December 17, 1988: Inner City, Cameo, Big Daddy Kane, ‘The Garage Sound Of Deepest New York’, Maurice


Stock Aitken Waterman’s case against M|A|R|R|S (for the unauthorised use of a snip from ‘Roadblock’ in ‘Pump Up The Volume’), long anticipated as a test case about sampling, appears to have ended up by being settled out of court in Pete Waterman’s favour, thus depriving the industry of some possible legal precedents … DJs (as well as actual radio stations) convicted of pirate radio broadcasting after January 1 will be personally barred from working on any legal community stations for five years – and, to ease the pressure of the anticipated applications, it seems that each local London station’s licence will be offered in staggered stages, one licence every three months or so … I was right in suspecting that the UK final of the Disco Mix Club’s UK Mixing Championships might be moved (probably to February 15) to prevent a clash on the originally announced night with the BPI Awards ceremony – which Tony Prince and entourage obviously want to attend, too! … Ten City will be appearing live at the Prestatyn weekender over Easter weekend … Jazzy M (possibly London’s leading authority on house) and Steve Harris have opened a Vinyl Zone London record shop down at the Putney Bridge end of the New Kings Road … Tyree’s terrific ‘Tyree’s Got A Brand New House’ album, on scarce white label ahead of ffrr release, is going to explode for the 124¼-0bpm ‘Turn Up The Bass’, which uses the Lyn Collins ‘Think (About It)’ break beat similar style to The DJ Fast Eddie’s ‘Yoyo Get Funky’ … “garage” and “deep house” are obvious forecasts for 1989, but what’s the betting “hip (hop) house” will be even bigger? … E.S.P. ‘It’s You’ (US Underground UN 108), first reviewed two years ago, is the latest “deep house” revival, a space bass underpinned gently pulsing 119bpm synth throbber with quietly muttered moaning, and what at the time seemed like a European flavour … S’Xpress’s next single will be ‘Hey Music Lover (G-oo-d Vibration Mix)’, an acidically twittering 0-124-0bpm jerky bounder eventually quoting from Sly & The Family Stone’s ‘I Want To Take You Higher’ and ‘Dance To The Music’, the commercial pressing (not due for six weeks!) adding a more vocal 124-0bpm Music Is My Life Mix while the promo is flipped just by the repetitive thumping twittering 0-114¾-0bpm ‘Have A Nice Day’ (in a Hide The Sausage Mix?!) … MCA Records have circulated US promo pressings of Pebbles ‘Do Me Right’, a quite soulful repetitive (0-)107⅙-0bpm jogging swayer co-penned by ConFunkShun member Michael Cooper and produced by Charlie Wilson, rather than the often ubiquitous seeming L.A. & Babyface this time … Wee Papa Girl Rappers’ commercial pressing of ‘Soulmate’ is flipped by a more vocal 118⅙bpm Reactor Mix as well as the now 117⅚-0bpm Phosphoric Mix of the tedious jerkily acidic ‘We Know It’ … Westbam ‘I wanna do Monkey Say Monkey Do’ is indeed now out here on Doctor Beat (DRX 612, via Dance Trax) … Hemel Hempstead’s Chris Britton apparently missed my original review of Ben Liebrand’s Summer ’88 Remix of The Four Seasons featuring Frankie Valli ‘Oh What A Night (December 1963)’ – suitable for 25th anniversaries right now? – when it was revealed to be 105⅙-104-106-104-105⅙(break)-104bpm, out here as in Holland on br. music (1245277, via Prism Leisure Corporation) … do pay attention! … I reviewed a few weeks back what turns out to have been one of only 250 initial private pressings of the Dynamic Guv’nors’ ‘Rock The Discotheques’/’Acid Jackson (Let’s Go)’, which to satisfy the (deserved) demand that resulted, is now being pressed up and promoted properly … Manchester’s Stu Allan, presenter on Key 103 (the new name for Piccadilly Radio’s new split frequency MW service) of Thursdays’ 8-10pm ‘Bus’ Diss!’ hip hop and Sundays’ 10pm-2am ‘Souled Out’ soul/house shows, is another radio jock who’s set up his own label, 061 Records debuting next month with the Roxanne Shanté-ish dissing Lady Tame’s ‘Loud Ladies’, while Stu himself will record as M19 using guest vocalists to suit different types of music (in Jellybean style) … Nigel ‘Nick’ Halkes, writing to me since he was a 14 year old DJ in Bristol, now runs the club mailing list at Secret Promotions, 83 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5HP (send a stamped addressed envelope for an application form) … Jude James is promotion manager at the brand new S.P.J. Records, 2 Queens Parade, Brownlow Road, London N11 2DN, where he’s building a club list for an upcoming new single by Freeez … ‘And The Break Goes Acid’ on the Frankie ‘Bones’ presents Bonesbreaks Volume 2 EP is apparently ‘Bailando’ by Alaska, which Julian Palmer (part of the Democratic 3, who produced it!) claims has been lifted from the Matey Mix seven inch edit … Tricky Dicky Scanes’ most recent Balearic sales chart from his Trax shop in Soho’s Greek Street listed: 1 Amnesia ‘Ibiza’ (Belgian InDisc), 2 Taste Of Sugar ‘Hmm Hmm’ (Belgian Antler), 3 A Split Second ‘Flesh’ (Belgian Antler), 4 William Pitt ‘City Lights’ (Sierra), 5 Lexicans ‘Asia Girls’ (Italian House Label), 6 2 To The Power ‘Make Your Body Groove’ (PWL white label), 7 Raul featuring J. Bonell ‘Guitarra’ (Spanish Spitfire Music), 8 Tijeritas ‘Bamboleo’ (Spanish Epic), 9 Code 61 ‘Drop The Deal’ (German BCM Records), 10 Turntable Orchestra ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’ (US Music Village) … Belgian “new-beat” could be wiped out at a stroke if the tabloid press latch onto the fact that Belgium has the highest percentage of heterosexual AIDS victims of any country outside Africa, surely making “new-beat” in the eyes of The Sun a far greater threat to our nation’s youth than even “acieed!”? … I.D.J. jazz dancers appear with DJs Malone, Turbo and Gilly this Friday (16) at Colchester Venue’s Xmas Jazz Bop … Westerham’s Roadblock posse take a return double decker Brighton bus Trip 4 to the Club Savannah this Saturday (17), with pick up points in Bromley and Croydon too (£7 tickets on 01-668 1527, evenings) … Kid Batchelor, Colin Faver, Eddie Richards plus guest jocks, MCs and rappers head a special Warriors Dance night at Confusion this Sunday (18) in Soho Greek Street’s Billstickers … Dakeyne cuts up Electrik Curcus next Monday (19) in Bristol’s Papillon … Jeff Thomas has gone deep, deep, deep, (that’s house-wise) up the valley to Merthyr Tydfil Charbonnier’s on Thursdays … DJ Kid ‘The DFM’ Smurf spins acid/rap/funk/soul at Leicester’s Bear Cage Thurs/Saturdays – ‘DFM’ stands for Dance Floor Master, by the way! … ‘Teddy’s Jam’ is due in a killer remix from Teddy Riley’s group Guy … ‘Love Follows’ will at last be Steven Danté’s next single in four weeks’ time … Bobby Brown already has ‘Roni’ (from his album) hitting as follow-up to ‘My Prerogative’ in the US, where Luther Vandross’s new single is ‘She Won’t Talk To Me’ (with a Clivilles & Cole remix rumoured to be due) … I think it needs pointing out how long it takes to BPM accurately some of the current multi-version releases – for instance, with four different subtly shifting mixes, Boyz In Shock took me something like three quarters of an hour to review, just one single (once I’d established that the first version wasn’t running smoothly, I had to check every minute over and over to get it right, which is nothing less than the devotion to accuracy that you surely expect, but it does explain why there isn’t time to review everything!) … NANU NANU!


