August 16, 1980: Cameron, Stacy Lattisaw, Rose Royce, Eumir Deodato, Coffee


Fatback ‘Backstrokin’ gets ’em rowing across the floor even more than ‘Oops’! . . . Gap Band’s s next 12in couples ‘Party Lights’ (remix), ‘Baby Baba Boogie’ . . . William DeVaughn (edited} and-Kurtis Blow (speeded up) are due on UK 12in soon . . . Roberta Flack ‘Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long’ Is 116- 117bpm on UK 12in now, and Lipps Inc ‘Rock It’ is evidently on 12in too in remixed LP version . . . Jane Hornsby continues Capitol’s DJ mailing list, also servicing UA, Bluenote, EMI America product . . . RCA now have Fantasy / Galaxy / Stax . . . Cuddles Canter & Jeff Young sit in for Robbie Vincent on Radio London for the next two Saturday morning soul shows . . . Incognito ‘Parisian Girl’ Is the latest “North London instrumental”, evidently a superior three-part thematic exploration with white labels due next week, while hot Japanese newies include Terumasa Hino ‘Send Me Your Feelings’ (Flying Dick LP), Yasuaki Shimizu ‘Get You’ (Yupiteru LP), Kanu Sukalagwun ‘Stand Up Please’ (Flying Dick LP), Kazumi ‘Gentle Afternoon’ (Alfa LP) — will there be no end to them? . . . Yellow Magic Orchestra’s latest LP has a hilarious version of ‘Tighten Up’ . . . George Benson ‘Moody’s Mood’ fans will find the 1952 original by King Pleasure, if they’re lucky, on ‘The Source’ double LP issued on Prestige eight years ago (it also has the cleaner 1960 remake) . . . Paul Clark (Brighton) is pleased his long-time tip Hugh Masekela & Herb Alpert ‘Foreign Natives’, from their ‘Main Event Live (At The Roxy)’ 1978 A&M LP, has finally pulled other South Coast jazz jocks . . . Brian Brindle (Chelsea Alibi), playing into of mid-‘70s Atlantic/Bluenote jazz oldies, tips Eddie Harris ‘Get On Down’ from the ‘I Need Some Money’ LP . . . Sean French & Tom Holland lake over downstairs at Mayfair Gullivers every Monday from September 1st, playing nothing but jazz with reduced admission . . . Gully’s sex maniac in residence, Jacko and his mate Feet are from South Herts-area tribe the Ugonauts, comprised completely of chefs! .. . Terry Lennaine couldn’t make it on the coach last Saturday, but 81 rather subdued Merseysiders at Gullivers Included Grasshopper, Nutcracker, Norman & Carol . . .  ‘Paul’ Davison (Sawston) says the Cambridge rowers are best (their University rowing record proves this), and they will continue to get splinters in their bums every weekend at Yarmouth until further notice! . . . Groove’s Chris Palmer is sunning it in St Tropez, while at home Surface Noise sounds best on radio but seems to be selling rather well thank you . . . Chris Dinnis (Exeter) sez local Exeter-Virgin record store stocks lotsa imports with crazy prices for genuine J-F jox, while Bob Jones (Chelmsford) sez Our Price — having bought out Harlequin —have lotsa cut-outs at crazy prices for anyone (like 50p for Kudu oldies) . . . Chris Hill & Carol, Jeff Young & Anne, and myself had a great time in Whitehaven and on Windermere last week, Chris and I demolishing 4lbs of freshly caught giant prawns at the Whitehouse and the next day gorging before and after speed-boating at the swank Langdale Chase hotel . . . Ernie Priestman’s wife Kathleen had a new baby Simone while Ernie was out with us water-skiing — congrats! . . . Caroll Birkett, ‘Miss Coal Queen 1974’ no less, flashed a lot at the Whitehouse, where TPK Electronics have installed a really flash new lighting control unit . . . I know two DJs who don’t deserve another mention for being oddly aloof . . . Jeff Young (who’s his Company anyway?!) has another nasty hospital story about certain vacuum cleaners and their painful “decapitating” effect on experimentally probing fellas — ouch! . . . London’s Charing Cross Road Sundown now has its new £200,000 lighting system working and it’s amazo, infos the Sunday Jewish Teenage night’s Gary Hirst . . . Old Bond Street’s notorious Embassy has new owners who are completely revamping the club, with reduced charter membership prior to re-opening next month . . . John Hicks & Robbie Collins successfully auditioned to join Terry Hooper, Larry Foster & Kevin Moxsam as the DJ roster at Ilford’s Room At The Top . . . Dave Jackson now does New Cross Gate’s Railway Tavern every night except Tuesday . . . Les Breen (mobile on Polegate 5879 and Jerry James of Brighton Bonsoir/Lancing Place are two more South Coast jocks sending jazz-funk charts . . . Bow Wow Wow and Adam & The Ants have-doubtless got pop jocks rummaging for their old ‘Burundi Black’! . . . Kelly Marie is truly so awful It ought to be in the DORC! . . . Roger Squire would appear to have a new shop . . . Phonogram’s John Waller says with a fine sense of irony that disco really is dead as nobody’s dancing to disco records except In nightclubs, nobody’s playing them except on record decks, and definitely nobody’s buyIng them except in record shops . . . KEEP IT YOU KNOW WHAT!


