October 6, 1984: Chaka Khan, Paris, Dazz Band, Hi-Tension, Linda Clifford


RADIO LONDON’S Thursday Soul Night Out at Kilburn’s National Club (a really nice huge venue) is causing traffic snarl ups as the crowds converge to see Tony Blackburn pose topless, flash his knickers and “break” dance on one knee — all the stars queue too to do PAs and indeed everyone who’s anyone is there, a definite must to visit and so much cooler than that rival Best Disco In Town (though how long before the novelty wears off?) . . . Rose Royce last week at Watford Baileys, wailin’ with falsetto Kenny Copeland and new girl Ricci Benson dramatically acappella, and Lequeint Jobe thunderously flashy on bass, were extremely good — but no goosebumps . . . Baileys DJ Ian Richardson’s disco console emerges from behind curtains in a sort of illuminated dredger bucket suspended from the ceiling on tracks ten feet above everyone’s heads, which must help cut out annoying requests! . . . Morgan Khan’s crafty marketing ploy in holding back UK copies of Fonda Rae has meant that she shot into the sales chart with a huge build up of orders . . . Glenn Jones’ ‘Finesse’ LP had completely sold out in London by last weekend . . . Rayners Lane’s Record & Disco Centre are managing to hold import prices lower than many shops, LP up from £7.99 to £8.35, 12in from £4.50 to £4.75, and are pegging the more expensive UK CBS 12in series at £2.79 — however, Tricky Dicky at Soho Newport Court’s Record Cellar is adding only 15p to the trade price to sell the more expensive UK 12in at £2.20, most Hi-NRG product remaining £1.99 there . . . Change’s follow-up, already promoed, will be the beautiful 0/36-72bpm ‘Say You Love Me Again‘ (although ‘So Far Away’ might make a more memorable title), a highlight of their live stage act and likely to be huge in the black ballad-prefering pop charts . . . Wilton Felder features both Bobby Womack and Altrina Grayson on his new LP, and guested the night before Stevie at Bobby’s Hammersmith show . . . John Luongo’s great New Boogie Mix of A Taste Of Honey ‘Boogie Oogie Oogie’, previously mentioned as a ‘Golden Honey’ LP track, is also about on rare US 12in promo and clocks in at a radically restructured 119-125(intro)-124½(vocal)-125bpm . . . Greyhound Record Productions have reissued Greg Henderson ‘Dreamin’‘ (GRPT 101) . . . ‘Penny Lover’ is finally Lionel Richie’s new US single . . . Temper topped US Dance/Disco, only to be toppled by Prince ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ — the more soulful ‘Erotic City’ flip being duetted by Sheila E, whose ‘The Glamorous Life‘ has to be 1984’s main “one that got away” (her ambition incidentally is to record instrumental jazz-funk) . . . James Brown is the latest star to make commercials for US radio and TV, his for McDonalds plugging especially Louisiana Hot Sauce and Chicken McNuggets, which we’ve yet to sample here . . . Pete Tong starts his Invicta Sound soul show this Saturday 7-10pm, heard in Kent on 95.1/103.8FM and 497/242MW . . . Martin Collins is keeping busy with his Chiltern Radio 97.6FM soul shows Sunday afternoon and weekday evenings 7-9pm, plus Luton Dumbo’s Sat/Benson-on-Thames Rivers Fri . . . John Keenan’s chart from Barrow-in-Furness Champers is mentioned on Colin Young’s Friday 7-8.30pm Radio Cumbria TIU show . . . Horizon’s naughty Chris Stewart didn’t namecheck Les Adams as supplying his ear-tickling mixes, while — whoops, almost, yeah, got it, oh no, crash! — the otherwise excellent CJ Carlos practices his own mixing live on air . . . Froggy funks Fridays at Southgate Pink Elephant, and has been busy in his new remix studio to judge from his Saturday teatime Horizon show, after which discerning listeners tune to JFM for Clive Richardson’s great oldies and Paul Dodd’s hip hop . . . London Allstar Breakers, made up of the best from several crews, won the International section of New York’s Swatch World Breakdancing Competition at the Roxy a fortnight ago, American crews not unnaturally coming 1/2/3 overall, the LAB lads now being contracted for TV and gigs all over the place back home — Paul Oakenfold who accompanied them reports that American breakers now seem to incorporate tap dance and gymnastic moves . . . Zomba Books has published a ‘Street Dance’ instruction book by Yonina Knoppers, which could