INNER CITY ‘Good Life’ (US Virgin 0-96591)
British chart rules unfortunately limit the length that a record must be to qualify as a single, which means that this far better value 40 minutes long (yup, count ‘em!) six-tracker even at import prices is a more economical buy than the suddenly puny seeming UK 12 inch, smash hit though that may be. Now you can get on one piece of vinyl the brand new excitingly frantic 125-125¼bpm Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, more garage styled 121-121¼bpm Kevin ‘Master Reese’ Saunderson, and twiddly acidic 125⅓-125½bpm Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson mixes, plus (elevated on import to track one, side one) the fluttery urgent 125-125¼bpm Derrick ‘Mayday’ May and (our A-side) the now rather thin seeming 125¼bpm ‘Magic Juan’ Atkins mixes, as well as the 122¼bpm Les ‘L.A. Mix’ Adams remix of ‘Big Fun’. Go for it!

CAMEO ‘Skin I’m In (12” Remix)’ (US Atlanta Artists 872 315-1)
While this afro chanting introed sleazily lurching 0-102bpm return to their exaggeratedly enunciated smacking wriggly old ‘She’s Strange’ style is not exactly original now, it’s at least back in a groove that we always used to go for here – but that was five years ago (102bpm Dub, 0-101⅔-0bpm Album Version, and ‘Candy’-copying short 0-107½bpm ‘Honey’ too). Single sided 0-101½-0bpm UK promo pressings (Club JABX 77) are of the album version, for some reason.

BIG DADDY KANE ‘Wrath Of Kane’ (US Cold Chillin’ 0-21082)
This very violently frenetic and exciting 125½-0bpm rap ‘n’ scratch (with an abrupt dead stop halfway, followed by “bring it back, Cee” and a slithery scratched turbo-charged re-start!) is definitely hip hop rather than house, but nevertheless hits the hot ‘n gettin’ hotter “hip house” groove and has exploded as the brand new flip that’s selling the A-side’s Staple Singers based slinkily cranking 98⅔bpm ‘I’ll Take You There (Remix)’ (more harshly mixed 98⅔bpm Edit, too).