CAMERON: ‘Let’s Get It Off’ (Salsoul SAL12-4)
Randy Muller-prod / penned terrific tension-building 116-118-119-120-119 (piano/vibes)-120(outro)bpm 12in bounder mixes with vari-tuning between Teena Marie and Flakes, the less interesting 119-118bpm ‘Magic Of You‘ burbler on the flip leaving the now more timely heavy funk 109-111-112bpm ‘Funkdown‘ on LP (SALP-2).

STACY LATTISAW: ‘Dynamite’ (Atlantic K 11554T)
Forcefully thudding 116-115-116(intro)bpm 12in chugger with piping vocal and some crunchingly punctuating explosion noises towards the end will mix with Teena Marie and Fatback if you’re lucky.

ROSE ROYCE: ‘Pop Your Fingers’ (Whitfield K 17674)
Freakily introed exciting 0-121(intro)-122-123bpm 7in jiggly ‘Car Wash’ clapper with brassy blasts chops nicely out of Ritz. 

LINX: ‘You’re Lying’ (Aves LINX 8001)
The ‘Hackney Sound’ surfaces with scatting and chanting light-voiced chaps (mates of Hi-Tension evidently) on 120(intro)-122-121-122-121-120bpm 12in driven in spurts by a socking solid beat that’s pure Narada Michael Walden ‘Tonight I’m Alright’ rather than the jazzier sound of other North London efforts, but it’s a powerful mixture and selling well already.

STARSHIP ORCHESTRA: ‘You’re A Star’ (CBS 13-8898)
Norman Connors-produced superb Lonnie Liston Smith ‘Expansions’-like nagging new 122-123-122-121-0bpm 12in jazzy treatment of the Aquarian Dream oldie has been huge on import LP but sadly is far too late here now.

NORMAN CONNORS: ‘Take It To The Limit’ (Arista ARIST 12363)
Due next week although on white label already, this Adaritha-squawked hurried but energetic 125-126-127bpm 12in soul wailer is sorta like an untidy Jean Carn, the attractive derivative slow 91-92bpm ‘Black Cow‘ jazz trumpet instrumental flip possibly being a better bet here and now.

CANDI STATON: ‘Betcha I’m Gonna Get Ya’ (LP ‘Candi Staton’, Warner Bros K 56803)
Good typically-sung pushing 113-112-113-112(bass)-113bpm steadily rocking thudder mixes nicely out of ‘Back Together Again’ and should have been on 12in Instead of the sombre 107bpm ‘Looking For Love‘ jogger (actually 108bpm on 12in), ‘Halfway To Heaven’ being a nice 43/85bpm slowie and ‘The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game‘ a swinging 125bpm Marvelettes oldie still rooted in its Motown past.

RANDY CRAWFORD: ‘Blue Flame’ (Warner Bros K 17680T)
Great slinkily throbbing 108-111-112-111bpm burner with nice story line thankfully now on unedited 12in as flip to the already reviewed slow 39/78bpm ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’.

CHOCOLATE MILK: `I’m Your Radio’ (RCA PC 2030)
Dial-tuning and acappella intro cross-fades into a breezy summery light 111bpm 12in thumping harmony swinger, with the old slow heavy funk 82-83-84bpm ‘Action Speaks Louder Than Words‘ on 2-track flip.