have been better laid out for £1.99, photographed demonstrators The UK Rockers being amongst many more hip hop crews at London’s Lyceum this Saturday (6) . . . Danny Daniels funks new black hot spot Earls Court La Vie En Rose II Fri/Sat/Sun, the latter night a DJ jam with the likes of Mastermind sitting in . . . Graham Gold, your wife is on the phone and the baby’s crying again! . . . Split Image are now called Twin Image, due here soon . . . I suspected my mail was hiccupping at the time — everything posted Aug 21-28 arrived Sept 29! . . . Symphony Sid, legendary New York jazz jock immortalised in song by King Pleasure, has died aged 75 — real name Sid Torin, his heyday was the ’40s when he broadcast live from Birdland and Harlem’s Apollo Theatre . . . Jenny Burton turns out to be the great Jeanie Burton whose impressive mid-70s singles came out here on Seville, a lovely lady with whom I had the pleasure of dancing at the first New York Billboard Disco Forum in 1976 . . . George Michael, never out of Harringey Bolts, this time slipped Norman Scott an acetate of Wham’s LP off which the disco ‘Everything (That She Wants)‘ packed the floor . . . Hazell Dean’s follow-up will be more pop than Hi-NRG . . . Chrysalis signed Sylvester, rushing ‘Rock The Box‘ next week . . . ‘Once Is Not Enough’ whose C. Shore composer credit was originally the only name on the label is belatedly revealed to be by Oh Romeo . . . Dolmann, hitting Hi-NRG, plays the role of a rock star in ‘The Predator’ movie later this year . . . John Dineley, to judge from a cassette, is an exciting Hi-NRG mixer, weekends at Llandudno’s Cavern Bar . . . Friday (5) Norma Lewis joins John C at Yeovil Electric Studio, Pete Haigh & Richard Searling revive northern classics at Blackpool Baskervilles (behind the Tower) . . . Saturday (6) Kev Hill turns 26 at Harlow Whispers and hopes for lots of nice pressies (and a special secret PA) . . . Sunday (7) Robbie Vincent joins Chris Brown & Johnnie Walker for a Midnight Special at Camberley’s Cambridge Hotel Frenchies, whose owners Top Hat Nightclubs open a “great new million pound venue” on Oct 15, somewhere . . . Steve Phillips funks Thur/Fri/Sat at Bristol’s Prince Rupert (a large bar in Broadmead), and starts Sunday (7) at the Smugglers Bar off the city centre in Wapping Road . . . “Toddy” starts Tuesday (9) teenage hip hop at Lewisham Paradise Garage . . . Steve Dennis, soon to unveil his “ultimate mobile disco” The Studio 222 Experience, returns to Edgbaston’s revamped and renamed (yet again) Faces International Wednesdays and the next two Saturdays, plus he’s supplying “dynamic” DJs for other nights through October — meanwhile those other Faces alumni Alan ‘Gibbo’ Gibson and Jon Alsop are on the move again for Bacchus, the latter to Toronto’s Sparkles from which Alan’s just returned to Bangkok’s Diana’s . . . Bermondsey Dockhead’s Swan & Sugarloaf is soulful again on Fridays at least, with Sean French . . . Larry Foster funks Hackney Victoria Park’s flashy Follies Sat, Gants Hill The Villa Fri (‘Segue’ Steve Goddard there Thurs now), his Hackney Road Pickle House old soul Wed now including ’50s R&B (8-11pm) . . . Kev Ashman now does Ashford (Kent) South Eastern Tavern Wed, and regular Sats at The Lodge atop Charing Hill just off the A20 (claiming the SE’s largest video screen) . . . John Dene & Nick Ratcliffe, still high-powered pop Sat, are now solid funk Thurs at Portsmouth Ritzy, as is Paul ‘Frenchie’ French at Dunfermline Night Magic . . . Night Beat features the best in black music Thur/Fri/Sat at Chorley Market Street’s Academy Dance . . . Russ ‘Stone’ Harris souls Bournemouth Hop Inn Sundays, Hollywood Nights and other clubs along the South Coast . . . Clive Farrer funks Bracknell Wildridings fun pub Wed/Sun, Ian Stewart funks Fri/Sat/Sun at Wickford’s Dickens in Essex . . . Darren Fogel (Hatfield Woodside Country Club Thur/Finchley JP’s Wine Bar Fri/West Hampstead Lately Fri/Sat) hints he’s appearing under his own “kosher” name in ‘Minder’ soon . . . ‘Hill Street Blues’ moves to 10pm Saturday on Channel 4 from Nov 3, where hopefully such footling alternatives as snooker and skating won’t take precedence as they do on Thames . . . South London now has a late night pirate TV station too! . . . LET’S BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!


