June 20, 1981: Gino Soccio, Change, Evelyn King, Mighty Fire, Mastermind


DISCO OBSERVERS doubtless join me in heaving a sigh of relief at this week’s final return to normality . . . US imports will be costing more from the next shipment on . . . Teena Marie’s LP has been withdrawn in the States for a complete remix (was it something I said?!) . . . Morgan Khan is now pleading with dealers to sell Excaliber’s ‘DJ Purposes Only’ releases to ordinary non-DJ customers too — seems some shops took the series’ title literally! . . . Excaliber’s future issues include Candido ‘Jingo’, Wish ‘Nice and Soft’, Barbara Roy ‘If You Want Me’ (with a segued mixer flip), and a remix of Firefly ‘Love’ . . . Champagne has reissued Spargo ‘You and Me’ (FIZY 1001) . . . Hi-Gloss ‘You’ll Never Know’ / ‘I’m Totally Yours’ is being rushed early June . . . Star Sound’s next project is an Abba medley . . . Lenny White’s album ‘Twennynine with Lenny White’ (Elektra K 52257) is being sold here with a free copy of the previously promo-only ‘Fancy Dancer’ 12in remix . . . Fatback and James Brown LPs reviewed last week on import are now out here (Spring 2391512 and Polydor POLS 1029 respectively) . . . Carol Jiani is evidently about on a Canadian remix . . . Eddie Russ’s much-sought ‘Zaius’-featuring old ‘See The Light’ LP is turning up in certain London stores now . . . Archie Bell’s Becket LP will be on PRT here . . . Soho’s upmarket new L’Escargot wine bar seems off to a good start, spotted sipping Californian wine there last week were Jonathan Dimbleby, Pete Townshend, Roberto Campoverde . . . Roberto Who? . . . ‘Wikka Wrap’, reportedly the hottest record in the USA with radio going crazy for it, sold 30,000 copies in one day after rush release on SAM . . . Inversions ‘Loco Moto’ / ‘Black Russian’, finished only last week, should be due on Groove Production 12in any time now . . . Paapa / Future ‘Tastes So Good When It’s Hot’, an excellently produced fast urgent happy smacker involving members of HI-Tension and Sweet Sensation, is currently only in acetate stage, but should smash when picked up for release . . . Brighton Busby’s Thursday jazz-funk night didn’t get the “right” crowd, so Paul Clark & Mick Fuller are just there Sundays now . . . Sunderland Mayfair’s Roller Disco on Thurs/Saturdays is going great, sez Marshal ‘Woolie’ King . . . Terry Hooper has left Ilford Room at the Top after eight years to become manager of the soon to open Stratford Revelations . . . Robbie Collins (01 520 7547) needs more futurist bands to gig on Thursdays at Slough Alexandra’s – where Tokyo appear tonight (18) . . . Neil Fincham is looking for a learner / assistant DJ / video op at Dunbar’s Craigengelt in Marine Road — contact him there any Thur/Fri/Sat at 7.45pm . . . Paul Mallon (Bath 0225-3319931), following closure of Halifax Tiffanys would welcome summer season work playing any kind of music on the coast or in Europe . . . London Organisation of DJs’ membership has been reduced to £16 (including insurance cover) and their meeting venues will range around the area in an effort to attract more jocks — LODJ details from Ralph Maloney (01-805 8211) . . . Radio Caroline will have a futurist format when it returns on 559m off the Essex coast sometime this month . . . Steve Strange/Rusty Egan’s ‘Club For Heroes’ is merely Funktion flying under a new flag, with Peter Byfield in pirate clothes at the Barracuda . . . I spent a staggering 15 hours just BPM-ing records over the weekend, and trust it’s appreciated . . . HO DE HUM!


GINO SOCCIO: ‘Try It Out’ (Atlantic K 115947).
Already an absolute monster as an import LP track, this strangely compulsive dead simple but oh so powerful hypnotic walking paced 113-115bpm thudder with squawking chix and tootling trumpet is slipped by the synth washed jazzy guitar doodled lovely lush 35-36bpm title track to the LP ‘Closer’, which is now also out here (K 58790), the other main attraction on it being the tightly smacking 119bpm ‘Hold Tight‘ girlie group chanter, which is very strong too.

