October 18, 1980: Lenny White, L.A.X., Kanu Sukalagwun, Nite Watch, Patti Austin


‘EDGBASTON FACES’ 1980 DJ Convention hosted by Steve ‘Vinyl Chomper’ Dennis on Sunday (19) between 1–5:45pm features talks on DJ topics by Polydor’s Theo Loyla . . . Rush Release’s Nick Titchener, RCA’s Rowdy Yeats, WEA’s Fred Dove, DJF’s Fish Heron & BRMB’s Bob Hopton, new product presentations, PA’s by Jimmy Senyah, Bunny Mack & BBRA tickets being £5 to include turkey luncheon or £2 without food (£2.50 on door), details from Steve on 021-476 2563 or Faces (at Five Ways, Broad Street, Birmingham) on 021-643 9433 . . . Kool ‘Celebration’ 12in (De-Lite KOOL 1012), is due this week, while Wilton Felder’s LP is evidently out (MCA MCG 4013) but his 12in turns out to feature two lengths of ‘Inherit The Wind’ with ‘Until The Morning Comes’ being flip only of the 7in . . . EWF were still in the studio last week so their ‘Faces’ LP is late, and was obviously not launched by the ‘Masterblaster’ masticator as scheduled at Faces . . . Linx have yet another mix out on acetate with – oh gawd! another three also recorded . . . Gayle Adams ‘Life Saver’ either is or isn’t on commercial UK 12in, depending on who you believe at CBS, but in any case the ace Stretch’in Out’ is only on the import . . . Glen Adams Affair ‘Just A Groove’ will be on Excaliber with a nicely flowing remix flip . . . Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne ‘Is It In’ will be flipped by Scotland’s fave ‘Spank’ on UK 12in next month . . . Rah Band rockets up the chart with heavy mafia support . . . Grace Jones & Jermaine Jackson were not intended as lead UK Newies last week . . . Groove Production looks like becoming EMI’s disco label, renamed EMI/Groove (or similar), first release being Bunny Brown followed by material originating from Chris Palmer, EMI, and US sources (Surface Noise staying with WEA) . . . Madhatters badge / clothing stall at Caister had some great new US T-shirts with a “Jazz Funk”-blowing sax motif printed in flocked felt-style on the pocket (and on some nice peaked caps), plus others with the ‘Blue Note’ record label logo . . . Caister’s jazz room used those new compact Red speakers with built-in amps but as there were four stacks each housing two speakers it was hard to tell how they’d sound on their own . . . Mayfair Gullivers looks more up-market by the minute – now there are huge photo murals on the stair walls . . . Alex Anders amazed all at Funktion’s Embassy opening by playing Police, pop-soul and Motown oldies – how long can he last? . . . Whitehaven’s Whitehouse is getting the builders in to make it bigger and even better . . . Dave Van Seiger (who likes Linx now) and Dennis Brynner start broadcasting their Barbarellas disco chart on Southampton University’s Radio between 6 – 8pm this Sunday . . . “Fuzak” is the term for wine bar jazz coined by the mafia . . . Japan makes more than direct-cut jazz and electronic disco, there’s a black R&B revival going on with specially reissued vintage US ‘50s/60s material and local new Japanese-sung doo-wop hits (Japanese doo-wop I’d like to hear!), one now disbanded group the Channels even featuring guys in blackface . . . New York’s disco/soul WBLS still has top radio ratings in that city, so there’s life in US disco yet . . . Alan Donald (Rothesay Paddle Boat), to celebrate his and wife Liz’s first-born Iain, and Kev Hill (Brentwood 0277-221309 – he wants jazz-funk residencies), to celebrate his birthday, both sent me a quid – so thanks and cheers to each! . . . Steve Wiggins (Barry) when holidaying in Greece got roped into jocking at a local club, and did so well they’ve asked him back professionally next year . . . Paul Mulligan infos Edinburgh’s Other Record Shop has the Zapp US 7in at just 85p for DJs . . . Phonogram have been spending a bit on Kurtis Blow . . . Mike Davidson (Liverpool Hollywood) says he didn’t realise 1500 people went out on a Thursday in the whole of Liverpool, while Gary Allan (who goes gay at McMillans on Wed/Sundays) says that the decreasing Liverpudlian club-goers have such a heavy attitude and bad reputation that they’re actually banned by clubs elsewhere in the North-West . . . Eric Hearn whose Liverpool Cagneys gig has folded too, is being rather coy about his old Westwood Grange residency in the Caister programme . . . Chris Brown’s sexy Sharon calls him Bruno! . . . Sean French is so thin I call him Belsen . . . Ralph Tee of Groove Weekly fanzine fame says it’s lucky his Arabian bosses don’t read English as otherwise they’d know what he’s writing all day . . . Mirage’s recent set at Gullivers, featuring a great ‘You’re A Star’ climaxed with members of Linx, Light Of The World and Osibisa joining in for a sensational long rhythm-rattling jam . . . David & Sketch of Linx are hard to avoid these days, in fact, they seem to be everywhere! . . . Covent Garden’s Rock Garden late-night eaterie has been getting too busy recently so we’re planning a moveable-venue apres-gig dining club to try other places, this idea christened Muncheon (to rhyme with Funktion!) by Alan Jewell – who, at Finchley Road Les Elites mixes from Geraldine Hunt’s break into Candi Staton’s old ‘When You Wake Up Tomorrow’ 12in . . . KEEP IT GOOD!