CHAKA KHAN: ‘I Feel For You’ (Warner Bros W 9209T)
Now remixed but with its exciting impact ruined by being restructured and drawn out, UK 12in copies of this Prince-penned adventurous 124bpm jerker thankfully include its superb 7in version (so familiar from radio play) with the male-muttered “Chaka Khan I feel for you” intro scratch and Stevie Wonder harmonica — in fact short excerpts from Stevie’s first “live” 1963 US hit ‘Fingertips’ drop into the background almost subliminally! A smash.

PARIS: ‘I Choose You’ (Bluebird Records BRT 9)
Produced by Carl Davis & Otis Leavill, this beautiful lazily drifting but rhythmically tricky 43(intro)-84-82-83-82½bpm pent-up smoocher consists mainly of the title line being worried every which way by an agonised squeaky falsetto chap, pure aching soul (128bpm ‘Punkin Funkin‘ flip). As with their imminent Walter Jackson and Magnum Force LPs, Bluebird initially imported some US pressings prior to UK release.

DAZZ BAND: ‘Let It All Blow’ (US Motown 4524MG)
Although the flip is officially instrumental, the A-side of this starkly clomping semi-electro 115bpm lurching driver is hardly very vocal with just “heave ho, let it all blow” chants over ‘Rockit’-inspired piano and see-sawing beats. One of those simple grooves that end up massive.

HI-TENSION: ‘You Make Me Happy’ (Streetwave MKHAN 30)
Produced by Surface’s David ‘Pic’ Conley, a fabulous inventive jittering and juddering 98½bpm hot tempo rhythm track is overlaid by naggingly repetitive husky vocal (the best the old groovers could muster) and a nice little rap break namechecking the O’Jays and Manhattans (inst/edit flip), the first 5,000 copies being twin-packed with an electrofied 114¾bpm remix of ‘Rat Race‘ on single-sided bonus 12in.

LINDA CLIFFORD: ‘How Do You Say’ (LP ‘Sneakin’ Out’ US Red Label RA-10000)
Surprisingly strong return by the ‘Runaway Love’ lady, who wonders how to say (say, say) “I love you” in different languages on this good grooving 111bpm strutter, ‘We’ve Got Our Chance‘ being a useful 103½bpm hot tempo rumbler right in today’s groove, ‘I Just Want To Hold You‘ an oddly familiar strong jolting 109bpm swayer, the title track a rainy street introed pleasant 0-104bpm jittery jogger, ‘You’re Mine‘ a nice Motown-ish 121½bpm throbber, while she takes care of her traditional audience with the blatant 155bpm ‘A Night With The Boys‘ and (hitting Hi-NRG clubs here) 144bpm ‘Love Hostage‘.

DANIEL SOFER: ‘One Hundred Speakers’ (US Saturn Records SAT-2008)
One of the most electrifying scratchers ever, this vital 116bpm 3-tracker is credited as “arranged & performed by Daniel Sofer” and “a Dr Dre scratchmate”, the individual cuts then breaking down as DR. DRE & UNKNOWN ‘Scratchin’ 100 Speakers’, DJ “GEE” ‘Rappin’ 100 Speakers’, UNKNOWN DJ ‘Rhythm Rock Rapp‘. Hip HOP!

MERCY MERCY: ‘It Must Be Heaven’ (Ensign 12ENY 515)
Londoners Colin Young & Luke Tunney causing a Chris Hill-helped stir with this M&M-mixed richly harmonised beat-switching 98bpm reggae-soul jogger (dubwise Part II).

THE REAL THING: ‘We Got Love’ (RCA RCAT 445)
Latest to benefit from a visit to Nick Martinelli in Philadelphia, the guys sound quite soulfully credible hoarsely harmonising in unison to a nagging 103bpm beat (the tempo makes it) with nice scat break (inst flip, and limp 108½bpm ‘Liverpool Rapp‘ by Eddie Amoo).