CHANGE: ‘Paradise’ (WEA K 76196T).
Since we were so rudely interrupted, this fabulous creamily chugging 118bpm 12in girlie group-cooed subtle throbber has been a US disco chart topping smash and is widely considered to be the one that got away here. In light of all this, it’s not too late to give it the renewed shove it deserves to make it the hit it still could be – is it? Come on, we can do it!

EVELYN KING: ‘I’m In Love’ (RCA RCAT 95).
This dynamite precisely smacking bumpy little 115bpm 12in chugger has indeed exploded and sounds so strong it’s as if it’s been a disco smash for ages, instead of just a week and a half! 

DEBRA LAWS: ‘On My Own’ (Elektra K 12523T).
The biggest might-have-been had circumstances been different when this was hot on import LP in March, the lightly wailed bubbly jittering then loping 118(intro)-120-118(bass)-120bpm 12in jazz-funk beauty was a good mixer with MFSB and Kleeer back then and has been given new life on belated single now.

QUINCY JONES: ‘Razzamatazz’ (A&M AMSP 8140).
The Patti Austin-sung Michael Jackson-like 0-121bpm strutting stormer (sensational mixed out of ‘Stomp’) is indeed on 12in, a 3-tracker, with the older subdued 126-129bpm ‘You Have To Do It Yourself‘ and pretty harmonica-played whistling instrumental 0-44bpm ‘Vaias’ smoocher.

RANDY CRAWFORD: ‘Rainy Night In Georgia’ (LP ‘Secret Combination’ Warner Bros K 36964).
Plenty of smooch sessions seems one way of re-injecting some interest into the disco scene (what’s more fun than groping?), so that Randy’s simply superb set of slowies should be a compulsory purchase if you don’t have it yet. Jocks have already made this beautiful atmosphere-laden 57bpm Brook Benton revival even hotter than the purposefully rolling jolting slow 41/82-42/84bpm ‘You Might Need Somebody‘ hit (on 12in K 17803T), while ‘Rio De Janiero Blue‘ is a gorgeous lightly tripping 0-65/130bpm samba, ‘That’s How Heartaches Are Made’ a nice enough 46-47bpm treatment of Baby Washington’s 1963 classic (one of my all-time faves), ‘You Bring The Sun Out’ a dead slow 0-31bpm quaverer, and the title track a lovely lazy 43/86bpm swayer for some reason with no jocks on it yet.

NIGEL MARTINEZ: ‘Behind My Back’ (Pinnacle Disco 12-PIN 502).
The percussionist – or is it keyboardist these days, as on ‘Wikka Wrap’? – makes his overdue return as frontman on a Curtis Mayfield-ish staccato snapped jolting choppy 114bpm 12in jitterer, all superbly played.

COMPASS POINT ALL STARS: ‘Peanut Butter’ (Island 12WIP 7564).
Sensationally similar 109-110bpm 12in instrumental dub version of Grace Jones ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’ but out here long before as flip to Junior Tucker ‘The Kick’.

MANHATTAN TRANSFER: ‘(Wanted) Dead Or Alive’ (LP ‘Mecca For Moderns’ Atlantic K 50789).
Glorious album for listeners and sophisticats (try the James Bond-based ‘Spies In The Night‘ amongst others), the most out-and-out dancer being this terrific 121bpm Mighty Sparrow calypso – which not surprisingly has exploded with West Indian audiences at Mayfair Gullivers! Try Eddy Grant ‘California Style’ straight out of it!

M.S.O.: ‘In The Jungle’ (Mainstreet 12SPMS 103).
In fact flip of the dull straight salsa 115-117bpm ‘The Music Man‘, this sensationally happy fast 125-131-127-131-133bpm 12in pure Latin leaper works a treat (chopped minus plopping first part) out of ‘California Style’, and makes an exhilarating climax for any evening.

CAYENNE: ‘Roberto Who . . . ?’ (Groove Production GPLP 30).
Excellent Latin-jazz-funk set by bespectacled Robert Greenfield (Roberto Campover-de-geddit?!) and his somewhat Gonzalez-based band, the Linda Taylor-sung subtly cooking 121-122bpm title track really building up power, instrumentals being the lovely flute-tootled pulsating 0-124/62-122/61bpm jazz revival of Freddie Hubbard’s ‘Little Sunflower‘, while authentic brass-brayed Latin rattlers are the 128-126bpm ‘La Ratonerra’, 128-0-129-131-128-130bpm ‘Fiesta Cubana‘ and complex 0-131/66-148-150-132-0bpm ‘Virgin Flight’.

