March 28, 1981: Sugar Minott, Burundi Black, Isley Brothers, Webster Lewis, Quincy Jones


‘BITTER SUITE’, the £5.99 CBS double album of jazz-funk classics has finally hit the streets (CBS 22082), full review next week . . . Heatwave’s Keith Wilder just bumped into me eating breakfast at a certain London hotel in the middle of writing this page, and amongst other things tells me that Johnnie is whizzing about in a special computerised wheelchair (with built-in stereo), which he handles like a motorbike using just his chin and neck muscles – look out for it on BBC TV’s ‘Tomorrow’s World’ . . . Mayfair Gullivers is accessible for Johnnie all on street level, so what with Rose Royce hanging out there last week and Heatwave this, its just like old times! . . . Arista’s imminent LP influx by such as Harvey Mason, Raydio, Phyllis Hyman appears to have been held back on import to coincide with UK release . . . Record Shack’s as yet unheard ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us’ disco mixer is evidently made up of legal cover-versions and is not a bootleg . . . SEDA’s Spring Disco Fair is between noon and 7pm this Sunday (29) at the Great Danes Hotel just off the M20 near Maidstone, with many name exhibitors . . . East Anglian DJ Assn members are largely of a mind to fragment the association into separate ones of more manageable size, and will decide on this at their annual general meeting on Sunday, April 12th at 3pm in Thetford’s Breckland Sports Centre . . . Carol Jiani ‘Hit ‘N’ Run Lover’ is not necessarily going to be on Champagne, despite early announcements . . . London’s Capital Radio lunchtime show could be getting more interesting again soon, say no more! . . . Honey Bee Benson (busy as a bee) now with stupendous success is partnering TISWAS’s equally lovely Sally James in the Sally James Roadshow, complete with Phantom Flan Flinger – book ’em but quick on 01-434 1861/2 from MPC’s Ronnie Ball! . . . Holly House Publications of 2 Holly Road, St Mary’s Bay, Romney Marsh, Kent TN29 OXB (030382 2983), have now produced a blank identity card for filling in by the DJ to make his roadcrew or similar look more official in their dealings with third parties (you could probably make one yourself for less than the 60p each/four for £2 cost) . . . Froggy has now moved on Thursdays to Hackney Marshes Flamingo’s . . . Van Martin, ex-Brighton Mr K’s/Rustington Smugglers Roost, is now resident at Blackpool Adam & Eve with Thursday his jazz-funk night – and the best crumpet in the North-West, he says! . . . Tom Holland, who with Miss Blue Note will be jazz-funking London’s notorious Venue on Sundays from April 26th, tips the up-coming Claudia Fontaine ‘Natural High‘ (JB 12in) reggaefication of Bloodstone’s oldie as a future hit . . . Tony Jenkins, no longer actively involved with Funktion, returns to the idea that started it all when he starts importing jazz-funk punters to Harrow Weald’s lavishly appointed Middlesex & Herts Country Club every Monday from April 27th . . . Mark Stuart (Southall Barberrettas) follows Greg Edwards in reviving Jeffree ‘Love’s Gonna Last‘ (US MCA LP) . . . Martin Platts (Blackburn), some of whose valuable comments would be more intelligible if I knew what he was talking about, like me uses the ’60s-reviving Euromedley oldie, Laurent Voulzy ‘Rockollection‘ (French RCA 12in) . . . Keith Black (Warwick) is in Kenya for a couple of weeks – don’t let the lions get ya! . . . Lindon T of Edgware’s Scorpion Sounds Roadshow, shops exclusively at Groove . . . Liz Bailey (Leicester) is upset by her current chart’s content, saying I’ll hate it, as it’s so mixed due to prevailing bad nightclub conditions – but I don’t know why, because even the pop stuff she’s included is at least GOOD pop stuff, and that’s all one can hope for . . . Nigel Porter however, recently moved from Reading to work in Leicester’s HMV Shop, finds that city has a glut of clubs all with exactly the same format and safe chart-orientated music policy, attracting very few punters mid-week yet unwilling to try anything different – in fact, says Nigel, the best disco is at Leicester Polytechnic, where all kinds of music are played, with no dress restrictions and a distinct lack of hostility (do you mean it’s a futurist club by any chance?!) . . . Steve Boley (Weston-Super-Mare Mr B’s) reckons Radio One is largely to blame for punters’ stagnant taste at the moment, as only the same very few disco records ever get played, so that on the odd occasion now that people do go out, the only tunes they know are these plus of course oldies – making new material difficult to break when the only chance it gets is probably one shot . . . I know what I like – I like what I know . . . KEEP IT GOOD!