VARIOUS ‘The Garage Sound Of Deepest New York’ (RePublic Records LIC 10 LP, via Rough Trade)
If nothing else kicks the “garage/deep house” trend into touch, this double album of previously released material will! All in long versions, there are the 118¾bpm Philly flavoured soulfully leaping BLAZE ‘Can’t Win For Losing (Kevin Hedge Mix)’, Marshall Jefferson produced 118-118½-116½-116¾-116½bpm sassily cantering KYM MAZELLE ‘I’m A Lover (Manny Lehman Club Mix)’, currently re-imported 118¾bpm moaningly nagged ARNOLD JARVIS ‘Take Some Time Out (Club Mix)’, Colonel Abrams-ish 123¾-124-123⅔bpm jittery pshta pshta-ed JOE CHURCH ‘I Can’t Wait Too Long (NY Club Mix)’, Blaze produced 122bpm gruffly soulful steady pshta pshta-ed EXIT ‘Let’s Work It Out (Performance Mix)’, Serious Intention-ish 0-118¾bpm burbling TOUCH ‘Houselights (Album Mix)’, currently massive 0-116bpm piano nagged jittery hypnotic weaving TURNTABLE ORCHESTRA ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me (Club Mix)’, also huge 0-121bpm fabulous soaringly bounding PHASE II ‘Reachin’ (Brotherhood Mix)’, “strings” sawed 124¾-124⅔bpm jerkily thumping RUFF NECK ‘Feel The Music (Power Mix)’, plus a Manny Lehman compiled bumpily surging ‘Mastermix’ (fluctuating only fractionally around 117½ before finally peaking at 121½bpm), designed to illustrate the WBLS/KISS-fm style of Saturday night dance party New York radio sessions in which the music is strictly garage/disco/Philly.

MAURICE ‘This Is Acid (A New Dance Craze)’ (Breakout USAT 650)
Totally rebuilt by Les Adams, retaining just the original vocal, this frantic 0-125-0bpm exciting acid flier will hopefully not now be fatally dated by its rather naff title (intended to emphasise that “acid” is a dance rather than a drug) as it’s too good to lose, in its Todd Terry-type ‘A Day In The Life’/’Can You Party’/’Check This Out’ influenced K&T (that’s Kev & Trev!) Mix, synth sizzled and farted skittery wriggly S&T (Sharon & Tracy!) Mix, with acid sirens and chimes (not in fact sampled from the Fini Tribe), and electronic “birds” twittered Deep Dub. Get right on one matey!

RICK CLARKE ‘If You Think You’re In Love’ (WA WAT 3, via Jet Star)
Party atmosphere surrounded very carefully created attractive jiggly tugging slow beautifully sung soulful Marvin Gaye-ish 90-0bpm swayer with a familiar resonance I just can’t quite place at the moment, flipped by the more jerkily jogging 90⅓bpm duetted ‘I Really Wanna Be With You’, an outstanding UK “street soul” release.

ROSALINE JOYCE ‘This Time (I Feel Love)’ (Intrigue IGE 3 T)
Lovely timidly hesitant slow sparsely jiggling bubbly percolating 87bpm “street soul” swayer climaxing in a gentle rap duet with M.C. (Superjam) IB, flipped by the Rick Clarke co-created more easily swaying 112bpm subtle sweetly wailed ‘Try’, both superb.

SMITH & MIGHTY ‘Walk On…’ (Three Stripe Records SAM 1114, via Revolver/The Cartel)
‘Walk On By’ in fact, and similar to their also Jackie Jackson sung earlier ‘Anyone (Who Had A Heart)’ Dionne Warwick adaptation, this Bristol originated concept now unfortunately having been copied to so much greater commercial advantage by Bomb The Bass (Dionne first recorded ‘I Say A Little Prayer’ before Aretha) that the general public are likely to think this jerky slow haunting (0-)94⅔bpm treatment is the copycat rather than the original it is (stark jerky scratching more hip hop-ish 96⅙bpm mis-titled Mellow Mix too), flipped by the Carlton & MC Kelz featuring slippery juddering 100⅚bpm ‘Travelling’ and its dubwise 0-101⅔bpm ‘Different Chapter’ version. But think of the medleys that DJs can now mix!

SUPER LOVER CEE & CASANOVA RUD ‘I Gotta Good Thing (Remix)’ (US DNA International 0-66722)
James Brown-cutting funkily jiggling exciting 0-102½bpm fast talker, their album’s hottest tune, now exploding on seven-track 12 inch with its 0-99⅚bpm Raw Instrumental and 0-102½bpm Acappella, plus the frantically scrubbing ‘Gets No Deeper’ in its 0-120⅔bpm Remix, 0-120½bpm Bonus Bass Line Mix, Instrumental Club Mix and Acappella. You can see why it takes me so long to get through the reviews!

GERALD ALSTON ‘Gerald Alston’ (Motown ZL 72651)
A superb classy traditional late night soul set, as befits the Manhattans’ now solo lead singer of 17 years (after joining them aged only 17, so he’s still far from old), produced and accompanied by the also excellent group By All Means, if further recommendation is needed, the gruffly jiggly jogging 101bpm ‘I Come Alive When I’m With You’, jauntily half-stepping 97bpm ‘You Laid Your Love On Me’ and hoarsely enthusiastic catchy galloping 117bpm ‘Activated’ being the fast tracks, although it’s the lovely gently smoochy 62bpm ‘Take Me Where You Want To’ and the similarly downtempo 71bpm ‘Stay A Little While’, 61bpm ‘Let’s Try Love Again’, 82bpm ‘I’ve Waited All Night’, 62-0bpm ‘Midnight Angel’, 0-32/64bpm ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ and 38½/77bpm ‘I Can’t Tell You Why’ that matter possibly even more.