RAMSEY LEWIS / MARLENA SHAW: ‘Wade In The Water’ (Chess CHESL 101).
What a great idea – Ramsey’s classic purposefully trucking 1968 piano instrumental with Marlena’s later vocal version spliced in for a while halfway to make a new 0-132-136-137-(140-139 Marlena)-141-142-144bpm 12in! The flip is an edited 143-141-142bpm version of his style-setting 1965 treatment of Dobie Gray’s ‘The In Crowd‘. Only the 12in features Marlena, by the way, in case you’ve heard the 7in on radio.

TANTRA: ‘Hills Of Katmandu’ (Automatic K17639T).
Although originally a massive gay disco hit in the States and latterly warm here as LP tracks, this sizzling fast 134bpm electronic pounder and similar rattling 131bpm ‘Wishbone‘ are now on edited 12in aimed at futurists.

ABBA: ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’ (LP ‘Super Trouper’ Epic EPC 10822).
Hottest on the subscriber DJ-Only Disconet 12in remix (and again I must emphasise that this, for copyright reasons is positively NOT for sale to the public), the original version is a sweetly choral-like smooth 0-132-133bpm pounder with an old-style Sylvester-like tempo, ending in “live” applause.

CLINT EASTWOOD & GENERAL SAINT: ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ (Greensleeves GRED 56 via 01-749 3277).
Not in fact the Queen tune, this extremely silly ultra-catchy 76bpm 12in reggae smash has the crossover potential of another ‘Uptown Top Ranking’ what with its “oink” catchword, and should be heard.

BITS & PIECES: ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ (Island IPR 2048).
Not another mixer, this is a freakily starting male chanted totally different useful new 0-94-95bpm 12in treatment of the Yarbrough & Peoples smash (Material ‘Reduction’ varied down out of it well), with electronic trickery added to the beat and an instrumental dub, ‘Break 1-5‘ flip.

PRINCE: ‘Gotta Stop (Messin’ About)’ (Warner Bros LV 47).
Squeakily whinneyed jerky abrupt unattractive 145bpm futurist jolter on 3-track 12in with the much better interestingly worded starkly strutting 128-124(pause)-128-124-122bpm ‘Uptown‘ and the now much copied terrific sparsely thudding 116-119-120bpm ‘Head‘ (with softly muttered female comments worth catching!), although the 7in version just has his old 118-116bpm ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ (Great out of ‘Head’) – and indeed ‘Head’ has been out on its own too, as a flip to the lightweight ‘Do It All Night’ (K 17768T). It works really well right now, so get it if you didn’t before.

PLAYERS ASSOCIATION: ‘Get On Up Now’ (Vanguard VSL 5028).
Energetically bubbling but entirely typical and over-worked fast zappy 126bpm 12in romper and a funkier 115bpm ‘Let Your Body Go‘ flip.

WANDA WALDEN: ‘Don’t You Want My Lovin’ (Elektra K 12531T).
Narada’s sister-in-law produced by him in amazingly blatant Sister Sledge style on a ‘We Are Family’-like 115bpm 12in lurcher, with a nice spoken intro 36/79bpm slow ‘It’s Gone Now’ flip.

BUNNY WAILER: ‘Dancing Shoes’ (Island 12WIP 8585).
Steadily popping but not particularly special 69bpm 12in reggae swayer flipped by the more ethnic and laid back 0-82bpm ‘Walk The Proud Land‘, serviced by Rush Release.

DAVID SANBORN: ‘Let’s Just Say Goodbye’ (LP ‘Voyeur’ Warner Bros WB 55906).
The jazz sax supersessioneer’s set has been warm a while, this attractively loping 111bpm abrasively squealed jogger having nice biting Buzzy Feiten guitar, while ‘Wake Me When It’s Over‘ is a useful 102bpm heavy funk bumper.

LEE RITENOUR: ‘Countdown (Captain Fingers)’ (LP ‘Rit’ Elektra K 52273).
The much admired jazz-rock guitarist’s pleasant LP’s two hottest cuts have been this lovely vocoder-cooed coolly bumping 111bpm atmospheric loping instrumental swayer and the bass-plopped bouncy 109bpm ‘(Just) Tell Me Pretty Lies‘, while the US hit languidly jogging squeakily-sung attractive 41/82bpm ‘Is It You?’ is now on 12in (K 12540T), as was before it the Stevie Wonder-ish complex 119bpm ‘Mr Briefcase’ – however the latter was chiefly distinguished by its flip’s twin-coupling of the older solidly jazzy skipping 0-126-130(break)-129-123bpm ‘Sugarloaf Express‘ classic and speedier 128-132bpm ‘Market Place’.