HEAVY METAL gigs have a reputation for being predictably cliched and there had been a danger that the Caister soul weekenders were getting into a rut too, but this last weekend there was a conscious effort not to repeat all the usual rota of rabble rousing anthems. Thus being a bit low-key, it may not have been a vintage Caister but it was still a bloody good Caister, with several innovations that set it apart from the rest. Adjoining the main room was a ‘Jazz Room’ with just that being played continuously as a respite from the Ensign promotion going on next door (well it sounded like that sometimes!) – most requested jazz tracks being Eddie Russ ‘Zaius‘, Willie Bobo ‘Always There‘, Lee Ritenour ‘Fly By Night‘. For technical reasons it was this smaller room that housed the blindingly brilliant Talent Contest, the best silly at a Caister ever. Consider this the Milk Of Magnesia Sisters miming to the Andrews Sisters at the same time as Barry Houdini rolls around trying unsuccessfully to escape from a sack, while behind them a bloke holds up placards prompting two other guys to spin plates, throw knives, juggle . . . and this lot only came second! Brixton’s Front Line did a brilliant piss-take of African tribal chanting to come third, but the winners were crowd-pleasing Nuffin, a tribe whose ‘Old MacDonald’ featured graphically illustrating rams, pullets, snakes, turkeys (gobble gobble here – gobble gobble there) and moo(n)ing cows! Hits of the weekend were the Ovaltineys, Linx (they did a PA with Sketch playing bass to the record), Kool, lots of oldies, several Ensign acetates, while Willie ‘Beaver’ Hale grooved on towards the end of each day. It was good that for once a lot of music actually got played, even if the overall vibe was less high. Julie from Harrow complained that there wasn’t enough mooning and flashing this time (she likes men’s bodies), but while I was visiting with the Liverpool Gnomes from McMillans their neighbouring caravan full of girls – sporting a banner saying “Gang Bang Hut” – became the focus of male peeping attention when it was realised the girls were undressing with curtains open! The Gnomes (Gary Allan, Phil Ford, Joan Flannery, Steve Hughes, Ken Iru) had their newly painted mascot Gnudger Gnome presented on stage (remember the photo in RM a while back) the Backwater Bruces plugged their ‘Outback’ magazine (which wasn’t as funny as the first edition), and in fact just about everyone seemed to be in a tribe (the Hag Spotters being notably ugly themselves!)


LENNY WHITE: ‘Kid Stuff’ (LP ‘Twennynine With Lenny White’, US Elektra 6E-304).
Beautifully controlled subtle set with silky soft sound disguising its pulsating hidden power, the only out-and-out noisy ones being this great heavy 112bpm P’funk bass clapper exploding with splurging guitar after some too-short jangling piano and the snapping staccato brassy 122 – 123bpm ‘Just Right For Me‘, while more typical of the set are the lazily pushing Steady 0 – 112 – 117bpm ‘It’s Music, It’s Magic’ with burping bass voice and subdued smacking finish, softly sung slinky 112 (intro) – 115 – 116bpm ‘Fancy Dancer‘ jittery duet with ‘Rise’ – like smacks and delicate percussion (a longer version could be a killer), and bubbly swinging 119 – 117 – 118bpm ‘My Melody‘ like a classier ‘My Old Plano’, ‘Slip Away‘ being a swaying gentle 117 – 120 – 122 – 120bpm jogger, ‘Back To You’ a lurching 0 – 33/66bpm smoocher and ‘Love And Be Loved’ a sweet slow 89bpm jolter.

