timed ‘101 BPM‘) — ‘The Message’ rhythm — and ‘129 BPM‘ — ‘Whip’ — stopping twice at ‘112 BPM‘ (the mis-timed first Rockers Revenge rhythm is 111bpm), twice at ‘116 BPM’ (the second is 117bpm), ‘120 BPM’ and ‘122 BPM’. For mixing maniacs only.

ANTONY ANTONIOU: ‘Sound On Sound’ (Elite DAZZ 17).
Uncredited on mysteriously white label, this good chunkily jiggling 119bpm 12in smacker starts with vocoder and then runs synth lines through the normal vocal (two instrumentals on flip). What will paranoid Tony Jenkins make of the title?!

SPENCER JONES: ‘How High’ (Elite DAZZ 16).
Good looking kid pitches in well like a juvenile Michael Jackson over the busily burbling fast bright 120bpm 12in backing track, full of tinkles and some nice sax, with two completely different instrumental versions on ‘Garage Mix‘ flip.

LUTHER VANDROSS: ‘Bad Boy/Having A Party’ (Epic EPC A13-2776).
Rhythmically tricky but nicely done soulful comes-and-goes swinging 0-117-120-122-124-121-0bpm 12in combination of Sam Cooke’s classic and a modern extension, with party atmosphere at times.


CENTRAL LINE: ‘You’ve Said Enough’ (US Mercury MX-1-508).
The US released 12in looks exactly like the UK issue until you open it, whereupon you discover it’s a 4-tracker with the 111bpm vocal/instrumental on one side, flipped in similar format by an absolute killer 115½bpm version of the old ‘Nature Boy‘ — the best thing they’ve ever done, the softly loping electronic rhythm just happens to mix imperceptibly with Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ while a fluting synth adds an Arabian Nights atmosphere to their restrained vocals.

Swings and roundabouts time again folks — full Import reviews next week . . . but meanwhile, check the chart and breakers to see what’s hot!