JOHN KLEMMER: ‘Hummingbird Bay’ (LP ‘Hush’ Elektra K 52897).
The jazz saxist’s eagerly snapped up new set is pleasant listening, specialist attention focusing on this party noises-introed lovely jazzy mellow 103/51-102bpm jogging swayer with a tensely tugging undertow, the title track being a tranquil dead slow then speeding 29-61-29-60-29bpm smoocher and ‘Let’s Make Love’ a gentle sung romantic 0-20-41bpm slowie.

TOUCHDOWN: ‘Ease Your Mind (Remix)’ (Record Shack SHACK 12-1).
Solidly thudding fast tinkling 126-127-128bpm 12in Britfunk jiggler with echoing solos and lisping male chorus, now remixed for Arista distribution. Brightly recorded, the pressing quality is excellent, but evident sales have yet to be reflected by dancefloor reaction in our chart.

MORRISEY MULLEN: ‘Dragonfly’ (Beggars Banquet BEG 58T).
Chris Palmer-produced solidly trucking slick instrumental 104bpm 12in jazz jolter and fast Freeez-ish 122bpm ‘Pass The Music On‘ flip could have done with stronger self-penned toons.

PROTON PLUS: ‘Pay Up’ (UK Champagne FUNKY 4).
Taking a while to wind up before hitting a typically British disjointed choppy then flowing stride, this 0-128-127-126bpm 12in jitterer (with remixed instrumental flip) has been picked up from the Image label and slightly slowed down.

UK PLAYERS: ‘Midnight’ (A&M AMSP 8137).
Guitar jiggled then fast rhythm pattered 134-133bpm 12in jittery jerker in old LOTW-style but vocally untogether, the really complex jazzy ‘Exit’ instrumental flip being more interesting despite a beat (or lack of it) that’s tenuous to say the least!

ABOVE AND BEYOND: ‘Love Love Love’ (Record Shack 12 SHACK 4).
Pleasantly crooned languidly starting 114-115-116-117bpm 12in soul swayer (surely an old song?) with a sparse thudding brass-accented pitter-patter beat and nice breaks.

GYEDU BLAY AMBOLLEY & ZANTODA MK.3: ‘Let’s Be Happy’ (TAK D12-025 via Tackle 01-985 8282).
Strung-out smoothly cantering ethnic 131-130-129bpm 12in African groove with tootling trumpet after some chanting and synth, not another Bunny Mack, but useful at Gullivers (of course!).


MIGHTY FIRE: ‘Love Fantasy’ (LP ‘No Time For Masquerading’ US Elektra 6E-337).
The superb set’s harmonising mellow male soulsters have plenty of room to stretch out on this beautifully arranged spacious unhurried 126-127-128-129bpm lush trotter with lovely jazzy solos from guitar, trumpet, sax and bass which must make our own dreary Britfunkers cringe in embarrassment — this is how it should and can be done! Equally great is the gorgeous Harold Melvin-style 121-123-124bpm ‘Sweet Fire‘ rolling swinger, ‘Love Fuzz‘ being a brassy repetitive jiggly 122-125-126bpm driver, ‘Love Attack‘ a monotonous 128bpm jittery thudder, ‘One Good Love Is Worth Two In The Bush‘ a bass synth buzzed 124-125-126-127-128bpm funk clopper, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ a staccato 137bpm racer, while pretty smoochers are the 0-35-36bpm ‘I Could Write A Love Song’ and 35bpm ‘Missing You’.

MASTERMIND: ‘Uncle Slam Wants You’ (US Half Moon HM 1107).
With amusing guffawing chatter and chants making merry out of the US Army’s rookie enrolment procedure, this infectious monster-bound 115-116-117-116(break)-118-0bpm 12in bubbling thudder has the same kind of underlying drive as Roy Ayers ‘Running Away’, for which reason the less catchy 116-118bpm instrumental flip may seem preferable to some.