DAVID GRANT and Sketch of Linx have every reason to look chuffed (as well as cool), ‘cos ‘You’re Lying’ is climbing the US Soul chart while back home here ‘Intuition’ is proving that “Plan B” really can work for some people! Between rehearsing for a UK tour next month and hitting every club in town every night (or so it seems), they even managed a quick flying visit to the States to help their hit there. It’s the first of the new breed Brit-Funk sides to score Stateside, which should bode well for their excellent album’s chances in the market there too. Light Of The World, look to your laurels!


SUGAR MINOTT: ‘Good Thing Going’ (RCA RCAT 58).
Finally shaping up as the biggest reggae crossover in ages now it’s on a major label, this fabulously infectious simple little jiggly 0-79bpm 12” revival of an obscure Michael Jackson oldie is a Capital Radio smash request and interestingly was introduced to RCA by Rusty Egan.

BURUNDI BLACK: ‘Burundi Black’ (Barclay BAX 1).
As 25 Ingoma Drums from the Burundi region of Central Africa are pounding away with all their ethnic power, the 1971 addition of Mike Stephenson’s keyboard chords and now Rusty Egan’s ponderous electronic beat seems unnecessary – but thankfully the 167bpm 12in flip is just the drums on their own and is the side to use especially if mixing into the exactly similar Adam & The Ants ‘Kings Of The Wild Frontier’! I’ve been using this side for ten years now.

ISLEY BROTHERS: ‘Tonight Is The Night’ (Epic EPC A1122).
Absolutely gorgeous gently pulsating 48bpm edited 7in smoocher sung with beautiful vocal interplay and a lovely mellow sense of pent-up sleazy rhythm, the best track on their import album, flipped by the ultra-jittery smacking c.128bpm ‘Who Said?‘. 

LEPRECHAUN: ‘Loc-It-Up’ (Excaliber EXCL 508).
Gene Redd-produced infuriatingly jaunty little clapping 120bpm 12in swayer with mellow male vocals and madly catchy simple sax figure nagging its way into your brain.

VARIOUS: ‘Re-Mixture’ LP (Champagne CHAMP 1).
Five UK jazz-funk instrumental hits all in remixed new versions on an LP designed to sell for not much more than the price of a 12in! Most impressively different in their new form now are the 129-131-129-131bpm Powerline ‘Double Journey’ (also on remixed 12in) and 125bpm TW Funk Masters ‘Love Money‘, others being the 118-120bpm Inversions ‘Mr Mack‘, 117bpm Rah Band ‘Slide‘ and 111-112-113-114-115-116-117-118bpm Not James Player ‘Friends Again‘.

INCOGNITO: ‘Shine On’ (LP ‘Jazz Funk’ Ensign ENVY 504).
Light Of The World’s other spin-off with a good set of which best are the instrumentals like this sparsely skittering delicate but fast 0-130-131-130-129bpm jazz tootler with nice synth, the jaggedly jittery explosively racing 124-127-128bpm ‘Interference‘, gentle smooth 103-108-106-110- 107bpm ‘Wake Up The City‘ samba, throbbing jazzy 0-128bpm ‘Sunburn‘ and swirling 79-85-0bpm ‘Walking On Wheels’ with a complex jazz time signature, vocals being the laid-back romping 122-125bpm ‘Why Don’t You Believe’, pattering jerky 126bpm ‘Incognito’, chick-sung 43-0bpm ‘Chase The Clouds Away’ and similarly smoochy 46bpm ‘The Smile Of A Child’.

