August 13, 1977: Donna Summer, La Belle Epoque, Jean-Michel Jarre, Camouflage, Diana Ross & The Supremes

New Spins

DONNA SUMMER: ‘Down Deep Inside’ (Casablanca CAN 111) (Billboard chart debut 7/2/77)
The theme from ‘The Deep’ is more ‘Love To Love’ than ‘Feel Love’, though the jittery thump beat is bang up to date. Instrumental flip.

LA BELLE EPOQUE: ‘Black Is Black’ (Harvest HAR 5133) (Billboard chart debut 6/18/77)
Huge Northern import from Europe, now 12-inched at 70p, is the old Los Bravos ‘I’m On Fire’ tune given the Munich sound.

JEAN MICHEL JARRE: ‘Oxygene (Part 4)’ (Polydor 2001721)
More continental synthetics like Space and Donna, but less urgent in tempo. 

CAMOUFLAGE: ‘Bee Sting’ (State STAT 58) (Billboard chart debut 6/18/77)
Meco Monardo-produced B. T. Express-type girlie group swirler, 12-inched at 75p.

DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES: ‘Someday We’ll Be Together’ / ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’ (Motown TMG 1080)
‘69 swayer, their last hit together, and the classic ‘66 stomper.

DEETTA LITTLE & NELSON PIGFORD: ‘You Take My Heart Away’ (UA UP 36257)
Hurrah! Despite UA’s Bassey cover, they’ve edited the great ‘Rocky’ soundtrack smoocher for 45 too.

ERIC GALE: ‘Sara Smile’ (CBS 5499)
Slinky slow guitar floater.

PETER & GORDON: ‘True Love Ways’ (EMI 2645)
Dreamy old ‘65 smoocher.

SANFORD / TOWNSEND BAND: ‘Smoke From A Distant Fire’ (Warner Bros. K 16995)
Slick ‘n easy Bellamy Bros / Van Morrison-type soft rocker.

MATUMBI: ‘After Tonight’ (Trojan TRO 9027)
Lovely slow reggae.

CALLIOPE: ‘Theme From MASH’ (Pye 7N 46010)
The catchy tune goes disco . . . sort of.

BILLY LEE RILEY: ‘Red Hot’ / ‘Flying Saucers Rock & Roll’ (Charly CEP 112)
Classic ‘57 rockabilly boppers on a 4-track EP.

RAM JAM: ‘Black Betty’ (Epic EPC 5492)
Exciting, if dated heaviness.

TOM JONES: ‘Have You Ever Been Lonely’ (EMI 2662)
‘Help Yourself’-style rouser, possible MoR.

SWEET SUBSTITUTE: ‘Your Feet’s Too Big’ (Decca F 13719)
Fats Waller oldie done in gentle ‘30s style for intimate MoR/gay gigs.

HOLLYWOOD: ‘Come Up And See Me’ (Gold GD 007)
Gay razzamatazz tribute to Mae West.

PROMISES: ‘Love Attack’ (CBS 5485)
First Choice-type coy chix bounce along tritely.

JEAN CARN: ‘If You Wanna Go Back’ (Philadelphia Int’l PIR 5501) (Billboard chart debut 1/22/77)
Much touted soulstress sounds mundane on this directionless burbler.

HELEN DAY: ‘Love Sweet Love’ (Philips 6006576)
Backing-track flip is dated “disco” brightness.

APRIL: ‘Summer In The City’ (EMI INT 535)
Dull Dutch disco, retread by phonetic chix.

MANDY B. JONES: ‘1-2-3-4 (We Ain’t Got Much Time)’ (CBS 5031)
Donna-type heavy breathing after an odd build-up.

ROYAL FAMILY OF FUNK: ‘The Bad King Of Funk’ (UA UALP 10)
Boringly corny UK pseudo-funk, 12-inched to waste vinyl.

Mix Master

Donna Summer ‘I Feel Love’ segue time again! To get into Space ‘Magic Fly’ (Pye) successfully, do a long synchronised mix out of Donna’s synthesizer break – keeping the high notes coming through the bassier Space sound until it’s established. Or try an overlapping mix into Instant Funk ‘It Ain’t Reggae (But It’s Funky)’ (Phil Int’l). And don’t forget the overlapping mix into the sound effects on the 12-inch of CJ & Co. ‘Devil’s Gun’ (Atlantic)!

