June 26, 1976: Van McCoy, Demis Roussos, The Beatles, Sound 9418, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers

New Spins

VAN MCCOY: ‘Jet Setting’ (H&L 6105053) (Billboard chart debut 4/24/76)
His strongest since ‘The Hustle’, Van’s UK-only newie is another similar but more sprightly instrumental, and is out here at the insistence of Liverpool jocks.

DEMIS ROUSSOS: ‘The Roussos Phenomenon’ (Philips DEMIS 001)
There’s no holding this Greek, the EP makes a cheap way of getting such useful smoochers as ‘Forever And Ever’, ‘So Dreamy’ and ‘My Friend The Wind’.

THE BEATLES: ‘Twist And Shout’ (Parlophone R 6016)
Their cover of the Isleys’ ’62 classic remains a punchy party pleaser, while the ‘Back In The USSR’ A-side is a faster fave of less lasting value. 

SOUND 9418: ‘The Lonely Bull Meets La Bamba And Lives’ (UK 140)
A must for MoR jocks and fun for all, this zany blending of Herb Alpert’s first hit with the Mexican knees-up which inspired ‘Twist And Shout’ is pure party music at its best.  Ole!

CRAZY CAVAN ‘N THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: ‘Knock! Knock!’ (Charly CS 1010)
Britain’s best Rockabilly group are already the people’s choice on London’s Capital Radio, as was ‘Jungle Rock’ before them.  Ivor (sic) play their brand new pounding rhythm bopper or they’ll smash your face!

QUEEN: ‘You’re My Best Friend’ (EMI)
At last, a Queen hit with danceable beat and no mucking around!

STREETWALKERS: ‘Daddy Rolling Stone’ (Vertigo 6059144)
An ex-Mod, Roger Chapman gives a raucously raunchy new rock appeal to Derek Martin’s mid-60s soul theme.

THE CISCO KID: ‘The Girl From Roxyville’ (Electric WOT 5)
Gently pulsating subtle airy prettiness from Patrick Campbell-Lyons.

STUART JAMES: ‘I’m In The Mood For Love’ (Bradleys BRAD 7614)
Originally by Frances Langford in 1936’s ‘Every Night At Eight’, this dreamy smoocher is one of the better Sarstedt copyists.

BRYAN MARSHALL: ‘As Time Goes By’ (Pye 7N 45603)
The tune played again by Sam (Dooley Wilson) in 1943’s ‘Casablanca’ now has an unnecessarily brisk tempo but remains evocatively lovely MoR.


BING CROSBY: ‘Where The Morning Glories Grow’ (London HLU 10532)
Happy-go-lucky little rinky-tinky ragtimer, amusingly twee as MoR.

KRISTINE: ‘Late Night Movies’ (Power Exchange PX 221)
Mrs. J. J. Barrie, nee Sparkle, on a New Seekers-type swayer that’ll be good MoR if it hits.

LP Trax

B.T. EXPRESS: ‘Energy To Burn’ (EMI INA 1502) (Billboard chart debut 5/29/76)
Not out here for another two weeks or so, the BT’s newie is too hot to hold!  Reflecting the success of stablemates Brass Construction, they’re in a bigger and better leapingly funky bag on the kilowatt killer ‘Can’t Stop Groovin’ Now, Wanna Do It Some More’, while other leading lights are ‘Depend On Yourself‘, ‘Energy To Burn‘ and ‘Energy Level‘.  Energy’s the word . . . phew!

VARIOUS: ‘Red Hot Hits!’ (Pye NSPL 28223)
So red hot it’s even pressed in red vinyl, this incredible collection contains the current hits by THE REAL THING, MELBA MOORE, MISTURA, ANDREA TRUE, GLADYS KNIGHT and ‘Save Your Kisses’ by BROTHERHOOD OF MAN, plus recent hits by JIMMY JAMES & THE VAGABONDS, BARRY WHITE, EDDIE DRENNON, SHEER ELEGANCE, EVELYN THOMAS, THE TRAMMPS and SWEET SENSATION.  Talk about good value!

THE BROTHERS: ‘Don’t Stop Now’ (RCA RS 1057) (LP Billboard chart debut 4/3/76)
Recently huge in New York discos, these bouncily hustling instrumentals are like a lusher Atlanta Disco Band.  Prime cuts are ‘Under The Skin’, ‘Last Chance To Dance‘, ‘Brothers Theme‘ and ‘Make Love‘.