SOUL SHACK: ‘Galactic Funk’ (Record Shack SHACK 002)
Moody intro winds up into a synth-splurging but surprisingly dull meandering monotonous 105-109-111-112bpm 12in semi-funk chugger with B-side sax in place of the A-side’s chanting.

Excellent simple catchy 126bpm 7in instrumental synthesizer disco smacker should be on 12in but is getting Capital Radio plugs.

POINTER SISTERS: ‘He’s So Shy’ (Planet K 12470)
Doobie Bros / Robbie Dupree-type catchy little 115bpm 7in tripper. Capital’s Peoples Choice this week, betrays Cynthia Weil’s authorship by ending in ’60s girlie group style.

DAVID BOWIE: ‘Ashes To Ashes’ (RCA BOW 6)
Multi-textured smash-bound steady 121-122bpm pop churner.

CLIFF RICHARD: ‘Dreamin” (EMI 5095)
Fast pumping 124bpm pop chugger and a bubbling modern 124bpm B-side remake of his old ‘Dynamite‘.

THE JAM: ‘Start!’ (Polydor 2059266)
Punchy 141bpm bass lurcher that’s pure middle-period Beatles.

DOOLEYS ‘Body Language’ (GTO GT 276)
Another Abba-like 123bpm pop chugger.

JANIS MARTIN: ‘My Boy Elvis’ (RCA PE 9494)
Classic 1958 vintage rockabilly tribute on 4-track EP.


EUMIR DEODATO: ‘Night Cruiser’ LP (US Warner Bros BSK 3467)
Amazingly strong album finds his basic ‘Whistle Bump’ sound linked to Herb Alpert’s ‘Rise’ clap for a set of light jazz instrumentals that with two copies can be chopped Into each other ad infinitum! The gritty 113bpm title track, prettier 113bpm ‘Love Magic‘ and cooler 112-110bpm ‘Groovitation‘ burble and bump, the bubbly 99bpm ‘Skatin’‘ and heavy funk 98-97bpm ‘Uncle Funk‘ (good with Fred Wesley ‘House Party’) jitter and job. What a monster!

COFFEE: ‘I Wanna Be With You’ (LP ‘Slippin’ And Dippin” US De-Lite DSR-9520)
Glamorous if frothily trite girlie trio’s repetitive 122-124-125-124bpm pounder with skittering fiddle and socking backbeat mixes sensationally out of ‘Jump To The Beat’, ‘Casanova‘ being a happily romping zingy 123-125-128-126-128-126-128bpm canterer with jazzy guitar and phasing finish, ‘Slip And Dip‘ a shrill staccato 119-120-119-120bpm smacker with “I like it” break and ‘Can You Get To This?‘ a breezy 122-125-126bpm hi-hat hisser with rattling “zodiac” break.

MELBA MOORE: ‘Everything’s So Good About You’ (LP ‘Closer’ US Epic JE 36412)
Excellent zestful set in Phyllis Hyman’s class, this jittery wailing steady 116bpm smacker being on promo 12in too, ‘You Got Me Loving You‘ a lovely creamy 121-122-123-122bpm pusher, ‘Shame’ a jiggly 118bpm smacker that really wails at the end, ‘Never Gonna Let You Get Away‘ a moodily introed 119bpm jittery soarer and ‘You Don’t Know What You Do To Me‘ a bubbly little 119bpm skipper with strong short sax solo and incredibly long sustained vocal note.

DAVID HUDSON: ‘Ease Up’ (LP ‘To You Honey, Honey With Love’, US Alston 4412).
Superb old-style real soul set with bluesy guitar Included, this being a terrific steadily chugging 113bpm bouncy bumper that works out ‘Give Me The Night’, ‘Scratch My Back’ a great sleazy 77bpm pent-up swayer, ‘Let Me Wrap You In My Love’ an Al Green-type 50-100-103bpm jogger, ‘Pump It‘ a rattling 127-125bpm “disco” racer, while the 33/67bpm ‘Honey Honey’ leads off the smoochy side one.