FREEEZ: ‘Flying High’ (Beggars Banquet BEG 55T).
Much less catchy chaps chanted jittery largely instrumental jerky disjointed 0-132-130-132-131-130-133-132bpm 12in rattler, the beefed up bassier 0-130-128-130-129-132-131-0bpm B-side remix being even more jaggedly jolting.

EDDY GRANT: ‘Can’t Get Enough Of You’ (Ensign ENYT 207).
Immediately identifiably by now “typical” but thus far less enthusiastically received monotonous 130bpm reggae-based lurching thudder on 3-track 12in with the 128bpm electronic futurist ‘Time Warp‘ instrumental and 102bpm ‘Neighbour Neighbour‘ calypso.

DAVID BENDETH: ‘Feel The Real (Again)’ (LP ‘Just Dessert’ Ensign ENVY 502).
Canadian-based guitar-totin’ expatriate East Ender returns with a re-recorded lighter 120(intro)-122-120bpm version of his lurching comes-and-goes jazz leaper, while of the newies on a good bright set ‘Make It Pop‘ is an EWF-ish spikily skipping 123bpm strutter with Bros Johnson bass bits. ‘Risque Rock‘ a rumbling synth-introed reggae-interrupted thundering 114bpm chugger with wailing guitar, ‘I Was There‘ a pleasant 126bpm falsetto harmony canterer, ‘Rollin’ a convolutedly starting spurting snappy 121-123bpm jiggler with jazzy sax, and ‘Better Believe It’ a specialist 119-122-124bpm ultra-jitterer.

LINX: ‘Don’t Get In My Way’ (LP ‘Intuition’ Chrysalis CHR 1332).
An impressively world-class debut full of superstar-style sureness of touch, the new material however is possibly better for listening than dancing. This being a quite tense jiggling beefy 117-118-119-118bpm chugger, ‘Wonder What You’re Doing Now‘ a rumbling cool 0-112-114bpm swayer, ‘Count On Me’ a gentle sax-backed 103-105-107bpm jogger, ‘There’s Love’ a gorgeous dead slowie, ‘Throw Away The Key’ a bass-jittered sparse strange 0-126/63-128bpm throbber, and ‘I Won’t Forget’ a 73/145bpm Police-like sudden racer.

INTERSECT: ‘Pipe Dreams’ (RSR SK 2, via Record Shack).
Ponderously thudding heavily compressed competent if unexciting 110bpm 12in jazz-funk sax instrumental with snappy bass produced by Shakatak on red vinyl white label, with an untitled jittery fast 119bpm flip.

STEVE WINWOOD: ‘Second-Hand Woman’ (LP ‘Arc Of A Diver’ Island ILPS 9575).
Although actually carrying the album for the sparsely skittering long introed 126bpm ‘Night Train‘, I was last week asked at a mobile gig for this as it turns out a terrific jaggedly racing 0-131-132-131bpm leaper with piercing fruity synth which – guess what – mixes superbly out of Tantra!

PHIL COLLINS: ‘Behind The Lines’ (LP ‘Face Value’ Virgin V 2185).
As you probably know, this excellent smash LP is actually in part extremely soulful, being backed by bassist Alphonso Johnson and the EWF brass. In addition to the jolting 107/53bpm ‘I Missed Again‘ hit slowie, check this jittery convoluted 105(intro)-103-102-103bpm crossover chance, plus the intense slow 42/85bpm ‘Thunder And Lightning‘, atmospheric kids-hummed then spikily rolling 48-97bpm ‘Hand In Hand’ and beautiful tranquil dead slow 0-29bpm ‘If Leaving Me Is Easy’.

MARIA VERANO: ‘Get Up’ (EMI 12EMI 5152).
Pop-aimed appallingly sung 129bpm brassy bass pounder.

SPANDAU BALLET: ‘Reformation’ (LP ‘Journeys To Glory’ Reformation CHR 1331).
Relying heavily on Rinder & Lewis for inspiration, the set’s best dancer is this smoothly thudding 140bpm emotionless bounder, numbers for the others being ‘Age Of Blows’ 160bpm, ‘Muscle Bound’ 101bpm, ‘Mandolin’ 145bpm, ‘Confused’ 126bpm, ‘Toys’ 108bpm, ‘The Freeze’ 138bpm and ‘To Cut A Long Story Short’ 142bpm.

