March 8, 1980: Eugene Record, Brass Construction, Ronnie Laws, Wilbert Longmire, Mystic Merlin

Odds ‘N Bods

Reissued oldies include Locomotive ‘Rudi’s In Love’ (EMI 5033), Millie ‘My Boy Lollipop’ (Island WIP 6574), Desmond Dekker ‘Israelites’ (Creole CR 199), Pioneers ‘Long Shot Kick De Bucket’ / Harry J ‘Liquidator’ (Trojan TROT 9063), Michael Jackson ‘Ben’ (Motown TMG 1165), Billy Paul ‘Me & Mrs Jones’ (Philadelphia Int’l PIR 8202), Booker T & The MGs ‘Time Is Tight’ (Stax 2001), Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon ‘Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache’ (Epic EPC 8315) . . . Fern Kinney is 111bpm . . . Shalamar ‘Socket’ is also on a strange disjointed 7in-only remix . . . Motown plan a segued six hit Supremes 12in medley (hopefully they’ll not use the awful US version here) flipped by ‘Love Hangover’ . . . Roy Ayers ‘Running Away’ / ‘Can’t You See Me’ should be a UK 12in soon (and at last!) . . . Capitol are repromoting Domenic Troiano ‘We All Need Love’ 12in as they think the tempo is now right for today . . . Twennynine’s old 120bpm ‘Peanut Butter’ (now a US 7in hit) goes great with ‘Stomp’! . . . Eddy Grant’s upcoming newie is in the Bobby Thurston / Bros Johnson groove . . . Tom “Buns” Holland recommends the direct-cut re-recording of Lee Ritenour ‘Sugarland Express’ (JVC LP) . . . Sugarhill Gang’s visit seems to have been less than a success, what with their stage act being forcibly curtailed at certain venues, and temper tantrums a recurring feature . . . Greg Davies’s Disco Forum ‘80 is now set for Sunday, June 1 in an expanded form but still for £2 – and the emphasis on mailing lists seems to have increased (yawn) . . . Thames Valley DJA hold a Tenpin Bowling Tournament this Sunday afternoon (9) at Wokingham King of Clubs . . . Paul Anthony is running a coach to the Slough allniter on March 21 from Walsall and Birmingham, details on Walsall 28447 . . . Chris Hill mischievously having created a new Northern-type oldies demand, but this time for jazz, we can expect the likes of Donald Byrd and Lonnie Smith to be joined in the chart by other classic rarities . . . Martin Platts (Blackburn) has observed an increase in kids ballroom dancing to old big bands, which could tie in with a revival of tails as a male fashion . . . Chris Brown says thanks for the photos and he doesn’t need any more as the “Family Album” is now being printed to be ready in time for Knebworth . . . Peel’s latest Sponsor-Disc precedes the “get into Orbit – sugar free gum” jingle with Apollo 11’s moonshot countdown, but the featured music’s really naff this time – why not just do the jingles on their own? . . . Juliannas jockettes Nicky MacKenzie (Kensington Tingles) and Sally Wardle (Marylebone Cinecitta Roma) had a few of us home for pina coladas on Friday, whereupon Chris Brown lost his cigarettes (he said), Steve Walsh shrugged off his concrete overcoat to touch up his eye makeup, and Fatman snored off to sleep – still, their music choice was good! . . . Ken Norton starts spinning pop downstairs at Mayfair Gullivers this week . . . Phil Black funks Tonyrefall Meadow Vale Country Club in Glamorgan Wednesday thru Saturday now . . . Arbie sez Azymuth was never THAT popular in North Notts, and is now selling in Retford Woolies for 20p – where indeed was it truthfully THAT popular anyway? . . . G. Paul Sharpe (Elland George & Dragon) tried three record shops for Alton & Johnny and they all got a “no such number as yet” reply from Polygram’s computer . . . Tim Lott’s excellent article on Solar was worth reading last week . . . Carl Sutton says funk lives at Swansea Cinderellas on Fri/Saturdays, and he’s never mixed better since he put his records in BPM order last year following this page’s BPM advice . . . FUNK IS ALIVE!

UK Newies

EUGENE RECORD: ‘Fan The Fire’ (from LP ‘Welcome To My Fantasy’, Warner Bros. K 56639)
Long overdue UK release actually couldn’t be more timely as this dynamite 118-115-113-114-116-117 bpm backbeat smacker is bang in the Whispers/Walden/Prince-type bag and is now exploding anew so how about a 12in, then? Also useful are the slower smacking c. 104 bpm ‘Your Love (Ain’t Nothin’ Like It)’, fast 0-126-130-132 bpm ‘Where Are You’, accelerating 104-108 bpm ‘Pain For Pleasure’ and squeaky 122-125 bpm title track.