WALT BARR: ‘Cafe De La Rue’ (LP ‘East Winds’ US Muse MR 5210)
Happily romping 127-126-127-130-129-128-130-129-0bpm instrumental jazz skipper by naggingly acid yowling guitar, getting a bit of a buzz, the good even jazzier 126-128bpm ‘Zamba’ being less compulsive.

POINTER SISTERS: ‘Save This Night For Love’ (LP ‘Special Things’ US Planet P-9)
Gently starting lovely 113-114bpm swayer spurts ‘Stomp’-like into bursts of smacking intensity with a ‘Taste Of Bitter Love’ flavour, and although short in this form it has killer potential.

ASHFORD & SIMPSON: ‘Love Don’t Make It Right’ (LP ‘A Musical Affair’, US Warner Bros HS 3458)
Bottled-up bubbly 110-109-110bpm thudder full of jittery excitement like a zappier Roberta & Donna / Gladys Knight — although vocally they keep squeaking ear-numbingly like AWB throughout this set! – the possibly stronger ‘Get Out Your Handkerchief‘ being a less pent-up 113bpm backbeat clopper in similar mould, ‘You Never Left Me Alone‘ a soaring building 50-100bpm swayer, ‘I Ain’t Asking For Love‘ a jolting 105bpm jogger and ‘Rushing To’ a spurting 46-48/96bpm slowie.

KING TIM III: ‘Charley Says! (Roller Boogie Baby)’ (US Spring SP D 407)
Fatback-backed rapmeister remembered from their last LP, but although the 110-111bpm 12in rapper is OK it’s the instrumental flip that’s a heavy funk 111-112bpm bass thudder with chix and synth effects which bridges Queen, Tom Browne, Vaughan Mason in a single backstroke!

GERALDINE HUNT: ‘Can’t Fake The Feeling’ (US Prism PDS-405)
Hard thumping 114-116-114bpm 12in heavy funk thudder with a rapper-type rhythm but in fact flowing sung vocal and long motoring instrumental break.

IDRIS MUHAMMAD ‘For Your Love’ (LP ‘Make It Count’, US Fantasy F-9498)
Dead slow orchestral ‘Prelude’ to a good steadily chunking mellow 110- 111bpm vocal jogger with jiggly synth and washing waves of sound, the snapping 129-131-129bpm ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling‘ being the only fast cut of a chix-backed Claytoven-sung set, others being the sparse 106-105bpm I’m So Glad’ jogger, bumpy slight 106bpm ‘Love In The Tub’, juddering slow 37/73bpm ‘I Believe in You’ and ponderous 87bpm ‘New Orleans’ voodoo chant.

TEDDY PENDERGRASS. ‘Take Me In Your Arms Tonight’ (LP ‘TP’ US Phil Int FZ 36745)
Cheerfully clopping sparse rattling 127bpm canterer largely dominated by tremulously wailing Stephanie Mills, as is (yet another) dead slow 0-16/32bpm version of Peabo Bryson’s ‘Feel The Fire’, other soul slowies being the lovely expectantly resonant 36bpm ‘Love T.K.O.‘, tender 16/32bpm ‘Can’t We Try’, strange synth and organ-backed 31-0bpm ‘Let Me Love You’, a dreamy 32bpm ‘Is It Still Good To Ya’ while ‘l Just Called To Say’ is a gently beaty melodic 56/112bpm jogging swayer and ‘Girl You Know’ an Otis Redding’ish 117-116-117bpm snappy chugger.

DAVID RUFFIN: ‘Slow Dance’ (LP ‘Gentleman Ruffin’, US Warner Bros BSK 3416)
Useful tempo-less long “slow it down” start to a bumpily jogging 50/100bpm soaring soul swayer, of the other similarly classy slowies the crawling 16/32bpm ‘All I Need’ has Cuddles Canter drooling, only exuberant clopping 121bpm ‘StiII In Love With You’ being a fast dance.

THE DELLS: ‘Passionate Breezes’ (LP ‘I Touched A Dream’, US 20th Century-Fox T-618)
Gorgeous 39bpm smoocher with deep bass raps over seagulls ‘n’ surf effects, the soulful 36/72bpm title track already being on 12in with the here faster 122-124-125bpm ‘All About The Paper‘, while other slowies getting attention are the rising and falling 39/79bpm ‘So You Are Love’ and 38bpm ‘Just A Little Love’.

