October 18, 1986: Raze, Georgie Fame, Commodores, Chico DeBarge, Sybil


THE FIRST issue is out this week of rm’s sister magazine, the new monthly for DJs, JOCKS – so check the advertisement for details, should you not have received a copy. Supplementing rather than replacing these BPM pages, it’s designed as a complement to rm and carries totally different charts, including many interestingly detailed breakdowns by area and music type, plus a much wider range of news and opinion than there is room for here … Tony Blackburn is now playing Oran ‘Juice’ Jones ‘The Rain’, but only the seven inch version which ludicrously leaves out the vital talking finish, the whole point of the record and the controversial cause of its US success – are CBS mad? … Ian Dewhirst splits from Serious Records next month to take over running Fourth & Broadway … Phil Fearon’s next cover version revival is of the Showstoppers’ 1967 classic ‘Ain’t Nothin’ But A House Party’, due imminently (how long before he gets around to the Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose?) … Shep Pettibone has not necessarily improved Lionel Richie ‘Love Will Conquer All’ with his stolidly plodding (0-)99¼bpm extended remix (Motown LIOT 2R) … Anita Ward ‘Ring My Bell’ has had a new drum track added on reissued import (US Sunnyview Classics SUN 3309) … Bob Dylan is the surprise guest rapper on the droning 98bpm ‘Street Rock‘ on the new Kurtis Blow ‘Kingdom Blow’ LP (US Mercury 830 215-1 M-1); full review next week … Morgan ‘Southpaw’ Khan is making his favourite group available for a fantastic bargain, putting all 12 tracks of Blue Magic’s ‘Greatest Hits’ LP on one £3.99 12-inch (Streetwave XKHAN 508)! … Jessica Martin is the amazing impressionist featured as the Monty MC’s on ‘Holiday Rap With A Capital C‘ … Barbara Roy topped US Club Play, Stacey Q returned atop 12 Inch Sales in Billboard … Disco breakers here last week, with really quite strong support yet possibly still struggling outside the Top 100 (currently tough to get into), included Lionel Richie, Tamiko Jones, George Duke, Billie, Was (Not Was) remix, Schoolly-D, Billy Griffin, Company B, Robbie B & Jazzy J, Dazz Band, Steinski, The Naturals, Lady Peachena and The Movement … Rick Davis (01-669 8082, evenings) is looking for weekend PAs at Uxbridge Regals … Tuesday (21) Hardrock Soul Movement and Faze One are live at London’s Limelight … JACK THE HOUSE!


LIVE WIRE’s soul weekender in South Wales at Barry Island was at the most compactly laid out holiday camp yet, beautifully sited (especially for sizzling Saturday), overlooking a sandy beach with one of Britain’s better fun fairs for free right next door. Working conditions were the best the DJs had ever encountered, but for some the actual accommodation was a bit primitive, and there were complaints from serious funksters of an ’18-30′ element in this, the biggest weekender crowd to date. Fatback played three hugely popular shows, the highlight of the event, though, being Georgie Fame’s Saturday lunchtime gig, which got him right back to 1986’s equivalent of his original 1963 audience. As anticipated, ‘Samba‘ got played a bit! The other surprise sensation was Jesse Saunders cutting up a storm at the decks, extending and remixing Chicago’s house hits ‘live’, and in fact house was so predominant that the “der rump dump dum dum dump dum” rhythm seemed at times to be running through everything! Lots of oldies, jazz and – note this – rap was played, but current stuff that stood out included Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Raze, Hercules, The Force, TC Curtis, James Brown ‘Goliath’, One Way, James (D-Train) Williams ‘Misunderstanding’, Company B, Sybil, Oran ‘Juice’ Jones, Lady Peachena, Kurtis Blow, Al Jarreau ‘Tell Me What I Gotta Do (Remix)’, while two big oldies were Younger Generation ‘We Rap More Mellow‘ and Kinkina ‘Jungle Fever‘. Alexander O’Neal ‘What’s Missing’ tore the roof off – the hit that CBS totally bungled! For the finale each DJ ‘sang’ a line from Side Effect ‘Keep That Same Old Feeling‘, and Chris Hill did one of his inimitable swinging raps to Boogaloo Joe Jones ‘Six Thirty Blues‘. A good one, and as if to prove it, already 2,000 applications have been received for the next one, again at Barry, which for the first time will be well into the season and spread over four days, the May 22-25 Bank Holiday weekend!