Epoch-making monster from four years ago now for the first time on 12in, the 119-121-123-124-123 bpm groover (mixers should note the quiet 5 bar intro picks up the rhythm on the “3” beat) is flipped by the jerkier 108(intro)-111-112 bpm ‘Changin’’.

RONNIE LAWS: ‘Young Child’ (UA 12-UP 619)
The LP version turns out to have been edited together a few times to make this 8:51 12in of the now 0-134-132-130-134-132-130-134-130 bpm Isleys-type sax squawker. 

EARTH, WIND & FIRE: ‘Biyo’ (CBS 12-8252)
The 12in flip’s instrumental oldies are getting specialist jazz play, this at 132(intro)-127-130-0 bpm going well out of Ronnie Laws ‘Young Child’, ‘Africano’ being 123-121-133-131-133 bpm.

EDGAR WINTER: ‘Above And Beyond (Instrumental)’ (Blue Sky SKY 12-8246) (BNDA debut 2/16/80)
Out here just as the import finally died, the last third especially of this stolid but exciting stereo effects-filled 111½ bpm 12in thumper mixes perfectly between Trussel and Roy Ayers.

Wordlessly chanted intro to the long overdue madly happy Gibsons-ish 132 bpm 12in afro leaper that’s been bubbling under on import since last summer (at least). ‘Part 2’ is an instrumental dub, sometimes fractionally slower.

GAP BAND: ‘I Don’t Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance (Oops!)’ (Mercury MERX 2) (BNDA debut 3/8/80)
“Say oops upside your head” is the nagging chant that underpins this sinuous 106-104 bpm P-funk clapper, flipped on 3-track 12in by the frantic Foxy-like 145 bpm ‘Steppin’ (Out)’ and meandering 36/73 bpm ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ pop slowie.

DESTINATION: ‘Move On Up/Up Up Up’ (Butterfly CHS 12/2409) (BNDA debut 8/25/79)
Surprisingly similar but frantically fast 141-136(breaks)-141 bpm 12in revival of Curtis Mayfield’s squeaky classic, finally out here.

BLONDIE: ‘Call Me’ (from LP ‘American Gigolo’, Polydor 2391447) (BNDA debut 3/8/80)
Marathon 8:04 Giorgio Moroder-produced sub-Donna Summer-style 144-143-144 bpm pounder will obviously be a smash when Chrysalis put it on single, while Cheryl Barnes’s stolidly thwacking DOR-tinged 112 bpm ‘Love And Passion’ is already also on Polydor 12in (POSPX 124).

LIQUID GOLD: ‘Dance Yourself Dizzy’ (Polo 1) (BNDA debut 11/17/79)
Nolans-type fast UK-recorded 130-131 bpm 12in New York zinger, with suspiciously instant evident popularity.

SUPER TRAP: ‘Cockney Rappin’’ (Union UNO 1012)
Fairly silly 119 bpm UK rapper, largely by West London DJ Chris Ryan – who’s just learnt another meaning for the word “rap”, as together with dancer Tommy McDonald he’s been charged with allegedly conspiring to steal £5,000 from National Soul promoter Pete Matthews’s house.

CHUCK MANGIONE: ‘Give It All You Got’ (from LP ‘Fun And Games’, A&M AMLK 63715)
Jazzily jogging attractive 93-93-94 bpm instrumental trumpet tootler (also a 7in AMS 7506), ‘You’re The Best There Is’ being a pleasant 40 bpm slowie while the 91 bpm title track and 31 bpm ‘I Never Missed Someone Before’ are more specialist.

HERB ALPERT: ‘Street Life’ (A&M AMSP 7511)
Lowrell-like thudding 89 bpm 12in instrumental of the Crusaders tune, hot on LP last year.

SPYRO GYRA: ‘Lovin’ You’ (from LP ‘Catching The Sun’, MCA MCG 4809)
As well as the 12in-featured tracks, this 123-125 bpm jazz guitar jitterer is getting played too.

SISTER SLEDGE: ‘Easy Street’ (from LP ‘Love Somebody Today’, Atlantic K 50693) (‘Reach Your Peak’ BNDA debut 1/26/80)
The formula as before, even when as on this 97 bpm future single, the tempo drops, other cuts being the 93 bpm ‘Reach Your Peak’, 116 bpm ‘You Fooled Around’, 101 bpm ‘Pretty Baby’, 46/93 bpm ‘Let’s Go On Vacation’ and two slowies.