SIDE EFFECT: ‘It’s Got To Be Love’ (LP ‘Portraits’ US Elektra 6E-335).
Isolated bass synth intros this dynamite naggingly familiar and infectious full-tilt choppy chunky 126bpm soul romper, which perfectly combines the best of new and old techniques with beefy electronics behind real singing and a scorching sax to come up with a timeless classic. Also on the Augie Johnson-produced classy set, kids kick off the jaunty juddering 111-112-113-114-115-116bpm ‘Do It‘ jitterer, ‘Make You Mine‘ is an attractive Al Hudson-ish 107-109-110bpm loper, and ‘I Need Your Lovin‘ a chick-wailed good 136bpm galloper.

FRANCE JOLI: ‘Gonna Get Over You’ (US Prelude PRL D-610).
Her most acceptable material yet, this simple rolling mid-tempo 110-111bpm 12in swaying smacker (with a useful instrumental flip) has that up-front crispness of all the best US disco productions and mixes superbly between the likes of Roberta & Donny ‘Back Together Again’ or Billy Paul ‘Bring The Family Back’ and Bobby Thurston ‘Very Last Drop’.

RAFAEL CAMERON: ‘Funtown USA’ (US Salsoul SG 349).
Randy Muller-prod/arr/penned explosive newie from the kid who used to call himself just Cameron, this synthetically tricked out bass thundered 0-118-120-121-0bpm 12in jolting romper is extremely similar in its rhythm structure to Prince ‘Head’ (try a chop mix and fool everyone!).

STARGARD: ‘You’re The One’ (LP ‘Back 2 Back’ US Warner Bros BSK 3456).
It’s as if Norman Whitfield let the girls ride out the “disco” storm only to return as if nothing had happened to dance music in the intervening years since ‘Car Wash’ — or indeed 1970, as the lead track is this 110bpm revival of Sly Stone’s ‘Little Sister’ hit given a catchy vocoder-answered smacking funk treatment true to the original, while right in the ‘Car Wash’ groove are the 101bpm ‘Back To The Funk‘ and 102bpm ‘High On The Boogie‘ (not that this is unwelcome of course!), ‘It’s Your Love That I’m Missin’ being a thudding deliberate 110bpm driver, ‘Here Comes Love’ a breathily whispered Patience & Prudence-like little 100-101bpm quiet jitterer, and ‘Just One Love’ a beautiful 34bpm soul smoocher that’s my own fave out of the entire good set.

ADC BAND: ‘Celebrate’ (LP ‘Brother Luck’ US Cotillion SD 16041).
Mass Production-type (they in fact produced the set) buoyantly pounding 124bpm rolling funk-a-boogie smacker packs most punch, ‘Hot Box‘ being a jagged slow 113bpm brassy jogger, the title track a bass-snapped 125-124bpm chix-wailed churner, ‘Waiting For You’ a jolting 58/29bpm slowie and ‘Nuclear Funk Out’ a staccato 123bpm jiggler.

WAR: ‘Cinco De Mayo’ (US LAX 4W8-02122).
Already raved about on 7in and now on welcome much longer 12in, their great typical sounding fast trotter has rhythm-riding vocals, harmonica and synth tying into the ever-driving steady lurching 133bpm Latin beat.

BROTHERS JOHNSON: ‘The Real Thing’ (US A&M 2343-S).
From the up-coming ‘Winners’ LP and not their strongest material ever, this excitingly pounding fast 127bpm 7in galloper cools out for squeaky vocals.

LAMONT DOZIER: ‘Nobody Told Me’ (LP ‘Working On You’ US Columbia ARC 37129).
Very pleasant soul set not immediately obvious for wide disco use, although now getting played are this jauntily tripping lightweight Brenton Wood-ish 114bpm little chugger with nice guitar, the lovely gentle slow swaying 45/91bpm ‘(You Got Me) Wired Up’, acappella-introed sparklingly arranged buoyantly swinging 0-121-122bpm ‘Cool Me Out’, and attractive multi-track harmonised jogging 99/49bpm ‘You Made Me A Believer’.

MIDNIGHT STAR: ‘I’ve Been Watching You’ (US Solar AS-11505).
Extremely precise machine-tooled jolting solidly clomping 111bpm 12in smacker, but despite the powerfully produced beat and clean sharp vocalese it lacks a certain joie-de-vivre (which some call soul) — however, the chick-wailed 43/87bpm slow ‘Open Up To Love’ B-side has more of that.