L.A.X.: ‘All My Love’ (US Prelude PRL D 604).
Deceptively simple chugging start becomes an excellent 118bpm 12in clapper with soulfully straining lead chap lending a lot of integrity and Luther Vandross-type appeal while the beat builds up to a searing sax break, and in fact it mixes beautifully out of ‘The Glow Of Love’.

KANU SUKALAGWUN: ‘Stand Up Please’ (LP ‘Soft Blow’ Japanese Flying Dick FLYNN 69).
Hard to get hold of, this ‘Rise’-like little 52 (intro) – 105 – 108 – 109 – 110bpm sax-tickled jazz organ builder keeps popping up on DJs’ lips and is indeed worth grabbing (although, kinda specialist, some say it’s a stiff and others a mother), the gradually growing 62 – 124 – 125 – 126bpm ‘Shaft’ being a brassy revival of Ike’s old biggie and ‘In The Sheath’ a slippery spurting 58/116 – 58/29 – 116/58 – 58/29 – 116 – 58 – 116 – 0bpm steady organ throbber with good vibes and anti-climatic outro. A special 12ín coupling is coming soon.

RODNEY FRANKIN: ‘In The Center’ (US Columbia 1-11371).
Heavily textured busily jittering choppy 110 – 112bpm 7in piano and brass instrumental (actually reviewed off a 12in promo) with background party noises, a ‘Let Me Talk’ feel within the same BPM range and old-style Ramsey Lewis-like approach. Not another ‘Groove’ though good. 

JAMES BROWN: ‘It’s Too Funky In Here’ (LP ‘. . . Live / Hot On The One’ US Polydor PD-2-6290).
Initially ignored apart from Fatman playing the sensational long ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World‘ as a specialist deep soul smoocher, this double LP of oldies recorded live in Japan is now surfacing with jocks like Robbie Vincent on this 114bpm repetitive groove and the storming 121 – 125bpm ‘Get Up Offa That Thing‘.

BANDA BLACK RIO: ‘Miss Cheryl’ (LP ‘Saci Perere’ Brazilian RCA 103.0352).
Serviced to the select by RCA’s Rowdy Yeates (after Azymuth he asked the Brazilian office for ”more weirdness” and this is what they sent!) the mafia’s selection from a specialist Latin set being this surprisingly good jogging and jittering Blackbyrds-type 113 – 116 – 113bpm jazz semi-slowie without any Brazilian influence but brass and vocal bits amazingly like Light Of The World.

GERALDINE HUNT: ‘Gotta Give A Little Love’ (LP ‘No Way’ US Prism PLP 1006).
Well produced set with nothing to equal ‘Can’t Fake The Feeling’ although this quite pleasant melodic steady 116bpm clapper has its fans.

THE JONES GIRLS: ‘I Just Love The Man’ (LP ‘At Peace With Woman’ US Phil Int JZ 36767).
Although largely produced by Dexter Wansel, the Gamble & Hull cuts are the best, this dynamite lovely girls-talk introed and interrupted 35/71 – 69bpm old-fashioned soul smoocher being right out of the ’60s, ‘Dance Turned Into A Romance‘ a sweetly winsome squeaky little jiggly 0 – 116 – 118bpm swayer, ‘Back In The Day‘ a fast but not particularly disco 126 – 125bpm canterer and indeed none are vital for discos, though pleasant listening.

LINDA CLIFFORD. ‘Shoot Your Best Shot’ (LP ‘I’m Yours’ US RSO/Custom RS-1-3087).
Slow-introed vigorous choppy crashing 0 – 126 – 128bpm disco stormer with ricochet effects, ‘It Don’t Hurt No More’ being a more soulfully swaying 123 – 124 – 123 – 124 – 125bpm chunkily chugging clapper.