TOM BROWNE: ‘Secret Fantasy’ (US Arista AS1-9272)
Immediately familiar chick wailed sinuously tugging 102bpm grinder just like ‘Juicy Fruit’ as if sung by The SOS Band, only 7in so far, flipped by the running introed hip hop 0-113bpm ‘Hit Man‘.

RALPH MacDONALD: ‘In The Name Of Love’ (London LONX 57)
Bill Withers sung, Randy Brecker tootled very gentle 46-92bpm US hit smoocher likely to do better here than ‘Universal Rhythm’ (of which a Yogi-less new inst mix is flip), his album now being unnecessary although jazz freaks may appreciate its tricky latin samba 106-112/224-240bpm ‘Park Plaza‘.

STAPLE SINGERS: ‘Turning Point’ LP (US Private I Records FZ 39460)
A better set than some have made out, though there’s nothing really vital on it, ‘The Turning Point’ being a weaving 106bpm swayer, ‘Bridges Instead Of Walls‘ a nice slow chunky 93bpm jogger, ‘This Is Our Night‘ a simple 115bpm jolter, ‘H.A.T.E. (Don’t Live Here Anymore)‘ a Pops-moaned mournful 78bpm message, ‘Right Decision‘ a dated 125bpm chugger, slowies being the 94bpm ‘On My Own Again’ and 71bpm ‘That’s What Friends Are For’, while here the 108bpm ‘Slippery People’ is oddly without the single’s scratching.

NEW HORIZONS: ‘Gonna Have Big Fun’ LP (US Columbia BFC 39590)
Roger Troutman-produced Zappy vocal group, good soul singers, return with the pleasantly weaving 111bpm ‘Get Ready, Let’s Party’ (also on 12in), nice subduedly slinky 109bpm ‘Searching For That Lady‘, ‘Dance Floor’-ish but more gentle 116bpm ‘Dance Frite‘, jerky old-style Prince-ish 119bpm ‘U Can Do (Watcha Wanna)‘, brassy 124bpm ‘Big Fun‘, delicate falsetto 60½bpm ‘Love To Spend The Night‘, lovely 67½bpm ‘I See You There‘.

JUDGE DREAD: ‘Relax’ (Creole CRT 66)
It had to happen — Alex returns with a real Mike Read special, rewording Frankie’s song as “relax, go to it, when you want to screw it”, speeded up to 0-120½-0bpm with references to ‘Big 6’, ‘Oops Up Side Your Legs’, ‘Doctor Doctor’, etc. Obviously useful smutty fun!

GRANDMASTER MELLE MEL & THE FURIOUS FIVE: ‘We Don’t Work For Free’ (Sugarhill SHL 136)
Speedy 127½bpm jerker squeakily sung in blatant Prince style more than it’s rapped (inst flip).

GEORGE DUKE: ‘Rendezvous’ LP (US Epic FE 39262)
Disappointing set, best being the Jerry Knight-penned ‘Secret Rendezvous’ squeaky Kashif-style 114bpm semi-title track, blandly swaying 0-117bpm ‘Got To Get Back To Love‘, EWF-ish pent-up 76bpm ‘She Can Wait Forever‘, moody 35½-71-0bpm ‘Stay Awhile‘, while the initially fast but then slowly counterpointed 151/75½bpm ‘Your Life‘ segues into the chix “papaya”-ed rhythmically self-explanatory 128-0bpm ‘Ipanema Lady‘ (with what sounds like some un-credited Stevie harmonica), ‘Better Ways’ being ponderous 91bpm rock, ‘Take It On’ a sombre slow 59½bpm jolter and ‘Thinking Of You’ a jazzy dead slow doodle.

MAJOR HARRIS: ‘Gotta Make Up Your Mind’ (Streetwave MKHAN 29)
Butch Ingram-prod/penned gruffly souled chunkily jolting 112½bpm wriggler, rather raw and sadly none too special (inst flip).

FIVE STAR: ‘Crazy’ (Tent Records RCAT 451)
Romford’s black teenybop family group sound pertly juvenile (and hence Jacksons-ish) on a lightweight 118bpm wriggler (inst flip, and datedly bounding Britfunk 119½bpm ‘I Like The Way You Dance’).

EDDY GRANT: ‘Boys In The Street’ (Ice ICET 62)
Typical vigorous 122bpm backbeat jolter, in three mixes on 12in with the chugging 112bpm ‘Time To Let Go‘.

Strainingly sung rather laboured Arthur Baker remixed disjointedly jerking 115½bpm trotter with tommy gun electro break, dub flip.