BRIAN ENO – DAVID BYRNE: ‘The Jezebel Spirit’ (LP ‘My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts’ EG EGLP 48).
Interesting futurist hit superimposes US radio chat, sermons and Middle-Eastern singing over electronic tracks, most danceable being this steady 119bpm rattler featuring an exorcist in actual action, while others worth checking in case are the 108bpm ‘America Is Waiting‘, 108bpm ‘Moonlight In Glory‘, 95bpm ‘Regiment’ and 148bpm ‘Help Me Somebody’.

NASH THE SLASH: ‘Dopes On The Water’ (LP ‘Children Of The Night’ DinDiscdid 9).
Although the freaky bandaged one’s throbbing’ 113bpm ’19th Nervous Breakdown’ and 153bpm ‘Dead Man’s Curve’ keep getting the mentions, this buzzing heavy 111bpm Deep Purple send-up is likely to be much more useful.

DEPECHE MODE: ‘Photographic’ (LP ‘Some Bizzare Album’ Some Bizzare BZLP 1).
Much mentioned frantic 160bpm futurist flier on a useful various artists compilation, their current ‘Dreaming Of Me‘ 7in (Mute MUTE 013) being a deadpan 135bpm electronic throbber.


WEBSTER LEWIS: ‘Kemo Kimo’ (LP ‘Let Me Be The One’ US Epic FE 36878).
Beautifully produced if thoroughly derivative sophisticated set (spot the influences!) with the usual Herbie Hancock-led supersessioneers and large vocal line-up, my own favourite and immediate floor-filler being this dynamite conversational simple happy 119bpm heavy funk burbler (it mixes sensationally out of the ‘For Those Who Like To Groove’-ish side 2 cut 3 instrumental on Raydio’s new white label LP), however jazz jocks are reacting to the instrumental jauntily skipping lightweight 125-127bpm ‘Flying High’ and 105bpm ‘El Bobo‘ piano samba, other dancers being the coolly flowing 113-114bpm ‘Bout The Love‘ pulsing jogger, soulful sparse 123-121bpm ‘You Are My Life‘ loper, and Rah Band-ish introed slickly leaping 60-123-124-125-126bpm ‘Let Me Be The One’ romper, the rest being pleasant slowies.

QUINCY JONES: ‘Razzamatazz’ (LP ‘The Dude’ US A&M SP-3721).
Rod Temperton punches button “B” and out pops the set’s most commercial winner, an amazingly Michael Jackson-like, though (despite his token support elsewhere) in fact Patti Austin-sung 0-120bpm slickly flowing chugger of a type that you’ve already anticipated – and the 120bpm ‘Turn On The Action‘ is another twist of the same formula – while Stevie Wonder’s synth joins Herbie Hancock and da boyz by solo-ing on the slinkily rolling sinister steadily clopping vocoder-sung 96-97-96bpm title track jogger which has Yarbrough & Peoples-like appeal, and on his own jittery little 111bpm ‘Betcha’ Wouldn’t Hurt Me‘ mellow swayer. Apart from the full length 123bpm ‘Ai No Corrida’ (now on UK 12in with the 121bpm old ‘Stuff Like That’ – AMSX 8109). The rest is more for listening than dancing and while there’s nothing wrong in that, it doesn’t warrant detailed analysis on a disco page, Fred.

NOSTALCIA: ‘Break Down’ (US Alto PI 022).
Editors’ Note: Should be listed as:
VARIOUS: ‘Break Down’ (US Alto Nostalcia PI 022).
Dynamite bootleg 12in mixer weaves in and out and around a much speeded up Kurtis Blow ‘The Breaks’ in early 118bpm stages before hitting 122bpm during a climax that includes Stacy Lattisaw hits and Young & Co. You’re gonna love it, as this one’s a real goodie! It’s especially useful now as there are so many current funkers around the same BPM for mixing.