AMBASSADORS OF FUNK ‘My Mind’s Made Up’ (Living Beat Records SMASH 1, via Pinnacle)
Rapped by Greg ‘Desiderata’ Edwards, this Todd Terry-ish but in fact Simon Harris created, Instant Funk inspired (0-)121¼bpm jittery pop house leaper (with an instrumental (0-)121⅔bpm Brakedown) is flipped by the even more TT-type ‘Yeah Buddy’/Hamilton Bohannon ‘Get Up And Dance’ based frantically jiggling 121¼bpm ‘Everybody (LP Version)’, and excellent Gary Barnacle saxed funkily grooving dated instrumental 111⅙-0bpm ‘Just A Groove’.

BOYZ IN SHOCK featuring CAROL LEEMING ‘Give Me Back Your Love’ (Jack Trax JTX 21, via PRT)
Midlands trio debuting with a girl yelled (Carol wrote it too) aggressively galloping house racer in its jerkily jangled 128⅓-128½bpm Garage Mix and 128¼-128⅓bpm Club Mix on the A-side, cymbal schlurped 128⅙-128¼bpm Marshall Jefferson Remix (yup, really!) and friskily tuneful instrumental 128bpm Mellow Mix on the less raucous B-side (beware, initial pressings were wrongly labelled, and it runs at 33⅓rpm!). Naturally, in the current climate, it’s also being wrongly labelled as a British “garage” track – British yes, garage no! – which doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

THE CENTERFIELD ASSIGNMENT ‘Mi Casa’ (US Next Door Records ND-0029)
Meaning of course “my house”, this Rick ‘Hollywood’ Pagan created bass throbbed sweaty yet coolly atmospheric good wriggly striding episodic instrumental is in 120-0bpm Hot Radio Mix, 119⅔bpm DJ’s Dope Long, 119½bpm DJ’s Dope Short and Casa Bonus Beats versions, full of familiar resonances, with shouts, jitters, moans and other different colourations washing through them. Out for a while, it was hard to track down at first.

BRIAN KEITH ‘Touch Me (Love Me Tonight)’ (US New Image NIR 901)
Darryl Payne & Eric Matthew produced moaning gruff (though not particularly Colonel Abrams-ish) soulfully worried naggingly repetitive jiggly churning 115⅔-115½bpm garage canterer, with a chorusing 115¾bpm Instrumental and 115⅔bpm Radio Mix, selling well.

BAD BOY BILL ‘The 1st Revelation’ (US International House Records IHR-007)
A punchy four-tracker under this general title, with the ‘Can You Party’-type bashing jittery (0-)120⅔bpm ‘I Can’t Wait For Love’, ‘A Day In The Life’/’Check This Out’-sampling frantically chattering 0-121⅔bpm ‘A Night On A Trip’, James Brown punctuated frantically leaping 125¼bpm ‘Sexx’ and its more violently twittery 125¼bpm ‘Acid Sexx’ variation, starting to do well.

STETSASONIC (featuring FORCE M.D.’s) ‘Float On’ (Breakout USAT 649)
Straightforward slushy (0-)80¾bpm sweet slow rap ballad revival of the Floaters’ classic smoocher, produced like the original by Vinnie Bell (0-80¾bpm Re-Edit too, and shouting bassily jumbled lurching 0-96⅔-0bpm ‘Showtime’).

MAXEEN ‘Is It Meant To Be This Way’ (Body Rock BRT 002, via Jet Star)
Pleasant squeakily soulful sweetly wailed gently juddering 85⅚bpm swaying “street soul”, although very soulful in more of a really quite (dated) American way, with a less impressive weaving 0-68⅔-0bpm flip presumably called ‘You’re Throwing It All Away’.

PUSH ‘Traffic’ (Urban AJAZZ 2)
Labelled as “promotional copy only not for sale”, yet selling nevertheless, this mournfully sung brassily rambling (0-)98½-98-98⅓-98⅔-98bpm jiggly jazz-funk jogger does indeed push along quite powerfully to a clichéd bassline (Dub Mix too).

EROTIC DISSIDENTS ‘Shake Your Hips’ (Belgian Subway Records SUB 033)
Created by Morton, Sherman & Bellucci (by no stretch of the imagination Belgium’s Stock Aitken Waterman, despite the wishful thinking hype) presumably as the follow-up to ‘Move Your Ass’, this asinine 0-114¾-0bpm jaunty chugger has girls gurgling “I’ve got the hots for you, baby you make me hot, let’s do it on the pot” while some guys occasionally suggest “shake your hips and shake your tits”, the same team’s

BEAT PROFESSOR ‘Beat Professor’ (Belgian Subway Records SUB 035)
using basically the exact same 114¾bpm backing track for a “pump that bass” and other clichéd expressions quoting semi-instrumental.

