October 11, 1980: Wilton Felder, Narada Michael Walden, Kool & The Gang, Grace Jones, Jermaine Jackson


THIS WEEK’S exceptional surge of strong new imports all vying for DJ attention must make the going tough for anything else released in the near future . . . Gap Band ‘Party Lights’ has been repressed on 12in with ‘Oops’ as flip instead of ‘Baby Baba Boogie’ for the rest of the run . . . Grover Washington Jr ‘Sausalito’ / ‘Mister Magic’ is on Kudu 12in (KUDUX 100) next week! . . . LaToya Jackson ‘If You Feel The Funk’ will be on 12in soon . . . Bbra ‘Rockaboogiebabyboppa’ is now on Revolver 12-REV 1, via Spartan . . . Tom Browne’s title finally seems settled as ‘Thighs High (Grip Your Hips And Move)’, the BPM reconfirmed at 119 – 117 (chix) – 120bpm . . . Michael Henderson’s UK 12in titles reviewed last week should add 1bpm, as should Charles Veal (voltage fluctuation time again!) . . . David Bendeth’s forthcoming Ensign LP has a remade ‘Feel The Real’ and ‘Goldmine’ all about the Canvey club . . . Sister Sledge have dropped Chic to be produced now by Narada Michael Walden (from one formula to another?) – ‘Narada’ incidentally rhyminq with Florida! . . . Brixton’s Front Line and Ilford’s Funk Master Generals are the two tribes chosen for filming by LWT for the Janet Street Porter TV special . . . Chris “The Hell I Will” Hill has some cowboy fun in store for Caister . . . Giles Rankin & John Wischhusen re-start Southampton University’s Bootsies soul club this and every Friday (NUS members and guests, details from Events Dept. 0703-556291) and are looking at the possibilities of forming a “college circuit” for upcoming young jazz bands rather in the style of the sixties when universities were regular bread-and-butter gigs for many groups . . . Joe Sample and other Crusaders came straight down to Gullivers when they landed in London last weekend. Joe remarking that Stix Hooper’s ‘Cordon Bleu’ sold more in the UK than all other countries of the world put together . . . Linx backed Bunny Brown on ‘Strawberry Letter 23’ . . . Groove Production’s Chris Palmer has some amazing developments to announce soon . . . Roger Squire’s stores in addition to the Santa Claus outfits and Xmas novelty packs, have a range of Muppet face masks and low-price flashing party hats . . . so THAT’S what Dong Ghostey looks like! . . . Sean French’s father, in the aerospace biz, is also manufacturing flightcase-style record carrying cases out of metal from Concorde . . . Funktion’s moveable venue jazz-funk club is in danger of losing its founder member funksters to the inevitable copyists that are springing up as publicist Peter Byfield seems more interested in indiscriminate quantity rather than quality of membership . . . Peterborough’s Slickers funk club on Sundays now operates a return bus route for outlying fans (pick-up point details on 0733-69589) . . . Theo Loyla in his Polydor disco plugger capacity got asked in a very untogether way for freebies to service the members of something called the DJ Assn of Great Britain, the proprietor of which Sunil Agarwala, got short shrift and a stiff letter from DJ Federation (GB) chairman, Theo Loyla! . . . Mike Allen’s elevation on Capital Radio to the Sunday lunchtime slot means we’ve lost a ratings-pulling source of late night weekend quality jazz-funk . . . Billy Ocean’s upcoming newie was produced by Nigel Martinez.


‘URBAN COWBOY’, as previously noted, really is having ‘Saturday Night Fever’ – type effect in the craze-hungry States, spawning not only hits but a wholesale swing by sheep-like radio stations, discos and roller rinks to a country music format. Being a comfortingly familiar roots music for white Americans (though not exactly exciting listening), country must come as a relief after the often alien-seeming gay excesses of disco, US-style – but how long before the inevitable media overkill kills country too? And, far more seriously for us, how long before country kills jazz? I ask this because, tragically and with far-reaching repercussions, New York City’s only all-jazz radio station WRVR has suddenly overnight, dropped jazz in favour of country. New York has to be the world’s biggest jazz market – not that the market to enormous anywhere – and without WRVR’s promotional outlet the record companies are already bemoaning the fact that they can’t hope to release as much jazz product as before. Further, New York’s many jazz clubs have at a stroke just lost their main advertising medium. It looks black for jazz. That Travolta has more to answer for this time than ever before! One bright glimmer though is that in an effort to cross their product over to the soul radio stations, jazz artists may include many more “fusion” tracks on their albums – so if we’re lucky we could actually end up with even more jazz-funk (as we call jazz-fusion here), although in the meantime it’s likely that the number of US jazz imports will tail off for a while. WRVR’s faithful fans are up in arms, of course, and over 2,500 of them attended a recent protest rally where – along with appearances by Dave Valentin, Noel Pointer, Sonny Fortune, Lenny White, Cedar Walton, Ralph MacDonald, Leon Thomas, and James Moody (singing ‘Moody’s Mood For Love’) – they formed a Citizens To Save Jazz On WRVR action group to challenge the station’s licence renewal early next year. They should be able to come up with a good case. Now, can’t someone put John Travolta in a film with a jazz-funk soundtrack?