RAZE ‘Jack The Groove’ (Champion CHAMP 12-23)
Cramming floors across the country, this Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley-style rhythm chattering 118⅔bpm jack track in fact was produced by Vaughan Mason in New Jersey, despite sounding pure Chicago!

GEORGIE FAME ‘Samba (Toda Menina Baiana Mix)’ (Ensign ENYX 605)
Created specifically for the Barry Island weekender, this Stock/Aitken/ Waterman-produced fast flying 102⅔/205⅓bpm samba is, as the title suggests, a purpose-built translation by Georgie himself of Gilberto Gil’s ‘Toda Menina Baiana’, the 12-inch starting in the original Portuguese while the B-side’s edit starts straight into English. Irresistibly infectious, it really bubbles and leaps along.

COMMODORES ‘Goin’ To The Bank’ (Polydor POSPX 826)
Enthusiastically leaping 116bpm chanter with some amusing double-entendre dialogue between a female bank teller and the group’s English-accented J D Nicholas about making an “early withdrawal” (dub/edit too, plus the also 116bpm slightly ‘All Night Long (All Night)’-ish snappy ‘Serious Love‘).

CHICO DeBARGE ‘Talk To Me’ (Motown ZT 40887)
All this powerfully stamping 114½bpm wriggly judderer needs to be the male answer to Janet Jackson is a “gimme a beat!” intro.

SYBIL ‘Falling In Love’ (Champion CHAMP 12-22)
Languidly ticking 113¼bpm classy cool strider with gentle piano (112⅓bpm Alternative Club Mix plus two more), seemingly everyone’s hot tip of the moment.

CONVERTION ‘Sweet Thing (M&M Mix)’ (Threeway Records Way 101T, via Charly)
The latest Leroy Burgess-associated oldie to be reactivated with immediately massive white label sales, in London at least, is this catchily wriggling 110-110¼bpm soulful guys ‘n’ gals nagger, pressed at 33⅓rpm.

PAUL HARDCASTLE ‘The Wizard (The Jazz Mix)’ (Chrysalis PAULJ 3)
Totally re-recorded for the soul clubs, the now unrecognisable ‘Top Of The Pops’ theme has become a piano tinkled 101⅚bpm jazz-funk instrumental (minus Catweazle) powered by jiggly electronic percussion, much better!

CALVIN ‘Time Keeps Movin’ On’ (US VinylMania VMR 005)
Donnie Calvin of Rockers Revenge growls and wails in offkey, almost Darryl Pandy, style to a wolf howls-introed ever building jittery 117bpm driver with datedly powerful breaks (in four mixes).

COMPANY B ‘Jam On Me’ (US The Summer S-1986)
Hard to find until now in London although frustratingly charted for some time by several DJs further North, this girls-chanted wriggly jiggly nagging (0-)113¼-113-113½-0bpm Latin-disco jitterer (in five versions) really is quite mind-numbing, co-created by Ish (Ledesma?)

J M SILK ‘I Can’t Turn Around’ (RCA PT 49794)
Vocally more restrained 125¾bpm rival to ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’, correctly credited to Isaac Hayes as original writer (in four mixes).

PRIVATE POSSESSION featuring HUNTER HAYES ‘This Time’ (US 4th + B’way BWAY-428)
Oops, I’m not so sure that this urgently bounding strong 120⅔bpm Colonel Abrams-ish ‘house’ galloper is old, after all; it just sounds confusingly familiar (in three versions, including a Darryl Pandy-ish rap).

ROSALINE JOYCE ‘Friends Not Lovers (Hot Club Mix)’ (Elite DAZZ 57R)
Far stronger than before, this locomoting 109½-110bpm remix of the male rap counterpointed sweet wailer now incorporates a burst of ‘Cloud Nine’, well worth checking.

BILLIE ‘Nobody’s Business’ (Club JABX 36)
Billie Holiday’s ‘Nobody’s Bizness If I Do’ adapted by producers Regisford & Jarvis into a ‘house’-styled 122bpm skittery bounder (in three versions, one a UK re-edit), likely to mean more here now than it did on import before this tempo had broken big.

VENEICE ‘This Good Good Feeling’ (LGR Records LGR 013, via Jet Star)
Peter Hinds-produced classily controlled London soul smoothly sung to a jauntily jiggling 102bpm bouncy beat (inst/edit flip), selling well already.