JONES GIRLS: ‘Dance Turned Into A Romance’ (US Phil Int ZS9 3111)
Sweetly wailing dead slow intro to a Gamble/Huff-prod/penned squeaky gentle 116/58-117bpm 7in jogger, like candyfloss – sweet and insubstantial.

JOHN KLEMMER. “Adventures In Paradise’ (LP ‘Magnificent Madness’, US Elektra 6E-284)
Fairly unexciting but evidently well-received jazz sax set, this being a good enough long 98-99-98-100-101bpm jogger with nice guitar break, all the rest being a lot slower, the title track at 42bpm, ‘Deja Vu’ 39bpm, ‘We Couldn’t Start Over’ 25bpm, ‘I Can’t Help It’ 54/107bpm.


Skipping superfluous intros and fine-tuning with vari-speed decks when the BPM dictates, this sequence mixes superbly Jermaine Jackson ‘Burnin’ Hot’ (119bpm), SOS Band ‘Take Your Time’ (119), Ritz ‘I Wanna Get With You’ (118-119), Change ‘The Glow Of Love’ (119), Aurra ‘When I Come Home’ (118-119-118), Rod ‘Shake it Up’ (117-118), Rhyze ‘Just How Sweet Is Your Love’ (118-119), Stacy Lattisaw ‘Jump To The Beat’ (120 etc) – the Aurra / Rod especially being made In heaven! Another dramatic killer is to start Diana Ross ‘I’m Coming Out’ very loud through the second rhythm break of Jermaine’s ‘Let Get Serious’, all lights flashing. Check reviews for more ideas.

‘Roller Jubilee’ is hitting here for fret-frazzling Al Di Meola, who in the early ’70s as a 19-year-old guitar prodigy with no previous band experience joined jazz-rock fusing Return to Forever tor three years before going solo and concentrating on acoustic guitar. This current CBS 12in features his flying fingers on multi-tracked 6- and 12-string models, plus celeste.


Craig Dawson of Edinburgh’s Road Runner mobiles (031-447 2611), just returned from St Raphael, says the South of France’s musical taste has swung even more towards reggae (plus some 2-Tone ska), Bob Marley in particular being such a superstar there that his sister even has a hit! Excluding obvious UK tidies, these are what Craig caught in the local Riviera discos.

1 COULD YOU BE LOVED, Bob Marley (Island 12in)
2 RAP-O CLAP-O, Joe Bataan (RCA 12in)
3 OK FRED, Errol Dunkley (Atlantic)
4 SUN OF JAMAICA / ISLAND OF DREAMS, Goombay Dance Band (Epic)
5 I LOVE YOU DANCER, Voyage (Sirroco)
6 WEEKEND, Earth & Fire (Carrere)
7 YES I DO, Luv (Carrere)
8 THAT’S THE WAY JAH PLANNED IT, Rita Marley (Hansa)
9 MANUREVA, Alain Chamfort (Epic 12in)
10 C’EST MA VIE, Julio Iglesias (CBS)