CHAKK: ‘Out Of The Flesh’ (Doublevision DVR 6, via Rough Trade)
Densely textured rather exciting 114bpm white boys hip hop from Sheffield, like Spandau’s ‘Chant No.1’ re-jigged and jittered (in three mixes).

STEPHEN ‘TIN-TIN’ DUFFY: ‘She Makes Me Quiver’ (10 Records TEN 28-12)
Stolidly chugging 113½bpm burbler by Birmingham’s hero, whose old ‘Kiss Me’ never broke big nationally but still fills Midlands floors (dub/edit flip).

BONEY M: ‘Kalimba De Luna’ (Atlantic A 9619T)
Gradually building and initially tricky, this 111bpm Eurodisco burbler eventually gets moderately catchy in dated Gibson Brothers style. Big on the Continent, but does anyone here still care?

DIANA ROSS: ‘Swept Away’ LP (Capitol ROSS 1)
Patchy set mainly useful as a way of getting her steel drums bubbled 116½bpm ‘Touch By Touch’ current UK hit and Julio Iglesias-duetted 85/42½-0-85bpm ‘All Of You‘ in 12in format, her current US — and Hi-NRG — hit 119½bpm Daryl Hall & Arthur Baker-produced title track having been remixed for US RCA 12in, while the stark short 125bpm revival of Fontella Bass’s ‘Rescue Me‘ and lightweight 117bpm ‘It’s Your Move‘ may interest some.

GROVER WASHINGTON JR: ‘Inside Moves’ LP (Elektra 960318-1)
Laid back jazz-funk more for listening, the 118½bpm title track tapping gently (courtesy of co-producer Ralph MacDonald), while mildly rhythmic also are the 52-104bpm ‘Jet Stream‘, 104bpm ‘When I Look At You‘, 81bpm ‘Sassy Stew‘.

JOHNNY MATHIS: ‘Simple’ (CBS TA 4529)
Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields-ish soulfully sophisticated 97bpm tripping swayer, on 4-track 12in with its instrumental plus his hustling old 121bpm ‘Gone Gone Gone’ and the radio ballad ‘Lead Me To Your Love’.

THE CREATIONS: ‘Kinky Girl’ (US Dre Mar Records 0-8884-1)
Philly group wailing with nice interplay a chunky 120bpm jiggler (inst/edit flip).

BOBBY BROOM: ‘Beat Freak’ (US Arista AD-1-9260)
Very bassy oddball 0-118bpm drum throbbed resonant hip hop, the repetitive title like Donna’s “beep beep” but butch-er (dub/edit flip).

MASCARA: ‘Baja’ (US Oh My! OM 4005)
Jellybean-mixed exotically tinged catchy percussive 123bpm loper with Kid Creole-ish chix ‘n chap chattering through the beat, but not much song (inst Dub/livelier Ruff Mix flip).

ULTIMATE 3 MC’S: ‘What Are We Gonna Do?’ (US Partytime PT 112)
Clear lethargically paced 103¾bpm hip hop with good agile rap (dub flip).

JAY NOVELLE: ‘If This Ain’t Love’ (Club JABX 6)
Herley Johnson Jr changed his name to become producers Mark Liggett & Chris Barbosa’s “male Shannon”, but his US hit 118bpm judderer hasn’t done much here (inst flip).

ASWAD: ’54-46 Was My Number’ (Island 12IS 170)
Pedestrian 88-88½bpm update of Toots & The Maytals’ follow-on from their even earlier ’54-46 Is My Number’, with a dubwise brassy 87½-88bpm ‘Horns Revival’ version, gentle 80bpm ‘Java’ and police siren spiked 137/68½-0bpm Trouble Mix of ‘Warrior Charge‘ (best thing on the 4-track 12in).

EAST COAST OFFERING: ‘Don’t Take Your Love Away’ (MCA MCAT 902)
Largely overlooked but very pleasant Ike Hayes co-penned sax smoothed ‘n chix cooed smoochy semi-instrumental 68bpm easy listening orchestral jazz drifter.

THE COLD CRUSH BROTHERS: ‘Fresh, Wild, Fly And Bold’ (US Profile PAL-7056)
Trickily jittery introed 100bpm poppin’ MCs with scratching (in four mixes).

NEWCLEUS: ‘Computer Age (Push The Button)’ (Sunnyview SUNYL 107)
Kraftwerk-style fast 129¼bpm electro (inst flip).