TRACY KING ‘Don’t Stop’ (DMD Records DMD 002, via 01-689 5871)
Gurglingly sung, rather pleasant swaying 93⅙-0bpm tugger with a more Jam & Lewis-styled though less slick 89bpm ‘Love Again‘ double A-side coupling.

ROLAND RAT ‘Living Legend (Rat In My House Mix)’ (Magnet 12RAT 5)
The Rat only appears on the flip’s edit, leaving two Stock/Aitken/Waterman-produced girls-cooed bounding 119¾bpm versions that even down to the fractional Beats Per Minute mix imperceptibly with Mel & Kim! Really!

JAMES BROWN ‘Goliath’ (LP ‘Gravity’ Scotti Bros SCT 57108)
Capital Radio’s Peter Young turned more ‘UK Pros’ than he knows onto this full tilt 126-0bpm stormer, brassily driven by Art Wood’s drums, making it the cream cut from a fairly typical JB LP.

BEASTIE BOYS ‘It’s The New Style’ (US Def Jam 44-05958)
A biggie for b boys, this angrily rapped, scratched ‘n cut violent stark episodic 0-98⅔-0-77bpm Run-DMC clone also has a straight dub of its underlying ‘Paul Revere’ rhythm track, plus two very strange minimalist 46/72bpm treatments.

THE KARTOON KREW ‘Batman’ (Champion CHAMP 12-21)
Deliberately jolting 100bpm hip hop treatment of the old TV theme, including dialogue and effects (dub flip), as originally suspected already a hit with radio listeners.

DAZZ BAND ‘L.O.V.E. M.I.A. (House Mix)’ (Geffen Records GEF 12T)
Remixed by Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk with a dubbier Clubhouse Mix too, though neither are actually ‘house’, this perkily chugging 117½bpm burbler catchily quotes from ‘Let It All Blow’ but somehow lacks substance. ‘M.I.A.’ means ‘Missing In Action’.

THE FORCE ‘It’s O.K., It’s O.K.’ (US Jes Say JS 9989)
Jesse Saunders-created typical 118¼bpm jack track with, in ‘Jack Your Body’ style, the digitally repeated stuttery title line its only lyric, flipped by four different dub breakdowns.

BEAT THIS ‘The Spen’ (US Ace Beat AN-52486)
More jack trax from New Jersey, this striding strong 122⅓bpm leaper leading the calmer 120bpm ‘Sagitarian‘ and 121⅔bpm ‘Paul Off Again‘, raspberry-blowing 0- 122¼bpm ‘Halelujah’, intended as the sleeve says for (mixing) DJs only.

AFFINITY ‘Pick Me Up (Rock Me Non-Stop)’ US Pow Wow PW 417)
Bubbly bounding fast 119½-0bpm skitterer sung rather thinly by Sixties-sounding girls, the beat being all important (two dubs as flip).

P.S.O. ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (US Sunnyview SUN 446)
Wriggly bright 0- 117½bpm jiggler with a dated feel as synths squiggle through the nervy electro beats and girls chime in between bursts of nagging male interplay (in four versions).

ANTHONY AND THE CAMP ‘How Many Lovers’ (US Warner Bros/Jellybean 0-20515)
Jellybean-produced intensifying spare wriggly loping (0-)118bpm typical New York dance fodder vocally worried by Serious Intention’s Anthony Malloy in almost ‘house’ style (dub/acappella too, plus a lean 117¾bpm ‘What I Like (Remix)‘).

RAZZ featuring MATT WARREN & RALPHI ROSARIO ‘Pump It Up’ (US Sunset Records Inc SUN-2766)
Four more Chicago jack trax, this skittery 120½bpm cowbell clonker, the frantic chattering 124¾bpm ‘Kill Yourself Dancing‘, Hi-NRG 125bpm ‘Say It‘, Spanish muttered livelier ‘house’ 125⅔bpm ‘Razz-Matazz‘.

BASIA ‘Run For Cover’ (Portrait 6501 586)
Rather introverted juddery jittery (0-)112bpm electro samba in breathy RAH Band-ish style by Matt Bianco’s old girl (pronounced ‘Basher’!), with a good instrumental flip and much more breezily bossa nova-ing 102bpm ‘From Now On’.