OTHER RELEASES on import 12 inch include the Clivilles & Cole-created bass burbled subduedly muttered SEDUCTION ‘Seduction’ (US Vendetta Records);

Roberta Flack-reviving bumpily crawling tender AL B. SURE! ‘Killing Me Softly’ (US Warner Bros/Uptown);

“strings” sawed jerkily bounding instrumental DA POSSE ‘Strings’ (US Future Records), doing possibly better though for the flip’s “washing machine”-style ‘It’s My Life’;

synth washed subduedly burbling “deep house”-ish TANYA WELLS ‘Sweet Sensation’ (US Zoid Records);

vigorously growled if rather routine MARIO DIAZ featuring MR LEE ‘Can You Feel It’ (US Hot Mix 5 Inc);

familiar hooks chanting but monotonously throbbed THE BREAK BOYS ‘Give Us A Break (Boyee)’ (US Fourth Floor Records);

girl moaned jittery Latin hip hop DENIZ ‘You Were The One’ (US MetroPolitan Recording Corporation)

– all in multiple mixes that are so time consuming to BPM that it’s beginning to look impossible for me ever to catch up, let alone with the pile of UK releases too!


BLACK RIOT ‘A Day In The Life (Another Day In London Mix)’ (Champion CHAMPR 12-75), Todd Terry rejiggles his own distinctive and much sampled synth riff in a choppily “hold it now – wait” 121⅔bpm remix, with a less radical episodic Balearic-style 0-121⅔bpm A Day In London Mix and original 121bpm ‘Warlock’ coupling as flip;

MISTA E ‘Don’t Believe The Hype (The Ultimate Hype)’ (Urban Acid URBA 28), not terribly good impersonations of David Frost, HRH Prince Charles the Prince of Wales, Sir Robin Day, the Rt Hon Neil Kinnock MP and Tony Blackburn now join those of Sir Alastair Burnet, Sandy Gall and the ‘News At Ten’ team for a 0-126-0bpm amplification of the original “acid house” news report;

SAMANTHA FOX ‘Love House (Coldest Mix)’ (Jive FOXY R 10), Adonis remixed stuttery burbling 120½-0bpm less gimmicky more genuinely “house” revamp, with his more straightforwardly vocal 120¼bpm Cool Mix as flip;

<KISS AMC> ! featuring the ruthless rap assassins ! ‘Let Off (Remix)’ (Murdertone/Syncopate 12 SYX 22), Greg Wilson produced boringly repetitive 195½-0bpm remix of the ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ based frantic female rap, now only jaunty in spurts, the 196-0bpm 7” Mix cramming together most of the best bits in livelier style;

JILLIAN MENDEZ ‘Get Up (Extended Remix)’ (US Bigshot Records BR-125035), rather dry chunkily striding 120bpm instrumental treatment, coupled by the original bubblier mixes.


Capital Radio once again (the ninth or tenth time?) has commissioned me and, for the second year, Les Adams to create the continuous party music tape that it broadcasts to London’s revellers every New Year’s Eve. This year’s will last five hours, rather than four, going out now only on 95.8FM between 9pm-2am on December 31/January 1. To help those many DJs who tune in to relay portions (especially around midnight) at their own gigs, and others who find the detailed mixes an inspiration, as usual the running order is being revealed in advance. Because of foreseeable space limitations in next week’s last (double) issue of the year, the first hour – or actually 63 minutes 40 seconds, as much as we’d completed at the time of writing! – is detailed this week, earlier than usual (we hopefully will have got well past midnight by the deadline for next week’s continuation). Past experience has shown that people dance to the words of the songs they know, so Les’s very slickly flowing instrumental based mixing sequences are interspersed with more routinely segued hit-packed bursts to provide something for everyone, but there are going to be lots of fantastic mixes worth preserving for posterity (hint, hint!). With Beats Per Minute as a guide, and the type of link denoted by / for running mix, ] for chop mix, and for segue (straightforward continuation, pronounced incidentally as “seg-way”), the first hour’s running order is like this:

Part One: The Pasadenas to Steve Winwood

THE PASADENAS ‘Tribute’ (The Screaming Cat Mix, with added samples!) (107bpm) /
ROSE ROYCE ‘Is It Love You’re After’ (116-121⅔) /
S’EXPRESS ‘Theme From S’Express’ (Original Version) (117) /
YELLO ‘The Race’ (Original Version) (121½) /
YELLO ‘Tied Up In Life’ (124) /
MORY KANTE ‘Yé Ké Yé Ké’ (The Afro Acid Mix) (125) /
NATALIE COLE ‘Pink Cadillac’ (Club Vocal) (124) /
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ‘Pink Cadillac’ (first verse) (129-128) ]
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ‘Cadillac Ranch’ (134-0) –
IKE & TINA TURNER ‘Nutbush City Limits’ (150-154) –
JACKIE WILSON ‘Reet Petite’ (169) – (with samples!)
LITTLE RICHARD ‘Tutti Frutti’ (185) ]
ELVIS PRESLEY ‘Jailhouse Rock’ (167½-166½) /
CLIFF RICHARD ‘Move It’ (163¾-166-164½) –
CLIFF RICHARD ‘Living Doll’ (127⅓-0) –
CLIFF RICHARD ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’ (111) ]
STEVE WINWOOD ‘Valerie’ (116) –
VAN HALEN ‘Jump’ (central section, 0-120-0) /
NATALIE COLE ‘Jump Start’ (Dance Mix, re-edited) (122¾) /
GLORIA ESTEFAN & MIAMI SOUND MACHINE ‘1, 2, 3’ (The Dancing By Numbers Mix, with samples from the 126¼ seven inch) (124¾) /
NEW ORDER ‘Fine Time’ (Silk Mix) (125) /
BEE GEES ‘You Should Be Dancing’ (Extended Version) (122½-124½-124-123½-123-124-124½-124) /
MICHAEL JACKSON ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’ (118½-118¾) ] (jingle) . . .