EBONEE WEBB: ‘Something About You’ (LP ‘Ebonee Webb’ US Capitol ST-12148).
Memphis-recorded squeaky fellas have obviously listened to Prince, as this snappy 118-119-118-119-120bpm stark strutter is a blatant dead ringer for ‘Head’, and the insubstantial 0-126bpm ‘Keep On Steppin‘ jitterer is similar, although ‘Anybody Wanna Dance‘ is a rapper-started 104/52bpm slow swayer, ‘Gonna Get Cha‘ a quite good cantering 118-121 -122-124bpm instrumental thudder, and others are soulful slowies.

DYNASTY: ‘Here I Am’ (US Solar AS-11504).
Disappointingly dull rather static though busy bass-juddered noisy 113-114-115(break on)bpm 12in smacker saved slightly by some plinky guitar towards the end.

THE BOYSTOWN GANG: ‘Remember Me/Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Suite’ (US Moby Dick BTG-231).
One for the Dicks Inn mob, this moody slow piano-started then full-blooded chick-wailed over-the-top 0-128-0bpm Diana Ross medley is true in spirit and vocal sound to the originals (rumour has it that an even better version from someone else is imminent too), on 12in packaged by the San Franciscan label like an LP with the incredible ‘Cruisin’ The Streets‘, an ultra-gay chugging 124bpm excursion through the sound effects of guys getting it on and girls who like to watch (before they get busted). Really!

GLORIA GAYNOR: ‘Let’s Mend What’s Been Broken’ (US Polydor PD-D-517).
McFadden & Whitehead co-prod/penned jerkily tugging smooth 112bpm 12in swayer chugs along pleasantly but with unfulfilled promise as a strong song never develops.

GAP BAND: ‘Yearning For Your Love’ (US Mercury MK 169).
Fairly formularised US black-radio-aimed, mellow tripping 44/89-46/91-44/89bpm 12in slow jogger with vocal interplay falls short on real soul, and while flipped by the frantic 134bpm ‘When I Look In Your Eyes‘ is destined evidently here to have — would you believe — ‘Oops Up Side Your Head’ as flip, one more time!