SWING OUT SISTER ‘Breakout (N.A.D. Mix)’ (Mercury SWING 212)
Throbbing eccentric white boys’ funk gives way to jazzy brass before some mellow girls start cooing and the 112¾bpm rhythm levels out to become rather pleasant and convincing jazz-funk.

A PERFECT FIT ‘If You Only Knew’ (Move MS 16, via Charly)
The group’s name possibly doesn’t prepare one for a gospel trained soulstress wailing and worrying to a gently ticking (0-)106-105⅓-105½bpm rhythm with jazzy guitar support, a pure soul gem.

SHARON DEE CLARKE ‘Dance Your Way Out Of The Door’ (Arista ARIST 12682)
Ian Levine-prod/penned pleasantly hustling 0-114½bpm dated Gloria Gaynor-ish swinger currently much played on London radio, to producer Damon Rochefort’s delight.

NICOLE ‘Housecalls’ (US Portrait 4R9-05949)
M&M remixed jittery beats slightly bury this urgent hustling 119¼-0bpm canterer’s soulful vocal (dub flip), seemingly about callgirl activities. Incidentally, it’s John Morales calling in on the ‘phone!

UK DISCO TOP 100 – October 18, 1986

01 03 WORD UP/LES ADAMS CLUB MIX, Cameo, Club 12in
03 02 SLOWDOWN (NICK MARTINELLI REMIX)/(DANCIN’ DANNY D & GODWIN LOGIE REMIX), Loose Ends, Virgin 12in twin-pack/promo
04 08 JACK THE GROOVE, Raze, Champion 12in white label
05 06 JACK YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, London 12in
06 04 LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND/DUB CAN’T TURN AROUND, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk featuring Darryl Pandy, London 12in
07 05 (I’M A) DREAMER (SHEP PETTIBONE REMIX), BB&Q, Cooltempo 12in
08 07 MIDAS TOUCH (REMIX), Midnight Star, Solar 12in
09 12 I’M CHILLIN’, Kurtis Blow, US Mercury 12in
10 09 SHIVER/TEASER/TOO MANY TIMES, George Benson, Warner Bros LP
11 13 BACK TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME/FREEZE’S THEME, The Incredible Mr. Freeze, London 12in
12 11 SHOWING OUT, Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in
13 26 FALLING IN LOVE/ALTERNATIVE CLUB MIX, Sybil, Champion 12in white label
14 14 NO WAY/INSTRUMENTAL, Bobbi Humphrey, Club 12in
15 10 WHEN I THINK OF YOU (REMIX), Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
16 16 AIN’T NOTHIN’ GOIN’ ON BUT THE RENT (LARRY LEVAN MIXES), Gwen Guthrie, Boiling Point 12in
17 34 DON’T THINK ABOUT IT, One Way, US MCA Records 12in
19 15 THE HOUSE MUSIC ANTHEM, Marshall Jefferson, Affair 12in
20 20 SLAVE OF LOVE, TC Curtis, Hot Melt 12in
21 24 GIRLS AIN’T NOTHING BUT TROUBLE (REMIX)/GUYS AIN’T NOTHING BUT TROUBLE, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince/Ice Cream “Tee”, Champion 12in
22 19 SWEET FREEDOM, Michael McDonald, MCA Records 12in
23 18 TURNED ON TO YOU, 80’s Ladies, Music Of Life 12in
24 48 SEE ME/I REALLY DIDN’T MEAN IT, Luther Vandross, US Epic LP
25 39 UM TANG, UM TANG (TO WHOEVER IT MAY CONCERN), DJ Hollywood, Crossover 12in
26 21 TASTY LOVE, Freddie Jackson, Capitol 12in
28 63 I CAN’T TURN AROUND, J.M. Silk, RCA 12in
30 29 EXCITE ME, Carlton, US Infuture 12in
31 23 MA FOOM BEY, Cultural Vibe, Crossover 12in
32 25 WALK THIS WAY, Run-DMC, London 12in
33 22 SEVENTH HEAVEN, Gwen Guthrie, Fourth & Broadway 12in
34 49 SHOWING OUT (MORTGAGE MIX), Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in
35 33 AIN’T GONNA PAY ONE RED CENT/RAP VERSION, Wally Jump Junior & The Criminal Element, US Criminal Records 12in
36 42 NIGHT TO REMEMBER, Keith Patrick, US Omni Records 12in
37 45 ROBOT GIRL (L.A. MIX), Was (Not Was), Mercury 12in
38 17 YOU CAN DANCE (IF YOU WANT TO), Davis/Pinckney Project featuring Lorenzo Queen, US Studio Records 12in
40 32 OOPS OH NO (LP VERSION), LaToya Jackson, Music Of Life Records 12in promo
41 — 7 WAYS, Hercules, US Dance Mania Records 12in
42 — THIS TIME, Private Possession featuring Hunter Hayes, US 4th + B’way 12in