Part Two: Van Halen to Elvis Presley

I’m afraid that this is only broadcast in the London area, and you will have to arrange for someone there to be armed with three C120s before the event as we cannot cope with any requests for copies (we were inundated last time!). Forewarned is forearmed, and you’ve been warned – it’s worth hearing!

THE CLUB CHART – December 17, 1988

01 01 GOOD LIFE (MAGIC JUAN’S MIX/MAYDAY CLUB MIX) Inner City, 10 Records 12in
02 06 STAKKER HUMANOID/(THE OMEN MIX) Humanoid, Westside Records 12in
03 02 THE WAY YOU LOVE ME (12” CLUB MIX) Karyn White, Warner Bros 12in
04 11 RESPECT (MIXES) Adeva, US Chrysalis/Cooltempo 12in
05 03 OPEN OUR EYES (MIXES) Marshall Jefferson presents Truth, ffrr 12in
06 04 USELESS (I DON’T NEED YOU NOW) Kym Mazelle, Syncopate 12in
07 10 DON’T SCANDALIZE MINE Sugar Bear, Champion 12in
08 25 WALK ON…/(MELLOW MIX) Smith & Mighty featuring Jackie Jackson, Three Stripe Records 12in
09 09 YOU’RE GONNA MISS ME (EXTENDED VER.) Turntable Orch, US Music Village Records 12in
10 05 WEEKEND/JUST WANNA DANCE The Todd Terry Project, Sleeping Bag Records 12in
11 15 HIP HOUSE/YOYO GET FUNKY/JACK 2 THE SOUND/LET’S GO The DJ Fast Eddie, US DJ International Records LP
13 07 DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Mista E, Urban 12in
14 21 BORN THIS WAY (LET’S DANCE) Cookie Crew, ffrr 12in pre-release
15 12 TALKING WITH MYSELF/(OPIUM MIX) Electribe 1.0.1., Club 12in
16 16 RUNAWAY GIRL (MIXES) Sterling Void, US DJ International Records 12in
17 28 MY PREROGATIVE (EXTENDED REMIX) Bobby Brown, MCA Records 12in
19 19 GET ON THE DANCE FLOOR (THE “SKY” KING REMIXES) Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, German BCM Records 12in/Supreme promo
20 18 VOODOO RAY A Guy Called Gerald, Rham! Records 12in
21 27 MY LOVE IS MAGIC (CLUB MIX) Bäs Noir, US nugroove 12in
22 14 CHECK THIS OUT (CLUB VERSION) Hardhouse, Champion 12in
23 13 KNOW HOW/(INSTRUMENTAL) Young MC, Fourth & Broadway 12in
24 44 CHIKKI CHIKKI AAH AAH/FORDTRAX Baby Ford, Rhythm King 12in
25 43 MY MIND’S MADE UP/EVERYBODY (LP VERSION)/JUST A GROOVE Ambassadors Of Funk, Living Beat Records 12in
26 96 YOU’RE GONNA MISS ME Turntable Orchestra/I’M A LOVER Kym Mazelle, RePublic Records 12in pre-release
27 23 RESPECT/HER BAD SELF (THE POSSE/HITMAN MIXES) The Real Roxanne, Cooltempo 12in
28 46 SET THE PACE (SAY YEAH)/FREE YOUR MIND Skinny Boys, Jive 12in
29 20 NOT GONNA DO IT (MIXES) Vicky Martin, US Movin’ Records 12in
30 — ‘THE GARAGE SOUND OF DEEPEST NEW YORK’ Various, RePublic Records LP
31 34 WRATH OF KANE Big Daddy Kane, US Cold Chillin’ 12in
32 — TOUCH OF LOVE (CLUB MIX/RADIO MIX/CLUB DUB MIX/CLUB EDIT) Liz Torres featuring Master C&J, Black Market Records 12in
33 22 THE MIGHTY HARD ROCKER/FIND AN UGLY WOMAN Cash Money & Marvelous, US Sleeping Bag Records 12in
34 41 FLESH A Split Second/HMM, HMM Taste Of Sugar/D’BOP Dirty Harry/RAINBOWS (INSTRUMENTAL) Jade 4 U/VIRGINS IN-D SKY’S In-D (‘New Beat – Take 1’), Subway Records LP
35 29 MY DJ (PUMP IT UP SOME) Richie Rich, Gee St Recordings 12in
36 50 JACK OF SPADES (MIXES) Boogie Down Productions, US Jive 12in
38 38 MAKE MY BODY ROCK (FEEL IT) (MIXES) Jomanda, US Big Beat 12in
39 30 SAY A LITTLE PRAYER/10 SECONDS TO TERMINATE Bomb The Bass, Rhythm King 12in
40 51 AT MY HOUSE/SHAFTED OFF Frankie “Bones” presents Bonesbreaks Volume 2, US UnderWorld Records 12in
41 24 LIFE’S JUST A BALLGAME (BALLROOM REMIX) Womack & Womack, Fourth & Broadway 12in
43 re BUFFALO STANCE Neneh Cherry, Circa 12in