THE MEMPHIS HORNS: ‘High On Music’ (RCA RS 1056) (LP mentioned in Billboard column 3/27/76)
The Mar-Keys are still alive, and being produced by Booker T!  Highlights of this instrumental album are the funkily hustling title track, with plenty of Booker T organ, the Brass Construction-like ‘Move Your Feet‘, and the brassily bouncing ‘80 Proof Red‘.  Unexpectedly good.

LONNIE LISTON SMITH & THE COSMIC ECHOES: ‘Reflections Of A Golden Dream’ (RCA RS 1053)
Though Lonnie’s lovely album is mainly full of atmospheric instrumental slowies, the lead track is a bubblingly frantic funky hustler called ‘Get Down Everybody (It’s Time For World Peace)’, with chanted vocals and multo disco appeal.

VICKI SUE ROBINSON: ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’ (RCA RS 1051) (mentioned in Billboard column 11/15/75, Billboard chart debut 11/22/75)
Featuring the full 5:35 version of ‘Turn The Beat Around’, which is followed on side one by ‘Common Thief‘ and the title track, disco hits all.

UK Disco Top 20 – June 26, 1976

01 01 Melba Moore – This Is It – Buddah
02 02 Real Thing – You To Me Are Everything – Pye
03 15 Bryan Ferry – Let’s Stick Together – Island
04 06 Wings – Silly Love Songs – EMI
05 08 Archie Bell & The Drells – Soul City Walk – Philadelphia Int’l
06 05 Candi Staton – Young Hearts Run Free – Warner Bros.
07 07 Lee Garrett – You’re My Everything – Chrysalis
08 03 Andrea True Connection – More, More, More – Buddah
09 04 Silver Convention – Get Up And Boogie – Magnet
10 09 Bellamy Brothers – Let Your Love Flow – Warner Bros.
11 14 Dion – The Wanderer – Philips
12 NE Lee Eldred – How’s Your Love Life – Mercury
13 18 Walter Murphy – A Fifth Of Beethoven – Private Stock
14 NE Hundred Ton & A Feather – It Only Takes A Minute – UK
15 NE Peter Frampton – Show Me The Way – A&M
16 10 Mistura feat. Lloyd Michels – The Flasher – Route
17 13 Tina Charles – Love Me Like A Lover – CBS
18 20 Billy Paul – Let’s Make A Baby – Philadelphia Int’l
19 12 Wurzels – Combine Harvester – EMI
20 NE Thin Lizzy – Boys Are Back In Town – Vertigo
NE = new entry; RE = re-entry

Appeared in Billboard:
#1 (mentioned in Billboard column 3/13/76, Billboard chart debut 4/3/76)
#2 (Billboard chart debut 11/6/76)
#5 (Billboard chart debut 11/29/75)
#6 (Billboard chart debut 4/17/76)
#8 (mentioned in Billboard column 1/3/76, Billboard chart debut 1/17/76)
#9 (mentioned in Billboard column 2/14/76, Billboard chart debut 3/13/76)
#12 (Billboard chart debut 6/12/76)
#13 (Billboard chart debut 5/1/76)

Songs mentioned in “DJ Hotline”:

EDDIE COCHRAN: ‘C’mon Everybody’ (UA)
HANK MIZELL: ‘Kangaroo Rock’ (Charly)
DISCO TEX: ‘Dancin’ Kid’ (Chelsea) (Billboard chart debut 11/6/76)
MAUREEN MCGOVERN: ‘The Continental’ (20th Century)
OHIO PLAYERS: ‘Who’d She Coo?’ (Mercury) (Billboard chart debut 9/18/76)
MICHEL POLNAREFF: ‘Lipstick’ (Atlantic) (mentioned in Billboard column 5/8/76, Billboard chart debut 5/15/76)
CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR: ‘Foxy Lady’ (Polydor) (Billboard chart debut 5/1/76)
T. REX: ‘I Love To Boogie’ (EMI)
JOHN SEBASTIAN: ‘Welcome Back’ (Reprise)
BANBARRA: ‘Shack Up’ (UA) (mentioned in Billboard column 1/31/76, Billboard chart debut 2/14/76)
BABE RUTH: ‘Elusive’ (Capitol) (Billboard chart debut 11/29/75)
PENNY MCLEAN: ‘1-2-3-4 Fire’ (EMI)
OUR KID: ‘You Just Might See Me Cry’ (Polydor)

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