Hot Vinyl

Chris Hill (Ilford Lacy Lady) plays blues harp over BENNY GOLSON ‘The New Killer Joe’ (Columbia LP cut) and WAR ‘War Is Coming’ (Blue Note LP cut), import tips:

PATRICK JUVET: ‘Ou Sont Les Femmes’ (Barclay 12” – French import) – very ‘Ca-The-Drals’, sez Chris
EDDIE HENDERSON: ‘Say You Will’ (Capitol LP cut)
GIORGIO MORODER: ‘From Here To Eternity’ LP (white label) (Billboard chart debut 8/6/77)
MASS PRODUCTION: ‘I Believe In Music’ / ‘Cosmic Lust’ (Cotillion LP cuts) (Billboard chart debut 8/6/77)
INNER CITY JAM BAND: ‘Inner City Jam’ (white label)
KEBEKELEKTRIK: ‘Magic Fly’ (TK 12”) (Billboard chart debut 6/18/77)

And UK tips:
CAMOUFLAGE: ‘Bee Sting’ (State 12”) (Billboard chart debut 6/18/77)
NINA SIMONE: ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’ (Bethlehem LP cut) – the latter stirred up since I played it on Tony ‘Shades’ Valence’s prog!

UK Disco Top 20 – August 13, 1977

01 01 Donna Summer – I Feel Love – GTO
02 02 Boney M – Ma Baker – Atlantic
03 10 Floaters – Float On – ABC
04 07 Danny Williams – Dancing Easy – Ensign
05 03 Hot Chocolate – So You Win Again – Rak
06 NE Showaddywaddy – You Got What It Takes – Arista
07 04 T-Connection – Do What You Wanna Do – TK
08 06 Detroit Emeralds – Feel The Need In Me – Atlantic
09 16 Philadelphia All-Stars – Let’s Clean Up The Ghetto – Philadelphia Int’l
10 NE Dennis Coffey – Wings Of Fire – Atlantic
11 05 John Miles – Slow Down – Decca
12 NE Biddu Orchestra – Soul Coaxing – CBS
13 13 New York Port Authority – I Got It – Invictus
14 09 Rah Band – The Crunch – Good Earth
15 17 C.J. & Company – Devil’s Gun – Atlantic
16 18 Dave Edmunds – I Knew The Bride – Swan Song
17 RE Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant – Virgin
18 08 Lovers – Discomania – Epic
19 NE Space – Magic Fly – Pye
20 (tie) 19 Candi Staton – Nights On Broadway – Warner Bros.
20 (tie) NE Gary Glitter – A Little Boogie Woogie – Arista
NE = new entry; RE = re-entry

Appeared in Billboard:
#1 (Billboard chart debut 5/28/77)
#2 (Billboard chart debut 8/6/77)
#7 (mentioned in Billboard column 2/19/77, Billboard chart debut 2/26/77)
#8 (mentioned in Billboard column 8/7/76, Billboard chart debut 4/30/77)
#9 (Billboard chart debut 7/23/77)
#10 (mentioned in Billboard column 5/28/77, Billboard chart debut 6/18/77)
#11 (Billboard chart debut 3/12/77)
#13 (mentioned in Billboard column 5/7/77)
#15 (mentioned in Billboard column 10/23/76, Billboard chart debut 4/23/77)
#18 (mentioned in Billboard column 5/7/77, Billboard chart debut 5/14/77)
#19 (Billboard chart debut 6/4/77)
#20 (Candi Staton) (mentioned in Billboard column 7/2/77)

Songs mentioned in “DJ Hotline”:

BRUCE JOHNSTON: ‘Pipeline’ (CBS) (Billboard chart debut 7/16/77)
SMOKEY ROBINSON: ‘Vitamin U’ (Motown) (Billboard chart debut 2/12/77)
D-R-U-M: ‘Lalabye’ (Ensign)
CELl BEE & THE BUZZY BUNCH: ‘One Love’ (TK LP cut) (mentioned in Billboard column 3/5/77, Billboard chart debut 3/26/77)
GIBSON BROTHERS: ‘Non-Stop Dance’ (Polydor)
EMOTIONS: ‘Flowers’ (CBS) (Billboard chart debut 10/30/76)
INSTANT FUNK: ‘It Ain’t Reggae But It’s Funky’ (Philadelphia Int’l) (Billboard chart debut 12/25/76)
CCS: ‘Brother’ (Rak)
FOUR SEASONS: ‘Down The Hall’ (Warner Bros.)
SHALAMAR: ‘Inky Dinky Wang Dang Doo’ (Soul Train LP cut)
STEVE GIBBONS BAND: ‘Tulane’ (Polydor)
HURRICANES: ‘Get On’ (Sonet)
CARRIE LUCAS: ‘I Gotta Keep Dancin” (Soul Train) (Billboard chart debut 3/19/77)

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