WILTON FELDER: ‘Insight’ (LP ‘Inherit The Wind’ US MCA MCA-5144).
Although hit bound on simultaneously-issued UK 12in (MCAT 646) and voted People’s Choice on Capitol Radio, the superb Bobby Womack-sung lazily pushing 115 – 116 – 117 – 116bpm throbbing title-track floater and its shuffling and romping Latin samba – style 122 – 123 – 122 – 123 – 0bpm ‘Until The Morning Comes’ flip are nevertheless likely to be overshadowed in discos by this dynamic Locksmith – like simple bouncily chugging 0 – 106 – 109 – 110 – 111bpm funky jiggler, which we had to play three times in an hour at Gullys on Saturday! The Crusaders’ saxist gets jazzier on the jogging 106 – 107 – 108bpm ‘LA Light’, the other two cuts being pleasant slowies.

NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN: ‘I Want You’ (LP ‘Victory’ US Atlantic SD 19279).
Extremely strong set but it is awfully similar to the last one, this 116 – 114 – 116 – 114 – 116 – 115 (break) – 116bpm ‘I Shoulda Loved Ya’ clone being best, ‘Tonight I’m Alright’ clones are the 124 – 123 – 124 – 125 – 126 – 124 – 125 – 127bpm ‘The Real Thang‘ and rather rushed 125 – (break) – 126bpm ‘Take It To The Bossman‘, the brash “live”-recorded chunky 123 (intro) – 119 – 118bpm ‘Get Up’ having a bass line that mixes on into Tom Browne ‘Thighs High’, while the lightweight lurching 117 – 116bpm ‘Lucky Fella‘ has rapper-type bass and ‘Alone Without You’ is a pleasant 42/84 – 83bpm slowie. He still can’t keep a constant tempo, damn him! STOP PRESS this is now out here too (Atlantic K 50643).

KOOL & THE GANG: ‘Celebration’ (LP ‘Celebrate!’ US De-Lite DSR 9518).
Withdrawn in the States for repressing as most copies jump, and now not out here until next week as Phonogram’s hit-clogged factory can’t cope, this Deodato-produced set is nevertheless selling on import to the unwary. Due to UK 12in, this semi-title track killer is a hard-hitting 119 (intro) – 122 – 121 – 122bmp thudder with great “wah – hoo” yells and ‘Ladies Night’ influence. ‘Love Festival‘ being an even more ‘LN’-like heavy ponderous 113 – 114 – 115bpm funk thudder, ‘Jones vs Jones‘ a lovely 93bpm jogger like a slower ‘Too Hot’, ‘Take It To The Top‘ a smoothly rolling 117 (intro) – 118bpm thumper, ‘Morning Star‘ a pleasant 117 – 116 – 117 – 118bpm jazzy instrumental, and ‘Night People‘ a shirtlifter-aimed easy 120 – 121 – 122bpm disco swayer. 

AZYMUTH: ‘Dear Limmertz’ (LP ‘Outbro’ US Milestone M-9097).
Snapping bass-introed gorgeous haunting gentle 0 – 104 – 105 – 0bpm instrumental jogger with ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’ noises and Richie Rome-like vocoder will jiggle and sway its way into your mind, while the throbbing bluesy 112bpm ‘Maracana’ merely gets monotonous and the frantic 146 – 152bpm ‘Papasong‘ tries too hard to be another ‘Jazz Carnival’.