FULL FORCE: ‘Turn You On’ (US Dazz DA 1003).
Bass-thudded “rapper” beat with harmony chanting chaps chopping round on 0 – 120 – 116 – 117 – 118 – 117bpm 12in quite powerfully.

MELODY STEWART: ‘Get Down, Get Down’ (US Roy B RBDS-2512).
Smacking bass-pushed intro adds brassy accents, chanting chix, rattling breaks and a “Let our feet do the rocking” hookline to make an old-fashioned purposeful 122 (intro) – 123 – 122 – 123 – 122 (percusslon) – 123 – 122 (perc) – 123bpm 12in simple dancer.

HOLT ’45: ‘Ain’t Got Time’ (US Virile VRC 30001).
Brassy blasts become a languidly burbling 116 – 115bpm 12th jiggly swinger with chap and chick getting all het up in Ashford & Simpson style.

FIRST LOVE: ‘Don’t Say Goodnight’ (US Dakar DK 10).
Brassy little jittery 115bpm 12in smacker with Stacy Lattisaw-type chix except the wailing lead has a more powerful pair of lungs and fair hollers at times! Beware the odd offbeat intro.

GLORY: ‘Can You Guess What Groove This Is?’ (US Posse POS 1202).
Al Hudson-type chugging little 116bpm 12in smacker with P’funk synth and chanting unison chaps whenever the lead isn’t sounding squeaky.


NITE WATCH: ‘Get Down (‘Cause I Love Your Body)’ (Channel CH 1).
Poorly mixed rushing Hi-Tension-ish 131bpm 7in rattler by a Bristol band, currently getting the hype treatment.

PATTI AUSTIN: ‘I Can’t Stop’ (CTI CTSPX 15).
Randy Crawford-like great bouncily smacking 103 – 100 – 103bpm jogger with nice jazz sax break now at last on 12in with the more sedate but similar quality 93 – 91bpm ‘People In Love (Do The Strangest Things)‘.

THE JACKSONS: ‘Lovely One’ (Epic EPC 9302).
Our single too after all, this ultra-jittery little 122bpm 7in smacker starts well enough and then noticeably runs out of song.

YOUNG & COMPANY: ‘I Like (What You’re Doing To Me)’ (Excaliber EXCL 501).
Dead simple jittery repetitive little chugging 0 – 118bpm 12in skipper, with unpushy chix chanting idiot lyrics over burbling bass and clonking cowbell, huge on import since June and gradually spreading up-country to establish itself with real “shopgirl” appeal – yet it was still big at Caister. I prefer the tougher less vocal 118bpm flip.

FRED WESLEY: ‘House Party’ (RSO RSOX 67).
Dynamite jiggly 100 (intro) – 102bpm heavy funk bass thumper with the ex-JB sideman’s trombone filling between simple male chants, now at last on much needed 12in.

GROVER WASHINGTON JR.: ‘Sausalito’ (Kudu KUDUX 100).
Much sought rattling and tapping atmospheric instrumental jazz classic from ‘Live At The Bijou’ gradually fills out building through piano and guitar to Grover’s squeaky sax, and is now (at my suggestion) on 12in with the sinous steadily jittering 100 – 104 – 103 – 104 – 101 – 105bpm ‘Mr Magic‘ as possibly more accessible A-side.

STEPHANIE MILLS: ‘Never Knew Love Like This Before’ (20th Century-Fox TCD 2460).
Diana Ross-ish lushly orchestrated US smash easy going swaying 0 – 113bpm 12in jogger is claimed to mix, despite BPM discrepancy, with the faster ‘My Old Piano’.

MINNIE RIPERTON: ‘Island In The Sun’ (Capitol 12CL 16165).
Tom Scott-accompanied swaying 0 – 116bpm swinger from her posthumously re-dubbed superstar LP, flipped on 3-track 12in by the older initially subdued sultry 53/107 – 110bpm ‘Light My Fire‘ with Jose Feliciano stoking up the heat, and really swinging Natalie Cole-ish 0 – 125bpm ‘Lover And Friend‘.