LOUISA MARKS: ‘Caught You In A Lie’ (Voyage Int’l 12-VOY 0012)
Excellent appealing 71 bpm 12in reggae smash with strong storyline, out a while.

LINVAL THOMPSON: ‘La La Means I Love You’ (Hurricane 12FIRE 12)
Delfonics classic in not immediately recognisable bumpy 82 bpm 12in reggae reading.

CARLTON & HIS SHOES: ‘Love Me Forever’ (DEB Music DEB 037)
Slow 69 bpm 12in reggae jolter with toasting last half by Ranking Joe.

ONE WAY FEAT. AL HUDSON: ‘Now That I Found You’ (MCA MCAT 553)
Steadily ticking but low energy 110(intro)-113-112-113-112 bpm 12in soul ballad, flipped by the older gradually accelerating ponderous 102(intro)-105-110 bpm ‘Rock’ thudder.

RUFUS & CHAKA: ‘Any Love’ (MCA MCAT 575) (BNDA debut 11/17/79)
Insubstantial bland New York-type 125-126-125 bpm 12in “disco” pumper, a rotten choice of material.

SHEENA EASTON: ‘Modern Girl’ (EMI EMI 5042)
Naggingly appealing 120 bpm 7in pop ditty with brief disco break, big on radio.

KENNY LOGGINS: ‘This Is It’ (CBS 7987)
Jittery yearning Bee Gee-ish blue-eyed 111-112 bpm 7in jogger, out for a while but nice on LA radio.

M: ‘That’s The Way The Money Goes’ (MCA 570) (BNDA debut 2/2/80)
Jonathan King-ish jaunty 131/69 bpm 7in electronic reggae with Matumbi-style scatting chix.

BETTE BRIGHT: ‘Hello I Am Your Heart’ (Korova KOW 3)
Madly happy 143 bpm 7in pop reggae jumper.


WILBERT LONGMIRE: ‘Hawkeye’ (from LP ‘With All My Love’, US Tappan Zee JC 36342)
Already big, the beefily pattering 115-116bpm long jazz guitar instrumental jitterer mixes sensationally between Ronnie Laws ‘OTBA Law’ and – especially – Bobby Thurston ‘You Got What It Takes’ (which then goes into the Tony Rallo 12in).

MYSTIC MERLIN: ‘Just Can’t Give You Up’ (from LP ‘Mystic Merlin’, US Capitol ST-12047)
Great creamily thudding slick mellow 122-pause-124-chix-125bpm soul choogler has lovely jazzy sax and is huge for the mafia, while the braying 114bpm ‘Can’t Stop Dancing’ and guffawing 122bpm ‘Burned To Learn’ are more mundane.

LEO’S SUNSHIPP: ‘Give Me The Sunshine’ (from LP ‘We Need Each Other’, US Lyon’s L-1500)
Unearthed by Disc Empire and spread through the mafia by Pete Tong, this 1978 set by Kenny Stover and friends is basically four soul tunes repeated in both vocal and instrumental versions, the killers being this rather Lowrell-like 92-96-96-97bpm jogger (92-96-97-98bpm instr) and 102-101-102bpm ‘I’m Back For More’ (102-103bpm instr), the 97-98bpm ‘Madame Butterfly’ also being similar. Oddity appeal should make it a monster.

RANDY BROWN: ‘The Next Best Thing To Being There’ (from LP ‘Midnight Desire’, US Chocolate City CCLP 2011)
Sensational deep soul set by a caressingly wailing then hoarsely growling voice reminiscent of Al Green, Jerry Butler, Isaac Hayes, James Carr, Teddy Pendergrass and Peabo Bryson . . . some pedigree! This exquisite 31bpm smoocher has a telephone conversation and thunder effects, while ‘We Ought To Be Doin’ It’ is a Lowrell-like slow 42/84bpm jolter, ‘Love Formula 69’ a happy explicitly-worded 111-112bpm balon [sic] and ‘Do You Love Me?’ a beat-shifting 97(intro)-94-93-94bpm swayer, other goodies being the tender 14-28/55bpm ‘You’re So Good’ and jogging 109-108-109bpm ‘Without You’, but the faster 111-110-111bpm ‘Love Be With You’, 118bpm ‘With Your Love’ and 120bpm ‘Things That I Could Do To You’ are more straight soul than disco.