UK Disco Top 90 – June 20, 1981

01 02 Thelma Houston – If You Feel It – RCA 12”
02 03 Odyssey – Going Back To My Roots – RCA 12”
03 01 Rick James – Give It To Me Baby / Ghetto Life / Fire And Desire / Mr Policeman – Motown/LP/US 12” promo remix
04 09 Smokey Robinson – Being With You – Motown / 12” promo
05 04 Evasions – Wikka Rap – Groove Production 12”
06 07 Starsound – Stars On 45 – CBS 12”
07 06 Enigma – Ain’t No Stopping – Disco Mix 1981 – Creole 12”
08 05 Quincy Jones – Ai No Corrida – A&M 12”
09 10 Strikers – Body Music – Epic 12”/Dutch Rams Horn 12” remix
10 08 Gino Soccio – Try It Out / Closer – Atlantic 12”
11 11 Aurra – Nasty Disposition / Are You Single – Salsoul 12”
12 19 Coati Mundi – Que Pasa/Me No Pop I – Ze 12”
13 17 Champaign – How ‘Bout Us – CBS 12”
14 15 Shalamar – Make That Move – Solar 12”
15 21 Whispers – I Can Make It Better – Solar 12”
16 13 It’s A Love Thing – Whispers – Solar 12”
17 14 Jacksons – Can You Feel It – Epic 12”
18 12 Imagination – Body Talk – R&B 12”
19 20 Esther Williams – I’ll Be Your Pleasure – RCA 12”
20 16 Carol Jiani – Hit ‘N’ Run Lover – Champagne 12”
21 33 Human League – The Sound Of The Crowd – Virgin 12”
22 24 Keni Burke – Let Somebody Love You – RCA 12”
23 26 Kool & The Gang – Take It To The Top / Celebremos – De-Lite 12”
24 40 Third World – Dancing On The Floor – CBS 12”
25 18 The Quick – Zulu – Epic 12”
26 23 Eddy Grant – Can’t Get Enough Of You – Ensign 12”
27 NE Mighty Fire – Love Fantasy / Love Fuzz / Sweet Fire / One Good Love Is Worth Two In The Bush / Love Attack – US Elektra LP
28 22 Sugar Minott – Good Thing Going – RCA 12”
29 29 Grace Jones – Pull Up To The Bumper – Island 12”
30 32 Stephanie Mills / Teddy Pendergrass – Two Hearts – 20th Century-Fox 12”
31 31 Linx – Intuition – Chrysalis 12”
32 NE Debra Laws – On My Own – Elektra 12”
33 30 Harvey Mason – How’s It Feel – Arista 12”
34 54 Linx – Throw Away The Key / Together We Can Shine (Remix) – Chrysalis 12”
35 34 Quincy Jones – Razzamatazz – A&M 12”
36 35 Second Image – Pinpoint The Feeling – Polydor 12”
37 25 The Clash – The Magnificent Seven / Dance – CBS 12”
38 50 Atmosfear – Invasion / Interplay / Return Of LB – MCA LP/12” promo
39 27 Players Association – Get On Up Now / Let Your Body Go – Vanguard 12”
40 28 Eighties Ladies – Turned On To You – US Uno Melodic 12”
41 NE Wanda Walden – Don’t You Want My Lovin’ – Elektra 12”
42 39 Various – Bits & Pieces III – Canadian Special Disco Mixer 12”
43 NE Grover Washington Jr – Just The Two Of Us – Elektra 12”
44 45 Barbara Roy / Ecstasy, Passion & Pain – If You Want Me – US Roy B 12”
45 80 Michael Jackson – One Day In Your Life – Motown
46 49 Spandau Ballet – Glow / Muscle Bound – Reformation 12”
47 56 Lamont Dozier – Going Back To My Roots – Warner Bros 12”/LP
48 38 Level 42 – Love Games – Polydor 12”
49 36 Mystic Merlin – 60 Thrills A Minute – Capitol 12”
50 53 Freddie James – She’s A Lady / Music Takes Me Higher / Dance To The Beat – Canadian Black Sun LP
51 51 David Bendeth – Just DeMix / Make It Pop – Ensign 12”
52 46 Barry Biggs – Wide Awake In A Dream – Dynamic 12”
53 44 Heath Bros – Dreamin’ / Use It (Don’t Abuse It) – US Columbia LP
54 08 Gino Soccio – Hold Tight – Atlantic LP
55 37 L.A.X. – Possessed (Remix) – US Prelude 12”
56 NE Bunny Wailer – Dancing Shoes / Walk The Proud Land – Island 12”
57 83 Hi-Gloss – You’ll Never Know / I’m Totally Yours / I Want Your Love To Last / All Day All Night / It’s Up To You – US Prelude LP
58 62 Bobby Thurston – Very Last Drop – Epic 12”
59 NE Evelyn King – I’m In Love – RCA 12”
60 72 Shirley James / Danny Ray – Why Don’t You Spend The Night – Black Jack 12”
61 NE Claudia Fontaine – Natural High – Decca 12”
62 64 Cameo – Freaky Dancin’ / Don’t Be So Cool / The Sound Table – US Chocolate City LP/12” promo
63 NE Eddy Grant – California Style / I Love You Yes I Love You / Give Yourself To Me – Ice LP
64 NE BB&Q Band – On The Beat – Capitol 12” white label
65 60 Voggue – Dancin’ The Night Away – Canadian Celsius 12”
66 NE Randy Crawford – Rainy Night In Georgia / You Bring The Sun Out / Rio De Janeiro Blue – Warner Bros LP
67 66 Incognito – Shine On / Interference / Sunburn – Ensign LP
68 55 Eastside Connection / Love Symphony Orchestra – You’re So Right For Me / Let Me Be Your Fantasy – Excaliber 12”
69 90 Wish – Nice And Soft – US Perspective 12”
70 NE Side Effect – It’s Got To Be Love / Do It / Make You Mine – US Elektra LP
71 89 Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic / Square Biz – US Gordy LP
72 34 Quincy Jones – Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me / The Dude / Just Once – A&M LP
73 RE Starpoint – I Just Want To Be Your Lover – Casablanca 12”
74 86 Klique – It’s Winning Time / I Think You Know / Love’s Dance – US MCA
75 NE David Sanborn – Let’s Just Say Goodbye / Wake Me When It’s Over – Warner Bros LP
76 NE John Klemmer – Hummingbird Bay / Hush / Let’s Make Love – Elektra LP
77 77 Sharon Redd – Love Is Gonna Get Ya – Epic 12”
78 65 Rah Band – Downside Up – DJM 12”
79 RE Incognito – Incognito (Remix) / Shine On (Live) – Ensign 12”
80 61 Soft Cell – Memorabilia – Some Bizzare 12”
81 NE Sister Sledge – If You Really Want Me – Atlantic 12”
82 79 Was (Not Was) – Wheel Me Out – Ze LP/US Antilles 12”
83 73 Leon Bryant – Just The Way You Like It – De-Lite 12”
84 NE Keni Burke – You’re The Best / Night Riders – US RCA LP
85 NE Change – Paradise – WEA 12”
86 81 Touchdown – Ease Your Mind – Record Shack 12”
87 48 Unlimited Touch – Searching To Find The One – US Prelude LP
88 63 Marvin Gaye – Heavy Love Affair – Motown 12”
89 NE Material – Bustin’ Out / Over And Over – Ze 12”
90 NE Heatwave – Posin’ ‘Til Closin’ – GTO 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Ramsey Lewis: ‘Expansions’ / ‘Lakeshore Cowboy’ / ‘Romance Me’ (CBS LP)
Benny Golson: ‘The New Killer Joe (Rap)’ (CBS 12in)
Future Flight: ‘Red Light Row’ / ‘Don’t Pull The Plug’ / ‘Hip-Notic Lady’ (US Capitol LP)
Cheryl Lynn: ‘Shake It Up Tonight’ (US Columbia 12in)
Abba: ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’ (US Disconet 12in promo / Epic LP)
France Joli: ‘Gonna Get Over You’ (US Prelude 12in)
Scandal / Lee Genesis: ‘l Wanna Do It’ / ‘Love Either Grows Or Goes’ (US SAM 12in)
War: ‘Cinco De Mayo’ (US LAX 12in)
Pacific Jam: ‘Antes De Mais Nada’ (Japanese Discomate LP)
Chaka Khan: ‘What Cha Gonna Do For Me’ (Warner Bros 12in)
Proton Plus: ‘Pay-Up’ (UK Champagne 12in)
Randy Crawford: ‘You Might Need Somebody’ (Warner Bros 12in)
Mona Raye: ‘Do Me’ (US Park Place 12in)
Mastermind: ‘Uncle Slam Wants You’ (US Half Moon 12in)
Impressions: ‘Fan The Fire’ (US 20th Century-Fox LP)
UK Players ‘Midnight’ / ‘Exit’ (A&M 12in)
Manhattan Transfer: ‘Wanted (Dead Or Alive)’ (Atlantic LP)
Shakatak: ‘Brazilian Dawn’ / ‘Toot The Shoot’ (Polydor LP/12in promo)
T/Ski Valley / Grand Groove Bunch: ‘Catch The Beat’ (US Grand Groove 12in)
Earth Wind & Fire: ‘You’ (CBS)
Sylvester: ‘Give It Up’ (US Fantasy / Honey LP / 12in promo)
Lamont Dozier: ‘Nobody Told Me’ / ‘(You Got Me) Wired Up’ / ‘Cool Me Out’ / ‘You Made Me A Believer’ (US Columbia LP)