UK Disco Top 90 – August 16, 1980

01 02 Odyssey – Use It Up And Wear It Out – RCA 12″
02 03 Tom Browne – Funkin’ For Jamaica – Arista 12″
03 04 George Benson – Give Me The Night / The World Is A Ghetto – Warner Bros. 12″
04 01 Stacy Lattisaw – Jump To The Beat – Atlantic 12″
05 06 Diana Ross – Upside Down – Motown 12″
06 05 George Duke – Brazilian Love Affair – Epic 12″
07 07 Change – A Lover’s Holiday / The Glow Of Love – WEA 12″
08 08 S.O.S. Band – Take Your Time (Do It Right) – Tabu 12″
09 09 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Could You Be Loved – Island 12″
10 12 Gap Band – I Don’t Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance – Mercury 12″
11 13 Jermaine Jackson – Burnin’ Hot – Motown 12″
12 14 Baby’O – In The Forest – Calibre 12″
13 23 Locksmith – Unlock The Funk / Blackjack / Far Beyond – Arista 12″
14 11 Frank Hooker & Positive People – This Feelin’ – DJM 12″
15 19 Detroit Spinners – Cupid/I’ve Loved You For A Long Time – Atlantic 12″
16 20 George Benson – Off Broadway / Love X Love / Moody’s Mood / Dinorah Dinorah / Star Of A Story (X) – Warner Bros. LP
17 10 Teena Marie – Behind The Groove / You’re All The Boogie I Need – Motown 12″
18 15 Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – Back Together Again – Atlantic 12″
19 18 Lipps, Inc. – Funkytown – Casablanca 12″
20 17 Cameo – On The One / Cameosis – Casablanca 12″/promo remix 12″
21 34 Kelly Marie – Feels Like I’m In Love – Calibre Plus 12″
22 21 Cecil Parker – Really Really Love You – EMI 12″
23 42 Gladys Knight & The Pips – Taste Of Bitter Love – CBS 12″
24 25 Stacy Lattisaw – Dynamite! – Atlantic 12″
25 16 B.T. Express – Give Up The Funk / Does It Feel Good – Calibre 12″
26 40 William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You’ve Got / Hold-On-To-Love – US TEC LP
27 22 Crown Heights Affair – Use Your Body & Soul / You Gave Me Love – De-Lite 12″
28 46 Hiroshi Fukumura – Hunt Up Wind / Captain Caribe – US Inner City LP
29 53 Fatback – Backstrokin’ / Gotta Get My Hands On Some (Money) – Spring 12″
30 30 Cameron – Let’s Get It Off / Magic Of You / Funkdown – Salsoul 12″/US LP
31 33 Gene Chandler – Does She Have A Friend – 20th Century 12″
32 28 Shakatak – Steppin’ / Killing Time – Polydor 12″
33 51 Al Di Meola – Roller Jubilee – CBS 12″
34 37 Level 42 – Love Meeting Love / Instrumental Love – Polydor 12″
35 36 Dynasty – I’ve Just Begun To Love You – Solar 12″
36 47 Rick James – Big Time / Mary-Go-Round – US Gordy LP
37 29 Kool & The Gang – Hangin’ Out / Open Sesame – De-Lite 12″
38 41 Whispers – My Girl – Solar 12″
39 31 One Way feat. Al Hudson – Do Your Thang / Copy This / Pop It – MCA 12″
40 44 Young & Company – I Like (What You’re Doing To Me) – US Brunswick 12″
41 26 Rene & Angela – Free And Easy – Capitol 12″
42 24 Jermaine Jackson – Let’s Get Serious – Motown 12″
43 32 Bobby Thurston – You Got What It Takes – Epic 12″
44 49 Gibson Brothers – Mariana – Island 7″
45 38 Change – Searching – US RFC 7″/LP
46 35 Yellow Magic Orchestra – Firecracker – A&M 12″
47 39 John Handy – Hard Work – MCA 12″
48 NE Crown Heights Affair – You’ve Been Gone / Far Out – De-Lite 12″
49 50 Rhyze – Just How Sweet Is Your Love – Epic 12″
50 48 Flakes – Sugar Frosted Lover – US Magic Disc 12″
51 54 Stanley Clarke – We Supply / More Hot Fun – Epic 12″
52 74 Ramsey Lewis – Hell On Wheels / Colors In Space / Whisper Zone / Come Back Jack / High Point / Caribbean Blue / You Are The Reason – US Columbia LP
53 55 Narada Michael Walden – I Don’t Want Nobody Else / You’re Soo Good – Atlantic 12″
54 56 Dave Grusin – Rag Bag / Friends And Strangers / City Nights – Japanese JVC LP
55 60 Sun – Space Ranger / Hot Spot / Quest – Capitol 12″
56 43 Gayle Adams – Stretch’ In Out / Plain Out Of Luck – Epic 12″
57 45 Mexicano – Dallas – Mercury 12″
58 71 Jean Carn – Was That All It Was – Philadelphia Int’l 12″
59 65 Crusaders – Soul Shadows / Put It Where You Want It – MCA 12″
60 84 Maze – Changing Times / Joy And Pain / The Look In Your Eyes / Family – US Capitol LP
61 62 Al Jarreau – Distracted / Never Givin’ Up – Warner Bros. 12″
62 59 Dynasty – Do Me Right / Day And Night / Groove Control / Ice Breaker – US Solar LP
63 52 Starship Orchestra – You’re A Star – CBS 12″
64 76 Rhyze – Do Your Dance / Home / Singing And Dancing – US Sam LP
65 69 Shalamar – I Owe You One – US Solar 12″
66 81 Grace Jones – Private Life – Island 12″
67 63 Starpoint – I Just Wanna Dance With You / Get Ready Get Down – US Chocolate City 12″ promo/LP
68 70 Dells – All About The Paper / I Touched A Dream – US 20th Century 12″
69 73 Aurra – When I Come Home (remix) – US Dream 12″
70 NE Stacy Lattisaw – Don’t You Want To Feel It (For Yourself) / Let Me Be Your Angel / You Know I Like It – Atlantic LP
71 NE Deodato – Night Cruiser / Love Magic / Uncle Funk / Groovitation – US Warner Bros. LP
72 72 Michael Jackson – Girlfriend – Epic 7″
73 NE Jimmy Senyah – Weakness For Your Sweetness – Rokel 12″
74 75 Sadao Watanabe – Samba Do Marcos – Japanese Flying Disk LP
75 57 Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out / Have Fun (Again) / My Old Piano – Motown LP
76 NE Rose Royce – Pop Your Fingers – Whitfield 7″
77 NE Ritz – I Wanna Get With You – US Posse 12″
78 NE Coffee – I Wanna Be With You / Casanova / Slip And Dip / Can You Get To This – US De-Lite LP
79 78 Manhattans – Shining Star – CBS 7″
80 NE Teddy Pendergrass – TP (all cuts) – US Philadelphia Int’l LP
81 NE McFadden & Whitehead – I Heard It In A Love Song – US TSOP 7″
82 79 Philly Cream – No Time Like Now – Calibre 12″
83 NE Queen – Another One Bites The Dust – EMI LP/US Elektra 12″ promo
84 87 Crusaders – Honky Tonk Struttin’ / Last Call – MCA LP
85 89 Leon Haywood – If You’re Lookin’ For A Night Of Fun – 20th Century 12″
86 85 Bob James – Snowbird Fantasy / Brighton By The Sea / The Walkman / Thoroughbred – Tappan Zee LP
87 90 Pure Energy – Party On – US Prism 12″
88 NE Jimmy Ruffin – Night Of Love – RSO 12″
89 82 Donna Summer – Sunset People / Our Love – Casablanca 12″
90 NE John Klemmer – Adventures In Paradise / Magnificent Madness / Deja Vu – US Elektra LP
NE = new entry; RE = re-entry