VARIOUS: ‘Goodie Goodie Mixer’ (US Disco Mixer DTM-200).
Another great bootleg 12in mixer which starts at 116bpm brilliantly combining Jimmy Bo Horne ‘Is It In’ with KC ‘That’s The Way (I Like It)’ and continues to include other TK oldies before branching into Free ‘All ‘Right Now’, Derek & The Dominoes ‘Layla’ and many more similar rock oldies. Expertly blended with a constant backbeat, it’s a must for more pop-orientated mixer collectors. I get the feeling that some of these may in fact originate here before being pressed abroad.

CHAMPAIGN: ‘How ‘Bout Us’ LP (US Columbia JC 37008).
Richly resonant lovely 36bpm title track soul smoocher by evidently a white group from Champaign, Illinois (no, it’s not a misprint!), also on edited UK 7in (CBS A1046) with the bouncily bumping 106bpm ‘Spinnin‘, while ‘Can You Find The Time?‘ is an attractive lightweight soulful jittery 113-114-115bpm swayer with Heatwave flavour, ‘Party People’ a rolling slow tripping 86/43bpm jolter, ‘Whiplash’ an Instant Funk “I Wanna Get Next To You”-cum-Heatwave laid back 116bpm groove, and ‘I’m On Fire’ a bass pattered tender 39bpm smoocher.

RANDY BROWN: ‘If I Don’t Love You’ (LP ‘Randy’ US Chocolate City CCLP 2017).
Another beautiful set from the somewhat Jerry Butler-ish deep soulster with the slowies standing out most, like this superb quaveringly wailed tender slow spurting 45-46bpm swayer, aching dead slow 30-32bpm ‘Leave The Bridges Standing‘ and lovely 41bpm ‘Tomorrow’ smoocher, ‘Just To Be With You’ being a snapping steady 48/97bpm jogger, ‘Right Track’ a jagged jerky 126-125-127-126bpm stamper, ‘Looking For The Real Thing‘ a pulsating 56 -112-113bpm swinger and ‘I Was Blessed’ a rumbling 44/88bpm convoluted swayer.

AURRA: ‘Are You Single’ (US Salsoul SG 346).
Trickily burbling slow intro (difficult to mix) becomes a bass-bumbled jittery little 54(intro)-108bpm 12in jiggler with sparse Young & Co-type flavour, solidly sung by shrill chlx with occasional gruff chaps, the solidly chanted ‘Living Too Fast‘ flip being a strange lurching 120bpm smacker.

METROPOLE: ‘Miss Manhattan’ (Canadian PBI W-12048).
Cool chick-sung languidly swaying 115bpm 12in jogger builds tension with rumbling rattling behind breathily chorusing chix before an echoing sax takes over, so what began blandly ends quite jazzily with the sax tootling unaccompanied.

VICTOR FELDMAN: ‘In My Pocket’ LP (US Cohearent Sound CSR-1001).
Pricey, unless you’re ruddy lucky, this lovely uncluttered happy limited edition direct-cut, specialist acoustic jazz set from ’77 by the pianist with Hubert Laws’ flute playing an important part and Harvey Mason on drums is uncannily quiet, without even any surface noise between tracks, the title one being a frisky romping 0-124-128 bpm tootler, ‘Skippin‘ a staccato jolting 124bpm jumper, ‘Rudy Jubilation‘ a convoluted 0-103-105bpm jitterer, ‘Rio’ a fast skittering 0-145-150bpm racer, while ‘Welcome To The Party’ is a bumpy 98-0bpm jogger and ‘I Am Happy’ appropriately titled at 110-114-0bpm. Thanx to Andy Hunter for loan of his copy.

VERA: ‘Take Me To The Bridge’ (Canadian Rio 12in) at c.135bpm, ADAL-SCANDY SUPER BAND: ‘Pirana‘ (US V.S. 12in) at c.141bpm and MOTHER (F): ‘Hot Wax‘ (Canadian Matra 12in) at c.125bpm are this week’s gay gallopers, while other LPs include NOEL POINTER (Liberty – ‘Brookline’ and CHUCK MANGIONE’s ‘Land Of Make Believe’ worth jazz attention). ‘Passage’ (A&M – LOUIS JOHNSON of the Brothers with a lightweight but religiously worded tract), BRENDA RUSSELL (A&M – Carole King-ish nice listening). MANTRA (Chocolate City – heavy funk), OHIO PLAYERS (Boardwalk – includes new soul treatments of ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ and ‘Dock Of The Bay’), HAMBONE (Salsoul – terrific sexy cover but naff harmonica music). These may yet be reviewed in depth (or shallow, if you like, Fred!)