DORC (Disco Featured Pop Hits)

1(5) Ultravox, 2(1) Kim Carnes, 3(4) Adam, 4(2) Shakin’ Stevens, 5(3) Kim Wilde, 6(6) UB40, 7(24) Toyah, 8(11) Duran Duran, 9(7) REO Speedwagon, 10(10) Talking Heads, 11(14) Tenpole Tudor, 12(12) Nolans, 13(8) Paul Shane, 14(-) Simple Minds, 15(9) Madness, 16(13) Stray Cats, 17(21) Hazel O’Connor, 18(20) Visage, 19(19) Kraftwerk, 20(25) Marvin, 21(15) Japan, 22(-) Siouxsie, 23(-) Killing Joke, 24(-) Kiki Dee, 25(18) Sheena Easton.


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Pop chart entries on 7in are:
Red Sovine 53f, Linx 0-125f, Depeche Mode 0-157f, Evasions 0-121f, Showaddywaddy 0-194-190-196f, Coati Mundi 110c, Bob Marley 39/78f, Whispers 0-121f, Graham Bonnet 109-113-115f, Diana Ross 19-38f, Bruce Springsteen 29-59/118f, Kirsty MacColl 0-175r, Bill Nelson 102f, Splodgenessabounds 116-116/232-118/236–125c, Toyah (finally got it!) 101f.

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