THE OVALTINEYS: ‘We Are The Ovaltineys’ (LP ‘Sing Your All Time Favourites’ OVA 1).
Ridiculously happy bounding 108bpm quickstepper, the biggest hit at Caister by far, but the even jollier 137bpm ‘Happy Days Are Here Again‘ has Christmas smash potential. The whole album is full of recreated vintage-sounding innocent fun, a must for MoR jocks and the young at heart!


NOSS RYAN from Langley (Maidstone 861951/50151) quietly does his best to keep deep soul alive in the Medway area, promoting gigs like his recent one at Maidstone’s Queens Head when he isn’t surreptitiously slipping the soulful stuff in on more mundane dates. His current deep soul smoochers listing was inspired by the brilliant Windy City slowie, the only new one of the bunch.

1. IT’S ALL OVER – Independents – Pye
2. JUST ONE MOMENT – Soul Children – Stax
3. MIRROR OF MY SOUL – O. V. Wright – Hi
4. LET ME DOWN EASY – Bettye Lavette – Calla
5. BACK TO YOU – Jean Plum – London
6. KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING WHEN YOU LEAVE – Roshell Anderson – Contempo
7. END OF THE RAINBOW – McKinley Mitchell – Chimneyville
8. JUST DON’T PAY – Debbie Taylor – Arista
9. I STILL LOVE YOU – Windy City – Kelli-Arts
10. THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE – Dramatics – Stax