MANDRILL: ‘Dance Of Love’ (from LP ‘In The Mood’, US Arista AL 9527) (BNDA debut 4/19/80)
Similarly superb soul vocal group set, best disco cuts being this slightly Gibsons-flavoured 122-123bpm bumper, rattling jazzy 124-126bpm ‘Feeling Good’ and ‘Que Tal America’-like 129-130-131-132bpm ‘Lo Siento Mucho’. All are good ‘n soulful though, as well as the 0-126-131bpm ‘When You Shake’, 46/92bpm ‘Coming Home’, 58-118-120bpm ‘Love Me Over’, 129-131bpm ‘My Kind Of Girl’ and 100/50bpm title track.

CHICAGO: ‘Street Player’ (US Columbia 43-11138)
Although recognisably Chicago this brassy 125-124-125bpm 12in clopper struts jazzily and hits a terrific stereo Latin percussion break that’s great on its own for mixers.

HERBIE HANCOCK: ‘I Thought It Was You’ (from LP ‘Directstep’, Japanese CBS/Sony 30AP 1032)
Expensive at around £13.75, this direct-cut 15:32 re-recording starts at 123bpm and reaches some great vocoder scatting towards the end, with accompaniment from such as Webster Lewis, Bill Summers and Alphonse Mouzon.

CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR: ‘I Don’t Want To Change You’ (from LP ‘Sure Shot’, US De-Lite DSR-9517)
In addition to the tracks reviewed last week, the similarly classy others are this creamy synthesizer-bubbled solid 117-118bpm “rock” thumper, buoyantly smacking 122-123-124-123-124bpm ‘You’ve Been Gone’, Heatwave-ish slow 31bpm ‘Tell Me You Love Me’, and jiggly 123-124bpm title track (the weakest).

AL JOHNSON (WITH JEAN CARN): ‘I’m Back For More’ (US Columbia 1-11207)
Lazily jogging Lowrell-like 91bpm 7in slowie (the LP is due), in fact the Leo’s Sunshipp song, helped by some soulfully pent-up wailing from Jean.

JAMES BROWN: ‘Don’t Stop The Funk’ (from LP ‘People’, US Polydor PD-1-6258)
Powerfully thudding though deceptively slow sparse funky 108-106-109(break)-107bpm chugger finds Mr B right back on form, while his gentle conversationally-introed 33bpm ‘Regrets’ soul slowie is also on edited UK 7in (PSOP 121).

GROVER WASHINGTON, JR: ‘Skylarkin’’ LP (US Motown M7-933R1)
Seemingly ever conscious of Herb Alpert’s hit formula, the jazz saxist here omits only those crashing slow handclaps as every tempo is familiar: ‘Snake Eyes’ 106-101bpm, ‘Easy Loving You’ 104(intro)-100-102-103-104-102-103bpm ‘I Can’t Help It’ 101-102-103-104bpm, ‘Open Up Your Mind (Wide)’ 100bpm, ‘Love’ 87bpm, ‘Bright Moments’ 85bpm. Sacrilege to say maybe, as this stars all the sacred cows of jazz-funk, but boredom is BPM-ing a Grover Washington LP!

KALYAN: ‘Hot Tea’ (from LP ‘Kalyan All The Way “Live”’, US RCA AFL1-3514)
Good jogging 98-93-98-99-100bpm jazz instrumental combines the Alpert and Spyro Gyra formulae with steel drums providing some of the latter, ‘Dry River Breakdown’ being a happy 121-123bpm Caribbean rattler with lacklustre singing.

ASPHALT JUNGLE: ‘Freakin’ Time’ (US TEC 65) (BNDA debut 4/12/80)
Monotonous lazy 114bpm 12in chugger with burbling synthesizer behind the breathy guys ‘n gals never really raises a sweat.

GREY & HANKS: ‘Now I’m Fine’ (US RCA PD-11923) (BNDA debut 3/8/80)
Positively zapping 121½bpm 12in remix of their LP cut is a powerfully lurching jittery basher. Also, further to the mention elsewhere, Shalamar is now on full US 12in remix too.

NORMA JEAN: ‘High Society’ (US Bearsville DBSS 8898) (BNDA debut 1/5/80)
Identikit 111-109-111-107(break)-111bpm 12in jogger from the Chic factory, by that group’s earlier vocalist.

ISLEY BROTHERS: ‘Don’t Say Goodnight (It’s Time For Love)’ (Pts 1/2) (US T-Neck ZS9 2290)
Immediately recognisable tender snail-paced slow thudding 26/51bpm 7in smoocher.

MANHATTANS: ‘Shining Star’ (US Columbia 1-11222)
Vibrantly echoing slow sweet 37-38bpm 7in soul harmony swayer.

DIRECT CURRENT: ‘When It’s Love’ (US TEC 64)
Pleasantly cooing 91/45bpm 12in girlie group slowie with gently lulling soprano sax solo.