43 38 WE DON’T HAVE TO TAKE OUR CLOTHES OFF, Jermaine Stewart, 10 Records 12in
44 56 RAIN OR SHINE (REMIX), Five Star, Tent 12in
45 35 HOUSE OF BAMBOO, Earl Grant, Decca 12in EP
46 82 NON-STOP (REMIX), Skyy, Capitol 12in
47 43 STILL SMOKIN’/IT’S IN THE MIX (LIVE), Trouble Funk, 4th + B’way/TTED 12in
48 67 GRAVITY/THE BIG ‘G’ (DIG THIS MESS), James Brown, Scotti Bros 12in
49 50 I FOUND LOVIN’, Fatback, Important Records 12in
50 61 TALK TO ME (0-114¾-0bpm), Chico DeBarge, Motown 12in
51 — GOLIATH, James Brown, Scotti Bros LP
52 62 OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN, Gwen Guthrie, Boiling Point LP
53 30 DON’T YOU TRY IT/DUB, Raww, Debut 12in
54 71 LAYIN’ DOWN A BEAT/STRONGER THAN STRONG, Faze One, Streetwave 12in
55 — JAM ON ME/DUB ON ME, Company B, US The Summer 12in
56 46 SHAKE YOU DOWN, Gregory Abbott, CBS 12in
57 100= SUCH A FEELING (REMIX)/SUCH A “BASELINE” FEELING, Young & Co., US Atlantic 12in
58 97 FACTS OF LOVE, Jeff Lorber featuring Karyn White, US Warner Bros 12in
59 78 LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND, Philly Cream, US Cotillion 12in
61 92 SPLIT PERSONALITY (THE REMIX), U.T.F.O., Cooltempo 12in
62 65 SWEET THING (M&M MIX), Convertion, Threeway Records 12in white label
64 60 YOU KNOW HOW TO LOVE ME, Phyllis Hyman, Arista 12in
65 41 JUMMP-BACK, Wally Jump Junior & The Criminal Element, Club 12in
66 73 LET’S MAkE SOME NOISE (HOUSE OF WAX MIX), Escalator, Elite 12in
67 68 TEN WAYS OF LOVING YOU, Lenny Williams, Malaco Dance 12in
68 — THE RAIN (REMIX), Oran ‘Juice’ Jones, Def Jam 12in
69 28 GIMME YOUR LOVE (EXTENDED VERSION), Active Force, A&M 12in
70 54 LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND (VOCAL REMIX)/HOUSEAPELLA, Darryl Pandy/Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk & Jessie Saunders, London 12in
71 47 SAY YOU LOVE ME GIRL/WORK IT OUT, Breakwater, Arista 12in
72 — SAMBA (TODA MENINA BAIANA MIX), Georgie Fame, Ensign 12in promo
73 59 HOT! WILD! UNRESTRICTED! CRAZY LOVE, Millie Jackson, Jive 12in
74 91 WE’RE ROCKING DOWN THE HOUSE, Adonis, US Trax Records 12in
75 85 ON THE HOUSE (IAN LEVINE MIXES), Midnight Sunrise, Crossover 12in
76 100= FRIENDS NOT LOVERS (HOT CLUB MIX), Rosaline Joyce, Elite 12in
77 57 JOYRIDE (JOY MIX), Pieces Of A Dream, US Manhattan 12in
78 74 FEELIN’ JAMES, US T.D. Records 12in
79 — BROADWAY (92⅓bpm), Duke Bootee, US Beauty and The Beat 12in
80 re SUMMERTIME, SUMMERTIME, Nocera, 4th + B’way 12in
81 — THE BRONX (0-94⅓-0bpm), Kurtis Blow, US Mercury LP
82 re 2 THE LIMIT, Octavia, Cooltempo 12in
83 — IT’S O.K., IT’S O.K., The Force, US Jes Say 12in
84 — THE SPEN, Beat This, US Ace Beat 12in
85 — L.O.V.E. M.I.A. (FARLEY ‘JACKMASTER’ FUNK HOUSE MIX), Dazz Band, Geffen Records 12in
86 77 ERIC B. IS PRESIDENT/MY MELODY, Eric B. featuring Rakim, Cooltempo 12in
87 66 SCREAMING AT THE MOON/AIN’T YOU HAD ENOUGH LOVE, Phyllis Hyman, Philadelphia International LP
88 81 COME TO ME, Bennie Braxton, US Phanelson Records Inc 12in
89 83 MOVE, Farm Boy featuring Darryl Pandy/Etheridge Williams, US D.J. International 12in
90 — SAVE ME, Lady Peachena, US Cotillion 12in
91 100= DOING BAD, Robert & Tom Sanders, Flame Records 12in
92 55 MY LATIN LOVER (WAREHOUSE MIX), Q-Pid featuring Nikki Q, Rhythm King 12in
93 44 PETER PIPER/MY ADIDAS, Run-DMC, London 12in
94 — COLD GETTIN’ DUMB (0-100-96-95½-0)/LOVE STORY (88bpm), Just-Ice, US Fresh Records LP
95 — WE RAP MORE MELLOW, Younger Generation, US Brass 12in
96 — PICK ME UP (ROCK ME NON-STOP), Affinity, US Pow Wow 12in
97 86 SACRIFICE, Cyndi Phillips, US Atlantic 12in
98 — IN THE HEAT OF A PASSIONATE MOMENT (REMIXES), Princess, Supreme Records 12in
99 98 THANK YA/TURN IT, Sweet D, US Trax Records 12in
100= — PUT YOUR FILA’S ON, Schoolly-D, Flame Records 12im
100= — MOVEMENT, The Movement, US Underworld 12in