01 01 Marvin Gaye – (Sexual) Healing / Instrumental – CBS 12”
02 03 Montana Sextet – Heavy Vibes / Club Mix – Virgin 12”
03 02 Willie Hutch – In And Out – Motown 12”
04 04 Gwen McCrae – Keep The Fire Burning – Atlantic 12”/Remix
05 07 Billy Griffin – Hold Me Tighter In The Rain – CBS 12”
06 06 Tyrone Brunson – The Smurf – Epic 12”
07 08 Extra T’s – E.T. Boogie / Instrumental – US Sunnyview 12”
08 05 George Clinton – Loopzilla – Capitol 12”
09 11 The S.O.S. Band – High Hopes / Good & Plenty – Tabu 12”
10 09 Raw Silk – Do It To The Music / Dub Mix – KR 12”
11 12 Sharon Redd – Never Give You Up / Beat The Street (Inst) / (Remix) – Prelude 12”
12 10 Greg Henderson – Dreamin’ – Greyhound Record Production 12”
13 31 Nairobi – Soul Makossa – London 12”
14 15 Marvin Gaye – My Love Is Waiting / Third World Girl / Turn On Some Music / Joy / ‘Til Tomorrow / Midnight Lady – CBS LP
15 14 Central Line – You’ve Said Enough – Mercury 12”
16 20 The Jammers – Be Mine Tonight / What Have You Got To Lose / Straight Down To The Bone – US Salsoul LP
17 19 Michelle Wallace – Jazzy Rhythm – US Emergency 12”
18 22 The S.O.S. Band – Groovin’ (That’s What We’re Doin’) – US Tabu LP
19 17 New Jersey Connection – Love Don’t Come Easy – Nite Life 12”
20 29 Whodini – Magic’s Wand – Jive 12”
21 13 Gary’s Gang – Knock Me Out – Arista 12”
22 25 Bobby M/Jean Carn – Let’s Stay Together / How Do You Feel Tonight / Charlie’s Backbeat – US Gordy LP
23 32 Syl Johnson – Ms Fine Brown Frame – US Boardwalk 12”
24 18 Melba Moore – Love’s Comin’ At Ya – EMI America 12”
25 24 Stone – Girl I Like The Way That You Move – US West End 12”
26 28 Roy Ayers – Fast Money – US Uno Melodic 12”
27 33 Detroit Spinners – Magic In The Moonlight – Atlantic 12”
28 27 Warp 9 – Nunk / Instrumental – Arista 12”
29 68 Grover Washington Jr – Can You Dig It / More Than Meets The Eye / Mixty Motions – US Elektra LP
30 16 Evelyn King – Back To Love / Shame – RCA 12”
31 23 William DeVaughn – Creme De Creme – US HCRC 12”
32 30 Carol Douglas – You’re Not So Hot (Instrumental) – Canadian Next Plateau 12”
33 26 Kool & The Gang – (Ooh La La La) Let’s Go Dancin’ – De-Lite 12”
34 57 Shalamar – Friends (Remix) – Solar 12”
35 47 Eddy Grant – I Don’t Wanna Dance – Ice 12”
36 21 Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Annie I’m Not Your Daddy – Ze 12”
37 48 B.T. (Brenda Taylor) – You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too – Excaliber 12”
38 78 First Light – A.M. – Oval 12”
39 35 Wham – Young Guns (Go For It) – Inner Vision 12”
40 45 Planet Patrol – Play At Your Own Risk / Instrumental – 21 Records 12”
41 51 Stanley Turrentine – Paradise / I’ll Be There / You Can’t Take My Love – US Elektra LP
42 52 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – You Send Me / Moody’s Mood For Love / You Shouldn’t Have Made It So Good – US Boardwalk LP
43 36 Rockers Revenge – Sunshine Partytime (Rap) / Dubbing In Sunshine – US Streetwise 12”
44 44 Rocket – I Wanna Know – Virgin 12”
45 49 Sonny Charles – Can’t Get Enough – US High Rise LP
46 53 Prince – D.M.S.R. / 1999 / Lady Cab Driver – US Warner Bros LP
47 60 Bobby Nunn – She’s Just A Groupie – Motown 12”
48 56 Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Mega Mix) – Casablanca 12”
49 66 NY Skyy – Won’t You Be Mine / Let Love Shine / Let’s Celebrate (Remix) – Epic Streetwave 12”
50 NE Rod – Just Keep On Walking – US Prelude 12”
51 43 Klymaxx – Wild Girls / Don’t Hide Your Love – Solar 12”
52 NE Bill Wolfer – Pop Quiz / Call Me / Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone / Nobody Knows / Camouflage / Soaring – US Constellation LP
53 39 Robert Winters & Fall – Do It Any Way You Want – US Casablanca LP
54 38 Peech Boys – Don’t Make Me Wait / Special Version – TMT 12”
55 61 Rodney Franklin – Sonshine / Don’t Wanna Let You Go – US Columbia LP
56 59 Inner Life – Moment Of My Life – US Salsoul 12”
57 65 Orbit – The Beat Goes On – Canadian Quality RFC 12”
58 NE Strikers – Contagious / Instrumental – Prelude 12”
59 37 Bootsy’s Rubber Band – Body Slam! – US Warner Bros 12”
60 34 Grace Jones – Nipple To The Bottle – Island 12”
61 54 Wreckin Crew – Chance To Dance – US Erect 12”
62 46 Alfie Silas – A Puppet To You – US RCA 12”
63 NE Masurrati & Huey Harris – Super Duper (Lovin’) – US Lioness Ltd 12”
64 74 Gwen McCrae – Doin’ It / Make Believe – Atlantic LP
65 50 Weeks & Co – Go With The Flow – US Prelude 12”/Epic LP
66 42 The Nick Straker Band – Straight Ahead / Instrumental – Firebird 12”
67 79 Risan – Eastern Palace / Rappers Mix – Saffron 12”
68 RE Imagination – Changes (Remix) – R&B 12”
69 NE Chaka Khan – Be Bop Medley / Pass It On (A Sure Thing) / Got To Be There – US Warner Bros LP
70 NE David Sanborn – Theme From Love Is Not Enough / Neil Larsen & Buzz Feiten – Casino Lights / Al Jarreau & Randy Crawford – Your Precious Love – Warner Bros LP
71 RE “Q” – The Voice Of “Q” – Philly World 12”
72 76 Rocket – Here Comes My Love / Groove Thing / Come Together – Canadian Quality RFC LP
73 77 Sunfire – Step In The Light / Young Free And Single – US Warner Bros LP
74 75 Debbie Trusty – Searchin’ For Some Lovin’ – US West End 12”
75 40 Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney – The Girl Is Mine – Epic
76 64 Culture Club – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me / Dub – Virgin 12”
77 70 Ruddy Thomas & Susan Cadogan – (You Know How To) Make Me Feel So Good – Virgin 12”
78 58 Alfie Silas – Communicate / Body Heat – US RCA LP
79 RE Fantastic Aleems – Get Down Friday Night – US Nia 12”
80 NE Legacy – The Groove Is Here (Mix-x-xtend) – US Airwave 12”
81 81 Plush – Free And Easy (Re-Remix) – US RCA 12”
82 84 Torso with Gail Grier – In Heat – Identity 12”
83 NE Margie Joseph – Knockout – US HCRC 12”
84 NE Eleanor Grant – (I Am Ready) Sexual Healing / Chimental Mix – US Catawba 12”
85 NE Mighty Diamonds – Last Dance – KR 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 with increased support are:

Toney Lee: ‘Reach Up’ (US Radar 12in)
(Phenomenal): ‘One Two Three’ / ‘Give Me A Shot’ (US Stanpico 12in)
Charlene & Stevie Wonder: ‘Used To Be’ (Motown 12in promo)
Lemelle: ‘You Got Something Special’ (US Leviticus 12in)
Kool & The Gang: ‘Hi De Hi, Hi De Ho’ (De-Lite 12in)
Shakatak: ‘Strangers’ / ‘Sol Fuego’ (Polydor 12in)
Tyrone Davis: ‘Are You Serious’ (US High Rise)
Central Line: ‘Nature Boy’ (US Mercury 12in)
Captain Sky: ‘Don’t Touch That Dial’ / ‘Them Changes’ (US Philly World 12in)
Reg Mundy Band: ‘Finger Pop’ (US Atlantic RFC 12in)
Bo Boss: ‘Tequila’ / ‘Hao Hao Ha Tequila’ (US Emergency 12in)
Bobby “O”: ‘I’m So Hot For You’ / ‘Still Hott 4 U’ (“O” 12in)
The Jammers: ‘And You Know That’ (US Salsoul 12in)
Dianne Reeves: ‘Welcome To My Love’ / ‘Perfect Love’ / ‘Mi Vida’ (US Palo Alto Jazz LP)
Marc Sadane: ‘Baby Won’t Cha (Remix)’ (US Warner Bros 12in promo)
Lionel Richie: ‘Truly’ (Motown 12in)
Brothers Johnson: ‘Welcome To The Club’ (US A&M/LP)
Reggie Griffin & Technofunk: ‘Mirda Rock’ (US Sweet Mountain 12in)
I Level: ‘Give Me (Dub Version)’ (US Epic 12in)
Master Jam: ‘Dancin’ All Night’ (US STNR 12in)


01 01 I Don’t Wanna Dance – Eddy Grant – Ice 12”
02 02 Ooh La La La (Let’s Go Dancin’) – Kool & The Gang – De-Lite 12”
03 10 (Sexual) Healing – Marvin Gaye – CBS 12”
04 07 Young Guns (Go For It) – Wham – Inner Vision 12”
05 — Mirror Man – Human League – Virgin 12”
06 06 Never Give You Up / Beat The Street – Sharon Redd – Prelude 12”
07 11 Living On The Ceiling – Blancmange – London 12”
08 03 Annie I’m Not Your Daddy – Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Ze 12”
09 04 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me – Culture Club – Virgin 12”
10 08 Mad World – Tears For Fears – Mercury 12”
11 09 Love’s Comin’ At Ya – Melba Moore – EMI America 12”
12 05 Lifeline – Spandau Ballet – Reformation 12”
13 18 Do It To The Music – Raw Silk – KR/TMT 12”
14 22 The Girl Is Mine – Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney – Epic
15 24 Keep The Fire Burning – Gwen McCrae – Atlantic 12”
16 19 Heartbreaker – Dionne Warwick – Arista
17 16 There It Is – Shalamar – Solar 12”
18 36 Buffalo Gals – Malcolm McLaren & The World Famous Supreme Team – Charisma 12”
19 — I Feel Love (Mega Mix) – Donna Summer – Casablanca 12”
20 23 In And Out – Willie Hutch – Motown 12”
21 17 Situation (Remix) – Yaz(oo) – US Sire 12”
22 27 Nipple To The Bottle – Grace Jones – Island 12”
23 15 Let Me Go – Heaven 17 – B.E.F./Virgin 12”
24 39 Back To Love – Evelyn King – RCA 12”
25 29 Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) – A Flock Of Seagulls – Jive 12”
26 13 Love Come Down – Evelyn King – RCA 12”
27 12 Pass The Dutchie – Musical Youth – MCA 12”
28 38 You’ve Said Enough – Central Line – Mercury 12”
29 20 Walking On Sunshine – Rockers Revenge – London 12”
30 35 Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) – Simple Minds – Virgin 12”
31 40 Rio – Duran Duran – EMI 12”
32 37 Talk Talk – Talk Talk – EMI 12”
33 — Friends – Shalamar – Solar 12”
34 14 Maneater – Daryl Hall & John Oates – RCA 12”
35 — Magic’s Wand – Whodini – Jive 12”
36 28 (Bigger And Better) Lies – Thompson Twins – Arista 12”
37 21 Knock Me Out – Gary’s Gang – Arista 12”
38 — Love Is A Stranger – Eurythmics – RCA 12”
39 26 Cry Boy Cry – Blue Zoo – Magnet 12”
40 — State Of Independence – Donna Summer – Warner Bros 12”