Hi-NRG BREAKERS include:
Diana Ross: ‘Swept Away (Remix)’ (US RCA 12in)
Tina B: ‘I Always Wanted To Be Free’ (US Elektra LP)
Peter Brown: ‘(Love Is Just) The Game’ (US Columbia 12in)
Fancy: ‘Slice Me Nice’ (Proto 12in)
Patty Phillippe: ‘Burnin’ (US MEMO 12in)
Proto seem to have slipped up by servicing Divine on white label so far in advance — now it’s actually out everyone’s gone off it!

KELLY MARIE: ‘I’m On Fire’ (Calibre Plus PLUSL 15)
Nigel Wright-produced Irene Cara-type 133bpm chugger with dramatic kettle drums, in a “pre-release mix” only on white label or a commercial version due Oct 12 — though which one is the cleaner semi-instrumental 0-132½bpm B-side is unclear.

XENIA ROWE: ‘Reaching For The Best’ (Crystal City CRITY 1)
Mixed but not produced by Ian Levine, an electro rattled energetic 128½bpm revival of his 1975 Exciters hit, let down by the vocal (inst dub flip).

PETER BROWN: ‘(Love Is Just) The Game’ (US Columbia 44-05102)
Jellybean mixed jittery 121bpm pop/Hi-NRG bounder somewhat Michael Jackson accented (inst flip).

FREDDIE MERCURY: ‘Love Kills’ (CBS TA 4735)
Moroder & Mercury co-prod/penned synth burbled 126bpm song from the ‘Metropolis’ soundtrack, typically Giorgio.

SENSE: ‘You Cry’ (W.A.R. 12WAR 1)
Three English guys with a chix-backed Ian Levine mixed jerky 131bpm bounder (inst flip) which first appeared on French import.

KOFI & THE LOVETONES: ‘Countdown (Remix)’ (Electricity ELECT 3)
Singularly dramatic new Kevin Antony Roberts mix of the smokey voiced 0-129bpm northern soul revival, flipped by Ian Geoffrey Levine’s better original mix.