Appeared in Billboard:
#1 (BNDA debut 4/5/80) / #2 (BNDA debut 8/23/80) / #3 (BNDA debut 7/12/80)
#4 (BNDA debut 5/17/80) / #5 (BNDA debut 6/28/80) / #7 (BNDA debut 3/29/80)
#8 (BNDA debut 4/12/80) / #9 (BNDA debut 10/4/80) / #10 (BNDA debut 3/8/80)
#11 (BNDA debut 4/5/80) / #12 (BNDA debut 4/26/80) / #13 (BNDA debut 9/6/80)
#14 (BNDA debut 5/17/80) / #15 (BNDA debut 5/31/80) / #17 (BNDA debut 3/29/80)
#18 (BNDA debut 4/5/80) / #19 (BNDA debut 1/26/80) / #21 (BNDA debut 11/22/80)
#23 (BNDA debut 6/14/80) / #24 (BNDA debut 5/17/80) / #25 (BNDA debut 4/19/80)
#26 (BNDA debut 8/16/80) / #27 (BNDA debut 3/22/80) / #29 (BNDA debut 8/9/80)
#30 (BNDA debut 6/28/80) / #35 (BNDA debut 6/28/80) / #36 (BNDA debut 8/23/80)
#37 (BNDA debut 9/8/79) / #39 (BNDA debut 6/28/80) / #40 (BNDA debut 6/14/80)
#42 (BNDA debut 4/5/80) / #43 (BNDA debut 3/1/80) / #45 (BNDA debut 3/29/80)
#49 (BNDA debut 5/10/80) / #50 (BNDA debut 6/28/80) / #53 (BNDA debut 4/14/79)
#56 (BNDA debut 5/24/80) / #58 (BNDA debut 12/22/79) / #62 (BNDA debut 6/28/80)
#67 (BNDA debut 8/9/80) / #69 (BNDA debut 5/17/80) / #71 (BNDA debut 9/13/80)
#75 (BNDA debut 6/28/80) / #77 (BNDA debut 8/16/80) / #78 (BNDA debut 8/23/80)
#80 (BNDA debut 8/30/80) / #81 (BNDA debut 9/13/80) / #83 (BNDA debut 8/9/80)
#87 (BNDA debut 6/28/80) / #89 (BNDA debut 4/21/79)