UK Disco Top 90 – October 18, 1980

01 01 Linx – You’re Lying / Remix – Chrysalis 12″
02 03 Coffee – Casanova – De-Lite 12″
03 04 Stevie Wonder – Masterblaster (Jammin’) / (Dub) – Motown 12″
04 05 Teena Marie – I Need Your Lovin’ / Behind The Groove (Remix) – Motown 12″
05 09 Deodato – Night Cruiser / Love Magic – Warner Bros 12″
06 08 Black Slate – Amigo – Ensign 12″
07 07 Change – Searching – WEA 12″
08 17 George Benson – Love X Love / Off Broadway / On Broadway – Warner Bros 12″
09 06 Rick James – Big Time – Motown 12”
10 22 Light Of The World – London Town / Pete’s Crusade – Ensign 12”
11 11 Shalamar – I Owe You One – Solar 12”
12 15 Geraldine Hunt – Can’t Fake The Feeling – US Prism 12”
13 13 William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You’ve Got – EMI
14 14 Queen – Another One Bites The Dust – EMI/US Electra 12” Promo
15 02 George Benson – Give Me The Night – Warner Bros 12”
16 10 Fatback – Backstrokin’ – Spring 12”
17 12 Gap Band – Oops Up Side Your Head – Mercury 12”
18 20 Ottawan – D.I.S.C.O. – Carrere 12”
19 29 Gap Band – Party Lights / Baby Baba Boogie – Warner Bros 12”
20 28 Young & Company – I Like (What You’re Doing To Me) – US Brunswick 12”
21 23 Diana Ross – My Old Piano – Motown 12”
22 31 Mirage – Summer Grooves – Flamingo 12”
23 19 Tom Browne – Funkin’ For Jamaica (NY) – Arista GRP 12”
24 16 Locksmith – Unlock The Funk / Far Beyond, BlackJack – Arista 12”
25 65 Rah Band – Falcon – DJM 12”
26 26 Love Don’t Make It Right / Bourgie Bourgie – Ashford & Simpson – Warner Bros 12”
27 30 Jimmy Senyah – Weakness For Your Sweetness – Rokel 12”
28 35 The Dells – All About The Paper / I Touched A Dream – 20th Century-Fox 12”
29 27 Randy Crawford – One Day I’ll Fly Away – Warner Bros 12”
30 33 Ned Doheney – To Prove My Love – Japanese CBS Sony LP
31 36 Ernie Watts – Just Holdin’ On – US Elektra LP
32 24 Kelly Marie – Feels Like I’m In Love – Calibre Plus 12”
33 34 McFadden & Whitehead – I Heard It In A Love Song – TSOP 12”
34 32 Hiroshi Fukumura – Hunt Up Wind – US Inner City LP
35 25 Rose Royce – Pop Your Fingers – Whitfield 12”
36 38 Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne – Is It In – US Sunshine 12”
37 21 Diana Ross – Upside Down – Motown 12”
38 42 Willie ‘Beaver’ Hale – Groove On – US Cat LP
39 69 Frankie Smith – Double Dutch / Double Dutch Bus – US WMOT 12”
40 18 Gladys Knight & The Pips – Taste Of Bitter Love – CBS 12”
41 44 Kurtis Blow – The Breaks – Mercury 12”
42 56 Tom Browne – Thighs High – Arista GRP 12”
43 66 Wilton Felder – Inherit The Wind – MCA 12”
44 55 Earth, Wind & Fire – Let Me Talk – CBS 12”
45 45 Michael Urbaniak – Joy / Nanava / Circular Road – US Motown LP
46 72 Kool & The Gang – Celebration / Love Festival / Take It To The Top / Jones Vs Jones – US De-Lite LP/12” Promo
47 61 Gayle Adams – Your Love Is A Life Saver / Stretch’In Out (Remix) – US Prelude 12”
48 71 Narada Michael Walden – I Want You / The Real Thang / Get Up! / Lucky Fella – Atlantic LP
49 NE Bob Marley – Three Little Birds – Island
50 39 Eumir Deodato – Uncle Funk / Groovitation – Warner Bros LP
51 58 Dave Valentin – Astro-March / The Tellers / Sindran’s Dream / Land Of The Third Eye / Fantasy – US GRP LP
52 64 Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce / Funky Bounce / Be Alright – US Warner Bros LP
53 46 Sadao Watanabe – No Problem / Nice Shot (Live) / Up Country – US Columbia LP
54 NE Larry Graham – One In A Million You – Warner Bros 12”
55 50 Village People – Can’t Stop The Music / Magic Night – Mercury 12”
56 60 Coffee – I Wanna Be With You / Slip & Dip / Mom & Dad 1980 – US De-Lite LP
57 48 80’s Ladies – Ladies Of The Eighties – US Uno Melodic 12”
58 84 Incognito – Parisienne Girl / Summer’s Ended – Ensign 12”
59 41 Chocolate Milk – I’m Your Radio – RCA 12”
60 NE Slave – Feel My Love / Watching You / Dreamin’ / Stone Jam – US Cotillion LP
61 37 Cameron – Let’s Get It Off / Magic Of You – Salsoul 12”
62 NE Pointer Sisters – He’s So Shy / We Got The Power / Save This Night For Love – Planet LP
63 63 Fred Wesley – House Party – RSO 12”
64 68 Brass Construction – How Do You Do / We Are Brass / Do Ya – US UA LP
65 85 Linda Clifford – Red Light / Hot Lunch Jam – RSO 12”
66 79 Daybreak – Everybody Get Off – US Prelude 12”
67 59 Ramsey Lewis – Colors In Space / Caribbean Blue / Come Back Jack / High Point / Hell On Wheels / Whisper Zone – CBS LP
68 87 RJ’s Latest Arrival – Ultimate Masterpiece – US VR 12”
69 NE Maynard Ferguson – It’s My Time / Red Creek / Star / Dance To Your Heart – US Columbia LP
70 NE Mtume – Give It On Up / So You Wanna Be A Star / You Can’t Wait For Love – US Epic LP
71 62 Teena Marie – Chains / You Make Love Like Springtime / First Class Love / Young Love – US Gordy LP
72 53 Nick Straker Band – A Walk In The Park – Pinnacle 12”, CBS
73 86 David Matthews – Cosmic City – Japanese Electric Bird LP
74 51 Roberta Flack – Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long – Atlantic 12”
75 81 Ritz – I Wanna Get With You – US Posse 12”
76 NE Herb Alpert – Red Hot – A&M 12”
77 74 Jazz Sluts – Fuchi (Free Spirit) – Epic 12”
78 NE LaToya Jackson – If You Feel The Funk / Are You Ready – US Polydor LP
79 73 Norman Connors – Take It To The Limit / Black Cow – Arista 12”
80 90 Roy Ayers – (Sometimes) Believe In Yourself – Polydor 12”
81 NE Hubert Laws – Family – US Columbia LP
82 NE Grace Jones – The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game – Island 12”
83 67 Kwick – Can’t Help Myself – EMI America 12”
84 NE Freeez – Stay / Hot Footing It – Pink Rhythm 12”
85 70 Teddy Pendergrass – Take Me In Your Arms Tonight / Love T.K.O. / Can’t We Try / Is It Still Good To Ya – Phil Int LP
86 NE Jacksons – Lovely One / Heartbreak Hotel / Can You Feel It – Epic LP
87 NE Barbara Thompson – Sunset – MCA 12”
88 NE Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out – Motown LP
89 NE Wilton Felder – Insight / Until The Morning Comes – US MCA LP
90 NE Azymuth – Dear Limmertz – US Milestone LP