DISCO TOP 85 – October 6, 1984

01 02 RAIN FOREST/SOUND CHASER, Paul Hardcastle, Bluebird 12in
02 01 THE MEDICINE SONG/DUB VERSION. Stephanie Mills, Club 12in
03 09 TUCH ME, Fonda Rae, Streetwave 12in
04 05 SLIPPERY PEOPLE, Staple Singers, US Private I 12in
06 03 LOST IN MUSIC (REMIX), Sister Sledge, Atlantic 12in
07 10 GOTTA GET YOU HOME TONIGHT, Eugene Wilde, US Philly World 12in
08 07 I WISH YOU WOULD, Jocelyn Brown, Fourth & Broadway 12in
09 22 I FEEL FOR YOU/REMIX, Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
11 16 OFF AND ON LOVE, Champaign, US Columbia 12in
13 13 WE NEED SOME MONEY, Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, Master Mix 12in
14 08 MAGIC TOUCH (REMIX), Rose Royce, Streetwave 12in
15 17 ENCORE/GOT TO BE REAL, Cheryl Lynn, Streetwave 12in
16 15 I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU (REMIX), Stevie Wonder, Motown 12in
17 35 YOUR TOUCH (CLUB VERSION), Bonnie Pointer, US Private I 12in
19 18 PLEASE DON’T GO (REMIX), Steve Washington, Streetwave 12in
20 28 AIN’T NO TURNIN’ BACK/PHONEMATE, Phyllis St. James, US Motown LP
21 20 YOU TURN ME ON, Rick James, Gordy LP
22 21 GHOSTBUSTERS, Ray Parker Jr, Arista 12in
23 25 I’M GIVIN’ ALL MY LOVE, Terri Wells, US Philly World 12in
24 11 TODA MENINA BAIANA, Gilberto Gil, WEA 12in
25 06 YOU GET THE BEST FROM ME (SAY, SAY, SAY), Alicia Myers, MCA 12in
28 46 HOT POTATO, LaToya Jackson, US Private I 12in
29 30 LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE/LIKE THE WAY YOU DO IT, Intrigue, Music Power Records 12in
30 — CANDLELIGHT AFTERNOON, Phyllis St James, Motown 12in
32 24 DR. BEAT, Miami Sound Machine, US Epic 12in
33 56 AFTER THE DANCE IS THROUGH, Krystol, US Epic 12in
34 34 HOT WATER, Level 42, Polydor 12in
35 58 RUNNING, Gwen Pressley & Portable Patrol, US Aerial 12in
36 29 YOU’RE NEVER TOO YOUNG, The Cool Notes, Abstract Dance 12in
37 37 JAZZY LADY, Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields, RCA LP/US 12in
38 50 WE’RE ROCKING THE PLANET, Hashim, US Cutting Records 12in
39 19 I CAN’T LET YOU GO, Haywoode, CBS 12in
40 33 I GET ROMANTIC, Booker Newberry III, Buzz International 12in
41 — I CHOOSE YOU, Paris, US Kelli-Arts 12in
42 — INTERNATIONAL (REMIX), Brass Construction, Capitol 12in promo
43 36 LADY (SHINE ON), T.H.S., Fourth & Broadway 12in
44 38 LET HER FEEL IT, Simplicious, Fourth & Broadway 12in
45 31 NOW THAT I HAVE YOU, McGee, US American Dream Records Ltd 12in
47 61 MEGAMIX II (WHY IS IT FRESH?), D.ST., CellulOid 12in
48 42 MAS QUE NADA, Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66, A&M LP
49 45 GET OFF (YOU FASCINATE ME) (REMIX), Patrice Rushen, Elektra 12in
50 40 SAVED BY LOVE/WHERE DOES THAT BOY HANG OUT, David Lasley, EMI America 12in
51 — KEEPING SECRETS, Switch, US Total Experience LP
53 59 NAUGHTY TIMES, Cutty, US Hudson River Records 12in
54 68 NIGHT SO RIGHT, Dolos, US Sunnyview 12in
57 — IN THE NAME OF LOVE, Ralph MacDonald/Bill Withers, London 12in
58 51 COME AND GET MY LOVIN’, Barbara Fowler, Master Mix 12in
59 — LET IT ALL BLOW, Dazz Band. US Motown 12in
60 — SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Bobby Womack, Motown 7in/LP
61 62 (I’LL BE A) FREAK FOR YOU, Royalle Delite, US Skyview 12in
62 53 MIDNIGHT LOVER, Margie Joseph, Atlantic 12in
63 47 STOP PLAYING WITH MY LOVE, Steve Drayton, Master Mix 12in
64 80 WE DON’T WORK FOR FREE, Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five, Sugarhill 12in
65 76 LAY ANOTHER LOG ON THE FIRE/50-50 LOVE, C.L. Blast, US Park Place LP
66 82 MR SOLITAIRE (PANTHER MIX), Animal Nightlife, Island 12in
67 74 I CAN’T WAIT TO BREAK, Billy Jones, US NIA 12in
68 — CHECKING OUT, Nat King Cool & The Cool Runners, Tai Wan 12in
69 52 TENDERONI, Leon Haywood, US Modern Records 12in
70 69 WHAT IS LIFE, Black Uhuru, Island 12in
71 41 DON’T BLAME IT ON LOVE (REMIX), Shakatak, Polydor 12in
72 64 TOUR DE FRANCE (REMIX), Kraftwerk, EMI 12in
73 — ONE HUNDRED SPEAKERS, Daniel Sofer/Dr Dre/Unknown DJ, US Saturn Records 12in
74 43 I’M WARNING YOU, Gayle Adams, US Mainline 12in
75 66 NO FAVORS, Temper, MCA 12in
76 — I’M STILL THE SAME, Barbara Lynn, US Jamstone 7in
77 — BLOODSTONE’S PARTY (REMIX)/DUB, Bloodstone, US T-Neck 12in
78 54 OUR LOVE IS HOT, Alphonse Mouzon, US Private I 12in
79 — WHEN DOVES CRY RAPP, Captain Rapp/MC Fosty & Lovin’ C, US Rappers Rapp Disco Co 12in
81 — PUPPET, Stone, US Sunnyview 12in
82 65 I DON’T PLAY THAT, Shirley Brown, US Sound Town 7in
83 — SECRET FANTASY, Tom Browne, US Arista 7in
84 — TOUCHING IN THE DARK/IT’S COOL, Walter Jackson, US Chi-Sound LP
85 — RELEASE YOURSELF (DUB), Aleem, Streetwave 12in


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Big Country 0-129f, Dio 124-126f, Cars 83/20¾-0r, Mike Post 121c, Clint Eastwood 0-82½f, Billy Idol 94f, XTC 0-83f, John Waite 103f, Haywoode 112f, Simplicious 124f.