44 31 THE CIRCUS/IT’S JUST INHUMAN The Todd Terry Project, Sleeping Bag Records LP
45 36 REACHIN’ (BROTHERHOOD MIX) Phase II, RePublic Records 12in
46 54 BREAK 4 LOVE (SPANISH FLY) Raze, Champion/US Columbia 12in
47 59 SOMEDAY (CLUB MIX) Ce Ce Rogers, US Atlantic 12in/UK promo
49 — DO ME RIGHT Pebbles, US MCA Records 12in promo
50 39 NIGHT MOVES (MIXES) Rickster, Sure Delight 12in
51 77 JACK TO THE SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND (MIXES) Hithouse, Supreme Records 12in
52 56 ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE (MIXES) Gary L, US Easy Street 12in
53 40 SAY A LITTLE PRAYER (REMIX)/MEGAMIX Bomb The Bass, Rhythm King 12in white label
54 61 A DAY IN THE LIFE Black Riot, Champion 12in
56 33 THE TWILIGHT ZONE (REMIXES) The Party Boy, Urban Acid 12in
58 — FEEL THE MUSIC (FEEL THE BASS)/FEEL THE ACID/FEEL THE DUB Double Trouble, B/Ware Records 12in
60 70 NOTICE ME (MIXES) Sandée, US The Fever 12in
61 35 I AIN’T NIGHTCLUBBING/CARINO T-Coy/DREAM 17 Annette/VOODOO RAY A Guy Called Gerald (‘North’) de/Construction Records 12in twin-pack LP
62 68 GIVE ME BACK YOUR LOVE (MIXES) Boyz In Shock featuring Carol Leeming, Jack Trax 12in
63 67 SHOW ME WHAT YOU’VE GOT (MIXES) S.L.F. (Street-Level Funk), Warriors Dance 12in
64 52 THE 900 NUMBER The 45 King, US Tuff City 12in
66 64 TIED UP IN LIFE Yello, Mercury 12in
67 93 TOUCH ME (LOVE ME TONIGHT) Brian Keith, US New Image 12in
68 32 YEAH BUDDY (EXTENDED MIX) Royal House, Champion 12in
69 78 BRAND NEW FUNK (EXTENDED REMIX)/GIRLS AIN’T NOTHIN’ BUT TROUBLE (1988 REMIX) DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Jive 12in
71 71 LONDON RHYME SYNDICATE/ARMED AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS London Rhyme Syndicate, Rhyme ‘n’ Reason Records 12in
72 62 FLOAT ON Stetsasonic featuring Force MD’s, Breakout 12in
73 45 ROLLIN’ WITH KID ‘N’ PLAY/SOUL MAN Kid ‘N’ Play, Cooltempo LP
74 66 RUNNING AWAY (THE WEEKEND MIX) Scram, CityBeat 12in
75 re I MISSED (12” VERSION) Surface, CBS 12in
76 57 JUST ANOTHER GAME (MIXES) Keia Weia, US Easy Street 12in
77 75 KING OF THE BEATS Mantronix, US Capitol 12in
78 87 I GOTTA GOOD THING (REMIX) Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud, US DNA International 12in
79 re WHERE’S YOUR CHILD?/SPEND THE NIGHT Bam Bam, Desire 12in
80 79 CAN’T WIN FOR LOSIN’ (OVERSEAS MIX/KEVIN HEDGE MIX) Blaze, RePublic Records 12in
81 55 COME GET MY LOVIN’ (NYC MIX)/MOVE GROOVE Dionne, US Bigshot Records 12in
83 97 JENIFA (TAUGHT ME) De La Soul, US Tommy Boy 12in
84 94 (I WANNA DO) MONKEY SAY, MONKEY DO WestBam, Doctor Beat 12in
85 re AS ALWAYS (MIXES) Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk presents Ricky Dillard, Champion 12in
87 63 WAITING IN VAIN Total Contrast, Criminal Records 12in
88 60 TWICE THE LOVE (SHEP PETTIBONE REMIXES) George Benson, Warner Bros 12in
89 re RIGHT BACK TO YOU (EXTENDED MIX/NYC MIX) Ten City, US Atlantic 12in
91 95 IF YOU THINK YOU’RE IN LOVE Rick Clarke, WA 12in
92 89 WEEKEND (RETOUCHED BY THE HAND OF TODD) The Todd Terry Project, Sleeping Bag Records 12in
93 80 SERPENT IN THE GARDEN The Garden Of Eden, Pepper Records 12in
[94 was not printed]
96 re DEVOTION (MIXES) Ten City, Atlantic 12in
97 — TRY/THIS TIME (I FEEL LOVE) Rosaline Joyce featuring MC (Superjam) IB, Intrigue 12in
98 65 LOVE MACHINE/ORGASMOSIS The Love Machine, The Dance Yard Recording Corporation 12in
99 — FINE TIME (SILK MIX) New Order, Factory 12in
100= 81 RAT RACE/HUMAN RACE Dee Major (I.O.F.), Catt 12in
100= — S.S. PAPARAZZI (MIXES) Stock Aitken Waterman, PWL Records 12in