Bubbling under the UK Disco Top 90:

DAVID HUDSON: ‘Ease Up’ / ‘I Must Have Your Love’ / ‘Pump It’ (US Alston LP)
NED DOHENY: ‘To Prove My Love’ (Japanese CBS/Sony LP)
CAPTAIN SKY: ‘Sir Jam A Lot’ / ‘Bubble Gum (I Chewz You)’ / ‘Non Stop (To The Sky)’ (US TEC LP)
PROTON: ‘Make Your Move’ (Ballistic 12”)
SURFACE NOISE: ‘Dancin’ On A Wire’ / ‘Love Groove’ (Groove Production 12”)
A TASTE OF HONEY: ‘Rescue Me’ (Capitol 12”) (BNDA debut 9/20/80)
MTUME: ‘Give It On Up’ (US Epic 12”)
ROBERTA FLACK: ‘Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long’ (Atlantic 12”)
DELLS: ‘Passionate Breezes’ / ‘So You Are Love’ (US 20th Century LP)
BLACK SLATE: ‘Amigo’ (Ensign 12” promo)
CHIC: ‘Rebels Are We’ (Atlantic 12”) (BNDA debut 7/26/80)
FRED WESLEY: ‘House Party’ (US RSO 7”)
C L BLAST: ‘I Wanna Get Down’ (Atlantic 12”)
RITCHIE FAMILY: ‘Give Me A Break’ (Mercury 7”/12” promo) (BNDA debut 5/17/80)
SADAO WATANABE: ‘Nice Shot’ (Japanese Flying Disk LP)
7TH WONDER: ‘The Tilt’ (US Chocolate City LP) (BNDA debut 8/23/80)
LINX: ‘You’re Lying’ (Aves 12”) (BNDA debut 3/28/81)
WALT BARR: ‘Café De La Rue’ / ‘Zamba’ (US Muse LP)
JOHNNY HAMMOND: ‘Les Conquistadores Chocolates’ (US Milestone LP)
SOUL SHACK: ‘Galactic Funk’ (white label 12”)
DENNIS BROWN: ‘Sitting And Watching’ (Jamaican Taxi 12”)
CANDI STATON: ‘Betcha I’m Gonna Get Ya’ (Warner Bros. LP) (BNDA debut 6/28/80)
JONES GIRLS: ‘Dance Turned Into A Romance’ (US Philadelphia Int’l 7”)
TEENA MARIE: ‘Lonely Desire’ (Motown 12”)
RICHIE ROME: ‘Busy Body’ / ‘Deep’ / ‘Remember Me’ (US Elektra LP)
ROD: ‘Shake It Up (Do The Boogaloo)’ (US Prelude 12”) (BNDA debut 7/5/80)
FRANCE JOLI: ‘Feel Like Dancing’ (Ariola 12”) (BNDA debut 6/14/80)
LEE RITENOUR: ‘Rio Funk’ / ‘A Little Bit Of This’ (Japanese JVC LP)
POINTER SISTERS: ‘Save This Night For Love’ (US Planet LP)
ALFREDO DE LA FE: ‘Hot To Trot’ (US Criollo LP) (BNDA debut 4/19/80)


1 (1) Rolling Stones, 2 (3) Olivia Newton-John & ELO, 3 (2) Liquid Gold, 4 (6) Hot Chocolate, 5 (5) UB40, 6 (7) Sheena Easton ‘9 To 5’, 7 (4) Roxy Music ‘Over You’, 8 (9) Nick Straker, 9 (12) ABBA, 10 (16) Dexy’s Midnight Runners, 11 (11) ELO, 12 (8) Leo Sayer, 13 (14) Darts, 14 (19) Bad Manners, 15 (20) Sheena Easton ‘Modern Girl’.

Stones would have been at 54 in the Disco 90, DORC being reduced this week as so many pop hits are currently disco crossovers.

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