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in (endings denoted by f for fade, c for cold, r for resonant) are:

Ultravox 0-134f, Madness 122f, Culture Club 117/58½, Adam Ant 0-136f, Shalamar 119-0f, Bucks Fizz 0-89½f, The Cure 127c, Slade 96-0r, Pale Fountains 115f, Young Steve 129-0c, Lene ‘Legwarmer’ Lovich 0-141f.


01 05 In The Name Of Love (Remix) – Sharon Redd – Canadian Prelude 12”
02 01 Medley: I’m Not In Love — Girl You’re In Love – Scherrie Payne – Record Shack 12”
03 02 It’s Raining Men – Weather Girls – CBS 12”
04 03 Dirty Talk – Klein & MBO – TMT 12”
05 08 Die Hard Lover – Loverde – US Moby Dick 12”
06 06 Mind Warp / Tech-No-Logical World – Patrick Cowley – US Megatone LP
07 04 Never Give You Up / Beat The Street (Inst) – Sharon Redd – Prelude 12”
08 10 Calling All Boys / Passion – Flirts – Canadian Unidisc 12”
09 26 Don’t You Want My Love – Vera – Canadian Matra 12”
10 13 Native Love (Remix) – Divine – Canadian Black Sun 12”
11 14 Keep The Fire Burning – Gwen McCrae – Atlantic 12”
12 15 Make My Feet Wanna Dance – Motion – Canadian Scorpio 12”
13 07 I’m So Hot For You / Still Hott 4U – Bobby “O” – US “O” 12”
14 24 In And Out – Willie Hutch – Arista 12”
15 16 Can He Find Another – Double Discovery – US Polydor 12”
16 17 Do It To The Music – Raw Silk – KR 12”
17 20 Annie I’m Not Your Daddy – Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Ze 12”
18 12 Do Ya Wanna Funk – Sylvester/Patrick Cowley – London 12”
19 19 Everybody – Madonna – US Sire 12”
20 11 Masterpiece – Gazebo – Baby 12”
21 23 I Like Plastic – Marsha ‘Delite’ Raven – Red Bus 12”
22 28 I Feel Love (Mega Mix) – Donna Summer – Casablanca 12”
23 — I Will Follow Him / Work Me Over – Claudja Barry – Canadian Lollipop 12”
24 22 The Voice Of “Q” – “Q” – Philly World 12”
25 — The Other Side Of Love – Yazoo – Mute 12”
26 27 Nasty Girl / Bite The Beat – Vanity 6 – Warner Bros LP
27 29 She Has A Way / Beat By Beat – Bobby “O” – US “O” 12”
28 — You Are A Danger – Gary Low – Italian Il Disc 12”
29 — Buffalo Gals / Trad. Square – Malcolm McLaren – Charisma 12”
30 30 I’m So Hot For You (Remix) – Bobby “O” – Canadian Unidisc 12”

One thought on “December 4, 1982: Michael Jackson (Thriller), Montana Sextet, Tyrone Brunson, The S.O.S. Band, Central Line”

  1. WOW! What a week! The release of the StreetSounds compilation series! I’ve still got mine in near mint condition. Michael Jackson mega stardom is about to go stratospheric. Montana Sextet stone cold classic and of course the ubiquitous party classic by the Weather Girls. Marvin’s comeback is a triumph and Gwen McCrae is burning hot!


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