TANTRA ‘Hills Of Katmandu’, reviewed last week, in fact fine tunes at 133-134-133bpm, while the “afro” side segues at a constant 124bpm, ‘Su-ku-leu’ / ‘Mother Africa’ / ‘Hallelujah’ with a split second gap before the 120bpm.’Get Happy’ conclusion. Kat Mandu ‘The Break’ should be 134bpm, Soft Cell ‘Memorabilia’ 133-134-133bpm, Phil Lynott 12in 137bpm, Starpoint ‘I Want You Closer’ 111-112(outro)bpm, Sun ‘Guiding Light’ 107-108bpm / ‘Love Baby Love’ 15/31-33½bpm / ‘This Is What You Wanted’ 95-96bpm. Sorry, numbers freaks!

UK Disco Top 90 – March 28, 1981

01 01 Freeez – Southern Freeez / Version – Beggars Banquet 12”
02 02 Sharon Redd – Can You Handle It – Epic 12”
03 05 It’s A Love Thing – Whispers – Solar 12”
04 03 Beggar & Co – (Somebody) Help Me Out – Ensign 12”
05 04 Kleeer – Get Tough / De Kleeer Ting – US Atlantic LP
06 07 Jacksons – Can You Feel It / Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) – Epic 12”
07 10 Sister Sledge – All American Girls – Atlantic 12”
08 16 Linx – Intuition / Together We Can Shine – Chrysalis 12”
09 08 Gap Band – Burn Rubber On Me – Mercury 12”
10 21 Firefly – Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side) – Excaliber 12”
11 15 Alphonze Mouzon – By All Means / Do I Have To? / The Jogger – US PAUSA/German Metronome LP
12 11 Ray Carless – Tarantula Walk / New Born Child – Ensign 12”
13 13 K.I.D. – Don’t Stop / Do It Again – Groove/EMI 12”
14 06 Rah Band – Slide – DJM 12”
15 09 Yarbrough & Peoples – Don’t Stop The Music – Mercury 12”
16 14 Harry Thumann – Underwater – Decca 12”
17 19 Bernard Wright – Bread Sandwiches / Just Chillin’ Out / Firebolt Hustle / Master Rocker – US Arista GRP LP
18 18 Kool & The Gang – Jones Vs Jones – De-Lite 12”
19 22 Lakeside – Fantastic Voyage – Solar 12”
20 12 T.S. Monk – Bon Bon Vie – Mirage 12”
21 17 Second Image – Dance Dance Dance / The Jazzy Dancer – Polydor 12”
22 35 Shakatak – Living In The UK – Polydor 12”
23 40 Shalamar – Make That Move – Solar 12”
24 42 Light Of The World – Time – Ensign 12”
25 36 Leprechaun – Loc-It-Up – US Citation 12”
26 33 Mystic Touch – Get Yourself Together – Champagne 12”
27 23 Blondie – Rapture – Chrysalis 12”
28 27 Young & Company – Strut Your Stuff (Sexy Lady) – Excaliber 12”
29 29 Manu Dibango – Goro City / Happy Feeling – Island 12”
30 74 Heatwave – Jitterbuggin’ – GTO 12”
31 31 T.S. Monk – Candidate For Love / House Of Music / Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself – Mirage LP
32 20 Heatwave – Gangsters Of The Groove – GTO 12”
33 25 Gene Dunlap – Love Dancin’ / It’s Just The Way I Feel – Capitol 12”
34 24 MFSB – Mysteries Of The World – TSOP 12”
35 62 Stevie Wonder – Lately – Motown
36 78 Scratsch Band – Your Place Or Mine? (Instrumental) – Groove/EMI 12”
37 32 Joe Sample – Burnin’ Up The Carnival – MCA 12”/LP
38 85 Dynasty – Groove Control – Solar 12”
39 26 Whispers – Imagination / I Can Make It Better / Up On Soul Train – Solar LP
40 37 Earth Wind & Fire – And Love Goes On / Faces – CBS 12”
41 70 Marvin Gaye – Praise / Funk Me – Motown 12”
42 28 Fantasy – You’re Too Late – Epic 12”
43 34 Breakfast Band – L.A.14 – Disc Empire 12”