STONE CITY BAND: ‘Little Runaway’ (from LP ‘In ‘N Out’, US Gordy G7-991R1)
Funkadelic-flavoured frenetic 122-124bpm long beefy backbeat-bashing P-funker builds up terrific excitement, ‘Strut Your Stuff’ being a less heavy 122bpm variation.

TEENA MARIE: ‘Behind The Groove’ (from LP ‘Lady T’, US Gordy G7-992R1) (BNDA debut 3/29/80)
Bass-thudding disappointingly messy 116bpm jiggler only has the beat going for it.

SKYY: ‘High’ (from LP ‘Skyway’, US Salsoul SA 8532) (BNDA debut 3/8/80 & 5/31/80)
Surprisingly amateurish sounding set, this lethargically ‘Good Times’-type 108-111-113bpm slow bumper and the even more ‘Rappers Delight’-type 112-110-111bpm ‘Skyyzoo’ (a kazoo-like instrument) being only halfway decent.

DAVID SANBORN: ‘Anything You Want’ (from LP ‘Hideaway’, US Warner Bros. BSK 3379)
Steadily driving alto sax-squawked 128bpm instrumental jazz thudder, the title track being a convoluted 114bpm jogger and ‘Carly’s Song’ a gently meandering slowie.

CEDAR WALTON: ‘Latin America’ (from LP ‘Soundscapes’, US Columbia JC 36285)
Piano and flute-led thoroughly ethnic 110-113-112-115-114bpm Latin instrumental getting specialist spins, other cuts being good mellow jazz joggers.

CLIFTON DYSON: ‘Body In Motion’ (US Motown M 00034D1) (BNDA debut 4/12/80)
Huskily sung 129-131bpm 12in bouncer goes into a bass-boomed break and has a backing like Sylvester meets ‘Ring My Bell’.