01 01 BLACK LEATHER, Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
02 02 IN THE EVENING, Sheryl Lee Ralph, US New York Music Company 12in
03 06 CAUGHT IN THE ACT, Earlene Bentley, Record Shack 12in
04 05 THE FIGHT (FOR THE SINGLE FAMILY), Norma Lewis, ERC 12in
05 04 ALL AMERICAN BOY, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack 12in
06 11 REACHING FOR THE BEST, Xenia Rowe, Crystal City 12in pre
07 08 MASQUERADE, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in
08 03 TIME BOMB, Jeanie Tracy, US Megatone 12in
09 18 CAN THE RHYTHM, Girltalk, Innervision 12in
10 20 HIGH SEX DRIVE, Dolmann, Passion 12in
11 14 YOU CRY, Sense, W.A.R. 12in
12 17 HEARTS ON FIRE, Sam Harris, US Motown LP
13 07 EASY LOVE (REMIX), Vikki Benson, Bronze 12in
15 10 INVITATION, Life Force, Polo 12in/remix
16 09 I’M SO BEAUTIFUL, Divine, Proto 12in
17 30 HEY HEY GUY, Ken Laszlo, Italian MEM 12in
19 — WHY?, Bronski Beat, London 12in
21 19 I CAN’T TAKE IT, Janet Wright, US Cotillion 12in
22 — I’M ON FIRE, Kelly Marie, Calibre Plus 12in white label
23 15 WHATEVER I DO (WHEREVER I GO), Hazell Dean, Proto 12in
24 — BE MY BABY, Dennis Dwyer, Dutch Friends 12in
25 — DR BEAT, Miami Sound Machine, Epic 12in
26 24 THUNDER AND LIGHTNING, Heat-X-Change, Passion 12in white label
27 12 PRIME CUTS (MEDLEY), Various, ERC 12in
28 29 REMEMBERING LOVE, Tiffany, Canadian Unidisc 12in
29 22 HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT, Kim Fields, US Critique 12in
30=— LOVE KILLS, Freddie Mercury, CBS 12in
30=— TONIGHT, Marlene Ricci, German Ariola 12in
30=— BEAT OF THE NIGHT, Maggie, Canadian Polydor 12in


POP JOX are playing: 1 (2) Miami Sound Machine, 2 (1) Ray Parker Jr, 3 (5) Sister Sledge, 4 (3) Stevie Wonder 12in, 5 (4) Stephanie Mills, 6 (9) Level 42, 7 (7) Jocelyn Brown, 8 (re) Hazell Dean, 9 (12) Paul Hardcastle, 10 (-) Bronski Beat, 11 (8) Animal Nightlife, 12 (24) Laura Branigan ‘SC’, 13 (11) Simplicious, 14 (31) Rose Royce, 15 (25) Melle Mel ‘WL’, 16 (17) Shakatak (new), 17 (6) THS, 18 (32) Break Machine, 19 (-) David Bowie, 20 (re) Howard Jones, 21 (re) Depeche Mode, 22 (20) Divine (old), 23 (18) Windjammer (old), 24 (-) Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy, 25 (-) Kraftwerk, 26 (re) Alphaville, 27 (-) Gilberto Gil, 28 (re) Kleeer, 29 (38) Bambaataa/Brown, 30 (-) OMD, 31 (14) Shakatak (old), 32 (re) Tears For Fears, 33 (-) UB40, 34 (re) Spandau Ballet, 35 (33) Margie Joseph, 36 (30) Pointer Sisters, 37 (19) Frankie GTH ‘TT’, 38 (15) Phil Fearon, 39 (-) Moroder/Oakey, 40 (-) Cheryl Lynn.

One thought on “October 6, 1984: Chaka Khan, Paris, Dazz Band, Hi-Tension, Linda Clifford”

  1. A lot of future big hitters have been quietly debuting during 1984, and here’s another one: Dr Dre. Meanwhile, I note with interest the Hi-NRG review for Sense’s “You Cry”. One of the band is an old friend, who later enjoyed huge success as the writer of Bob The Builder’s “Can We Fix It”, of all things. Sense had been doing OK on the continent as a synth-pop act, notching up a couple of small hits in France; as for “You Cry”, my friend once said to me “Ian Levine killed our career”…!


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