44 30 Gil Scott-Heron/Brian Jackson – The Bottle – Vintage Champagne 12”
45 51 Free Expression – Chill-Out! – Vanguard 12”
46 38 Spectrum – Taking It To The Top – Smokey 12”
47 60 Sylvia Striplin – Give Me Your Love – Champagne 12”
48 58 Arni Egilsson – Howduz Disco? – US Inner City LP
49 72 Freeez – Flying High / Mariposa (Butterfly) / Caribbean Winter / Sunset – Beggars Banquet LP
50 81 Strikers – Body Music – US Prelude 12”
51 41 James Brown – Rapp Payback – RCA 12”/LP
52 59 Not James Player – Friends Again – Ultimate 12”
53 84 Jerry Knight – Perfect Fit – A&M/US LP
54 NE Adrian Baker – High Time – Polo 12”
55 44 Shock – Angel Face – RCA 12”
56 64 Carol Jiani – Nit ‘N’ Run Lover – Canadian Matra 12”
57 66 Isley Brothers – Tonight Is The Night / Young Girls / Party Night / Who Said? / I Once Had Your Love / Don’t Let Up / Hurry Up And Wait – US T-Neck LP
58 43 Rudy Grant – Lately – Ensign 12”
59 45 Blackbyrds – Rock Creek Park – Fantasy 12”
60 48 Fuse One – Grand Prix / Double Steal – Japanese/German CTI LP
61 50 Johnny Bristol – Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me (Remix) – Ariola Hansa 12”
62 57 Marvin Gaye – Heavy Love Affair – Motown LP
63 82 Alicia Myers – Spirit Of The Boogie / Don’t Stop What You’re Doin’ / I Want To Thank You – US MCA LP
64 NE Level 42 – Love Games – Polydor 12”
65 79 Unlimited Touch – Searching To Find The One / Happy Ever After – US Prelude LP
66 80 Sugar Minott – Good Thing Going – RCA 12”
67 54 Various – Bits & Pieces III – Canadian Special Disco Mixer 12”
68 69 Frankie Valli – Soul – MCA 12”
69 55 Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music In The Streets / In The Middle – Epic 12”
70 61 George Benson – What’s On Your Mind – Warner Bros 12”
71 RE Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday – Motown LP/12” promo
72 NE Champaign – How ‘Bout Us / Can You Find The Time – US Columbia LP
73 65 Funk Masters – Love Money – Tania Music 12”
74 49 Azoto – San Salvador – Dutch Rams Horn 12”
75 73 Sister Sledge – If You Really Want Me / Music Makes Me Feel Good / Make A Move – Atlantic LP
76 53 Spandau Ballet – The Freeze – Reformation 12”
77 67 Lenny White/Twennynine – Fancy Dancer (Remix) – Elektra 12in promo
78 89 Mel Sheppard – Can I Take You Home – US TSOB 12”
79 NE Sun – Jammin’ In Brazil / Reaction Satisfaction / Guiding Light / Force Of Nature – US Capitol LP
80 87 Tantra – Hills Of Katmandu / Wishbone / Mother Africa – US Import/12” LP
81 83 Powerline – Journey / Double Journey (Remix) – Elite 12”
82 88 Cold Fire – Daydreamin’ / Whispering / H.F.R.S. – US Capitol LP
83 NE Atlantic Starr – When Love Calls – US A&M/LP
84 71 Altitude – Six Nine Shuffle – UK Champagne 12”
85 NE Revelation – Feel It – US Handshake 12”
86 76 Sheila Hylton – The Bed’s Too Big Without You – Island 12”
87 NE Webster Lewis – Flying High / Kemo-Kimo / ‘Bout The Love / El Bobo – US Epic LP
88 77 Hot Cuisine – All Fired Up Kaleidoscope 12”
89 NE Quincy Jones – Ai No Corrida / Stuff Like That – A&M 12”
90 RE Frank Hooker & Positive People – Ooh Suga Wooga / This Feelin’ (Remix) – US Panorama LP/12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

