January 7, 1978: Heatwave, T-Connection, El Coco, People’s Choice, Alvis Wayne

New Spins

HEATWAVE: ‘The Groove Line’ (GTO GT 115)
Terrific powerhouse follow-on to ‘Boogie Nights’, with a ridiculously catchy “whoop-whoop” hook that’s an immediate audience-grabbing gimmick for singalongs!

T-CONNECTION: ‘On Fire’ (TK TKR 6006) (BNDA debut 11/5/77)
Already a hit on import alone, the frantic fast flier’s dynamite rhythm (very different from before) is really exciting, especially on the full 7:22 commercial 12-inch.

EL COCO: ‘Cocomotion’ LP (Pye NSPL 28237) (BNDA debut 8/20/77)
The full 10:30 version that started it all – and in fact the edited single only came late in the day after this was already a disco monster in America. 

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: ‘Jam Jam Jam (All Night Long)’ (Philadelphia Int’l PIR 5891)
At last, the year’s most awaited import (actually LP-tipped by me in the summer of 76!), it’s a pulsating driver with steady clap tempo that’s been huge for months.

ALVIS WAYNE: ‘Don’t Mean Maybe, Baby’ (Starlite ST 104)
Wild little rockabilly bopper, really good, available at rock ‘n roll stockists.

RAY COLEMAN & HIS SKYROCKETS: ‘Jukebox Rock ‘N Roll’ (Roller Coaster RRC 2000)
Country-flavoured raw rockabilly from ‘57, also at specialist shops.

L.T.D.: ‘Back In Love Again’ (A&M AMS 7319) (BNDA debut 10/22/77)
The great funky chugger’s now been 12-inched in limited edition but it’s still the same length.

CHEECH & CHONG: ‘Bloat On’ (Ode/Epic EPC 5890)
Superb send-up of ‘Float On’ as done by the Bloaters, good for short-term mirth.

GOLDEN FIDDLES ORCHESTRA: ‘The 1977 Golden Fiddle Awards’ LP (Mountain TOPC 5008)
Nothing quite as strong as the best tracks on the other two ‘Golden Fiddle Award’ albums, mentioned recently, but it’s better value for discos as most tracks are up-tempo and should work well on Hogmanay!

RAY O’SUNSHINE: ‘Happy Party Time’ (Power Exchange PX 281)
Merry knees-up medley, now re-issued by a bigger label.

BIDDU ORCHESTRA: ‘Journey To The Moon’ (Epic EPC 5910)
The Stevenage Mooners’ anthem, it’s a fast pop pounder with chorusing chix and oriental sitar effects, out next week on 12-inch. The shuffling flip’s prettier.

DOROTHY MOORE: ‘With Pen In Hand’ (Epic EPC 5892)
Sensational dead slow soul smoocher, out next week, with a real sob finish!

TERRY WOGAN: ‘The Floral Dance’ (Philips 6006592)
Sure it’s awfully corny, but you’ll be amazed by the interest this vocal version creates at MoR gigs where people know that Terry started it all.

BOZ SCAGGS: ‘Down Two Then Left’ LP (CBS 86028)
‘1993’ is the new ‘Lido Shuffle’ while other tracks besides ‘Hollywood’ have his “disco” sound.

Hot Vinyl

Fat Man Graham Canter (Mayfair Gullivers) sez there’s a lack of import vinyl, hot or otherwise, but tips:

ARTHUR PRYSOCK: ‘Between Hello And Goodbye’ / ‘You Can Do It’ (Old Town LP cuts) (BNDA debut 8/27/77)
ASHFORD & SIMPSON: ‘Don’t Cost You Nothing’ (Warner Bros. LP cut) (BNDA debut 1/28/78)
AL HUDSON: ‘If You Feel Like Dancin’’ (ABC)
BUNNY SIGLER: ‘Let Me Party With You (pts. 1 & 2)’ (Gold Mind) (BNDA debut 1/14/78)

and has a nifty mix of GRACE JONES ‘La Vie En Rose’ (Beam Junction) into PATRICK JUVET ‘Ou Sont Les Femmes’ (Barclay LP cut), chopping into NITE SCHOOL ‘Do You Speak French’ (Ensign) up to the “striptease” bit, then into THREE DEGREES ‘Dirty Old Man’ (Philly Classics LP cut) . . . which, incidentally, will be out here on 45 in a month.

UK Disco Top 50 – January 7, 1978

Due to the New Year holiday various charts were not available at press time.  Normal service will be resumed next week.

No DJ Hotline this week.

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