GAYLE ADAMS: ‘Stretch In Out’ (US Prelude PRL D 603).
Terrific speeded up and restructured 114 – 113 – 111 (sax) – 113 – 115 (break) – 113 (vocal/sax) – 114 (break on) bpm remix of her hit which I never liked before but love now, flipped on 12in by a more straightforward 121 – 122 – 123 – 121 (break) – 122bpm remix of the romping ‘Your Love Is A Life Saver’ – this on its own is also a rather hissily cut UK white label promo or an unremixed 7in (Epic EPC 8987).

SLAVE: ‘Feel My Love’ (LP ‘Stone Jam’ US Cotillion SD 5224).
An almost too consistently similar set, this slowly tripping 111 – 112bpm slinky little four-beat smacker possibly standing out most but ‘Watching You‘ is also a purposeful unhurried 111bpm thudder, ‘Dreamin’‘ a bass-jolted 116 – 117 – 116 -117 – 0bpm airy snapper, ‘Sizzlin’ Hot‘ a convoluted accelerating 114 – 117 – 116 – 117bpm funker, the title track a heavy funk 117 – 118 – 119bpm smacker, ‘Let’s Spend Some Time’ a breezy 31 – 121 – 123bpm tilter, and ‘Never Get Away‘ a dull 117 – 118 – 120bpm burbler.

SEAWIND: ‘What Cha Doin’’ (LP ‘Seawind’ US A&M SP-4824).
George Duke produced set with pretty Pauline Wilson sounding like Michael Jackson on this snappy simple little lurching 117bpm strutting smacker, the spiky staccato 122bpm ‘Shout’ having an Al Hudson feel, while ‘The Two Of Us‘ is a 46/91 – 95bpm jogger, ‘Pra Vose’ a 52 – 105 – 108 – 107bpm samba, ‘I Need Your Love’ a 45/90bpm swayer, ‘Long Long Time’ an 86bpm jolter, the 116 – 118bpm ‘Love Him Love Her’ and 0 – 127bpm “live” ‘Everything Needs Love’ being more Fleetwood Mac-ish.

GLEN ADAMS AFFAIR: ‘Just A Groove’ (US Sam S-12335).
The ‘Rise’ smack meets rapper-type bass while disco chix chant on this steady 115bpm 12in jogger with nice jiggly guitar doodling in the right hand channel, the beat being very much of the moment even if the tune gets monotonous.

HUBERT LAWS: ‘Family’ LP (US Columbia JC 36396).
Too slow to be the “family” anthem it could have been, this jolting lush Debra Laws-wailed 0 – 94 – 93 – 94 – 93bpm title track jazzy jogger is still excellent in Merry Clayton ‘Emotion’ style, brother Hubert’s flute coming out more on the brassily bumping 0 – 112bpm ‘Say You’re Mine‘ instrumental.

RAY MARTINEZ: ‘The Natives Are Restless’ (US Importe / 12 MP – 306).
Out in New York during July but only now here on import, this basic 121bpm Latin percussion track is made for mixers and indeed vari-synchs nicely between Mirage’s break and the Linx remix. The superbly pressed sub-divided 12in A-side is the Dr Buzzard-ish 122bpm ‘Lady Of The Night’ marathon shirtlifter.

DAVID BENOIT: ‘East Coast Dancer’ (LP ‘Can You Imagine’ AVI 6074).
Brassy 0 – 54 – 108bpm organ instrumental, pure wine bar.

WAX: ‘Got To Be’ (US RCA PD-12093).
Workmanlike episodic thumping and smacking remixed 117 (intro) – 121 – 120 – 121 – 120 – 121bpm 12in jitterer brought alive by nice scratching tighten-up guitar and a solid instrumental feel rather than the inconsequential vocal snatches.

ERIC GALE: ‘You Got Your Life In My Hands’ (LP ‘Touch Of Silk’ US Columbia JC 36570).
Allen Toussaint – produced New Orleans-recorded bitingly bluesy 94 (intro) – 105 – 107 – 109bpm guitar jogger with the same steady precise slow beat as Allen’s Ramsey Lewis tracks, other pleasant wine bar cuts being jazzier and some with old style organ.

LEON HUFF: ‘I Ain’t Jivin’, I’m Jammin’’ (LP ‘Here To Create Music’ US Phil Int NJZ 36758).
Obviously extemporised great bluesily swinging long old-fashioned 126 – 125 – 126 – 128 – 130bpm gospel piano and organ instrumental, more for older listeners than dancing kids, the bassily rolling 103 – 104 – 105bpm ‘Tight Money‘ here not being particularly long and the superstar-sung ‘Your Body Won’t Move If You Can’t Feel The Groove‘ is in fact an undanceable 148bpm self-indulgent in the extreme.