UK Disco Top 90 – March 8, 1980

01 01 Whispers – And The Beat Goes On – Solar 12″
02 02 Michael Jackson – Rock With You – Epic 12″
03 11 Brothers Johnson – Stomp! – A&M 12″
04 03 Phyllis Hyman – You Know How To Love Me – Arista 12″
05 05 Positive Force – We Got The Funk – Sugarhill 12″
06 13 Tony Rallo & The Midnite Band – Holdin’ On / Burnin’ Alive – Calibre 12″
07 08 Jocko – Rhythm Talk – Philadelphia Int’l 12″
08 12 Narada Michael Walden – Tonight I’m Alright – Atlantic 12″
09 04 Kool & The Gang – Too Hot / Tonight’s The Night – Mercury 12″
10 09 Azymuth – Jazz Carnival – Milestone 12″
11 06 Brass Construction – Shakit / Music Makes You Feel Like Dancing – UA 12″
12 07 Prince – I Wanna Be Your Lover – Warner Bros. 12″
13 10 Roy Ayers – Don’t Stop The Feeling – Polydor 12″
14 18 Patrice Rushen – Haven’t You Heard – Elektra 12″
15 14 Players Association – We Got The Groove – Vanguard 12″
16 20 GQ – Standing Ovation – Arista 12″
17 17 Narada Michael Walden – I Shoulda Loved Ya / You’re Soo Good / Lovin’ You Madly – Atlantic LP
18 15 Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight – Sugarhill 12″
19 16 Michael Jackson – Off The Wall – Epic 7″
20 27 Trussel – Love Injection – Elektra 12″
21 24 War – The World Is A Ghetto – MCA 12″
22 19 Billy Ocean – Are You Ready – GTO 12″
23 26 Slave – Just A Touch Of Love – Atlantic 12″
24 22 Shalamar – Right In The Socket – Solar 12″
25 35 Bobby Thurston – Check Out The Groove / You Got What It Takes – US Prelude LP
26 50 Gibson Brothers – Cuba / Better Do It Salsa – Island 12″
27 30 Leon Haywood – Don’t Push It Don’t Force It – 20th Century 12″
28 29 Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Prayin’ – Source 12″
29 25 Ronnie Laws – O.T.B.A. Law (Outta Be A Law) / Every Generation – UA LP
30 21 Sheila & B. Devotion – Spacer – Carrere 12″
31 46 Donna Summer – On The Radio – Casablanca 7″/LP
32 38 Light Of The World – The Boys In Blue / This Is This – Ensign 12″
33 33 Nolans – I’m In The Mood For Dancing – Epic 7″
34 NE Ronnie Laws – Young Child / Tomorrow – UA 12″
35 23 Rose Royce – Is It Love You’re After – Whitfield 12″
36 42 Dan Hartman – Vertigo / Relight My Fire – Blue Sky 12″
37 39 George Duke – I Want You For Myself – Epic 7″/LP/US 12″ promo
38 28 Players Association – The Get Down Mellow Mellow Sound / Dance / We’re Almost There – Vanguard LP
39 32 Gibson Brothers – Que Sera Mi Vida – Island 12″
40 47 Chuck Cissel – Cisselin’ Hot – Arista 12″
41 34 Sister Sledge – Got To Love Somebody – Atlantic 12″
42 43 Fat Larry’s Band – Here Comes The Sun – Fantasy 12″
43 61 Kleeer – Winners (all cuts) – US Atlantic LP
44 88 Earth, Wind & Fire – In The Stone / Biyo / Africano – CBS 12″
45 59 Spyro Gyra – Catching The Sun / Percolator / Lovin’ You – MCA 12″/LP
46 41 Stop – I Can Feel It – Elite 12″
47 NE Fern Kinney – Together We Are Beautiful – WEA 7″
48 48 Sharon Paige – Tonight’s The Night – US Source 12″
49 31 Billy Preston & Syreeta – With You I’m Born Again – Motown 7″
50 62 La Pregunta – Chameleon – US GNP Crescendo 12″
51 51 Gordon’s War – Got To Fan The Flame / The Rock Is Gonna Get You – US Stan-Jay 12″
52 40 Shalamar – The Second Time Around – Solar 12″
53 37 Chain Reaction – Dance Freak – US Sound Of New York 12″
54 44 Booker T & The MGs – Green Onions – Atlantic 7″
55 49 Bonnie Pointer – I Can’t Help Myself – Motown 7″/LP
56 52 Jan Akkerman – She’s So Divine – Atlantic 7″/LP
57 36 KC & The Sunshine Band – Please Don’t Go – TK 7″
58 55 Eddie Cheba – Lookin’ Good – US Tree Line 12″
59 NE Atmosfear – Motivation / Extract – Elite 12″
60 80 Wilbert Longmire – Hawkeye – US Tappan Zee LP
61 68 Gap Band – I Don’t Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance / Steppin’ Out / The Boys Are Back In Town – Mercury 12″
62 57 Funkadelic – (Not Just) Knee Deep – Warner Bros. 12″
63 79 Brothers Johnson – This Had To Be / Light Up The Night / Celebrations / Treasure / Smilin’ On Ya – A&M LP
64 54 Kool & The Gang – Ladies’ Night – Mercury 12″
65 65 Maximum Penetration – Maximum Penetration – Sidewalk 12″
66 53 One Way feat. Al Hudson – Music – MCA 12″
67 NE Detroit Spinners – Working My Way Back To You – Atlantic 7″
68 67 Rick James – Love Gun – Motown 7″/LP
69 60 Merry Clayton – Emotion / When The World Turns Blue – US MCA LP
70 71 Fat Larry’s Band – Center City / Last Chance To Dance – Fantasy 12″ promo/LP
71 83 Liquid Gold – Dance Yourself Dizzy – Polo 12″
72 86 Grey & Hanks – Now I’m Fine / Single Girls – US RCA 12″/LP
73 72 v/a – Four Hot Imports – Casablanca 12″
74 89 Guardian Angel – Self Service Love / Jim Screechie – MR 12″
75 64 Herb Alpert – Rotation – A&M 12″
76 NE L.A. Boppers – Watching Life / Is This The Best / Funk It Out / Life Is What You Make It – US Mercury LP
77 RE Destination – Move On Up/Up, Up, Up – Butterfly 12″
78 NE Osibisa – Pata Pata – Pye 12″
79 NE Eugene Record – Fan The Fire / Your Love (Ain’t Nothin’ Like It) – Warner Bros. LP
80 70 Whispers – Lady / Can You Do The Boogie / Out The Box – Solar LP
81 77 Zkiffz – (I Wanna) Boogie With You – UA 12″
82 76 Wilson Pickett – Groove City – EMI America 12″
83 NE Mystic Merlin – Just Can’t Give You Up – US Capitol LP
84 NE Bunny Mack – Love You Forever – Rokel 12″
85 NE Don Armando’s 2nd Avenue Rhumba Band – Deputy Of Love / I’m An Indian Too – ZE 12″
86 87 Deborah Washington – Rock It – Ariola 12″
87 69 Joe Bataan – Rap-O Clap-O – Salsoul 12″
88 82 Prince – Sexy Dancer – Warner Bros. LP
89 NE Givens Family – The Year Of The Child – US Venture 12″
90 90 Eargasm – This Is Lovers Rock – Venture 12″
NE = new entry; RE = re-entry