01 02 YOU’RE GONNA SUFFER, Bertice Reading, Sublime 12in
02 01 KNOCK ME SENSELESS, Eastbound Expressway, Passion 12in
03 14 DELIVERANCE, People Like Us (featuring Cindy Dickinson), Passion 12in
04 11 HERE TO STAY, Sister Sledge, EMI 12in
05 09 YOU KEEP ME HANGIN’ ON, Kim Wilde, MCA Records 12in
06 03 APPLAUSE, Angie Gold, Passion 12in
07 18 SO GLAD, Pepper Watkins, US TSR 12in
08 13 EYE CONTACT, Linda Lusardi, Polo 12in
09 08 ON THE HOUSE (FARLEY ‘JACKMASTER’ FUNK REMIX), Midnight Sunrise, Crossover 12in
10 07 QU’EST QUE C’EST? (REMIX), Splash, Rocket 12in
11 19 NUMBER ONE LOVER, Sadie Nine, Record Shack 12in
12 05 DON’T YOU TRY IT, Raww, Debut 12in
13 15 WALK IN MY SHOES, Hazell Dean, Dutch EMI 12in
14 20 LOVERBOY (IAN LEVINE REMIX), Chairmen Of The Board, EMI 12in
15 16 DANCE YOUR WAY OUT OF THE DOOR, Sharon Dee Clarke, Arista 12in
16 — CATCH THE FOX, Den Harrow, Italian Baby 12in
17 22 THE HOUSE MUSIC ANTHEM, Marshall Jefferson, Affair 12in
18 17 LANDSLIDE, Croisette, Passion 12in
19 21 JACK THE GROOVE, Raze, Champion 12in white label
20 23 THANK YA, Sweet D, US Trax Records 12in
21 — WHAT HAVE I GOT TO LOSE, Astaire, Passion 12in white label
22 — I DON’T WANNA TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER, Joan Faulkner, US Megatone 12in
23 06 LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND/DUB CAN’T TURN AROUND, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk featuring Darryl Pandy, London 12in
24 — I LIKE IT, Libra, US Chicago Connection 12in
25 12 DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY (REMIXES), The Communards, London 12in
26 04 TWO OF HEARTS (EUROPEAN DANCE MIX), Stacey Q, Atlantic 12in
27 — 7 WAYS, Hercules, US Dance Mania 12in
28 re VISION IN THE NIGHT, Sarina, German ZYX 12in
29 — FIRE, Linda, US On The Spot 12in
30 27 BRAND NEW LOVER, Dead Or Alive, Epic 12in

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  1. So the Dazz Band are the first established non house act to release a house mix of their latest release – soon everybody will be having them.


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