BOHANNON: ‘Throw Down The Groove’ (US Phase II WS7 5650).
Fast frantic seeming but in fact only 121bpm 7in charger with vocal patterns pinched from such as the Sugarhill Gang and claps from Narada MW vari-synchs nicely out of Kool ‘Celebration’.

DAVID CHESKY BAND: ‘Rush Hour’ LP (US Columbia JC 36799).
Brassy jazz instrumentals, pure wine bar music, the title track being a 146bpm racer, ‘Hangin’’ a pleasant 73/37bpm smoocher, ‘Bag Lady‘ a mellow 57bpm swayer, ‘Razor’ a moody 44bpm swayer and ‘Brazilian Carnival’ a frantic 0 – 147bpm non-dancer.


GRACE JONES: ‘The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game’ (Island 12WIP 6645).
‘Heard It Thru The Grapevine’-type languidly booming and bumping 116 – 118 – 119bpm 12in remix of her LP’s Marvelettes oldie, flipped by the sinister slinky 105 – 107 – 108bpm ‘Warm Leatherette‘.

JERMAINE JACKSON: ‘You’re Supposed To Keep Your Love For Me’ (Motown TMG 1201).
Stevie Wonder-arr / prod / penned and typically Wonder-ful lovely lazy 46/92bpm 7in swayer.

ROY AYERS: ‘(Sometimes) Believe In Yourself’ (Polydor POSPX 186).
Hopefully hit-bound superb synth and vibes-featuring steady lush 100 – 101bpm vocal jogger vari-mixes beautifully out of Willie ‘Beaver’ Hale and then on into either Richie Rome ‘Deep’ or David Matthews, the 3 track 12in flipped by his ill-fated Wayne Henderson-partnered jittery jogging 94bpm ‘Thank You Thank You‘ and 101bpm ‘Can You Dance‘.

LINX: ‘You’re Lying (Remix)’ (Chrysalis CHS 12-2461).
The excellent 120 – 122 – 121 – 120bpm ‘Family Mix’ – with added percussion, tougher scatting and altered instrumentation has been pressed as the B-side to the regular 12in versions for a run of 10,000 copies – so hurry!

HERB ALPERT: ‘Red Hot’ (A&M AMSP 7557).
Ultra–happily jiggling polyrhythmic 110bpm 12in jaunty jitterer can be taken at several tempos but will certainly get ’em tapping and shaking faster rather than slower.

LARRY GRAHAM: ‘One In A Million You’ (Warner Bros K 17585T).
Gorgeous smoocher huskily masculine 36 – 0bpm US smash smoocher now on deserved 12in.

AL DI MEOLA: ‘Spanish Eyes’ (CBS 8946).
Great vibrantly tinkling and bumping 111bpm 7in guitar duet with legendary Les Paul of the Al Martino oldie.

EARTH, WIND & FIRE: ‘Let Me Talk’ (CBS 12-8982).
Still an unsuccessful mess on expanded 12in, this now runs 105 (intro) – 110 – 111 – 112 – 111 – 112 – 111 – 113bpm, the unaltered B-side being 105 – 110 – 111 – 112 – 114bpm.

JACKSONS: ‘Lovely One’ (LP ‘Triumph’ Epic EPC 86112).
Self-produced cramped set crying out for a disco remix and Quincy Jones, this US single being a 121bpm jitterer while the Village People-ish 125bpm ‘Can You Feel It‘ may be ours instead, only the slinkily jogging 0 – 97 – 0bpm ‘Heartbreak Hotel‘ (not Elvis’s) standing out from the other typical cuts like the 126bpm ‘Your Ways’, 116bpm ‘Everybody’, 86bpm ‘Give It Up’, 130bpm ‘Wondering Who’, 132bpm ‘Walk Right Now’.


DEAN HUME together with Errol, Alan & Hamid funks South Kensington Kisses in the Cromwell Road every Friday with half price admission for girls, alter which he and wife Elaine then come down to Gullivers and join the gang of apres-gig gorgers! Anyway, Dean responded to my ‘Wine Bar’ music comments with this chart of less than vital but eminently listenable jazz tracks. Remember, other jazz-orientated DJs, only list the really strong dance tracks in your main chart and split off the also-rans into a separate chart order.