Appeared in Billboard:
#1 (BNDA debut 1/12/80) / #2 (BNDA debut 8/18/79) / #3 (BNDA debut 2/23/80)
#4 (BNDA debut 11/10/79) / #5 (BNDA debut 1/12/80) / #6 (BNDA debut 1/5/80)
#8 (BNDA debut 12/22/79) / #9 (BNDA debut 9/8/79) / #11 (BNDA debut 5/31/80)
#12 (BNDA debut 11/10/79) / #13 (BNDA debut 12/22/79) / #14 (BNDA debut 12/15/79)
#15 (BNDA debut 3/22/80) / #16 (BNDA debut 3/1/80) / #17 (BNDA debut 12/22/79)
#18 (BNDA debut 10/13/79) / #20 (BNDA debut 12/8/79) / #22 (BNDA debut 12/13/80)
#23 (BNDA debut 1/12/80) / #24 (BNDA debut 3/22/80) / #25 (BNDA debut 3/1/80)
#26 (BNDA debut 4/7/79 & 9/8/79) / #27 (BNDA debut 2/23/80) / #30 (BNDA debut 5/10/80)
#31 (BNDA debut 11/17/79) / #36 (BNDA debut 11/10/79) / #37 (BNDA debut 12/15/79)
#38 (BNDA debut 3/22/80) / #39 (BNDA debut 7/12/80) / #40 (BNDA debut 1/12/80)
#41 (BNDA debut 1/26/80) / #42 (BNDA debut 2/9/80) / #43 (BNDA debut 4/5/80)
#48 (BNDA debut 2/16/80) / #52 (BNDA debut 3/22/80) / #55 (BNDA debut 1/5/80)
#61 (BNDA debut 3/8/80) / #62 (BNDA debut 10/13/79) / #64 (BNDA debut 9/8/79)
#66 (BNDA debut 11/3/79) / #67 (BNDA debut 10/20/79) / #68 (BNDA debut 11/24/79)
#71 (BNDA debut 11/17/79) / #72 (BNDA debut 3/8/80) / #73 (BNDA debut 9/8/79)
#75 (BNDA debut 12/22/79) / #77 (BNDA debut 8/25/79) / #80 (BNDA debut 1/12/80)
#85 (BNDA debut 9/22/79) / #87 (BNDA debut 12/1/79) / #88 (BNDA debut 11/10/79)

Bubbling under the UK Disco Top 90 are:

THE SHADOWS: ‘Riders In The Sky’ (EMI 7”)
MANU DIBANGO: ‘Goro City’ / ‘Reggae Makossa’ / ‘Tek Time’ / ‘Full Up’ (Island LP)
ASPHALT JUNGLE: ‘Freakin’ Time’ (US TEC 12”) (BNDA debut 4/12/80)
CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR: ‘Use Your Body And Soul’ / ‘You Gave Me Love’ (US De-Lite LP) (BNDA debut 3/22/80)
BRENDA RUSSELL: ‘In The Thick Of It’ (A&M LP)
THE YOUNGER GENERATION: ‘We Rap More Mellow’ (US Brass 12”)
SHOTGUN: ‘I Want You’ / ‘Go Head’ / ‘Happy Feelin’’ (US MCA LP)
GROVER WASHINGTON JR: ‘Snake Eyes’ / ‘Easy Loving You’ / ‘I Can’t Help It’ (US Motown LP)
THREE DEGREES: ‘Without You’ (Ariola 7”)
LEO’S SUNSHIPP: ‘Give Me The Sunshine’ / ‘I’m Back For More’ (US Lyons LP)
RANDY BROWN: ‘The Next Best Thing To Being There’ / ‘We Ought To Be Doin’ It’ (US Chocolate City LP)
MANDRILL: ‘Dance Of Love’ / ‘Feeling Good’ / ‘Lo Siento Mucho’ (US Arista LP) (BNDA debut 4/19/80)
RODNEY FRANKLIN: ‘The Groove’ (US Columbia LP) (BNDA debut 5/17/80)
CHICAGO: ‘Street Player’ (US Columbia 12”)
DONALD BYRD: ‘Dominoes’ (US Blue Note LP)
BLOWFLY: ‘Rapp Dirty’ / ‘Blowfly’s Rapp’ (US TK 12”)
MIDNIGHT STAR: ‘Make It Last’ (US Solar 12”)
INSTANT FUNK: ‘Bodyshine’ (US Salsoul 12”) (BNDA debut 11/24/79)
AL JOHNSON & JEAN CARN: ‘I’m Back For More’ (US Columbia 7”)
CENTRAL LINE: ‘Sticks And Stones’ (Mercury 12”)
MICHAEL JACKSON: ‘Ben’ (Motown 7”)
SKYY: ‘High’ / ‘Skyyzoo’ (US Salsoul LP) (BNDA debut 3/8/80 & 5/31/80)
MICK JACKSON: ‘You Don’t Light My Fire’ (CBS 12”)
DAVID SANBORN: ‘Anything You Want’ (US Warner Bros. LP)
WEBSTER LEWIS: ‘You Deserve To Dance’ / ‘Give Me Some Emotion’ (US Epic LP)
ALTON & JOHNNY: ‘Hang On In There Baby’ (Polydor 7”)
CAPTAIN & TENNILLE: ‘Do That To Me One More Time’ (Casablanca 7”)
KALYAN: ‘Hot Tea’ / ‘Dry River Breakdown’ (US RCA LP)
TOOTS & THE MAYTALS: ‘Chatty, Chatty’ (Island 12”)
NITEFLYTE: ‘If You Want It’ (Ariola 7”)
LONNIE SMITH: ‘Sizzle Stick’ / ‘Fillet O’ Soul’ / ‘Lean Meat’ (US Groove Merchant LP)
TEENA MARIE: ‘Behind The Groove’ (US Gordy LP) (BNDA debut 3/29/80)
JIMMY MESSINA: ‘Do You Want To Dance’ / ‘Love Is Here’ (US Columbia LP)
JAMES BROWN: ‘Don’t Stop The Funk’ (US Polydor LP)
LE PAMPLEMOUSSE: ‘You Can Get Off On The Music’ (US AVI LP) (BNDA debut 3/8/80)
NORMA JEAN: ‘High Society’ (US Bearsville 12”) (BNDA debut 1/5/80)
CEDAR WALTON: ‘Latin America’ (US Columbia LP)