General Caine II: ‘L.R.J. Pop / Shake’ (US Groove Time LP)
Night People: ‘Again’ (US TSOB 12in)
Quincy Jones: ‘Razzamatazz’ / ‘The Dude’ / ‘Turn On The Action’ (US A&M LP)
Spandau Ballet: ‘Glow’ (Reformation 12in)
Congress: ‘That’s Jazz’ (Congress Prods 12in)
Nobuo Yagi: ‘Mi Mi Africa’ (Japanese Invitation LP)
Junior Tucker: ‘The Kick (Rock On)’ (Island 12in)
Kat Mandu: ‘The Break (Remix)’ (Canadian Unidisc 12in)
Harris Simon Group: ‘Wind Chant’ (Japanese Overseas LP)
Gap Band: ‘Humpin’ (Mercury 12in)
Starpoint: ‘I Just Want To Be Your Lover’ / ‘Keep On It’ (US Chocolate City LP)
Freeez: ‘Flying High (Remix)’ (Beggars Banquet 12in)
Maria Verano: ‘Get Up’ (EMI 12in promo)
Wizzdom: ‘Free Bass’ (US TK 12in)
Michael McGloiry: ‘Won’t You Let Me Be The One (Version Two)’ (US Airwave 12in)
Bliss: ‘Fun’ (US Rap City 12in)
Mystic Merlin: ‘Sixty Thrills A Minute’ / ‘Hideaway’ (US Capitol LP)
Jack McDuff: ‘Nasty’ / ‘Primavera’ / ‘Say Sumpin’ Nice’ / ‘Tunisian Affair’ (US Sugarhill LP)
Ingram: ‘Mi Sebrina Tequana’ (US H&L LP)
Incognito: ‘Shine On’ / ‘Chase The Clouds Away’ (Ensign LP promo)
Kid Creole & The Coconuts Present Coati Mundi: ‘Que Pasa/Me No Pop I’ (US Antilles 12in)
Various: ‘Disco Mix’ (US Al 12in)
Gene Dunlap: ‘Rock Radio’ (US Capitol LP)
Victor Feldman: ‘Skippin’ / ‘In My Pocket’ / ‘Ruby Jubilation’ (US Cohearent Sound LP)
Eastside Connection: ‘You’re So Right For Me’ (US Rampart 12in)

DORC (Disco Featured Pop Hits)

1(1) Roxy Music, 2(22) Adam ‘Kings’, 3(11) Landscape, 4(17) Shakin’ Stevens, 5(5) Coast To Coast, 6(8) Talking Heads, 7(24) Kiki Dee, 8(2) Kelly Marie, 9(14) Visage ‘Toy’, 10(4) Adam ‘Ant-music’, 11(7) Yoko Ono, 12(18) Stray Cats, 13(-) Phil Collins, 14(6) Ultravox, 15(3) Visage ‘Grey’, 16(-) Kim Wilde, 17(15) Sheena Easton, 18(12) Pretenders, 19(23) Madness, 20(28) Jam, 21(16) Susan Fassbender, 22(-) Eddie Rabbitt, 23(9) John Lennon ‘Woman’, 24(19) Classix Nouveaux, 25(21) Police ‘Voices’, 26(13) Joe Dolce, 27(20) Cliff Richard, 28(-) Rainbow, 29(29) Dave Stewart, 30(-) Ultravox ‘Mr X’.


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in are:
Hazel O’Connor 0-62(intro)-124/248r, Gillen 203f, Elton John / Lennon 0-164-0r, Tony Capstick ‘Home’ Or (really!) / ‘Grinder’ 97r, Phil Lynott 138f, Heaven 17 153-0c, Dexys Midnight Runners 0-136f, Graham Bonnet 0-114f, Heatwave 113f.

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