1. THE SKIPPER, Tim Eyermann – US Inner City LP
2. MANHATTAN UPDATE – Warren Bernhardt – US Novus LP
3. LIFESONG – John Klemmer – US Elektra LP
4. TIGHT MONEY / I AIN’T JIVIN’ – Leon Huff – US Phil Int LP
6. SUMMER SOFT – Blue Mitchell – US ABC/Impulse LP
7. THE EARLY GENERATION – Cedar Walton – US Columbia LP
8. LITTLE SUNFLOWER – Freddie Hubbard – US Columbia LP
9. RAZOR – David Chesky Band – US Columbia LP
10. MOROCCO – Yusef Lateef – US CTI LP

UK Disco Top 90 – October 11, 1980

01 03 Linx – You’re Lying – Chrysalis 12”
02 01 George Benson – Give Me The Night – Warner Bros. 12″
03 07 Coffee – Casanova – De-Lite 12”
04 14 Stevie Wonder – Masterblaster (Jammin’) – Motown 12”05
05 11 Teena Marie – I Need Your Lovin’ / Behind The Groove (Remix) – Motown 12”
06 02 Rick James – Big Time – Motown 12”
07 05 Change – Searching / Angel In My Pocket – WEA 12″
08 13 Black Slate – Amigo – Ensign 12″
09 10 Deodato – Night Cruiser / Love Magic – Warner Bros. 12”
10 04 Fatback – Backstrokin’ – Spring 12″
11 12 Shalamar – I Owe You One – Solar 12″
12 06 Gap Band – Oops Up Side Your Head – Mercury 12”
13 18 William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You’ve Got – EMI 12”
14 16 Queen – Another One Bites The Dust – EMI/US Elektra 12” promo
15 17 Geraldine Hunt – Can’t Fake The Feeling – US Prism 12”
16 09 Locksmith – Unlock The Funk / Blackjack / Far Beyond – Arista 12″
17 19 George Benson – Love X Love / Off Broadway / On Broadway – Warner Bros 12”
18 15 Gladys Knight & The Pips – Taste Of Bitter Love – CBS 12″
19 08 Tom Browne – Funkin’ For Jamaica (N.Y.) – Arista GRP 12″
20 30 D.I.S.C.O. / You’re OK – Ottawan – Carrere 12”
21 21 Diana Ross – Upside Down – Motown 12″
22 27 Light Of The World – London Town / Pete’s Crusade – Ensign 12”
23 34 Diana Ross – My Old Piano – Motown 12”
24 24 Kelly Marie – Feels Like I’m In Love – Calibre Plus 12″
25 20 Rose Royce – Pop Your Fingers – Whitfield 12″
26 23 Ashford & Simpson – Love Don’t Make It Right – Warner Bros. 12”
27 25 Randy Crawford – One Day I’ll Fly Away – Warner Bros. 12”
28 22 Young & Company – I Like (What You’re Doing To Me) – US Brunswick 12″
29 35 Gap Band – Party Lights / Baby Baba Boogie – Mercury 12”
30 29 Jimmy Senyah – Weakness For Your Sweetness – Rokel 12″
31 36 Mirage – Summer Grooves – Flamingo 12”
32 26 Hiroshi Fukumura – Hunt Up Wind – US Inner City LP
33 31 Ned Doheny – To Prove My Love – Japanese CBS Sony LP
34 45 McFadden & Whitehead – I Heard It In A Love Song – TSOP 12”
35 38 Dells – All About The Paper / I Touched A Dream – 20th Century-Fox 12″
36 39 Ernie Watts – Just Holdin’ On – US Elektra LP/12” promo
37 28 Cameron – Let’s Get It Off / Magic Of You – Salsoul 12″
38 57 Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne – Is It In – US Sunshine Sound 12”
39 40 Eumir Deodato – Groovitation / Uncle Funk – Warner Bros LP
40 33 Dynasty – I’ve Just Begun To Love You – Solar 12″
41 48 Chocolate Milk – I’m Your Radio – RCA 12”
42 64 Willie ‘Beaver’ Hale – Groove-On – US Cat LP
43 42 S.O.S. Band – Take Your Time (Do It Right) – Tabu 12″
44 58 Kurtis Blow – The Breaks – Mercury 12”