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

James Brown: ‘It’s Too Funky In Here’ / ‘Get Up Offa That Thing’ (US Polydor LP)
Peaches & Herb: ‘Hearsay / ‘Funtime’ / ‘The Love Stealers’ (US Polydor LP)
Ashford & Simpson: ‘Get Out Your Handkerchief’ (Warner Bros LP)
Leo’s Sunshipp: ‘Give Me The Sunshine’ (Grapevine 12in)
Cameron: ‘Funkdown’ (US Salsoul 12in)
Gibson Brothers: ‘Latin America’ / ‘Good Girl Bad Girl’ (Island LP)
Seawlnd: ‘What Cha Doin.’ / ‘Pia Vose’ (US A&M LP)
Instant Funk: ‘Everybody’ / ‘The Funk Is On’ (US Salsoul LP)
Glen Adams Affair: ‘Just A Groove’ (US Sam 12in)
David Chesky Band: ‘Rush Hour’ / ‘Hanger’ / ‘Brazilian Carnival’ / ‘Wampuscat’ / ‘Razor’ (US Columbia LP)
Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King: ‘Let’s Get Funky Tonight’ (US RCA 12in)
Bunny Brown: ‘Strawberry Letter 23’ (Groove Prod 12in)
Richie Rome: ‘Deep’ (US Elektra LP)
Rodney Franklin: ‘In The Center’ (US Columbia/12in promo)
Geraldine Hunt: ‘Gotta Give A Little Love’ (US Prism LP)
Banda Black Rio: ‘Miss Cheryl’ (Brazilian RCA LP)
Zen: ‘Music Is Life (Laser 12in)
Idris Muhammad: ‘For Your Love’ (Fantasy 12in)
Mass Production: ‘Cosmic Lust’ (Atlantic 12in)
Terumasa Hino: ‘Still Be Bop’ (Japanese Flying Disk LP)
Various: ‘Medley Of The Hits Of 1979’ (US Special DISCO Mixer 12in)
GQ: ‘Disco Nights (Remix)’ (Arista 12in promo)
JR Funk & The Love Machine: ‘Feel Good Party Time’ (US Brass 12in)
Eddy Grant: ‘Can You Feel My Love’ (Ensign 12in promo)
Light Of The World: ‘I Shot The Sheriff’ (Ensign LP promo)

DORC (Dance Orientated Rock Chart)

1(4) Police, 2(3) Sheena Easton ‘Modern Girl’, 3(5) Odyssey, 4(1) Sheena Easton ‘9 to 5’, 5(6) Piranhas, 6(13) Donna Summer, 7(7) Madness, 8(11) Rolling Stones, 9(16) Split Enz, 10(9) Robert Palmer, 11(8) Billy Joel, 12(-) David Bowie ‘Fashion’, 13(15) Hazel O’Connor, 14(17) Barron Knights, 15(-) Black Sabbath, 16(10) Cliff Richard, 17(20) Nolans, 18(-) Gillan, 19(14) Bowie. 20(12) Abba.


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in are:
Status Quo 176f, Adam & The Ants 209/104f, Teena Marie 110 – 111f, Kurtis Blow 115f, Earth Wind & Fire 105 (intro) – 110 – 111 – 112 – 113f, Motels 118f, Roger Daltrey 31- 0r, Orchestral Manoeuvres 144f.

3 thoughts on “October 18, 1980: Lenny White, L.A.X., Kanu Sukalagwun, Nite Watch, Patti Austin”

  1. For anyone wondering about the veracity of the Kanu Sukalagwun review, this was an entirely fictitious record, designed to fox the gullible. (Hint: try saying the artist’s name out loud!)


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