April 16, 1977: Marvin Gaye, Karma, Deep Purple, Simon May, Yvonne Elliman

New Spins

MARVIN GAYE: ‘Got To Give It Up’ (from LP ‘Live’, Motown TMSP 6006) (Billboard chart debut 4/2/77)
The ultimate 12-incher, one whole side of double LP devoted to this incredible, ethereal, jaunty chugger, feather light but funky.

KARMA: ‘Funk De Mambo’ (A&M AMS 7283) (Billboard chart debut 1/15/77)
Much-imported percussive funker, complex but catchy.

DEEP PURPLE: ‘Smoke On The Water’ / ‘Woman From Tokyo’ (Purple PUR 132)
Double disco dynamite! 

SIMON MAY: ‘We’ll Gather Lilacs / All My Loving (Medley)’ (Pye 7N 45688)
Perfect even-tempoed bland MoR until it slows up for a smooch.

YVONNE ELLIMAN: ‘Hello Stranger’ (RSO 2090236)
Barbara Lewis’s ’63 slowie, scarcely changed so still lovely.

TRINIDAD OIL COMPANY: ‘The Calendar Song’ (Harvest HAR 5122)
Steel drums and chanting, usefully authentic for MoR gigs.

J. VINCENT EDWARDS: ‘Too Hot To Handle’ (Pye 7N 45687)
The ‘Love Hit Me’ originator with a similar beat again.

BROTHERS: ‘Beautiful’ (Bus Stop BUS 1056)
Surprisingly pretty, minimally-backed, soulful jauntiness.

ROY ST. JOHN: ‘Where Did Our Love Go’ (Virgin VEP 1002)
Gentle C&W treatment for relaxed quieter gigs.

SEX O’CLOCK USA: ‘Baby Come On’ (Decca FR 13701) (Billboard chart debut 2/5/77)
Flip, slip, nice and slow.

DOBIE GRAY: ‘Find ‘Em, Fool ‘Em, Forget ‘Em’ (Capricorn 2089047)
Surprisingly bluesy, thudding easy roller.

THELMA HOUSTON: ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ (ABC 4170)
A new version of the 1968 classic.

AVERAGE WHITE BAND: ‘Goin’ Home’ (Atlantic K 10912)
Simple brassy ‘Hot Stuff’, getting big.

ZIGGIE ADDY: ‘Touch Me’ (Private Stock PVT 100)
The Continental Disco Tex??

EDDIE HOLMAN: ‘This Could Be A Night To Remember’ (Salsoul SZ 2026) (mentioned in Billboard column 3/19/77, Billboard chart debut 5/7/77)
Fast booming churner, big sound.

KEVIN COYNE: ‘Marlene’ (Virgin VS 175)
Idiosyncratic ’73 romper, a great mixer with Ronnie Lane’s ‘How Come’.

JOHN CHRISTIE: ‘Little Darlin” (EMI 2008)
Not the Diamonds oldie, but similar ‘Sugar Baby Love’ sound.

MIGHTY DIAMONDS: ‘Country Living’ (Virgin VS 169)
Sorta rasta ‘Groovin”.

SCREAMING LORD SUTCH: ‘Jack The Ripper’ / ‘I’m A Hog For You‘ (Decca F 13607)
The original early ’60s horror-rockers!

SUPREMES: ‘Love I Never Knew You Could Feel So Good’ (Motown TMG 1064) (mentioned in Billboard column 11/20/76, Billboard chart debut 11/27/76)
Frantic muddled fast flyer.

MISTURA: ‘A Certain Kind Of Music’ (Pye 7N 25742)
Fast and flashy brassiness.

Hot Vinyl

Import tips from Graham Canter (London Gullivers) are:

WALTER FOSTER: ‘The Peanut Man’ (Apo)
ISLEY BROTHERS: ‘Footsteps In The Dark‘ / ‘Go For Your Guns‘ / ‘The Pride’ (T-Neck LP cuts) (‘The Pride‘ chart debut 4/16/77)
SYLVIA & CHUCK JACKSON: ‘We Can’t Hide It Anymore‘ (Stang)

Bob Jones (Chelmsford Dee Jays) tips:

AVALANCHE: ‘The Boogie Man’ (Boblo)
PLEASURE: ‘Joyous‘ (Fantasy LP cut)
ELOISE LAWS: ‘Put A Little Love In It‘ / ‘Love Goes Deeper Than That‘ / ‘Make It Last Forever‘ / ‘You Got Me Loving You Again‘ (Invictus LP cuts) (LP Billboard chart debut 3/12/77)
GARNET MIMMS: ‘What It Is‘ (Arista) (Billboard chart debut 3/26/77)
PLAYERS ASSOCIATION: ‘I Like It‘ / ‘Hustlin’‘ (Vanguard LP cuts) (Billboard chart debut 2/26/77)


Dave Silver works both clubs at Hull Tiffany’s, but his mix clicks best at the funkier Annabella’s disco upstairs: DAVID BOWIE ‘Sound And Vision’ fading into ‘Golden Years’ (RCA), fading just before end and skipping intro into ROXY MUSIC ‘Love Is The Drug’ (Island), into J.B.’s ‘Doing It To Death’ (Polydor LP cut).  Uhh!

UK Disco Top 20 – April 16, 1977
Last week’s Top 20 is reprinted this week.

Songs mentioned in “DJ Hotline”:

DELEGATION: ‘Where Is The Love’ (State)
JOE: ‘How Can I Resist’ (GTO)
BRYAN FERRY: ‘Tokyo Joe’ (Polydor LP cut)
CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR: ‘Dancin” (Contempo) (Billboard chart debut 11/6/76)
JOE TEX: ‘Ain’t Gonna Bump No More’ (Epic) (Billboard chart debut 4/2/77)
KOOL & THE GANG: ‘Open Sesame’ (Contempo) (Billboard chart debut 12/18/76)
WILTON PLACE STREET BAND: ‘Disco Lucy’ (Island) (Billboard chart debut 12/18/76)
BUMBLEBEE UNLIMITED: ‘Love Bug’ (President 12″) (Billboard chart debut 9/18/76)
SHALAMAR: ‘Uptown Festival’ (Soul Train 12″ – US import) (Billboard chart debut 1/29/77)
TONY ETORIA: ‘I Can Prove It’ (GTO)
RAH BAND: ‘The Crunch’ (Good Earth)
JACKSONS: ‘Enjoy Yourself’ (Epic) (Billboard chart debut 10/30/76)
SKEETS BOLIVER: ‘Streethouse Door’ (Thunderbird)
BOSTON: ‘Long Time’ (Epic)
J. VINCENT EDWARDS: ‘Love Hit Me’ (Pye)
KALYAN: ‘Disco Reggae’ (MCA) (Billboard chart debut 2/12/77)

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