45 54 Michal Urbaniak – Joy / Nanava / Circular Road – US Motown LP
46 65 Sadao Watanabe – No Problem / Nice Shot (Live) / Up Country – US Columbia LP
47 43 Level 42 – Love Meeting Love – Polydor 12″
48 44 80’s Ladies – Ladies Of The Eighties – US Uno Melodic 12”
49 32 Stacy Lattisaw – Dynamite – Atlantic 12″
50 47 Village People – Can’t Stop The Music / Magic Night – Mercury 12”
51 51 Roberta Flack – Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long – Atlantic 12″
52 50 Al Di Meola – Roller Jubilee – CBS 12″
53 52 Nick Straker Band – A Walk In The Park – Pinnacle 12”/CBS
54 41 Surface Noise – Dancin’ On A Wire / Love Groove – Groove Production 12″
55 79 Earth Wind & Fire – Let Me Talk – CBS 12”
56 NE Tom Browne – Thighs High (Grip Your Hips And Move) – Arista GRP 12” promo
57 46 Shakatak – Steppin’ – Polydor 12″
58 80 Dave Valentin – Astro-March / Sindran’s Dream / Fantasy / The Tellers– US GRP LP
59 56 Ramsey Lewis – Colors In Space / High Point / Come Back Jack / Caribbean Blue / Hell On Wheels / Whisper Zone – CBS LP
60 63 Coffee – I Wanna Be With You / Slip And Dip – US De-Lite
61 NE Gayle Adams – Your Love Is A Life Saver / Stretch’In Out (Remix) – US Prelude 12”
62 76 Teena Marie – Chains / You Make Love Like Springtime / First Class Love /Young Love – US Gordy LP
63 53 Fred Wesley – House Party – US RSO
64 62 Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce – US Warner Bros LP
65 NE Rah Band – Falcon – DJM 12”
66 NE Wilton Felder – Inherit The Wind / Insight – US MCA LP
67 71 Kwick – Can’t Help Myself – EMI America 12”
68 67 Brass Construction – How Do You Do / We Are Brass / Do Ya – US UA LP
69 68 Frankie Smith – Double Dutch – US WMOT 12”
70 81 Teddy Pendergrass – Take Me In Your Arms Tonight / Love T.K.O. / Can’t We Try – Phil Int LP
71 NE Narada Michael Walden – I Want You / The Real Thang / Get Up / Lucky Fella – US Atlantic LP
72 NE Kool & The Gang – Celebration / Love Festival / Jones Vs Jones – US De-Lite LP/12” promo
73 77 Norman Connors – Take It To The Limit – Arista 12”
74 82 Jazz Sluts – Fuchi (Free Spirit) – Epic 12”
75 55 George Benson – Moody’s Mood / Dinorah Dinorah / Turn Out The Lamplight – Warner Bros LP
76 85 Irene Cara – Fame / Hot Lunch Jam – RSO 12”
77 66 A Taste Of Honey – Rescue Me / Boogie Oogie Oogie – Capitol 12″
78 69 Detroit Spinners – Split Decision / Now That You’re Mine Again – Atlantic 12”
79 NE Daybreak – Everybody Get Off – US Prelude 12”
80 89 Locksmith – TMI / Groove Town / Cinnamon – Arista LP
81 78 Ritz – I Wanna Get With You – US Posse 12″
82 59 Starpoint – I Just Wanna Dance With You / Get Ready Get Down – Casablanca 12”
83 72 Michael Henderson – Wide Receiver – Buddah 12”
84 NE Incognito – Parisienne Girl – Ensign 12” white label
85 NE Linda Clifford – Red Light – RSO 12”
86 90 David Matthews – Cosmic City – Japanese Electric Bird LP
87 87 RJ’s Latest Arrival – Ultimate Masterpiece – US VR 12”
88 83 Casiopea – Asayake / I Love New York – Japanese Alta LP
89 NE Kanu Sukalagwun – Stand Up Please / Shaft / In The Sheath – Japanese Flying Dick LP
90 NE Roy Ayers – (Sometimes) Believe In Yourself – Polydor 12” promo