01 04 LEFT TO MY OWN DEVICES Pet Shop Boys, Parlophone 12in
02 01 GIRL YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE Milli Vanilli, Cooltempo 12in
03 06 SMOOTH CRIMINAL Michael Jackson, Epic 12in
04 11 STAKKER HUMANOID Humanoid, Westside 12in
05 — GOOD LIFE Inner City, 10 Records 12in
06 02 NEED YOU TONIGHT INXS, Mercury 12in
07 07 STAND UP FOR YOUR LOVE RIGHTS Yazz, Big Life 12in
08 09 THE WAY YOU LOVE ME Karyn White, Warner Brothers 12in
09 05 FIRST TIME Robin Beck, Mercury 12in
10 03 WE CALL IT ACIEED (THE MATEY MIX) d. Mob (featuring Gary Haisman), ffrr 12in
11 — ESPECIALLY FOR YOU Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan, PWL 12in
12 10 NATHAN JONES Bananarama, London 12in
13 — ANGEL OF HARLEM U2, Island 12in
14 13 BIG FUN Inner City featuring Kevin Saunderson, 10 Records 12in
15 08 WEEKEND/JUST WANNA DANCE Todd Terry Project, Sleeping Bag 12in
16 12 HE AIN’T NO COMPETITION Brother Beyond, EMI 12in
17 — STOP! Erasure, Mute 12in
18 14 TEARDROPS Womack & Womack, Fourth & Broadway 12in
19 17 THE PARTY Kraze, MCA 12in
20 16 MISSING YOU Chris De Burgh, A&M 12in


01 01 REQUIEM London Boys, German Teldec 12in
02 04 DANCE WITH ME Claudia T, Dutch Made Up 12in
03 08 LEFT TO MY OWN DEVICES (THE DISCO MIX) Pet Shop Boys, Parlophone 12in
04 03 THE RUMOUR (SHEP PETTIBONE REMIX) Olivia Newton-John, US MCA 12in
05 02 I NEED YOUR PASSION Sweet Connection, German Blow Up 12in
06 05 OVER AND OVER AND OVER Michelle Goulet, Saturday 12in
07 10 DOWN TOWN ’88 (PETER SLAGHUIS REMIX) Petula Clark, PRT 12in
08 06 A B C D/BAD GIRLS Radiorama, Italian Disco Merak Music 12in
09 09 WHAT KIND OF LOVE Diana Randall, French Public 12in
10 12 HEART OF GLASS Desiderata, Nightmare 12in
13 16 YOUR LOVE CAME TOO LATE Eria Fachin, US Critique 12in
14 18 JACK TO THE SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND Hithouse, Supreme 12in
15 re NATHAN JONES (EXTENDED VERSION) Bananarama, London 12in
16 24 AUTOMATICALLY YOURS Brenda Cochrane, Dazzle 12in
17 13 I CAN FLY Louise Thomas, Nightmare 12in
18 19 ROCK ME BABY Lysa Lynn, US Emergency 12in
19 34 LOVE HANGOVER (DANCE MIX) Diana Ross, Motown 12in
20 11 WEEKEND The Todd Terry Project, Sleeping Bag 12in
21 21 TOO MANY TIMES, TOO MANY CHANGES San, Belgian Infinity 12in
22 27 DON’T RUSH ME Taylor Dayne, Arista 12in
23 28 STAND UP FOR YOUR LOVE RIGHTS Yazz, Big Life 12in
24 40 POWER OF PERSUASION Pointer Sisters, US Columbia 12in
25 36 HE AIN’T NO COMPETITION Brother Beyond, Parlophone 12in
26 31 STOP! Erasure, Mute 12in
27 17 JACKIE (WAKE UP MIX) Blue Zone, Arista/Rockin’ Horse 12in
28 39 SAYIN’ SORRY (DON’T MAKE IT RIGHT) Denise Lopez, Breakout 12in
29 35 RIVAL LOVE Astaire, Passion 12in
30 — ALL OVER AGAIN Norma Manning, Passion 12in
31 26 BREAK MY HEART (YOU REALLY) Shakespear’s Sister, London 12in
32 37 1-2-3 (EXTENDED VERSION) Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine, Epic 12in
33 29 NEVER SAY YOU LOVE ME David Lyme, German ZYX 1 2in
34 20 CAN YOU PARTY (CLUB MIX) Royal House, Champion 12in
35 re FOOLS CRY Fancy, German Metronome 12in
36 25 NEVER SATISFIED Carol Woods, Nightmare 12in
37 14 BACKSEAT OF YOUR CADILLAC C. C. Catch, German Hansa 12in
38 — STAKKER HUMANOID Humanoid, Westside 12in
40 22 IS THIS REALLY LOVE Jon Otis, Libido 12in

2 thoughts on “December 17, 1988: Inner City, Cameo, Big Daddy Kane, ‘The Garage Sound Of Deepest New York’, Maurice”

  1. The ruling about pirate stations quickly took effect, with KISS-fm ceasing its broadcasts on New Year’s Eve. The shutdown was longer than expected, as they lost out to Jazz FM on the first round of applications, eventually relaunching as a legal station on September 1st, 1990.


    1. Well I wouldn’t have had a clue what happened in what year for the best part of the last 30 years but thought I did back this far but I’ve been proved very wrong. I always thought Kiss went legal in 1989 (had now what are obviously false memories of living in a certain flat when I recorded the opening broacast with Shabba Ranks ‘ Pirates Anthem’ as the first tune played. Only to after all this time see I was a year out and it was actually 1990. Well I suppose everything was already a bit of a haze in my life quicker than I thought!


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