The Yanks have an abbreviation for it, so here’s our own DORC . . . Dance Orientated Rock Chart, DORC for short!

This seems like a good way of tidying up the non-funk/soul/jazz/disco things that are certainly being danced to in many places but which don’t fit comfortably into the more specialised UK disco chart. Hopefully by putting separate emphasis on this pop hit type of material we may encourage a wider spectrum of jocks to contribute charts, although I suspect that the regular UK singles sales chart will be just as reliable a barometer.

The top 5 would have been in the lower part of the UK Disco 90 this week, the full DORC being: 1. Specials, 2. Pretenders, 3. Blondie, 4. Styx, 5. The Beat (‘Clown’), 6. Joe Jackson, 7. Pink Floyd, 8. Madness, 9. Tourists, 10. Keith Michell, 11. New Musik, 12. Jon & Vangelis, 13. Bee Gees, 14. Cliff Richard, 15. Pat Benatar ‘We Live For Love’ (Chrysalis 12”), 16. Selecter, 17. Police, 18. Dexy’s Midnight Runners, 19. Marti Webb, 20. Rainbow.

4 thoughts on “March 8, 1980: Eugene Record, Brass Construction, Ronnie Laws, Wilbert Longmire, Mystic Merlin”

  1. Over the years i’ve heard variously Newtrament ‘London town’ , Dizzy Heights ‘Christmas Rappin” and the Evasions ‘Wikka Rap’ touted as being the first British rap record.

    And I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it before but this week’s reviewed ‘Cockney Rap’ by Super trap must surely without any question of a doubt be the first British rap record ever.

    this is so quick of the mark its being released while Rappers Delight, Kurtis Blow’s Christmas Rappin’ and Jocko’s Rhythm talk were still big.


    1. If you think of Ian Dury’s Reasons To Be Cheerful as a Rap record, that was before all those, and not released long after Fatback’s King Tim III said to be the first rap record but of course rapping goes way further back than that. Excellent site this btw, and I’m more than addicted! All this great music from back in the day is the best of all time.


  2. WOW a tsunami of new releases reviewed this week and such an embarrassment of riches- jazz funk features heavily as you would expect as this really was the golden era for so many great tracks. The GAP Band “Oops” gets a mention- of course it would become a phenomenon over the coming months along with the notorious rowing dance! The nations taste in dance music was becoming more sophisticated ( forget Liquid Gold, the Nolans etc), a personal fave was Mystic Merlin- still sounds awesome.


  3. Another error rom me that should have been ‘London Bridge’ not ‘London town’ .

    Also I didn’t know that Pete tong was responsible for rediscovering the Leo’s Sunshipp album.


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