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:
Larry Graham: ‘One In A Million You’ (Warner Bros)
Maynard Ferguson: ‘It’s My Tlme’ / ‘Red Creek’ / ‘Star’ (US Columbia LP)
Grace Jones: ‘The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game’ (Island 12in)
Herb Alpert: ‘Red Hot’ (A&M 12in)
Mtume: ‘Give It On Up’ / ‘So You Wanna Be A Star’ (US Epic LP)
Linda Clifford: ‘Shoot Your Best Shot’ / ‘It Don’t Hurt No More’ (US RSO LP)
Slave: ‘Feel My Love’ / ‘Dreamin” / ‘Watching You’ / ‘Let’s Spend Some Time’ (Planet LP)
David Chesky Band: ‘Rush Hour’ / ‘Hangln” / ‘Bag Lady’ / ‘Brazilian Carnival’ / ‘Razor’ (US Columbia LP)
Jermaine Jackson: ‘You’re Supposed To Keep Your Love For Me’ (Motown)
Seawind: ‘What Cha Doin’’ / ‘Pra Vose’ (US A&M LP)
Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King: ‘Let’s Get Funky Tonight’ (US RCA 12in)
Hubert Laws: ‘Family’ (US Columbia LP)
Azymuth: ‘Dear Limmertz’ (US Milestone LP)
Soul Shack: ‘Galactic Funk’ (Galactic 12in)
Kano: ‘I’m Ready’ (US Emergency 12in)
Ashford & Simpson: ‘Get Out Your Handkerchief’ (Warner Bros LP)
Gibson Brothers: ‘Metropolis’ / ‘Latin America’ (Island 12in/LP)
Instant Funk: ‘Everybody’ / ‘The Funk Is On’ / ‘It’s Cool’ (US Salsoul LP)
Barbara Thompson: ‘Sunset’ (MCA 12in)
Shotgun: ‘Bad Babe’ / ‘Party Right Here’ (US MCA LP)
Americas: ‘Joggin’ In America’ (Record Shack 12in)
Glen Adams Affair: ‘Just A Groove’ (US Sam 12in)
Whispers: ‘Out The Box’ (Solar 12in)
Peaches & Herb: ‘Funtime’ / ‘Hearsay’ (US Polydor LP)
Leo’s Sunshipp: ‘Give Me The Sunshine’ (Grapevine 12in)
Freeez: ‘Stay’ (Pink Rhythm 12in)
Richie Rome: ‘Deep’ (US Elektra LP)
David Benoit: ‘East Coast Dancer (US AVI LP)

DORC (Dance Orientated Rock Chart)

1(1)Sheena Easton ‘9 to 5’, 2(11) Bob Marley, 3(2) Sheena Easton ‘Modern Girl’, 4(13) Police, 5(6) Odyssey, 6(4) Piranhas, 7(8) Madness, 8(3) Billy Joel, 9(-) Robert Palmer, 10(5) Cliff Richard, 11(15) Rolling Stones, 12(10) Abba, 13(-) Donna Summer, 14(7) David Bowie, 15(14) Hazel O’Connor, 16(-) Split Enz, 17(-) Barron Knights, 18(16) ONJ/ELO, 19(12) Jam, 20(20) Nolans.


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in are:
Glllan 60 – 120 – 0c, George Benson 114f, Barbra Streisand 42/85f, Sweet People 26f, Kate Bush 24/48r, Rolling Stones 141f, Barron Knights 0 – 128f, Damned 0 – 77/154 – 0f, Vardis 215c.

One thought on “October 11, 1980: Wilton Felder, Narada Michael Walden, Kool & The Gang, Grace Jones, Jermaine Jackson”

  1. Ah the good old days… are back again! 38 years later, Diana Ross is currently (August 2018) No1 on the Billboard Dance Chart with Upside Down/I’m Coming Out- an amazing feat for the 74 year old Diva! It’s her 2nd No1 on the Billboard Dance chart THIS YEAR- A remixed Ain’t No Mountain High Enough hit top spot earlier this year- as did a Donna Summer remix. A reflection of the sad state of today’s dance music or the endurance of true classics?
    The Urban Cowboy fad thankfully never crossed the Atlantic and the UK was saved from a Country music invasion- well apart from Dolly & Kenny! That old perennial Kool & the Gang Celebration gets a mention this week, surely one of the most played records of all time? Credible home grown UK soul acts continue to plow that fresh furrow- Lynx & David Grant, another radio friendly classic. This period was George Benson’s career peak in the UK , what a class act. Wonder what happened to that Janet Street Porter TV spot on Caister? Just discovered I’ve been pronouncing Narada M Walden’s name wrong all these years (don’t remember this article “sticking” with me back in ’80).


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